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GPS Coordinates: 4151'9.01"N, 7746'14.69"W
From Brookland, take Fox Hill Rd.5 mile to Y. Bear right onto Fox Hill Rd. Cemetery is 1.7 miles, on the left side of the road in the open.

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Where noted, some entries have been expanded with cross-references to Ulysses census data. To view the census data, open the census cited and search for a name.
* Indicates a birth date calculated from existing date and age information. (TS) is Tombstone.

AHEARN, James J. Born 1903, died 1970 - (1850 Ulysses Census)
AHEARN, Michael L. Born 6-1-1914, died 11-12-1994 - Son of Michael and Rebecca (Rippard) Ahearn
AHEARN, Peter A. Born 5-8-1906, died 4-11-1978- - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt
AMIDON, Charles E. Born ??, died 4-16-1916. Age: 51
AMIDON, Edwin. Spouse of Frances Stewart. Born 1873, died 4-16-1916 - [Father]
AMIDON, Frances. Spouse of Edwin. Born 12-1-1863, died 12-1-1942 - [Mother]
BARDOLE, Alice. Spouse of Charles. Born 1911, died 1983
BARDOLE, Charles. Spouse of Alice. Born 1906, died 1983
BARNABY, Betsey M. Spouse of C. H. Born 6-13-1832*, died 3-31-1866. Age: 33y 9m 18d
BARTLETT, Henry. Spouse of Mary. Born 10-14-1840, died 6-25-1931 - Born in England. (1880 Ulysses Census)
BARTLETT, Mary. Spouse of Henry. Born 8-3-1842, died 4-16-1887 - [Wife of] Born in England. (1880 Ulysses Census)
BECKHORN, ??ebb T. Born 1861, died 1948
BECKHORN, Ada A. Born 1888, died 1979
BECKHORN, Elizabeth. Born 1856, died 1915
BELKNAP, Kate. Born 1873*, died 4-1-1918. Age: 45
BELL, Hannah. Born 1836*, died 10-26-1922. Age: 86
BELL, Theo.H. Born ??, died ?? - Civil War Vet, Co E Cavalry, CPL
BISHOP, Alice (Graham). Spouse of William. Born 5-1877, died 7-28-1917. Age: 40 - Five children. (1900 Bingham Census)
BISHOP, George T. Born 1904, died 1977
BISHOP, William. Spouse of Alice Graham. Born 3-1873, died 1958 - Son of Thomas and Frances (Utter) Bishop, born in NY. (1900 Bingham Census)
BRIGGS, Randall C. [Randy]. Spouse of Joyce Page. Born 3-22-1945, died 9-27-2006. Age: 61 - Son of Martin and Dorthea () Heath Briggs. Born in Painted Post NY, d. Coudersport PA. Wed 11-15-1980 in Coudersport PA, 4 children
BUTTERS, Elmer. Spouse of Elmira. Born 1843, died 10-6-1906. Age: 20
BUTTERS, Elmira S. Spouse of Elmer. Born 1853, died 1912
BUTTERS, James. Born 11-??-1908*, died 12-6-1908. Age: 1m
BUTTERS, Sylvester. Spouse of Agnes Anne. Born 1852, died 1926
CLARK, Ella (McCaslin). Spouse of Peter. Born 1855, died 1946
CLARK, Kathryn E. (Ahearn). Spouse of Lee. Born 1891, died 1980 - Wed 3-28-1910 in Coudersport.
CLARK, Lee. Spouse of Kathryn E. Ahearn. Born 1886, died 1948 - Wed 3-28-1910 in Coudersport.
CLARK, Peter. Spouse of Ella McCaslin. Born 1852, died 1909
CRANDALL, ?. Born 1831, died 1914 - [Mother] Buried beside Oscar E.
