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Contributed and transcribed by PHGS member Sheri D. Graves
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Where noted, some entries have been expanded with cross-references to Ulysses census data. To view the census data, open the census cited and search for a name.

INGRAHAM, Bertha (Detlor). Born 6-15-1905, died 4-06-1968
INGRAHAM, David R. Born 1907, died 7-05-1950
INGRAHAM, Helen I. Born 11-06-1929, died 7-30-1971 - Dau of Merritt and Helen O. (Stout) Gridley, born in Ulysses.
INGRAHAM, Joyce I. Born 1937, died 1-23-1971
INGRAHAM, Milford D. Born 1915, died 1-25-1965 - WW II Vet
INNIS, Alice Matilda (Gridley). Born 11-15-1866, died 6-08-1965
INNIS, Charles. Born 9-15-1862, died 2-15-1945
IVES, Allie F. Born 9-22-1899, died 6-09-1966
IVES, Cornelia. Born 1852, died 1-06-1873
IVES, Edith. Born 12-07-1893, died 7-15-1945
IVES, George R. Born 11-17-1851, died 1-18-1943
IVES, James. Spouse of Lorane. Born 5-15-1830, died 1-12-1916 - Born in CT, a farmer. (1880 Pike Census)
IVES, James R. Born 1851, died 10-13-1936
IVES, Lena. Born 1870, died 10-22-1875 - Dau of Charles B. and Cornelia (Monroe) Ives, born in Windham Co CT.
IVES, Lucinda (Wicks). Born 8-10-1858, died 2-17-1943
IVES, Mahlon. Born 1892, died 1918
IVES, Mark R. Born 1890, died 10-10-1967
JACKSON, Andrew. Born 4-08-1889, died 1940
JACKSON, Betty B. (Blow). Spouse of ? Lampman/ ? Jackson. Born 2-8-1938, died 4-18-2012. Age: 74 - Dau of Monta and Mary Lelia (Brown) Blow. Bprn in Coudersport, died in Wellsville NY. Four childrne
JACKSON, Daniel B. Spouse of Deborah (Crum). Born 11-28-1818, died 2-07-1894
JACKSON, Deborah (Crum). Spouse of Daniel. Born 3-1-1829, died 4-4-1912 - Dau of Clark and Eda (Gilbert) Crum, born in Tompkins Co NY.
JACKSON, Eva (Hosley). Born 1858, died 1939
JACKSON, George. Born 3-29-1856, died 3-04-1937
JACKSON, Jane (Young). Born 1838, died ?? - (1880 Ulysses Census)
JACKSON, Mary. Born 1869, died 6-14-1925
JACKSON, Maynard M. Born 1904, died 1-22-1946
JACKSON, Nathan. Born 2-20-1838, died 2-02-1877
JACKSON, O. Darley. Born 1852, died 11-01-1916 - Son of Daniel B. and Deborah (Crum) Jackson.
JACKSON, William B. Spouse of Mae N. Carpenter. Born 12-18-1857, died 10-27-1917 - Son of Merrick and Sallie (Weimer) Jackson. Wed 5-26-1897
JACOBS, Francis C. Spouse of Rosa Perkins. Born 10-19-1868, died 3-28-1948 - Son of John F. and Theresa Jacobs. (1900 Sweden Census)
JACOBS, Freda E. Born 12-6-1933, died 6-5-2006. Age: 72 - Dau of A. LaMont and Viriginia Rose (Rink) Jacobs, born in Sweden Valley. (other obituary gives parens surname as Witcher. Six children, sons surnamed WYCKOFF.
JACOBS, Lottie M. (Baker). Spouse of William R. Born 5-27-1893, died 12-28-1972 - Dau of Semmie C. and Rocella (Freeman) Baker. (1900 Sweden, 1920 Ulysses Census)
JACOBS, Margie (Osgood). Spouse of ? Holleran/ Robert F. Born 5-10-1924, died 6-3-2012. Age: 88 - Dau of Clayton [Pete] and Carmen (Couch) Osgood. Wed Robert in 1972 at Gettysburg PA. Four children. At least two surnamed Holleran.
JACOBS, Rosa B. (Perkins). Spouse of Francis C. Born 4-23-1873, died 9-14-1948 - (1900 Sweden Census)
JACOBS, William R. Spouse of Lottie M. Baker. Born 8-13-1897, died 6-09-1961 - Son of Francis C. and Rosa (Perkins) Mitchell. (1900, 1920 Ulysses Census)
JEFFERS, Amer. Born 1878, died 7-01-1961 - Son of Skilar and Betsy Jeffers, botn in PA.
JEFFERS, Blanche M. (Converse). Spouse of Gerald C. Born 1-17-1925, died 5-1-2007. Age: 82 - Dau of Lavern and Carrie (House) Converse. Born in Ulysses PA, d. Wellsville NY (Jones Mem Hosp). Wed 10-05-1940 in Genesee PA
JEFFERS, Burt. Born 1875, died 10-26-1966
JEFFERS, Claude. Born 1891, died 1-26-1947
JEFFERS, Gaylord. Born 10-5-1886, died 12-30-1965
JEFFERS, Gerald C. Spouse of Blanche M. Converse. Born 7-5-1917, died 11-4-2000 - Wed Oct 5 1940 in Genesee PA. Was caretaker of Bolivar cemetery for 30 years.
JEFFERS, Hazel. Born 8-25-1893, died 10-07-1966
JEFFERS, Joseph. Born 1890, died 6-16-1958
JEFFERS, Leland. Born 6-27-1917, died 8-16-1955
JEFFERS, Maggie (Bugbee). Born 1894, died 1-10-1955
JEFFERS, Mary A. (White). Spouse of Elwin S. Born 3-7-1928, died 9-11-2013. Age: 85 - Dau of William Elmer and Gladys (Harrington) White, born in Almond NY. Wed 12-5-1948 in Burns NY, 6 children
JEFFERS, Richard. Born 1893, died 5-29-1954
JEFFRIES, Joan M. (McCarty). Spouse of William IV. Born 2-1-1945, died 9-6-2014. Age: 69 - Dau of Norman W. and Mildred R. (Fitzgerald) McCarty. Born in Philadelphia PA, an educator. Wed 6-15-1963 in Philadelphia, 4 children
JENKINS, Owen Rogers. Born 11-25-1923, died 11-30-1923
JENNINGS, Anna M. Born ??, died 1949
JENNINGS, Edgar L. Spouse of Mary Doud/ Grace Mastin. Born 11-23-1867, died 2-07-1929 - Son of James H and Mary (Abbott) Jennings.
JENNINGS, Grace (Mastin). Spouse of Edgar L. Born ??, died ??
JENNINGS, James H. Spouse of Mary Abbott. Born 12-26-1835, died 12-18-1890 - Civil War Vet, Co H, 86th NY Inf, Cpl.
JENNINGS, Mary (Abbott). Spouse of James H. Born 1839, died 1900
JENNINGS, Mary (Doud). Spouse of Edgar L. Born 1877, died 1898
JENNINGS, Mildred. Born 1903, died 1908
JENSEN, Clara M. (Hosley). Born 1880, died 9-07-1913
JOHNSON, Alvin. Spouse of Sophia Lehman. Born 11-18-1844, died 9-18-1907 - (1880 Ulysses Census)
JOHNSON, Amos A. Spouse of Orpha M. Born 9-26-1836, died 3-21-1917 - (1900 Bingham Census) - Civil War Vet, Co B, 109th NY Inf, Pvt.
