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Photos by Frankie Stonemetz, 2009

Where noted, some entries have been expanded with cross-references to Sharon census data. To view the census data, open the census cited and search for a name.

?, Beulah. Born ??, died ??
ACKERMAN, Frederick P. H. Spouse of Rosena Crandall. Born 6-1849, died 1919 - Born in NY, a farmer. (1880 Ward, Allegany Co, NY Census, 1900 Sharon Census)
ACKERMAN, Mary Viola. Born 2-1875, died 1908 - Dau of Frederick and Rosena Ackerman. (1900 Sharon Census)
ACKERMAN, Rosena (Crandall). Spouse of Stephen Perry/ Frederick P. H. Born 12-20-1837, died 1911 - Dau of Dr. Asa and Roba (Johnson) Crandall, born in Allegany Co NY. Wed Stephen 12-20-1869. Wed Fred 1-25-1874 in Allegany Co NY. (1880 Ward, Allegany Co, NY Census, 1900 Sharon Census)
ADAMS, Barbara J. (Fetzer). Spouse of Bernard E. Born 3-21-1926, died 10-21-2020. Age: 94 - Dau of Raymond and Goldie (Croft) Fetzer. Born in Altoona PA, lived in Shinglehouse PA, died in Coudersport PA. Wed 7-18-1946 in Duncansville, five children. (Spouse survives)
ALLEN, Alice (Maxon). Spouse of John Howard. Born ??, died 4-13-2002 - Wed 9-1-1934 in Wellsville NY
ALLEN, John Howard. Spouse of Alice Maxon. Born 6-1-1915, died 9-19-2002. Age: 87 - Son of Earl and Hattie Allen
ANDREWS, Sybil B. Spouse of Hewitt. Born 1-18-1831, died 10-18-1906
APPELBY, Kenneth G. Spouse of Althea Jones. Born 8-5-1922, died 6-6-1987 - Son of Glenn and Mina (Hubbard) Appleby
BABCOCK, D. Born 1942, died 1942 - Son of Ralph D. and Eunice (Fuller) Babcock
BABCOCK, Emma L. Born ??, died ??
BABCOCK, Eunice (Fuller). Spouse of Ralph. Born 1941, died 1985 - Dau of Sidney and Iva (Rhodes) Fuller
BABCOCK, H. Born 1944, died 1947 - Son of Ralph D. and Eunice (Fuller) Babcock
BABCOCK, R. J. Born 1932, died 1933 - Son of Ralph D. and Eunice (Fuller) Babcock
BABCOCK, Ralph D. Spouse of Eunice Fuller. Born 12-12-1905, died 4-18-1987 - Son of William and Mabel (Blauvelt) Babcock
BAKER, (Infant Daughter). Born 9-1875, died 3-25-1877
BAKER, Flora E. Born 6-1865, died 7-7-1869 - Child of Simon and Harriett Baker
BAKER, John F. Born 1-1861, died 11-17-1868. Age: 1y 1m - Child of Simon and Harriett Baker
BAKER, Susan E. Born 9-25-1875, died 3-25-1877 - Child of Simon and Harriett Baker
BECKWITH, Adella P. (Stebbins). Spouse of Leonard. Born 3-27-1874, died 4-18-1969 - Dau of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Munger) Stebbins. (1900 Sharon Census)
BECKWITH, Edwin D. Spouse of Emily Lashua. Born 8-2-1924, died 1-28-1981 - Son of Wilder and Emily M. (Ford) Beckwith - WW II Vet
BECKWITH, Edwin G. Spouse of Louisa Putnam. Born 1833, died 4-26-1891 - GAR - Civil War Vet, Co. E 85th Regt. NY
BECKWITH, Emily E. Spouse of Edwin D. Born 3-21-1915, died 7-3-1990 - Dau of William B. and Emila A. (Zecha) Rudolf
BECKWITH, Emily M. (Ford). Spouse of Wilder. Born 2-17-1900, died 4-3-1988 - Dau of Daniel and Mathilda (Miller) Ford
BECKWITH, Joanne Adele (Wittek). Spouse of Jenneth E. Hellmann/ James M. Born 7-29-1932, died 12-9-2009 - Dau of Karl and Adelheid (Heimsoth) Wittek. Wed Kenneth on 3-30-1952. Wed James 2-3-1999.
BECKWITH, Leonard. Spouse of Adelia Stebbins. Born 3-28-1874, died 2-13-1943 - Son of Edwin G. and Louisa (Putman) Beckwith
BECKWITH, Louisa M. (Putnam). Spouse of Edwin G. Born 1843, died 12-19-1922 - Dau of John Putman
BECKWITH, Wilder E. Spouse of Emily M. Ford. Born 7-3-1898, died 5-29-1983 - Son of Leonard and Maude (Torrey) Beckwith
BECKWITH, William L. Spouse of Emily M. Briggs. Born 2-26-1941, died 4-23-1977 - Son of Wilder E. and Emily M. (Ford) Beckwith
BELDEN, George N. Born ??, died ?? - Handmade marker / No further data
BELLAMY, Beulah E. Born ??, died 1937 - Dau of Fred and Grace (Blauvelt) Bellamy
BELLAMY, Florence. Born 1914, died 1991
BELLAMY, Frank. Born 1900, died 1930
BELLAMY, Fred R. Spouse of Grace Blauvelt. Born 12-18-1897, died 3-16-1984 - Son of Samuel and Jessie (Rumohr) Bellamy
BELLAMY, Grace L. Spouse of Fred R. Born 1906, died 1973 - Dau of Harry and Susan (Wheeler) Blauvelt
BELLAMY, Jessie (Rumohr). Spouse of Samuel. Born 1877, died 1951
BELLAMY, Lyle I. Born 1901, died 1981
BELLAMY, Phyllis H. Born ??, died Jun-55
BELLAMY, Roland. Born 2-2-1964, died 2-4-1964
BELLAMY, Roland B. Born 10-21-1947, died 8-27-1955
BELLAMY, Samuel S. Spouse of Jessie Rumohr. Born 1870, died ??
BELLEISLE, Bonnie Ann. Born 1951, died 1951
BICKFORD, William. Born ??, died ?? - Civil War Vet, Co. D 148th Regt. Pa. Inf.
BLAKELY, Elizabeth (Smith). Spouse of Abraham. Born 10-1826, died 1914 - (1900 Sharon Census)
BLAKELY, Henry Fayette. Born 1-21-1893, died 2-17-1893 - Son of William H. and Josephine (Stebbins) Blakeley
BLAKELY, Josephine (Stebbins). Spouse of William H. Born 9-1871, died 1954 - (1900 Sharon Census)
BLAKELY, William H. Spouse of Josephine B. Stebbins. Born 8-1853, died 4-3-1929 - Son of Abraham and Elizabeth (Smith) Blakely. (1900 Sharon Census:1851)
BLANCHARD, E. T. Born ??, died ?? - GAR - Civil War Vet, 35th NY Inf.
BLANCHARD, Elisha. Born 1843, died 8-9-1868 - Son of Henry and Elizabeth J. (Sherwood) Blanchard - Civil War Vet, Co D, 85th NY Inf, Pvt. GAR
BLANCHARD, Stratton. Spouse of Elizabeth Lunn. Born 1845, died 1869 - Son of Henry and Elizabeth J. (Sherwood) Blanchard - Civil War Vet, Co D, 85th NY Inf, Pvt. GAR
BLAUVELT. Born 1953, died 1953 - [Infant Boy]
BLAUVELT. Born 1950, died 1950 - [Infant Girl]
BLAUVELT, Harry E. Spouse of Susan Wheeler. Born 12-18-1882, died 3-4-1976 - Son of Joseph and Luella (Losey) Blauvelt
BLAUVELT, Leslie L. [Les]. Spouse of Susan M. Frank. Born 8-10-1950, died 8-9-2012. Age: 61 - Son of Wayne E. and Maybelle (Cummings) Blauvelt Sr., born in Elmira NY, worked 29 years at Pitt Corning. Wed 7-1-1981 in Little Genesee, four dhildren. - Vietnam Vet
BLAUVELT, Maybel R. (Cummings). Spouse of Wayne E Sr. Born 1929, died 1991
BLAUVELT, Susan A. (Wheeler). Spouse of Harry E. Born 5-1886, died 1957 - Dau of Ezra and Clara (Russell) Wheeler. (1900 Sharon Census)
BLAUVELT, Susan M. (Frank). Spouse of Leslie L. Born 11-16-1961, died 10-24-2002. Age: 40 - Dau of Donald T. and JoAnn B. (Barth) Frank, an LPN. Born Erie, PA d. Bolivar, NY (heart attack). Wed 7-01-1981 in Little Genesee, NY
BLAUVELT, Tillie. Born 3-20-1887, died 3-27-1888 - Dau of Harry E. and Susan (Wheeler) Blauvelt
BLAUVELT, Wayne Jr. Born 1949, died 1966 - Son of Wayne E. and Maybelle (Cummings) Blauvelt Sr
BRABHAM, Charles L. Spouse of Idonia Margson. Born 1899, died 1963
BRABHAM, Charles L. Jr. Born 9-9-1940, died 1-18-1969 - Son of Charles L. and Idonia (Margson) Brabham. - Vietnam Vet, US Army - PFC
BRABHAM, Florence E. Born 1918, died 1958
BRABHAM, George L. Spouse of Anna S. Shepherd. Born 3-4-1932, died 11-29-2004. Age: 72 - Son of Charles L. and Idonia (Margson) Brabham, born in East Sharon. Wed 8-2-1958 in Bolivar NY - WW II Vet, US Army
BRABHAM, Idona N. (Margson). Spouse of Charles L. Born 1905, died 9-25-1935
BRABHAM, June. Born 2-14-1964, died 12-16-1964 - Dau of Josie Margeson
BRADFORD, Ida May. Born 12-11-1860, died 10-1-1873. Age: 12y 10m 20d - Dau of Andrew and Elizabeth (Pearce) Bradford
BRADFORD, Phebe D. Spouse of Loren. Born 1799, died 10-2-1873. Age: 75 - (1870 Sharon Census)
BRIDGE, Lynn M. Spouse of Nellie M. Trask. Born 1885, died 1961
BRIDGE, Nellie M. (Trask). Spouse of Lynn. Born 8-18-1889, died 6-6-1974 - Dau of Milton and Mina Trask
BRIDGE, Roa T. Born 1891, died 1924
BRIGGS, Ina (Stevens). Spouse of James E. Born 6-1894, died 1953 - Dau of Bell and Juna Stevens. (1900 Sharon Census)
BRIGGS, James E. Spouse of Ina Stevens. Born 1886, died 1963
BROOKS, Alfred B. Spouse of Mildred Plants. Born 1911, died 1975
BROOKS, Mildred (Plants). Spouse of Alfred. Born 8-28-1917, died 7-29-1984 - Dau of Edward and Lucy (Wheeler) Plants
BROOKS, Nancy Lee. Born 1939, died 1939 - Dau of Alfred and Mildred (Plants) Brooks
BROWN, Betty (Depew). Spouse of Robart. Born 1-8-1927, died 1-12-1980 - Dau of Sam and Cleo (Jones) Depew
BUMP, Christina (Easther. Spouse of Josiah. Born 1813, died 3-17-1895. Age: 84
BUMP, Harry W. Born 1889, died 1970
BUMP, John H. Spouse of Lida D. Newland. Born 2-18-1855, died aft 6-1900 - Son of Josiah and Christina (Easther) Bump. (1900 Sharon Census)
BUMP, Josiah. Spouse of Christina Easther. Born 6-5-1806, died 8-25-1882. Age: 56y 2m 15d
BUMP, Lidia Dell (Newland) [Della]. Spouse of John H. Born 1-14-1864, died 3-5-1921
BUMP, Ward H. Born 12-1888, died 1970 - Son of John and Lidia Dell (Newland) Bump
BURCH, Bonnie J. (Smith). Spouse of William. Born 1-5-1938, died 4-15-1993 - Adopted Dau of Deforest and Evelyn (Hosley) Smith
BURCH, William J. Spouse of Bonnie J. Smith. Born 12-25-1933, died ??
