Clara Twp, Potter Co, PA
GPS Coordinates: 4153'33.29"N, 786'10.62"W

From Shinglehouse, go east on 144 about 5.8 mi. (through Millport).
At the crossroads with Clara Rd, turn right onto Clara Road. Go about 1.25 mi. Cemetery is on the left side of the road.

Walked by John & Mary E. Bryant in 2000
Dates for Veterans by Robert Graves, Caretaker of Clara cemetery

Photo by Mary Bryant, 2000 Photo by Frankie Stonemetz, 2009

Where noted, some entries have been expanded with cross-references to census data. To view the census data, open the census cited and search for a name.
* denotes a birthdate calculated from the given death date and age at death.

ALLEN, Amitta J. (Merrick). Spouse of Joseph C. Born 10-30-1803, died 2-26-1890. Age: 86 - Born in NY. (1850 Clara Census)
ALLEN, Amy (Richardson). Spouse of Richard W. Born 1784, died ?? - Born in MA. Living in William B. Graves household, 1850 Clara Census.
ALLEN, Anna Maria. Born 1838, died 1924 - Dau of Joseph C. and Amitta J (Merrick) Allen
ALLEN, Austin K. Spouse of Evaline. Born 1826, died 1894 - Son of Joseph C. and Amitta J (Merrick) Allen. (1850 Clara Census) - Civil War Vet
ALLEN, Evaline. Spouse of Austin K. Born 1829, died ??
ALLEN, Joseph C. Spouse of Amitta J. Merrick. Born 1808, died 7-5-1855 - Son of Richard W. and Amy (Richardson) Allen. (In the 1840 Clara Census)
ALLEN, Leroy Joseph. Spouse of A. Maria. Born 1836, died 6-23-1919 - Son of Joseph C and Amitta J. (Merrick) Allen.
ALLEN, Richard W. Spouse of Amy Richardson. Born 1780, died 1844 - A blacksmith and postmaster - War of 1812 Vet
AUSTIN, Franklin W. II. Spouse of Lillian J. Munger. Born 4-7-1844, died 11-1879. Age: 39 - Son of Franklin and Sally (Belcher) Austin. Born in NY, died by suicide in McKean Co PA. Wed 1867, at least 6 children. - Civil War Vet, Co D, 20th PA Vols, Capt.
BARNES, Andrew J. Spouse of #1 Delia Babbit, #2 Laura Lockwood. Born 3-30-1836, died ?? - Son of Gabriel and Salena I. (Starr) Barnes. Born in Wayne Co PA. Came to Sharon Twp in 1838. Five children with Delia. At least four children with Laura. Might be here? - Civil War Vet, Co G 53rd Inf PA Vols. Enlisted 10-29-1861, discharged for disability 9-1862.
BARNES, Artie M. Spouse of R. L. Born 1867, died 6-21-1889
BARNES, Charles M. Born 1847, died ?? - Son of Isaac and Laura (Taylor) Barnes
BARNES, Christopher H. Born 1816, died ??
BARNES, Emily A. Born 1844, died 2-10-1862 - Dau of Isaac and Laura (Taylor) Barnes
BARNES, George. Born 1839, died 12-11-1863 - Son of Gabriel and Salana J (Starr) Barnes - Civil War DNB, Co G 46th Regt PA Inf, Cpl. Killed by Railroad Accident.
BARNES, Isaac F. Spouse of #1 Laura F. Tyler, #2 Susan. Born 5-??-1817, died 1-2-1882. Age: 64y 8m - Son of ? and Susanah (Phillips) Barnes. At least two children with Laura. Has a footstone that is inscribed I F B - Civil War Vet
BARNES, Jackson. Born 8-??-1900, died 9-2-1900. Age: 2w - Son of Silas and Marion (Dickerson) Barnes
BARNES, Jennette L. Born 1900, died 1900. Age: 6w - Dau of Silas and Marion (Dickerson) Barnes
BARNES, Laura F. (Tyler). Spouse of Isaac F. Born 9-1824, died 8-16-1856. Age: 30y 10m - Dau of Joshua and Lois (Bacon) Tyler. At least two children.
BARNES, Susanah (Phillips). Born 11-6-1780, died 8-29-1847. Age: 66y 9m 23d - Dau of Isaac and Susannah (Scott) Phillips
BAXTER, Jacob A. Born 1813, died 1878 - Civil War Vet
BRADLEY, James. Born 1832, died 1911 - Civil War Vet
BROOKS, Clementine. Spouse of John. Born 1825, died ??
BROOKS, Elizabeth. Spouse of U. John. Born 11-??-1849*, died 9-20-1876. Age: 26y 10m
BROOKS, Frederick P. Spouse of Lydia Phillips. Born 1819, died 1-6-1890 - Born in NY, wed in 1843 in Clara, died in Lodge Pole NE. (1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 Clara Census) - Civil War Vet
BROOKS, John. Spouse of Clementine. Born 1818, died 1907 - Civil War Vet, Co F 210th PA Vols, Cpl.
BROOKS, Lydia (Phillips). Spouse of Frederick F. Born 1828, died 1-9-1890 - Born in NY, wed in 1843 in Clara, died in Lodge Pole NE. (1850 Clara Census)
CARPENTER, Betsey. Spouse of Joseph B. Born 1806, died ?? - Born in Maine
CARPENTER, Joseph. Born 1846, died ?? - Son of Joseph B and Betsey Carpenter
CARPENTER, Joseph B. Spouse of Betsey. Born 1807, died 1864 - Son of Joseph Carpenter, I - Civil War Vet, Co K 149th PA Vols, Pvt. Transferred to Veteran Reserve Corps on March 15, 1864 - discharged on August 26, 1862 by General Order on July 7, 1865.
