West Branch Township - Potter County
GPS Coordinates: 4143'28.40"N, 7738'24.25"W
About three miles out of Galeton on the West Branch Road. Cemetery is on the right.
Walked & Photo by Donna Allen - August 2003

Where noted, some entries have been expanded with cross-references to census data. To view the census data, open the census cited and search for a name.
* denotes a birthdate calculated from the given death date and age at death.

ANTHONY, Byron G. Born 1860, died 1939 - [Gone But Not Forgotten]
ANTHONY, Lillian A. Born 1873, died 1949
BAILEY, Virginia S. (Burrous) [Dubie]. Born 1963, died 1988 - Dau of John and Regina Burrous
BAKER, Anna R. Spouse of ? Baker. Born 1864, died 3-3-1913. Age: 48 - Born in Woodhull NY.
BAKER, Barb. Born 1943, died - Dau of Roy and Pansy Baker
BAKER, Mary M. Spouse of ?. Born 1881*, died 2-22-1913. Age: 32 - Survived by 5 children.
BAKER, Pansy. Spouse of Roy. Born 1914, died 1966
BAKER, Roger Lynn. Born 2-12-1954, died 3-11-1997 - Vet, US Army, Pvt
BAKER, Roy. Spouse of Pansy. Born 1906, died 1953
BLANCHARD, Samantha. Spouse of G. H. Born 2-6-1870, died 5-14-1887
BOONE, Helen E. Born 1903, died 1904
BURROUS, Arnie. Born 6-13-1876, died 4-26- 1881 - Son of Sidney and Esther L Burrous. Diphtheria
BURROUS, B. F. Spouse of Mary A/. Born 1841, died 1913 - [Father]
BURROUS, Dell Robert. Born 3-24-1956, died 7-8-1958 - Son of Lester J. and Virginia (Knickerbocker) Burrous
BURROUS, Effa. Born 4-25-1875, died 5-7-1881 - Dau of Sydney and Esther L. Burrous. Diphtheria
BURROUS, Eva. Born, died 4-5-1876 - Dau of Sidney and Esther Burrous
BURROUS, Fred. Spouse of Mary. Born 1866, died 1926
BURROUS, Joan (Costanza). Spouse of Ronald L. Born 12-15-1943, died 5-20-2006. Age: 62 - Dau of Anthony and Carmella (Baio) Costanza. Born in Niagara Falls NY, d. Galeton PA. Wed 11-16-1963 in Wellsville NY, 4 children
BURROUS, Lester J. Spouse of Virginia Knickerbocker. Born 10-24-1918, died 11-11-1972 - Son of Jesse J. and Emma C. Burrous. Born in PA. 14 chidren. (1920 West Branch Census)
BURROUS, Lucretia. Born 6-19-1866, died 4-13-???? - Dau of B. F. and Mary A. Burrous
BURROUS, Lyman Sidney. Spouse of Esther. Born, died 10-13-1887. Age: 46y 9m 13d - Civil War Vet
BURROUS, Mary. Spouse of Fred. Born 1861, died 1928
BURROUS, Mary A. Spouse of B. F. Born 1846, died 1919 - [Mother]
BURROUS, Mort. Born 7-2-1879, died 7-8-1882 - Son. of B. F. and Mary A. Burrous
BURROUS, Sarah J. Born, died
BURROUS, Virnie. Born, died 2-3-1882. Age: 6m 12d - Dau of George and Rosa Burrous
BURROWS, Sally. Spouse of John. Born 1810*, died 2-2-1881. Age: 71 - Born in NY. (1860 West Branch Census)
BUTTON, Doris M. (Baker). Born 9-12-1937, died 3-12-2001
CHALMERS, James D. Sr. Born 1925, died 1980 - WW II Vet
CHALMERS, Mary A. (Thompson). Spouse of Robert. Born 1890, died 1981 - [Wife Of] Born in PA. (1920 Ulysses Census)
CHALMERS, Paul H. Born 1916, died 1936 - Son of Robert H. and Mary A. (Thompson) Chalmers. (1920 Ulysses Census)
CHALMERS, Robert H. Spouse of Mary A. Thompson. Born 1890, died 1960 - Born in PA, an engineer. (1920 Ulysses Census)
COMBS, William H. Spouse of Hazel. Born 1906, died 1964
CONABLE, Alice J. (Grover). Spouse of Willis. Born 1855, died 1938
CONABLE, Frederick E. Born 4-19-1931, died 3-24-200 - Korean and Vietnam Vet, USAF, Maj
CONABLE, Marnie J. Born, died 1-25-1882. Age: 4m - Dau of Willis and Alice (Grover) Conable
CONABLE, Miles. Spouse of Nellie E. Born 1861, died 1932
CONABLE, Minnie (Burrous). Spouse of Seth W. Born 6-15-1906, died 9-06-2000. Age: 94 - Dau of Belle and Rose (Stuart) Burrous. Born in West Branch Twp PA, a teacher. Died in Coudersport PA. Wed second Herbert LaRoy. Also listed there.