BURDICK, Mary (Smith). Born ??, died ??
BUTLER, Edward. Born 1849, died 1912
BYAM, Ruth E (Blauvelt). Spouse of Lawrence J. Born 9-12-1925, died 7-13-2004. Age: 88 - Dau of Harry and Susan (Wheeler) Blauvelt. Born Shinglehouse, PA d. Coudersport, PA. Wed 7-19-1943 in Andover, NY, 3 children
CALHOUN, Guy E. Spouse of Onalee B. James. Born 4-8-1910, died 7-29-1985 - Son of Fred and Mary (Helmick) Calhoun
CALHOUN, Onalee B. (James). Spouse of Guy E. Born 9-12-1916, died 10-6-1985 - Dau of Samuel J. and Ruth (Appley) James
CALKINS, John. Born 6-21-1967, died 10-26-1983 - Son of Richard and Carolyn (Olmstead) Calkins
CALKINS, Michael. Born 3-11-1966, died 10-26-1983 - Son of Richard and Carolyn (Olmstead) Calkins
CALLAHAN, Fannie C. (Hornsby). Spouse of Lewis. Born 1-7-1896, died 4-30-1985 - Dau of John and Ella (Norton) Hornsby. Wed 2 times
CALLAHAN, Lewis A. Spouse of Fannie Norton. Born 1889, died 6-19-1942
CASTERLINE, Clarence M. Born 10-29-1856, died 4-24-18979 - Son of Cyrus and Lois (Bordick) Casterline
CHAPMAN, Vivian L. Born 1-23-1915, died 3-20-1975
CLARK, Jennie. Born 12-6-1853, died 9-22-1942
CLARK, Manley. Spouse of Sarah J. Born 2-11-1851, died 3-9-1919
CLARK, Pearl (Woodlark). Spouse of William. Born 1884, died 1946 - Dau of Charles and Cora (Wells) Woodkirk
CLARK, Sarah J. Spouse of Manley. Born 2-11-1853, died 9-22-1942
CLARK, William. Spouse of Pearl Woodkirk. Born 1882, died 1947 - Duke
CLICK, Mabel. Born ??, died ??. Age: 17d - Dau of Andrew and Martha J. Click
CLICK, Martha J. Spouse of Andrew Click. Born ??, died ??
COATS, Darwin *. Born 1872, died 1940
COATS, Delores (Shaw). Spouse of Quentin I. Born 10-26-1930, died 3-28-1983 - Dau of Wesley and Mildred (Cunninghan) Shaw.
COATS, Donna (Brenneman). Spouse of Gary. Born 6-12-1948, died 10-13-2003 - Dau of Lawrence Vallimont and Catherine Brenneman
COATS, George D. Spouse of Grace Ingley. Born 1872, died 1940 - Son of William Wallace and Emma Louise (Kenyon) Coats
COATS, Grace (Ingley)*. Spouse of George D. Born 1870, died 1949 - Dau of Jerry and Mary Ingley
COATS, Quentin Ingley. Spouse of #1 Roberta Hibbard, #2 Viola Smith, #3 Delores Patterson,#4 Patty Cheman. Born 2-6-1930, died 8-23-1996 - Son of Wade I. and Vera L. (Gorton) Coats.
COLE, George W. Born 11-29-1934, died ??
COLE, James H. Spouse of Veronica M. Gustin. Born 5-10-1937, died 9-17-2000. Age: 63 - Son of Howard B. and Flora M. (Ferrington) Cole. Born Olean, NY, d. Cleveland, OH. Wed #1 8-01-1959 in Obi, NY (She d. 7-07-1986) Wed #2 Edith M. [Tookie] Carlin on 12-19-1987 in Alfred, NY. - Cold War Vet, US Air Force 1955-57
COLE, Janet R. Born 6-20-1946, died ??
COLE, Veronica M. (Gustin). Spouse of James. Born 12-25-1936, died 7-7-1986 - Dau of Mark and Rebecca (Dunshie) Gustin
CONE, Marie M. Born 1896, died 1918
CORNELIUS, Cynthia (Trask). Born 11-27-1879, died 1-10-1961
CRAWFORD, Alice. Born 1853, died aft 1870 - Dau of Lot and Aurelia (Sherman) Crawford (1870 Sharon Census)
CRAWFORD, Aurelia (Sherman). Spouse of Lott. Born 4-1834, died 1916 - Dau of Rev. George W. and Artemisa (Mix) Sherman. (1900 Sharon Census)
CRAWFORD, Lott. Spouse of Aurelia Sherman. Born 1820, died 1864 - Civil War Vet, Co B 184th Regt PA Inf
CRONK, Charles Eugene. Spouse of Norma Coats. Born 7-18-1908, died 6-12-1986 - Son of Amos and Minnie V. (Wyvel) Cronk - WW II Vet
CUMMINGS, Clark M. Spouse of Genevieve Ingley. Born 1910, died 3-7-1977 - Son of George and Cecelia (Richardson) Cummings
CUMMINGS, Genevieve (Ingley). Spouse of Clark. Born 11-25-1907, died 7-17-1986 - Dau of Will and Anna (Sherman) Ingley
DEAN, Alta. Spouse of Merlin B. Sr. Born 5-25-1927, died 6-20-1981
DEAN, Harold. Born 12-4-1965, died 5-3-1967 - Son of Merlin and Alta Dean
DEAN, Merlin B. Sr. Spouse of Alta. Born 3-15-1926, died 4-14-2000 - Son of Meldon C. and Hannah A. (Lewis) Dean - WW II Vet, US Army
DEAN, Merlin B., Jr. Born 11-10-1953, died 2-7-1967 - Son of Merlin and Alta Dean
DENSMORE, Forest. Born 6-30-1941, died 7-1-1941
DENSMORE, Lyman Deforest. Born 1932, died 1934
DENSMORE, Raymond Eugene Jr. Born 1946, died 1947
DENSMORE, Roberta Alene. Born 1927, died 1929
DEPEW, Samuel V. Spouse of Cleo Jones. Born 1-19-1900, died 5-15-1974 - Son of Melvin and Geneveive (Mosley) Depew
DEREMER, Abram. Spouse of Caroline Richey. Born 1821, died 2-13-1892. Age: 71
DEREMER, Adelbert [Delbert]. Spouse of Eva Best. Born 1850, died 1897 - Son of Abram and Caroline (Richey) Deremer
DEREMER, Alice (Healey). Spouse of Daniel. Born 1857, died 1929 - Dau of Lewis S. and Charlotte (Fuller) Healy.
DEREMER, Bessie. Born 7-1890, died aft 6-1900 - Dau of Adelbert and Eva (Best) Deremer. (1900 Sharon Census)
DEREMER, Caroline (Richey). Spouse of Abram. Born 11-1823, died 9-19-1905. Age: 82 - (1900 Sharon Census: 1821)
DEREMER, Daniel N. Spouse of Alice Healey. Born 7-1856, died 1909 - (1900 Sharon Census)
DEREMER, Elsie R. Spouse of Norman. Born 11-1881, died 1948 - (1900 Sharon Census)
DEREMER, Eva (Best). Spouse of Adelbert. Born 4-1857, died 1925 - (1900 Sharon Census: 1857)
DEREMER, Oliver H. Born 1846, died 1880
DEREMER, Raymond O. Born 11-21-1888, died 8-16-1948 - Son of Adelbert and Eva (Best) Deremer. - WW I Vet, 305th AM Inf 80th Div, Cpl
DEREMER, Rose L. Spouse of Oliver. Born 12-1846, died 1914 - (1900 Sharon Census)
DEREMER, Roy S. Spouse of Jessie Miller. Born 5-6-1890, died 5-16-1920 - Son of Daniel and Alice (Healey) Deremer
DICKERSON, Amy Mae (Wheeler). Spouse of Fred. Born 7-30-1873, died 3-17-1941 - Dau of Ezra and Clarissa (Russell) Wheeler. Wed 2 times
DICKERSON, Faye E. ( Dunshie ). Spouse of Leo. Born 5-28-1917, died 9-30-1988 - Dau of Elry E. and Ava C. (Woodkirk) Dunshie
DICKERSON, Fred C. Spouse of Amy Mae Wheeler. Born 1865, died 1942
DICKERSON, Leo E. Spouse of Faye E. Dunshie. Born 5-26-1916, died 1-25-1993 - Son of Mark and Ruth (Sprester) Dickerson
DICKERSON, Mark A. [Mickey]. Spouse of Reba M. Clark. Born 9-12-1931, died 4-24-2013. Age: 81 - Son of Mark and Ruth (Sprester) Dickerson. Born in Boliver NY, retired custodian for Oswayo Valley schools. Wed 3-22-1952 in Shinglehouse, 3 daughters
DICKERSON, Mark E. Spouse of Ruth Sprester. Born 8-11-1894, died 3-23-1974 - Son of George and Addie (Johnson) Dickerson
DICKERSON, Reba M. (Clark). Spouse of Mark A. [Mickey]. Born 2-21-1937, died 5-7-2018. Age: 81 - Dau of Lewis and Vesta (Webster) Clark. Born in Wilmington DE, lived in Shingleouse PA, died in Coudersport PA. Worked 23 years at Norton's Building Supply. Wed 3-22-1952 in Shinglehouse, three daughters.
DICKERSON, Ruth E. (Sprester). Spouse of Mark E. Born 5-10-1897, died 10-21-1971 - Dau of John and Myrtle Sprester
DOLBERG, Annie. Born 1873*, died 4-17-1897. Age: 24 - Typhoid - paralysis, 5 days
DOLBERG, Newman. Born ??, died 1-1-1894 - Son of Charles and Anna Dolberg. Born in Bradford County, PA
DORSET, Leppa. Born 1813, died 1902
DORSET, Sophia. Born 1813, died 1902
DRAKE, Denver D. Spouse of Sue Ann Bucher. Born 1941, died ?? - Son of Leon and Elizabeth (Burrows) Drake
DRAKE, Dudley L. Born 2-7-1932, died 2-14-1932 - Son of Lester and Hortense (Trask) Drake
DRAKE, Elic Lynn. Spouse of Florine Butler. Born 1912, died 1989 - Son of Glen and Flossie (Carpenter) Drake
DRAKE, Elizabeth (Burrows). Spouse of Leon. Born 1915, died ??
