Veterans of World War I from Potter County, PA

Transcribed & Submitted by Charles and Kathleen Heffner and Frankie Stonemetz
(Veterans Index)

Name Service Death Date Cemetery
ALLEN, John Henry Unknown service 12-30-1946 John Lyman
ANDERSON, Charles H.  US Army, Co. M 317th Inf, Pvt 2-7-1970 West Hill
ANDERSON, Edward F. US Army, Co B, Chemical Bn, Cpl 1-30-1960 Forest Hill
ANTONELLI, Basilio US Army, Co. C. 11 Mach Gun BN, Pvt 4-28-1970 West Hill
ATHERTON, Henry  US Army, Co D, 110 Inf 5-22-1960 West Hill
AZAR, Martin Unknown service 1-13-1941 John Lyman
BACHMAN, Leroy A.  Unknown service 10-20-1928 Eulalia
BAILEY, Elmer Laroy Unknown service
BAKER, George N.  Unknown service 5-22-1965 Eulalia
BANKS, Charles H.  Unknown service 1-1-1981 Rathbone
BARRETT, Amos G Unknown service 5-11-1953 Eulalia
BEAN, Orvel E. US Army, 7 Co, 52 Depot Brigade, Pvt. 5-26-1964 Maple Grove (Old)
BECKMAN, Frank M.  Unknown service 11-4-1973 St. Eulalia
BENTLEY, Edwin D  US Army, 81st Field Arty, Pfc 10-20-1969 Byam
BENTLEY, Horatio  Unknown service 10-28-1937 West Hill
BICKFORD, Elmer M. US Army, 1 Co, 9th Machine Gun BN, 3rd Div, Fought at Aise, Champagne/Marne, Aisne Marne, St. Mihiel, and Meuse Argonne 12-11-1933   Woodland
BLAUVELT, Walter Nelson US Army, 156th Depot Brigade, Pfc 12-11-1961 Eulalia
BLY, Fred L. Unknown service 1918 John Lyman
BLYTHE, Walter W., Sr. US Marines, Pvt 1-12-1986 Forest Hill
BODLE, William A.  US Army, 37th Inf, Cpl West Hill
BOUCHER, Earnest R. US Marine Corp., Pvt 10-7-1956 Sweden Hill
BRAUN, Emmanuel US Navy, S2 6-1-1966 West Hill
BREMIGEN, Lloyd  US Army, Medical Dept, Pvt 1937 Riverview
BREWER, John H.  Unknown service 2-19-1927 Eulalia
BRIGGS, Robert W. Unknown service 19?? Chrystal
BRIZZEE,John C. US Army, Pfc 5-2-1974 Rathbone
BROWN, Clinton W  US Army, Co A 305 Eng, Pvt  6-26-1955 Brookland
BROWN, Earl A.  Unknown service 11-15-1959 Eulalia
BROWN, Lloyd  Unknown service West Hill
BUHL, Frank  US Army, Btry A.10th Field Arty, Pvt. Career [WW I, WW II] 6-16-1972 West Hill
BURDICK, Lawrence M. Unknown service 12-29-1957 Maple Grove (New)
CALDWELL, William T. Sr. Unknown service 11-2-1936 Eulalia
CAMERON, Harvey R. USMC, Cpl (Michigan) 8-08-1959 Maple Grove (New)
CAREY, Thomas J. US Army, Co C 303 Eng, Pfc (Connecticutt) 11-12-1953 Maple Grove (New)
CARLIN, John V US Army, Pvt 7-19-1990 Parker Hill
CARPENTER, Ernest Romaine Unknown service 1-27-1953 Eulalia
CAUFFIEL, Paul Wendell Sr. Unknown service 9-21-1956 Eulalia
CAULKINS, Archie  US Army, Pvt  1978 White's Corners
CHAMBERLAIN, Donald C. US Army, US Army, US Army TNG Corps, Pvt 8-21-1969  West Hill
CHANDLER, Lyle W. Unknown service 3-6-1953 Fishing Creek
CLANCY, Clair E  US Army, 80th Div 317th Inf. Pvt 9-27-1947 St. Mary's, Kinney
CLARK, Joseph W. Unknown service 11-10-1963   West Hill
CLARK, Willis Unknown service 5-6-1955 Eulalia
CLOSE, Alfred F. US Army, PFC 2-25-1955 West Hill
