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Veterans of World War II from Potter County, PA

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More pics and biographies are in Leulla Hamilton's WW II scrapbook, this site.


James Harper McDonald - Medal of Honor
WW II Vet, US Navy, Lt. Purple Heart

Chief Metalsmith McDonald's official Medal of Honor citation reads:

For extraordinary heroism in the line of his profession as a Master Diver throughout the rescue and salvage operations following the sinking of the U.S.S. Squalus on 23 May 1939. His leadership, masterly skill, general efficiency and untiring devotion to duty in directing diving operations, and in making important and difficult dives under the most hazardous conditions, characterize conduct far above and beyond the ordinary call of duty.


World War II Veterans from the Shinglehouse, PA area

From the Military Scrapbook of Robert Lockwood (1939 - 1999)
Submitted By Jesse Lockwood - Transcribed by Frankie Stonemetz

Alphabetical list

Austin, Russell R.
Blauvelt, Daryl
Buchanan, Welcome H.
Bump, William H., Jr.
Easton, Alfred E., Sr.
Fuller, Dean E.
Fuller, Ken
Fuller, Leon W.
Fuller, Victor P..
Gross, Robert
Knight, Lawrence W.
McDonald, James H.
Smith, Deforest, A. Jr.
Smith, Ray H.
Springer, Bea (Buchanan)
Springer, Glenn
Thielges, Dale L.
Weeks, Ellen (Thielges)
Weeks, Carl A.
Wisel, Edward F.
Wisel, Edwin F.
Wisel, Grant G.

(Veterans Index)


S|Sgt. Daryl Blauvelt,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Jay Blauvelt of Shinglehouse, was inducted in the U.S.Army on May 15, 1941, being one of the first Pearl Harbor Draftees.
He received his basic training at ?? Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Md., and further training at Fort Bragg, NC, and Auburndale, Mass.
At Camp Phillips, KS, he was advanced to Staff Sgt. He went on maneuvers at Camp Forrest, Tenn., and is now seeing action overseas.

Pvt. Robert Gross,
son of Mr. and Mrs. George Gross of Shinglehouse, was inducted into the U.S.Army on April 6, 1943.
He received training at Camp Robinson, AR, later leaving for overseas duty in the Quartermasters Corps in the Fifth Army. He was in the North Africa and Italian Campaigns.
Deforest A. Smith Jr., and Ray H. Smith
both First Lieutenants, are sons of Mr. and Mrs. Deforest A. Smith, Sr.of Shinglehouse.

1st Lt. Deforest A. Smith, Jr. enlisted in the U.S.Army during the summer of 1942, and received his basic training at Fort Bragg, NC. He was transferred to Fort Sill, Okla., where he entered the Battery Officer course.
Lt. Smith who has been in Italy with the Fifth Army since March, 1944, was fortunate enough to visit a number of the places of Historical and artistic renown.
. 1st Lt. Ray H. Smith was commissioned at Fort Sill, OK, on Sept. 16, 1943, and received a battlefield promotion to First Lieutenant on Oct. 17, 1944, in France.
Reconnaissance officer of an armored artillery battery of the Third Army, he was awarded the silver star in France on November 14, 1944.
Wisel Brothers in Three Theaters --Italy, Burma and France
Edward F. Wisel
Grant G. Wisel
Edwin F. Wisel
Grant Wisel and twins Edward and Edwin, all sons of Mr. and Mrs. George Wisel of Shinglehouse

Cpls. Edwin and Edward Wisel, twin brothers, were both inducted on Dec. 4, 1942, but were separated at the New Cumberland Induction Center.  At first one was at Camp Van Adorn and the other at Keesler Field, Miss. Later they were both at Fort Francis E. Warren, Wyo., but not at the same time.

   Cpl. Edward Wisel received his basic training in Field Artillery at Camp Van Dorn, MS. He received further training at Camp Maxey, Texas, Fort Sam Houston, Texas, and Fort Francis E. Warren, Wyoming.
   He was sent overseas in October, 1944, and is now in Burma.


  Sgt. Grant Wisel, older brother of the twins, was inducted into the US Army on Jan. 4, 1943. He received his basic training in the Quartermaster Corps at Camp Lee, VA, where he later became instructor.
   He received further training in Atlanta, GA, Moore General Hospital in Swannanoa, NC, Fort Lewis, WA, and Camp How??, TX. Going overseas the first ??April, 1945, he is in Germany.
Cpl. Edwin Wisel received his basic training at Keesler Field, MS. He received further training at Fort Francis E. Warren, WY. and at DeRidder Army Air Base, LA.
   He was changed from the n??ical corps and trained as a turret gunner at Topeka, KS, turret gunner at Tyndall Field, FL, Casper, WY, and Topeka, KS. 
   With his crew he went overseas in March, 1945.


