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Aden Palmer, Sr. was born in 1758 in Stonington, Connecticut, to Israel Palmer and Lois Brown.  Both of these families have been traced to England.  Aden's father died in 1769, when Aden was just nine years old. 

From the documents of the Stonington Probate Court (LDS Microfilm 1032105):  On 5 January 1773, Allen Breed and Stephen Brown both of Stonington, posted a bond of 500 pounds to make Allen Breed the Guardian of Aden Palmer, minor son of Israel Palmer

As a young man, Aden served intheRevolutionaryWar.According to his pension application, Aden enlisted in at Boston in January, 1776, as a private in the company commanded by Captain Christopher Smith in Colonel James Mitchel Varnum's Regiment under General Green, Rhode Island Line, of the Continental Establishment.  Aden participated in the Battle of New York Island (the "Orchard Fight"), the Battle of Trenton, and the Battle of Princeton, NJ.  He served for more than one year, being discharged at Springfield, near Morristown, NJ. 

In 1781, Aden married Lois Stanton, daughter of Daniel Stanton, undoubtedly in Connecticut.   Together, the couple seem to have had twelve children:  Anna (1778), Allen (1782), Aden Jr. (1785), Rowland (1787), Daniel (1789), Elisha (1791), Abel (1793), Lois (1795), Garner (1797), Isaac (1800), Ephraim, and William. The dates are taken from the Adam Palmer family bible and are thought to be correct, even though Anna's birth occurred several years before the wedding date. 

It is not known if any of the children were born in Connecticut.  At some point, the family moved northwest, as Aden is listed in the 1790 Census as living in Stephentown, Albany County, in eastern New York (southeast of Albany City).  Males [over 16] = 1 = Aden; [under 16] = 5 = Allen, Aden Jr., Rowland, Daniel, and either Ephraim or William(?); Females = 2 = Lois and daughter Anna

Aden seems to have moved his family from Stephentown to Charleston, Montgomery County, NY (northwest of Albany City).  According to Susan Moore, Hornby Town Historian, Aden's son, Abel, was born in Charleston in 1793.  Besides Abel, one of Aden's granddaughters, Eliza Palmer, was born in Charleston (1812).  Also, John Stanton, the half-brother of Aden's wife, was in Charleston from about 1790 until 1816 when he moved his family to Hornby, Steuben County. 

The 1810 US Census of Montgomery County includes an Adam Parmer who is probably Aden.  Besides the fact that "Palmer" was often mistakenly recorded as "Parmer," the enumeration occurs on the same page (26) as the aforementioned John Stanton.  Included are: Males [over 45] = 1 = Aden; [16-25] = 3 = Rowland, Daniel & Abel; [10-15] = 2 = Garner & Isaac:  Females [over 45] = 1 = Lois; [10-15] = 1 = daughter Lois.  The other older children had probably left home by this time. 

Aden Palmer appears in the "Historical Gazetteer of Steuben County, New York" by Millard F. Roberts, published 1891.  This source indicates Aden was an early settler to the town of Hornby in Steuben County.    The town was originally founded in 1814.  According to the text, "James S. Gardner, Chester Knowlton and Aden Palmer settled in the "Palmer" settlement in 1816."  It seems very likely that Aden and John Stanton moved their families to Hornby at the same time. 

On 11 May 1818, Aden applied for a government pension, based on his Revolutionary War military service.  In this claim he is listed as a resident of Painted Post, now in "reduced circumstances."  He signed his statement with his mark.  Pension Certificate No. 17,434 was issued to Aden at a rate of $8.00 per month, commencing 11 May 1818.  He received $174.45 in arrears, and a pension to 4 September 1820. 

Aden Senior is listed in the 1820 Census as living in Painted Post, Steuben County.  This probably does not represent a move from Hornby, rather that Hornby was located in Painted Post Township (Susan Moore).  Aden Senior's family is given as:  Males [over 45] = 1 = Aden; [26-45] = 1 = probably Abel; [16-25] = 1 = probably Garner: Females [over 45] = 1 = Lois; [16-25] = 1 = probably daughter Lois.  Also living in Painted Post were Allen, Aden Junior and Daniel--most probably his sons.   The same census shows a William Palmer living in Bath--perhaps Aden Senior's son. 

Aden is shown as one of the Brethren in the 1820 document, "Articles of Faith of the Baptist Church of Christ," in Painted Post, along with his wife's half-nephew, Amasa Stanton

On 20 October 1820, Aden made a further attestation of need which listed all his worldly goods:  "I have no Real Estate whatever.  Personal Estate:  one cow, one pot, one kettle, one frying pan, six cups and saucers, Abt six knives & forks, six plates, six spoons, two pails, one axe, one shovel & tongs, two chairs, one table, two chests.  My family consists of two persons, my wife and myself.  In consequence of the Gravil with which I am afflicted, I have not been able to do any work for some years.  My wife Louis [sic] is Sixty-two years old and is able to do a little housework.  We live with our son by whom we are supported and on whose bounty and charity we rely for our living.  My son with whom I live is on a new piece of land but which is not yet paid for nor has he any property to enable him to maintain myself and wife." 

In the 1825 New York State Census, Aden and his wife are shown as residing in Painted Post along with one other male, probably one of his younger sons.  Also listed in Painted Post are sons Allen, Rowland, Daniel and AbelAden Jr. is listed in Tyrone, and there is a Samuel T. Palmer shown in Prattsburg, probably no relation. 

Aden Senior is listed in the 1830 Census in Hornby, as Aden Parmer.  Both he and his wife, Lois, are given in the age range 60-70.  Also in Hornby at this time were his sons Allen, Aden Junior, Abel and Isaac.  Note that in 1826, Hornby Township was formed from the northern segment of Painted Post, so this was probably not a physical move. 

LDS Ancestral files indicate he died in 1832 in Painted Post, Steuben Co., while the Thomas Stanton Genealogy says 1830 in Hornby, Steuben Co.  This may not be a conflict as shown above.  His death is given as 6 June 1832 in the pension application of his wife, Lois: inscribed on the Roll of Albany (5604), 8 July 1840.  Lois was granted a pension of $40 per annum, commencing 4 March 1836.  She received $160 in arrears and a semi-annual payment of $20. 

Information on his descendants (other than Aden, Jr.) comes from a copy of the family Bible attested to by Jonathan Kimball (husband of Lois Palmer); Census records; two Internet sources, the Walter Palmer Society and Peter L. Palmer; and Susan Moore, Hornby Town Historian.  Copies of Aden's pension records were provided by Carole Palmer Hare, a descendant of Isaac. 

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