JOHNSON, Amos F. Born 9-10-1899, died 2-14-1975 - Son of Frank and Electa A. (Ackerman) Johnson. (1900 Bingham Census)
JOHNSON, Benjamin J. Born 2-27-1828, died 2-22-1893
JOHNSON, Bernard C. Born ??, died ??
JOHNSON, Carrie. Born 1876, died 2-07-1929
JOHNSON, Charles Milton. Born 10-30-1858, died 4-05-1873 - Son of Elias P. and Lucy M. (Whipple) Johnson. (1860 Ulysses Census)
JOHNSON, Christine. Born 1903, died 2-08-1962 - Migrant
JOHNSON, Electa A. (Ackerman). Spouse of Frank A. Born 8-10-1878, died 8-18-1953 - Dau of Fred P. H. and Rosina (Crandall) Ackerman, born in Allegany Co. NY. (1900 Bingham Census)
JOHNSON, Elias P. Spouse of Lucy M. Whipple. Born 3-27-1837, died 10-09-1899 - (1860 Ulysses Census) - Civil War Vet, Co G 149th Inf PA Vols, Pvt.
JOHNSON, Emma (Hammond). Born 10-19-1832, died 3-02-1884
JOHNSON, Ethyl (Jones). Born ??, died 8-05-1957 - Migrant
JOHNSON, Floyd. Born 1897, died 1897 Infant
JOHNSON, Frances. Born 8-13-1874, died 4-18-1942
JOHNSON, Frank A. Spouse of Electa Ackerman. Born 9-16-1868, died 3-29-1965 - Son of Amos A. and Orpha M. Johnson, born in PA. (1880. 1900 Bingham Census)
JOHNSON, Frank U. Born 1-05-1875, died 8-06-1969
JOHNSON, Harold A. Born 10-23-1900, died 5-18-1937
JOHNSON, Jennie M. Born 9-17-1870, died 4-02-1881
JOHNSON, Lorinda. Spouse of Stanton. Born 1801, died 1856 - (1850 Ulysses Census)
JOHNSON, Lucy Mary (Whipple). Spouse of Elias. Born 6-11-1837, died 4-28-1891 - Dau of Austin and Lucy Whipple. (1850, 1860 Ulysses Census)
JOHNSON, Mabel. Born 1880, died 2-13-1952
JOHNSON, Melinda (Wagner). Born 10-01-1839, died 1-20-1927
JOHNSON, Orpha M. Spouse of Amos A. Born 9-23-1842, died 9-15-1909 - (1900 Bingham Census)
JOHNSON, Sallie. Born 1864, died 10-31-1950
JOHNSON, Sophia (Lehman). Spouse of Alvin. Born 1844, died 5-12-1911 - (1880 Ulysses Census)
JOHNSON, Stanton. Spouse of Lorinda. Born 1794, died 5-11-1875 - (1850 Ulysses Census)
JOHNSON, William. Born 1879, died 2-11-1956
JOHNSTONE, Rev. Nathaniel. Born 1871, died 3-21-1952
JOHNSTONE, Sarah L. Born 1874, died 2-01-1964
JONES, Delphine. Born 1852, died 3-09-1870
JONES, Emma. Born 1868, died 1880 - Dau of John J. and Martha (Johnson) Jones. (1880 Harrison Census)
JONES, Esther (Palmer). Born 1811, died 6-02-1882
JONES, Horace C. Born 1843, died 11-11-1903 - Civil War Vet, 1st Lt. Co G, 46th PA Vols, 1st. Lt. Promoted from private of Company C to 2d Lt. on March 4, 1862 to 1st Lt. on September 1, 1863 - resigned in October, 1864.
JONES, Isaac W. Born 1806, died 12-5-1865 - Born in VT. Wed 2-7-1830 in Allegany Co NY.
JONES, John E. Born 1-20-??, died ??
JONES, Nancy (Colvin). Born 3-11-1815, died 3-23-1889 - Dau of Joshua and Dorothy (Casteler) Colvin, born in Tioga Co, PA. Wed 2-7-1830 in Allegany Co NY.
JONES, Nellie (Eaton). Born 1876, died 6-10-1956 - Dau of Dr. Edelbert U.and Marcella (Crandall) Eaton.
JONES, Rachael Anne. Born 7-27-1984, died 9-8-2018. Age: 34 - Dau of Gregory N. and Gretchen D. (Newcomb) Jones. Born in Coudersport PA, lived in Erie PA.Two daughters.
JUDD, Iyces M. (Sappenfield). Spouse of Arling R. Born 1893, died 9-12-1948
JUDD, Raymond S. Spouse of Wilma Lewis/ Ardath Snyder. Born 5-20-1923, died 12-21-2008. Age: 85 - Son of Arling R. and Iyces (Sappenfield) Judd. Born in Spring Mills NY. Wed Wilma on 6-7-1947 in Harrison Valley, 2 children. Wed Ardath on 12-5-1992 in Hallsport NY.
JUDD, Thomas F. Born 1959, died 10-18-1970 - Son of Raymond S. and Wilma (Lewis) Judd.
KEAR, Arthur W. Born 2-02-1875, died 11-05-1958
KEAR, Grace (Lamb). Born 1886, died 3-22-1946
KEAR, Grace B. (Buck). Spouse of Lloyd W. Born 12-26-1918, died 8-18-2013. Age: 94 - Dau of Lawrence E. and Mabel (Evans) Buck, born near Ulysses. Wed 12-26-1938 in Ulysses, three children
KEATON, Arthur Sr. Born 5-11-1908, died 6-05-1974 - WW II Vet
KEATON, Richard J. Jr. Companion of Debbi Smith. Born 2-24-1970, died 7-10-2015. Age: 45 - Son of Richard J. Sr. and Janice I. (Williams) Keaton, born in Coudersport PA, died in Galeton PA. Unmarried
KELLER, Hulda R. Born 1904, died 12-28-1963
KELLEY, Gordon S. Born 1919, died 6-07-1967
KELLEY, Lula M. Born 1888, died 3-24-1955
KELLY, Forrest. Born 1891, died 3-21-1955
KELTS, Maria (Woodcock) Wagner. Spouse of ? Wagner/ Horace. Born 9-03-1833, died 2-08-1911 - Wed Horace 11-1905.
KIBBE, Bert P. Born 3-1884, died 2-12-1959 - Son of George W. and Dorothy (Church) Kibbe. 1900 Bingham Census: Year is 1883.
KIBBE, Bonita M. (Metcalf) [Bonnie]. Spouse of Russell L. Born 3-17-1930, died 2-21-2009. Age: 78 - Dau of Clair and Mable (Robbins) Metcalf. Wed 9-2-1949 in Harrison Valley PA, 2 children.
