Old TYLER Letters, (1854 – 1860),
with a CONE, LEWIS, PALMER, and TURNER connection:

 Submitted by Charlie Heffner
July 16, 2010

A series of letters written by Samuel Edward Tyler & Abigail Jane (Turner) Tyler, and also their daughter Leila Lucretia Tyler,  to their daughter Harriet (Tyler) Palmer and her family who had moved to Columbus Twp., Warren Co., PA.  The letters are dated Oct 1854 thru March 1860.  They were found among the belongings of Julia (Palmer) Cone,  (the eldest daughter of Harriet L. (Tyler) Palmer & Jerome Palmer).

In 1965 they were held by Almena Pratt, a grandaughter of Julia Palmer.

The letters were reproduced as transcribed by Jean Lewis Jacoby in 1965 from the orginals.

*This researcher (Charles E. Heffner) gives many thanks for their copies and credit to Dr. Arthur E. Lewis of Mountain View, CA in the reproduction of them, so that they could be utilized and copied into our TYLER TREE.  Thanks to all who protected this bit of history, and for sharing your material with us.





Oct. the 28, 1854

Meriden, (New Haven Co., CT)

Dear Children and Grand Children,

   i now sit down to write to you to let you know that we air all (well) at present and hope you (are) enjoying the same blessing we was very glad toreceive a letter from you and to hear that you get a long as well as you do  We should have writen befor

but i wanted to go to Hartford first  Lucretia and i went last weak and i stayed four days  i left her their to stay a few weaks with her aunt  Edward kept house will i was gon  he would get breakfast and then go and do a days work and come home and get

upper for his father and self  he done first rate  Sara Ann and Horace sent their love to you and want you should come on here and live and work in the pistel factory in hartford  Coalt is building the most splendid factory you ever saw and Horace think

Jerome had better come on here in the spring and work in it and your father thinks so to and it would be a great happiness to all if you would we want to see you all and hope we shall  Your father thinks that boy must look very cunning runing around...(

ewing?) his....(tong?) we want to see all the children you must kis them all for us  your father thinks his grand Son will have to have a hat and some boots in the spring  Elizabeth Hunter has made me a viset  Emmaline came and stayed with me a few days

Sarah Tuttle came and stayed with me to nights and i expect them all hear to thanksgiving all right  we get along very well  your father and Edward take care of the church and also a new hall it is called the ... (frank?) hall and we have the privelege

 attending all that is going on their free i think i wii not write any more now but will let your father write a few lines  write as soon as you get this from your Mother Jane Tyler.


  Your mother has done well but she insist I must rite sum  you must not think that we have forgot yoy for we have not  we was to Hartford last Sunday and went down to the south Medows waire Mr Colt is bildin his works and it is quit a curiosity  he is

ing to bilt a (factory) of his one a most we think that if you sholdcome on here nex Spring you wold do wel you cold git a plenty of work  I think it would (be) verry

plesent to have you hear but you must do wat you think best  we have plenty to do  Mother has rote so much and I have sum new book to read and I will do better next timeYours in hast

S. E. Tyler


we want you should write as sonn as you can and we will write all peticulars in our next  Edward is drove with work and other business  he will write next time

Jane Tyler





November 8, 1854

Meriden (New Haven Co., CT)

Dear Children

   We received you leter 2 weaks agoe and was glad to hear from you and have ben so bisey that we have not rote before last Sunday we went to Wallingford  We had a verry good viset and did not git holmn til late.  it is very dul times hear most all the shops have stop work and hunderds of men have nothing to doe.  I have plenty of work yet but I think that it will be dul by a by  we air all well and hope that you air the same  we want to see you all ver much and wen I get rich I shal come an see you  I have 1 job that wont fail that is carring the mail  I have the contract from the goverment now and git $150 dollers a year now  I hav it for four years from last July befour I did not get but $100 so you see I do sum beter now and git the munney now ever three month and befour had to take it out of a stoer  we think that we shal goe to Hartford to Thanksgiving this year Horace and Sarah An was hear 3 weaks a goe and sent thair best love to you and want to see you ver much  wee shold be so happy if you cold com home to Thanksgiving and have all the Children hear it wold be so nice but we hope that you will be happy an have a good time  from your Farther

Samuel E. Tyler

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November 10 1855

Meriden (New Haven Co., CT)