CLOSE, Dominic Thomas US Army, 305th Engrs, 80th Div, M/Eng SG 7-27-1941  West Hill
COBB, George W. Unknown service 1975 Maple Grove (New)
COLE, Carroll W. DOD, US Army, SQ B Trp H 1st NY Cav, Pvt. Died of influenza in Rochester NY.  10-10-1918 Watrous Fam Cem, Tioga Co PA
COLE, Dean F.  Unknown service 1954 Riverview
COLE, Floyd Unknown service
COLE, Leon L.  US Army, Set. Qm. Cp.  7-22-1949  Rathbone
COLE, Vern Unknown service
COLGROVE, William H. Unknown service 1977 Forest Hill
CONABLE, Max D.  AEF Signal Corps, US Army, 411 Tel, Bn, CPL France 5-7-1933 Raymond
CONLOGUE, Thomas  Unknown service 1-22-1922 St. Eulalia
COOK, Jesse G. Unknown service 5-13-1948   West Hill
COOK, Lewis Andrew DNB, US Army, Co B, 13th Regt. Died at Great Lakes Training Station 9-25-1918 Sweden Hill
COONEY, Thomas Leo US Navy, Sea 7-29-1964 St. Augustine
CORNELL, Francis S  US Army  1975 White's Corners
COTTRELL, Byron Unknown service 1-6-1972  West Hill
COY, Mack US Army, Pvt 1977 Forest Hill
COY, Norris T. US Army, 1CL Medical Dept, Pvt 9-26-1932 Forest Hill
COYLE, Stanley KIA [Hebron]
DAVIS, Hugh E. US Army, 333rd AUX RMT Dept VC, PFC 3-11-1953 Ulysses
DEAN, Earl T. US Army, 54 Guard Co, Pvt 3-14-1970 Maple Grove (New)
DEAN, Paul E. Unknown service 1-4-1966 Eulalia
DEGORIS, Watson D. US Army, Pvt 1979 Summit
DENSMORE, Fred L. US Army, Co. F, 125th Inf.  1918 Wells
DEPPA, Bert US Army, Co B, 305 Engs 1943 Forest Hill
DEPPA, Ervin L. US Army, Co M, 317 Inf ,80 Div 1931 Forest Hill
DEREMER, Raymond O. US Army, 305th AM Inf, 80th Div, Cpl  8-16-1948 East Sharon
DEZUTTER, Claude  US Army, 80 Mil Police Co,  Horseshoer 12-16-1956 Wells
DIGIANTOMASSO, Emidio C. Unknown service 1988 West Hill
DIMMICK, Bruce H. Unknown service 1954 West Hill
DRAN, Peter USMC, Pvt 9-14-1979 Homer
DUBOIS, Arthur W. Unknown service 6-28-1955 Eulalia
DUELL, Ethello Roy [Roy] Unknown service 1930 Homer
DUQUETTE, Duncan Unknown service 9-15-1975  West Hill
EASTON, Joseph W. Unknown service 2-14-1951 Eulalia
EDGETT, Floyd W. US Army, Btry E, 14th Field Arty, Sgt  6-3-1953  East Sharon
EGGLESTON, Allan L.  KIA, US Army, Killed in Catalet France  9-29-1918 Eulalia
EIMER, Earl Unknown service
ELLIS John H  US Army, Pvt 1985 West Branch
ELLIS Norman Ray US Army, Medical Dept, Pvt 10-10-1963  West Branch
ELLWOOD, John A. Unknown service 1929 West Hill
EMERSON, Lewis J Unknown service 12-27-1976 Genesee
ENTROTTE, Harrison Unknown service 1-19-1954 Fishing Creek
EVERETT, Giles S. US Army, 112 Inf, 28 Div, PRC 3-6-1950 West Hill
FAILING, Guy C. Unknown service 7-18-1925 Maple Grove (Old)
FAILING, Guy C. US Army, 305th Am Train, 80th Div, Pvt 7-18-1925 Maple Grove (Old)
FESSENDEN, Don Berdette Unknown service 11-22-1939 John Lyman
FESSENDEN, Fay F. KIA, US Army, CPL. Killed in France 9-22-1918 Saint Mihiel Am Cem Lorraine France
FESSENDEN, Harry Unknown service
FESSENDEN, Hobart Unknown service
FISCHER, John Frank Unknown service 2-5-1948 Card Creek