CRANDALL, Elizabeth Jane (Heath). Spouse of Oscar E. Born 1842, died 1897 - Born in CT. Wed 7-13-1879. (1880 Ulysses Census)
CRANDALL, Mary (Jordan) White. Spouse of William White/ Oscar. Born 2-2-1845, died 8-3-1939 - Wed William in 1862, three children. Wed Oscar 1900
CRANDALL, Oscar E. Spouse of Mary Jordan/ Jane Heath. Born 1852, died 1939 - Wed Jane 7-13-1879. Wed Mary 1900. (1880 Ulysses Census)
DOAN, James J. Born 1957, died 1998. Age: 41
DRAKE, Jemmie. Born 1859, died 1875
DRAKE, Joseph. Born 1856, died 12-25-1875
DRAKE, Melvin L. Spouse of Polly A. Born 1846, died 1928 - Son of Lorenzo and Cather ine (Wagoner) Drake, born in PA. (1860 Ulysses Census)
DRAKE, Polly A. Spouse of Melvin L. Born 1840, died 8-20-1915
DRAKE, Sadelly. Born 1853, died 1875
ERICKSON,, Arnold E. [Beanie]. Born 4-4-1911, died 3-6-2004. Age: 92 - Son of Edward and Caroline (Johnson) Erickson.
ERICKSON, Alfred. Born 1915, died uncut
ERICKSON, Alice E. Born 1905, died 1925 - Dau of Edward and Caroline Erickson. (1880 Ulysses Census)
ERICKSON, Alice Faye (Brown). Spouse of James E. Born 3-16-1936, died 6-16-2013. Age: 77 - Dau of Harold L. and Alice L. White Brown, born in Tioga Co, PA. Wed 7-4-1986 in Watrous (Tioga Co.) PA, 8 children
ERICKSON, Arnold E. [Beanie]. Born 4-4-1911, died 3-6-2004. Age: 92 - Son of Edward and Caroline (Johnson) Erickson. Born in Ulysses, worked for the township for over 30 years. (1880 Ulysses Census)
ERICKSON, Caroline. Spouse of Edward. Born 1872, died ?? - [Mother] No dates available. Born in Sweden. (1880 Ulysses Census)
ERICKSON, Edward. Spouse of Caroline. Born 1866, died ?? - [ Father] No dates on stone. Born in Sweden(1880 Ulysses Census)
ERICKSON, Harold A. Born 1909, died 1985 - Son of Edward and Caroline Erickson. (1880 Ulysses Census)
ERICKSON, Helen N. Born 10-5-1938, died 4-5-1939
ERICKSON, Natalie M. Spouse of Richard J. Born 1909, died 1998 - Wed 10-24-1928.
ERICKSON, Richard J. Spouse of Natalie M. Born 1905, died 1998 - Son of Edward and Caroline Erickson. Wed 10-24-1928. (1880 Ulysses Census)
ERICKSON, Richard J. Born ??, died 5-24-1930. Age: Infant - Son of Richard J and Natalie M Erickson
FLYNN, John E. [Jack]. Spouse of Phyllis M. Storey. Born 8-17-1923, died 5-1-2008. Age: 84 - Son of Edward and Lena Hazel (McCann) Flynn. Wed 4-24-1949 in Andrews Settlement, 2 daughters - WW II Vet, US Army, 324th Inf 44th Div. Purple Heart and Bronze Star
FLYNN, Marcilea. Born 5-29-1921, died 2-6-2013. Age: 90 - Dau of Edward and Lena Hazel (McCann) Flynn, born in Ithaca NY.
FLYNN, Phyllis M. (Storey). Spouse of John E. [Jack]. Born 7-2-1930, died 3-18-2008. Age: 77 - Dau of Robert and Blanche M. (Woodcock) Storey, born in Andrews Settlement. Wed 4-24-1949 in Andrews Settlement, 2 daughters
FOX, Asa D. Born 9-30-1768*, died 10-31-1844. Age: 76y 1m 1d
FRAZIER, Grant. Born 8-15-1894, died 2-21-1898 - Son of W. W. and Mary Frazier
FREEMAN, Almon G. Spouse of Irene M. Palmatier. Born 3-16-1921, died 5-18-2018. Age: 97 - Son of Charles and Matie E. (Carpenter) Freeman. Born and lived at Fox Hill PA, died in Coudersport PA. Farmer on family farm which was a Century Farm. Wed 6-16-1946, in Brookland PA, six children.
