John Carter
Canisteo, Steuben County, NY

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John Carter and Catherine (Stephens) Carter
(residence of John and Catherine can be seen below) 

John Carter

John Carter was born in Ithaca, Tompkins Co., N.Y., January 26, 1821. His father, Anthony Carter, was a native of Vermont, born Oct. 19, 1787; married Rachel Teter, -- born in Tompkins Co., N. Y., with his parents about 1816. The family, on account of famine in Vermont, left that state, crossed Lake Champlain on the ice, and with a very small amount of money, as the result of the sale of their property, finally settled in their new home in the far west, and were among the pioneers of Tompkins County.
Her father, Peter Teter, came from New Jersey, was about the first settler of Lansing, that county, built the first mill, owned a large tract of land, became wealthy, and died where he first settled on coming to the county. Both grandfathers, Anthony Carter and Peter Teter, were soldiers of the Revolutionary War.
Anthony Carter was next youngest of five children of the Carter family, settled in the town of Greenwood, 1830, where the family resided nine years, and came to Canisteo purchasing, on Bennett Creek, two miles south of the village, some one thousand and thirty-three acres of land, most of which still remains in the family.
He followed lumbering for many years of his life prior to and after coming to, Steuben County; was an active, enterprising and thrifty business man. He was a man characterized for his generosity, and did much in the early days of the settlement of Greenwood to assist those more in need of the comforts of life than his own family. He died Dec. 8, 1857. His wife died April 7, 1863.
Their children are Peter, Mrs. Uriah Douglass, Mrs. William Langley, Mrs. George Brown, Daniel John, Mrs. Alvah Davis, Anthony, Calvin, Mrs. Lewis Cornell, Mrs. James Fuller, George W., and Mrs. Hamilton Bartlett.
John Carter remained at home until he was twenty-four years of age, and worked on the farm and in the saw-mill. His opportunities for book knowledge were very limited, but his subsequent life has fully demonstrated the fact that education does not all come from books, necessary economy, privation, and self-reliance often laying the foundation for opulence and a wide field of intelligence, reading, and knowledge.
In 1844, October 19, he married Catherine, daughter of Erastus and Mary Stephens of Canisteo. Her father was grandson of Uriah Stephens, the first settler of the Canisteo Valley. She was born May 22, 1826.
For twenty-five years after his marriage, Mr. Carter carried on farming and lumbering on a part of the farm settled by his father in Canisteo, and in 1870, removed to the village, where he has been engaged in erecting dwelling-houses, some of which are among the most substantial and elegant residences in the village. His life has been one of constant activity, and to such enterprising and resolute men as he, Canisteo owes its business-like and thrifty appearance. 

Residence of John Carter, Canisteo, Steuben County, NY

His fine hotel block, the most elegant building in the village, is shown on another page of this work.
Mr. Carter has given his life strictly to business, never accepting the honors of office or its emoluments. He is interested in the education of the rising generation, and a liberal supporter of that and kindred interests. He is a member of the Republican party, and encourages all enterprises of reform and local improvement in the village and town. Their children are William T., Erastus A., Addie A., Eva and Mary L.

*The above information was obtained from the History of Steuben County, New York, Clayton (1879).

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