DRAKE, Hortense (Trask). Spouse of Lester. Born 10-9-1911, died 12-7-1932 - Dau of Clark and Ruth (Ness) Trask
DRAKE, Leon L. Spouse of Elizabeth Burrows. Born 4-23-1913, died 11-16-1966 - Son of Hal L. and Nettie L. (Cowles) Drake
DUNSHIE, Ava C. (Woodkirk). Spouse of Elry. Born 7-1-1894, died 6-3-1974 - Dau of Charles and Cora (Wells) Woodkirk
DUNSHIE, Elry F. Spouse of Ava Woodkirk. Born 4-1-1891, died 3-8-1947 - Son of Frank and Nellie K (Kemp) Dunshie
DUNSHIE, Gerald. Spouse of Betty Dennis. Born 2-17-1930, died 8-19-1992 - Son of Elry and Ava (Woodkirk) Dunshie
EDGETT, Emery. Spouse of Emma. Born 1860, died 1920 - [Father]
EDGETT, Emma. Spouse of Emery. Born 1863, died 1943 - [Mother]
EDGETT, Floyd W. Born 11-11-1890, died 6-3-1953 - Son of Emery and Emma Edgett. - WW I Vet, Bat E 14th Field Arty, Sgt
EDWARDS, Gary. Born 1942, died 1957 - Son of Herman H. and Virginia (Dickerson) Edwards
EDWARDS, Harley. Born 1940, died 1941 - Son of Herman H. and Virginia (Dickerson) Edwards
EDWARDS, Herman. Born 1941, died 1941 - Son of Herman H. and Virginia (Dickerson) Edwards
EDWARDS, Herman H. Spouse of Virginia Dickerson. Born 5-16-1918, died 5-11-2006. Age: 87 - Son of Alvah and Mayne Edwards. Married for 69 years.
EDWARDS, Virginia (Dickerson). Spouse of Herman H. Born 1920, died 1-10-2011 - Dau of Fred and Amy (Wheeler) Dickerson
ERWIN, Fred L. Spouse of Louisa Hendry/ Rose James. Born 1909, died ?? - Wed 2 times
ERWIN, Gerald F. Born 1-13-1938, died 8-30-1938 - Son of Fred and Louisa (Hendryx) Erwin
ERWIN, Louisa M. (Hendry)x. Spouse of Fred L. Born 11-3-1910, died 1-15-1938 - Dau of Arthur and Mae (Sherwood) Hendryx
ERWIN, Rose E. (James.). Spouse of Fred L. Born 4-26-1913, died 3-14-1988 - Dau of Clarence and Mabel (Terwilliger) James. Second Wife
FORD, Arthur. Spouse of Harriet J. Hudson. Born 1911, died 2-9-1996 - Son of Daniel and Mathilda (Miller) Ford
FORD, Harriet J. (Hudson) [Hattie]. Spouse of Arthur. Born 10-15-1911, died 3-11-2007. Age: 95 - Dau of Edward and Marie Hudson. Born in Camden, NJ. m. 6-7-1933
FRANK, Etta E. Born 1892, died 1943
FREEBORN, Charlotte (Wells). Spouse of Daniel. Born 12-22-1820, died 2-21-1895
FREEBORN, Daniel. Spouse of Charlotte Wells. Born 1809, died 4-8-1884. Age: 75y 5m
FULLER, Darlene S. Born 1965, died 1965 - Prob dau of Bert and Louise C. (Manning) Fuller
FULLER, Iva M. (Rhodes). Spouse of Sydney. Born 10-1894, died 1930 - Dau of Wellman and Josie (Wheeler) Rhodes. (1900 Sharon Census)
FULLER, Sidney J. Born 1921, died 1992
GLICK, George Andrew. Born 2-1879, died 2-1879 - Stillborn son of Andrew and Martha J. (Prince) Glick. Lived 2 days after mother died in childbirth
GLICK, Mabel D. Born 1-11-1876, died 5-1880 - Dau of Andrew and Martha J. (Prince) Glick
GLICK, Martha J. (Prince). Spouse of Andrew. Born 3-1847, died 2-1879 - Dau of George and Phoebe (Burbank) Prince. Born in Bradford Co PA, died in Potter Co PA. Died in childbirth
GOOD, Richard J. Spouse of Anna Kautz. Born 3-06-1936, died 5-24-2000. Age: 64 - Son of Joseph and Margaret (Foote) Good. Born Austin, PA, d. Millersburg,OH. Wed 9-20-1958 in Shinglehouse, PA. Owner/operator of Glenn and Dick's Automotive Machine Shop in Olean, NY from 1967-99,
GRAY, L.E. Born 1844, died 1896 - GAR - Civil War Vet, Co F 15th Regt NY Vol
GRAY, William. Spouse of Mary Nelson. Born 7-21-1818, died 8-8-1881
GREEN, Chester D. Spouse of Hazel Bump. Born 4-7-1892, died 1-27-1987 - Son of Orville and Cynthia (Kemp) Green
GREEN, David D. Born 4-26-1967, died 3-26-1988 - Son of Clyde and Polly Green
GREEN, Della Marie. Born 1935, died 1935 - Dau of Chester D. and Hazel (Bump) Green
GREEN, Hazel (Bump). Spouse of Chester. Born 1898, died 7-9-1962 - Dau of John and Della Bump
GREFFITH, Elizabeth A. Born 9-21-1860, died 9-8-1881 - Dau of Isaac and Marion (Chevalier) Greffith
GREFFITH, George H. Born 2-16-1862, died 10-18-1881 - Son of Isaac and Marion (Chevalier) Greffith
GREFFITH, Isaac H. Spouse of Marion Chevalier. Born 11-30-1830, died 11-20-1863 - Civil War Vet
GREFFITH, Marion H. (Chevalier). Spouse of Isaac. Born 2-25-1834, died 3-15-1879
GROSS, Jane (Alexander). Spouse of Nathan. Born 7-1842, died 1932 - (1900 Sharon Census)
GROSS, Lora. Born 3-23-1876, died 12-17-1879. Age: 2y 8m 24d - Dau of Nathan and Jane (Alexander) Gross
GROSS, Nathan. Spouse of Jane Alexander. Born 7-18-1832, died 1906 - Son of John C. and Elizabeth (Aldridge) Gross
GROSS, Nora I. (Confer). Spouse of Alton. Born 1882, died 2-1-1939 - Dau of John Confer
GROSS, Richard A. Spouse of Grace Brown. Born 7-26-1912, died 1-30-1993 - Son of Alton and Nora (Confer) Gross
GROSS, Richard R. Spouse of Rita Deckman [#2?]. Born 5-22-1935, died 7-09-2004 - Son of Richard A. and Grace J. (Brown) Gross. Born Shinglehouse, PA d. Eldred, PA. Wed Rita 7-02-1988 in Portville, NY
GUSTIN, Mark L. Spouse of Rebecca Dunshie. Born 4-1-1911, died 5-17-1992 - Son of Don L. and Emma M. (Blauvlet) Gustin
GUSTIN, Rebecca N. (Dunshie). Spouse of Mark L. Born 2-28-1913, died 3-28-1991 - Dau of Elry and Ava (Woodkick) Dunshie
HANKS. Born ??, died ?? - Big stone, no dates
HANKS, Andrus P. Spouse of Ola White/Etta Swimmer. Born 8-18-1877, died 8-16-1950 - Son of Enoch and Hannah (Elliott) Hanks. Wed 2 times
HANKS, Lena B. Born 1897, died 1900 - "Dau of Andrus P. and Ola (White) Hanks, Died after 6-5. (1900 Sharon Census)
HANKS, Ola M. (White). Spouse of Andrus. Born 3-2-1880, died 9-10-1927 - Dau of Samuel and Maryetta (Jones) White
HANKS, Wilson P. Born 1914, died 1917 - Son of Andrus P. and Ola (White) Hanks
HANSON, Harry. Born 11-23-1911, died 2-18-1977 - Son of Jesse J. and Mary (Presher) Hanson
HANSON, Jesse J. Spouse of Mary J. Presher. Born 3-5-1888, died 7-24-1960
HANSON, Mary J. (Presher). Spouse of Jesse. Born 12-27-1885, died 10-6-1949 - Dau of Horace and Emma (Russell) Presher
HARMON, Loran. Born 5-26-1891, died 1-23-1929
HARVEY, Alan Wayne. Born 6-16-1950, died 12-1-1979 - Vietnam Vet
HAWKES, (Infant Boy). Born 1951, died 1951
HAYES, Thomas R. Born 5-9-1975, died ??
HEATH, James. Spouse of Zella Smith. Born 7-12-1891, died 10-31-1967
HEATH, Zella (Smith). Spouse of James. Born 11-9-1893, died 7-8-1987 - Dau of George and Malinda (Harmon) Smith
HELLMAN, Kenneth E. Born 3-26-1932, died 9-8-1987
HENDRYX, Arthur F. Spouse of Mae Sherwood. Born 1880, died 12-16-1938 - Son of Charles and Louisa (Henyon) Hendryx
HENDRYX, David. Spouse of Faustina Miller. Born 3-30-1903, died 1-1-1988 - Son of Arthur and Mae (Sherwood) Hendryx
HENDRYX, Frank M. Spouse of Roba Crandall. Born 1861, died 3-3-1915 - Survived by wife and 5 children.
HENDRYX, Mae (Sherwood). Spouse of Arthur. Born 5-1881, died 1965 - Dau of William and Thusa (Russell) Sherwood. (1900 Sharon Census)
HENDRYX, Roba Olena (Crandall). Spouse of Frank. Born 1871, died 4-18-1928
HENYON, David. Spouse of Elizabeth Chevalier. Born 2-17-1829, died 6-16-1886 - GAR - Civil War Vet
HENYON, George. Spouse of Mary Smith/Thusa Russell/?. Born 6-18-1856, died 5-26-1942 - Son of David and Elizabeth (Chevalier) Henyon. Wed 3 times
HOBER, Eliza (Smith). Spouse of Jacob. Born 1813, died 1893
HOBER, Jacob. Spouse of Eliza Smith. Born 1813, died 1897
HOBER, Marion. Born 1835, died ??
HOBER, Rosetta. Born 1858, died 1907
HORNSBY, Ella A. Spouse of John J. Born 1867, died 1945
HORNSBY, John J. Spouse of Ella A. Born 1867, died 1939
HULL, Seth C. Born 3-31-1962, died ??