CARPENTER, Joseph I. Born 1775, died 1854 - Born in CT - Revolutionary War Vet
CARPENTER, Lewis J. Spouse of Rachel Fish/ Elizabeth Munson. Born 1828, died 11-1-1900 - Born in NY, a lumberman. (1870, 1880 Clara Census) (1900 Oswayo shows wed 10 years to Elizabeth.) - Civil War Vet, Co K, 149th PA Vols, Pvt. Lost an arm at Gettysburg. Discharged on October 11, for wounds received at Gettysburg, Pa. on July 1, 1863.
CARPENTER, Philip B. Born 1824, died 1858
CARPENTER, Rachel (Fish). Spouse of Lewis J. Born 1834, died aft 1880 - Born in PA. (1870, 1880 Clara Census)
CARPENTER, Sarah. Born 1803, died ?? - Mother of William D. Carpenter. (1870, 1880 Clara Census)
CHAMPLIN, Harley James. Born 4-16-1999, died 4-17-1999
CHAMPLIN, Jane D. (Knowlton). Spouse of Lyle Sr. [Dave]. Born 10-27-1958, died 11-25-2006. Age: 48 - Dau of Lester W. and Geneva I. (Stevens) Knowlton. Wed 11-21-2000
CHANDLER, Charles. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 1802, died ?? - Born in NY. (1860 Clara Census)
CHANDLER, Elizabeth. Spouse of Charles. Born 1805, died 6-18-1877 - Born in MA. (1860, 1870 Clara Census)
CHANDLER, Orrin. Born 1848, died 186? - Son of Charles and Elizabeth Chandler. Born in PA. (1860 Clara Census) - Civil War Vet
CHRISTMAN, Asahel. Spouse of Martha Cole. Born 8-4-1837, died 1-17-1889. Age: 51y 5m 13d - Son of Lewis D and Abigail Christman. (1870, 1880 Clara Census spell surname CHRISTMAN - Civil War Vet, Co H, 184th PA Vols, Sgt.
CHRISTMAN, Martha (Cole). Spouse of Asahel. Born 9-??-1844, died 1930 - Dau of Jacob and Nancy (Clark) Cole. (1900 Clara Census)
CLINTON, Betty Ann. Born 4-2-1958, died 6-2-1958. Age: 2m
COLE, Jacob *. Spouse of Nancy Clark. Born 1818, died 1889 - (1850, 1870 Clara Census) (Stone: 1808) - Civil War Vet
COLE, Nancy (Clark). Spouse of Jacob. Born 1822, died 1-21-1911 - (1870 Clara Census. I900 census gives birthdate as Aug, 1821,)
COLLEY, Charles E. Spouse of Margaret N. Swift. Born 12-16-1908, died 7-12-1987 - Son of Earnest and Ella (Wilson) Colley
COLLEY, Margaret N. (Swift). Spouse of Charles E. Born 8-29-1917, died 9-24-2003. Age: 86 - Dau of Wright and Neva (Sperl) Swift. Wed 11-6-1952 in Millport PA
CONKLIN, Charles H. Spouse of Ellamae S. Born 6-15-1919, died 8-20-1988 - WW II Vet, US Army, SSgt
CONKLIN, Ellamae S. Spouse of Charles H. Born 1934, died ?? - [Together Forever]
DAWLEY, Frank. Spouse of Anna McDonald. Born 6-15-1865, died 11-5-1892. Age: 27y 4m 20d - Son of John and Lucinda (Robbins) Dawley
DAWLEY, John. Spouse of Lucinda Robbins. Born 1846, died 1882 - Died in July or August. Wed abt 1864, five children - Civil War Vet
DAWLEY, Warner [Walter]. Born 1-4-1888, died 1-20-1888. Age: 16d - Oldest Son of Frank and Anna (McDonald) Dawley
DEARING, Charles. Born 1856, died 12-15-1858. Age: 2y - Son of James and Susannah Tyler C. Dearing
DEARING, James. Born 1834, died 1869 - Civil War Vet
DICKINSON, James Leroy. Born 4-15- 1895, died 8-1895 - Son of L. H. and Lora (Allen) Dickinson
DULBEE, Benjamin. Born 1793, died 1860 - War of 1812 and Mexican War Vet, Col.
EARLE, Alice. Spouse of W.M. Born ??, died ??
EARLE, William McCrady. Born 1831, died 1905 - See EARL, William M. in 1880 Hebron Census. - Civil War Vet
FISH, Edwin. Born 1859, died 6-11- 1863. Age: 4y - Son of Garrett and Louise (Carpenter) Fish
FISH, Ezra. Born 1855, died ?? - (1870 Clara Census)
FISH, Garrett. Spouse of Louise Carpenter. Born 1819, died 1895 - (1870 Clara Census) - Civil War Vet, Co F (EM1863), 47th PA Vols, Pvt. Discharged on August 14, 1863.
FISH, Louise (Carpenter). Spouse of Garrett. Born ??, died ??