FREEMAN, Bertha Kate. Spouse of Waldo. Born 1888, died 1970 - [Mother] (1920 Ulysses census)
FREEMAN, C. F. Spouse of Eliza Ann. Born 1822, died 1902
FREEMAN, Carrie (Lehman). Spouse of Volney E. Born 1849, died 1913 - [Mother] Wed 2-22-1877
FREEMAN, Charles Volney. Born 1916, died 4-21-1922. Age: 5 - Son of Waldo and Kate Freeman
FREEMAN, Charlie G. Spouse of Matie. Born 1889, died 1959
FREEMAN, Charlotte I. (Blass). Spouse of Donald M. Born 4-16-1928, died 9-26-2016. Age: 88 - Dau of Everett R. and Marian E. (Neefe) Blass. Born in Coudersport, lived on Fox Hilll, died in Wellsboro PA. Potato farm on Fox Hill. Owned and operated Mansfield Video System. Wed 6-18-1947 in Coudersport PA, three children.
FREEMAN, Donald M Charlotte I. Blass. Born 1923, died 1980 Wed 6-18-1947 in Coudersport PA, three children. - WW II Vet, US Army, PFC
FREEMAN, Eliza Ann. Spouse of C. F. Born 1831, died 1866
FREEMAN, Irene Minnie (Palmatier). Spouse of Almon G. Born 9-21-1925, died 11-13-2020. Age: 95 - Dau of Harry C. and Sophia E. (Mosch) Palmatier. Born at Ford Hill PA, lived at Fox Hill PA, died in Coudersport PA. Worked on family farm which was a Century Farm. Wed 6-16-1946, in Brookland PA, six children. (Spouse d. 5-18-2018)
FREEMAN, Matie E. Born 1895, died 1984
FREEMAN, Rufus A. Born 1799, died ?? - [In Memory of Rufus A Freeman and Family] (1850 Ulysses Census)
FREEMAN, Volney E. Spouse of Carrie Lehman. Born 1853, died 1920 - [Father] Wed 2-22-1877
FREEMAN, Waldo F. Spouse of Bertha Kate. Born 1892, died 1924 - [Father] (1920 Ulysses census)
FREEMAN, William E. Born ??, died 1948 - Grandson of Waldo and Kate Freeman.
FUMER, William E. Born ??, died 6-27-1906. Age: 56
FURMAN, Dorwin A. Spouse of Joyce Page. Born 9-6-1951, died 9-22-2011. Age: 60 - Son of Calvin D. and Beatrice (Forster) Furman, Born in Coudersport. Five children. Also wed Karen Kjar and Connie McCurry - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, E4
FURMAN, Marion F. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1850, died 1938 - (1880 Ulysses census)
GARDNER, Al. Spouse of Mary. Born 8-13-1858, died uncut
GARDNER, Edith A. Born 10-14-1893, died 4-13-1894 - Dau of Al and Mary Gardener
GARDNER, Eli E. Spouse of Mary. Born 1829, died 1895
GARDNER, Florence M. Born ??, died 5-7-1888 - Dau of Al and Mary Gardner
GARDNER, Frank L. Born 1888, died 1924
GARDNER, M. Born 8-19-1858, died uncut
GARDNER, Mary. Spouse of Al. Born 5-16-1872, died uncut
GARDNER, Mary. Spouse of Eli E. Born 1829, died uncut-
GRAHAM, George W. Spouse of Jennie Woods. Born 1857, died 1923
GRAHAM, Jennie (Woods). Spouse of George W. Born 1856, died 1940 - [His Wife]
GRIDLEY, Alta M. (Drake). Spouse of Charles E. Born 1872, died 12-30-1943 - Dau of Mr. and Mrs M. L. Drake.