HUNSINGER, Cyrus C. Spouse of Doris Wilson. Born 1898, died 1965 - WW II Vet
HUNSINGER, Doris (Wilson). Spouse of Cyrus. Born 1913, died 1963 - Dau of Fred and Nettie (Day) Wilson. Wed 2 times
INGLEY. Born 3-4-1900*, died 3-7-1900. Age: 3d - Infant son
INGLEY, Anna O. (Sherman). Spouse of Willett B. Born 7-1-1875, died 11-9-1960 - Dau of Orson and Azuba Sherman
INGLEY, Jeramie E. [Jerry]. Spouse of Mary A. Smith. Born 4-12-1841, died 9-12-1930 - Son of Jeremie and Polly (Young) Ingley Sr. - Civil War Vet, 141st NYS Vol.
INGLEY, Mary A. (Smith). Spouse of Jeramie [Jerry]. Born 12-15-1845, died 2-11-1929 - Dau of Willet and Betsy (Barnes) Smith
INGLEY, Norman W. Born 3-26-1869, died 4-12-1869 - Son of Jerry and Mary A. (Smith) Ingley
INGLEY, Willett B. Spouse of Anna Sherman. Born 1874, died 1954 - Son of Jerry and Mary A. (Smith) Ingley
JACKSON, Agnes (Yott). Spouse of Frank. Born 10-13-1876, died 6-6-1960 - Dau of John and Marie Yott
JACKSON, Clarence. Spouse of Vivian Cobb. Born 5-7-1907, died 12-24-1988 - Son of Rev. Frank and Agnes (Yott) Jackson. Six children
JACKSON, Donald L. [D J]. Spouse of Liz. Born 9-13-1933, died 5-23-2006. Age: 72 - Son of Clarence and Vivian (Cobb) Jackson. He built log homes. Divorced from Liz. - Korean War Vet, US Army
JACKSON, Frank, Rev. Spouse of Agnes Yott. Born 1873, died 1958
JACKSON, Paul. Spouse of Winifred Kemp. Born 2-9-1905, died 11-7-1967 - Son of Rev. Frank and Agnes (Yott ) Jackson
JACKSON, Ruth Onalee (Wood) Mitchell. Spouse of Lloyd Mitchell/ ? Jackson. Born ??, died ??
JACKSON, Vivian (Cobb). Spouse of Clarence. Born 1914, died ?? - Six children
JACKSON, Winifred K. Spouse of Paul. Born 2-26-1904, died 8-9-1954 - Dau of Fred W. and Laura (Wheeler) Kemp
JACOBS, Belle. Born ??, died ??
JACOBS, Charles B. Spouse of Florence I. Stevens. Born 6-3-1858, died 4-16-1947 - Son of Andrew and Louisa (Reynolds) Jacobs
JACOBS, Florence Ina (Stevens). Spouse of Charles. Born 5-1864, died 1928 - (1900 Sharon Census)
JAMES. Born 1872, died 2-1872. Age: 15d - Dau of Thomas and Mary James.
JAMES, Chester Monroe. Spouse of Rose Smith/ Josephine White. Born 9-17-1857, died 11-29-1915 - Son of Thomas and Ruth James. Wed Rose 10-20-1880 in Eldred PA, 3 children. Wed 11-30-1890 in Ceres PA, 7 children.(1900 Sharon Census)
JAMES, Deforest. Born 1925, died 1-9-1936 - Son of Samuel and Ruth (Appleby) James
JAMES, Donald. Born ??, died ??
JAMES, Geneva (James). Born ??, died 6-4-1878. Age: 12y - Dau of Thomas and Mary James
JAMES, Josephine (White). Spouse of Chester James. Born 9-22-1869, died 3-16-1957 - Dau of Samuel and Maryetta (Jones) White. Wed Chester 11-30-1890 in Ceres PA, five children with Chester, also one son surnamed White. (1900 Sharon Census: Wed 9 yrs with an 11-year-old son.)
JAMES, Lawrence. Born 1905, died 1975 - Son of Chester and Josephine (White) James. Never married.
JAMES, Leo T. Spouse of Jean. Born 11-28-1943, died 6-26-2005. Age: 80 - Son of Leonard and Mildred (Trask) James
JAMES, Leonard T. *. Spouse of Mildred Trask. Born 2-17-1902, died 6-25-1980 - Son of Chester and Josephine (White) James
JAMES, Louise (Munger). Spouse of Orlo F. Born 1889, died 1938
JAMES, Mary E. Born 1-1860, died 8-31-1870. Age: 10y 8m - Dau of Thomas and Ruth James
JAMES, Mildred (Trask) *. Spouse of Leonard. Born 12-1898, died 1990 - Dau of George L. and Aurilla Trask
JAMES, Orlo. Spouse of Louise Munger. Born 5-1881, died 1957 - Son of Chester and Rose (Smith) James. (1900 Sharon Census)
JAMES, Raymond Leroy. Born 1940, died 1947
JAMES, Robert L. Born 6-26-2004, died 4-27-1986 - Dates are impossible. May be reversed.
JAMES, Robert Leroy. Born 2-9-1920, died 10-27-1963 - WW II Vet, Co B, 2831st Eng., Pfc. Africa Sicily, Italy
JAMES, Ruth L. (Appleby). Spouse of Samuel. Born 7-21-1895, died 2-3-1972 - Dau of Layton and Alice (Wolcott) Appleby
JAMES, Samuel J. Spouse of Ruth Appleby. Born 10-1891, died 1964 - Son of Chester and Josephine (White) James. (1900 Sharon Census)
JAMES, Thomas. Spouse of Ruth. Born 2-20-1831*, died 1-21-1886. Age: 54y 10m 29d - Born in VT. (1870 Sharon Census) GAR - Civil War Vet, Co E 147th Regt NY Inf
JOHNSON, Bertdell. Born 1954, died 1983
JONES, Arad. Born 1833*, died 1857. Age: 24
JONES, David. Born 2-17-1833, died 6-22-1857 - Son of Joseph Jr. and Mary (Preston) Jones
JONES, John. Born 1-18-1849, died 8-3-1859. Age: 10y 5m 16d - Son of Joseph and Matilda Jones
JONES, Lela (Mosley). Spouse of Victor. Born 1902, died 1970
JONES, Mary L. (McNamire). Spouse of Samuel. Born 7-1843, died 1913 - Dau of David and Sarah (Stanley) McNamire. (1900 Sharon Census)
JONES, Nehemeah. Born 12-1836, died 8-3-1854. Age: 17y 5m - Son of Joseph Jr. and Mary (Preston) Jones
JONES, Samuel. Spouse of Mary L. McNamire. Born 1827, died 3-1907 - Son of Robert and Anna (Preston) Jones. GAR - Civil War Vet, Co F 210th Regt PA Inf
JONES, Victor N. Spouse of Lela Mosley. Born 1-22-1901, died 1-11-1977 - Son of Lavern and Lois (Mosley) Jones
JORDAN, Anna. Spouse of John N. Born 1854, died 1926
JORDAN, Donna Lee. Born 1858, died ??
JORDAN, Marjorie E. Born 1935, died 1991
KEATOR, Ida R. (James). Born 1918, died 1988
KELLY, Nathan. Spouse of Sarah. Born 1799, died 1874 - Born in NY. (1850 Sharon Census)
KELLY, Sarah. Spouse of Nathan. Born 1796, died 1872 - Born in NH. (1850 Sharon Census)
KELLY, William W. Born 1833, died 1908 - Son of Nathan and Sarah Kelly
KEMP, Ella V. Born 10-25-1892, died 10-26-1892. Age: 1d - Dau of Frank and Amy (Wheeler) Kemp
KEMP, Elmer L. Born 10-13-1894, died 11-21-1967 - Son of Nelson and Lora (Hitchcock) Kemp. Never married. - WW I Vet, Co C 162nd Inf, Pvt
KEMP, Franklin E. Born 1869, died 1910
KEMP, Fred W. Spouse of Laura Wheeler. Born 12-8-1871, died 11-29-1952 - Son of William and Melissa (Thurston) Kemp
KEMP, John. Born 7-30-1904, died 11-27-1940 - Son of Frank and Amy (Wheeler) Kemp
KEMP, Laura M. (Wheeler). Spouse of Fred W. Born 6-26-1873, died 2-16-1953 - Dau of Ezra and Clarissa (Russell) Wheeler
KEMP, Lina. Born 1908, died 9-23-1930 - Dau of Nelson and Lora (Hitchcock) Kemp
KEMP, Lora M. (Hitchcock). Spouse of Nelson. Born 10-1873, died 1952 - Dau of Willard and Sarah (Heath) Hitchcock. (1900 Sharon Census)
KEMP, Nelson S. Spouse of Lora M. Hitchcock. Born 10-15-1860, died 2-6-1950 - Son of W. E. and Eunice (Baker) Kemp
KESTER, George D. Spouse of Theo J. Born 1892, died 1935
KESTER, Theo J. Spouse of George D. Born 11-1895, died 1950 - Dau of Arthur L. and Cora W. McNeil. (1900 Oswayo Census: McNeal)
KIBBE, Mary Jane (Lunn) *. Spouse of Pobe. Born 3-11-1855, died 1877 - Dau of Calvin and Almina J. (Sherwood) Lunn
KINNEY, Levi H. Spouse of Mary Tyler. Born 7-27-1819, died aft 1895 - Son of Baranbas and Naamah (Holcomb) Kinney. Born in Steuben Co NY. - Civil War Vet, Co D, 58th NY Vols, Capt. Raised this company and served as their Captain for three years until discharged.
KLINGER, Doris H. ( Presher). Spouse of Roy M. Born 9-5-1912, died 6-20-2003. Age: 90 - Dau of Herbert H. and Dollie M. (Lunn) Presher. Wed 8-3-2929 in Olean, 2 daughters.
KLINGER, Roy Milton [Shorty]. Spouse of Doris M. Presher. Born 11-19-1906, died 9-10-1990 - Son of Milton and Sarah E. (Schwahm) Klinger. Wed 8-3-2929 in Olean, 2 daughters. - WW II Vet
KNIGHT, Abraham D. Spouse of Eva B. Sherman. Born 1859, died 1945
KNIGHT, Eva B. (Sherman). Spouse of Abraham D. Born 1867, died 1930 - Dau of Orson and Azuba Sherman
KNIGHT, Gerald [Jerry]. Spouse of Rose F. Born ??, died 7-31-2001 - Wed 1934
KNIGHT, Leoora A. Born 1-10-1909, died 2-8-1909 - Dau of Abraham D. and Eva Knight
KNIGHT, Rose F. Spouse of Gerald. Born 9-1-1913, died 7-12-2006. Age: 92 - b. Emporium PA. Wed 1934. Cremated
LUNN, Almina J.( Sherwood)*. Spouse of Calvin. Born 1824, died 1889 - Dau of Stratton and Barbara (Bernard) Sherwood (1870 Sharon Census)
LUNN, Calvin*. Spouse of Almina Sherwood. Born 1819, died 2-6-1898 - (1870 Sharon Census) Alvina buried in Maple Grove Old Cemetery.