FOSMER, Andrew Jackson [Jackson]. Spouse of Emma N. Moate. Born 5-1860, died ?? - Son of Ira and Lydia (Lyman) Fosmer. (1860, 1880, 1900, 1920 Clara Census)
FOSMER, Emma N. (Moate). Spouse of Andrew Jackson. Born 2-6-1867, died 9-15-1959
FOSMER, Esley. Born 10-10-1843, died 2-6-1853. Age: 9y 3m 27d - Son of Garrett and Minerva (Cole) Lyman Fosmer. (1850, 1860 Clara Census)
FOSMER, Foster. Born 11-30-1846, died 6-28-1912 - Son of Ira and Lydia (Lyman) Fosmer. (1850 Clara Census) - Civil War Vet
FOSMER, Freeman. Born 1850, died ?? - Son of Ira and Lydia (Lyman) Fosmer. (1860 Clara Census)
FOSMER, Garrett R. Jr. Spouse of Lucy Haynes. Born 1845, died 1911 - Son of Garrett and Minerva (Cole) Fosmer. (1850, 1860, 1880 Clara Census) - Civil War Vet
FOSMER, Garrett Sr. Spouse of #1 Lovina Skelenger, #2 Minerva (Cole) Lyman. Born 7-23-1796, died 1-23-1868 - Born in CT. Wed in 1818 in Onondaga Co NY. (In the 1840 Clara Census)
FOSMER, Howard A. Spouse of Irma Shattuck. Born 3-19- 1897, died 3-6-1972 - Son of Andrew J. and Emma (Moate) Fosmer. (1920 Clara Census)
FOSMER, Ira. Spouse of Lydia Lyman. Born 12-29-1819, died ?? - Son of Garrett and Minerva (Cole) Fosmer. Born in Onandaga Co NY. Came to Clara Twp in 1833. Wed 1-1-1846, five children (1850 Clara Census)
FOSMER, Ira J. Spouse of Cleo (Lewis) Hurd. Born 4-1894, died 1956 - Son of Andrew J. and Emma (Moate) Fosmer. (1920 Clara Census)
FOSMER, Irma L (Shattuck). Spouse of Riley Foster/ Howard A. Born 1896, died 1972
FOSMER, John Earl. Spouse of Georgia Bailey. Born 10-1895, died 1931 - Son of Andrew J. and Emma (Moate) Fosmer
FOSMER, Lola M. (Chapman). Spouse of Paul F. Born 10-29-1928, died 6-13-2010. Age: 81 - Dau of Ernest G. and Sarah J. (Stephenson) Chapman, born in Millport. Wed 8-5-1950 in Millport, 2 children.
FOSMER, Lucy (Haynes). Spouse of Garrett R. Jr. Born 4-24-1851, died 2-16-1927 - Dau of Daniel and Electa (Stone) Haynes
FOSMER, Lydia (Lyman). Spouse of Ira. Born 1817, died ?? - Dau of John and Lucretia (Palmer) Lyman. Wed 1-1-1846
FOSMER, Minerva (Cole). Spouse of #1? Lyman, #2 Garret Fosmer Sr. Born 1793, died ?? - COLE-LYMAN. Born in NY. (1850 Clara Census). 1883 Roll of Civil War Pensioners lists Minerva as 'Widow 1812'
FOSMER, Paul F. Spouse of Lola M. Chapman. Born 11-215-1926, died 6-21-2009. Age: 82 - Son of Ira and Cleo (Lewis) Fosmer. Born in Coudersort. Wed 8-10-1950 in Millport PA, 2 children - WW II Vet, Italy
FULLER, Ann E. Spouse of George F. Born 9-30-1832*, died 4-21-1853. Age: 20y 6m 21d - Dau of Salena (Starr) Barnes
FULLER, George. Spouse of Ann E. Born ??, died 1877 - Civil War Vet
FULLER, Laitus. Born 1793, died 1877
GLINES, Ellen L. (Stevens). Spouse of Timothy A. Born 1846, died 2-13-1907 - Dau of Juno and Lodema (Sutherland) Stevens. Father collapsed and died at her funeral.
GRAVES, Eliza (Allen). Spouse of William B. Born 1823, died 1896 - Dau of Richard W. and amy (Connable) Allen
GRAVES, William B. Dr. Spouse of Eliza Allen. Born 1816, died 1894 - Born in NY, a doctor. (1860 Clara Census) - Civil War Vet, US Medical Corps. a doctor
GRAVES, William Giles. Born 8-??-1849, died 1900 - Son of Dr. William B. and Eliza (Allen) Graves. (1850, 1860, 1900 Clara Census)
GRODEVANT, Sarah E. (Fosmer) [Sally]. Spouse of William E. Born 12-27-1889, died 12-4-1951. Age: 61y 11m 7d - Dau of Garrett R. and Lucy (Haynes) Fosmer, Jr.
GRODEVANT, William E. Spouse of Sarah E. Fosmer. Born 1868, died 4-11-1942. Age: 80 - Son of Henry and Pheobe (Labar) Grodevant. (1920 Clara Census)
HALLADAY, David L. Born 1943, died 1949 - Son of Lewis and Gladys (Shelley) Halladay
HALLADAY, Earl. Spouse of Gladys M. Shelley. Born ??, died 10-18-1994 - Son of Marvin - R and Marie (Fuller) Halladay. Wed 11-26-1989 in Sharon Center PA. Married his brother's widow.
HALLADAY, Gladys M. (Shelley). Spouse of Lewis H./ Earl. Born 6-10-1921, died 1-1-2004. Age: 82 - [Together Forever] Dau of Delbert and Lydia (Main) Shelley. Wed first, on 10-26-1937, Lewis Halliday. Wed 2nd, on 11-26-1989, Earl Halliday.
