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JOHN H. CARPENTER, general merchant, Genesee Fork, was born in Bingham township, Potter Co., Penn., April 11, 1852, a son of Dorous and Charity (Cuatt) Carpenter, natives of Tompkins county, N.Y., who settled in Bingham township about the year 1829, where the father cleared a good farm on which he lived and died. His children were George, Alva, Betsey (Mrs. Josiah Howe), Harriet (Mrs. Truman Hart), Belinda 1st, Belinda 2d, Michael, Louisa (Mrs. William Lamberson), Theodore, Esther (Mrs. Robert Wilcox), Julia (Mrs. William Scovill) and John H. The subject of this sketch was left an orphan when twelve years of age, and was obliged to rely on his own resources. He started in life working on a farm by the month, at which he continued five years. He then worked a farm on shares in Bingham township one year, and two years in Ulysses. In 1873 he purchased a farm in Allegheny township, most of which he cleared, and where he resided five years, following also butchering in connection with farming. In the spring of 1879 he embarked in mercantile trade at Genesee Forks, carrying on business in what had formerly been a cheese factory, for one year. In 1880 he purchased the property he now occupies, which from time to time he has had to enlarge to accommodate his increasing business. His store-room is now 24x152, and is one of the largest stores, if not the largest, in Potter county. He is an extensive dealer in agricultural implements, harness, buggies, etc. He also deals largely in horses and cattle, and handles nearly every line of merchandise. Mr. Carpenter started in business at Genesee Forks with limited means, but he is a man of push and enterprise, and is deserving of the success he has met with, and the reputation he enjoys of being one of the leading and substantial business men of Potter county. He married in September, 1878, Ida, daughter of Martin Avery, of Hornellsville, N.Y., and they have two children: Grace and Jennie. Mr. Carpenter was postmaster at Genesee Forks for seven years. Politically he is a stanch Republican.

NORMAN CHAPMAN, farmer, P.O. Genesee Fork, was born in Independence, Allegany Co., N.Y., July 22, 1838, a son of Fielder and Sarah (Knight) Chapman, who settled in Genesee township in 1854, where they cleared and improved a farm adjoining that now owned by their son Norman. They reared a family of seven children, viz.: Anson, Norman, Martha (Mrs. John R. Fessenden), Cemantha (Mrs. Josiah Webster), Percis (Mrs. J.J. Waterman), Ladurney and Ethlin. Fielder Chapman was born in Onondaga county, N.Y., November 15, 1811, and was a son of Samuel and Martha (Tyler) Chapman, natives of Connecticut, who settled in Independence, Allegany Co., N.Y., in 1824. He was married, June 24, 1835, to Sarah, daughter of Silas and Anna Knight, of Steuben county, N.Y., and, as above stated, settled in Genesee in 1854. Norman Chapman was reared in Independence and Genesee townships, and has always followed farming as an occupation. He has occupied his present farm four years. He was married, March 11, 1868, to Cordelia, daughter of John and Prudence Kruson, of Allegany Co., N.Y., and they have two children-Bertie and Guy. Mr. Chapman was a soldier in the late war, enlisting August 16, 1862, in Company K, One Hundred and Forty-ninth Pennsylvania Volunteers, and served nearly three years. He was wounded at Gettysburg, July 1, 1863, and was honorably discharged from the service in July, 1865. He is a prominent farmer and citizen, a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and of the Sons of Temperance. In politics he is a Prohibitionist.

BARNA DANIELS, farmer, P.O. Keech, was born in Bingham township, Potter Co., Penn., September 12, 1828, a son of George W. and Achsah (Hawley) Daniels, formerly of Broome county, N.Y., who settled in Bingham township in March, 1828. His father was a prominent and representative farmer, cleared and improved three farms in Bingham township, and lived and died there. He had fifteen children: Charles, Olive (Mrs. James Ardrey), Lydia A. (Mrs. Levi Quimby), Barna, Joseph W., Ruth (Mrs. George W. Gurnsey), Nathan H., Betsey J. (Mrs. Lester M. Crum), Harriet E. (Mrs. Lester Dingman), Silas, Sarah (Mrs. Thomas Morrison), Emma (Mrs. Charles Gridley), Ezra, William and John. Barna Daniels was reared in Bingham township, and in 1852 purchased the land in Genesee he now occupies, and on which he settled in 1857, and which he cleared and improved himself. He married, July 4, 1855, Julia H., daughter of Willis and Sarah (Grover) Young, of Ulysses township, this county, and to them have been born three children: Rosalie (Mrs. Gaylord Crum), Adell (Mrs. W.D. Smith), and Fannie (deceased). Mr. Daniels has held the offices of school director and judge of election. He is a Democrat in politics, and one of the enterprising and representative farmers of Genesee township.