CONABLE, Nellie E. Spouse of Miles. Born 1873, died 1916
CONABLE, Phyllis Caryl. Spouse of Willis Barton. Born 7-11-1934, died uncut - [Walks with God Wife, Mother,Grammie]
CONABLE, Sabra A. (Crippen). Spouse of Squire M. Born 12-13-1832, died 12-22-1892 - Born in NY. 7 children. (1860 West Branch Census)
CONABLE, Sammie M. Born, died 7-29-1881. Age: 5y 1m 9d - Son of Willis and Alice (Grover) Conable
CONABLE, Seth W. Spouse of Minnie Burrous. Born 1901, died 1946 - Son of Miles and Nellie E. Conable. (1920 West Branch Census)
CONABLE, Squire M. Spouse of Sabra A. Crippen/ May B. Born 2-24-1820, died 7-6- 1896 - Born in NY. (Wed to Sabra in 1860 West Branch Census, to May B. in 1920 West Branch Census)
CONABLE, Willis. Spouse of Alice J. Grover. Born 1849, died 1919 - Son of Squire M. and Sabra A. (Crippen) Conable. Born in PA.(1860 West Branch Census)
CONABLE, Willis Barton. Spouse of Phyllis C. Born 8-26-1932, died 9-5-1997 - WW II Vet, USAF, Lt Col
CONLEY, Infant. Born 6-18-1903, died 6-22-1903. Age: 4d
CONLEY, Lucy A. Spouse of Thomas F. Born 1881, died 1952 - [Beloved we miss you]
CONLEY, Thomas F. Spouse of Lucy A. Born 1869, died 1944
COOK, Gordon F. Born 8-14-1930, died 3-18-1932 - Son of George and Florence Cook
DOUGLAS, Edmund K. Born 1926, died 1981 - Son of Walter and Theresa (Schaner) Douglas. - Korean War Vet, US Marine Corp, Cpl
DOUGLAS, Leila E. Born 1897, died 1971
DOUGLAS, Ralph E. Born 1902, died 1963 - Son of Walter Douglas. Born in PA. (1920 West Branch Census)
DOUGLAS, Theresa J. (Schaner). Spouse of Walter. Born 1889, died 1983 - Dau of Henry and Anna (Stritz) Schaner. Born in PA. (1920 West Branch Census)
DOUGLAS, Walter R. Spouse of Theresa J. Schaner. Born 1874, died 1944 - Born in Canada, a laborer. (1920 West Branch Census)
EAVES, William. Born 1870, died 1937
EDGECOMB, Clara. Born, died 7-24- 1890. Age: 11m 7d - Dau of S. S. Edgecomb
EDGECOMB, Harry. Born 7-11-1891, died 10-8-1891 - Son. of S. S. Edgecomb
ELLIS, Cornelia. Spouse of Gilbert. Born 7-26-1853, died 11-30-1900
ELLIS, John H. Born 1897, died 1985 - WW I Vet, US Army, Pvt
ELLIS, Norman Ray. Born 9-20-1891, died 10-10-1963 - WW I Vet, US Army Medical Dept, Pvt
FILLMORE, Clair. Born 1878, died 1938
FILLMORE, Elwin C. Born 1935, died 1935
FILLMORE, Myrtle L. Spouse of Willard H. Born 1882, died 1936
FILLMORE, Willard H. Spouse of Myrtle L. Born 1871, died 1936
GEORGE, Carrie. Spouse of John. Born 1878, died 1947
GEORGE, John. Spouse of Carrie. Born 1874, died 1955
GREEN, Barbara Ursula. Born, died 8-8-1938
GREEN, Dorothy E. Spouse of Russell K. Born 1911, died 1980
GREEN, Russell K. Spouse of Dorothy E. Born 1911, died 1961 - WW II Vet
HACKETT, Lillian E. Spouse of Seymore J. Born, died 1-13-2003. Age: 84
HAMMOND, Ralph E. Born, died 4-23-1881. Age: 6m 9d - Son of D. and M. A. Hammond. Diphtheria
