Potter County Journal, Sept. 18, 1879 

A man in Tioga County has one chicken with four and another with three legs. 

Just let the weeds be for sometime yet and they will die, or spread over everything. 

Give a wet cellar a chance and it is sure to create sickness in the house sooner or later. 

Some of the farmers along the Cowanesque valley have been cutting a second crop of hay. 

L.B. Cole & Co., Insurance Agents, have out a nice new sign at their office on Third Street. 

There appears to be but little probability that a lecture course will be organized in Olean this season. 

The Elmira Free Press says there are eighty-five different styles of locomotives in use on the Erie Railway. 

The goddess of sleep can have full sway these cool and pleasant nights, regardless of the thermometer. 

The mother of Rev. L. A. Stevens, P. E. of the M. E. church of this district died at Machias, Monday, Sept 1. 

Get your contributions ready for the county fair step up to the Secretary’s office and make your entries in time. 

Several frosty mornings during the past week.  This vicinity was generally protected for damage by heavy fogs. 

The mountain ash trees which adorn the yards in different parts of town are very attractive at this season of the year. 

Phillipsville Station, on the Western division of the Erie Railroad, will on and after October 1st , next, be called Belmont. 

The Wellsville Reporter says: potatoes were bought in this village last week for shipment as low as twenty cents per bushel. 

C. J. Marble has opened a first-class meat market in the Hallaluer building where he will keep the best quality of all kinds of meat. 

At the expiration of Judge Williams’ term of office, in 1881, he will have served this judicial District continuously nearly seventeen years. 

WE are informed by the Rev. E. Wood, the Genesee M. E. Conference meets October 8th, instead of September 25th, as announced in our last issue. 

Among the outsiders in attendance at court this week, were Messrs. Harrison, Beach, Sanders, Streeter and Williston, of Tioga county, and Hon. B. D> Hamlin of McKean. 

Hon. M. F. Elliot was given a complementary farewell banquet in Wellsboro, by the members of the Tioga county bar, upon the occasion of his removal from the county. 

Autumn, the loveliest of seasons, is upon us with all its magnificence.  The individual who does not enjoy a bright autumnal day must, indeed be a confirmed hypochondriac. 

If you want a stove for the coming season now is the time to buy it, as iron, is continuously advancing and they will not be cheaper but in all probability dearly as the season advances. 

WE are cheered by the following clipped form the Williamsport Gazette and bulletin of Saturday last:  “There is still prospect of the Jersey Shore and Pine Creek Railroad being built at no distant day.

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