Town of Cohocton
Photo by Alyce Clayson Moran
Alyce said "It is all fenced in  in the middle of a corn field on Lent Hill, which cannot be seen from the road."

HARTWELL, Aaron  , Spouse of  Lucy Jane Hatch , Born  1828   , Died  16 Sep 1864 , age  36y 25th NY ART Billinghursts Battery
HARTWELL, Lucy Jane  , Spouse of  Aaron , Born  1836   , Died  1 Nov 1860 , age  24y d/o Philip & Pauline Wells Hatch, footstone "L. J. H."
HATCH, Alma Paulina    , Born  1850 , Died  6 Feb 1856 , age  6y3m25d d/o P & P Hatch, footstone "A.P.H."
HATCH, Emily A.  , Spouse of  Sylvannus , Born  11 Jul 1819   , Died  22 Jun 1897   footstone "E.H."
HATCH, Hiram     , Died  3 Aug 1813 , age  4m "s/o S.C. & E.A. Hatch", footstone "H.H.", s/o Sylvannus C. & Emily A.
HATCH, James Nelson      , Died  30 Nov 1833 , age  16y5m23d "s/o Mathew & Jane", 2 footstones "J.N.H.", s/o Mathew & Jane Lent Hatch, accidentally shot himself
HATCH, Jane      , Died  9 Apr 1878 , age  37y "only dau of S.C. & E.A.", footstone "J.H.", only d/o Sylvannus C. & Emily A. Hatch
HATCH, Jane  , Spouse of  Mathew , Born  1782 , Died  1844   d/o Philip & Christina Storm Lent, sister to Abram,mother of 8
HATCH, Lizah     , Died  18 Jun 1811 
HATCH, Mary Saphronia , Spouse of  Hiram   , Died  1858   nee Jackson
HATCH, Mathew      , Died  1 Mar 1826 , age  49y footstone "M.H."
HATCH, Paulina , Spouse of  Philip , Born  1807 , Died  1874   d/o Benjamin P. & Lucy Lewis Wells
HATCH, Pauline Wells  , Spouse of  Philip , Born  1807   , Died  1884 
HATCH, Philip      , Died  16 Mar 1860 , age  23y s/o Matthew Wilse Hatch & Dinah Hatch, Matthew W. is s/o Mathew, footstone "P.H."
HATCH, Philip  , Spouse of  Paulina Wells , Born  1804   , Died  1891 
HATCH, Sylvanus C.  , Spouse of  Emily A. , Born  11 Jun 1802   , Died  14 Mar 1874   footstone "S.C.H."
HATCH, Thankful A.      , Died  17 Jun 1841 , age  8m d/o Philip & Paulina Wells Hatch, footstone "T.L.H."
MOORE, Lucretia     , Died  6 Jun 1850 , age  68y 
MOORE, Robert     , Died  29 Mar 1833 , age  73y 
SPEARS, Clair B.    , Born  1902   , Died  1977 
WELLS, Benjamin L.     , Died  25 Apr 1851 , age  25y s/o Linus & Rhoda Wells, Footstone "B.L.W."
WELLS, Benjamin P. , Spouse of  Lucy Lewis , Born  1783 , Died  15 Oct 1855   footstone " B.P.W."
WELLS, Cameron U.     , Died  18 Sep 1853 , age  5m s/o H & S Wells
WELLS, Lucy Lewis , Spouse of  Benjamin P.   , Died  8 Jan 1852 , age  72y3m28d footstone "L.L.W.", mother of Pauline & Oremus
WELLS, Orsemus     , Died  1871   s/o Benjamin P. & Lucy Lewis Wells

Jane Hatch
Sylvanus Hatch
Emily Hatch
Matthew Hatch
Jane Lent
James Nelson Hatch
Thankful Hatch
Alma Paulina Hatch
Mary Sophrana Jackson
Lucy Jane Hartwell
Aaron Hartwell
(2) J.N.H.
Aaron Hartwell (footstone)
Camorn Wells
Hiram Hatch
Orcemus Wells
Phillip Hatch
small blank stone (no inscript)
Phillip Hatch & Paulina Wells
Benjamin L. Wells
Benjamin P. Wells
Illegible stone (leaning by tree)
Stones that need to be reset
Stones in ground

From: Gary A Spicer 
To: paint@paintedhills.org 
Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2009 8:28 PM
Subject: Additional Burials In Hatch Cemetery - Town of Cohocton - Steuben County

Several burials previously undocumented in the Hatch Cemetery located in the town of Cohocton were uncovered by Renee E. Myer-North sometime before 2006.

