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Annin, Annin Twp. Artline Road, Eldred Barbertown, Ceres Twp. Barton, Otto Twp.
Beardsley, Foster Twp. Bell Run, Ceres Twp. Bentley Hill, Hamilton Twp. Beth Israel, Bradford
Beth Jacob, Kane Borough Bolivar Run, Foster Twp. Bradford Poor Farm, Brad'd Twp. Bridgeview, Hamilton Twp.
Bush Hill, Keating Twp. Ceres Community, Ceres Twp. Charles Irons Farm, Keating Twp. Clermont, Sergeant Twp.
Coleville, Otto Twp. Cook, Eldred Twp. Cornplanters Was by Kinzua River Degolier or Degolia, Custer City
Derrick City Private, Foster Twp. Duke Center, Otto Twp. Evergreen, Ceres Twp. Fairmont, Keating Twp.
Fairview, Port Allegany Farmers Valley, Keating Twp. Forest Lawn, Wetmore Twp. Fowler Brook, Eldred Twp.
Frisbee-Rice-Kent, Keating Twp. Gary, Ceres Twp. Gibbs Hill, Hamilton Twp. Goodwin, Keating Twp.
Graff, Foster Twp. Greendale, Wetmore Twp. Grimes, Liberty Twp. Irons Cemetery Rt. 59 Smethport Pa
Kasson, Hamlin Twp. Kendall Creek, Bradford Kingsbury Monument, Bradford Kinzua at Willowdale, Bradford Twp.
Lafayette, Lafayette Twp. Lamphier, Eldred Larabee, Eldred Twp.
Lebanon Lutheran Kanesholm
Lewis Hill, Liberty Twp. Littleton, Bradford Longfellow Ave., Bradford Loop, Eldred
Lone Pine near old Red Bridge Ludlow, Hamilton Twp. Marshburg, Lafayette Twp. Martin, Hamilton Twp.
McK Co. Courthouse, Smethport McK Co. Farm, Keating Twp. McK Memorial Park, Lafayette Twp. Moody Hollow, Eldred Twp.
Moriah Lutheran, Hamilton Twp. Morrison, Hamilton Twp. Morrison Run  Bradford Twp. Mt. Tabor, Wetmore Twp.
Myrtle, Ceres Twp. Nebo, Mt. Jewett Norwich Twp., Norwich Twp. Oak Hill, Eldred Boro
Oak Hill, Bradford Old Foster, Lewis Run Old Hutchins, Sergeant Twp. Old Lewis Run, Lewis Run
Old Smethport, Smethport Parker Mausoleum, Norwich Twp. Pelton, Keating Twp. Portage Valley, Liberty Twp.
Prentisvale, Otto Twp. Rice, Eldred Twp. Rixford, Otto Twp. Rose Hill, Smethport
Sawyer, Foster Twp. Slack Hollow, Eldred Twp. St. Gabriels Catholic, Liberty Twp. St. Raphael Catholic, Eldred
St. Bernards, Bradford Twp. St. Callistus, Wetmore Twp. St. Elizabeth, Smethport St. Mary's RCAnnin Twp Sartwell PA
Stulltown, Eldred Twp. Tefares Israel, Bolivar Rd. Bradford Turtlepoint or Taylor  Annin Twp. Two Mile, Port Allegany
Union or Port Allegany  Wagner, Bradford Willow Dale, Bradford Twp. Wolcott-Knapp-Pepper, Eldred Twp.



1810 Ceres Twp 1820 Ceres Twp. 1830 Ceres Twp. 1840 Ceres Twp. 1850 Ceres Twp. 1860 Ceres Twp.
1870 Annin Twp. 1870 Ceres Twp. 1880 Annin Twp. 1880 Ceres Twp. 1900 Annin Twp. 1900 Ceres Twp.1
1900 Ceres Twp.2 1930 Liberty Twp. 1930 Sergeant Twp. 1930 Smethport  Boro . .

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McKean, The Governor's County, Rufus B. Stone , 1926


Ancestors and Descendants of Ebenezer Harris (PDF) 1.41 MB



Soldiers Monument Dedication, Smethport 1886 Bucktails Rifle Regiment Reunion, Sept. 1886
58th PA Volunteers Reunion, 1914 .

A Child of Romance Upper Bell Run School, 1899-1900
Bradford Pulic Library  (External Site) Swiss Soldier Had Ceres As Its Locale
July 1942 Eldred Flood Photos Barber-Burlingham
Diary of Joseph Beaman Oviatt from Smethport, PA School Records from the Private Collection of Myrtle Oviatt Schreiber
Family Bible Of Oviatt Family The Ceres Mail, May 30, 1900
The Ceres Mail, Aug 14, 1901 Genealogical Records at the PA Archives  (External Site)
Political Graveyard McKean Co., PA  (External Site) PA Vital Records  (External Site)
Marriage Records Ceres Methodist Church, Listed by Bride's Surname Marriage R'ds of Ceres Methodist Church-Listed by Groom's Surname
Dr. Kane of Kane, PA Operating on Himself Enoch Ira Maxson and Mary Ann (Barber) Maxson
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Pictures from Bell Run, circa 1910 Picture Post Cards & Pictures

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