KIBBE, Eddie A. Born 1910, died 4-08-1973
KIBBE, Elizabeth (Mengee). Born 1-21-1885, died 11-11-1971
KIBBE, Hattie A. (Sharp). Spouse of Mark V. Born 4-19-1878, died ?? - (1900 Bingham Census)
KIBBE, James. Spouse of Margaret Persing. Born 6-18-1844, died 12-13-1928 - (1920 Ulysses Census)
KIBBE, Margaret (Persing). Spouse of James. Born 1841, died 1933 - Dau of Mathias and Ruth Persing. Born in PA. (1850 Hector, 1920 Ulysses Census)
KIBBE, Maria J. Born 10-1-1962, died 12-2-2019. Age: 57 - Dau of Cleon L. and Betty J. (Metcalf) Kibbe. Born in Alexandria VA, lived in Harrison Valley PA, died in Wellsboro PA. Two sons
KIBBE, Mark V. Spouse of Hattie A. Sharp. Born 6-30-1879, died 6-10-1970 - Son of George W. and Dorothy (Church) Kibbe. 1900 Bingham Census: Middle initial is B.
KIBBE, Mary. Born 9-26-1905, died 1-17-1972
KIBBE, N. Marie (Tubbs). Born 4-27-1937, died 3-17-2006. Age: 68 - Dau of John R. and Nora Belle (Glover) Tubbs, born in Blossburg PA, Six children
KIBBE, Nettie. Born 6-30-1887, died 1-03-1971
KIBBE, Russell L. Spouse of Bonita M. Metcalf. Born 9-2-1949, died 3-31-2017. Age: 89 - Son of Ivan and Myra I. (Outman) Kibbe. Born, lived and died in Harrison Valley PA. Wed 9-2-1949 in Harrison Valley PA, 2 children. (Spouse d. 2-21-2009) - Uncategorized Vet
KILBOURN, Clark H. Born 5-29-1856, died 5-25-1908 - Son of Curtis and Esther Kilbourne, born in PA. (1880 Hector Census)
KILBOURN, Esther (Miller). Born 4-02-1852, died 7-16-1928
KILBOURN, Inez (Havens). Born 3-19-1860, died 4-07-1939 - Dau of David and Rosetta (Gibson) Havens. (1880 Hector Census)
KILBOURNE, Arthur P. Born 12-08-1878, died 12-01-1966
KILBOURNE, David. Spouse of Delphine Havens. Born 2-02-1862, died 1-20-1940
KILBOURNE, Delphine (Havens). Spouse of David. Born 6-20-1868, died 1-11-1909 - Dau of David and Rosetta (Gibson) Havens. (1880 Hector Census) 5 children.
KILBOURNE, Jennie (Dickerson). Born 1902, died 1-31-1968
KIMBALL, Harriet M. Born 5-07-1836, died 6-21-1883
KINTER, John E. Jr. Spouse of Marie Young. Born 7-7-1928, died 3-31-2004 - Son of John E. and Nellie Ruth (Barr) Kinter, born in Clymer. Wed 8-6-1948 in Ulysses
KINTER, Marie A. (Young) John E. Jr. Born 4-10-1929, died 4-28-2016. Age: 87 - Dau of Claude C. and Mary M. (Bunnell) Young, born in Bingham Center, lived in Ulysses, died in Cuba NY. Wed 8-6-1948 in Ulysses, five children.
KINTER, Mary. Born 9-6-1969, died 12-24-1969 - Dau of John E. and Marie (Young) Kinter Jr.
KIRKENDALL, H. Maurice. Born 8-19-1924, died 10-11-1925 - Son of Howard and Mary (Watkins) Kirkendall
KIRKENDALL, Howard E. Spouse of Mary Watkins. Born 1897, died 5-22-1965
KIRKENDALL, Jack Worden. Spouse of Donna Grant. Born 11-8-1931, died 4-2-2012. Age: 80 - Son of Howard and Mary (Watkins) Kirkendall, born in Wellsville NY. Two Daughters. - Korean War Vet, US Navy 1951-1955.
KISER, Edith (Johnson). Spouse of Lloyd. Born 2-01-1901, died 6-09-2001. Age: 100 - Dau of Frank and Electa (Ackerman) Johnson. Was a teacher.
KISER, Lloyd. Spouse of Edith Johnson, died 1970
KISH, Frank. Born 1906, died 3-02-1953
KLOKER, Mary T. (Brennan) Mingo. Spouse of Not named. Born 7-31-1923, died 5-9-2013. Age: 89 - Dau of John and Sarah Goodwin Brennan, born in Hazelton PA. At least one sone surnamed Mingo.
KLUN, Philomena Doris (O’Neill). Spouse of Robert J. Born 6-5-1934, died 9-20-2018. Age: 84 - Born in Elyria OH, lived in Euclid OH, died in Cleveland OH. Wed 4-21-1956, seven children.
KLUN, Robert J. Spouse of Philomena D. O'Niell. Born 6-24-1931, died 7-34-2015. Age: 84 - Son of William and Mary (Sirk) Klun. Born in Cleveland OH, lived in Euclid OH, died in Ulysses PA. An auto body mechanic. Wed 4-21-1956, seven children.
KNAPP, John A. Born 6-10-1884, died 5-21-1965
KNAPP, Mabel. Born 1881, died 12-04-1973
KNICKERBOCKER, Mary A. Born ??, died ??
KOCH, John T. Sr. Spouse of Edna R. Blantz. Born 5-16-1926, died 11-9-2015. Age: 89 - Son of Homer W. and Ruth E. (Wardecker) Koch, Sr, died in Hamburg NY. Longtime funeral director in Ulysses. Two children. (She d. 1988) - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, B-52 crew.
KOCHER, James Glenn, Sr. Spouse of Marcella Gamble. Born 10-23-1906, died 3-1976 - Son of Edwin V. and Anna Mary (Everhart) Kocher, born in Franklinville PA. Wed in 1930
KOCHER, Marcella (Gamble). Spouse of J. Glenn. Born 3-1-1910, died 9-26-2008. Age: 98 - Dau Charles and Carrie (Eaton) Gamble, born in Alfred NY. Wed in 1930 in Brookland PA, 5 children.
KOHLMAN, Audrey M. Born 2-1935, died 5-22-1935
KOSA, Ed Sr. Born 1887, died 11-19-1951
KOSA, Edward Jr. Spouse of Helen Yardley. Born 2-27-1922, died 8-27-2015. Age: 93 - Son of Ede and Yolanda (Dienes) Kosa, born in Himlerville KY, died in Sayre PA. Owner of EDKO Farms. Wed 4-14-1944 in Coudersport PA, four sons. (She d. 2-26-2013)
KOSA, Helen Y. (Yardley). Spouse of Edward Jr. Born 11-7-1924, died 2-26-2013. Age: 88 - Dau of David and Louise (Welsh) Yardlay. Born in Galeton, Potter County Auditor from 1979-1995 and owner of EDKO Farms. Wed 4-14-1944 in Coudersport, 4 sons Mid East Vet, US Army, 1992-1995
KOSA, Justin L. Spouse of Carrine A. Rounds. Born 9-3-1974, died 7-30-2010. Age: 35 - Son of E. Gene and Nancy (Goodwin) Kosa. Wed 11-15-1997 in Westfield PA, three sons. Mid East Vet, US Army, 1992-1995
KRUSEN, Fred. Born 1856, died 1917
LADD, Carlyle S. Spouse of Olive T. Born 1896, died 12-15-1946 - (1920 Ulysses Census)
LADD, Charles Augustus. Born 2-23-1859, died 1-04-1940
LADD, Clarissa. Born 1787, died 1833
LADD, Emma. Born 1867, died 11-14-1943
LADD, Garrett S. Born 6-07-1845, died 10-24-1850
LADD, Ida. Born 1855, died 2-24-1944
LADD, James K. Jr. Born 9-18-1819, died 11-12-1903
LADD, James K. Sr. Born 1784, died 1852
LADD, James W. Born 10-1882, died 2-05-1919
LADD, Olive T. Spouse of Carlyle S. Born 11-30-1896, died 11-23-1973 - (1920 Ulysses Census)
LADD, Sarah (Chrisman). Born 9-10-1823, died 4-07-1908
LADD, William. Born 1855, died 9-30-1918
LAMBERT, Bessie. Born 1-15-1877, died 1-15-1959
LAMBERT, Blair J. Born 7-09-1914, died 12-06-1965
LAMBERT, Carl H. Born 10-07-1889, died 11-18-1965
LAMBERT, Dick. Born 8-13-1938, died 8-26-1938
LAMBERT, John B. Spouse of Nellie Cushing. Born 4-02-1877, died 2-14-1940 - Son of Nicholas and Louise (Lehman) Lambert, born in Ulysses. Wed 10-31-1904.
