To make available as many records as possible for our seven counties
in western New York and northcentral Pennsylvania
To introduce young and old to the fun and rewards of the field of genealogy.

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Pennsylvania Counties: McKean | Potter

New York Counties: Allegany | Cattaraugus | Chautauqua | Livingston | Steuben

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August 2020 - Changes to protect member's privacy. We have discontinued the Members page and the Surnames page due to concerns about displaying those lists on a public website.  Our members list is now internal only. 
Members, don't forget our private Facebook page. It is probably the best way to request information about a family, name, town, etc. If you don't do Facebook or are not a PHGS member, we still welcome email queries. We also welcome emails that supply corrections and additions to our information!

April 2020 - COVID-19 is affecting all our lives. In addition to basic health and safety issues, many are coping with no income or reduced income. To help where we can, Painted Hills is extending all membership expiration dates 6 months beginning with April expirations. 

Please take all precautions to protect your families and yourselves.

August 2019, Happy Birthday - The summer of 1999 was spent transcribing hardcopy cemetery lists to digital lists, learning how to create webpages, and locating a web host. The result was the launch of Painted Hills Genealogy Society in August of 1999. The goal was to put the information on the web where it could be accessed for free by anyone who wanted to read it.

Today the website consists of close to 10,000 files in 2400 webpages – still free as a public service to anyone. We have just under 500 current members, of which 267 are lifetime members. Our membership dues are $5.00 annually – can't get much lower anywhere! That revenue keeps the site up and running and provides for miscellaneous supplies. We have plenty, so we do not ever solicit funds, donations, or anything like that.

Along with the website, our original volunteers are 20 years older, also. They are a very dedicated group of people. The website couldn't exist without them. HATS OFF to them!

A reminder about PHGS data.
Please remember that information published on PHGS has not been verified. This is true of all similar sites, Ancestry, Find a Grave, Family Search, Historical Society sites – all publish information for you to use, but by their nature, none of them can vouch for every bit of data they publish.  Instead, think of the information you find as clues to help you do things like request verification for birth, death, and marriage events.

All PHGS cemetery lists are works in progress.  However, we have found all kinds of things that contribute to missing and inaccurate information: cemetery walkers can only record marked graves, some stones are unreadable or missing. Even when the list originates with the cemetery record, some burials may never have been recorded, records are damaged or illegible . . . and it goes on.

You can help improve our cemetery lists by emailing us when you spot inaccurate information or a missing person. There is an email link at the bottom of every page.

One last thing about the cemeteries - the cemetery association for each cemetery has the actual cemetery records, PHGS does not. To request a record check, you must contact the cemetery association directly.

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