FISHER, Frederick Francis Unknown service 1-16-1931 Eulalia
FITZSIMMONS, George DOD, US Army, Co K 8th BN, ? Inf, CPL Influenza 10-3-1918 St. Eulalia
FITZSIMMONS, Thomas Jr. Unknown service 6-28-1946 St. Eulalia
FITZSTEPHENS, James D  US Army, HQ Co. 314 Field Arty, Pvt 10-8-1967 St. Mary's, Kinney
FLURSCHUETZ, Carl C. Unknown service 1963 West Hill
FLYNN, Edward  US Army, Co. E 6th Ammo Train 6th Div 3-8-1953 St. Mary's, Kinney
FOOTE, Keith Milo US Army 4-09-1982 Maple Grove (Old)
FOSSMER, Earl Unknown service
FOSTER, Robert W. US Army, Eng, Pvt  10-17-1952 Maple Grove (New)
FOWLER, Nealen N  DOD, US Army, Died of influenza at Camp Lee 10-4-1918 North Bingham
FOWLER, Oliver M. US Army, 305 AM Train, 80th Div, Cpl. 10-12-1941 Forest Hill
FRENCH, Carl B. US Army, 148th Inf 57th Div, PFC 11-15-1929 Ulysses
FRINK, Jack Olen US Army, 305th Eng Corp, Pvt 6-19- 1959 Woodland
FRITH, Donald C.  US Army 1986 West Hill
FROEBEL, Herman  US Army, Co G, 30 Inf 9-15-1971  Wells
FRUTIGER, Lisle Unknown service
FUNCHEON, William A. Unknown service 8-2-1960 Eulalia
GARNER, Samuel A  US Army, 20th Co 20th Engrs, Wagoner 9-1-1959 Genesee
GEISWEIT, James L.  DOD, US Army, Died of influenza. 10-24-1918 Eulalia
GODFREY, Philip Griffith US Army, 317th Inf 80 Div, Sgt. died in France 10-13-1989 Arlington Natl Cem, Sect 18 Site 781
GRABE, Robert Theodore Unknown service 2-20-1968 Eulalia
GRANT, George D. US Army, 16 Co. Coast Arty, Pvt 1-26-1954 West Hill
GRATTON, Charles C. US Army, Cpl 3-11-1969 West Hill
GRAVES, William M. Unknown service 4-13-1976 Maple Grove (New)
GREENE, Craig Unknown service
GRIMES, John B. Unknown service 1966 West Hill
GRIMES, Joseph  Ceno of TNG School 10-31-1954 St. Mary's, Kinney
GROIN, William  Unknown service 5-29-1938 Eulalia
GUNZBURGER, William Klein Unknown service 9-17-1961 Eulalia
HALL, Wrayburn B. US Army, Co K 312 Inf 9-24-1959 Eulalia
HALSEY, Clarence Charles US Army, 30th Inf, 3rd Div, Pvt, Died in France 8-27-1918 Arlington Natl Cem, Sect 18 Site 4189
HAMILTON, Fred E. Unknown service 1961 West Hill
HAMLIN, L. Cary  Unknown service 1-4-1968 St. Eulalia
HANLEY, Bernard J. US Navy 9-2-1942 St. Eulalia
HANN, Merle D. US Army, 1 Co, 153 Depot Brig, Pvt. 6-13-1965 Forest Hill
HARE, Earl Unknown service 9-18-1954 West Hill
HARRIER, Elijah US Army, 48 Fld Arty 16 Div, Pvt 1937 Forest Hill
HARRIS, Lonnie Lee  US Marine Corp 12-26-1971 Rathbone
HARRIS, Neil A.  US Army, 2 Ord. Supply Co., Pvt 5-26-1961 Rathbone
HARTWELL, Arthur L.  Unknown service 2-8-1941 Eulalia
HARVEY, Roger Douglas Unknown service
HASKINS, Claude Unknown service 10-30-1918 John Lyman
HEALY, Dean US Army, Evac. Hosp. Co. 38 1918 Chrystal
HELFRECHT, Otto John  Unknown service 1946 Germania
HERNQUIST, Ralph W. US Army, Pvt 3-21-1973 Forest Hill
HILL, Frank Conrad USMC, Pvt 9-16-1963 West HIll
HINMAN, Grover L. US Army, 114 Co, Trans Corps, PFC 4-25-1959 West Hill