LAMBERT, Louise (Lehman). Spouse of Nicholas. Born 2-20-1850, died 12-08-1922 - Dau of Gottlieb and Dorothy (Hare) Lehman, born in Coudersport. Wed 8-5-1871 in Hormell NY, 8 children.
LAMBERT, Nellie I. (Cushing). Spouse of John B. Born 8-24-1877, died 12-12-1926 - Dau of Leavitt W. and Susan (Basset) Cushing, born in PA. Wed 10-31-1904.
LAMBERT, Nicholas. Spouse of Louise Lehman. Born 10-31-1842, died 5-25-1914 - Son of Nicholas and Anna (Smith) Lambert, born in Dusseldorf, Germany. Wed 8-5-1871 in Hornell NY, 8 children.
LAMPMAN, Audrey L. (Hand). Spouse of Truman K. Born 2-25-1928, died 5-17-2007. Age: 79 - Dau of Derward and Gladys (Garner) Hand. Born in Harrison Valley PA, d. Coudersport PA (Sweden Valley Manor)
LAMPMAN, Charles Edward [Edd]. Spouse of Patricia A.Brown. Born 2-11-1932, died 1-25-2015. Age: 82 - Son of Floyd and Ina (Stone) Lampman. Born in Ulysses PA, died in Wellsville Ny. Wed 3-23-1957 in Ulysses, 4 children.
LAMPMAN, Dell. Spouse of Gertrude Fisk. Born 5-1868, died 11-27-1951 - (1900 Roulette Census)
LAMPMAN, Dorothy Jane (Schaar). Spouse of George Beck, Sr./ Jay B. Born 11-16-1922, died 11-18-2008. Age: 86 - Dau of Hugo and Pearl (Scofield) Schaar. Born in Germania, PA. 3 children with George Beck
LAMPMAN, Floyd. Spouse of Ina Stone. Born 12-18-1903, died 1-24-1968
LAMPMAN, Floyd H. [Wimpy]. Born 2-1-1945, died 10-4-2003. Age: 58 - Son of Floyd and Ina (Stone) Lampman, born in Blossburg PA. Two daughters. - Cold War Vet, US Army, Germany 1963-1965
LAMPMAN, Helen J. (Lewis). Spouse of Frank. Born 5-5-1923, died 12-31-2016. Age: 93 - Dau of Arthur L. and Helena R. (Van Pelt) Lewis. Born in Harrison Valley PA, lived in Ulysses PA, died in Coudersport PA. Wed 10-26-1968 in Ulysses, six children. (He d. 1988)
LAMPMAN, Helen J. (Lewis). Spouse of Frank Lampman. Born 5-5-1923, died 12-31-2016. Age: 93 - Dau of Arthur L. and Helena R. (Van Pelt) Lewis.Born in Harrison Valley PA, lived in UlyssesPA, died in Coudersport PA. Five children, varying surnames. Wed Frank 10-26-1968 in Ulysses. (He d. 1988)
LAMPMAN, Hugh. Born 9-02-1910, died 9-25-1968 - WW II Vet
LAMPMAN, Kenneth R. Spouse of Beth Spiegel. Born 4-06-1934, died 6-06-2005. Age: 71 - Son of Frank and Margaret (Porter) Lampman. Born in Ulysses, retired from Dresser-Rand. Wed 6-14-1986 at Lyman Run PA, 4 children - Cold War Vet, US Army, 1954-1956
LAMPMAN, Kenneth Wayne. Born 1-06-1946, died 3-05-1967 - Son of Truman K. and Audrey L. (Hand) Lampman - Vietnam Vet, US Army
LAMPMAN, Lena. Born 1-7-1884, died 5-05-1960
LAMPMAN, Patricia A. (Brown). Spouse of Charles Edward. Born 8-15-1936, died 7-13-2002. Age: 65 - Dau of Clair and Anna (Hryczk) Brown. Born in Westfield PA, d. Coudersport PA. Wed 3-23-1957 in Ulysses PA, 4 children
LAMPMAN, Susan E. Born 3-25-1971, died 3-25-1971
LAMPMAN, Todd Eric. Born 1-22-1963, died 1-23-1963 - Son of Russell V. Lampman
LAMPMAN, Truman K. Spouse of Audrey L. Hand, died 1976
LAMPMAN, Vee. Born 1901, died 12-01-1963
LAMPMAN, Virginia R. (Kibbe) [Ginner]. Spouse of James A. Born 5-28-1939, died 8-20-2005. Age: 66 - Dau of Ivan and Myra I. (Outman) Kibbe. Wed 9-27-1958 in Mills PA. Was a beautician.
LANE, Clarence W. Born 5-31-1892, died 12-30-1968
LANE, Edith R. Born 3-13-1880, died 9-15-1965 - Dau of Homer K. and Caroline J. Lane, born in PA. (1880 Ulysses Census)
LANE, Homer Kennard. Spouse of Caroline J. Born 6-07-1847, died 11-14-1930 - Son of William Thompson and Sara Jane (Mead) Lane, born in PA, a druggist. Wed 1869. (1880 Ulysses Census)
LANE, Josephine (Eaton). Born 4-18-1849, died 10-23-1923
LANE, Maud. Born 7-02-1896, died 5-06-1961
LANGDON, Addie. Spouse of Fred N. Born 7-06-1876, died 9-15-1966 - (1920 Ulysses Census)
LANGDON, Arling C. Spouse of Christina V. Henry. Born 10-14-1908, died 5-09-1980 - Son of Fred N. and Addie Langdon. Wed 6-22-1931. (1920 Ulysses Census)
LANGDON, Benjamin F. Spouse of Frances Campbell. Born 7-1841, died 9-22-1913 - (1900 Allegany Census)
LANGDON, Christina V. (Henry). Spouse of Arling C. Born 2-03-1910, died 12-17-2004. Age: 94 - Dau of Fred and Blanche (Canedy) Henry. Wed 6-22-1931 Was a teacher.
