War of 1812 and Mexican War

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WAR OF 1812
Name Service Death Date Cemetery
ALLEN, Richard W   1844 Clara
BARR, Samuel, Rev.   7-25-1878 John Lyman
BENTON, Jesse Pension claim for service in NY: #5355 for $55.00 1874 Raymond
BLEND, William   ~ ~
CAMPBELL, Enoch   10-16-1868 Hollenbeck
CLARK, Joseph   ~ (1860 Harrison Census)
COLE, Eleazer S. New York Militia - Capt. GRIFFIN & Col. BENEDICT at Ogdensburgh, St. Lawrence Co., NY from 7/1/1812 - 1/1/1813. Pension claim #15211 for $90.75 9-15-1870 Potter Brook (Tioga Co.)
COLE, Elihu E. Pension claim for service in NY: #5671 for $22.00 12-31-1876 Nelson Farm
COLE, John   1852 Clara
CONVERSE, William Joseph   1874 Potter Brook
DINGMAN, John   8-6-1878 Hebron
DOUGLASS, William   8-3-1862 Douglass
DULBEE, Benjamin Colonel. (Also Mexican War ) 1860 Clara
FOX, Silas Captain Phillip's Co, NY Militia, Pvt aft. 1883 (1860 Harrison Census)
GARDNER, Owen J   11- 28-1874 North Bingham
GIBBS, Samuel NY Militia. Pension claim for service in NY: #5029 for $55.00 ~ Not Known
GIBBS, Warren ~ 2-7-1870 Sharon Center
GROVER, Sampson Pension claim for service in NY: #1373 for $39.00 ~ (1860 Ulysses Census)
HALLOCK, Thomas Pension claim for service in NY: #14119 for $22.00 3-22-1846 Hallock Burying Ground
HAY, John Pension claim for service in NY: #11081 for $38.00 ~ Clara
HOSLEY, Eli   ~ (1860 Hector Census)
HOWE, Isaac   1861 North Bingham
HOWE, Timothy Pension claim for service in NY: #5093 for $56.00 06-20-1876 North Bingham
HURD, Samuel, Sr. Cpt. M. Allen's Co of NY Militia - deserted twice. 1-16-1859 Genesse
KIBBE, David NY Militia, Pvt. Pension claim for service in NY: #15203 for $70.00 6-1-1873 White's Corners
KIBBE, William   05-01-1855 North Bingham
LATHAM, John   ~ Not Known
LATTA, William J.   aft. 1883 (P O: White's Corners)
LYMAN, Eleazer VT Vols, Ord Sgt. 2-4-1878 Old Wells
NELSON, Silas Pension claim for service in NY: #7879 for $11.50 11-14-1869 Lymansvillee
PATTERSON, Levi   08- 26-1852 North Bingham
PHILLIPS, Nathan   1864 Clara
POTTER, Robert   1863 Clara
RAYMOND, Daniel   aft. 1883 (P O: Raymond's)
RICKHOW, Jacob Pension claim for service in NY: #5028 for $55.50. Living in Coudersport ~ ~
ROBBINS, David   ~ Genesee
ROBBINS, Marshall   1877 North Bingham
THROCMORTON, Joseph NJ, Pvt. (Also Revolutionary War) 4-12-1851 Douglass
TYLER, Joshua   3-19-1858 Clara
VAN CAMPEN, Benjamin   11- 26-1831 North Bingham
WAGNER, Abraham Pension claim for service in NY: #12634 for $30.00 (As WAGGONER) 1-27-1875 Ulysses
WAKLEY, Robert   1838 Clara
WAKLEY, Samuel I   1852 Clara
WETMORE, Orrin 12 years old? 4-30-1893 Cross Fork
WHITNEY, Aaron Born in 1802 - 10 years old? 10-25-1898 Odin
YOUNG, John   5-5-1855 Hallock



Name Service Death Date Cemetery
BROWN, William J. ~ 1-2-1897 Sharon Center
DULBEE, Benjamin Col. Also War of 1812 1860 Clara
MCNAMARA, Frank B. Sr. 8-27-1891 Eulalia
SCHILDBERGER, Henry S. ~ 7-16-1902 Eulalia
STEVENS, Lewis Mustered in, but was taken ill before getting to Mexico. 1900

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