Greenwood Churches Steuben County, NY
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Methodist Episcopal Church of Greenwood

Soon after the arrival of Alvin Mead, In 1827, Rev. James Hemingway came to Greenwood, accompanied by another preacher and remained a week, preaching in Mr. Meadís house. Rev. Asa Orcutt preached at Krusenís "Corners" as early as 1825-26. A class was formed, in 1827, under the leadership of Enos Mead, whose wife, his sons, Samuel and Alvin, and their wives, Fanny Everest and Arron Burris, were members of the church and its organization. Alvah Richards was one of the first stewards. Revs. Joseph Ashworth, Nathan Fellows, David Fellows, S. Northway, Ambrose Abbott, Samuel Nichols, J. Jerolamon, L. Northway, Theodore McElheney, Wm. Jones, Alvin F. Walker, Jacob Striker, L.L. Rogers, C. Graham, Alvah Davison, and Wm. C. Mathison have preached to them at different periods. The old log school-house has rotted down, and as the landmarks disappeared one by one, the old cemetery, with its sacred but unmarked graves containing the early dead of the church, has become lost in the cultivated field which now occupies its former site. Ziba cook was class-leader, in 1851, when the reorganization was effected, under the pastorate of Rev. L. L. Rogers, Alvin Mead, present class-leader, has filled that position since 1852; Steward, Wilber T. Mead; Pastors, 1852, Revs. W. C. Mathison; 1856, John S. Bush; 1857, S. B. Dickinson; 1858, David Nutten; 1859-60, R. E. Thompson, Mr. Jolly; 1861-62, Henry Harpst.
The building of a church in th evillage of Greenwood was begun and carried to its completion through the exertion of persons not members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, nor even professors of religion. To the efforts of Dr. R. H. Sheffield, Merrit T. Smith, Geo. D. Woodward, and others, is due the honor of the action which secured the organization of legally-constituted society and building a fine church, costing over $5,000, under the corporate protection of the Methodist society. The church was dedicated, Sept. 14, 1876, by Rev. B. I. Ives, and upon inquiry it was found that there were but three Methodists connected with them or living in that part of town. Rev. Charles T. Gifford was assigned to the work of organization, and was succeeded by Rev. Francis M. Smith, in 1877, who was relieved by Rev. Charles R. Buck, in November, 1878. There are now five classes in various parts of the town, under the leadership of Merritt M. Smith, George D. Woodward, V. Reimann, Alonzo D. Stephens, and Charles H. Norton. The present membership is 116. Charles H. Norton is present Clerk; Wm Baker, G. D. Woodward, C.H. Norton, Albert Ingalls, Charles H. York, Reuben Stephens are Stewards. M. F. Smith, V. Reimann, and Geo. D. Wardward, Trustees.

The Universalist Church of Greenwood

The first Universalist meetings were held by Rev. O. B. Clark, Rev. R. M. Cheney, and Asa Upson, in the old stone school-house. In 1851 an organization was formed, consisting of 12 members, among whom were Levi Davis and wife, John H. Stephens and wife, and R. S. Davis and wife. Alexander H. was elected clerk, and Levi Davis and John H. Stephens, trustees. A church was immediately built in the village of Greenwood, and dedicated in 1852, by Rev. E. Francis. Revs. J. C. Sawyer, Walter Bullard, and the present pastor, Dr. I. K. Richardson, have since been pastors of this society. The church has been recently repaired, making the actual cost of the edifice about $2500.
The membership numbers 31. Dr. I. K. Richardson is Clerk, and John Davis, Frank Brundage, and J. B. Woodbury, Trustees.

First Christian Church of Greenwood

In 1871, Rev. John H. Cheeseman moved into the village of Greenwood, which was then, the central point between the localities in which he labored, and began meetings in the school-house, continuing to preach as occasion permitted, until the winter of 1875-76, when his efforts were rewarded by revival and the organization of a society on the 19th of February 1876, with 17 members. Among these were Henry Hoyt, and wife Charles L. Cheeseman and wife, and John Freeland and wife. Charles L. Cheeseman was made Deacon and Clerk. Henry Hoyt, Washington Morton, and William Potter, Trustees; and William Morton, James M. Cheeseman, Wilson Wyckoff, and William Blair, Building Committee, and a church commenced, which it is expected to complete during the coming year. The society now numbers 33 members.

The Wesleyan Methodist Church

In 1860, a Wesleyan Methodist class was formed in Greenwood, on "Danby Hill," through the efforts of Alvah Richards, a leading member, and for years a licensed preacher. This class was formed under the preaching of Rev. Daniel Fanton, who was formerly a Methodist Episcopal clergyman. The members were Daniel Fanton and wife, Charles Comash and wife, David Fanton and wife, and Alvah Richards, who was the first steward, and is the only original member yet living. This class has since been consolidated with the charge at Jasper, although an organized class is still vigorously supported.


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