GRIDLEY, Charles E. Spouse of Alta M. Drake. Born 7-22-1872, died 5-28-1943
HALL, Charles - R. Spouse of Margaret M. Born 1885, died 1962
HALL, Margaret M. Spouse of Charles - R. Born 1899, died 1992
HEATH, ?. Born 8-15-1812, died 10-14-188? - Name unreadable Possibly Nehemiakh P Heath (1860 Allegany, 1880 Ulysses Census)
HEATH, Daughter. Born 6-10-1914, died 11-4-1914. Age: Infant - Dau of George and Emaline (Amidon) Heath
HEATH, Emaline E. (Amidon). Spouse of George. Born 1894, died 1978
HEATH, Frank. Born 1856, died 1933 - Son of Nehemiah P. and Catherine Heath. (1860 Allegany, 1880 Ulysses Census)
HEATH, George C. Spouse of Emaline Amidon. Born 1886, died 1978
HEATH, Jane R. Spouse of W.A. Born 1866, died 1898
HEATH, Katherine. Spouse of Nehemiah P. Born 1821, died 1905 - (1860 Allegany, 1880 Ulysses Census)
HEATH, Larenzo Nehemiah. Born 1845, died 4-14-1916. Age: 72 - Son of Nehemiah P. and Catherine Heath. (1860 Allegany, 1880 Ulysses Census)
HEATH, William H. Born 1844, died aft 1890 - Son of Nehemiah P. and Catherine Heath. (1860 Allegany, 1880 Ulysses Census) - Civil War Vet, Co F, 210th PA Vols, Pvt
HOWE, Betsey A. (Washburn). Spouse of Ephriam E. Born 1833, died 1904 - [Mother]
HOWE, Ephriam Eri. Spouse of Betsey Washburn. Born 4-27-1835, died 10-4-1866 - [Father] Son of William and Mary (Reniff) Howe, born in NY. Wed 11-21-1857. - Civil War Vet, Co K, 149th PA Vols, Pvt.
HUNTINGTON, Arthur E. Born 1894, died 1946 - WW I Vet, PA BTRY E 19 Field Arty, Pvt
JONES, Bessie G. Born 1895, died 1951
JONES, Frank N. Born 4-14-1871, died 9-29-1913 - Murdered.
JONES, Fred N. Born 1892, died 1971
KELLOGG, Norma L. (Lewis). Spouse of ? McCullough/ ? Kellogg. Born 2-3-1930, died 9-19-2011. Age: 81 - Dau of Nieure and Edna (Marsh) Lewis, born in Little Genesee NY, 11 siblings. An artist and designer. Four children.
KIRKENDALL, Frank Lee. Born 1891, died 1925
KNICKERBOCKER, Darwin K. Spouse of Laura E. Born 1873, died 1950
KNICKERBOCKER, Jesse. Spouse of Mary J Mitterer. Born 1902, died 1923 - (1920 Ulysses Census)
KNICKERBOCKER, Laura E. Spouse of Darwin K. Born 1872, died 1946
KNICKERBOCKER, Mary J (Mitterer). Spouse of Jesse. Born 1902, died 1971 - Dau of Joseph and Lillian (Mastin) Mitterer. (1920 Ulysses Census)
MATTESON, Cora B. Spouse of William. Born 1862, died 1940
MATTESON, David. Spouse of Polly. Born 1804, died 1893
MATTESON, Harison. Born 1841, died 2-15-1868. Age: 27y 7m - Son of David and Polly Matteson
MATTESON, Polly. Spouse of David. Born 1811, died uncut
MATTESON, William. Spouse of Cora B. Born 1849, died 1933 - Son of David and Polly Matteson. (1880 Ulysses Census)
MAY, Armanda. Spouse of Thomas W. Born 1880, died 1946
MAY, Thomas W. Spouse of Amanda. Born 4-10-1913, died 6-9-1888 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec 5
MITTERER, Christopher E. Born 1-3-1959, died 3-14-2019. Age: 60 - Son of Marion E. and Phyllis J. (Lukach) Mitterer. Born in Coudersport PA, lived in Munderf PA, died in Brookville PA. A science teacher.
