Veterans of World War II from Potter County, PA

Transcribed by Charles and Kathleen Heffner
Submitted by Frankie Stonemetz
(Veterans Index)

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Notes: The notation (P) after a name indicates that a photo is on our WW II Gallery page.
A place name in brackets is the place the serviceman was living when inducted into the service.

Name Service Death Date Cemetery
WADE, Charles M. Unknown service
WAGNER, Glenn Unknown service [Galeton]
WAGNER, Raymond Unknown service [Ulysses]
WAGNER, Wilbur Albert US Navy, SK2. Pacific 5-23-2008 Ulysses
WAHL, William J. Unknown service ?Yochum Hill
WALASKI, Steven K. US Army Air Corps, Pvt 4-27-1996 Renova Cemetery
WALKER, Alvin Boyd Unknown service [Wharton]
WALKER, Ardell O. Unknown service
WALKER, Charles George Unknown service [Millport]
WALKER, Clarence J. Jr. US Army, TEC4 9-17-2001 Gilmore, Cameron Co
WALKER, Clayton Milford Unknown service [Austin]
WALKER, Clayton W. US Army, 3 Armor Rgt, Tec4 11-11-1957 Forest Hill
WALKER, Dallas W. Unknown service [Austin]
WALKER, Darwin Unknown service [Austin]
WALKER, Ernest M. Unknown service Sweden Hill
WALKER, Frank E. US Army, Pvt. 5-8-1991 Forest Hill
WALKER, Holmes Rozelle US Army, PFC 9-4-1977 Chrystal
WALKER, John L. Unknown service [Austin]
WALKER, Leon Unknown service [Austin]
WALKER, Randall Unknown service [Galeton]
WALKER, Robert Harold Unknown service [Austin]
WALKER, Wayne Leon US Army 10-15-2003 Forest Hill
WALLEY, William Arthur USMC  9-06-1996 Maple Grove (New)
WALLIN, Edward A. Unknown service [Keating Summit]
WALLSCHLAEGER, Lester L. Unknown service
WALTER, Benjamin Gorton US Army, TEC5 10-01-1973 Ulysses
WALTERS, Graydon L. US Army, S/Sgt 12-10-1977 West Hill
WALTERS, Kenneth Unknown service [Galeton]
WALTERS, Robert J. US Army Air Forces, Purple Heart 2-04-2006 St. Augustine
WALTZ, William D. Unknown service
WARRINER, Allen Unknown service Unknown
WARRINER, Allen W. DNB, US Army, 1376th Engr PETR DIST Co, PFC 10-3-1944 Brittany Am Cem France, Plot E-R9-Gr10
WARRINER, Harry W. Unknown service 11-14-1953 Ulysses
WARWICK, Walter Unknown service 1978 John Lyman
WARWICK, Walter Unknown service [WW II, Korea] 1978 John Lyman
WASHBURN, Donald R. Unknown service
WASHBURN, Keith Ellery Unknown service [Shinglehouse]
WASHBURN, Lloyd W. US Army, PFC 4-26-2008 Maple Grove (New)
WASHBURN, Wilber L. [Bill] US Navy 2-26-1994 Maple Grove (New)
WATERMAN, Robert Unknown service [Coudersport]
WATERMAN, Stafford Finley Unknown service
WATERS, Benjamin Unknown service [Harrison Valley]
WATKINS, Clifford G. Unknown service 1992 Ulysses
WATKINS, Rexford Arthur Unknown service
WATSON, Edward L., Sr. Unknown service 1-24-1976 Genesee
WATSON, Lester B. Unknown service [Coudersport]
WATSON, Oliver F. Unknown service Eulalia
WAYMAN, Robert J. Unknown service [Coudersport]
WEAVER, Edward Unknown service
WEAVER, Gerald R. Unknown service [Coudersport]
WEAVER, Laura Jane Unknown service
WEAVER, William B. Unknown service [Coudersport]
WEBB, Clayton G. Unknown service
WEBB, Daniel E. Unknown service [Galeton]
WEBER, Fred Unknown service [Shinglehouse]
WEBSTER, Glenn I. Unknown service [Genesee]
WEBSTER, John J. US Navy, M3 2-7-2011 Card Creek
WEEKS, Carl Allen [Al] (P) US Army, Transportation Corps, Lt. Col. South Pacific, Japan and Korea. Career (1944-1964) 12-24-1976 St. Eulalia
