Town of Prattsburg
Transcribed & Submitted by PHGS Member: Paul Giometti
Update Material Submitted by Jean Morse And Annette Campbell

Unmarked graves in Section A: 
1. Grave American Flag between Charles John & Leonard Allis 
2. Marker No name between Mary Anna ROBSON Earley & Arthur Cooper 
3. Marker No name between Esther Young & David Johnson 
4. Stone Unreadable between Elias Wygant & Sarah Ann Stewart 
5. Two Markers No names between Margie Lichtenwaler & Lewis Mosher 
6. Marker Mae Bacon-? No dates between Curtis Lee Jones & Timothy C. Drumm 
7. Stone Flat on face over bank by Betsey Maria Skinner stone possibly that of Isreal Skinner 
8. 5 markers with no names near - John H. Smith, Patricia Ann Thompson & James A. Walker stones 
Unmarked graves in Section B: 
1. Graves FLT symbols No stones near Sarah E. Covell & Howard A Wheeler stones 
2. Grave GAR Post 649 No stone near Millicent Gelder stone 
3. Grave Marked with GAR Post 649 No stone near Benjamin P. Austin stone 

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