LUNN, Jessie C.*. Born 1850, died 1864 - Dau of Calvin and Almina J.(Sherwood) Lunn. (1870 Sharon Census)
LUNN, Onia Bertha. Born 1-1872, died 9-20-1876. Age: 1y 6m
LUNN, Rachel Maria*. Born 1847, died 1865 - Dau of Calvin and Almina J.(Sherwood) Lunn. (1870 Sharon Census)
LYON, Nettie. Spouse of H. W. Born 9-4-1849, died 7-14-1870. Age: 20y 10m 10d
MACQUARRIE, ?. Born 1970, died 1970 - Infant Boy
MAJOT, Marcia E. (Phillips). Born 10-26-1945, died 11-26-2015. Age: 70 - Dau of Donald F. and LeOtta (Prince) Phillips, born in Coudersport PA, died in Shinglehouse PA. One son
MANNING, Terry Lee. Born 1962, died 1968 - Son of Louise C. Manning
MAXSON, Edna L. (James). Born 3-16-1922, died 3-19-1986 - Dau of Orlo and Louise (Munger) James
MAXSON, James T. Spouse of Mary James. Born 1892, died 2-18-1930 - Son of Fred and Florence (Lockwood) Maxson
MAXSON, Mary J. (James). Spouse of James. Born 10-13-1895, died 1972 - Dau of Chester and Josephine (White) James
MCNAMIRE, David. Spouse of Sarah. Born 1816, died 2-20-1896. Age: 80 - GAR - Civil War Vet, Co G 53rd Regt, Pvt
MCNAMIRE, Sullivan D. Born 4-18-1854, died 3-28-1882. Age: 28y 11m 20d - Son of David and Sarah (Stanley) McNamire
MCNEIL, Arthur L. Spouse of Cora. Born 11-1870, died 1962 - Son of Oscar and Orrilla McNeil. (1900 Oswayo Census: McNeal)
MCNEIL, Clyde G. Born 3-22-1897, died 10-16-1916 - Son of Arthur L. and Cora McNeil
MCNEIL, Cora W. Spouse of Arthur L. Born 1-1875, died 1953 - (1900 Oswayo Census)
MCNEIL, Lydia. Spouse of Myron. Born 1880, died 19?? - (1920 Sharon Census)
MCNEIL, Myron. Spouse of Lydia. Born 1877, died aft 1920 - Son of Oscar and Orrilla McNeil (1920 Sharon Census)
MCNEIL, Orrilla A. Spouse of Oscar. Born 1851, died 1920
MCNEIL, Oscar. Spouse of Rillie A. Sweet. Born 1846, died 1928
MCNEIL, Rillie A. (Sweet) [Orilla]. Spouse of Oscar. Born 1851, died 1920
MERTSOCK, Kay M. (Wheaton). Spouse of Larry A. Born ??, died aft 8-2003 - Wed in 1947, three children.
MERTSOCK, Larry A. Spouse of Kay H. Wheaton. Born 2-16-1938, died 8-25-2003 - Son of Adam L. and Leatha (Watson) Mertsock, born in Blossburg PA. Wed in 1947, three children. - Cold War Vet, US Marine Corps, Sgt
MESLER, Alta (James). Spouse of Francis. Born 1-1-1919, died 9-22-1983 - Dau of Samuel and Ruth (Appleby) James
MESLER, Ann. Born 2-2-1964, died 2-4-1964 - Infant Daughter
MESLER, David P. [Dingy]. Born 1-30-1971, died 5-20-2007. Age: 36 - Son of Samuel F. and Wilma E. (Jordan) Mesler
MESLER, Denton W. Spouse of Roberta Cornelius. Born 2-22-1936, died 1986 - Son of Francis and Alta (James) Mesler
MESLER, Francis E. Spouse of Alta James. Born 5-3-1913, died 6-18-1987 - Son of Frank and Minnie (Goodrich) Mesler
MESLER, Randy. Born 2-21-1963, died 2-22-1963 - Son of Samuel and Wilma (Jordan) Mesler
MESLER, Richard E. Spouse of Dawn M. Tompkins. Born 1-17-1951, died 5-14-2003. Age: 52 - Son of Francis E. and Alta M. (James) Mesler. Born Olean-NY d. Shinglehouse-PA. Divorced
MESLER, Ruth Ann. Born 2-2-1964, died 2-4-1964 - Dau of Samuel and Wilma (Jordan) Mesler
MESLER, Samuel F. Spouse of Wilma E. Jordan. Born 7-29-1940, died 10-18-2011. Age: 71 - Son of Francis E. and Alta M. James Mesler, born in Shinglehouse. Wed 8-12-1961 in Gold.
MESLER, Sandra I. (Wegner). Spouse of Mark J. Born 7-10-1973, died 5-22-2006. Age: 32 - Dau of Hans Ernest Friedrich Wilhelm and Angelika (Bork) Wegner. Born in b. Gieben, Germany. Wed 2-4-1993 in Gieben.
MINGUS, Donald Ernest. Spouse of Jeanette [Jan]. Born 4-8-1927, died 8-26-2006. Age: 79 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
MITCHELL, Michael. Born 8-2-1964, died 8-2-1964 - Son of Chestley and Letha (Mesler) Mitchell.
MITCHELL, Tina M. Born 7-18-1961, died 7-18-1961 - Dau of Chestley and Letha (Mesler) Mitchell.
MIX, Elisha. Born 2-10-1779, died 6-27-1958. Age: 79y 4m 17d
MIX, J. Born ??, died ?? - [Homemade marker]
MIX, Polly. Born ??, died ??
MOORE, Joshua. Spouse of Mary S. Born 1830, died 1903 - GAR - Civil War Vet, Co D 195th Regt OH Vol
MOORE, Mary S. Spouse of Joshua. Born 1844, died 1922
MORRIS, Amy F. ( Dickerson). Spouse of Henry. Born 10-15-1911, died 5-14-1981 - Dau of Fred and Estelle (Kemp) Dickerson
MORRIS, George E. Spouse of Eugenia. Born 11-1871, died 19?? - [Their son] (1900 Sharon Census)
MORRIS, Henry. Spouse of Amy Dickerson. Born 1909, died 1977
MORRIS, Margaret A. Spouse of Samuel D. Born 10-1833, died 1912 - (1900 Sharon Census)
MORRIS, Melvin H. Born 2-16-1866, died 2-24-1888 - Son of Samuel and Margaret Morris
MORRIS, Samuel D. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1-1835, died 1911 - (1900 Sharon Census)
MOSES, Calvin Joshua. Spouse of Kate Lunn/ Mary Hober. Born 1-26-1842, died 1925 - Civil War Vet, Co I, 42nd PA Vols, Pvt. Discharged on Surgeon's Certificate - date unknown.
MOSES, Catherine (Lunn) [Kate]. Spouse of C. Joshua. Born 9-1844, died 1915 - Dau of Proctor and Alvira (McGee) Lunn. 1st. Wife. (1900 Sharon Census)
MOSES, Emma (Moses). Born 1871, died 1914 - Dau of C. Joshua and Kate (Lunn) Moses
MOSES, Mary (Hober). Spouse of C. Joshua. Born ??, died ?? - 2nd Wife
MOSHER, Infant. Born 8-1856, died 10-6-1856. Age: 2m - Son of Wilson and Nancy Mosher. Small stone next to his uncle Nehemiah Jones
MOYER, Clara Mae (Prindle). Spouse of George W. Born 4-11-1755, died 12-8-1842
MOYER, Darlene Joy (Moyer. Born 1-9-1954, died 11-15-1954. Age: 10m - Dau of George W. and Clara M. Moyer
MOYER, George Wilford. Spouse of Clara M. Prindle. Born 2-15-1917, died 11-17-2005. Age: 88 - Born in Rexville NY. - WW II Vet, U.S. Navy Seabees in Dunkswell England
MULKIN, Kenneth H, Dr. Spouse of Shirley Kessler. Born 9-16-1908, died 3-17-1988 - Son of Claude A. and Minnie Holmes Mulkin. Veternarian. Wed 2 Times
MULKIN, Phebe M. (Kelly). Spouse of Amos. Born 8-1830, died aft 6-1900 - Dau of Nathaniel and Sarah Kelly. (1900 Sharon Census)
MULKIN, Shirley (Kessler). Spouse of Kenneth H. Born 7-8-1928, died 5-8-2007. Age: 78 - Dau of Lee and Elsie (Blaisdel) Kessler, b. Sackett, PA, d. Buffalo, NY (Millard Fillmore Hospital). Wed 10-25-1952 in Millport, PA
NICHOLS, Harriet (Russell). Born 3-7-1844, died 4-3-1926 - Dau of Clark and Anna (Lunn) Russell
ODONNELL, Henry T. Born ??, died 5-12-1972
OLMSTEAD, Bernice J. Born 6-9-1945, died 10-3-1955 - Dau of Cecil N. and Ednal L. (Brabham) Olmstead
OLMSTEAD, Cecil Kenneth. Born 2-24-1943, died 3-31-1968 - Son of Cecil N. and Ednal L. (Brabham) Olmstead - Vietnam Vet
OLMSTEAD, Cecil N. Spouse of Edna Brabham. Born 5-24-1924, died 3-30-2010. Age: 85 - Son of Nathaniel M. and Zella (Smith) Olmstead, born in Millport. Wed 9-3-1942 in Milport, 5 children
OLMSTEAD, Dorothy Marie. Spouse of Ernest G. Jackson. Born 11-7-1946, died 2-1-2021. Age: 74 - Dau of Cecil N. and Edna M. (Brabham) Olmstead. Three daughters, father unclear. Divorced from Ernest.
OLMSTEAD, Edna L. (Brabham). Spouse of Cecil N. Born 3-7-1925, died 1-1-2013. Age: 87 - Dau of Charles and Idona (Margeson) Brabham, born in Cedarburg, WI. Wed 9-2-1942 in Millport, five children.
OLMSTEAD, Nathaniel R. Spouse of Zella R. Smith. Born 1888, died 1946
OLMSTEAD, Zella R. (Smith). Spouse of Nathaniel R. Born 1893, died 19??
PACKER, Alta N. (Trask) *. Spouse of Harry S. Born 8-20-1905, died 10-1-1991 - Dau of George and Arilla (Butler) Trask
PACKER, Harry S. *. Spouse of Alta Trask. Born 1904, died 1969
PARMENTER, Lorinda (White). Spouse of Nelson. Born 2-23-1817, died 2-23-1869
PARMENTER, Nelson. Spouse of Lorinda White. Born 1813, died 11-2-1888
PEASE, Anita M. (Peet). Spouse of Randal J. [Jack]. Born 11-26-1932, died 5-31-2005. Age: 72 - Dau of Fred and Isabelle (Teuscher) Peet. Born Colesburg, PA d. Olean, NY heart attack. Wed 8-19-1953 in Shinglehouse, PA, 5 children
PEASE, Judith L. Spouse of Randall. Born 4-14-1957, died ??
PEASE, Randall W. Spouse of Judith L. Born 7-26-1955, died 9-5-1987 - Son of Randall J. and Anita M. (Peet) Pease. Twin to Ronald.
