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Steuben County Bible Records


Thomas M. Angel    born  April 4, 1803 
Achsah B. Pope     born  January 22, 1803 
They were married August 26, 1821 

John S. Glover & Emma Hudson  March 6, 1884 
Susie Glover & Joel A. Brown  June 25, 1913 


Child               April 28, 1822  died May 3, 1822 
Almira              May 11, 1824 
Alonzo D. Angel     Dec 20, 1825 
Julyann             July 19, 1828died   April 4, 1828 
James P. Angel      March 1830 
Julia Ealy Angel    Dec 31, 1831 
Sarah Ann S. Angel  Aug 18, 1833 
Edwin P. Angel      Sept 3, 1826 

Susie Glover           Nov 25, 1889 
James Chandler Glover  July 26, 1896 

John H. Glover         May 15, 1827 
Sara Ann S. Angel      Aug 18, 1833 

Charles Elmer Glover   Dec    1, 1852 
James Chandler  "      June  24, 1856 
Latona          "      Sept.  6, 1858 
Johnny S.       "      Sept. 18, 1861 

Achsah B. Angel        Aug      1841 
Thos. M.  Angel        Nov  12, 1875 
Almy      Angel        April 19, 1878 
Edwin P. Angel         Dec 15, 1893 
John H. Glover         March 6, 1895 
James Angel            Aug  15, 1906 
Latona Nash            Feb 14, 1907 
Elmer C. Glover        Nov. 5, 1909  aged 55 years, 11 months, 5 days. 
Emma Hudson Glover     Dec 25, 1911  aged 52 years, 2 days 

Baldwin Family Bible

An old leather bound book measuring 11 X 8 ¼ in.

Written on the inside cover; 

Mahetable B Baldwin 
Mahetable Baldwin
Mahetable Baldwin 

H. & E. Phinney’s Stereotype Edition, The New Testament of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Translated out of the Original Greek and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised Cooperstown, N.Y. Stereotyped, Printed and Published by H. & E. Phinney and sold by them at their book store and by the booksellers generally in the United States, 1828

Family Record, Marriages,

James Baldwin and Mahetable Allen were married Jan/y 22nd 1817

David Herron and Emily H. Baldwin were married Sept. 16, 1834

Aaron Griswold Gillet and Hannah M. Baldwin were married Nov. 2nd 1840

William A. Baldwin and Elizabeth Sly were married [no date]

Edwin Westcott and Eliza Baldwin were married [no date]

Lucius S. Baldwin and Sarah Lockerby were married Jan/y 19, 1848

Elisha B. Murray and Frances M. Baldwin were married July 4th 1848

George L. Taggart and Annie E. Baldwin were married Sept. 5th 1849

David Phillips and Mary Baldwin were married Dec. 15th 1853

A. H. Kinney and Susan D. Baldwin were married June 3rd 1856

Julia Alice Herron and John P. Faber were married [no date]

Ermina Mehetable Kinney and Charles Goodrich were married [no date]

Lucius Baldwin Taggart and Carrie Dayton Titus were married October 23rd 1889 at 802 Lafayette Ave., Brooklyn, Long Island, NY by Rev. Chas R. Baker

Elizabeth Phillips, daughter of David Baldwin Phillips, and Guy Martin Everts were married May 23rd 1913 in Addison by the Rev. J. W. Sanderson pastor of the M. E. Church

Family Record, Births,

James Baldwin was born April 22, 1783 Mehetable Allen was born June 11th 1800

William A. Baldwin was born Dec. 11th 1817

Emily H. Baldwin was born Oct. 19, 1819

Hannah M. Baldwin was born Nov. 10, 1821

Rufus Baldwin was born Oct. 12, 1823

Lucius S. Baldwin was born July 25, 1825

Eliza Baldwin was born Aug. 14, 1827

Frances M. Baldwin was born Aug. 15, 1829

Anna E. Baldwin was born Sept. 27, 1832

Mary Baldwin was born Sept. 8, 1835

Julia H. Baldwin was born Dec. 6, 1837

Susan D. Baldwin was born March 4, 1839

Ermina Kinney was born May 20, 1857

Evalina Bellmont Taggart was born May 17th 1853

David Baldwin Phillips was born March 31, 1855

James Baldwin Phillips was born Oct. 4th 1857

Frances C. Taggart was born Sept.  27, 1855

Lucius Baldwin Taggart was born July 2, 1857

James A. Herron was born May 14, 1839

Emily Alice Herron was born Oct. 16th 1841

John G. Herron was born May 29th 1843

David Herron was born June 11th 1847

Sarah Frances Herron was born Feb. 11th 1848

William Lucien Herron was born 1852

Julia Alice Herron was born Oct. 16th 1853

Elizabeth Herron was born [no date]