HULTS, George. Born 1883, died 1934
JOHNSON, Charles G. Born 1872, died 1948
JONES, Cora (Stocum). Spouse of Peter. Born 1910, died 1951
JONES, Peter. Spouse of Cora Stocum. Born 1904, died 1981
K.K.K, Sally (Hilmore). Spouse of O.K. Born, died 9-21-1863 - Dau of Orron Hilmore
KING, Mary C. Born 1912, died 1979
KIPPEN, Maude (Lougee). Born 1875, died 1956
KNICKERBOCKER, Hiram. Spouse of Lucy Crippen. Born 1823, died 1890 - Son of Peter W. and Hannah (Bailey) Knickerocker - Civil War Vet, Btry H, 2nd PA Hvy Arty (112th PA Vols), Pvt.
KNICKERBOCKER, Leonard. Spouse of Ruth M. Born 1900, died 1991 - Son of Willard and Sarah (Stocum) Knickerbocker
KNICKERBOCKER, Natalie A. Born 1925, died 1925
KNICKERBOCKER, Robert J. Born 1924, died 1929
KNICKERBOCKER, Ruth M. Spouse of Leonard. Born 1901, died 1989
KNICKERBOCKER, Sally (Wetmore). Born, died 9-20-1863. Age: 32y 1m 8d - Dau of Orren Wetmore
LABAR, Aida. Born, died 9-15-1873. Age: 1y 6m
LaROY, Minnie (Burrous) Conable. Spouse of Seth Conable/ Herbert LaRoy. Born 6-15-1906, died 9-06-2000. Age: 94 - Dau of Belle and Rose (Stuart) Burrous. Born in West Branch Twp PA, a teacher. Died in Coudersport PA.
LATTIMER, Kent J. Spouse of Ruth VanSteamburg/ BeatriceHessler Crowell. Born 1-22-1917, died 10-6-1004. Age: 87 - Son of Benjamin James and Grace (Kent) Lattimer. Born in Sabinsville, a minister. Wed Ruth 6-13-1942, 3 children. Wed Beatrice 8-5-1988
LATTIMER, Ruth VanSteamburg. Spouse of Kent J. Born 1924, died 1-17-1987
LAUDENSLAGER, Myrtle (Eaves). Born 1875, died 1963
LEHMAN, Dolly. Born, died
LEHMAN, Ida. Born, died
LONG, John J. Born 1825, died 1907
LOUGEE, A. R. Spouse of Eveline. Born 1849, died
LOUGEE, Evaline D. Spouse of A. P. Born 1854, died
LOUGEE, Evoilina. Born 9-21-1883, died 3-29-1890 - Dau of A. P. and Eveline Lougee,
LOUGEE, Johney G. Born, died 4-12-1881. Age: 3y 6m 12d - Son of A. P. and Eveline Lougee. Diphtheria
LOUGEE, Lenora Marla. Born, died 5-21-1881. Age: 1y 2m 5d - Dau of A. P. and Eveline Lougee. Diphtheria
MAIN, Baby. Born, died 6-9-1877. Age: 1y 5d - Dau of Eli and Clara Main
MAIN, Baby. Born, died - There are 10 separate markers with BABY on them. Two rows with 5 markers per row
MAIN, Baby. Born, died
MAIN, Benjamin W. Born 1-16-1917, died 6-18-1965 - Son of Clyde and Rena Main. Born in PA. (1920 Pike Census) - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt
MAIN, Betsy. Born, died 1916
MAIN, Betty L. Born 11-12-1933, died 4-17-1934
MAIN, Clara E. Spouse of Eli. Born 9-4-1847, died 3-23-1926 - Born in PA. (1920 Pike Census)
MAIN, Clyde. Spouse of Rena Hess. Born 1886, died 1955 - [Father] At least 4 children. Born in PA, a farmer. (1920 Pike Census)
MAIN, Delbert. Born 1870, died 1935