HINMAN, Oliver D. US Army, 155 Depot Brig, Cook 3-26-1943 West HIll
HODGE, Harlow Unknown service 2-9-1954 John Lyman
HODGKINS, Claude M.  Unknown service 1952 Chrystal
HOFFMAN, Jessie G Unknown service 1918 Mills
HOLCOMB, Mark L  US Army, PFC 1975 Riverview
HOOKS, Findley E. US Navy 2-9-1978 Keating Summit
HOWARD, Levernon US Army, 112th Inf, Sgt. France. Wounded in battle of Argonne Forest. 4-9-1989 Maple Grove (New)
HUGHES, Harry M. Unknown service 1-7-1961 West Hill
HUNT, Archie E. Unknown service 8-25-1954 Card Creek
HUNTINGTON, Arthur E  US Army, Btry E, 19 Field Arty, Pvt   1946 Fox Hill
HUNTINGTON, Wynne R. C. M  30 Inf, Pvt 9-16-1962 West Hill
HYDE, Walter Unknown service 11-22-1963 Hill, Roulette
IANSON, Miles Jefferson  US Army  4-18-1941 Ianson
INGRAHAM, Benjamin G. Unknown service 2-11-1957 John Lyman
INGRAHAM, Charles Philetus US Army 6-18-1943 Genesee
INGRAHAM, George H  US Army 2-21-1937  Genesee
IVES, James Mayon DNB, US Army. Died at Fort Sam Houston TX 4-13-1918 Ulysses
JACKSON, Merrick Victor US Army, 20 Eng Bn, France 9-23-1987 Summit
JACOBS, Leon R  US Navy, S2 1-18-1937  Brookland
JANDREW, Harry M. Unknown service 2-18-1962 Maple Grove (Old)
JEFFERS, Lester R. Unknown service 1958 Forest Hill
JOHNSON, Arthur Unknown service 1968 West HIll
JOHNSON, Charles Unknown service 1963 West HIll
JONES, Ross Holman, Dr.   US Army, Medical Corps, Capt. 10-23-1945 Eulalia
JUDD, Clayton C  Unknown service 5-27-1964 Genesee
KEECH, Harry S  Unknown service 9-12-1973 Genesee
KEELER, Claude Unknown service 3-11-1960 John Lyman
KEISTER, E. Roy Unknown service 1971 West Hill
KELLER, George W. US Army, Co I, 30th Inf, Pvt. 12-17-1970 Maple Grove (Old)
KELLEY, James R. US Navy, HA2 1981 Maple Grove (New)
KELLY, Hugh US Army. Died from long-term effects of gassing.  1938 St. Eulalia
KELLY, James A.  Unknown service 1-3-1964 St. Eulalia
KELLY, James R. US Navy, HA2 1981 Maple Grove (New)
KELLY, Leo DOD, US Army, 7th Co 3rd Regt, Woodhole Naval Station, Died of influenza 11-30-1918 Eulalia
KEMP, Elmer L.  US Army, Co C 162nd Inf, Pvt  11-21-1967 East Sharon
KENNEDY, Samuel A. Unknown service 1966 West Hill
KENYON, Harry L Unknown service 1-15-1969 Genesee
KERN, Walter W. US Army, US Coast Guard, 34th Regt, Cpl 7-21-1922 West Hill
KIO, Guy A  US Army, Co D 317 Inf Reg, Pvt 9-19-1971 Genesee
KNICKERBOCKER, Charles H. US Army, Co A 301st Tank Btn, Cook. Meuse-Argonne offensive. Discharged 4-11-1919. 7-11-1962 Eulalia
KOHLER, Floyd E. Unknown service 1964 West Hill
KRAMER, Fred J. US Army, 60 Co. Trans Corps, Mech 3-21-1957 West Hill
KRAMER, William G. US Army, 142 Spruce Sqdn 1980 West Hill
KUHN, Gerow Raymond US Navy 5-9-1992 Maple Grove (Old)
LATTIN, Walter A. Sr.  Unknown service 11-7-1975 Eulalia
LAWTON, William Wilson Unknown service 7-15-1965 Maple Grove (New)
LAYE, Henry A., MD US Army, Med Corp, 1st Lt. 1932 West Hill
LEACH, Harry Z. Unknown service 1957 West Hill