Walter Herron was born [no date]

Martha M. Gillet was born September 18, 1844

William J. Baldwin was born [no date]

Helen J. Baldwin was born [no date]

Lester W. Baldwin was born [no date]

Myra Baldwin was born [no date]

Frank E. Baldwin was born [no date]

Mary H. Baldwin was born 1856

Edwin J. Westcott was born Feb. 17, 1847

Mary M. Westcott was born [no date]

Charlotte S. Westcott was born August 16, 1850

James Baldwin Taggart was born Sept. 24, 1850

Family Record, Deaths,

Rufus Baldwin died August 9, 1825

Anna Taggart died August 28th 1889

Eliza Westcott died September 4th 1852

Mary M. Westcott died Feb. 1st 1850

James Baldwin died June 16, 1855

James Baldwin Taggart died April 11th 1852

Florence Goodrich died Jan. 15th 1887

Susan D. Kinney died Feby 7, 1897

Elisha B. Murray died April the 12th 1897 aged 70 years

Charlotte S. Westcott died Dec. 1st 1887

Emily Alice Herron died March 22nd 1848

Mary B. Phillips died Sept. 9th 1861

Mehetable Baldwin died May 24th 1864

George L. Taggart died May 27th 1864

John G. Herron died March 19th 1861

Emily Alice Herron died March 22nd 1848

Lucius S. Baldwin died April of 1877

Julia H. Baldwin died June of 1877

Frances M. Murray died Nov. 13th 1903

In the Marriage Book of Lucius Baldwin and Carrie Dayton Titus Taggart the following is listed;

Lucius Baldwin Taggart, born July 2nd 1857, Wellsville, NY, died Dec. 11th 1928, Queens, NY burial at Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn Lot 10396/7 Section 106/7 

Carrie Dayton Titus, born Oct. 4th 1869, 426 Waverly Ave., Brooklyn, NY died Jan. 1st 1955, 131 Park Ave., Leonia, NJ burial at Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn Lot 10396/7 Section 106/7 


Josephine Adelia Taggart, born Tuesday Oct. 21st 1890, Clifton Place, Brooklyn, died Wednesday Nov. 16th 1892 

Estelle Taggart born Monday Feb. 29, 1892, 728 Greene Ave., Brooklyn, died Friday Feb. 24, 1984, Guilford, CT, cremation, ashes interred at Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, Lot 10396/7 Section 106/7 

Francis Baldwin Taggart, born Monday June 19, 1893, 450 Throop Ave., Brooklyn, died Monday Sept. 18, 1893, Brooklyn, 

Lucius Baldwin Taggart, born Saturday May 12, 1894, 450 Throop Ave., died Monday June 8, 1896, Brooklyn, 

Elizabeth Taggart, born Wednesday Dec. 23, 1895, 450 Throop Ave., died Jan. 9, 1971, 

un named Baby Girl Taggart, born and died Wednesday Oct. 19, 1898, 450 Throop Ave., Brooklyn. 

John Earl Taggart, born June 6, 1901, 311 North 7th Ave., Mt. Vernon, NY, died July 4, 1902, Mt. Vernon, NY 

Ruth Taggart, born Monday, Aug. 24, 1903, 60 E. Sidney Ave., Mt. Vernon, NY, died Saturday, Sept. 24, 1977, Guilford, CT 

Anna Taggart, born Nov. 20, 1906, 9 Chester St., Mt Vernon, NY, died Thursday March 11, 1982, Hartford, CT, burial St. John’s Cemetery, Riverhead, L.I., NY 

Submitted by Stuart J. MacPherson, 

Brundage Bible


Jessie Brundage 
Sarah Wheeler 
 married by Rev. David Higgins  Dece 30, 1831 

Aaron Nellis 
Eliza M. Brundage 
 married by Rev. Geo Stewart, Oct 20, 1858

Frank Brundage 
Fanny Smith 
 married by Rev. Wm Jones, Dec 19, 1862 

Gratten H. Brundage 
Clara Grey 
 married by Rev. J. Morey, March 27th, 1866 

Walter W. Nellis 
Etta M. Roddy 
 married by Rev. R. S. Smith of Uniontown, PA, Dec 20 1881 