Fuller Brothers are serving Uncle Sam -
Sons of Fred and Alta (Healy) Fuller of Eleven Mile Valley
Dean E. Fuller
(from Al Easton, Jr.)
Ken Fuller
(from Al Easton, Jr.)
Sgt. Leon W. Fuller
(from Al Easton, Jr.)
PFC Victor P. Fuller
(from Al Easton, Jr.)
Dean Fuller served in the U. S. Air Force.
Although this picture is not part of the Lockwood collection, it is placed with his brothers in the Shinglehouse collection, even though no clipping information is available to accompany it.
  Ken Fuller seved in the U. S. Navy.
Although this picture is not part of the Lockwood collection, it is placed with his brothers in the Shinglehouse collection, even though no clipping information is available to accompany it.
 Sgt. Leon Fuller was inducted into the Air Corps on Oct. 29, 1941 and received his basic training at Keesler Field, MS. Promoted to Sgt. in 1942, he was transferred to Camp Kearnes, Utah, in April 1944.
This photo was taken in 1944 when Leon was 23 years old.
  PFC Victor Fuller was inducted into the US Army on Jan. 26, 1942, and received his basic training at Fort Bragg, NC, in the Field Artillery. He received further training at Fredericksburg, MD, Fort Sill, OK, where he became PFC, and Camp Chaffee, Ark. He was sent to England in August 1944.

End of the Lockwood Collection


Other veterans who called Potter County home
Alfred E. Easton, Sr.
(from Al Easton, Jr.)
Dale L. Thielges
US Army
(from Barb Hyde)

Carl A. Weeks
LT, US Army, Quartermaster

Carl and Ellen met and married at Ft. Eustis, VA and were sent overseas within a week. It would be 3 years before they saw each other again. Carl served in the Quartermaster Corps in the Pacific Theater.

(From Barb Hyde)

Ellen (Thielges) Weeks
LT, 33rd General Hospital

The 33rd was Gen. Patton's field hospital. It followed Patton's campaign across North Africa, to Sicily, Anzio Beach, Salerno, Monte Casino and Rome.

(from Barb Hyde)


William Henry Bump, Jr.
Served in the U. S. Army from May 1943 to December 1945. William was with the 45th Infantry Division
(from Barbara Bump Solomon)

William Henry Bump, Jr.
Received the WW II Campaign Medal with 4 Bronze Stars, WW II Victory Medal, European-Africa Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal, and a Sharpshooter Medal.
(From Barbara Bump Solomon)

Lawrence W. Knight

Roulette, PA

(from Dick Knight)

Welcome H. Buchanan
Volunteered and left a young family to serve his country. He was a PFC in the 86th Mountain Infantry, U. S. Army and served in Italy.
Purple Heart and Bronze Star.

(From Jim Buchanan)


Beatrice (Buchanan) Springer
Bea was in the Civil Service and worked at the National Munitions Company that was located outside of Eldred.

Cpl Springer did come home safely. Bea and Glenn Springer were married on August 20, 1945 after he was discharged.

(from Glenda Springer Sippel)

Albert Glenn Springer 

  Cpl. Glenn Springer, who has spent most of his life in Ulysses, was calling on friends here last week. Cpl. Springer has been in the armed forces for over three years and was wounded near Aschen, Germany, while serving with the Ninth Army, Second Armored Division, known as "Hell on Wheels". He has recently been released from a military hospital in Mississippi and, following his furlough, will report at Asheville, NC.   Cpl. Springer modestly wears the Combat Infantryman's badge, the Purple Heart, and a campaign ribbon bearing five Battle Stars for combat in five major campaigns - Africa, Sicily, Italy, France and Germany. His service stripes indicate three years service and two years overseas. Glenn has many friends who are proud of his service record and who hope for his complete recovery.

(from Glenda Springer Sippel)

Russell Ray Austin 

 Pvt. Russell Austin enlisted on Nov. 27, 1942, and served for three years in the US Army. He and Iva Matteson had been married only four months when he enlisted.

(from Dana Austinl)


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