LILES, Jesse A  US Army, 18th Inf, 1st Div, Cpl 5-14-1928 Byam
LONG, Michael H Dr.  Unknown service 3-26-1946 Genesee
LONG, William D  Unknown service 1971 Genesee
LOOKATCH, John F. Unknown service 1939 West Hill
LOUCKS, Benjamin H. US Army, Co B, 305 Ammo Train, Wagoner 1968 West Hill
LUNN, Claude Kelsey  US Army, 305 Ammo TN 80th Div   6-24-1956  Rathbone
LUNN, Rowlee E. US Navy 1917 Maple Grove (Old)
LUSH, Fred S. KIA, US Naval Reserves 1918 West Hill
LUSH, Samuel Lynn US Army, Field Artillery, Sgt. Also, US Army, Reserve Defense Corps, Capt 1950 West Hill
MACLEAN, John A. US Army, 54th CAC, Sgt 1940 West Hill
MADISON, H. Deane US Army, Co E, Provisional, Pvt. 1957 West Hill
MALLORY, Claude D  US Army, HQ Co 314 Inf, Pvt 9-26-1955 Mills
MANLEY, Leander S. [Lee] US Army, Camp HQ Co., Sgt 8-14-1957 Rathbone
MARKEY, Walter J  US Army, 305 BN Tank Corps, 2nd. Lt. 7-6-1953 St. Mary's, Kinney
MARTIN, Azor W. US Army, 18th Inf. 1st Div. 1-13-1941 John Lyman
MATTESON, McClure C.  US Army, HQ Det 313 M.B. Bn, Wagoner 4-17-1964 Woodland
MAYNARD, Ralph Roy Unknown service 6-21-1969 Eulalia
MCCANN, Clark Leo KIA, US Army, CPL. Killed in Meuse-Argonne Offensive.  10-1-1918 Meuse-Argonne Am. Cem
MCCOLLUM, John P. KIA, US Army, 315th Field Arty, Pvt. Killed in France 10-2-1918 West Hill
MCCONAGHY, Harry US Army, Pvt 1973 Forest Hill
MCCONEGHY, Carl Hertig Unknown service 5-23-1954 Eulalia
MCHALE, James H  Unknown service 1962 St. Mary's, Kinney
MCHALE, Joseph F  US Army, Co. D 108th Inf. 27th Div, Pvt 1918 St. Mary's, Kinney
MCHALE, William M  US Army, 1st. BN Repl. Tng. Ctr, Pfc 6-27-1969 St. Mary's, Kinney
MCLAUGHLIN, John F. Unknown service 10-9-1969 Eulalia
MEACHAM, Lawrence KIA, US Army, 163rd Inf, PFC. Killed at Verdun France 10-13-1918 Sartwell Creek
MEIKLE, Grover A., Dr.  Unknown service 1979 West Hill
MERICLE, William H. Unknown service 2-4-1912 Ulysses
METCALF, Fred P.  Unknown service 1921 Riverview
METZ, Harold J. Unknown service 2-2-1936 Card Creek
MILLEN, Leroy Ernest Unknown service 2-19-1961 Woodlawn, Wellsville NY
MILLER, Foster  US Army, Co K 56 Engrs, PW 1-26-1951 Mills
MOFFITT, Victor R. US Army, Pvt. 1978 West Hill
MOORE, Guy Eugene US Army, Co K 110 Inf 28 Div. Pvt 1971 Forest Hill
MORAN, Frank Unknown service 12-20-1971 Card Creek
MOREY, Clayton E. Unknown service 6-1-1935 John Lyman
MOREY, Milo Melvin Unknown service 10-28-1955 Hill, Roulette
MORLEY, Calvin Rogers US Army, CPL 1-25-1987 Raymond
MORRIS, J. Kenyon Unknown service 1972 Maple Grove (New)
MOSCH, Frank J. US Army, PFC 2-6-1997 Eulalia
MOSIER, Roy R. US Army, PFC 4-16-1981 Eulalia
MULASKI, Edward J. Unknown service 9-5-1965 St. Eulalia
MURRAY, George F. ASC, Mess Sgt. 1-4-1956 West HIll
NELSON, Harry L. US Army, 34 Eng Vermont, Pvt 1918 Forest Hill
NEWTON, Walter J  US Army 1946 Genesee
NOBLES, Harvey R  US Army, Co B 315 Inf, Pvt PH 6-28-1957 Brookland
NOLAN, Burtis Unknown service KY