PELDIN, George N. Born ??, died ??
PELLAMY, Phyllis H. Born ??, died ??
PERRY, Adah. Born 1864, died 1937 - Dau of L. C. and Clarrssa Perry
PERRY, Alene (Danforth). Spouse of Earl. Born 1912, died ?? - Dau of John and Lila (Palmer) Danforth
PERRY, Clarissa. Spouse of Lewis. Born 1846, died 1911
PERRY, Earl L. Spouse of Alene Danforth. Born 4-22-1911, died 6-18-1977 - Son of Larue and Grace B. (Jacobs) Perry
PERRY, Genevieve G. Born 1908, died 1935
PERRY, Grace B. (Jacobs). Spouse of Larue. Born 10-12-1883, died 9-14-1936 - Dau of Charles and Florence Ina (Stevens) Jacobs
PERRY, John E. Born 10-8-1933, died 9-14-1975 - Son of Earl and Alene (Danforth) Perry. - Uncategorized Vet
PERRY, Larue. Spouse of Grace Danforth. Born 1833, died 1936
PERRY, Lewis (Infant). Born ??, died ??
PERRY, Lewis E. Spouse of Clarissa. Born 1883, died 1919
PERRY, Linnie M. (Kemp). Spouse of Orville. Born 9-14-1880, died 1-17-1981 - Dau of William and Elizabeth Kemp
PERRY, Orville J. Spouse of Linnie M. Kemp. Born 1890, died 1962
PERRY, Ruth B. Spouse of Leichester. Born 1876, died 1920
PERRY, Warren. Born 9-?-1901, died 10-4-1902 - Son of Leichester and Ruth Perry
PHILLIPS, Bradley A. Born 12-18-1955, died 2-1-2018. Age: 62 - Son of Walter F. and Beverly J. (Wilson) Phillips. Born in Olean NY, lived in Lockport NY and Kenmore NY, died in Buffalo NY. Unmarried.
PHILLIPS, Donald F. Spouse of LeOtta Prince. Born 1-26-1916, died 12-16-1971 - Son of Earl and Angie (Loucks) Phillips. Wed 12-24-1935 in Hinsdale NY, three children - Uncategorized Vet, USNR, S1
PHILLIPS, LeOtta (Prince). Spouse of Donald F. Born ??, died 7-06-2004 - Dau of Allen L. and Anita L. (Hendryx) Prince. Born Honeoye, PA, a beautician. Wed 12-24-1935 in Hinsdale NY, three children
PIERCE, John M. Spouse of Sophronia ??. Born 1793, died 3-24-1875
PLANTS, Ed. Spouse of Lucy Wheeler. Born 5-1873, died 1951 - (1900 Sharon Census)
PLANTS, Lucy (Wheeler). Spouse of Ed. Born 11-1883, died 1951 - Dau of Ezra and Clarissa (Russell) Wheeler, (1900 Sharon Census)
PORTER, David. Born 4-26-1899, died 10-17-1988
PORTER, Kelly Sue. Born 9-30-1962, died 5-13-1964
PORTER, Laura C., Rev. Born 1912, died 1992
PRESHER, Andrew. Born 3-10-1880, died 3-30-1880 - Son of Horace and Emeretta (Russell) Presher
PRESHER, Andrew. Spouse of Mary Manhart. Born 3-3-1820, died 4-18-1872
PRESHER, Emeretta (Russell) [Emma]. Spouse of Horace. Born 7-1-1860, died 4-10-1929 - Dau of Carl and Anna (Lunn) Russell
PRESHER, Horace. Spouse of Emeretta Russell. Born 12-1-1856, died 8-10-1910 - Son of Andrew and Mary (Manhart) Presher
PRESHER, Walter. Born 3-1893, died 1961 - Son of Horace and Emeretta (Russell) Presher. (1900 Sharon Census)
PRINCE, Allen P. *. Spouse of Anita Hendryx. Born 11-18-1899, died 2-24-1988 - Son of Loran and Emma (Warner) Prince
PRINCE, Anita L. (Hendryx) *. Spouse of Allan. Born 1-2-1894, died 6-30-1984 - Dau of Frank and Olena (Crandall) Hendryx
PRINCE, Beatrice. Born 1905, died 2-12-1924 - Dau of Clarence and Ona (Bump) Prince
PRINCE, Chad A. Born 12-5-1969, died 4-13-1986 - Son of Howard and Juanita (Fuller) Prince
PRINCE, Clarence E. Spouse of Ona Bump. Born 12-1885, died 1956 - Son of Alfred and Gertrude (White) Prince. (1900 Sharon Census)
PRINCE, Emma (Warner). Spouse of Loren. Born 10-10-1856, died 1946 - Dau of Edson and Esther (Gibbs) Warner. Wed 3-30-1875 at Olean. (1900 Sharon Census)
PRINCE, George W. Spouse of Phoebe Burbank. Born 2-22-1825, died aft 6-1900 - Son of Joseph and Hannah (Stiles) Prince. (1900 Sharon Census) - Civil War Vet, 4th Corps, Div 6, Engineer, Later served in US Construction Corps. Discharged in 1865 for disability.
PRINCE, Gertrude (White). Spouse of Alfred B. Born 9-27-1867, died 10-25-1943 - Adopted Dau of Samuel and Maryetta (Jones) White
PRINCE, James Nelson. Born 10-1851, died 12-8-1962 - Son of George W. and Phoebe (Burbank) Prince. Born in Bradford Co PA, died in Potter Co PA
PRINCE, Leon E. Born 10-13-1886, died 12-8-1962 - Son of Loran and Emma (Warner) Prince
PRINCE, Loren O. Spouse of Emma Warner. Born 12-1853, died 10-28-1923 - Son of George W. and Phoebe (Burbank) Prince. Wed 3-30-1875 at Olean. (1900 Sharon Census)
PRINCE, Norma E. (Trask) *. Spouse of Roland A. Born 1917, died 1995
PRINCE, Ona M. (Bump). Spouse of Clarence. Born 7-1885, died 12-24-1950 - Dau of John and Lydia (Newland) Bump. (1900 Sharon Census)
PRINCE, Phoebe D. (Burbank). Spouse of George W. Born 1829, died 1905 - Dau of Moses and Jerusha (Thompson) Burbank. Wed 58 yrs. (1900 Sharon Census)
PRINCE, Roland A. *. Spouse of Norma Trask. Born 7-27-1916, died 11-23-1960 - Son of Allan L. and Anita (Hendryx) Prince
PRINDLE, Charles W. Born 1881, died 1952
PRINDLE, Glen. Spouse of Lillian Osborne. Born 10-13-1901, died 5-1-1978 - Son of William A. and Harriet (Jones) Prindle
PRINDLE, Harriet A. (Jones). Spouse of William. Born 1870, died 1948 - Dau of Samuel and Mary L. (McNamire) Jones
PRINDLE, Hazel B. Born 1910, died 1976
PRINDLE, Jessie. Born 8-31-1867, died 9-17-1895 - Dau of Julius and Elizabeth (Bump) Prindle
PRINDLE, John J. Born 1845, died 1919
PRINDLE, Julius. Born ??, died ?? - Civil War Vet
PRINDLE, Margaret [Maggie]. Born 1885, died 1897
PRINDLE, Margaret E. (Bump). Born 6-29-1837, died 10-7-1883 - Dau of Josiah and Christina (Easther) Bump
PRINDLE, Mina S. Born 1886, died 1974
PRINDLE, William. Spouse of Harriet Jones. Born 1869, died 1942 - Son of Julius and Elizabeth (Bump) Prindle
QUICK, Lloyd G. Spouse of Mary E. Bellamy. Born 1906, died 1999 - Son of John M. and Ada (Guinnip) Quick
QUICK, Mary E. (Bellamy). Spouse of Lloyd. Born 1906, died 1989
RAHR, ?. Born 7-4-1921, died 7-29-1921 - Infant
REED, Dayton F. Spouse of Eliza (?) Newland. Born abt 1840, died aft 1880 - No further data - Civil War Vet
REED, Josephine. Born 12-19-1874, died 7-30-1881 - Dau of Dayton F. and Eliza (?) Newland Reed
REGIS, George W. Spouse of Lillie Smith. Born 1867, died 1958
REGIS, Irene B. Spouse of Virgil. Born 1911, died ??
REGIS, Lillie L. (Smith). Spouse of George W. Born 1882, died 1965 - Dau of Leroy and Malissa (Sanford) Smith
REGIS, Mary. Born 2-2-1880, died 10-14-1901
REGIS, Virgil E. Spouse of Irene B. Born 1906, died ?? - Son of George and Lillie (Smith) Regis
REYNOLDS, Alberta A.. Born 12-13-1929, died 3-26-2014. Age: 84 - Dau of Andrew and Martha (Stoddard) Reynolds. Born in Shinglehouse, 6 siblings. A telephone operator.
REYNOLDS, Andrew Forest. Spouse of Martha A. Stoddard. Born 11-22-1893, died 2-2-1983 - Son of Fred E. and Katie (Jacobs) Reynolds. (1900 Sharon Census) - WW I Vet
REYNOLDS, Martha A. (Stoddard). Spouse of Andrew F. Born 1903, died ??
RHODES, C. A. Born ??, died ??
RHODES, Josie (Wheeler). Spouse of Wellman. Born 2-1867, died 5-4-1923 - Dau of Daniel Wheeler. (1900 Sharon Census)
RHODES, Wellman W. Spouse of Josie Wheeler. Born 1-1868, died ?? - Grandson of Eiljah and Mary Rhodes. (1880, 1900 Sharon Census)
RICKFORD, William. Born ??, died ?? - Civil War Vet, Co D 148 PA
RIEDMILLER, William A. Sr. Spouse of Matilda Brauer. Born 12-30-1938, died 8-3-2021. Age: 82 - Son of Franklin and Olive (Schoonover) Riedmiller. Born in East Stroudsburg PA, lived in Shinglehouse PA, died in Smethport PA. Wed 6-4-1958 in Bushkill PA, four children.
SALADA, James K. Born 9-26-1955, died 2-22-2020. Age: 64 - Son of James L. and Margaret (Sulin) Salada. Born and died in Erie PA, lived in Goose Creek SC and Shinglehouse PA. A mechanical engineer at Olean Tile for over 20 years. One daughter, mother not named.
SALADA, James L. Spouse of Margaret Joyce Sulin. Born 8-2-1928, died 10-15-2006. Age: 78 - Son of Lewis and Leah (Amich) Salada. Wed 7-21-1951 in Harbor Creek - WW II Vet, US Navy
SCOTT, Gertrude A. (Stannard. Spouse of John C. Born 11-2-1909, died 4-4-1993 - Dau of Volney D. and Myrtle (Barlow) Stannard
SELL, Clarence H. Spouse of Magdalena H. Schuppert. Born 5-20-1932, died 12-7-1996 - Korean War Vet, US Army, Cpl.