WEEKS, Ellen Gertrude (Thielges) (P) US Army Nurse Corps, 33 Gen Hosp, Africa and Italy, 1st Lt. 6-10-2008 St. Eulalia
WEEKS, Raymond S. Unknown service [Galeton]
WEIMER, Albert Unknown service [Burtville]
WEIMER, Rayburn Adelbert US Navy, SeaBee 7-23-2012 Card Creek
WEIMER, William Unknown service [Roulette]
WEISS, David Earl US Army, TEC4 9-25-1997 Ulysses
WELLMAN, John Edward US Army, PFC 6-2-1994 Clara
WELSH, Robert Charles Unknown service
WELTSCH, Edward Unknown service [Coudersport]
WELTSCH, Robert Unknown service [Coudersport]
WENNIN, Paul E. US Army, Pacific.  12-11-2014 Eulalia
WERSTLER, William A. US Army, PFC 3-23-2011 McFall
WEST, Harley M. Sr. US Army, PFC 12-07-2006 West Hill
WEST, John Riley Unknown service ?West Family Cem
WEST, Lloyd Lee US Army, Pvt. 6-20-1999 Pauline West
WETMORE, Ralph R. Unknown service [Port Allegany RFD]
WETZEL, Christy R. US Army, CPL 5-10-1977 Maple Grove (New)
WETZEL, Edwin Paul Unknown service
WETZEL, Everett Glenn [Glenn] US Army 43805 Maple Grove (New)
WHALEY, Paul E. Unknown service 2-9-1963 Hill, Roulette
WHEATON, Keith E. US Army, Pacific 11-20-2009 Ulysses
WHEATON, Wilford W. US Army  6-23-2008 Riverside, Knoxville, PA
WHEELER, Frank G  US Army, 508 Para. Inf, PFC. Died of non-hostile cause 12-7-1945 Mills
WHEELER, Harold Unknown service [Shinglehouse]
WHEELER, Homer L. Jr. USMC, Pvt 11-21-1989 Maple Grove (New)
WHEELER, Lowell S. Unknown service [Austin]
WHEELER, William Henry Unknown service [Harrison Valley]
WHIPPLE, Irving Fenno KIA, USMC, CPL. Killed in training flight crash at sea off the coast of FL. 2-3-1994 Brookside, Tioga Co PA
WHITE, Arthur A. US Army, PFC 12-20-2011 Eulalia
WHITE, Clara (Wynick) US Army, Nurse 12-22-2007 Long Island Natl Cem, Farmingdale, NY
WHITE, Clayton Eugene US Army, Medic 1943-1946, Pacific. Bronze Star, Purple Heart 12-18-2004 Woodland
WHITE, Earl L. Unknown service Unknown
WHITE, Harold Unknown service [Coudersport]
WHITE, James A. Unknown service [Coudersport]
WHITE, John Y. S. Unknown service
WHITE, Kenneth Raymond Unknown service 1981 North Bingham
WHITE, Raymond Everett Unknown service [Coudersport]
WHITE, Warren David Unknown service [Coudersport]
WHITE, Warren David, Sr. US Army Air Forces 2-5-2011 Eulalia
WHITE, Willard Ernest US Army, Btry I, 240 CA BN, PRC 2-24-1968 West Hill
WHITE, William J. Unknown service
WHITE, William P. Unknown service
WHITMAN, Stanley F. US Army, Sgt 10-26-1999 Maple Grove (New)
WHITMARSH, Walter Unknown service [Wharton]
WHITNEY, Deforest Manley USMC 7-6-1961 Eulalia
WHITNEY, Erwin A. Unknown service [Coudersport]
WHITNEY, Frederick D. US Navy, AOC [WW II, Korea, Vietnam] 12-18-2008 Genesee
WHITNEY, John Raymond US Army Air Forces, Combat Intelligence, Capt, in New Guinea and Phillipines 3-2-2006 Brookland
WHORTON, Chester D. Unknown service [Coudersport]
WIDANY, Kenneth A. Unknown service
WIDGER, Rockwell R. Unknown service [Harrison Valley]
WILBER, Milo C. Unknown service
WILCOX, J. Richard US Army, South Pacific. 1-10-2009 Eulalia
WILLIAMS, Bernard B. US NR, S1 3-18-1969 Mills
WILLIAMS, Charles Alpheus Unknown service Unknown
WILLIAMS, Donald Unknown service 1-11-1970 Forest Hill
WILLIAMS, Drew Leroy Unknown service
WILLIAMS, Harry J. Unknown service St. Eulalia
WILLIAMS, Harvey F. Unknown service
WILLIAMS, John A. Unknown service
WILLIAMS, Paul Avery Unknown service [Genesee]
WILLIAMS, Robert Unknown service [Harrison Valley]
WILLIAMS, William Unknown service [Harrison Valley]
