Revolutionary War Service

We honor their service.
Because Potter County did not exist during the Revolutionary War, no Potter County natives served in that war.
However some of our earliest settlers were Revolutionary War veterans.
They came to Potter county, built a good place to live as they built their own lives, and they died and are buried here.

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Name Service Death Date Cemetery
CARPENTER, Joseph I ~ 1854 Clara
EDGECOMB, Roger/td> Army and Navy, four years 1838 Lymansville
ELLIS, Richard Wounded 5-14-1841 Ellisburg
HAWLEY, Salmon CT Line, Pvt 12-8-1842 Daniels
KIBBE, David Brewsters Regt, Pvt 1-15-1838 White's Corners
LYMAN, Isaac, Maj./td> ~ 3-1-1827 Lymansville
PHILLIPS, Isaac Weissenfel's NY Regt, Pvt. Enlisted at age of 15 years as a Drummer Boy 7-5-1858 Clara
RAYMOND, Amos 2 Co, 4th CT Regt, Minuteman 8-22-1852 Raymond
RICKEY, Israel ~ 5-28-1851 John Lyman
ROOKS, Daniel Sr. ~ 5-22-1840 North Bingham
THROCMORTON, Joseph NJ, Pvt. Also War of 1812 4-12-1851 Douglass

Extracted from Historical Sketches of Potter County
Submitted by Frankie Stonemetz

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The following information on nine Revolutionary War soldiers buried in Potter County has been researched by Mrs. Maybelle Swanson of Coudersport, genealogist and secretary treasurer of the Potter County Historical Society. Most information is from the National Archives, Washington, D. C., which contains the original Revolutionary War records. She has also visited each of the graves (where known) within Potter County.
ROGER EDGECOMB was born in 1757 at Norwich,Conn., a son of Jonathan Edgecomb, died between March and Sept. 1838 at Coudersport, Pa. (pension papers No.S10615). He enlisted May 8, 1775 for eight months under Lt. Huntington; enlisted in 1776 for seven months under Capt. Huntington; shipped on the U.S. Warren for three months under Capt. Hopkins; enlisted June 8, 1778 for eight months under Col. Durkie, discharged Jan. 1, 1779. He married in 1780 at Greenfield, Mass., Miss Sarah Wells. Their children were: Joanna, born Oct. 20, 1780; Erastus, born Oct. 14, 1782; Lucy, born April 1,1784; Avis, born Jan. 23, 1786; Ardaliscia, born Nov. 14, 1787; Marcus, born Oct. 10, 1789, and Jonathan, born July 28, 1791. Roger and Sarah Edgecomb were living with their son, Jonathan at the time of his death and they are supposed to be buried on the Jonathan Edgecomb lot at Lymansville. His monument, if any, has been lost.

RICHARD ELLIS, No. R-3321, of Ellisburg was born Dec. 20, 1760, at Ashfield, Mass., a son of Reuben and Mehitable (Scott) Ellis. He served in the Revolutionary War with his father and two of his brothers. He was drafted in March or April 1778 by Capt. Benjamin Phillips and placed in Capt. William Watson's Company of Col. James Wesson's Massachusetts Regiment. About Oct. 1, 1778, he was sent to a hospital at Fishkill and remained there until Oct. 28, 1778, when he was discharged by its Chief Surgeon.
Richard Ellis settled in Delmar Township, Tioga County, Pa., in 1811 and in later life moved to Ellishurg, Potter County, where he erected a saw mill, a grist mill and a tavern. He was twice married. His first wife was Eunice Chilson who bore him six children. His second wife, Cbloe Chilson, a sister of his first wife, bore him 13 children. Richard Ellis died May 14, 1841, at Ellisburg and is buried there in the old cemetery.