MAIN, Eli. Spouse of Clara E. Born 11-11-1845, died 9-26-1925 - Son of Benjamin W. and Phoebe Main. Born in NY. (Name is spelled MANE in 1850 West Branch Census)
MAIN, Joyce L. Spouse of Larry. Born 1946, died 1965
MAIN, Larry. Spouse of Joyce L. Born 1942, died 1965 - [With Love Nancy]
MAIN, Larry. Born, died - Baby Son of Larry L. and Joyce Main
MAIN, Leon C. Born 2-21-1916, died 5-1-1922 - Son of Clyde and Rena Main. Born in PA. (1920 West Branch Census)
MAIN, Louis S. Spouse of Sadie. Born 9-5-????, died 9-19-1923 - Born in PA, a farmer. (1920 West Branch Census)
MAIN, Lula F. Spouse of Zora. Born 1892, died 1953 - [Mother] Born in PA. (1920 Pike Census)
MAIN, Mildred. Spouse of William. Born 1891, died 1947
MAIN, Norman A. Born 1917, died 1974
MAIN, Phebe Lurania. Born, died 8-27-1865. Age: 1y 11m 10d - Dau of Ira and Amy Main
MAIN, Rena (Hess). Spouse of Clyde. Born 1892, died 1964 - At least 4 children. Born in PA (1920 Pike Census)
MAIN, Sarah. Born, died 8-11- 1865. Age: 6 - Dau of Benajah and Phebe Main
MAIN, Virgil H. Born 4-17-1931, died 4-14-1981. Age: 50y 3d - Korean War Vet, US Marine Corp, Cpl
MAIN, William. Spouse of Mildred. Born 1883, died 1948
MAIN, Zora. Spouse of Lula F. Born 1876, died 1959 - [Father At Rest] Born in PA, car shop laborer. (1920 Pike Census)
MAXWELL. T. [John]. Born 12-5-1907, died 1-3-1988
MITCHELL, Angeline. Spouse of George. Born 4-1-1836, died 5-5-1878
MITCHELL, Claude. Born 9-3-1888, died 2-13-1890 - Son of H. A. and M. E. Mitchell
MITCHELL, George. Spouse of Angeline. Born 5-26-1823, died 4-27- 1894
MITCHELL, Infant Son. Born, died 11-10- 1884 - Son of H. A. and M. E. Mitchell
NIVER John T. Born 1893, died 1913
NIVER, Frank G. Born 1895, died uncut
NIVER, Ruby. Born 1-11-1898, died 3-27-1898 - Dau of B. F. and L. A. Niver
ORDWAY, George W. Born, died 1-13-1861. Age: 4m 3d - Son of George and Hannah Ordway
OSGOOD, G. E. Born 7-15-1868, died 10-11-1893
OSGOOD, J. B. Born 7-16-1877, died 9-24-1901
OSGOOD, Lewis M. Spouse of Mary Jane. Born 1-8-1823, died 12-8-1898
OSGOOD, Mary Jane. Spouse of Lewis. Born 10-14-1832, died 8-2-1893
OSGOOD, Milton. Born 1911, died 1917 - Son of William Osgood
OSGOOD, Rena. Born 1907, died 3-11-1907. Age: 3 - Dau of L. M. and A. Osgood [We Miss Our Darling]
OSGOOD, William H. Born 1908, died 1917 - Son of William Osgood
OSGOOD, William H. Born 1884, died 1917
PROUTY, Clinton. Born 9-5-1887, died 10-3-1887 - Son of Martin and Lydia (Conable) Prouty
PROUTY, Ernest O. Born 1-1-1873, died 10-6-1896 - Son of Martin and Lydia (Conable) Prouty
PROUTY, Jackson M. Born 11-19-1869, died 12-31-1889 - Son of Martin and Lydia (Conable) Prouty
PROUTY, Jessie M. Born 11-6-1875, died 10-17-1883 - Son of Martin and Lydia (Conable) Prouty
PROUTY, Lydia (Conable). Spouse of Martin V. Born 1852, died 1915 - Wed 9-22-1867, 14 children.