NUSCHKE, Edgar Erwin US Army, Pvt 12-1956 Forest Hill
OLTZ, Carle H. Unknown service 1963 West Hill
OSTROM, Leo J. Unknown service 3-3-1942 John Lyman
OWEN, Orvil C. Unknown service 1-27-1971 Eulalia
OWENS, Irving S. Unknown service 7-25-1935 Eulalia
PANSERO, Santo Unknown service 1976 West Hill
PATTERSON, Vivian R  US Army, Co H, 112 Inf, Cpl 1-23-1962 Woodland
PEPPER, Harry D. Unknown service 1918 John Lyman
PLATT, Clyde C. Unknown service 12-27-1959 West Hill
PSYCHOS, Gus  Unknown service 8-18-1968 Eulalia
PYE, Julian Calvin, Sr. US Army 11-18-1942 Genesee
RAY, Fred Unknown service
RAYMER, Francis E. Unknown service 1961 West Hill
REES, Otis A.  AEF, 66th US Army, Rifle Co 3rd Depot Div, Pvt  1918 Reesville
RENWICK, R. Wilson Unknown service 9-7-1959 Card Creek
REYNOLDS, Andrew Forest Unknown service 2-2-1983 East Sharon
RHODES, Harry Lawton  US Army, Co. E 305th Ammo Bn, Saddler  7-24-1961 Rathbone
RICE, Frederick E. Unknown service 1932 Hill, Roulette
RICHARDS, Robert Wayne Unknown service 3-12-1964 Maple Grove (Old)
RICKERSON, William G. Unknown service 1960 West Hill
RINAMON, Jesse W. Unknown service 10-6-1973 Card Creek
RINEHULTS, John H. Unknown service 12-2-1917 John Lyman
ROBBINS, Thomas US Army, 89th Regt  1921 Parker Hill
ROBERTS, Guy L.  US Army, Co. F 3rd Eng. 1923 Rathbone
ROBERTS, Roland US Army, Engineers, Cpl  2-26-1967 Rathbone
ROE, Bryon L. Jr. US Army, Co. G. Med. Corp 9-25-1918 Mills
ROESKE, Otto C.  US Army, Tech. Ord. Depot Co.  1972 Rathbone
ROSE, Basil L. US Army, Co D, 62nd Am Train, Pvt 1935 West Hill
ROUNDS, Walton Edgar, Sr.  US Army, 45 C 153 Depot Brig, Pvt 1-5-1954 Mills
RUGG, Fred D. Unknown service 1983 West Hill
RUGGIERO, Angelo KIA, US Army, Co G, 317th Inf 1918 West Hill
RUSSELL, Albert Edgar US Army, Pvt 5-10-1978 Homer
RUSSELL, Edward  US Army, Co. B 163rd  Inf, Pvt 9-10-1966 St. Mary's, Kinney
RUSSELL, William H. US Army, Co A, Pvt 8-13-1969 Homer
RYAN, Joseph James  US Army, QM. Corps, Sgt 8-21-1933 St. Mary's, Kinney
SANDELL, John R. US Army, 118 Eng 1918 Forest Hill
SANFORD, Percy M. Unknown service 11-8-1937 Card Creek
SCHOENER, Basil B. US Army, 151 Ambulance Co., Pvt. 10-26-1965 West Hill
SCHOENER, Henry W. KIA, US Army, 3rd Div, Pvt. 7-15-1918 West Hill
SCHRAMM, Otto Louis KIA US Army, Co B 112th Machine Gun Bn. Wagoner. Killed in France 10-23-1918 West Hill
SCHUG, Byron P. H. Unknown service 9-11-1924 Eulalia
SCHULER, Floyd C. 1st Lt. 2-19-1965 Raymond
SEGER, Clifford C  Unknown service 11-26-1979  Genesee
SETZER, Harry V. Sr. Unknown service 11-28-1973 Eulalia
SEYMOUR, Charles Unknown service 12-21-1945 John Lyman
SHAW, Glenn Alton  US Navy, S2. US Army, Res Force 11-8-1957 Woodland
SHEERER, Friend E  US Army, Co M, 109 Inf, Pvt 2-21-1970  Wells
SHERMAN, James F. Unknown service 5-22-1962 John Lyman
SHERMAN, Leon H US Army, Pvt. 10-26-1972 West Hill
SHOTT, Edwin, Sr. US Army, Cook 4 Supply Train 1964 West Hill