SELL, Magdalena H. (Schuppert). Spouse of Clarence H. Born 9-29-1930, died 11-29-2015. Age: 85 - Dau of Heinrich and Anna (Gumbel) Schuppert, born in Aschaffenburt Germany, died in Smethport PA. Wed abt 1949 in Aschaffenburg, five children. (He d. 12-7-1996)
SHAVALIER, Hannah P. Born 1842, died 1879 - In the 1870 Sharon Census, this name is spelled Chevalier which is probably correct.
SHERMAN, Artemisia. Born 1871, died 1881 - Dau of James and Emily (Bradford) Sherman
SHERMAN, Artemisia (Mix). Spouse of George W. Born 6-6-1805, died 11-1-1880
SHERMAN, Azuba J. Spouse of Orson. Born 2-1839, died 1926 - (1900 Sharon Census)
SHERMAN, Emily J. (Bradford). Spouse of James E. Born 4-1836, died ?? - (1900 Sharon Census)
SHERMAN, Florence. Spouse of George W. Born 8-16-1872, died 3-12-1897
SHERMAN, George W. Spouse of Artemisia Mix. Born 11-1-1805, died 11-17-1889
SHERMAN, James C., Rev. Born 1866, died 1881 - Son of James E. and Emily (Bradford) Sherman
SHERMAN, James E. Spouse of Emily Bradford. Born 3-1832, died 1909 - Son of Rev. George and Artemisia (Mix) Sherman. (1870, 1900 Sharon Census) - Civil War Vet, Co C 148th PA Vols, Pvt. Drafted - transferred to Company H, 24th Regiment, Veteran Reserve Corps on February 15, 1864 - discharged by General Order on July 25, 1865.
SHERMAN, Orson G. Spouse of Azuba J. Born 4-1836, died 1911 - Son of Rev. George and Artemisia (Mix) Sherman. (1870, 1900 Sharon Census)
SHERMAN, Ruth. Born ??, died ??
SHERMAN, Samson L. Born 1879, died 1881 - Son of James and Emily (Bradford) Sherman
SHERWOOD, Alice*. Spouse of Sidney. Born 1857, died 1929
SHERWOOD, Barbbera Ann (Bernard). Spouse of Stratton. Born ??, died 8-16-1881
SHERWOOD, Carol Lynn. Born 1952, died ?? - Dau of Merville Jr. and Patricia (Pease) Sherwood
SHERWOOD, Ellen*. Spouse of R. D. Born 1855, died 1898
SHERWOOD, Ervin *. Spouse of Maude Plants. Born 3-15-1901, died 3-5-1967 - Son of Burdette and Anna (Johnson) Sherwood
SHERWOOD, Laura* (Bradford). Spouse of Stephen. Born 1835, died 6-16-1871 - Dau of Andrew and Elizabeth Bradford
SHERWOOD, Maude (Plants). Spouse of Ervin. Born 7-3-1908, died 10-15-1963 - Dau oF Ed and Lucy (Wheeler) Plants
SHERWOOD, Maude I. (Metcalf). Spouse of Merville D. Born 9-11-1912, died 6-30-2007. Age: 94 - Dau of Louis and Leona (Ellis) Metcalf. Born in Westfield, wed 12-16-1929 in Bolivar NY
SHERWOOD, Merville D. Spouse of Maude I. Metcalf. Born 9-24-1906, died 12-1-1972 - Wed 12-16-1929 in Bolivar NY
SHERWOOD, Sidney E.*. Spouse of Alice. Born 1853, died 1934 - Son of Stephen Sherwood
SHERWOOD, Thusa (Russell)*. Spouse of William. Born 5-4-1854, died 8-9-1936 - Dau of Clark and Ann (Lunn) Russell
SHERWOOD, William*. Spouse of Thusa Russell. Born 7-1-1842, died 6-17-1918 - Son of Stephen and Laura (Bradford) Sherwood - Civil War Vet, Co G, 149th PA Vols, Pvt. Wounded in knee.
SHORT (Infant Son). Born 5-13-1845, died 6-1-1845 - Son of Samson and Olive Short
SHORT, Olive. Spouse of Samson. Born 12-26-1827, died 6-5-1847
SLAWSON, Louise. Spouse of William E. Born 1870, died 1916
SLOAT, Irvin K. [Irvie]. Spouse of Myrtle Deremer. Born 4-29-1882, died 3-4-1969 - Son of Sheldon and Estelle (Kemp) Sloat.
SLOAT, Mrytle A. (Deremer). Spouse of Irvin K. Born 12-1886, died 1955 - Dau of Daniel and Alice (Healey) Deremer. (1900 Sharon Census)
SLOCUM Emma Amanda (Lewis). Spouse of Robert L. Sr. Born 1895, died 1989 - Dau of JD and Lottie (O'neill) Lewis. Born in PA. Wed 6-25-1912 in Angelica NY.
SLOCUM, Robert Laine, Sr. Spouse of Emma A. Lewis. Born 6-27-1886, died 4-1973 - Son of Or and Etta (Lain) Slocum. Born in Candor NY, died in Franklinville NY. Wed 6-25-1912 in Angelica NY.
SLOCUM, Wilma Irene, died 1940. Age: Infant - Granddau of Robert L. Sr. and Emma A. (Lewis) Slocum. Shares stone with grandparents
SMITH, Adelbert. Born 3-14-1880, died 8-21-1880
SMITH, Alyene (Karr). Spouse of Vergil S. Born 12-23-1919, died 8-5-2004. Age: 84 - Dau of Forest L. and Laura (Kemp) Karr, born in Shinglehouse. Wed 2-10-1939 in Wellsville NY.
SMITH, Archie. Spouse of Lilly Sherwood. Born 4-1881, died 3-2-1957 - Son of Leroy and Malissa (Sanford) Smith. (1900 Sharon Census)
SMITH, Deforest [Jake]. Spouse of Adelia Hosley. Born 6-23-1892, died 12-1-1958 - Son of Arumah and Adelia (Deremer) Smith
SMITH, Edward E. Spouse of Mary A. Drake. Born 8-27-1938, died 7-9-2003. Age: 64 - Son of Ernest E. and Louise J. (Hann) Smith, born in Stannards NY. Wed 2-18-1958 in Shinglehouse.
SMITH, Elizabeth. Born 1797, died 4-13-1875 - Mother of Eliza(beth) Smith WELLS? (1870 Sharon Census)
SMITH, Elizabeth [Betsy]. Spouse of Willett B. Born 1807, died 1899 - Dau of Hiram and Charlotte (Almy) Barnes
SMITH, Evelyn M. (Barnes). Spouse of Deforest. Born 3-27-1897, died 12-20-1965 - Dau of Edgar and Mae (Reed) Hosley
SMITH, Freddie R. Born 4-21-1892, died 12-23-1912 - Son of Leroy and Malissa (Sanford) Smith. (1900 Sharon Census)
SMITH, George W. Born 2-2-1854, died 12-30-1940 - Born in Wellsville, NY
SMITH, Lester A. Born 4-27-1876, died 4-10-1895 - Son of A. F. Smith
SMITH, Lilly Jean (Sherwood). Spouse of Archie. Born 3-2-1885, died 10-9-1949 - Dau of William and Thusa (Russell) Sherwood
SMITH, Lydia M. Born 12-13-1825, died 9-4-1887
SMITH, M. Viola (Ackerman). Born 1875, died 1908 - Dau of Frederick and Rosena C. Ackerman. Divorced
SMITH, Mable L. (Prindle). Spouse of #1 ? Roper, #2 ? Smith. Born 5-4-1917, died 12-19-2016. Age: 99 - Dau of Charles and Wilamina (Rouse) Prindle. Born in Portville NY, lived in Shinglehouse PA, died in Erie PA. Worked 40 years for Acme Electric in Cuba NY. Married twice, both husbands predeceased. Six children, sons surnamed Roper.
SMITH, Marjorie G. (Norris). Spouse of Olin A. Born 11-11-1924, died 4-20-2008 - Dau of Thomas and Ella (?) Norris. Born in Rose NY. Wed 7-13-1946 in Rose NY
SMITH, Matel L. Born 1971, died ??
SMITH, Olin. Spouse of Marjorie Norris. Born 12-3-1925, died 12-11-1972 - Son of Clifford and Neva Smith
SMITH, Russell A. Born 12-23-1939, died 10-30-1010. Age: 70 - Son of Vergil S. and Alyene (Karr) Smith. Three Children. Companion of Judith Ann Watkins for 25 years.
SMITH, Terry Lee. Born 1953, died 1953 - Son of Lois Chandler Smith
SMITH, Vergil S. Spouse of Alyene Karr. Born ??, died 1-27-1996 - Wed 2-10-1939 in Wellsville NY
SMITH, Willett B. Spouse of Elizabeth Barnes. Born 1808, died 1889 - Son of Capt. Enos (d. war of 1812) and Anaseth (Thompson) Smith
SOULES, Debra E. Born 8-14-1950, died 3-24-1990 - Dau of Richard and Nettie Sue (Drake) Soules
SPARKS, Rachel. Spouse of William B. Born 1813, died 10-8-1881 - Born in NY. (1850 Sharon Census)
SPARKS, William A. Born 4-10-1849, died 6-27-1857 - Son of William B. and Rachel Sparks
SPARKS, William B. Spouse of Rachel. Born 9-11-1786, died 4-26-1863 - Born in NY. (1850 Sharon Census)
STEBBINS, Benjamin F. Spouse of Elizabeth Munger. Born 11-1848, died 1923 - Son of Fredus C. and Permelia (Robbins) Stebbins
STEBBINS, Bernice (Briggs). Spouse of Llewelyn. Born 1875, died 1936 - (1900 Sharon Census)
STEBBINS, Elizabeth (Munger). Spouse of Benjamin F. Born 9-1849, died 1946 - (1900 Sharon Census)
STEBBINS, Fredus C. Spouse of Permilia Robbins. Born 5-26-1824, died 3-25-1899
STEBBINS, Llewelyn. Spouse of Bernice Briggs. Born 1875, died 1954
STEBBINS, Permelia (Robbins). Spouse of Fredus. Born 6-14-1827, died 10-6-1910 - Dau of Marshall and Susannah (Chapman) Robbins. (1900 Sharon Census)
STEVENS, Alice M. (Hadley). Spouse of Timothy. Born 1853, died 1900 - Dau of William and ? Hadley. (1880 Sharon Census)
STEVENS, Arthur W. Born 7-2-1889, died 10-7-1944 - Son of Juna and Belle Stevens. Never married.
STEVENS, Belle. Born ??, died ??