IRA E. EASTON, farmer, P.O. Genesee Fork, was born in Madison county, N.Y., January 6, 1846, a son of Resolved and Rosina (Payne) Easton. His paternal grandfather was Theophilus Easton, a native of Providence, R.I., who was among the early settlers of Genesee township, and cleared and improved the farm now owned by William Cobb, on which he resided for many years. He is now a resident of Bingham township, and is in the ninety-seventh year of his age. His children were Resolved, Orpha (Mrs. D. Buckley), Joseph, Delighta (Mrs. Ira Robbins), Asia A. (Mrs. Graham Hurd), Cornelia (Mrs. Urial Sherman), Lincoln, William, Henry, James, John, Emeline (Mrs. A. Amidon) and Harriet (Mrs. Henry Merritt). Of these Resolved was a native of Rhode Island, and lived for a number of years in Madison county, N.Y. He settled in Genesee, Potter Co., Penn., in 1856, and was engaged in farming up to 1883, when he retired. His children were four in number, viz.: Louisa (Mrs. W.L. Roberts), Adeline (Mrs. John Leet), Ira E. and Maryette (Mrs. Colonel Cady). Ira E. Easton was reared in Genesee from nine years of age, and has always been a farmer. He married, July 4, 1867, Eliza J., daughter of Harry and Jane (Pye) Hurd, of Genesee township, and to them have been born four children: Gertrude, Maud, Esther A. and Harry. Mr. Easton is a member of the Knights of Honor and of the Equitable Aid Union. He has held most of the minor offices of the township, and is now serving his second term as justice of the peace. Politically he is a Democrat.

OLIVER W. HICKOX, farmer, P.O. Genesee Fork, was born in Windsor, Broome Co., N.Y., February 18, 1811, a son of Thomas and Hannah (Wolcott) Hickox, natives of Connecticut and Massachusetts, respectively, who were among the early settlers of Broome county, N.Y. Oliver W. Hickox was reared in his native town, and there married Harriet, daughter of Andrew and Hannah (Cole) Moore, early settlers of that county, and grand-daughter of William Moore, a native of Schenectady, N.Y., and one of the pioneers of Broome county, N.Y. The issue of this union was five children: Willard, Ansel, Hannah (Mrs. F.B. Sherman), Sarah (Mrs. Volney Stannard) and Josephine. Mr. Hickox located in Tioga county, Penn., in 1837, and one year later he proceeded to Portville, N.Y., where he remained two years. In 1841 he removed to Friendship, N.Y., where he lived three years, and then lived seven years in Belmont, N.Y., and after another year's residence in Friendship located in Genesee township, this county, about 1852, where he has since resided. For several years he was engaged in lumbering, and cleared and improved the farm he now occupies. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Politically he has always been a Democrat, and has held several of the local offices of the township.

WILLARD HICKOX, farmer, P.O. Genesee Fork, was born in Windsor, Broome Co., N.Y., February 9, 1837, a son of Oliver W. and Harriet (Moore) Hickox, who settled in Genesee township, Potter Co., Penn., about 1851. He came to Genesee with his parents, received a common-school education, and after attaining his majority began life as a farmer and lumberman, and from 1861 to 1866 was located at Titusville, Penn., where he followed teaming, and was also an inspector of oil. Since 1866, with the exception of two years, he has resided in Genesee township. In 1869 he located on the farm he now occupies, most of which he cleared, and made all improvements in buildings. In May, 1861, he married Phebe, daughter of Samuel and Charity (Thompson) Hurd, of Genesee township. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity, the Equitable Aid Union and of the Sons of Temperance. In politics he is a Democrat, and has, held most of the offices of the township.

BRYAN McGINNIS, farmer, P.O. Shongo, N.Y., was born in Ireland in 1839, came with his parents to Boston in 1842, and in 1845 removed to Angelica, Allegany Co., N.Y., thence to Wellsville, and eventually located in Genesee township at the Irish settlement. His father's family consisted of seven boys and four girls; both parents are deceased. Bryan made his home with his parents until 1860, when he married Helen Moran, daughter of Martin Moran, the first Irish settler of Genesee township, where the newly married pair also located and engaged in farming. Their children were Dennis (who was killed by lightning August 23, 1883), Maggie (now Mrs. John Chapel of Ulysses), Frank H., James, Benny, Conny and Clare. Mr. and Mrs. McGinnis are both members of the Catholic Church. Mr. McGinnis enlisted in the war of the Rebellion, in Company D, One Hundred and Seventieth New York Volunteers, but was discharged on account of disability. He is a member of Estes Post, No. 125, G.A.R. In politics he is a Democrat; was elected county commissioner in 1884, and re-elected in 1887. He has been supervisor of Genesee township nine successive years, poormaster, eight years, and secretary of the school-board seven years.