Dear Children and Grand Children

   We received your note sum two weeks a goe but we have ben so bisey that we have put of writing to you til now  we was very glad to hear from you  We were sorry to hear that Harriets health was poor but we was glad to hear that the rest of your family was well  We air all well as usual.  We all want to see you verry much  I have taken the mail to carry another year  I commenced last Monday and I have the church to take care of so I am tide up to the mail weak days and the church on Sondays.  The mail goes 4 times a day at 9 oclock at 12 at 4 and 7so you see that my time in the shop is between those hours so that I am verry busy now but things are very high  I think that it will be as hard as it was last winter  flower is 12 dollars a barril Pork is 10 dolers a hundred in the hog  beaf is 8 in the quarter  buter is 28 cents a pound  potatoes 62 cents a bushel  apples air cheap and plenty  We had a letter from Edward a few days ago  he was well and rites that he is doing well  I think that we will send you a small.... but we will rite again then you must rite as often as you can for we are always pleased to hear from you.  No more at present  from your Farther

Samuel E. Tyler

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



December 18 1855

Meriden (New Haven Co., CT)

Dear Children and Grand Chrildren

   I now seat myself to rite a few lines to you to let youy now that we air well and hope that you air the same I am verry bisey now  Lucretia is to Hartford  we have not heard from Edward lately  we have sent you a box to day by express and think that you will git it by Christmas  you will find that Lucretia has sent the children a few toys and sum things she has made them as she thought best and your mother has sent you sum trinquets and I have sent baby a pair of boots and we have put in sum books to fill the box and if you dont want them you can give them to the children to play with  we had not much to send but thought we wold send a litel  I shall send the frait on the box  wont cost you more then thair worth and we want you to rite as soon as you can to let us now how baby like his boots and gun and wat the box cost  I dont think of enny moer to rite now but wish you all a merry Christmas good night from your affectionate Father

Samuel E. Tyler

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



March 16, 1856

Meriden (New Haven Co., CT)

Dear Children

   You must not think that we have forgot you for we have not  we have ben verry bisey since we receve your kind leter  I have had to tend the hall 1 and to nites a weak now for a few weaks back and sum nites I dont git home til 3 and 4 oclock in the Morning and I bilt the fier to the shop at 6 oclock so you will see that I am bisey all the time  Horace and Sarah Ann was hear wen we got your leter and much please with it  I think that Horace red it as much as 6 times  Lucretia is the best danser that you most ever see  She dance the Hiland Fling last Tuesday night alone be four over 100 persons qand she don it all and she was well cheard we have a grat deal of dansing hear this winter but I must not tell you all  Lucrecia had a party last Friday night but I will let her tel you a bout that  you rote that your wanted Joseph Willmont and the Bankers Daughter we had them and thought that we sent them in the box but if you cant find them thair rite and I will git them please rite if you want all 3 thair is 2 volloms of Joseph and 1 of the Bankers Daughter  if you have got enny of them rite wich you have got and i will git the rest  you must excuse us for not riting be four and we think that we shal hav more time now the season of doncing is a bout over  I think that I will stop now and let your Mother and Lucretia rite the rest  you must rite as often as you can for it is a grate plesuer to hear from you  it has ben a verry cold winter hear  the wether is cold now and thair is a grate deal of snow hear now but we that (?) it will goe soon so I will bid yoy good by from your Farther

Samuel E. Tyler


  Your Father has wrot a good deal but i will write a little  my health is very good this winter and Lucretia never was as well so long at a time as she has been this winter she has ben to an excelent dancing school and every one sayes she is the prettyest dancer they ever saw  her teacher says he never saw eny one learn as easy as she does  she often wishes Julia was hear to go with her  I do not know what your Father would do if she... (letter torn away)... they asked your Father if he has got eny more Daughters he tels them he has got one more and they want we should introduceyou  he does not tel them you are married Jeroam i wish you would come and show yourself Wife and children

from you Mother (Abigail Jane Turner Tyler)


   Jeroam i want you too come and walts with me and bring Harriett and the children with you

Leila L. Tyler

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



February 20, 1857

Meriden (New Haven Co., CT)

Dear Children

   It is a long time since we have rote to you but it is not because we have forgot you for we have not.