LANGDON, Frances (Campbell). Spouse of Benjamin F. Born 6-21-1845, died 12-09-1937 - (1900 Allegany Census)
LANGDON, Fred N. Spouse of Addie. Born 9-03-1873, died 12-08-1951 - Son of Frank Langdon. (1920 Ulysses Census)
LANGDON, Gordon L. Born 1920, died 12-02-1925
LANGDON, Kate (Dean). Born 12-28-1861, died 12-16-1945
LANGDON, Myrtle (Genung). Born 2-01-1888, died 10-21-1970 - Dau of Arthur and Harriet (Monroe) Genung, born in PA. Family Search gives desth date as 10-21-1921.
LANGDON, Olen. Born 1881, died 1-20-1959
LAWSON, Lula. Born 1902, died 8-05-1949 - Migrant
LAWTON, Cynthia A. (Ludwig). Born 2-22-1959, died 3-29-2015. Age: 56 - Dau of Henry S. and Leona M. (Duell) Ludwig, born in Blossburg PA, died in Rochester NY. Two children surnamed Potter
LEACH, Marjorie. Born 1911, died 1911
LEETE, Chloe Evelyn (Cushing). Spouse of Eugene D. Born 10-29-1839, died 12-25-1923 - Dau of Leavitt and Jane (Goodrich) Cushing, born in Erwin, Steuben Co. NY. Wed 1-17-1864 in Ulysses. (1850, 1880 Ulysses Census)
LEETE, Eugene D. Spouse of Chloe Cushing. Born 1836, died 8-03-1913 - Son of Samuel and Sarah (Douglass) Leete, born in Steuben Co NY. Wed 1-17-1864 in Ulysses. (1880 Ulysses Census)
LEETE, Frank. Spouse of Louise Cobb. Born 7-29-1872, died 11-14-1934 - Son of Eugene D. and Chloe (Cushing) Leete. Wed 10-9-1901. (1880 Ulysses Census)
LEETE, Jessie (Manners). Born 1871, died 5-21-1954
LEETE, Louise (Cobb). Spouse of Frank A. Born 10-12-1877, died 2-17-1956 - Dau of Henry and Celia A. (Rosebush) Cobb, born at Alfred NY. Wed 10-9-1901. (1900 Coudersport Ward 1 Census)
LEETE, William. Born 1869, died 1949 - Son of Eugene D. and Chloe (Cushing) Leete. (1880 Ulysses Census)
LEFFLER, Ada M. (Lewis) [Addie]. Spouse of Frank. Born 7-07-1874, died 1-03-1938 - Dau of John W and Adeline (Monroe) Lewis. Wed 7-27-1858.
LEHMAN, Alice. Born 10-19-1863, died 12-15-1940
LEHMAN, Almon G. Born 5-03-1858, died 12-11-1933 - Son of Gottlieb and Dorothy (Hare) Lehman, born in PA.
LEHMAN, Barbara. Born 9-20-1846, died 4-22-1926
LEHMAN, Dorothy (Hare). Spouse of Gottlieb. Born 1-08-1818, died 3-10-1893 - (1880 Ulysses Census)
LEHMAN, Dorr A. Spouse of Hazel. Born 12-25-1889, died 4-24-1958
LEHMAN, Emma Addie. Born 5-15-1856, died 7-04-1940
LEHMAN, Florence M. Born 7-11-1893, died 8-18-1907
LEHMAN, Frances (Montgomery). Spouse of Herman W. Born ??, died 6-21-2000 - Owned Black Forest Trading Post. Wed 9-9-1944 in Ulysses, 3 children
LEHMAN, Gladys (Sexton). Spouse of William A. Born ??, died ??
LEHMAN, Gottleib. Spouse of Dorothy Hare. Born 1-27-1813, died 9-15-1899 - Son of George and Catherine Lehman, born in Baden Germany. (1880 Ulysses Census)
LEHMAN, Herman. Spouse of Addie. Born 8-08-1852, died 1-23-1925 - (1880 Ulysses Census)
LEHMAN, Herman William [Bill]. Spouse of Frances Montgomery. Born 8-7-1920, died 10-29-2006. Age: 86 - Son of William A. and Gladys (Sexton) Lehman. Born in Ulysses, worked 29 yrs for Barnet Bros. Owned Black Forest Trading Post. Wed 9-9-1944 in Ulysses, 3 children
LEHMAN, Howard W. [Humpy]. Born 7-2-1949, died 2-6-2017. Age: 67 - Son of Raymond H. and Beverly J. (Carpenter) Lehman. Born in Coudersport PA, lived and died in Ulysses PA. A pipeline x-ray technician for 35 years. Eight children.
LEHMAN, Keith. Spouse of Marguerite Wilma Morley. Born 9-17-1917, died 9-28-1972 - Son of Dorr A. and Hazel Lehman
LEHMAN, Lelia. Born 1-09-1859, died 2-13-1934
LEHMAN, Minnie F. Born 3-28-1887, died 10-21-1927
LEHMAN, Robert. Born 9-28-1937, died 9-28-1937
LEHMAN, Sarah A. Born 12-26-1844, died 4-11-1911
LEHMAN, William A. Spouse of Gladys Sexton. Born 5-04-1897, died 9-07-1956
LEONARD, Joseph A. Spouse of #1 Nancy Graves, #2 Harriet P. Stevens, #2 Samantha D. Born ??, died 1-9-1898 - Son of Abiel and Elizabeth A. Leonard. One daughter with Nancy (d. 1849). Wed Harriet (d. 1882) abt 1853, two children. - Civil War Vet, Co K, 93rd PA Vols, Pvt. Drafted - discharged by General Order on June 15, 1865.
LEONARD, Samantha D. Spouse of Joseph A. Born 1824, died 1901
LERCH, Joseph N. Spouse of Dorothy M. (Stiles) Hilfiger. Born 4-18-1936, died 4-14-2015. Age: 78 - Son of William and Pauline (Updegraff) Lerch, born in Middletown PA, died in Sayre PA. Wed Dorothy, his companion since 1972 on 5-15-2007 in Belmont NY. Eight children, some may be step-children.
LEWIS, Adeline (Monroe). Spouse of John W. Born 9-22-1843, died 2-21-1923 - Dau of William B. and Eliza A. (Lincoln) Monroe, born in Canada. Wed 6-27-1858 in Hector Twp.
LEWIS, Alice M. (Gibson). Spouse of Arthur H. Born 10-12-1856, died 10-22-1940 - Dau of James L. and Delphine (Mead) Gibson.
LEWIS, Alton Lee. Born 7-10-1916, died 4-02-1964 - Son of Leon E. and Orpha A. Lewis, born in Brookfield PA. - WW II Vet
LEWIS, Amanda. Born 12-19-1840, died 6-12-1911
LEWIS, Amos Oscar. Spouse of ??. Born 3-22-1845, died 12-08-1919 - Son of Amos R. and Bethiah (Carpenter) Lewis, born in Bingham Twp. - Civil War Vet
LEWIS, Angerona (Burt) [Gerona]. Spouse of Fred S. Born 3-10-1876, died 12-11-1948 - Dau of George W. and Eidht C. (Jackson) Burt, born in Ulysses. Wed 1897.
LEWIS, Arthur H. Spouse of Alice Gibson. Born 7-13-1855, died 2-02-1925 - Son of Burton and Caroline E. (Gridley) Lewis, born in Ulysses.
