Veterans of World War II from Potter County, PA

Transcribed by Charles and Kathleen Heffner
Submitted by Frankie Stonemetz
(Veterans Index)

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Notes: The notation (P) after a name indicates that a photo is on our WW II Gallery page.
A place name in brackets is the place the serviceman was living when inducted into the service.

Name Service Death Date Cemetery
LABAR, Russell William US Navy, S1 1981 Parker Hill
LACNEY, Andrew US Navy, GM2  3-26-1988 [Keating Summit]
LADD, William C. Unknown service [Ulysses]
LADIGO, Thomas Unknown service 1950 Maple Grove (Old)
LAGONIO, Victor Frank Unknown service
LAING, James Myles  US Navy, S1 3-6-1980 Wells
LAJCSAK, Michael J. US Army, CPL. Africa and Europe, Purple Heart, 2 Bronze Stars 1-31-2011 St. Eulalia
LAMB, Alfred A. Unknown service
LAMBERT, Charles H. Unknown service [Ulysses]
LAMBERT, Leroy Leonard (P) US Army 5-3-2004 Eulalia
LAMONT, Clark J. Unknown service [Austin]
LAMORTE, Mary Elizabeth Unknown service
LAMPMAN, Hugh Unknown service 9-25-1968 Ulysses
LANE, James Howard [Shorty] US Army, TEC4 2-21-2004  West Hill
LANGWORTHY, Neil B. Unknown service
LANNAGER, Kenneth E. [Clem] Unknown service 12-31-1998 Eulalia
LAPOLT, Lester Clarence KIA, US Army, 6th Armor Inf, 1st Armor Div, Pvt. Killed in action in Italy - Purple Heart 5-31-1944 West Hill
LAPPA, Domenick J. US Army Air Forces, CPL 7-6-1999 West Hill
LARKIN, Jack F. Sr. US Navy 3-1-1992 Maple Grove (Old)
LATTIN, Robert Eugene US Army, T/Sgt. German POW liberated 9-1944. 4-30-2018 Princeton Mem Park, Mercer Co NJ
LATTIN, Roland Melford Unknown service [Coudersport]
LATTIN, Walter A. Jr.  Unknown service 9-4-1959 Eulalia
LAWTON, Clyde Morris US Army, Pvt 6-25-1942 Eulalia
LAWTON, Donald Alvin US Army 8-15-1998 Maple Grove (New) 
LAWTON, Manford R. Unknown service [Shinglehouse]
LAWTON, Robert William US Air Force, Pfc 1976 Woodland
LAZORCHAK, Sam Unknown service Germania
LEACH, Frank D. US Army, TEC4 1983 West Hill
LEACH, Harry Arden Unknown service [Galeton]
LEACH, Ida R. (Miller) US Navy, HA2 9-21-1995 West Hill
LEACH, John Robert USMC, Pl Sgt 1984 West Hill
LEARN, Clair R. US Navy, S1. Pacific Theatre 5-12-1999 Maple Grove (New) 
LECHLER, Dale William Unknown service [Germania]
LECHLER, Dale William US Army 8-26-1981 Germania
LEETE, Tom W. US Army, Africa and Italy 10-2014 Unnamed Cem, this site
LEGACY, Louis J. US Army, Sgt 3-3-1997 Fishing Creek
LEHMAN, Norman J., Jr. [Corky] US Navy, S1 1-30-2006 Sweden Hill
LEHMAN, Raymond Howard Unknown service [Galeton]
LEHMAN, Robert Frederick Unknown service [Galeton]
LEHMAN, Walter L., Jr. Unknown service [Coudersport]
LEILOUS, Donald E. Sr. [Ducky' US Coast Guard 6-26-1988 Maple Grove (New) 
LENT, Frank Norman US Army, CPL 7-30-1985 Woodland
LENT, Norman Frederick Unknown service [Coudersport]
LENTZ, Lawrence M. US Army Air Forces, S/Sgt 10-29-1999 Forest Hill
LENTZ, Marvin G., Sr. Unknown service
LENTZ, Woodrow Merle Unknown service
LEPLEY, William Charles Unknown service
LERCH, Donald C. US Army, Sgt 7-17-2005 Forest Hill
LETCHMAN, Edward C. Unknown service