We think and talk of you often and want to see you verry much but we have ben verry bissy and when I have ben redey to rite something wold hinder but this morning I will rite wile your mother is giting breakfas  we have 2 boarders we git up at 5 o clock evry morning  we air all well and hope that you air all the same  Mother is staying at Branford this winter  we have not ben to Wallingford this winter  we went to Hartford staying over...one day and bak the next  we had a verry good time  I will now give you a statement of my time and you will see that I do not have much spare time brekfas at six then take care of the cow then go to the shop til 9 then goe with the mail then back to the shop til 11 1/2 then to dinner then with the mail again back to the shop til 3 1/2 then (mail at 4) back to the shop til (tea?) time then milk and take care the cow and sup then goe with the mail at 7 o clock then back to the shop and work til time to goe to bed  Sundays I take carethe curch so you will see that mi time is all engaged  Your Mother wants me to sit down and eat and I must stop

from your Father

Samuel E. Tyler


Dear Children and Grandchildren

  I now sit down to write a feu lines to you to let you know what we are a doing  i have been baking today and have got the work done up and i thought I would devote ther rest of the evening in wrighting to you  my health is about as usual  i have the teath and ear ache a plenty and i get along pretty mutch after the (old?) sort your fathers health is very good it is better than it is when he works steddy on the (seet?) we git along very well we have two borders they work in the shop with your father  He takes care of our Land Lords cow sou we have what milk we want  it is a great help to us Lucretia does not go to school this winter i think she will go in the spring  her health is very good but when she studies hard it hurts her eyes and so i thought she had better not go  we all send our best love to you all and want to see you and hope we shall if we are prosperd  Horace and Sarah An sends their best love to Jerome and Harriett and all the children and want you should come and make them a long viset  they talk good deal about you all and expecially little Horace

(written by Jane Tyler but not signed half the letter may have been torn away)(JLJ)

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February 28, 1858

Meriden (New Haven Co., CT)

Dear Children and Grandchildren

   We receive your leter some time goe and was glad to hear that you was all well and a doing well  we air all well as usuel  the reson that we have not rote be four was that Lucretia was att Hartford and we thought that we wold wate til she came home  she staid 3 weak but she is home now but she wants to go a way again and sir do you think that she wants to go to  I think that I shal haf to tel you she wants to come out to Collumbus and see you  she ses that wen she gits monny a nuf that she will come and see you  we all want to see you very much  the weather has ben verry warm hear this winter  we have not had enny slaing hear this winter the times is giting better hear now and things air cheaper and I think that it will (be) better for the poor you will see that one or two weeks we did not send the papers by the usel time the reason was that I had a hard cold and was so sick that I ccold not read them that weak but we air all rite now  rite often

From your Farther

S.E. Tyler


Dear Sister (Harriet Tyler Palmer)

   I now set down to write a few lines to you to let you know that we are all pretty well and hope your are the same  i think it is to bad that the baby did not have anything Christmas or new years  I would not stand it if i was in his place that is so i would cry until i did have something or other  so i will send him this little book so he will be as well as eny of them  i should like to send the other children somthing and will as soon as i can and i hop that will be soon  i should like to go and cut your dresses  i want to see you vere much and when i get rich i am going to know see if i dont miss Hatty P dont you see i do wish the girls would write so as to write more a letter  i had a real nice time when i was up to hartford  i went to partys and i sent to velentines and i had one it was a gold pencil now wasn't it worth having now you must not tell will you if i tell you who i sent mine to i sent one to Henry Britton and the other Theron C Swan  i suppos you know who that be but you must not tell if you do i wont tell you agane now see if i do tel Mr. J. P that i think he is real mean never to write a bit to his loving sister (in-law) and if he dont reform and write me a letter i will give him fits when i see him with the plker and brome handle so he had better look out if he dont want to see me armed ready for war  i hope he will feel a little better after he has taken this pill i am sure i shal  i guess i wont waste any mor ink on him  i went----(pay?) but if he will write a long letter i will forgive him if he dont he had better look out for the poker poker poker if he will write i will send him a ...(licit?) with a picture on it  if he dont i wont say a word to him until i see him that is sartin true as law and gospil  now i have spent mor time than i ment to with him but i hope it will do him some good if he dose i wont mind the trubel so much  give my love to the children and tel them to send me a kiss next time you write  i guess i wont write any more for if i do Mother will not have any room to write  write soon and let me know all about matters and things in general so good night