STEVENS, Harlow P. Born 1878, died 1899 - Son of Timothy and Alice (Hadley) Stevens. (1880 Sharon Census)
STEVENS, Henrietta. Spouse of William. Born 1888, died 1975
STEVENS, Lina F. Born 3-28-1886, died 3-22-1888 - Dau of L. B. and J. J. Stevens
STEVENS, Timothy J. Spouse of Alice Hadley. Born 1851, died 1901
STEVENS, William H. Spouse of Henrietta. Born 1880, died 1955 - Son of Lucius and Kate (Rock) Stevens
STEWART, Lula E. (Bradt ). Spouse of Robert. Born 2-3-1914, died 10-9-1984 - Dau of Alfred and Lola (Hubbard) Bradt
STEWART, Robert E. Spouse of Lula E. Bradt. Born 7-23-1917, died 12-24-2015. Age: 98 - Son of Harry and Ethel (Smith) Stewart, born in Zelienople PA, died in Coudersport PA. Wed 12-25-1937 in Sandusky OH, 2 daughters. (She d. 10-9-1984)
STICEK, Frank. Born 1923, died ??
STICEK, Hazel E. Born 1929, died ??
STICEK, Katherine G. Born 1970, died 1970
SWARTHOUT, Myron J. Spouse of Sarah Crawford. Born 12-1843, died 1912 - Wed 10-6-1880 at Wellsville NY. (1900 Sharon Census)
TAYLOR, Melford M. Spouse of Nell C. Dunshie. Born 1914, died ?? - Son of Riley and Bridget (Kennedy) Taylor
TAYLOR, Nell C. Spouse of Melford M. Born 1919, died ?? - Dau of Elry and Ava (Woodkirk) Dunshie. This doesn't seem right. Neil is a man's name.
TERWILLIGER, Henry. Spouse of Maryetta Jones. Born 12-24-1834, died 2-1-1927 - Son of Joel and Jane Terwilliger. Wed 2 times. - Civil War Vet, Co C 148 PA
THOMPSON, Ronald L. Born 12-9-1927, died 7-8-1992 - Son of Fred and Bertha (Kio) Thompson
TORREY, Mildred F. (Hanks). Spouse of Lewis. Born 3-27-1904, died 11-5-1923 - Dau of Andrus and Ola (White) Hanks
TRASK, ?. Born ??, died 8-11-1925 - Infant son of Myron and Josephine Trask
TRASK, Clark. Spouse of Ruth Neff. Born 2-1887, died 1957 - Son of Milton and Mina (Killmer) Trask
TRASK, George L. Spouse of Aurilla. Born 10-1854, died 1945 - Son of Clark and Eleanor (Hackett) Trask. (1900 Sharon Census)
TRASK, Herbert R. Born 1876, died 1914 - Son of George L. Trask
TRASK, Josephine. Spouse of Myron. Born 1907, died 1972
TRASK, Lena J. Spouse of Leon C. Born 1892, died ??
TRASK, Leon C. Spouse of Lena J. Born 3-1882, died 1950 - IOOF Flag (1900 Sharon Census)
TRASK, Milton J. [Tommy]. Spouse of Mina Kilmer. Born 10-1859, died 1917 - Son of Clark and Eleanor (Hackett) Trask. (1900 Sharon Census)
TRASK, Mina (Killmer). Spouse of Milton. Born 10-1869, died 1968 - (1900 Sharon Census)
TRASK, Myron. Spouse of Josephine. Born 1903, died 1972 - Son of Milton and Mina (Killmer) Trask
TRASK, Neil. Born 8-17-1929, died 2-27-1929 - Son of Leon C. and Lena Trask
TRASK, Orvilla M. (Butler). Spouse of Herbert. Born 5-3-1871, died 3-27-1961 - Dau of Edward and Elizabeth Butler
TRASK, Ruth (Neff). Spouse of Clark. Born 1892, died 1972
UNKNOWN, Lyman Deforest B. Born 1932, died 1934 - Smith ?
UNKNOWN, Raymond Eugene. Born 1946, died 1947 - Wilson?
UNKNOWN, Roberta Alene. Born 1927, died 1929 - Perry?
VANBUREN, Edith E. (Buchanan). Spouse of Harry. Born 2-12-1892, died 11-15-1967 - Dau of Newman R. and Mary A. (West) Buchanan. (1900 Oswayo Census)
VANBUREN, Harold D. Born 8-11-1918, died 6-8-1981 - Son of Lew and Lottie Vanburen. Never married
VANBUREN, Harry M. Spouse of Edith Buchaman. Born 9-28-1889, died 3-24-1973 - Son of George and Minnie (Goldsmith) VanBuren
VANBUREN, Lewis. Spouse of Lottie Deremer. Born 6-12-1884, died 4-9-1979 - Son of George and Minnie (Goldsmith) VanBuren. Wed 10-9-1912
VANBUREN, Lottie (Deremer). Spouse of Lewis. Born 8-11-1885, died 12-22-1974 - Dau of Daniel and Alice (Healey) Deremer. Wed 10-9-1912
VANDERHOEF, Eugene. Spouse of Winifred Trask. Born 1890, died 1921 - (1920 Sharon Census)
VANDERHOEF, George E. Born 1915, died 1923 - Son of Eugene and Winifred (Trask) VanDerhoef
VANDERHOEF, Winifred (Trask). Spouse of Eugene. Born 4-24-1892, died 1-12-1981 - Dau of George and Aurilla (Butler?) Trask. (1900 Sharon Census)
VANSCHOICK, Pearl (Butler). Spouse of William. Born 4-24-1886, died 8-3-1977 - Dau of Edward and Elizabeth Butler
VANSCHOICK, William. Spouse of Pearl Butler. Born 1879, died 1941
VANSCHOICK, William [Billy]. Born 1923, died 1929 - Son William and Pearl (Butler) VanSchoick
VOORHEES, Clark B. *. Born 11-11-1939, died 4-1-1940 - Son of Lewis and Emily (Trask) Voorhees
WELLS, Catherine. Born 6-27-1785, died 7-15-1867
WELLS, Elizabeth. Born 1828, died 1907
WELLS, Elizabeth M. (Smith) [Libby]. Spouse of Orlando. Born 10-16-1828, died 4-23-1863 - Born in NY. (1870 Sharon Census)
WELLS, James O. Born 1825, died 1903
WELLS, Lovina. Spouse of Miles. Born 1842, died 1911 - Born in NY. (1870 Sharon Census)
WELLS, Miles. Spouse of Lovina. Born 1818, died 1882 - Born in NY. (1870 Sharon Census)
WELLS, Oscar W. Spouse of Sarah. Born 5-5-1830, died 6-22-1873 - Born in NY. (1870 Sharon Census)
WELLS, Sarah E. Spouse of Oscar W. Born 1839, died 1917 - Born in NY. (1870 Sharon Census)
WHEELER, Clarissa (Russell). Spouse of Ezra. Born 2-17-1847, died 3-15-1910 - Dau of Clark and Anna (Lunn) Russell
WHEELER, Daniel. Spouse of Jane. Born 8-1-1830, died 11-16-1908 - Born in NY. Two daughters in 1879 Sharon census - Civil War Vet, Co B, 2nd US Inf, Pvt
WHEELER, Ezra. Spouse of Clarissa Russell. Born 9-1835, died 3-8-1910 - (1900 Sharon Census: 1839)
WHEELER, Wilber. Born 8-1877, died 1943 - Son of Ezra and Clarissa (Russell) Wheeler. (1900 Sharon Census)
WHITE, Daniel P. Spouse of Eunice Hinds. Born 10-10-1817, died ?? - Son of John and Mary (Kennedy) White. Born in OH. Wed 12-24-1837. (1850 Sharon Census) - Civil War Vet. Co D, 85th NY Vols. Discharged 9-1-1862 at David's Island, NY for disability after one year.
WHITE, Eunice (Hinds). Spouse of Daniel P. Born 1820, died 3-29-1895 - Dau of Judson Hinds. Wed 12-24-1837.
WHITE, Maryetta (Jones). Spouse of Samuel/ William Terwiliger. Born 1848, died 1919 - Dau of Joseph and Mary (Preston) Jones. Married twice: Samuel White and William Terwilliger. (1880 Sharion Census)
WHITE, Samuel J. Spouse of Maryetta Jones. Born 1-16-1839, died 8-16-1889 - Son of Daniel and Eunice (Hinds) White. - Civil War Vet, Co C 85th NY Vols.
WHITE, William L. [Willie]. Born 11-23-1877, died 10-20-1883 - Son of Samuel and Maryetta (Jones) White
WHITEHILL, Edwin. Spouse of Mildred Green. Born 1902, died 1981
WHITEHILL, Mildred (Green). Spouse of Edwin. Born 1917, died 1985 - Dau of Chester and Hazel (Bump) Green
WILBER, Wesley D. Born 6-8-1992, died 1-29-2017. Age: 24 - Son of Randall D. “Randy” and Linda A. (Hellmann) Wilber. Born in Bradford PA, lived in Portville NY, died in Olean NY.
WILLETTS, Ronald P. Born 1964, died 1988
WILSON, Alta (Torrey). Spouse of Malon. Born 11-19-1907, died ?? - Dau of Frank W. and Bertha (Sherwood) Torrey
WILSON, Catherine (Derival). Spouse of Raymond J. Born 12-4-1915, died 8-3-1999
WILSON, Fred J. S. Spouse of Nettie Day. Born 6-22-1866, died 8-16-1959 - Son of Myron and Lurena (Butcher) Wilson
WILSON, Lurena (Butcher). Spouse of Myron. Born 1859, died 1902 - (1900 Sharon Census: 9-1848)
WILSON, Malon L. Spouse of Alta Torrey. Born 1-16-1902, died 2-3-1967
WILSON, Myron. Spouse of Lurena Butcher. Born 5-1840, died 1910 - (1900 Sharon Census) - Civil War Vet
WILSON, Nettie R. (Day). Spouse of Fred. Born 10-5-1876, died 8-12-1964 - Dau of Willett and Mary (Allen) Day
WILSON, Raymond. Born 1897, died 1897 - Son of Fred and Nettie (Day) Wilson
WILSON, Raymond J. Spouse of Catherine Derival. Born 11-20-1909, died 4-1-1993 - Son of Jess A. and Carrie (Neff) Wilson
WILSON, Raymond L. Born 4-24-1926, died 11-23-1931 - Son of Malon and Alta (Torrey) Wilson
WILSON, Richard L. Spouse of Elizabeth M. Rathbun. Born 7-17-1928, died 9-29-2015. Age: 87 - Son of Malon L. and Alta L. (Torrey) Wilson, born in Allentown NY, died in Buffalo NY. Wed 10-25-1947 in Ceres NY, three children. (She survives)
WOODKIRK, Charles. Spouse of Cora Wells. Born 3-10-1861, died 3-14-1928
WOODKIRK, Cora J. (Wells). Spouse of Charles. Born 1859, died 1939 - Dau of Oscar and Sarah Wells. 1880 Sharon census indicates that Cora's last name is Casterline.
WOODKIRK, Neil O. Born 12-1896, died 1942 - Son of Charles and Cora (Wells) Woodkirk. (1900 Sharon Census)
WOODKIRK, Wanda J. Born 1-28-1922, died ??
WRIGHT, James. Spouse of Mary J. Estay. Born 1819, died 1892
WRIGHT, Mary J. (Estay). Spouse of James. Born 1829, died 1899 - Dau of John and Aesnith (Peabody) Estay. (1870 Sharon Census)

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