Monroe B. Nellis 
Sida or Lida Mac Dowell 
 married Sept 20, 1886 

Jessie Brundage May 23, 1801 
Sarah Wheeler  Dec 30, 1809 Wheeler, NY 
Frank Brundage May 2, 1833 Bath, NY 
Gratten H. Brundage Nov 22, 1834 Bath, NY 
Monroe Brundage Oct 27, 1836 Bath, NY 
Eliza M. Brundage Sept 11, 1839 Bath, NY 
Walter W. Nellis  April 25th, 1859 Bath, NY 
Monroe B. Nellis Apr 20, 1862 Bath,NY 
Russell B. Nellis  Oct 28, 1882 Allegheny, PA 
Gertrude Eliza Nellis  Jan 26, 1886 
 Carrie Brundage b. Nov 21, 1868 
Frank C. Brundage  b. Oct 29, 1871 
Gratten B. Barber  b. Feb 14, 1921 
Douglas Wm. Barber b. May 9, 1924 
Jennie Brundage b. Feb 22, 1864 
Jessie Brundage b. May 20, 1866 d. Mar 37, 1917 
J. Smith Brundage b. Sep 16, 1868 
Frank Brundage b. Jun 7, 1871 
Rubie Brundage b. Sep 11, 1876 
         married Apr 10, 1913 
               d. July 13, 1919 
Fred Brundage b. April 14, 1866 d. April 1, 1891 
Carrie Brundage b. Nov 21, 1868 ?? died 1936?? 
Frank C. Brundage  b. Oct 29, 1871 
Gratten B. Barber  b. Jany 18, 1896 
Fred G. Barber     b. Feb 14, 1921 
Douglas Wm. Barber b. May 9, 1924 


Monroe Brundage  May 26, 1874 
Eliza M. Nellis Aug 8, 1883 at Bath, NY 
Monroe Brundage Nellis  Sept 28, 1890 
  buried Sept 30 at Bath, NY  28 yrs 5 mos 
Frank Brundage May 21, 1890 
Gratten H. Brundage March 29, 1891 
Clara Gray Brundage Aug 16, 1891 
Fred Brundage April 1, 1891 
Sarah Wheeler Brundage  Jan 13, 1899 
Aaron R. Nellis  Aug 16, 1897 - 62 yrs 
Etta R. Nellis  April 30, 1940 
Walter Wood Nellis  Oct 28, 1946 
Russel Brundage Nellis  Agu 6, 1958 
Gertrude E. Nellis Feb 3, 1978 

Bible of the Daniel C. Colvin Family


Annis L. Colvin Died (no entry) 

Albert. Colvin Died May the 30. 1869 

Florence A. Colvin Died June the 4 1878 

Bert. Colvin Died February the 17. 1873 

Cora M. Colvin Died Oct. the 18. 1875 

The following in a different hand writing 

Daniel C. Colvin Died July 23 1907 

Wealthy Colvin; Born Dec. 7 1842; Died July 31, 1910 

Fred Colvin; Dec 2 1930 


D. Colvin born at Spring Mills Oct the 20. 1835 

Annis L. Bennett born at (no entry) 

Julia E. Colvin born at Bingham Nov. the 23.,1858 

James L. Colvin born at Persia Oct the 24, 1859 

Florence A. Bennett born at Owego Nov the 23, 1850 

Albert Colvin born at Persia May the 28, 1869 

Bert. Colvin born at Persia Dec the 10 1870 

Rose A. Colvin born at Persia January the 24 1871 

Fred. Colvin born at Elmira April the 28, 1873 

Cora M. Colvin born at Elmira Sept. the 24, 1875 

Franklin G. Colvin born at Woodhull April the 21, 1878 

The following in a different hand writing 

Wealtha Colvin Dec 7 1842 Chenango Co. N.Y. 