LEWIS, Carlos Adelbert. Spouse of Kate Cushing. Born 3-22-1850, died 2-06-1937 - Son of Crayton and Caroline (Hinman) Lewis. Wed 4-28-1874. (1850 Ulysses Census)
LEWIS, Caroline (Hinman). Spouse of Crayton. Born 9-16-1816, died 8-27-1892 - Dau of John and Sally (Royens) Hinman, born in NY. Wed 3-3-1835. (1850 Ulysses Census)
LEWIS, Charles B. Born 1882, died 10-23-1908
LEWIS, Clair James. Spouse of Esther Erhard. Born 1-16-1930, died 3-10-2012. Age: 82 - Son of Harvey and Mary (Button) Lewis, born in Wellsville NY, raised in Ulysses. Four children.
LEWIS, Clifford J., Dr. Born 1895, died 9-02-1963
LEWIS, Crayton. Spouse of Caroline Hinmam. Born 2-11-1813, died 1-13-1870 - Son of William and Ruth A. (Bierce) Lewis, born in Upper Lisle NY. Wed 3-3-1835. (in the 1840,1850 Ulysses Census)
LEWIS, Dentha. Born 1873, died 1879
LEWIS, Ephraim Cook. Spouse of Sarah Louise Chilson. Born 8-01-1833, died 2-24-1904 - Son of Seth and Sally (Cook) Lewis, born in Upper Lisle NY. Wed 5-9-1867. (1850 Ulysses Census)
LEWIS, Esther K. (Erhard). Spouse of Clair James. Born 7-9-1928, died 7-19-2014. Age: 86 - Dau of Paul W. and Mary (Muldoon) Erhard, born in Reedsville PA. Four children
LEWIS, Fayette. Spouse of Mrs. Mary Crowell. Born 1845, died 5-14-1895 - Son of Crayton and Caroline (Hinman) Lewis. Wed 1-8-1874 at Ulysses. (1850 Ulysses Census)
LEWIS, Fred S. Spouse of Angerona Burt. Born 1873, died 3-04-1965 - Son of A. D. and Barbara J. Lewis. (1880 Ulysses Census)
LEWIS, Fred S. Born 12-23-1880, died 12-12-1948 - Son of John W. and Adeline (Monroe) Lewis.
LEWIS, Georgiana (LaBar) [Ann]. Spouse of William H/ Hartford Graves. Born 4-12-1860, died 1943 - Dau of George W. and Hannah (Gunn) LaBar, born in Potter Brook, Tioga Co PA. Wed William 9-10-1876.
LEWIS, Harmon C. Spouse of Amanda. Born 10-21-1846, died 8-08-1928 - Son of Datus E. and Roxanna (Rice) Lewis. (1880 Harrison Census)
LEWIS, Ida B. Born 11-10-1889, died 6-09-1971
LEWIS, Irving Chauncy. Born 1-12-1876, died 6-21-1918 - Son of Carlos A. and Kate E. (Cushing) Lewis, born in PA. (1880 Ulysses Census)
LEWIS, Jennie (Prindle). Spouse of Martin. Born 9-1845, died 1904 - Dau of Elias and Carolin Prindle, born in Steuben Co NY. Wed abt 1865.
LEWIS, John Tripp. Born 2-28-1838, died 2-28-1909 - Son of Crayton and Caroline (Hinman) Lewis. (1850 Ulysses Census)
LEWIS, John Wesley. Spouse of Adeline Monroe. Born 2-07-1834, died 9-25-1899 - Son of Simon B. and Ruth (Coon) Lewis, born in Brookfield Twp PA. Wed 7-27-1858 in Hector Twp. - Civil War Vet
LEWIS, Kate Eugenia (Cushing). Born 6-30-1852, died 8-13-1927 - Dau of Chauncy G. and Sarah E. (Olmsted) Cushing, born in Ulysses. Wed 4-23-1874.
LEWIS, Kate R. Born 1858, died 10-17-1907
LEWIS, Kerry Michael [Mike]. Spouse of Chastity A. Thompson. Born 4-24-1972, died 5-29-2011. Age: 39 - Son of Gary R. and Sherry (Brutsman) Lewis. Wed 7-29-1995 in Ulysses, 3 children. Killed in an accident
LEWIS, Leon Ellsworth. Spouse of Orpha A. Born 1-16-1879, died 11-11-1967 - Son of William H. and Georgianna (LaBar) Lewis, born in Potter Co. Wed 1-16-1879.
LEWIS, Linda Mae (Hand). Born ??, died ?? - Dau of Derward and Gladys (Garner) Hand
LEWIS, Mack. Born 1905, died 1905
LEWIS, Mark. Born 1905, died 8-18-1910 - Son of Fred S. and Angerona (Burt) Lewis.
LEWIS, Martin. Spouse of Jennie Prindle. Born 10-31-1840, died 12-23-1917 - Son of Crayton and Caroline (Hinman) Lewis. Wed abt 1865. (1850 Ulysses Census)
LEWIS, Newman T. Born 1904, died 12-02-1908 - 1918?
LEWIS, Orpha A. (Lewis). Spouse of Leon E. Born 9-9-1892, died 6-6-1951 - Dau of George H. and Elizabeth R. (Hammond) Lewis, born in Potter Co. Wed 1-16-1879.
LEWIS, Sarah Esther (Gridley). Spouse of Seth. Born 6-29-1833, died 6-20-1925 - Dau of Adna A. and Rodentha (Hubbard) Gridley, born in Tioga Co. NY. Wed 1-30-1851 in Ulysses. (1850 Ulysses Census)
LEWIS, Seth. Spouse of Sarah E. Gridley. Born 1-27-1829, died 8-07-1895 - Son of William and Ruth A. (Bierce) Lewis, born in Tioga Co NY. Wed 1-30-1851 in Ulysses. (in the 1840 Ulysses Census) - Civil War Vet
LEWIS, Villroy M. [Villie]. Born 1867, died 2-22-1912 - Son of John W and Adeline (Monroe) Lewis
LEWIS, William Henry. Spouse of Georgianna LaBar. Born 7-09-1854, died 12-09-1922 - Son of Datus E. and Roxanna (Rice) Lewis - Civil War Vet, injured in side
LIAS, Sean E. Spouse of Billiejo Kibbe. Born 10-11-1965, died 8-22-2015. Age: 49 - Son of Ronald E. and Patricia (Hosley) Lias, born in Batavia NY, prob. Died in Westfield PA. Was a macinist for Corning for 28 yrs. Wed 11-28-1992 in Harrison Valley PA, no children. (She survives)
LITTLE, S. Jean (Ordway). Spouse of J. Dewey, Jr. Born 12-31-1940, died 5-16-2014. Age: 73 - Dau of Wilfred R. and Esther M. (Spencer) Ordway. Born in Coudersport, owned Little's Personal Care Home in Westfield. Wed 8-8-1959 in Harrison Valley, 3 children
LONG, Carrie (Tubbs). Spouse of Ray E. Born 1883, died 8-30-1936 - Dau of Ceylon D. and L. A. Tubbs. (1920 Ulysses Census)
LONG, Enoch B. Born 1877, died 11-13-1958
LONG, Ray E. Spouse of Carrie Tubbs. Born 6-17-1871, died 11-20-1944 - (1920 Ulysses Census)
LOUCKS, Alexander Xertes. Spouse of Flossie E. Bartoo. Born 8-11-1874, died 2-9-1942 - Son of William J. Sr, and Janet (Glover) Loucks, born in Loucks Mills. Wed 11-19-1899 at West Pike PA. (1880 Hector Census)
LOUCKS, Alice. Born 1911, died 1918
LOUCKS, Caroline A. (Wilson). Spouse of Charles A. Born 1867, died 8-1-1917 - Wed 1866.