PROUTY, Martin VanBuren. Spouse of Lydia Conable. Born 4-27-1839, died 1-22-1923 - Son of Nathaniel, Sr. and Betsy (Johnson) Prouty. Born in PA. Wed 9-22-1867, 14 children. (1850 Pike Census) - Civil War Vet, Co K, 58th PA Vols and Btry D, 4th US Arty.
PROUTY, Myrtle A. Born 3-16-1880, died 12-12-1884 - Dau of Martin and Lydia (Conable) Prouty
RAYMOND, James. Born, died 9-22-1866. Age: 2y 11m 19d - Son of John and Hannah Raymond
RICE, Bessie. Born 1891, died 1908
RICE, Eva E. Spouse of W. F. Born 3-15-1866, died 7-10-1887
RICE, Frances Ellen. Born, died 12-6-1875. Age: 18y 5m 10d - Dau of Lafayette F.and Mary Ann Rice. Born in PA. (1860 West Branch Census)
RICE, Lafayette F. Spouse of Mary Ann. Born 1824, died uncut - Born in NY. (1860 West Branch Census)
RICE, Mary Ann. Spouse of L. F. Born 1838, died 1899 - Born in PA. (1860 West Branch Census)
RICE, William F. Spouse of Eva E. Born 3-23-1859, died 12-1-1906 - Son of Lafayette F.and Mary Ann Rice. Born in PA. (1860 West Branch Census)
SCHWASNICK, Martha. Born, died. Age: 2m 27d - Dau of Joseph and Nellie Schwasnick
SEELEY, Harry A. Spouse of Mary Herter. Born 4-21-1916, died 1-4-1975. Age: 58 - Son of Wallace and Anna Thompson Seeley - WW II Vet, US Army
STEWART, Alice (Conable). Spouse of Franklin W. Born 1859, died 1940 - Born in PA, a farmer. Wed 9-5-1875 at Germania. (1920 West Branch Census)
STEWART, Ella F. Born, died 4-18-1881. Age: 4y 6m 4d - Dau of Frank and Alice (Conable) Stewart. Diphtheria
STEWART, Franklin. Spouse of Alice Conable. Born 1853, died 1936 - Born in PA. Wed 9-5-1875 at Germania. (1920 West Branch Census)
STEWART, Fredalena. Born, died 4-11-1881. Age: 10m 25d - Dau of Frank and Alice (Conable) Stewart. Diphtheria
STEWART, John F. Born 1885, died 1900 - Son of W. F. and A. S. Stewart [He gave He took He will restore]
STOCUM, Albert L. Spouse of Martha Snyder. Born 1973, died
STOCUM, Cyrus. Born 12-1-1855, died 11-8-???? - [Father]
STOCUM, Donald. Born, died 1936 - Son of Ira S. and Mildred (Rhodes) Stocum.
STOCUM, Emma. Spouse of Otis. Born 1878, died 1918 - [Gone But Not Forgotten]
STOCUM, Gertrude. Born 3-29-1918, died 10-28-1918
STOCUM, Great Grandfather. Born 1918, died - [Hand painted on stone]
STOCUM, Ira Sidney. Spouse of Mildred Rhodes. Born 1904, died 1968 - Nine children.