DAVID KIBBE was born June 15, 1745, in Enfield,Conn., a son of David and Miriam (Kibbe) Kibbe; died Jan 15, 1838, and is buried in the cemetery at White's Corners, Potter County, PA. He enlisted in 1776 with a Massachusetts regiment for eight months under Capt. Dibble; in 1777 he served nine months under Capt. Chadwick in Col. Brewer's regiment; another six months during 1778; and in 1780 enlisted for three years in the 4th Mass. regiment commanded by Col. Henry Jackson, serving under Capt. Joseph Fox and later under Capt. Mills. Discharged Dec 31, 1783, at West Point, Papers (pension) were signed by Major General Knox. David Kibbe was married twice, his first wife is unknown, the second wife was Mary ??, who is buried beside him at White's Corners, died Feb. 11, 1835, age 53 years.

Children by first wife were: David (1787-1873) and Joan who married David West. Children by second wife: Peter, Mary (1813-1900) who married Timothy A. Galicia; Moses, born 1814; James, born 1816, who married Sally Clark; Eli, (1818-1880), who married Nancy N. Bay; and Martha, born 1820. 
 MAJOR ISAAC LYMAN was born August 18, 1759, in Lebanon, Conn., a son of Benjamin and Sarah (French-Foster) Lyman. He enlisted on June 5, 1777, in Col. Flutter's regiment. On Aug. 17, 1777, he was promoted to First Lieutenant. In June 1779 he enlisted in Capt. Ebenezer Arms' Company of Col. Wells' Regiment for nine months. He was with Sullivan on his march through New York state. In 1781 he enlisted in the Company of Capt. Fish, Regiment of Col. Fletcher, as a Field and Staff Officer of the regiment.

Isaac Lyman was married three times and had 17 children. His first wife was Sally Edgecomb, who died August 22, 1791, in her 28th year. His second wife was Laura Pierce,who was born Dec. 28, 1769, and they were divorced. His third wife was Patience Mann Spafford, born May 16, 1774, died April 12, 1867. Isaac Lyman died March 1, 1827, at Lymansville, Potter County, and is buried in the Lymansville Cemetery.

Children of Sally Edgcomb Lyman: Jonathan, born at Whittingham, VT, Dec. 13, 1782, died Dec. 16, 1782; Lydia, born March 14, 1784; Charlotte, born Nov. 29, 1785; Eunice, born Dec. 17, 1787, died at Lymansville, Pa., July 8, 1844; John, born July 7, 1789.

Children of Laura Pierce Lyman: Burrel, born Nov. 10, 1792, at Bolton Landing, NY; Laura, born Feb. 20, 1794, married Silas McCarthy of Muncy, Pa., Dec.10, 1810. This was the first marriage in Potter County. Parthena, born May 12, 1795, died Oct. 8, 1795; Henry, born Dec. 9, 1796, died Jan. 11, 1797; Harry, born March 17, 1798; Isaac Jr., born Jan. 15, 1802; Otis, born April 21,1805.

Children of Patience Mann Spafford Lyman: Charles, born January 13, 1810, died March 1, 1888; Eulalia, born June 6, 1811 (first white child born in Potter County); Milo, born March 25, 1813, died March 6, 1830; Edwin, born Dec. 21, 1815, died Feb. 24, 1891; Lewis Wrn., born Jan. 29, 1818, died Aug. 21, 1900.

ISAAC PHILLIPS, born at Frederickstown, Dutchess County, N.Y., March 20, 1762. Enlisted October 1777 at age of 15 years as "Drummer Boy" in the Revolutionary War under Capt. Heacock and Col. John Fields. He served until 1780. From August 1781 until February 1782, he served under Capt. Andrew White and Col. Frederick Weissonfel. He moved into Clara Township, Potter County, with his son, Nathan Phillips, before 1850. Isaac is buried in Clara Cemetery and his tombstone reads:  Isaac Phillips, New York, Pvt., Weissenfel's N.Y. Reg. Rev. War, March 20, 1762-July 5,1858.