MITTERER, Elizabeth. Born 6-24-1907*, died 6-28-1907. Age: 4d
MITTERER, Joseph. Spouse of Lillian Mastin. Born 1871, died 1917
MITTERER, Lillian (Mastin). Spouse of Joseph. Born 1884, died 1961
MITTERER, Marion E. [Jack]. Born 8-4-1929, died 3-6-2020. Age: 90 - Son of Franklin E. and Dorothy May Mitterer. Born in Ulysses PA, lived and died in Coudersport PA. Worked at Ole Bull Park for 26 years. Wed 10-25-1953 in Clarton PA, 2 sons.
MITTERER, Marion E. [Jack]. Spouse of Phyllis J. Lukach. Born 8-14-1929, died 3-6-2020. Age: 90 - Son of Franklin E. and Dorothy May Mitterer. Born, lived, and died in Potter Co. Foreman at Ole Bull State Park. Wed 10-25-1953 in Slairton PA, two sons. (Spouse d. 9-18-2018)
MITTERER, Phyllis J. (Lukach). Spouse of Marion E. Born 5-31-1931, died 9-18-2018. Age: 87 - Dau of Andrew and Elizabeth (Marcin) Lukach. Born in Monongahela PA, lived in Coudersport PA, died in Sayre PA. Wed 10-25-1931 in Clairton PA, two sons. (Spouse survives)
MONROE, Eileen. Spouse of Lawrence. Born 1911, died 1983
MONROE, Ernest L. Born 3-1897, died 1979 - Son of Tullie C. and Rose M. Monroe. (1900 Sweden Census) - Uncategorized Vet
MONROE, Lawrence. Spouse of Eileen L. Born 2-1899, died 1983 - Son of Tullie C. and Rose M. Monroe. (1900 Sweden Census)
MONROE, Rose M. Spouse of Tullie C. Born 10-1863, died 1934 - (1900 Sweden Census)
MONROE, Tullie C. Spouse of Rose M. Born 1862, died 1949
RAY, Ruth (Erickson). Born 1932, died 1999 - [In Loving Memory of]
REYNOLDS, Henry T. Spouse of Margaret Wiederich. Born 1834, died 12-17-1901 - Son of Foster and Fannie (Potter) Reynolds. Born in Hebron PA, died in Ulysses PA. Four children. (1880 Ulysses Census) - Civil War Vet, Co K 149th PA Vols, 1st Lt.
REYNOLDS, Margaret (Wiederich). Spouse of Henry T. Born 1836, died *12-18-1914 - Dau of Jacob and Sally (Der) Wiederich. Four children. (1880 Ulysses Census)
REYNOLDS, William E. Born 1859, died 1905 - Son of Henry T. and Margaret (Wiederich) Reynolds. (1880 Ulysses Census)
RIPPLE, Dixie Lee (Stuckey). Spouse of William H. Ripple. Born 10-26-1941, died 4-13-2007 65 - Dau of Clifford S. Sr. and Kathryn [Kay] (Neff) Stuckey, b. Coudersport PA, d. Costello PA. Wed 11-21-1959 in Austin PA, 3 daughters.
SCOTT, Charlie. Spouse of Sarah Brown. Born 1849, died 8-2-1918. Age: 70 - (1880 Ulysses Census)
SCOTT, David. Born ??, died 6-31-????
SCOTT, Hattie. Born 1881, died 1897
SCOTT, Infant. Born ??, died 1-3-1861
SCOTT, James. Spouse of Lauretta. Born 1-22-1823, died 5-8-1896
SCOTT, Lauretta. Spouse of James. Born 11-4-1830, died uncut
SCOTT, Sarah (Brown). Spouse of Charlie. Born 1848, died 1-1-1917 - (1880 Ulysses Census)
SCOTT, Willie W. Born 4-16-1866, died 3-19-1883. Age: 17 y 11m 3d - Son of James and Lauretta Scott. (1880 Ulysses Census)
SEELY, Dorothy. Born 2-11-1929, died 9-9-1929
SEELY, Herbert J. Born 6-5-1923*, died 6-28-1923. Age: 23d
SEELY, Ira. Spouse of Katherine H. Born 7-24-1889, died 1-6-1970
SEELY, Katherin. Spouse of Ira. Born 9-6-1893, died 12-31-1977
SHAY, Michael. Born 1855*, died 9-19-1922. Age: 67
SHUTT, Alice (Ahearn). Spouse of Frank J. Born 1908, died 1950 - Eleven children
SHUTT, Frank J. Spouse of Alice Ahearn. Born 1907, died uncut - Eleven children
SMITH, Amanda. Born 1854, died 1925
SMITH, Bert. Spouse of Esther. Born 1876, died 19??
