Veterans of World War II from Potter County, PA

Transcribed by Charles and Kathleen Heffner
Submitted by Frankie Stonemetz
(Veterans Index)

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Notes: The notation (P) after a name indicates that a photo is on our WW II Gallery page.
A place name in brackets is the place the serviceman was living when inducted into the service.

Name Service Death Date Cemetery
ULKINS, Paul Arthur Unknown service [Coudersport]
URBAN, Anthony J. Unknown service ?St. Eulalia
VALLONE, Frank Unknown service [Austin]
VANBERGEN, Marcellus W. Unknown service [Roulette]
VANBUREN, Harold D. Unknown service [Shinglehouse]
VANBUREN, V. Buren Unknown service
VANCUREN, Jay Fleates Unknown service [Austin]
VANDERHOEF, Forest Neal Unknown service [Shinglehouse]
VANEPPS, Delmar D. USMC 4-27-2005 Rathbone
VANEPPS, Durwood Estes US Army, TEC5 4-23-1998 Maple Grove (New)
VANGILDER, Clifford L. Unknown service [Shinglehouse]
VANGILDER, Leland G. Unknown service [Shinglehouse]
VANGORDER, Franklin Jerome Unknown service [Galeton]
VANGORDER, William Robert US Merchant Marines, MM 12-14- 2000 West Hill
VANNATTER, Leroy E. US Navy, BM2. Bronze Star 9-26-2005 North Bingham
VANOCKER, Cecil Marion Unknown service [Coudersport]
VANOCKER, Edwin W. Unknown service [Austin]
VANPELT, R. Lee US Army, CPL 8-20-2014 Chrystal
VANSTEAMBURG, G. Unknown service [Galeton]
VANSTEAMBURG, Vincent L. US Army, Sgt 11-5-1993  West Branch
VANVALKINBURG, Elmer A. Unknown service
VANWEGEN, Harold Francis US Navy, S1 10-15-1997 Woodland
VANWHY, Fred Jefferson KIA in Korea, US Army, 193rd Glider Inf 17th Airborne Div, PFC. Wounded in Belgium in WW II. Recalled to duty 10-1950. Purple Heart, Bronze Star 2-8-1951 Forest Hill
VANWHY, George B. Jr. Unknown service
VARNEY, Raymond Charles US Army, CPL 4-16-2002 Card Creek
VARNEY, William James Unknown service 5-26-2002 Card Creek
VAUGHN, Clarence Unknown service [Port Allegany RFD]
VAUGHN, Harold J. US Navy, MM2. USS Lewis 9-11-1982 Maple Grove (Old)
VELEY, Guy Allen Unknown service [Coudersport]
VERGASON, Albert B. Unknown service [Coudersport]
VERGASON, Clair D. Unknown service [Coudersport]
VERGASON, Darwin Leroy Unknown service
VOGEL, Arthur P. Unknown service [Mills]
VOGT, Robert D. Unknown service
VOORHEES, Bethel B., Jr., son of  MR. and Mrs B. B. Voorhees, Sr. US Army, Europe, S/Sgt. Purple Heart, Silver Star [Shinglehouse]
VOORHEES, Cecil Virgil (P) KIA, US Army, 17th Airborne Div, Tec 5. 3-24-1945 St. Bonaventure (Allegany, NY)
VOORHEES, George L. Unknown service 1978 Maple Grove (New)
VOORHEES, Gifford E., son of  MR. and Mrs B. B. Voorhees, Sr. US Army, Sgt. France, D-Day and Germany 11-30-1989 Maple Grove (New)
VOORHEES, James G. Unknown service
VOORHEES, John D., son of  MR. and Mrs B. B. Voorhees, Sr. USMC, S/Sgt. South Pacific, Guadacanal. [Shinglehouse]
VOORHEES, Lewis Sherman, son of  MR. and Mrs B. B. Voorhees, Sr. USMC, Pvt. Parachute Rigger [Shinglehouse]
VOORHEES, Robert R. US Navy, S1, USS Shelby [Shinglehouse]
VOSBURG, Harold Walter Unknown service [Coudersport]
VOSICK, John William Unknown service [Coudersport]
VOSICK, Joseph R. Unknown service [Coudersport]
VOSICK, Michael Thomas US Army  1-15-2005 Eulalia
VOSS, Marion John US Army, TEC3. Manhattan Project 11-8-2004 West Hill
VOTA, Anthony P. USMC, Pvt 7-19-1998 Fishing Creek

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