HALLADAY, Lewis H. Spouse of Gladys M. Shelley. Born 5-17-1914, died 2-21-1988 - Son of Marvin - R and Marie (Fuller) Halladay. Wed 10-26-1937 in Rixford
HALLADAY, Marvin Lewis. Born 1-6-1939, died 1-7- 1940 - Son of Lewis and Gladys (Shelley) Halladay
HANSON, Donald Jr. Born 9-13-1965, died 3-1-1971
HANSON, Donald Sr. Born 12-4-1937, died 8-14-2003. Age: 65 - Son of George and Gertrude Hanson. Born in Bradford PA
HAY, Alexander. Spouse of Mary Sloat. Born 1824, died aft 1880 - Son of John Hay. (1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 Clara Census)
HAY, George Ransom. Born 7-1853, died 2-25-1940. Age: 86 - Son of John and Ruth (Sloat) Hay.
HAY, John Jr. Spouse of Ruth Sloat. Born 2-1823, died 8-11-1862. Age: 39 - Cenotaph next to father's grave. Son of John Sr. and ? Hay. Born in NY, died in Culpeper VA. Five children. - Civil War DOW, Co H 46th Inf PA Vols, Pvt. Mustered in 7-12-1862. Died on August 11, 1862 of wounds received at Cedar Mountain, VA on August 9, 1862.
HAY, John Sr. Spouse of #1 ?, #2 Sarah S. Phillips, #3 Nancy ?. Born 1783, died 186? - Five children with first wife, - War of 1812 Vet
HAY, Mary (Sloat). Spouse of Alexander. Born 1832, died 1921 - (1850, 1870, 1880 Clara Census)
HAY, Ruth (Sloat). Spouse of John Jr. Born 9-1825, died 2-1919. Age: 93 - Dau of Archibald and Rachel (Dickinson) Sloat. Born in NY, Potter Co PA. Five children.
INGHAM, Beverly A. (Albney) Snay. Spouse of #1 Milton D. Snay, #2Vernon R. Ingham Sr. Born 4-21-1934, died 5-16-2009. Age: 75 - Dau of Tony V. and Augustina [Ann] (Maracco) Albney. Born in Hamilton MT, lived and died in Potter County. Wed milton in 1944, four children, divorced. Wed Vernon 11-11-1982 in Coudersport
INGHAM, Vernon R., Sr. Spouse of #1 ?, #2 Beverly A. Albney. Born 2-25-1925, died 4-23-2011. Age: 86 - Son of Herbert V. and Gladys (Caples) Ingham. Born in Chester PA, died in Danville PA. Seven children, mother not named. Wed Beverly 11-11-1982 in Coudersport - WW II Vet, US Navy, S1. Aboard USS Yosemite, 1944-1946
INGRAHAM, George Jr. Born 1826, died 1889 - Civil War Vet
INGRAHAM, Leighton E. Born ??, died 1871 - Civil War Vet
IVES, Alice A. Born 1851, died 9-1- 1871 - Dau of Herman B. and Experience (Clark) Ives
IVES, Rosella (Hay). Born 6-1895, died 7-21-1927. Age: 71 - Dau of John Jr. and Ruth (Sloat) Hay.
IVES, William M. Born 1853, died 1872 - Son of Herman B. and Experience (Clark) Ives - Civil War Vet
JANDREW, John A. Born 1969, died 1994
JONES, Ivah S. (Sperl). Spouse of #1 Fred M. Walker, #2 Robert F. Jones. Born 4-15-1893, died ?? - Son of John and Mae (Christman) Sperl, twin to Ina Sperl. One son with Fred.
JONES, James [Jimmie]. Born 1865, died 1953
JONES, Robert F. Born 1904, died ??
KILBOURN, Leon. Spouse of #1 Careene M. Shattuck, #2 Martha Corwin. Born 4-22-1918, died 1-30-1977. Age: 58 - Son of George T. and Viola A. (Bennett) Kilbourn. Born in Manchester VT, lived in Shinglehouse PA, died in Olean NY. Wed Careene 1941, no children divorced. Three children with Martha.
KILBOURN, Martha. Spouse of Leon. Born 5-1-1917, died 7-29-1987 - Dau of Walter and Dora (Bridge) Corwin. Three children.
KNOWLTON, Geneva I. (Stevens). Spouse of Lester W. Born 8-17-1914, died 5-31-1993 - Dau of Joseph and Lydia (Grimes) Stevens
KNOWLTON, Lester W. Spouse of Geneva I. Stevens. Born 1909, died 3-19-1990
LORD, Harry. Spouse of #1 ?, #2 ?, #3 Louisa Gordon. Born 1823, died 9-1899 - Son of William and Polly Lord. Wed first wife in 1847, two children. One son by second wife, and two children with Louisa. - Civil War Vet
LORD, Louisa Susan (Gordon). Spouse of Harry. Born 1832, died 8-9-1913 - Wed abt 1864, two children.