Daniel C. Colvin to Annis L. Bennett; January the 24, 1857 by Charles Strong 

D. C. Colvin to Florence A. Bennett; June the 30, 1868 by B. Hanks 

Kibbe Bible


Edwune/Edwone  & Mary Kibbe married the 13 day of August 1767 in Hopkinton. Mass by  the  Rev. 
Saml Buret/Bunet pastor of the Church of Christ of that town 
Joseph Kibby married Lydia Meud/Mend 
Lucince Kibbe married Wm Duntory 
Polly married Alexander Heywood 
Sally Married Charles Wilcox 
Abriah married Joseph Deluss 
Betsey Kibby married Lorring Pottle Oct 19, 1814 
Polley Kibbey daughter of Joseph Kibby married James Knapp 
Joseph Kibby married the second tiem April the 8th/5th 1821 to Wilow Mehitable Parker of Naples 
The Presbyterian Meetinghouse was dedicated to the service of God the 14 Dec 1825 
Sermon preached by Rev Mr Hotchkiss 
William Dunton first husband of Lucina Denton died the 17 of April 1806, and Lucina married to Levi Watkins 
 1847 August 25th 
 Emony B. Pottle  married to Cathanie L. Maxfield by Rev. Somebel 


Birth of the Children of Edmon & Mary Kibbe 
Joseph Kibbe born November 11th 1768 
Edman Kibbe  Novmeber 19th 1770 
Abiah Kibbe born January 30th 1773 
John Kibbe born August 3rd 1775 
Lucina Kibbe born February 24th 1781 
James Kibbe born May 19th 1783 
?Norah Kibbe born born Sept 1785 
 Elizabeth Kibbe born November 5th 1789 
Batsa Kibbe born November 22, 1790 


Elizabeth died November the 11th 1789 
Abiah died the 12th of February 1814 



Red Letter Art Edition, The self-Pronouncing Edition Sunday 

School Teachers' Combination Bible. Showing in simple Form all changes, additions, and omissions that appear in the revised version, enabling all Bible readers to see at a glance wherein the two versions differ. This Bible contains the old and new testaments translated out of the original greek; and with the former translations diligently compared and revised, With the Words of Jesus printed in Red, containing the Standard Helps to the Study of the BVBible. Conformable to the edition of 16aa, commonly known as the authorized or King James Version. 

National Bible Press, Philadelphia, PA 

Copyright 1902 by J. R. Jones 



Husband, George Louis Myers, born, November 12, 1884 

Wife, Florence Cynthia Head, born February 20, 1893 

Married, February 20, 1913 at Avoca Methodist Church parsonage by the Rev. Owen C. Baker. 

Florence Myers was baptized August 4, 1929 at Almond Methodist Episcopal Church by the Rev. Harold Spencer 


Emery Francis Myers, born March 8, 1921 

Marbara Clista Myers, born, August 15, 1934 

All of this writing was done in my grandmother Florence Myers' handwriting. She taught Sunday School at the M. E. Church in Almond. Marbra Clista Myers died from a brain tumor the day before her 8th birthday on August 14, 1942, just 2 months before I was born, so I never saw my father's sister except in photos which I have. Her funeral was held from the family home on Sand Hill in Almond, NY and she is buried with her parents and grandmother Clista Ferris Head House in the Greenville Cemetery in the Town of Howard, Steuben County, NY 


Submitted By PHGS member: Max Dunshie 

James Horton Hulse 30 Aug 1851 wed 6 Jan 1877 
Clarissa J. Warfield 20 Apr.1856 

Maternal Grand-parents: 
Josiah Warfield b. 6 Feb 1787 
Clarissa Holt Ellis b. 10 May 1832 

Parents Maternal 
Palmer Warfield b. 29 March 1836 
Almeda Wallace b. 16 May1832 

Aunts & Uncles 
George Warfield b. 4 Nov 1818 
Betsy E. Warfield b. 13 Jan 1821 
Eber Warfield b. 8 June 1823 
Dorothy Warfield b. 2 Jan 1826 
Henry Warfield H. b. 30 March 1828 
Horace Warfield b. 6-Sept 1831 
Delia Warfield b. 23 July 1833 
Marium  Warfield 7 Aug 1842 

Births- Brothers & Sisters Paternal 
Ella A. Warfield b. 2 Aug 1857 
Charles Warfield b. 3 Nov. 1856 

Parents – Paternal 
Albert Hulse b. 30 Aug 1814 
Hester Cramer b. 19 Oct 1826 

Brother & Sisters – Paternal 
Henry Hulse b. 3 March 1849 
Morris DeWitt Hulse b. 27 Jan 1853 
Myram Clark Hulse b. 31 Jan 1855 
Agnes Iranda Hulse b. 12 July 1856 
James Horton Hulse b. 30 Aug 1851 
Wed 6 Jan 1877 
Clara J. Warfield b. 20 Apr. 1856 