SIX, John R.  Unknown service 10-11-1918 St. Eulalia
SLINGERLAND, Harold Alfred Unknown service 1918 Genesee
SMITH, Lawrence France 2-11-1955 John Lyman
SMITH, Thomas KIA, US Army, 314th Inf 79th Div. Killed in France 10-6-1918 John Lyman
SONNEKALB, Harold Unknown service 11-23-1924 Eulalia
STICKLER, John Herman US Army, 314 Inf, 79th Div, Wagoner 12-16-1946 West Hill
STRAITZ, Albert E. Unknown service 1969 West Hill
STRAITZ, Nicholas, Jr. Unknown service 1956 West Hill
STRICK, Clair Unknown service 12-23-1968 John Lyman
SULLIVAN, Paul James US Army, Transportation Corps, 1st Lt
SUNDELL, Gordon Lindblad Unknown service 4-2-1964 Genesee
SUSTAKOSKI, John Unknown service 10-4-1965 Maple Grove (New)
SWAN, Bennie C. US Army, Co. C 162 Inf, PFC 6-9-1970 West Hill
SWAN, Fred Henry US Army, Pvt 1-7-1972 West Hill
SWIFT, Maurice C.  Unknown service 10-24-1964  Rathbone
TAUSCHER, Almond W. Unknown service 10-15-1951 John Lyman
TAUSCHER, Ralph  US Army, 155th Depot Brig, Pvt 2-10-1945  Sweden Hill
THOMPSON, Archie Wallace KIA, US Army, Co A, 112 Inf Div. 2/LT. Killed in France.  1918 Potter Brook
THOMPSON, Thaddeus Lamont US Army, Co E 26th Fld Sig Div, PFC 3-5-1954 Ulysses
TILBURG, Otto G  Unknown service 12-7-1977 Genesee
TODD, Russell L. Unknown service 4-23-1905 Card Creek
TOLES, Harry Arthur Unknown service 11-30-1952 Eulalia
TOOMBS, Edwin J.  Pvt 1918   Sweden Hill
TRISCUIT, Lloyd E. Unknown service 8-10-1974 Hill, Roulette
TUCKER, James Bert Unknown service 7-5-1947 Eulalia
UNKNOWN US Army, Pvt 1977 Woodland
VANDEBOE, De Grover US Army, Maj. Graduate of West Point. 6-24-1968 Eulalia
VANDINE, Charles E  US Navy, COX  5-7-1975  Brookland
VANKUREN, Wellman J. Unknown service 9-17-1952 John Lyman
VANVOLKINBURG, Oliver W. US Army, Medic, Pvt 1960 Forest Hill
VANWHY, Farley J. US Army, 111th Inf, 28th Div, Pvt 9-18-1947 Forest Hill
VELIE, John Carleton [Carleton] DOD, US Army, Died of influenza at Camp McClellan, AL 1-28-1919 Eulalia
VREDENBURG, Donald Horace. Unknown service 1938 Homer
WAKLEY, Clint B Unknown service 1-13- 1975 Clara
WELDY, Daniel W.  Unknown service 8-13-1940 Eulalia
WENTWORTH, Milton Shutt  Unknown service 2-13-1920 Eulalia
WHITCOMB, Frank, Jr.  Unknown service 5-5-1966 Eulalia
WHITE, Earl D  US Army, Co C, 155 Depot Brigade, Pvt 2-3-1960 Mills
WHITE, Grant W Sr  US Army, Pvt 5-28-1982 Mills
WILSON, Ivan Fred US Army, 318 Artillery Remount  9-30-1940 Maple Grove (Old)
WILSON, Oscar Chauncey Canadian Army, 156thInf, Pvt 12-29-1915 Eulalia
WOLD, Barta J. US Army Nurse Corp 1984 Forest Hill
WOLTZ, Pernell J. US Army, Pvt. 1973 West HIll
WOODHOUSE, Royce R. US Army, 2 Tank Co. 2 Inf Div, Cpl. 10-6-1962 West HIll
WRIGHT, Harry Lee  US Army, 28th Inf Div, Pvt 10-17-1918 Raymond
ZENGERLE, Arthur R.  KIA  1918 St. Germain
ZWALD, Albert F. US Army, 319 Inf, 80th Div, Pvt 7-11-1919 Eulalia

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