Veterans of World War II from Potter County, PA

Transcribed by Charles and Kathleen Heffner
Submitted by Frankie Stonemetz
(Veterans Index)

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Notes: The notation (P) after a name indicates that a photo is on our WW II Gallery page.
A place name in brackets is the place the serviceman was living when inducted into the service.

Name Service Death Date Cemetery
NASCO, Thomas Unknown service [Coudersport]
NATZLE, John Wilmot US Army, Capt. 6-21-1978 Maple Grove (Old)
NEEFE, Calvin Arnold Unknown service Sweden Hill
NEEFE, Charles Frederick Unknown service [Coudersport]
NEEFE, Hollis B. Unknown service [Coudersport]
NEEFE, Larue Arthur Unknown service
NEEFE, Milton Eugene Unknown service [Roulette]
NEEFE, Richard Charles Jr. US Army, Sgt 3-7-1991 Sweden Hill
NEEFE, Warren Unknown service [Coudersport]
NELSON, George E. Unknown service [Coudersport]
NELSON, John William US Navy, F1  6-5-1974 Woodland
NELSON, Paul Unknown service [Galeton]
NELSON, Raymond Noel Unknown service [Oswayo]
NELSON, Richard D. 1946-1947 43540 Unnamed Cem, this site
NELSON, Robert A  US Navy, F1 3-29-1994 Wells
NELSON, Russell Unknown service [Genesee]
NELSON, Walter O. Unknown service
NENNO, Arthur Charles US Army, Major. Also WW II: US Army Air Corps, Lt. China. Career 1940-1961 10-25-1979 [Roulette]
NENNO, Edward Henry Unknown service [Roulette]
NEWBERRY, Walter Raymond Unknown service [Germania]
NEWBURY, Jesse C. Unknown service [Coudersport]
NEWBURY, William Benjamin US Army, PFC 7-23-2001 ?Ulysses
NEWCOMB, Clarence Henry Unknown service [Galeton]
NEWCOMB, Earl Royden US Army, S/Sgt 5-24-1990 Mills
NEWCOMB, Leon Robert US Army Air Corps 9-12-2007 West Hill
NEWCOMB, Milton C. US Navy. Pacific 44501 Ulysses
NEWTON, Harry Harvard Unknown service [Galeton]
NICHOLS, George B. Unknown service
NICHOLS, George R. [Mike] Unknown service 7-26-1980 Maple Grove (Old)
NICHOLS, Hollis Wayne US Army, Engineers, T/Sgt. Iran 7-20-2006 Maple Grove (Old)
NICHOLS, Junior R  US Army, TEC5 7-20-2000 North Bingham
NICHOLS, Marcus Reuben Unknown service 11-15-1985 Hill, Roulette
NICHOLS, Robert A. Unknown service
NIKLAUS, John F. Unknown service ?Germania
NILES, George R. Unknown service [Coudersport]
NILES, Robert Arlie M. D. Medical Corps 4-28-2010 Unknown
NIVER, Cleon F. Unknown service [Coudersport]
NIVER, Lyall H. Unknown service [Coudersport]
NIX, Robert B. US Navy 5-18-2004 Mount Prospect Cemetery, Franklinville NY
NOLAN, Herbert Richard Unknown service 11-15-1990 Card Creek
NOLAN, Kenneth H. Unknown service [Roulette]
NOLAN, Richard Unknown service [Roulette]
NOLFI, Luke Julius Unknown service [Galeton]
NORDQUIST, Albert Royden US Navy, Ens 8-19-1979 West Hill
NOREK, Michael Unknown service [Austin]
NORTHRUP, Benjamin L., Jr. US Army Air Corps, S/Sgt 12-24-1995 West Hill
NORTON, William Neil US Army, 3rd Armored Div, PFC 12-21-2003 Maple Grove (Old)
NOWICKI, Edward S. Unknown service
NUNAMAKER, Donald E. US Navy, ATR2. Career: [WW II, Korea, Vietnam] 7-1-2010 Maple Grove (New)
NUSCHKE, Charles L. Unknown service
NUSCHKE, Edgar Erwin US Air Force, Capt, Pilot. Career: 22 Years. KIA in Vietnam. Name on Vietnam Wall. 1-21-1967 Glenn Oaks Cemetery
NUSCHKE, Paul Louis US Navy, 1945-1970. Retired as Captain 4-21-2014 US Naval Academy, Annapolis MD
NUSCHKE, Walter Louis  US Navy 6-18-1967 Forest Hill

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