Grand Parents Maternal 
Josiah Warfield & Clarissa Holt Ellis 
14 April 1815 or Dec 14 1815 

Parents – Maternal 
Palmer Warfield & Almeda Wallace 
15 March 1855 

Aunts & Uncles – Maternal 
Milo Sweet & Betsy E. Warfield 
1 May 1841 

George Warfield & Arabella Hodle 
No dates 
Eber Warfield & Cynthia Stephens 
17 Sept 1845 

Marriages Aunts & Uncles- Maternal 
Nathaniel Sweet & Dorothy Warfield 
17 Sept 1846 

Brothers & Sisters – Maternal 

Parents Maternal 
Albert S. Hulse & Hester Cramer 
18 Dec 1847 

Brothers & Sisters – Paternal 
Henry Hulse & Mary Mitchell 
15 Nov.1868 

Josiah Warfield 24 Nov. 1857
Clarissa Warfield 14 Mar 1862 
Henry H. Warfield 2 Oct 1841 
Delia Warfield 30 Sept 1850
Albert S. Hulse 29 May 1871 
Hester Hulse 28 Jan 1872 
Morris N. Hulse 27 Feb 1853 
Myram C. Hulse 7 Sept 1855 
Agnes I. Hulse 18 Nov. 1856 
Mary E. Hulse ( Wife of Henry) 30 Jan. 1877 

Copied from a Bible now owned by Charles Sutton of Coudersport PA 
Copied by Joan Dunshie 1997 

Hitchcock’s Holy Bible pub. 1869. 
For Mrs. Clara Hulse From Homer H. Maloray 

Cornish Family Bible

This is a transcription of the family bible for the Cornish family started by Ruhama Williams when she married Ephriam Cornish in 1866.  The notation in the front of the bible indicate that it was given to Ephriam and Ruhama as a wedding gift on Feb the 4th 1866. There are at least 3 different handwritings in the book.  It is currently in the possession of Ruhama's granddaughter Esther Mae White 36 N. Main Street Hornell NY.  She is the only daughter of Perry E. Cornish and Mae Williams Cornish.  She currently resides in Hornell NY.  This family lived in Steuben County NY and most of it is buried in and around Hornell.  The copyright page from the front of the bible has been torn out.

Beth Sullivan


Malissa (Melissa) Rice  Nov the 10, 1902
Samuel Rice died April the 5, 1903


Ephriam S Cornish and Ruhama Williams were married Feb 4th 1866 
Benjamin G Davis and Ruhama Cornish married Oct 30 1890 
Mr Hiram Rice and Ruhama Davis married April 13th 1895 
Perry E Cornish and Mae A Williams married Oct 10 1914

DEATHS (a second page of deaths)

Dec the 17th 1893 Alvira Williams died at ten oclock at night Tuesday Dec the 19 she was buried 
Chester B Cornish  died April 30 1869
Mary Jo (?) Cornish  died Nov 8th 1881
Ephriam S Cornish  died June 28th 1889
Benjamin G Davis died March 8th 1895
Eaphriam S Cornish died June 8th 1896
Eliza A Williams died March 18th 1883
Elias Williams died April 8th 1895 
Adelbert Houghtailing Died Dec 20 1920
Lottie Rouse  died Dec 18 1921
Estella Houghtailing Died Mar 3 1924
Ruhama Rice died Mar 18 1927
Hiram Rice died Nov 12 1927
Joseph Cornish died Aug 24 1928
Pheobe Ann Mickel  died July 6 1931
Edward Williams  died Aug 24 1934


Ephriam Cornish  Born June 8th 1825
Ruhama Cornish born October 17th 1847
Phoebe Ann Cornish born January 1st 1867
Chester B Cornsih  born September 5th 1868
Ephriam St. John Cornish born April 11th 1870
Alvira Estella Cornish born June 7th 1872
Chauncey Elias Cornish  born Jan 31st 1877
Carrie Bell Cornish  born October 4th 1879
Lottie M Cornish  born Dec 19th 1883
Perry E Cornish  born March 4th 1886
Eliza A Williams born July 14th 1811 (This entry is made in the margin)
Mae (Williams) Cornish Born June 10 1898
Harold Lyle Cornish  Born Sept 25 1915
Esther Mae Cornish Born Deb 12 1918
Paul Edward Cornish Born Feb 3 1920
Louis E Cornish March 31 1933


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