SMITH, Esther - R. Spouse of Bert. Born 1881, died 8-14-1919. Age: 34
SMITH, George. Born 1853, died 1835
SMITH, Jennie A. (Crandall). Spouse of John. Born 1854, died 1939 - Wed 10-13-1873
SMITH, John M. Spouse of Jennie A. Crandall. Born ??, died ?? - Wed 10-13-1873 - Civil War Vet, Co F 210th PA Vols, Pvt. Mustered out with company on May 30, 1865.
SMITH, Rose M. Born 1876, died uncut
STEWART, Frances. Born 12-1-1866, died 12-1-1942 - [Mother]
STEWART, Sylvanus. Born ??, died ?? - Civil War Vet, Co I 56th NY Inf
STIMAKER, Benjamin Lee. Born 9-14-1942, died 6-30-1996 - Son of Benny and Helen (Lucas) Stimaker
STIMAKER, Benny. Spouse of Helen Lucas. Born 1914, died 1984 - Wed 8-8-1938 in Monogahela PA
STIMAKER, Helen (Lucas). Spouse of Benny. Born 12-20-1918, died 7-18-2005. Age: 86 - Dau of Pete and Mary (Potersnak) Lucas. Born in Glassport PA, a homemaker. Wed 8-8-1938 in Monongahela PA, one son
STURDEVANT, Emma M. Spouse of Guy C. Sr. Born 1898, died 1985
STURDEVANT, Guy C Jr. Spouse of Ruth H. Born 11-23-1921, died uncut
STURDEVANT, Guy C. Sr. Spouse of Emma M. Born 10-1899, died 7-24-1967. Age: 67 - Son of Jesse and Rose Sturdevant. Born in Hebron twp. (1900 Hebron Census)
STURDEVANT, Ismailia. Born ??, died ?? - Services held 10-7-2005
STURDEVANT, Ruth H. Spouse of Guy C Jr. Born 8-2-1922, died uncut - Services held 10-7-2005
TOOMBS, Arthur. Spouse of Carol E Evans. Born 1907, died 11-27-1981 - Married 9-5-1956
TOOMBS, Carol E (Evans). Spouse of Arthur. Born 5-25-1916, died 11-24-2001. Age: 85 - Dau of Bert C. and Mable (Collin) Evans. Born Ulysses, PA
TURNER, Charles H. Spouse of Loretta Scott / Clara Mattison. Born 6-11-1851, died 6-20-1973
TURNER, Clara H (Mattison). Spouse of Charles H. Born 4-26-1869, died 10-25-1949 - [His Wife]
TURNER, Lillis Loretta (Scott). Spouse of Charles H. Born 10-9-1853, died 4-9-1916. Age: 62 - [His Wife]
VANGELDER, Adaline B. Born 1839, died 5-12-1918
VANGELDER, Milton - R. Born 1857, died 1968
WHITNEY, Elizabeth Bell. Born ??, died 9-7-1922 - Stillborn
WHITNEY, George W. Born ??, died 3-17-1920
WHITNEY, Lewis A. Spouse of Mary A. Born 1882, died 1969
WHITNEY, Lewis Jr. Born ??, died 1930
WHITNEY, Mary A. Spouse of Lewis A. Born 1897, died 1989
WILSON, Armenia D. Spouse of A.T. Born 5-??-1800, died 1915
WRIGHT, Margaret L. Spouse of Rollin E. Born 1914, died uncut
WRIGHT, Rollin E. Spouse of Margaret L. Born 1898, died 1969 - [Farewell Sweethearts]

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