Veterans Who Served Post-Vietnam
from Potter County, PA

Original List transcribed by PHGS Members: Charles & Kathleen Heffner and submitted by PHGS Member: Frankie Stonemetz.
Updated with informaton from opituaries and from our users.

These veterans served from approximately 1975 to the present.
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Name Service Death Date Cemetery
BABCOCK, Clarence Lloyd Jr. US Army, PFC 3-21-2001 Maple Grove (New) 
BAKER, Francis L. US Navy, RM3 12-19-2006 Maple Grove (New) 
BAKER, Rodger Lynn US Army, Pvt 3-11-1997 West Branch
BLANTON, Michael William US Navy, Bosun's Mate. 1983-1994 10-3-2011
BRENT, Diane Frances US Air Force, S/Sgt. 1972-2005 3-14-2013 Unnamed Cem, this site
BROWN, Kerry [Living] US Army, 347th Quartermaster Co. Two tours in Iraq
CASTILLO, Kathy Ann US Air Force, Sgt 12-9-2011 Whites Corner
CHAMBERLIN, Paul G. US Army 4-6-2006 Maple Grove (New) 
CHANDLER, Edmund G. US Navy 8-30-2004 Summit
CHIEF, LaDessa (Coats) US Air Force, Electronics Technician, 4 years active duty - 1978-1982, 9 years reserves. 6-18-2018 Maple Grove (New) 
CLARK, James L. US Army, 1964-2010 3-25-2014 Hebron
COLVIN, Maynard L. US Army 1976-1992 and Vietnam:  US Air Force 1962-1968.  1-4-2012 ?Ulysses
CONNELLY, Gary W. US Army, Pvt 9-22-2008 Card Creek
CORNELL, Leo C US Army, SFC 1989-2007. Desert Storm and Desert Shield 12-14-2007 North Bingham
CORNISH, Thomas E. US Army, T/Sgt. 1978-1995 12-14-2019 Unnamed Cem, this site
CRUM, Wayne R. [Skip] US Army, SSgt, 1974-1981 7-19-2013 Rathbone
DIETZE, Kenneth Gregory US Army, Sgt. Persian Gulf 5-28-2003 East Sharon
DOAN James J  US Air Force, SRA  5-20-1998 Ford Hill
DONOVAN, Donald A. US Navy
EASTMAN, Kally US Army, retired 2002. West Point Graduate, 1983. Bronze Star [Austin]
FLINT, Wesley Jon US Air Force, A1C 10-26-1997 Ulysses
FRANKLIN, Michael William KIA, US Army 44th Eng. Bn, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Inf Div, Spec. Killed in action in Ramadi Iraq.   3-7-2005 Wells
FROEBEL, Rebecca A.  US Army 7-12-2004 Eulalia
GABERSECK, Max J. US Marines, Gunnery Sgt. 1977-1998, including Gulf War 10-11-2014 Family cem in Odin
GLOGOUSKI, Charles, Jr. US Air Force 6-26-2002 Maple Grove (New) 
GLOGOUSKI, Douglas A. US Air Force, SRA  5-13-2001 East Sharon
GRAHAM, Michael S. US Army, SPC. Persian Gulf 8-7-2000 Maple Grove (Old)
GREEN, Richard P. [Dick] US Army 10-20-2006 Hill, Roulette
GROVE, John Calvin, Jr US Army. 1979-1984 8-9-2016 Sweden Hill
GUTGSELL, Matthew Glen US Army, S/Sgt. Retired 4-3-2004 St. Germain
HEGGENSTALLER, Dean C. US Air Force. Career 9-12-2020 Unnamed Cem, this site
HEYSHAM, Robin Scott [Rob]  US Air Force, S/Sgt. Persian Gulf.   9-30-2002 Ulysses
HOSLEY, Lawrence V. US Army 3-9-2009 Ulysses
HRIBAL, Thomas G. US Army, PFC. 1988-1991, Persian Gulf 12-6-2020 Unnamed Cem, this site
HUGGLER, Billy Joe, Jr. US Army, Sgt, 12 years. Persian Gulf 8-23-2005 Byam
HUNT, Theodore James [Ted] US Army, PFC 12-27-2002 Genesee