LOUNSBURY, Sylvia M. Born 10-7-1974, died 6-4-2003. Age: 28 - [Beloved mother]
MCWILLIAMS, W. D. Born 1809, died 1881 - Civil War Vet
MOFFITT, Arthur. Born 11-??-1866, died 1913 - Son of Julius and Catherine (Brooks) Moffitt. (1900 Clara Census)
MOFFITT, Catherine (Brooks). Spouse of Julius C. Born 2-??-1831, died 1910 - Born in NY. At least five children. (1860, 1870, 1880, 1900 Clara Census)
MOFFITT, Infant. Born 1860, died ?? - Child of Julius and Catherine (Brooks) Moffit.(1860 Clara Census)
MOFFITT, Julius C. Spouse of Catherine Brooks. Born 1825, died 9-26-1898 - GAR Marker. Born in NY. At least five children. (1870, 1860 1880 Clara Census) - Civil War Vet, Dr. Graves Nurse
MORRIS, Henry A. Born 1880*, died 1940. Age: 60
MUNSON, Eanes [Enos]. Born 1837, died 1862 - Cenotaph. Son of Dr. and Mrs. H.H. Munson. Died in Lynchburg VA. - Civil War Vet, Co G 46 PA Vols, Pvt. Captured at Winchester, VA on May 25, 1862 - died on August 6, 1862 - burial record on July 22, 1862 - buried at Lynchburg, VA
NIVER, Frank G. Spouse of Laura L. Ives. Born 7-8- 1895, died 10-9-1974
NIVER, Laura L (Ives). Spouse of Frank G. Born 1-25-1903, died 3-9- 1987 - Dau of Rosco and Anna (Schaner) Ives
PERKINS, Jack C. Jr. Born 4-29-1957, died 4-30- 1959 - [In Memory of our Son]
PETROSEWITZ, Anthony [Tony]. Spouse of Ruth E. Wakley. Born 1-1-1919, died 12-13-2006. Age: 87 - Son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Palmatier) Petrosewitz. Wed 8-18-1945 in Coudersport PA - "WW II Vet, US Army, T/Sgt
Wounded in the battle of the Bulge. Purple Heart, Bronze Star"
PETROSEWITZ, Jane Louise. Born 6-12-1959, died 6-12-1959 - [Our Darling Jane Louise] Dau of Anthony and Ruth (Wakley) Petrosewitz
PETROSEWITZ, Ruth Emma (Wakley). Spouse of Anthony. Born 7-25-1923, died 11-22-2005. Age: 82 - Dau of Clint B. and Ruth E. (Fosmer) Wakley. Born in Clara PA. Wed 8-18-1945 in Coudersport PA
PFIEFER, Peter. Born 1887, died 1958 - WW II Vet, US Army
PHILLIPS, Isaac. Spouse of #1 Lydia Weed, #2 Susannah Scott. Born 3-20-1762, died 7-5-1858 - Born in Frederickstown NY, died in Clara PA. Nine children with Lydia, Wed Susannah after 1838. Living with his son Nathan in the 1840, 1850 Clara Census - "Revolutionary War Vet, Weissenfel's NY Regt, Pvt.
Enlisted at age of 15 years as a Drummer Boy "
PHILLIPS, John B. Spouse of Mary Richardson. Born 5-27-1818, died 7-20-1864 - Cenotaph. Buried at Chattanooga, TN, Sect F, Site 1653. - Civil War, Co G, 46th PA Vols, Pvt. Died on July 20, 1864 - buried at Chattanooga, TN,
PHILLIPS, Moses R. Born 4-12-1842, died 8-21-1865. Age: 23y 4m 9d - Son of John B. and Mary (Richardson) Phillips - Civil War Vet, Co G, 46th PA Vols, Pvt. Discharged on Surgeon's Certificate at January 29, 1864.
PHILLIPS, Nathaniel I. [Nathan]. Spouse of #1 ?, #2 Sally (?) Hay. Born 7-11-1784, died 10-18-1864. Age: 80 - Son of Isaac and Lydia (Weed) Phillips. Born in NY, died in Potter Co. (In the 1840 Clara Census) - War of 1812 Vet, Ground Rangers, Capt.
PHILLIPS, Sarah Susannah (?) Hay [Sally]. Spouse of #1 John Hay Sr., #2 Nathan Phillips. Born 5-2-1787, died 11-1882 - Born in Mass.
PLYMETT, Eliza M. Born 6-5-1855, died 10-9-1862 - Dau of Isaac and Nancy (Allen) Plymett
POTTER, Robert. Born 1786, died 1863 - War of 1812 Vet
RANDOLPH, Burt J. Spouse of Cora Greene. Born 5-1881, died 1953 Born in Richburg NY. Given name is Albert John
RANDOLPH, Cora (Greene). Spouse of Burt J. Born 1886, died 1963
RICHARDSON, Anna H. (Phillips). Spouse of Moses G. Born 3-11- 1777, died 6-26-1852. Age: 75y 3m 15d - Dau of Isaac and Susannah (?) Phillips
RICHARDSON, Frederick D. Born 6- 1807, died 8-29-1860. Age: 53y 2m - Son of M.G. and Anna H (Phillips) Richardson
ROBBINS, Josiah. Spouse of #1 ?, #2 Lucinda (Robbins) Dawley. Born 1-1854, died 1904 - Son of Asher and Sarah (VanGilder) Robbins. Three children with first wife. Wed Lucinda abt 1886, one daughter.