from your Loving Sister

Leila Lucretia Tyler


Dear Children

   i will write a fieu lines to you  i want to see you all very mutch and hope i shall some time you must write as often as you can  we are so glad to receive a letter from you  we have had a very open winter  we have not had any sleying hear but it is jenerlt verry healthy  your Father has been sick with a coald but is farely well now  mt health is as good as it jennerally is  Lucretia got me a noew dres to Hartford and she has fitted it since she got home and it sets first rate and i wish she could fit yours for you  Sarah Ann and Horace want to see you very mutch and send their Love to you  we went to Wallinford to see grand Mother (Lydia Linsley) she is feeble  she is to Nelsons  I do not think she will live long (she died in 1858) as to the rest of the foalk they are prety well  i do not think of eny thing more to write at present  write as soon as you can

from your Mother (Abigail Jane Turner Tyler)

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The next  letters were given to Dr. Arthur E. Lewis by his cousin, Alwin Green, in August 1999.  They had been among the papers of Erle Crane son of Cynthia (Cyna) Palmer, the youngest sister of May Carrie Palmer.  Again, many thanks to the above people for sharing them with us.  CEH.



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November 18th 1864

To:  Julia Louise Palmer, (Columbus, Warren Co., PA)

From:  May Carrie Palmer and Samuel Edward Tyler, Meriden (New Haven Co., CT)

   Dear Sister

We received your leter last week and was glad to hear from you and to hear that your were all well.  We are about as well as usial and hope that these few line will find you the same.  GrandPa and Grandma went up to Hartford a week ago last Sunday and I staid here all alone from a little after five in the morning until after seven at night  Wilson came over from Wallin(g)ford after they had gone and said that aunt Abby uncle Nelson wife hung herself the night before  Grandpa and Grandma went over to the funeral the next day and I pedeled milk  it seems she was crazy she had tried to end her live before she did by cuting her throat.  A week ago last night I went to a McClelland (General MMcClelland ran against Lincoln) meeting  they had girls on the stage dressed in white to represent the state of the union  they look real pretty  Judge Beach of NY and Hon Charles Ingersoll of N  He adressed the meeting  they was both real good speakers  the next time you write I hope that you will have plenty of time there is one thing I had almost forgoten that is whether the Blairs are blackers or not - Aunt Lelia adress is No 22 Broad St. (Wallingford) you must excuse this short letter and I will write a longer one next time  tell Hatty that I think she is real smart  best love to all write soon

Your Loving Sister,



Mother you are the bigest and grandpa is going to send the children 2 cents so I will send you five cents



Carrie has rote so much that I shant write much but I want to say that we shall look for them pictuers quit ancous til they come tel Mr Will (Wilson, Willcox?) that the cartriges is all rite and when he wants moer I (k)now where to git them now I feal so bad a bout the Elekcian (election) that I don't (k)now wat to doe. I will send the Children each one a tow cent peace  love to all write soon

From your Farther And Grand Farther

S.E. Tyler

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8 October 1865

To:  Julia Louise Palmer and siblings, Columbus (Twp.), Warren (Co.,), PA

From:  Harriet L. Palmer, Samuel Edward Tyler and May Carrie Palmer, Meriden (New Haven Co., CT)


Dear Children

     We received your letter yesterday and was very glad to hear you was getting along so nice  the children must be very good and we will fetch them lots of things tell haty (Hattie) I don't know when we shall come home we have not been to Hartford yet  aunt Lelia came down Friday noon and Albert came yesterday I cant write all of the patickulars but when I come home I will tell you but this much I will say we are enjoying ourselves first rate father sayes you may give that money to Mr "Uuzy" as fast as you get it Aunt Lelia sends hur love to you and I do write  evry weak and if you don't direct it to grandpa direct it in his cair I dont think of aney more for I am real tirard

from your loving mother

H.L. (Tyler) Palmer


   Juley I will write a "litel" we air having a nice time Caley goes to town with me and helps me pedel milk you must be a good Mother to the Children and let your fa??  Stay Stay and make a good visit and tel the Children that we shall send them some things and that if tha aint good Children  We wont let them have them and if Clarance is a good boy I will send him sum "Paredes" and "that" and you must rite and let me know if he is a good boy and ask Horrace wants me to send him.  We all send our best Love to you all

From your Grand Father

(S.E. Tyler)


Dear Sisters & Brothers

   We are having a jolly time Uncle Albert and Aunt Lelia are here Julia you don't seem to give me credit for knowing much but I don't care I don't think of any more to write a present love to all goodbye for the present from your sister


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