Veterans of World War II from Potter County, PA

Transcribed by Charles and Kathleen Heffner
Submitted by Frankie Stonemetz
(Veterans Index)

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Notes: The notation (P) after a name indicates that a photo is on our WW II Gallery page.
A place name in brackets is the place the serviceman was living when inducted into the service.

Name Service Death Date Cemetery
PACKER, Charles Lavern US Navy, Fireman 1/C.  [Millport]
PACKER, George R. Sr. US Army, PFC 7-17-2008 Chrystal
PACKER, William O. Unknown service [Galeton]
PADGETT, John W. US Army 2-13-1984 West Hill
PAGANO, Alfred Anthony US Army, 11 Armor, PFC. 1942-1946, Europe 4-24-2013 West Hill
PAGANO, Anthony P. US Air Force, S/Sgt 3-18-1994 West Hill
PAGANO, Doris B. Unknown service
PAGANO, Ernest C. Unknown service uncut West Hill
PAGANO, George A. Unknown service [Galeton]
PAGANO, Harry A. Unknown service [Galeton]
PAGANO, Lewis J. Unknown service [Galeton]
PAGE, Harold Lewis Unknown service [Austin]
PAINTER, Bernard E US Army, S/Sgt 10-31-1989 Brookland
PALLONE, James C. Unknown service
PALMATIER, Donald Unknown service [Shinglehouse]
PALMATIER, Gilbert H US Army, 28th Inf, Sgt 10-17-1947 Andrews Settlement
PALMATIER, Harry Caleb, Jr. US Navy, Lt (jg) aviator aboard carriers Saratoga, Ticonderoga, Donhomme Richard and Midway 7-22-2010 Eulalia
PALMATIER, Jessie M  US Army, TEC5 4-17-1996 Ford Hill
PALMATIER, Marshall Unknown service [Coudersport]
PALMATIER, Phillip F. US Army Air Forces 2-26-2007 Whites Corners
PALMER, Benjamin Franklin Honorably Discharged 8-7-1842
PALMER, Oscar J. Unknown service
PALMER, Robert Lancer Unknown service [Shinglehouse]
PARISH, Gilbert Unknown service [Coudersport]
PARK, Thomas Louis Unknown service [Galeton]
PARKE, Gilbert H. Unknown service
PARRY, John K. L. USMC, CPL. 1957 West Hill
PATTERSON, Clair Arlington Unknown service [Ulysses]
PATTERSON, Harry Unknown service [Coudersport]
PATTERSON, Julian A. Unknown service [Coudersport]
PATTON, Bernard W. Unknown service
PAUL, Charles L. Unknown service 10-2-2001 West Hill
PAUL, Clyde Harold Wounded in Belgium. 9-6-1989 Germania
PAYNE, Lawrence Ambrose, Sr USMC, PFC  3-29-1997 North Bingham
PEABODY, Charles A. Unknown service 1954 West Hill
PEABODY, James Allen Unknown service [Galeton]
PEANGATELLI, John Unknown service [Genesee]
PEARSALL, John Harry US Army, Btry D, 12th Bn 4th Regt, Pvt 7-21-1947 Eulalia
PEARSALL, Richard A. Unknown service [Coudersport]
PEASE, Craig Edward Unknown service
PEASE, Marjorie Ruth T/Sgt 10-1980 Homer
PEASLEY, Gordon Walter Unknown service [Galeton]
PEELER, Earl Unknown service 1949 Forest Hill
PEKARSKI, Edward W. US Army, TEC4 1-1-1966 St. Eulalia
PEKARSKI, Frank C. Unknown service 9-28-1990 St. Eulalia
PEKARSKI, John Thomas US Army, 17th Airborne Div, CPL 4-30-1997 St. Eulalia
PEKARSKI, Joseph James US Army, PFC 10-30-1987 St. Eulalia
PEKARSKI, Stanley J. US Army, PfC 8-12-1981 St. Augustine
PEKARSKI, Walter J. US Army, CPL 8-4-1988 St. Eulalia
PELCHY, Lyle L. Unknown service [Coudersport]
PELLEGRINO, Frank John USMC 2-11-2005 West Hill
PENNELL, Carl R. US Army, Pvt. 4-14-1975 West Hill
PENNELL, Frank B. USMC, CPL. 10-12-1976 West Hill
PENO, Fred A. US Army 5-5-2018 Homer
PENO, Ray T. US Army, TEC4 9-21-1993 Forest Hill
PENO, Robert Junior Unknown service 1996 Forest Hill
PEPPER, Emory Ernest Jr. US Army, 3rd Army, Pvt. Wounded in Germany. Purple Heart 6-20-2018 St. Peter & Paul Cem, Springfield PA
PEPPER, Howard E. Unknown service [Coudersport]
PEPPER, Milford Charles US Army Air Forces, S/Sgt 4-2-2010 Eulalia
PEPPERMAN, Lester F. US Navy, S2 1982 West Hill
PERKINS, Edgar A. (P) KIA, US Navy, USS Quincy, MM 2/c. 8-9-1942 Maple Grove (Old)
PERKINS, Howard P. USMC 3-23-1994 Chrystal
PERKINS, John G. Unknown service
PERKINS, Lyle M. Unknown service [Oswayo]
PERKINS, Reuben Leon  US Army, 513rd Para Inf 17th Airborne Div, PFC 10-10-1959  Rathbone
PERO, Richard W. Unknown service
PERRY, Carroll Douglas Unknown service [Mills]
PERRY, Darrell Royce Unknown service [Mills]
PERRY, Rex E. Unknown service Wellsboro (Tioga Co.)