WILLIAMSON, Herbert James Unknown service [Ulysses]
WILLIAMSON, Ivan P. Unknown service [Coudersport]
WILLIAMSON, John Unknown service [Coudersport]
WILLIAMSON, Stewart L  US Army, PFC 9-28-1980 Mills
WILLIAMSON, Theodore J. Unknown service [Harrison Valley]
WILLOUGHBY, Kermit D  US Navy, GM2  5-24-2006 Wells
WILLOUGHBY, Manley Unknown service [Coudersport]
WILLS, Donald E. US Army Air Forces, 8th Air Force, 3005th Bombardment Grp, Belly gunner in B-17s. 2-12-2016 Missouri Veterans Cem, Higginsville MO
WILSON, Daniel Guff Unknown service [Roulette]
WILSON, Donald J. Sr. Civilian firefighter at Willow Grove Naval Air Station 12-31-2002 Homer
WILSON, Ivan US Army, CPL. England, Europe
WILSON, James E.  US Navy, Seabees 1941-1945 5-28-1996 Woodland
WILSON, John S. [Jack] US Army 3-19-2008 Homer
WILSON, Lawrence Franklin Unknown service [Galeton]
WILSON, Richard Arthur, Jr. US Army, Pvt. Wounded in Germany 9-1-2004 Parker Hill
WILSON, Willard Wilbur Unknown service [Galeton]
WINDSOR, Lewis Emerson Unknown service
WINDSOR, Ralph Albert Unknown service [Coudersport]
WINGERT, Eldon Unknown service [Cross Fork]
WINSECK, Carroll Martin Sr. US Army, CPL 2-17-1998 Fishing Creek
WINSHIP, Arthur B. Unknown service
WISEL, Edwin Francis (P), twin of Edward US Army Air Forces, Sgt. Turrett Gunner, Europe 12-23-2002 Maple Grove (New)
WISEL, Grant George (P), brother of Edwin and Edward US Army, Qtrmstr Corps, Europe, Sgt 7-26-1998 Maple Grove (Old)
WITHAM, Ernest E  US Army, TEC5 5-7-1995 Brookland
WITZEL, Otto H  US Army, Sgt  9-12-1998 Genesee
WOHLABAUGH, Merle D. US Navy 4-29-1986 Maple Grove (New)
WOLFANGER, Henry Unknown service [Keating Summit]
WOLFANGER, Laverne Ruch Unknown service uncut Forest Hill
WOLFANGER, Merle R. US Army, Sgt 1-13-1974 Forest Hill
WOLFANGER, Willis Unknown service [Coudersport]
WOLKOFF, Martin C. Unknown service [Coudersport]
WOLZ, Carlton Henry US Army, HQ Det 1751 Station Com, Pvt.  3-10-1959 Germania
WOLZ, David John US Navy, MM3 5-5-2011 West Hill
WONDRACK, Ed Rudy US Navy and Merchant Marine 3-7-2015 Wondrack Fam Cem, Shinglehouse
WONDRACK, Helen V. US Army, 1/LT. Nurse 6-23-2011 Wondrack Fam Cem, Shinglehouse
WOOD, Claud O. US Navy, FN 10-9-2000 Ulysses
WOOD, Clement E. US Army, 677th Med Coll Co, Sgt 11-2-1969 Ulysses
WOOD, Donald Olen Unknown service
WOOD, Francis Lawrence Unknown service
WOOD, Henry M. Unknown service 1-13-1975  Andrews Settlement
WOOD, James Ivan Unknown service [Oswayo]
WOOD, Melvin K  US Navy, AS  3-24-1962 Brookland
WOOD, Milford Walter Unknown service
WOOD, Norma Ozzella Unknown service
WOOD, Willard Beach US Army, PFC 1981 West Hill
WOODARD, James L. US Army 6-21-1982 Maple Grove (New)
WOODBERRY, Emmett Lee Unknown service
WOODWORTH, Elmer Richard US Army Air Corps, Flt O 12-30-1989 Eagle Point Natl Cem, OR
WRIGHT, Christine (Sprague) US Army Air Corps, S/Sgt. 8-6-1994 West Hill
WRIGHT, Donald H  US Army, PFC 3-31-1998  Andrews Settlement
WRIGHT, Harold A. Unknown service
WRIGHT, John Norwin US Navy, AOM2 1-27-2006 West Hill
WRIGHT, Robert Unknown service [Genesee]
WRIGHT, Sylvester Unknown service [Galeton]
WYKOFF, Harry Unknown service [Austin]
WYNICK, Charles E. US Army, Cavalry in the China-Burma-India Theatre, Sgt. 1944-46 4-11-2015 Ulysses
WYNICK, Clara Margaret Unknown service
WYNICK, Clarence Charles Unknown service [Harrison Valley]

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