LOUCKS, Caroline Louise (Plageman) [Carrie]. Spouse of William J., Jr. Born 12-21-1863, died 12-07-1932 - Wed 1-7-1883
LOUCKS, Charles Arnold. Spouse of Caroline A. Wilson/ Nina E. Rothwell. Born 4-18-1861, died 5-25-1943 - Son of William J., Sr. and Janet (Glover) Loucks, born in PA. Wed Caroline in 1886. Wed Nina 12-26-1919. (1880 Hector Census)
LOUCKS, Cornelius Henry. Spouse of Arty C. Calkins/ Louisa V. Stewart. Born 7-09-1826, died 10-08-1893 - Son of Cornelius and Naomi (Johnson) Loucks, born in Cortland Co NY. Wed Arty in 1853. Wed Louisa 3-26-1883. (1850 Hector Census) - Civil War Vet, lost an arm at Petersburg.
LOUCKS, Flossie E. (Bartoo). Spouse of Alexander. Born 1880, died 11-28-1948 - Wed 11-19-1899 at West Pike PA.
LOUCKS, Forrest. Born 10-15-1886, died 9-25-1911 - Son of Charles A. and Caroline A. (Wilson) Loucks.
LOUCKS, Henry Cornelius. Spouse of Frances Schaft/ Frances Sherwood/ Katherine Kurtz. Born 4-5-1869, died 2-25-1944 - Son of William J., Sr. and Janet (Glover) Loucks, born in Sunderlinville. Wed Frances 9-20-1889 in Allegany Co NY. (1880 Hector Census)
LOUCKS, Lena R. Born 1893, died 1915
LOUCKS, Louisa V. (Stewart). Spouse of ? Stout/ Cornelius H. Born 1830, died 5-01-1910 - Dau of James J. and ? Stewart. Wed Cornelius 3-26-1883.
LOUCKS, Lucille. Born 1905, died 11-08-1911
LOUCKS, Lulu. Born 10-18-1887, died 6-28-1902 - Dau of William J., Jr. and Caroline L. Plageman) Loucks.
LOUCKS, Meggie M. Born 1885, died 12-02-1947
LOUCKS, Nina Eldriidge Rothwell. Spouse of Charles A. Born 1872, died 12-21-1942 - Wed 12-26-1919.
LOUCKS, Ray Harvey. Spouse of Maggie Hults. Born 1-28-1881, died 8-25-1966 - Son of William J. Sr, and Itta (Harvey) Loucks, born in Loucks Mills. Wed 11-24-1903.
LOUCKS, W. Wl. Born 1879, died 1-05-1942
LOUGHREY, Harry. Born 1896, died 1899
LOUGHREY, Ida Delphine (Cotton). Spouse of James H. Born 1859, died 11-25-1942 - Dau of James and Mary E. (Jones) Cotton, born in PA. Wed in 1874
LOUGHREY, Leverett Isaac. Spouse of June. Born 1-26-1876, died 9-26-1949 - Son of James H. and Ida D. (Cotton) Loghry, born in PA
LOUGHRY, Clarence E. Born 8-24-1878, died 4-05-1894
LOUGHRY, Harvey B. Born 2-1888, died 8-09-1890
LOUGHRY, Harvey W. Born 1854, died 3-22-1931
LOUGHRY, Helen Jane. Spouse of Isaac. Born abt 1828, died 1904 - Wed abt 1850 in Steuben Co NY, two sons.
LOUGHRY, Isaac. Spouse of Helen J. Born 1826*, died 12-6-1905. Age: 79 - Wed abt 1850 in Steuben Co NY, two sons.
LOUGHRY, James Hastings. Spouse of Ida D. Cotton/ Emily Johnson. Born 6-15-1851, died 4-3-1913. Age: 62 - Son of Isaac and Helen Jane Loughry, born in Steuben Co NY. Wed Delphine in 1874. Wed Emily in 1876. Eight children - Civil War Vet.
LOUGHRY, Janette. Born 1855, died 9-03-1929
LOUGHRY, Mary J. Born 1831, died 1905
LOUNSBURY, Alvin. Born 5-29-1902, died 9-19-1967 - Son of Orlando and Mary J. Lounsberry. (1920 Ulysses Census)
LOUNSBURY, Roger W. Spouse of Not named. Born 11-24-1942, died 11-25-2004. Age: 62 - Son of Alvin and Emily (Bassett) Lounsbury. Born in Coudersport, a security guard. Two sons. - Vietnam Vet, US Army - Japan
LOWREY, James. Born 6-15-1851, died 4-13-1913
LOWREY, Tammy M. Born ??, died 12-25-1960. Age: Infant
LUCAS. Born 5-13-1928, died 12-22-1928. Age: Infant
LUCAS, Ernest. Spouse of Florence Cass. Born 2-12-1911, died 4-06-1974 - Son of Pearl and Ruth (Rice) Lucas. Wed 10-19-1935 in Whitesville NY
LUCAS, Florence (Cass). Spouse of Ernest L. Born 2-21-1912, died 8-25-2000. Age: 88 - Dau of H. Leon and Ida (Mills) Cass. Born in Mills PA d. Coudersport PA
LUCAS, John. Born 8-10-1900, died 1-13-1970
LUDDINGTON, Egbert. Born 12-18-1809, died 3-05-1894
LUDDINGTON, Harriet A. Born 1839, died 1881
LUDDINGTON, Mary. Born 7-13-1810, died 4-04-1891
LUDWIG, Henry S. Born 1925, died 2-27-1969 - WW II Vet
LYALL, Petra M. Born 11-2-1968, died 5-2-2009. Age: 40 - Born in Wellsville NY
LYMAN, Mordecai. Born 8-18-1840, died 10-30-1871
MACK, Ina (Lampman). Born 1908, died 8-26-1972
MAIN, Leon W., Sr. Spouse of Cora Baker. Born 3-27-1939, died 5-12-2004. Age: 65 - Son of Benjamin and Nellie (Allen) Main. Born in Galeton.
MAIURO, John A. [Johnny]. Spouse of Marie Doris Palmer. Born 6-4-1928, died 8-9-2007. Age: 79 - Son of Guiseppe and Catherine (Tabasco) Maiuro. Born in Elm NJ, d. PittsburghPA (UPMC Presbyterian Hosp), Wed 6-16-1953, 6 children. Obit, has picture - WW II Vet, US Army
MAIURO, Marie Doris (Palmer). Spouse of John A. Born 4-4-1935, died 5-10-2009. Age: 74 - Dau of George and Elizabeth McDonough Palmer. Born in Williamstown NJ, d. Ulysses, a beautician. Wed 6-16-1953, 6 children.