PERRY, Sebron J. Unknown service
PERRY, Willis Lindsay Unknown service
PESOCK, Frank John [Pinky] US Army, 2 Purple Hearts 3-18-2002 St. Eulalia
PESOCK, George A. (P) DOW, US Army, PFC. Died of wounds, Saipan 7-9-1944 St. Eulalia
PESOCK, Joe W. Unknown service
PESOCK, John J. Unknown service
PESOCK, Peter P. US Army, 17th Airborne Div, PFC.  [Coudersport]
PESOCK, Stanley Unknown service 11-28-1988 Hill, Roulette
PETERS, Harold Unknown service
PETERS, Robert Walter Unknown service [Harrison Valley]
PETERS, Weldon E. Unknown service
PETERSON, Clarence Unknown service [Shinglehouse]
PETERSON, James N. Unknown service [Galeton]
PETERSON, Norman S. Unknown service
PETKOVICH, Stanley Unknown service
PETRENCSIK, Joseph S. Sr. US Army, S/Sgt. Distinguished Service Cross, Bronze Star, Purple Heart 1972 West Hill
PETRIE, Jack Metz US Army, Europe 4-9-2009 Sacred Heart, Wellsville , NY
PETRIE, Thomas Willard Unknown service [Roulette]
PETROSEWITZ, Anthony [Tony] US Army, T/Sgt, Wounded in the battle of the Bulge, Purple Heart 12-13-2006 Clara
PETROSEWITZ, Stanley E. Unknown service 1996 St. Augustine 
PETRUCCI, Michael Unknown service [Ulysses]
PFIEFER, Peter  US Army 1958 Clara
PFUNTNER, David B. Unknown service
PFUNTNER, James G. Unknown service
PFUNTNER, Jordan J. Unknown service [Coudersport]
PHILLIPS, Donald F. Unknown service 12-16-1971 East Sharon
PHILLIPS, Edwin E. [Tip] US Army, T/Sgt. Philipines 9-20-2001 Maple Grove (New)
PHILLIPS, Erwin Unknown service [Shinglehouse]
PHILLIPS, Frank J. Unknown service
PHILLIPS, George Lawrence Unknown service
PHILLIPS, Henry N. Unknown service [Galeton]
PHILLIPS, Maynard R. Unknown service
PHILLIPS, Robert Benjamin US Army, S/Sgt 12-6-2000 Woodland
PHILLIPS, Wesley Unknown service [Galeton]
PIANGATELLI, John D. Unknown service
PIAQUADIO, Guy Louis Unknown service [Galeton]
PIAQUADIO, John L. Unknown service [Galeton]
PIAQUADIO, Michael D. US Army, Capt. 10-6-1991 West Hill
PICKETT, Francis L.  US Army, Pvt 1984 Riverview, Tioga Co PA
PIERCE, Clyde N. Unknown service 1973 Riverview, Tioga Co PA
PIERCE, Floyd, Jr. Unknown service [Galeton]
PIERCE, John R. Unknown service
PILLZ, John J. Unknown service [Genesee]
PINAGE, William S. US Merchant Marines 4-21-2003 St. Augustine
PINKERTON, Clinton T. US Army, Co B 2nd Sig Trg Reg, Pvt 1971 Forest Hill
PLANK, Forrest Rex Unknown service 6-24-1949 Eulalia
PLATT, James F. KIA, US Army, 501st Parachute Inf Regt, 101st Airborne Div, Pvt. Purple Heart 12-20-1944 Luxembourg Am Cem - Plot E, Row 9, Grave 59
PLATT, Robert E. US Army, 17th Airborne Div, PFC. Wounded in Belguim. Purple Heart, Bronze Star. 10-21-2009 [Galeton]
PLAYFOOT, Ralph Edward US Army, Capt 11-18-2006 West Hill
PLUMMER, Ralph M. Unknown service [Coudersport]
POCKEY, James John Unknown service St. Eulalia