IRELAND, Thomas C. US Marines 1990-1995, L/Cpl. Persian Gulf  3-05-1995 Maple Grove (New) 
JANDREW, Donald Robert US Air Force 11-15-1994 Maple Grove (New) 
KAPLE, Roger Allen US Army, Cpl 5-24-2001 Summit
KELLIGAN, Marcia H. (Austin) US Army, Germany. 7-25-2007 Unnamed Cem, this site
KELLOGG, John R. [Dick] US Army 5-1-2000 Maple Grove (New) 
KELLY, Donald Eugene [Gene] US Army 82nd Airborne Divi 11-5-2007 St. Eulalia
KENNEDY, Terrence A. ~ 2001 Chrystal
KOSA, Justin L. US Army, SP4. MLRS crew 7-20-2010 Ulysses
LEE, George J. USMC, CPL. Persian Gulf 10-6-2006 Raymond
LEIGHTLEY, Larry Mark, Jr.  US Army, PFC 10-7-1989 Keating Summit
LONG, Samuel W. US Air Force 3-6-2009 Eulalia
LOSEY, Jerry W. US Army  3-28-2006 West Hill
LOWE, LaVerne A. [Buz] US Merchant Marine  2-5-2006 Maple Grove (New) 
LUNDY, Joseph E. US Army, SPC. Iraq 2-7-2008 Maple Grove (New) 
MANSFIELD, Michael R. US Air Force, M/Sgt. Career 1976-1995 6-30-2016 Ulysses
MARIOTTI, Anthony Vall US Army, PFC 10-3-2003 Genesee
MAYNARD, John C.  US Army 5-2-2001 Sweden Hill
MCCONNELL, Dean Forest US Army, Sgt,Germany. Serviced Sergeant Missle Launchers 3-20-2002 Eulalia
MCCULLOUGH James L  US Air Force, Sgt. 5-6-2001 Parker Hill
MCKEONE, Thomas Richard US Army  11-02-2008 Sweden Hill
MILLER, Bonnie Sue (Baker) US Air Force, Tech Sgt. Career, 20 years. 5-27-2021 Unnamed Cem, this site
MILLER, Bruce E. USMC 12-31-2019 Unnamed Cem, this site
MOSCH, Otto Carl III US Navy, 1987-1989. USS Dwight D. Eisenhower 5-19-2013 Homer
MURRAY, William C. US Army 4-12-1982 Maple Grove (New) 
NEWTON, John William US Air Force. Four years part of Desert Storm and Desert Shield. 10-15-2021 Maple Grove (New) 
NEWTON, Lance A. US Army and Natl Guard, Major. Career, 27 years. Served in Kosovo, Korea, Germany, and Afghanistan.  7-13-2020 Unnamed Cem, this site
PLANT, Brian A. US Army, SPC 3-15-1996 Reesville
POLLIARD, Nicholas E. US Navy 5-22-2008 Indiantown Gap Nat Cem, Annville , PA
REES, Kenneth E., Jr. US Army, SPC4 1978 Reesville
REYNOLDS, Rex C  US Air Force, 3970th Combat SPT GPAF, A1C 5-5-1963 Mills
REYNOLDS, Robert E. US Air Force 7-23-2000 Maple Grove (Old)
REYNOLDS, Scott [Living] US Army, Sgt, Iraq [Austin]
SCHOONOVER, Keith D. US Army, Iraq, Desert Storm, Desert Shield 5-16-2010 Whitesville Rural Cem, NY
SEELEY, Mark W  US Air Force. A1C 4-17-1995 Ulysses
SHUTT, Gary L. US Army 1977-1981 2-17-2022 Genesee
SIEBERT, Kenneth P. US Navy 5-31-2013 Unnamed Cem, this site
SMITH, Ronald L. US Army, SFC 4-12-2012
STILES, Robert V. US Coast Guard, 4 years 5-14-2009 Riverview
SZEP, Stephen J. US Navy. bf 4-30-2021 Unnamed Cem, this site
VOSSLER, David Martin US Army, Germany and Desert Storm 12-26-2016 Unnamed Cem, this site
WEBB, Martha B US Army  1-26-2001  West Hill
WHITMAN, Paul S. US Navy 6-19-2008 Maple Grove (New) 
WILLIAMS, Leonard [Darwin] US Navy 12-14-2004 Maple Grove (Old)


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