LEVENDUSKI, Joseph A. Unknown service 3-5-1961 West Hill
LEVERETT, Albert M. US Army, Pvt 5-01-1991 Maple Grove (New)
LEWIS, Alton Unknown service 4-02-1964 Ulysses
LEWIS, Darold Burdette Unknown service
LEWIS, Ernest Parker Unknown service Brookfield, Tioga Co PA
LEWIS, Floyd Frederick Unknown service [Roulette]
LEWIS, Hallie L. Unknown service
LEWIS, Henry Ortiz Unknown service [Keating Summit]
LEWIS, Joseph I. Unknown service
LEWIS, Kenneth Robert DNB, Aviation Cadet, Killed in training accident. 10-17-1943 Mills
LEWIS, Roger J. Unknown service
LIGNIAN, Edwin M. Unknown service
LIGNIAN, Marshall Edgar Unknown service [Coudersport]
LILLY, Morton Reynolds US Army, 135 regt, 34 Div. Bronze Star [Coudersport]
LINDHOME, Richard O. US Navy, PHM2 1-16-1999 Eulalia
LINDSAY, Francis J. Unknown service
LINDSLEY, Walter Arthur Unknown service [Roulette]
LININGER, Raymond Leon Unknown service
LINNAN, James Unknown service [Coudersport]
LINSKI, Paul L. Unknown service [Galeton]
LIVINGSTON, Howard R. Unknown service
LIVSEY, Ralph L. Unknown service
LLEWELLYN, Albert Leonard Unknown service [Coudersport]
LOCKWOOD, William D. US Army, Pvt. Wounded, POW in Germany
LOGUE, Arthur G. Unknown service [Coudersport]
LOGUE, Earl T. US Army, 193 Gli Inf, 17th ABN Div, Pvt. BSM-PH 9-12-1950 Forest Hill
LOGUE, Merle F. Unknown service [Coudersport]
LOGUE, Roy M. US Army, 36th Arty, Europe. Seven Bronze Stars 9-24-2004 St. Joseph, St. Joseph, PA
LONG, Alan W. Major. Wounded in the Philippines [Galeton]
LONG, Charles W. Unknown service [Galeton]
LONG, Harry Joseph US Army Air Forces 6-20-1959 West Hill
LONG, John Jacob Jr. US Army [WW II, Korea] 8-22-2002 West Hill
LONG, Lloyd Unknown service [Galeton]
LONG, Walter Joseph Unknown service [Galeton]
LONG, Wendell E. US Army, B Btry, 618 Fld Arty, Sgt. 4-2-1957 West Hill
LOUCKS, Arthur Harrison US Navy GM3 12-3-2002 West Hill
LOUCKS, Ivan H. Unknown service 1979 Mills
LOUCKS, Raymond Henry Unknown service [Galeton]
LOUGEAY, Robert KIA, 2/Lt. Killed in Manila Philippines. 9-20-1944 Manila Am Cem, Plot B-R13-Gr 107
LOVELESS, David US Army, TEC5 8-4-1975 West Hill
LOVELL, Victor L. Unknown service
LOW, Gale A. US Army/US Air Force 10-24-2013 West Hill
LOWRY, Roger E. US Army, CPL 1-27-2001
LOY, Mark A. Unknown service [Coudersport]
LUDWIG, Albert D. Unknown service
LUDWIG, George R. Unknown service
LUDWIG, Henry S. Unknown service 2-27-1969 Ulysses
LUNDY Edward J. US Merchant Marines aboard USS Vagrant (1944). Then US Army in Korea, Pfc. 10-24-2016 Wells
LUNN, James F. US Army, 85th Reg, 10th Mtn Brigade, 1st. Lt. Italy - Bronze Star 4-18-1979 Rathbone
LUNN, Lyle Unknown service [Galeton]
LUNN, Teddie Unknown service Maple Grove (New)
LUPOLD, William H. Unknown service [Austin]
LUSH, Charles Henry US Army, PFC, Europe and the Pacific 5-8-2004 West Hill
LYCHALK, Andrew Joseph Sr. US Army, Military Police, 1st Sgt 1934-1941 8-31-2006 West Hill
LYDIC, Max B.  US Army, Pvt 10-2-2000  Andrews Settlement
LYMAN, Lewis A. Unknown service
LYMAN, Robert Ray Jr. Unknown service 7-8-1996 John Lyman

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