POCKEY, Massimo John US Army Air Corps, Radio operator on B-24 Liberator bombers. 6-8-1893 St. Eulalia
POLEN, Turner N. US Army 44210 Unnamed Cem, this site
POLICASTEO, Edward Unknown service [Wharton]
POND, Blain W. Unknown service Westfield
POPADICK, Michael J. Unknown service [Austin]
POPIELARCHECK, Joseph KIA, US Army, 9th Inf Bn, 2nd Inf Div, Pvt. Purple Heart 12-18-1944 Henri-Chapelle (Belgium) AM Cem - Plot A, Row 1, Grave 43
POPPLETON, William C. US Army, TEC5 11-25-1997 West Hill
POST, Charles E. US Army - Europe 7-8-2013 West Hill
POSTLEWAITE, William N. Unknown service [Coudersport]
POTOCEK, Anthony Philip Unknown service 8-13-1992 St. Eulalia
POTTER, Gordon C. US Army, HQ Co 41st Armored Inf, PFC. Purple Heart  12-3-1973 Raymond
POTTER, Herbert S. US Army, 3rd Armored Div Europe 11-11-2017 Riverview, Tioga Co PA
POTTS, William J. Jr. Unknown service
POVERO, Dominic J. Unknown service [Galeton]
POWELL, Arnold E. Unknown service 4-9-1955 Eulalia
POWELL, Thomas F. Unknown service 5-16-1974 Eulalia
POWERS, John E. Unknown service [Coudersport]
POWERS, Thomas Albertus Unknown service [Coudersport]
PRAISEWATER, Elizabeth Marietta DuBois US Army, WAAC, Aux 1/C 1-3-1994 Forest Park East Cem, Webster TX. 
PRAISEWATER, Sterling R. Unknown service 10-15-1978 Forest Park East Cem, Webster TX. 
PRANCHUMAS, Anthony William Unknown service [Coudersport]
PRANSKY, George N. Unknown service [Coudersport]
PRATT, Charles W. Unknown service [Shinglehouse]
PRATT, Earl Unknown service [Shinglehouse]
PRATT, Gordon B. Unknown service
PRATT, Hazen L. Unknown service [Shinglehouse]
PREDMORE, James F. US Air Force, CWO 26 years. 10-23-2005 Gate of Heaven, Cumberland Co PA
PRENTICE, Alexander US Army, CPL 4-30-2003 Unnamed Cem, this site
PRESS, Donald Robert Unknown service [Coudersport]
PRESS, Gordon H. Unknown service [Coudersport]
PRESS, John Keith Jr. US Army 7-27-1994 Maple Grove (New)
PRESS, John Keith Sr. US Army 2-1-1948 Maple Grove (New)
PRESTON, Samuel Unknown service [Galeton]
PRICE, Charles Unknown service [Genesee]
PRICE, Cletus Unknown service [Austin]
PRINCE, Howard L. Unknown service [Shinglehouse]
PRINCE, Lloyd Allen Unknown service [Shinglehouse]
PRINDLE, Erwin W. US Army, CPL 11-7-2020 Beaufort Natl Cem, SC
PRINDLE, Kenneth H. Unknown service
PRINGLE, Richard W. Unknown service
PROCTER, Robert Unknown service [Ulysses]
PROCTOR, Burt M  US Army, CPL 7-14-1976  Genesee
PUFF, Ernest C. US Army 11-17-1945 Maple Grove (New)
PULVENO, Louis James US Coast Guard, S2 3-3-1997 Ulysses
PURDY, Bernard F. Unknown service
PURDY, Keith L., Sr. Unknown service Unnamed Cem, this site
PUTERBAUGH, Earl Unknown service [Austin]
PUTMAN, Bruce L  US Army, TEC5 1980 Parker Hill
PUTMAN, Paul E. Unknown service [Westfield RFD]

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