We know these Potter County people served in the military, but not if they served in combat.
Compiled by Barb Hyde

(Veterans Index)

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Name Service Death Date Cemetery
AYERS, Gene E. US Air Force 11-14-2000  Ayers Hill
BAKER Roger Lynn US Army, Pvt
BAKER, Francis L. US Navy
BAKER, Lewis  National Guard
BARNHART, Claude Neil US Navy
BAXTER, Delbert W. 5-15-2014 Grimes, Port Allegany
BECK, Larry W.  US Army
BECKHORN, Virgil E  US Army
BERGER, Arlene E. (Coole) USNR. Four years. 8-18-1928 Rathbone
BODLER, J. R.  US Navy Reserves, CDR
BRADY, Lester D. US Army, PFC 2-12-1972 Eulalia
BRECHER, Earl  Unnamed Cem, this siteservice
BUTZ, Roger US Air Force 6-1-2014 Unnamed Cem, this site
CALHOUN, Gary D.  US Navy, E6 12-10-2014 Rathbone
CONABLE, Max D.  PA Corp 411 Tel, Bn.
CONNELLY, Gary ~ 9-22-2008 Card Creek
CONNELLY, Raymond G. Engineers, Sgt 1-15-1955 West HIll
COOK, Verl D.  US Army (1955-58)
COOPER, Allen T. US Army, Co E, 18th Inf, Pfc. 1-25-1959 Eulalia
COY, Norman C. US Marine Corps 1-22-2011 Oquossoc, ME?
COY, Norris T. Medic. PA, PFC
DAILEY, David, Jr. US Army 1-14-1998 Byam
DOAN James J  SRA US Air Force 
DUELL, Chester [Chet] US Army, 1964-1966. Retired from reserves in 1995 9-9-2013 Maple Grove (New)
DUNBAR, Donald US Marines, 4 yrs 2-12-2008 Genesee
FINKELE, John B. US Marine Corps 6-6-2003 Brokside, Tioga Co PA
FOUST, Thomas C. Sr. US Army. 5-26-2017 Unnamed, this site
GIANNOTTI, Vito Steven US Army
GIORDANO, Salvatore US Army 10-9-2014 West Hill
GITTINGS, James J. Sr.  US Navy 
GOOCH, Michael B. Natl Guard. 1971-1976 8-9-2017 Unnamed, this site
GRAVES, Merle A. Uncategorized Vet, US Army.  12-4-2017 MGNew
GRISWOLD, Francis Leo US Marines and US Navy
GROVER, Karl W  Army, Ord Corp Rec, SP 4 
GUTGSELL, Matthew Glen US Army, S/Sgt. Retired 4-3-2004 St Bermain
HEFFNER, James Merle Uncategorized Vet, US Navy corpsman, 4 years and  US Air Force, nurse, 6 years 11-4-2017 Sweden Hill
HERBERT, Joseph C. ~ 10-26-2002 Unnamed Cem, this site
HOFFMAN, Donald J. ~ 12-31-2003 St. Eulalia
HOOFTALLEN, Earl Richard [Huffy] US Army
HOWARD, Levernon US Army, Sgt
HUNT, Theodore James [Ted] US Army
INMAN, Harry R. US Army, helicopter mechanic 8-24-2012 Unnamed Cem, this site
JACKSON, James W. Btry D, 2 Bn 10 Arty, PFC 3-16-1972 West Hill
KAPLE, Roger Allen US Army, Cpl
KAUFMAN, George Gary US Army, PFC. 2-1-1991 West Hill
KEIFER, William B. Jr. US Army 
KENNEDY, Samuel A. One of the WWs 1966 West Hill
KENNEDY, Terrence A. ~ 2001 Chrystal
LEIGHTON, Edward J. Sr. US Marine Corps
LENTZ, Mark A. Uncategorized Vet, US Army, aft. 1971 1-17-2018 Unnamed, this site
MANNING, Richard E. US Navy 10-21-2016 Forest Hill
MARZO, Joseph N.  US Air Force 1-7-2004 St. Eulalia
MCINROY, Stephen W.  US Army Reserves 
MERTSOCK, Larry A.  US Marine Corps 
MILLER, Clifford E. Jr. [Jose] US Air Force 3-5-2011 Unnamed Cem, this site
MINGUS, Donald Ernest US Army
MONROE, Ernest L Unnamed Cem, this siteservice
MONROE, Ernest R. US Army
MOORE, Donald Sr. US Army Airborne Div. Germany
MYERS, Norman R. [Bud] US Navy
NEEFE, Roland Robert US Army
NICKLAUS, M. Catherine  Navy Nurse 
OBLESKI, Michael A. KIA, USMC, Pvt. Killed fighting against rebels in Nicaragua in 1927. Originally buried in Ocatel, Nicaragua.  7-17-1927 Cypress Hills Natl Cem, Brooklyn NY, Sect.2 , Gr. 10433
OLMSTEAD, Richard G. US Navy
3-12-2011 Canaseraga Cem, NY
ORTLIP, Edward W. US Army
PACKER, George R. Sr. Unnamed Cem, this siteservice
PANSERO, Paul S. US Army
PHILLIPS, Donald F.  Unnamed Cem, this siteservice (b. 1916, d. 1971)
PRESS, William C. Sr. US Army
PUTMAN, Richard Edward US Navy 1-22-1998 Riverview
REES, Rose Mary US Army, Sp4 2-26-1990 Reesville
REES, Vernon ~ 2004 Card Creek
RIALE, John A US Army 9-7-2012 Fairview, Port Allegany
RICE, Daniel Patrick US Navy, Petty Officer 1st Class.
ROBINSON, Gary E. ~ 1-29-1980 Woodland
ROUNDS, Harry G  US Navy, HM3
RUSSELL, David B  Unnamed Cem, this siteservice
SCHAAR, Carroll Lynn  PA Field Arty, 2nd Lt
SEELEY, Frank  US Army 1923 Potter Brook
SHERWOOD, Cooley US Army, PA Inf, Pfc 
SUTTON, Byron D. Sr. [Barney] USMC 10-17-2016 Riverview
VERBJAR, James Peter Uncategorized Vet, US Army 4-24-2018 Unnamed, this site
WHITE, Leroy C.  Uncategorized Vet, US Army Reserves. 10-1-2018 Eulalia

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