STOCUM, Joseph. Born 1858, died 1926 - [Father]
STOCUM, Martha S. (Snyder). Spouse of Albert L. Born, died 1966
STOCUM, Mildred (Rhodes). Spouse of Ira S. Born 12-12-1918, died 12-12-2008. Age: 90 - Dau of Warren and Anna (Benn) Rhodes. 9 children.
STOCUM, Mrs. R. Spouse of R.
STOCUM, Otis. Spouse of Emma. Born 1874, died 1941
STOCUM, R. Spouse of Mrs. R. Born 10-19-1937, died ??
STOCUM, Ronald. Born, died 1948 - Son of Ira S. and Mildred (Rhodes) Stocum.
THOMPSON, Alvina. Born 1863, died 1933 - Mother of Mary Chalmers, this cemetery. (1920 Ulysses Cemetery)
THOMPSON, Bert. Born 1910, died 1912 - Son of Sophronia Thompson
THOMPSON, Infant Son. Born 3-9-1886, died 3-13-1888 - Son of Walter and Mary J. Thompson
THOMPSON, Lillian (Anthony). Spouse of William. Born 1873, died 1949 - [Mother]
THOMPSON, Marlin. Born, died 8-13-1876. Age: 2 - Son of Walter and Mary J. Thompson
THOMPSON, Mary J. Spouse of Walter. Born 1838, died 1909 - [His Wife] Born in NY. (1860 West Branch Census)
THOMPSON, Walter. Spouse of Mary J. Born 1826, died 10-4-1907 - Born in NY. (1860 West Branch Census) - Civil War Vet, Co D 207th Inf PA Vols, Pvt.
THOMPSON, William. Spouse of Lillian Anthony. Born 1861, died 1932 - [Father]
UNDERWOOD, Infant Son. Born, died 1900 - Son of W. T. and L. S. Underwood
UNKNOWN, Franklin. Born, died - Son of Rastus and ?
UNKNOWN, Infant. Born, died
UNREADABLE. Born, died - About 25-30 stones completely worn away large areas where there appear to have been graves
VANHOUSEN, Infant Dau. Born 10-17-1886, died 10-21-1886. Age: 4d - Dau of C. H. and E. B. Vanhousen
VANHOUSEN, Polly (Burrous). Spouse of Samuel. Born, died 3-3-1876. Age: 38
VANHOUSEN, Samuel. Spouse of Polly Burrous. Born 1829, died 1871
VANNATTER, Beatrice C. Born 12-23-1921, died 3-12-1923
VANSTEAMBURG, Clarence W. Spouse of Eva M. Born 1894, died 1962 - Son of William and Cora VanSteamburg. Born in Galeton, a farmer. (1920 West Branch Census)
VANSTEAMBURG, Eugene O. Spouse of Verda M. Osgood. Born 1919, died 2000 - Son of Clarence and Eva VanSteamburg. (1920 West Branch Census)
VANSTEAMBURG, Eva M. Spouse of Clarence W. Born 1899, died uncut - Born in PA. (1920 West Branch Census)
VANSTEAMBURG, Verda M. (Osgood). Spouse of Eugene O. Born 7-13-1921, died 8-17-2002. Age: 81 - Dau of Lewis and Augusta (Losey) Osgood
VANSTEAMBURG, Vincent L. Born 12-10-1972, died 11-5-1993 - WW II Vet, US Army, Sgt
WHEATON, Louisa Jane. Born, died 4-13-1861. Age: 18y 2m 1d - Dau of Lewis and Rosella Wheaton
WHITTEMORE, Aaron P. Spouse of Jolinia R. Born, died 2-17- 1871. Age: 54y 3m 13d
WHITTEMORE, Charles. Born, died 3-11-1889. Age: 33y 6m 2d
WHITTEMORE, Jolinia R. Spouse of Aaron P. Born 1836, died 1888

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