Renee’s last Email address is remnorth.fl@verizon.net

Attached is a spreadsheet of the cemetery layout produced by Renee and the headstone and footstone transcriptions that she sent to me with the burials previously not listed. These new listings are not found at the County Clerk’s office in Bath NY on the computerized listing and not on the PGHS cemetery page for Hatch cemetery in Cohocton. The new finds are highlighted in red on the Hatch Cemetery List doc attached.

The content and text of her original Email to me dated February 7, 2006 is presented below.

“Long story short, I discovered an abandoned cemetery a few years ago in Cohocton located directly across the street from my father’s potato storage facility (he’s a potato farmer who now farms the land the Hatch and Wells families used to farm).  After much investigation and manual labor, I’ve uncovered the gravestones of many Hatch and Wells family members.  Both Benjamin Wells gravestones were completely buried underground, so we’re lucky we found them.  The historical society in town didn’t know they were buried in this cemetery and they aren’t listed in their archives.

I’m in the process of restoring this cemetery.  Since most of the stones had fallen over and been moved against trees and the gate surrounding the cemetery, my first step has been establishing the relationships of everyone inside.  I thought that if I could understand the relationships, I would know where each person is buried.  Mind you, this has been a project of mine since the summer of 2003.  I live in FL, but visit my family who live near Cohocton each summer for a month.  As a matter of fact, the reason I didn’t respond to you until today is because I just got back from Cohocton yesterday.  I took my kids to NY to see snow, SO WHERE IS IT?   One week it was a foot deep, last week there was just about nothing.  Don’t get me started!! 

I’ve posted photos and all the information on the cemetery on a few different web sites, including www.findagrave.com, in hopes that some of the remaining questions about the people could be answered.  I’ve created a huge family tree to help me understand the relationships, too.  From another posting, I now believe that Benjamin P. is the father of both Paulina and Orcemus.  However, I don’t have a clue who the others are or where they’re actually buried   The reason any of them are buried in the Hatch Cemetery is because Paulina was married to Philip Hatch (ergo:  Hatch Cemetery). 

I know this sounds strange, but it’s true.  No, I’m not related at all, I just want to restore this 200 year old cemetery and put the gravestones back where they were originally.   I’ve attached photos of the cemetery as it looked when I discovered it, and the way it looked last year.  I’ve also attached photos of each of the Wells gravestones.” 


Thought this information should be shared and posted on the PGHS website and credit given to Renee for the new burial discoveries.

Benjamin P. Wells and Lucy Lewis Wells, two of the unearthed stones are my 4Gr grandparents.

Known Children of Benjamin P. Wells and Lucy Lewis were:

Orsemus Wells – Hatch Cemetery, Town of Cohocton
Paulina Wells Hatch – Hatch Cemetery, Town of Cohocton
Benjamin Dwelle Wells – South Bristol, Ontario County, NY
Lewis E. Wells – Italy Valley Cemetery, Yates County, NY
Thankful Wells Liddiard – Clearview Cemetery, Town of Cohocton
Myron Wells – died Bath, NY 20 July 1904 – Burial location unknown

Two other likely children:

Linus Wells – mentioned as father on Benjamin L. Wells stone in Hatch Cemetery
Alvah Wells – buried in Clearview Cemetery, Town of Cohocton

Benjamin P. Wells and family settled in Cohocton between 1821 and 1825 coming from town of Onondaga, Onondaga County, NY.

Gary A. Spicer
503 Whedon Road
Syracuse, NY 13219
(315) 468-1798

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