aka: Baptist Cemetery
Town of Hornby

Hornby, New York
Typed by Annette Campbell

The Whitney Cemetery is located right in Hornby Forks, New York. It has been said by Miss Lillin Adams that on this tract of land was erected the "Hornby Forks Baptist Church".  Miss Adams being the Town Historian. A few years ago this church was removed to the Town of Tuscarora, on the Addison Road out of Addison, New York.  Known also as the back road to Nelson, PA.  The church has been remodeled and is being used today by its members of the Town of Tuscarora.

Copied May 22, 1971 by Mrs Kinner, 555 Water St., Riverside, Corning, New York and Mrs. Whitcomb, 10 Tuxill Ave, Corning, New York.  We were told on this day by some citizens of Hornby Forks, that a Colonel was interred here, but this statement may be incorrect as it is not known if Col. Dickerson was interred here or in Nicarago (sic).  His first wife is interred here.

Two cannons and a monument to Civil War Soldiers of Hornby, New York, who fought or died for their country in the War.  These are erected on the site of the "Old Baptist Church" right in front by the road and cemetery is located up in back on a little knoll.  All stones that remain were copied. So the cemetery is complete as of May 1971.


Erected by the citizens and former citizens of Hornby, Steuben County, NY in loving memory of their fellow townsmen who fought valiantly to preserve the union of the United States of America in the Civil War of 1861-1865. (These were not in the order in which the copiers have placed them).

Andrews, Reuben 
Bedient, Ambrose
Bedient, James H.
Butler, Thomas
Butler, Thomas, Jr.
Butler, Edward
Buyler, John
Bennett, W. E.
Burnap, George
Burnap, Tracy
Bixby, Jesse D.
Bixby, Rufus G.
Clark, Frances E.
Clark, Henry G.
Covenhoven, Peter H.
Culver, William H.
Charles, George W.
Cogswell, George
Duvall, Albert
Ely, Martin
Easling, William E.
Ellison, George W.
Emory, George W.
Erwin, Charles
Fero, John B.
Fero, John D.
Fero, Peter H.
Garnett, Benjamin
Garnett, James
Gaylord, Alonzo
Greene, Freeman
Greene, Marsena A.
Goodsell, Charles
Goodsell, Sylvanus
Goodsell, William
Goodsell, Lewis
Hathaway, Robert N.
Hathaway, W. L.
Hilton, Dalmar
Hamilton, Walter
Hamilton, Harry
Haraden, Charles
Haraden, Edwin A. 
Haraden, George W.
Haraden, Julius
Haraden, Parnach
Harrison, Myron J.
Harrison, William
Humphrey, William W.
Henderson, Alexander
Jaynes, Albert M.
Lane, D. Nelson 
Lilly, Willis
Lilly, William
McLaughlin, William
McLaughlin, Charles
McLaughlin, James
Murphy, John
Murphy, Charles
Morrow, James H.
McCord, John
Murray, John
Noble, Walter C.
Oldfield, William
Pond, Leander
Pond, Ambrose
Pitts, John
Randall, Alonzo
Randall, J. T.
Remington, Washington
Rogers, Hiram
Russell, David
Skinner, Donald
Snow, George
Scott, John
Smith, David
Smith, David
Smith, Edward
Smith, Edwin
Stanton, Jay G.
Stevens, Daniel B.
Stevens, George E.
Swartout, Alexander
Swartout, Clayton
Swartout, Robert B.
Slater, William
Sands, William D.
Secor, T. John
Taylor, Buel
Taylor, Eben
Taylor, Lorenzo
Van Northwick, G. W.
Vosburg, John
Velie, Franklin
Velie, William
Ward, Rolland
Wasson, John A.
Wasson, John B.
Wheaton, Richard
Wheaton, George
Wheaton, Samuel
Wheaton, Peter
White, Charles R.
Whitney. Darius
Whitney, George A.
Whitney, George M.
Whitney, Orrin  Ryland
Whitney, Calvin

Cemetery transcribed & photos by PHGS Member: Paul Giometti
The cemetery is located in the woods behind the Hornby Civil War Memeorial in the hamlet of Hornby (Forks).


DICKINSON, Jennie A , Spouse of A. B.   , Died  2 Feb 1865 , Age  24y5m 
DICKINSON, Marinda C , Spouse of William   , Died  31 Oct 1866 , Age  48y2m18d 
DILLON, Judson J.     , Died  31 Dec 1864 , Age  Stone broken s/o John & Polly Dillon
FERO, Eveline J. , Spouse of Peter M.   , Died  8 May 1865 , Age  38y8m16d 
GOODSELL, Anner , Spouse of H. L.   , Died  7 Nov 1864 , Age  44y6m 
GOODSELL, Henry A.     , Died  11 Jul 1864 , Age  47y Their Son
GOODSELL, infant son     , Died  24 Oct 1843 , Age  infant s/o L. H. & S. W.
GOODSELL, Isaac     , Died  25 Aug 1851 , Age  51y9m25d 
GOODSELL, Jacob L.     , Died  27 Feb 1851 , Age  1y3m6d s/o Isaac P. & Christiana
GOODSELL, Marilla     , Died  19 May 1878 , Age  39y d/o L. H. & S. W.
GOODSELL, Sherman, Rev.     , Died  13 Jan 1860 , Age  26y 
MASTERS, Harriet , Spouse of Nehemiah   , Died  23 Feb 1862 , Age  65y12d 
MASTERS, Nehemiah     , Died  23 Dec 1863 , Age  71y9m15d 
NICHOLS, Clarissa S. , Spouse of William T.   , Died  9 Dec 1868 , Age  41y4m10d 
RENELL, Griffin J.         s/o Asa A. & Lucinda
SHARP, Cynthia A. , Spouse of Rev. William   , Died  27 Feb 1862 , Age  30y3m 
SHUMWAY, Chloe , Spouse of Elijah   , Died  8 Feb 1859 , Age  89y10m17d 
UNDERWOOD, J. Dr.     , Died  30 Mar 1863 , Age  73y5m 
UNDERWOOD, Little Ciabay or Ciabav, Died  21 Aug 1861 , Age  1y1m d/o D. L. & V. L. 

From George Rogers  3/14/2006: The Jennie A. buried here is the first wife of not Andrew Bray Dickinson but his nephew Alanson Bray. Since their daughter was born in 1865 we can probably assume Jennie's death was birthing related. Andrew Bray and his first wife Hannah Hopkins are buried in Woodlawn, Elmira or at least Hannah is as although he has a stone there his remains may in fact be in Nicaragua.

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