AMOS RAYMOND was born March 23, 1757 at Holden, Mass., a son of William and Mercy (Davis) Raymond (Holden V. R. p.154); died Aug. 22, 1852, at Raymond, Allegany Twp., Potter County, Pa.; married Dec. 9, 1779 to Alice Joslin, daughter of Peter and Elizabeth (Greenleaf) Joslin. She was born at Shrewsbury, Mass. on Oct. 28, 1757, and died at Richford, NY, July 5, 1828. Amos was a private in the Revolutionary War, serving as a Minute Man. He fought at White Plains and assisted in the capture of Gen. Burgoyne. He was a pioneer in Berkshire Hills, Mass., and again when he went to Richford, Tioga County, NY, with his son, Daniel. In 1836 he and Daniel moved to Allegany Township, Potter County, where he died. His grave is marked by the DAR.

Children of Amos Raymond were: Alice, born Oct. 8,1780, married ?? Watkins; Amos, born Aug. 13, 1782, died Feb. 1870; Betsey, born Oct. 1, 1784, married Eleazer Lyman, died Sept. 1, 1851; William Greenleaf, born Oct. 13, 1786, died July 31, 1874; Daniel, born Oct. 5, 1793, died Aug.20, 1893, and Olive, who married Rev. J. Jackson.

, No. R-8797, was born on January 1, 1751, at Cortland Manor, Dutchess County, N.Y. On March 5, 1834, he applied for a pension for Revolutionary War service while living in the Town of Chemung, Tioga County, NY. He stated that at the commencement of the war he was living  in Sussex County, NJ, near the New York state line and that he enlisted in Capt. Beckwith's Sussex County, NJ, militia to fight against the Delaware Indians and the British forces about 1775. In 1777 or 1778 he was drafted into Col. Hawthorn's Regiment of Orange County, NY, militia for nine months. Total service about 13 months and 13 days. Late in life, Israel Rickey moved to Potter County to live with his daughter, Mercy, who was married to Benjamin Burt, the third pioneer to settle permanently in Potter County. Israel Rickey died May 28, 1851, and was buried in the John Lyman Cemetery at Roulette.

DANIEL ROOKS, SR. No. 5-22483, of Bingham Township was a Revolutionary War soldier. He was born March 28, 1764, at Uxbridge, Mass. He enlisted in May 1781 when he resided in Coryden, Cheshire County (later Sullivan County), New Hampshire, and served six months as a private in Capt. Charles Nelson's Company. With Col. Benjamin Wait's Regiment of Vermont troops he engaged in building a fort near Corinth.The soldier returned home to Coryden, NH, from which place he migrated to Stillwater and Northumberland in Saratoga County, NY, and Painted Post in Steuben County, before moving to Bingham Township, Potter County; in 1826. He died in Bingham Township May 22, 1840. He married in 1792 or 1793 Prudence Dickerson who was born July 12, 1762, and died July 24, 1848, at Bingham. Both are buried in North Bingham Cemetery. Their children were: Daniel, John L., Darion, and Sally Rooks.

JOSEPH THROCMORTON was born in Sussex County, NJ, June 14, 1765 (Pension application) christened as "John Joseph" but known only as "Joseph." Living in Montmouth County, NJ, he eniisted at the age of 15 years in the American Revolution; and later served in the Pennsylvania Insurrection. He was a ship carpenter and farmer. He married Sarah Ann Brower, daughter of a Revolutionary War soldier, on March 6, 1796. She was born December 20, 1772. In 1802, Joseph Throcmorton was living in Union County, NJ, and two years later in Hector, Schuyler County, NY., where, for a third time, he enlisted in the service of his country, the War of 1812. He and his wife belonged to the religious sect known as Shakers. About 1824, he removed to Hector Township, Potter County, Pa., where he applied for a Revolutionary War pension, October 3, 1832, issued July 15, 1833, at which date he was a resident of McKean County, living with his son, Elias. Pension last paid March 4, 1851; died April 12, 1851. Burial was in Douglass Cemetery, Hector Township, Potter County, where his wife was interred October 7, 1836.

Their children were: James, born June 8, 1797; John, born March 17, 1799; Elias, born Sept. 12, 1802, Scotch Plains, Union County, NJ; Sally, born July 2, 1807, married July 4, 1821, to Gird Steel, died February 14, 1854; and Anna, born August 5, 1811, died unmarried May 15, 1842, in Potter County.

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