SEALY, Ernest Merle [Merle]. Spouse of Nina Wood. Born 11-1878, died 1945 - Son of George and Miranda (Hay) Sealy. Wed 6-15-1902. (1880, 1900 Clara Census)
SEALY, George Nelson. Spouse of Miranda Hay. Born 4-11-1847, died 5-27-1930 - Son of John and Nancy (Edwards) Sealy. Born in NY (1880 Clara Census)
SEALY, Miranda (Hay). Spouse of George Nelson. Born 11-20-1854, died 2-21-1910 - Dau of Alexander and Mary (Sloat) Hay. (1920 Clara Census)
SEALY, Nina E. (Wood). Spouse of Ernest Merle. Born 1881, died 8-22-1952 - Dau of Edwin and Olive (Glines) Wood. Wed 6-15-1902
SHELLEY, Dawn. Spouse of Melvin R. Born 1942, died ?? - Top of stone: [There Are No Partings In Heaven]
SHELLEY, Delbert. Spouse of Lydia (Main) Smith. Born 1888, died 1972 - Son of Searles N. and Elizabeth E. (Brace) Shelley. Wed Lydia abt 1910 and adopted her three children, also had five children with Lydia.
SHELLEY, Dolson. Spouse of #1 Hattie Searles, #2 Margaret Keller. Born 7-22-1884, died 8-1975. Age: 91 - Son of Searles N. and Elizabeth E. (Brace) Shelley. Born in Allegany Co NY, died in Catt co NY. Hattie d. 1907. At least three children with Margaret. Funeral Home Marker
SHELLEY, Donald Lewis. Born 10-2-1936, died 3-24-1961. Age: 24 - Son of Dolson and Margaret (Keller) Shelley. Funeral Home Marker
SHELLEY, Irene (Wellman). Spouse of Ralph R. Born 9-7- 1919, died 11-3-1979 - Dau of Charles and Fannie (Hornsby) Wellman. Died in Dover DE. Five children. [Beloved Wife]
SHELLEY, Larry D. Born 10-10-1946, died 12-23-1946 - [At Rest]
SHELLEY, Lucy Jean (Nelson). Spouse of Merle D. Sr. Born 8-10-1940, died 12-19-1976. Age: 36 - Dau of George E. and Lucille (Fisk) Nelson. Killed in aut accident in Little Genesee NY. Five childdren. Funeral Home Marker
SHELLEY, Margaret (Keller). Spouse of Dolson. Born 9-2-1909, died 11-25-1995. Age: 86 - Dau of Archie R. and Eunice B. (Elliot) Keller. Three children. Funeral Marker
SHELLEY, Melvin R. Spouse of Dawn. Born 1942, died 1961 - [Till We Meet Again]
SHELLEY, Merle D. Sr. Spouse of #1 Lucy J. Nelson, #2 Cathy Carmen. Born 8-17-1940, died 2-14-2017. Age: 76 - Son of Dolson and Margaret (Keller) Shelley. Born in Andove NY, died in Olean NY. Five children with Lucy. Five children with Cathy.
SHELLEY, Ralph Ray. Spouse of Irene Wellman. Born 7-28-1922, died 11-23-2005. Age: 83 - Five children. Seems to be cremains on wife's grave.
SLOAT, Francisco R. Born 2-1846*, died 4-5-1846. Age: 2m - Son of Ransom and Sarah (Ingraham) Sloat
SLOAT, Ransom. Spouse of Sarah Ingraham. Born 1822, died 1878 - Son of Archibald and Rachel (Dickinson) Sloat. Six children. - Civil War Vet
SLOAT, Sarah (Ingraham). Spouse of Ransom. Born ??, died ??
SPARKS, John. Spouse of Naomi. Born 1811, died 3-14-1825. Age: 76 - Son of Mercy Lovina (Clark) Sparks. (1850 Clara Census)
SPARKS, Mercy Lovina (Clark). Born 1771, died 1851 - Revolutionary War Widow. Living with son John in 1850 Clara Census
SPARKS, Naomi. Spouse of John. Born 1819, died ?? - (1850 Clara Census)
SPERL, Ina. Born 7-15-1893*, died 1-25-1897. Age: 3y 6m 10d - Dau of John and May (Christman) Sperl, twin to Iva Jones.
SPERL, Jay H. Born 9-??-1897, died 1931 - Son of John and May (Christman) Sperl
SPERL, John H. Spouse of May Christman. Born 6-1857, died 8-8-1936 - Born in NY. (1900, 1920 Clara Census)
SPERL, May (Christman). Spouse of John H. Born 5-1867, died 1944 - Dau of Asahel and Martha (Cole) Christman. (1900 Clara Census)
STAYSA, James C. Born 1835, died ?? - Son of Timothy C. and Margaret F. Staysa - Civil War Vet, Co H 71st Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 5-12-1861 for three years. Discharged for disability 9-8-1863 at Camp Conlalexcent VA. [Carried as Stacey, James]
STAYSA, Josiah D. Spouse of #1 Susan Barnes, #2 Salena (Starr) Barnes. Born 1812, died 1891 - Born in NY. At least four children iwht Susan. Josiah married second, the widow of Susan's brother, Gabrial abt 1866. Gabrial died in the Civil War. (1850 Clara Census)
STAYSA, Margaret F. (Snath). Spouse of Timothy C. Born 1799, died ?? - Living in 1860 Clara Census
STAYSA, Salena I. (Starr) Barnes. Spouse of #1 Gabriel Barnes, #2 Josiah D. Staysa. Born 11-28-1813, died 9-10-1885. Age: 71 - Born in London England, died in Millport PA. At least nine children with Gabriel. Wed Josiah abt 1866.