HERBERT O. PERRY, woolen manufacturer, Genesee Forks, was born in Vermont, July 22, 1814, a son of John and Margaret (Wade) Perry. He was reared in Manlius, N.Y., where he worked in a cotton factory nine years. From there he went to Pratt's Hollow, Madison Co., N.Y., in 1832, and was there superintendent of a cotton-mill until 1848, and six years of that time had an interest in the mill. In 1848 he settled in Genesee township, Potter Co., Penn., and erected a woolen factory in what at that time was a wilderness, and this he has conducted ever since. During the war he employed eight hands, but since 1870 has employed but four in the busy season. For five years he conducted a grocery in connection with his woolen factory, and in the first years of his settlement did considerable business in pine lumber. He was married, March 8, 1835, to Rebecca, daughter of Robert and Phebe (Peet) Dunbar, early settlers of Eaton, Madison Co., N.Y., and they have had four children: Harriet H. (Mrs. Benjamin Noble), Emeline (deceased), Margaret (deceased) and Herbert A. Mr. Perry is a Republican in politics, and has filled several of the minor offices of the township.

BENJAMIN F. SHERMAN, farmer and produce dealer, P.O. Genesee Fork, was born in Steuben Co., N.Y., January 20, 1840, a son of Thomas W. and Sophronia (Hurd) Sherman, who settled in Genesee township, Potter Co., Penn., in 1856, where they resided until their death. They had nine children: Phebe (Mrs. Wm. H. Jones), Benjamin F., Ellen (Mrs. Chauncey Gilber), Thomas J., Henry, Walter, Mary (Mrs. Edwin Caple), Caroline (Mrs. Norman Keech) and Samuel S. Benjamin F. Sherman in early manhood was a jobber in lumber, and from 1858 to 1862 was engaged in farming in Bingham township. He then located at Titusville, Penn., where he was engaged in various branches, including real estate and oil producing, for six years. In 1868 he purchased the farm he now occupies, in Genesee township, where he has since resided, and which he cleared and improved. He has also been more or less engaged in lumbering and in the live-stock business, and since 1884 he has made a specialty of the butter business, which averages from two to three tons per month, to supply his customers. In December, 1863, he married Hannah, daughter of Oliver W. and Harriet (Moore) Hickox, of Genesee, and they have two children: Charles W. and Harriet S. (Mrs. G.C. Russell). Mr. Sherman has held the office of mercantile appraiser, and was census enumerator for the townships of Genesee and Oswayo in 1880. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and also belongs to the Knights of Honor and the Knights of the Maccabees. In politics he is a Republican.

JEROME J. WATERMAN, proprietor of the Waterman House, Genesee Forks, was born in Oneida county, N.Y., June 19, 1842, a son of Artemas and Amanda (Worden) Waterman. His father died when Jerome was a child, and his mother afterward married William F. Smith. In 1852 his mother and stepfather settled in Genesee township, Potter Co., Penn., on the farm now owned by Mr. Waterman, which they cleared and improved. Of this family there was, besides Jerome J., one daughter, Julia A., now Mrs. John S. Atherton. Jerome J. Waterman was reared in Genesee township from ten years of age. He was in the late war of the Rebellion, enlisting in June, 1861,in Company H, Thirty-seventh New York Infantry. He was shot through the cheek at the battle of Fair Oaks, in 1862, and was wounded in the left leg at the battle of Chancellorsville, in May, 1863. He was honorably discharged, on account of expiration of term of enlistment, in June, 1863; reenlisting January 31, 1864, in Company D, Fiftieth Wisconsin Infantry, he served one year and four months, and was again honorably discharged. After the war he engaged in farming in Genesee township, and in 1871 purchased the homestead farm which he still owns and on which he resided for seventeen years. In 1887 he erected the Waterman House at Genesee Forks, of which he has since been the popular landlord. In 1866 he married Percis, daughter of Fielder and Sarah (Knight) Chapman, of Genesee township, and they have one son, William D. Mr. Waterman is a member of the Masonic fraternity and of the G.A.R. He has served one term as justice of the peace of Genesee, and in politics is a Republican.

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