STAYSA, Susan F. (Barnes). Spouse of Josiah D. Born 5-21-1814*, died 3-28-1865. Age: 50y 10m 7d - Dau of Susannah (Phillips) Barnes. Born in NY. (1850 Clara Census)
STAYSA, Timothy C. Spouse of Margaret F. Born 1801, died ?? - Born in CT. Brother of Josiah D. Staysa
STEVENS, Beatrice V. (Marble). Spouse of Keith D. Born 9-18-1914, died Uncut
STEVENS, Hersel R. Jr. Born 1960, died 1961 - Son of Hersel R. and Jean E. Stevens, Sr.
STEVENS, Hersel R. Sr. Spouse of #1 Jean E., #2 Helen Stewart. Born 4-1-1923, died 2-8-1997. Age: 73 - Son of Joseph and Lydia (Grimes) Stevens. Wed Helen on 7-12-1980 in Coudersport PA
STEVENS, Jean E. Spouse of Hersel R. Sr. Born 1935, died Uncut
STEVENS, Joseph L. Spouse of Lydia Grimes. Born 9-14-1888, died 2-1979. Age: 90 - At least nine children.
STEVENS, Juna. Spouse of Lodema Sutherland. Born 2-1818, died 1907 - Son of Martha Hasleton Stevens, Born in VT. (1870 Sharon Census) - Civil War Vet
STEVENS, Kate (Lord). Spouse of Walter J. Born 1-18-1870, died 3-24-1938. Age: 68 - Dau of Harry and Louisa (Gordon) Lord. Born in Oswayo PA, died in Clara PA. Wed 1893. (1900 Sharon Census: 1872)
STEVENS, Keith D. Spouse of Beatrice V. Marble. Born 10-16-1912, died 2-2-1994 - Son of Joseph L. and Lydia (Grimes) Stevens.
STEVENS, Lewis. Born 1830, died 1869 - Civil War Vet
STEVENS, Lodema (Sutherland). Spouse of Juna. Born 9-1825, died 1911 - (1870 Sharon Census)
STEVENS, Lydia (Grimes). Spouse of Joseph L. Born 1890, died 1966
STEVENS, Lydia (Jones). Spouse of Sala. Born 1-13-1816, died 7-5-1874 - Dau of Anthony, Sr. and Catherine (Stevens) Jones. Born in VT. (1850 Clara Census)
STEVENS, Mabel (Tyler) Crittle. Spouse of #1 Umphrey J. Stevens, #2 Fred Crittle. Born 1889, died 19?? - Dau of Leon L. and Eva A. (Cole) Tyler. Wed Umphrey 9-12-1908. Wed Fred in the 1940s.
STEVENS, Sala C. Spouse of #1 Lydia Jones, #2 Kate (Haley) Seals. Born 1813, died ?? - Son of Asa and Patty (Hazelton) Stevens. Born in Windham Co VT. Came to Sharon Twp in 1838. Six daughters with Lydia.
STEVENS, Umphrey J. Spouse of Mabel Taylor. Born 12-2-1880, died 1937 - Son of Frank B. Stevens. Wed 9-12-1908
STEVENS, Walter Judson. Spouse of Kate Lord. Born 1857, died 1942 - Son of Juna and Lodema (Sutherland) Stevens. Wed in 1893. - Spanish Amer. War Vet, Army/Navy
SWIFT, Florence Evelyn (Thorton). Spouse of Jerome H. Born 7-19-1917, died 7-1987
SWIFT, Helen M. Born 8-4-1918, died 8-4-1918. Age: 2y 11m - Dau of Theodore and Neva (Sperl) Swift
SWIFT, Jerome Harold [Hook]. Spouse of Florence E. Thornton. Born 6-24-1914, died 4-26- 2002. Age: 87 - Son of Theodore and Neva (Sperl) Swift
SWIFT, Neva Mae (Sperl). Spouse of Theodore Wright. Born 7-20-1891, died 11-27-1970. Age: 79 - Dau of John and May (Christman) Sperl. Six children.
SWIFT, Russell Jay. Born 9-1919, died 12-6-1919 - Son of Theodore and Neva (Sperl) Swift. Born and died in Cross Fork PA.
SWIFT, Theodore Wright. Spouse of Neva M. Sperl. Born 1889, died 1953 - Son of Leonard Jerome and Nellie (Clare) Swift. Six children.
TYLER, Charles F. Spouse of Eliza I. Dearing. Born 5-6-1834, died 12-6-1881 - Son of Joshua and Lois (Bacon) Tyler. Born in VT. (1850 Clara Census) - Civil War Vet
TYLER, Eliza I. (Dearing). Spouse of Charles F. Born 1-6-1840, died Uncut - (In 1900 Sharon Census)
TYLER, Eva A. (Cole). Spouse of Leon L. Born 7-1871, died 1-19-1947 - Dau of Roscoe and Mary (Jones) Cole.
TYLER, George. Spouse of ??. Born 1821, died 1-1911. Age: 91 - Son of Joshua and Lois (Bacon) Tyler. Two sons. - Civil War Vet
TYLER, Infant. Born ??, died 12-22- 1856 - Infant of Charles and Eliza (Dearing) Tyler.
TYLER, James M. Born 5-23-1917, died 1-29-1923 - Son of Harry B. and Lisa E. Tyler. (1920 Clara Census)
TYLER, James N. Spouse of Malinda. Born 1827, died ?? - Son of Joshua and Lois (Bacon) Tyler. Born in VT. (1850 Clara Census)
TYLER, Joshua. Spouse of #1 Lydia Farr, #2 Lois Bacon. Born 8-16-1781, died 3-19-1858. Age: 76y 7m - Son of Dr. Joshua and Judith (Ayers) Tyler, born in Chesterfield NH. Wed Lydia in 1804, one son. She died in 1805. Wed Lois in 1810 in Chesterfield, 8 children. (1850, 1860, 1880 Clara Census) - War of 1812 Vet
TYLER, Leon L. Spouse of Eva A. Cole. Born 1866, died 1936 - Son of James and Malinda Tyler. (1880, 1920 Clara Census)
TYLER, Lois (Bacon). Spouse of Joshua. Born 1791, died ?? - Born in VT. (1850 Clara Census)
TYLER, Malinda S. Spouse of James. Born 1833, died ??
WACKWITZ, Bryon H. Born 1944, died 1983 - Son of Melvin Sr. and Isabelle (Shelley) Wackwitz.
WACKWITZ, Isabelle (Shelley). Spouse of Melvin. Born 1919, died 199? - Dau of Delbert and Lydia (Main) Shelley
WACKWITZ, Melvin. Spouse of Isabelle Shelley. Born 1916, died 1966
WAKLEY, Ada M. (Lamberson). Spouse of Harvey. Born 1866, died 1907 - Dau of Henry and Charlotte (Staysa) Lamberton. Wed 11-24-1886.
WAKLEY, Burr S. Spouse of Mary E. Emery. Born 1846, died 11-12-1923 - Son of Samuel and Sarah (Cole) Wakley. Wed 2-6-1878, 5 children. (1850, 1860, 1880, 1920 Clara Census) - Civil War Vet, Co G 53rd PA Vols, Pvt. Discharged by General Order on May 15, 1865.
WAKLEY, Clint B. Spouse of Ruth E. Fosmer. Born 2-4-1888, died 1-13- 1975 - Son of Burr and Mary (Emery) Wakley. Wed 7-7-1919. - WW I Vet, US Army. France
WAKLEY, Fred B. Born 1879, died 2-19-1885. Age: 6y 13d - Son of Burr and Mary (Emery) Wakley. (1880 Clara Census)
WAKLEY, George D. Jr. Spouse of Nora M. Goss. Born 1886, died 1939 - Son of Burr and Mary (Emery) Wakley. (1880, 1920 Clara Census)
WAKLEY, George D. Sr. Born 1842, died 9-1864 - Son of Samuel and Sarah (Cole) Wakley. (1850 Clara Census) - Civil War DOW, Co I 85th INF NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted at Allagany NY 11-30-1861 for three years. Discharged for disability 1-30-1864 at Plymouth NC. Died at home of chest wound.
WAKLEY, Harvey. Spouse of Ada M. Lamberson. Born 1848, died ?? - Son of Samuel and Sarah (Cole) Wakley. Wed 11-24-1886. (1850, 1860,, 1870, 1880 Clara Census)
WAKLEY, Henry S. Born 7-4-1888, died 12-6-1888 - Son of Harvey and Ada (Lamberson) Wakley
WAKLEY, Levi J. Born 1892, died ?? - Son of Burr and Mary (Emery) Wakley
WAKLEY, Lottie M. Born 6-29- 1890, died 3-14-1891 - Dau of Harvey and Ada (Lamberson) Wakley. Given name is Chalotte.
WAKLEY, Mary Elise (Emery). Spouse of Burr S. Born 1854, died 1914 - Dau of Daniel and Elsie () Emery. Born in Allegany Co NY. Wed 2-6-1878, 5 children.
WAKLEY, Nathan. Born 17??, died ?? - (1840 Clara Census) Nathan was between 30 and 40.
WAKLEY, Nora M. (Goss). Spouse of George D. Born ??, died ??
WAKLEY, Robert. Born 1778, died 1838 - War of 1812 Vet
WAKLEY, Ruth E (Fosmer). Spouse of Clint B. Born 10-16-1891, died 11-2-1981 - Dau of Andrew Jackson and Emma (Moate) Fosmer. Wed 7-7-1919.
WAKLEY, Sabra Lucille. Born 4-13-1916, died 9-3-1918 - Dau of George D. and Nora M. (Goss) Wakley
WAKLEY, Samuel H. Jr. Spouse of Sarah Cole. Born 2-14- 1812, died 8-29-1888 - Son of Samuel and Margaret (Lewis) Wakley I. Born in Yates Co, NY. (1860, 1870 Clara Census)
WAKLEY, Samuel H. Sr. Spouse of Margaret Lewis. Born 1774, died 1852 - (1840 Clara Census) - War of 1812 Vet, 23rd Regt (Cook's) NY Militia, Pvt
WAKLEY, Sarah (Cole) [Sally]. Spouse of Samuel II. Born 1822, died 1886 - Dau of Jacob and Sarah (Clark) Cole. (1850 Clara Census)
WEISENFELS, ? - No other information - Revolutionary War Vet.
WELLMAN, John Edward. Born 3-12-1923, died 6-2-1994 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
ZWACK, Joseph J. Spouse of Loretta Halladay. Born 4-2-1941, died 10-3-1984 - Son of Al and Frances (Slater) Zwack - Vietnam Vet, US Navy
ZWACK, Loretta (Halladay). Spouse of Joseph J. Born 1941, died ?? - Dau of Lewis and Gladys (Shelly) Halladay

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