MAJANE, C. Ambrose. Born 2-20-1888, died 10-06-1970
MAJANE, Viola E. Born 1894, died 12-23-1967
MANHART, Leona (Jeffers). Born 1898, died 5-17-1974
MANN, Chester. Born 4-3-1903, died 8-04-1970
MANN, Glenn. Born 7-22-1942, died 7-27-1963
MANNAH, Charles D. Marion. Born 3-13-1862, died 4-06-1946
MANNING, O'rianna J. Born 2-6-2014, died 9-5-2019. Age: 5y - Dau of William C. and Kassandra L. (Hunt) Manning, Jr. Born I Coudersport PA, lived and died in Smethport PA.
MANNY, Mildred. Born 1923, died 12--18-1963
MANSFIELD, Kate (Lewis). Born 7-20-1871, died 1-10-1961
MANSFIELD, Michael R. Born 2-25-1953, died 6-30-2016. Age: 63 - Son of James B. and Aleta M. (Youmans) Mansfield, born in Coundersport PA, died in Wellsville NY. Unmarried - Post-Vietnam Vet, US Air Force, M/Sgt. Career 1976-1995
MARION, Carrie. Born 1877, died 1880 - Dau of George C. and Charlotte (Coleman) Marion, born in NY. (1880 Ulysses Census)
MARION, Charlotte (Coleman). Spouse of George C. Born 1848, died 3-1892 - Born in NY. (1880 Ulysses Census)
MARION, Edward C. Born 1872, died 1-22-1948 - Son of George C. and Charlotte (Coleman) Marion, born in NY. (1880 Ulysses Census)
MARION, George C. Spouse of Charlotte. Born 8-29-1843, died 11-03-1930 - Born in NY, a tinsmith. (1880 Ulysses Census)
MARION, Leah (Cobb). Born 9-02-1870, died 10-27-1942 - Dau of Daniel H. and Genetta Cobb, born in NY. (1880 Ulysses Census)
MARION, Mary (Crowell). Born 11-18-1850, died 4-07-1945
MARIOTTI, Paul J. Born 4-29-1958, died 9-23-2004. Age: 46 - Son of Siegried and Caroline (Schramm) Mariotti
MARSH, Edith (Scott). Born 1907, died 3-04-1953
MARSH, Hattie B. Born 1880, died 1905
MARTIN, Elizabeth (Blake). Spouse of Harold. Born ??, died 8-27-1987 - Died in an auto accident in Addison NY.
MARTIN, Harold. Spouse of Elva P. Bryan/ Elizabeth Blake. Born 4-30-1921, died 8-27-1987 - Son of Maxwell Benjamin and Madge V. (Fenton) Martin. Died in an auto accident in Addison NY.
MARTIN, Nell A. Born 1885, died 3-29-1973
MARTIN, Orlando. Born 1882, died 6-04-1961
MARTIN, Sylvia J. Born 1878, died 4-07-1920
MASTIN, Arthur Leroy. Spouse of Helen M. Robinson. Born 6-4-1924, died 8-16-1990. Age: 66 - Wed 1-20-1946 in Elkland PA, four children.
MASTIN, Clarissa (Eaton). Born 3-14-1847, died 7-07-1922
MASTIN, Helen M. (Robinson). Spouse of Arthur L. Born 5-22-1926, died 9-5-2019. Age: 93 - Dau of Lorenzo and Sarah (Griffin) Robinson. Born in Galeton PA, lived in Ulysses PA, died in Erie PA. Wed 1-20-1946 in Elkland PA, four children.
MASTIN, Howard. Born 3-02-1896, died 10-21-1918 - Son of William L. and Kate (Dimon) Mastin. Influenza
MASTIN, Kate (Dimon). Spouse of William I. Born 9-1862, died 6-18-1955 - Dau of Harris and Mary Dimon, born in PA. Wed abt 1882. (1880 Ulysses Census)
MASTIN, Kathryn (Grabe). Born 3-19-1885, died 5-02-1960 - Dau of Theodore A. and Mary L. (Rink) Grabe. (1900 Coudersport Ward 2 Census)
MASTIN, Selah M. Born 10-10-1842, died 4-21-1911
MASTIN, William L. Spouse of Kate Dimon. Born 2-12-1852, died 4-16-1933 - Wed abt 1882.
MATHEWS, Truman R. Spouse of Helen. Born 7-23-1944, died 6-12-2004. Age: 59 - Son of Lawrence and Bessie V. (Mann) Mathews. Born in Westfield PA, d. Ulysses PA
MATTESON, David L. Born 10-16-1966, died 10-16-1966
MATTISON, Alice (Perkins). Born 12-03-1859, died 6-15-1945 - Dau of Arden and Melissa (Hallock) Perkins. (1860 Ulysses, 1880 Bingham Census)
MATTISON, Celestia Mae. Born 3-19-1905, died 9-16-1961
MATTISON, Cummings J. Born 1863, died 4-10-1955
MATTISON, Elwood A. Spouse of Evelyn P. Winfield. Born 7-17-1920, died 2-17-2005. Age: 84 - Son of Arthur and Florence (Waite) Mattison. Born in Troupsburg NY. Wed 6-26-1941 in Jasper NY
MATTISON, Evelyn P. (Winfield). Spouse of Elwood A., died 1993 - Wed 6-26-1941 in Jasper NY
MATTISON, Florence M. Spouse of Raymond L. Born 3-30-1918, died 3-20-2010. Age: 91 - Dau of Wallace and Ellen (Fowler) Miles. Wed 3-2-1937 at Woodhull NY, 3 children.
MATTISON, Frank D. Born 7-14-1905, died 9-07-1964
MATTISON, Gilbert. Born 3-19-1880, died 7-17-1966
MATTISON, Henry. Born 4-17-1883, died 2-07-1968
MATTISON, Mary A. (Cook). Born 5-09-1875, died 12-26-1953
MCBRIDE, Frank. Born 1855, died 7-10-1947
MCCARTHY, Richard F. Spouse of Nancy. Born 1-12-1942, died 3-6-2019. Age: 77 - Son of Paul and Gertrude (Callahan) McCarthy. Born and died in Rochester NY, lived in Palmyra NY. Wed 45 yrars, one son. (Spouse survives) - Cold War Vet, US Navy. 1962-1966.
MCCASLIN, Donna (Erway). Spouse of Leroy G. Born 12-1-1925, died 7-5-2013 - Dau of Preston A. and Minnie (Mosch) Erway. Born in Raymond PA, owned Ulysses Motors.Mayor of Ulysses for 26 years. Wed 6-30-1944 in Tullahoma, TN, 6 children
MCCASLIN, Earl E. Spouse of Edna O. Blake. Born 4-28-1886, died 11-23-1948
MCCASLIN, Edna O. (Blake). Spouse of Earl E. Born 9-03-1891, died 8-02-1973
MCCASLIN, Ernest Leroy. Born 5-17-1945, died 5-17-1945
MCCASLIN, George E. Born 6-6-1893, died 2-26-1954 - Son of Edward W. and Lovica (Clark) McCaslin, born in Loucks Mills PA.
MCCASLIN, Leon. Born 12-18-1909, died 11-14-1963
MCCASLIN, Lucille Ruth. Born 1-29-1923, died 8-16-2003. Age: 80 - Dau of Earl E. and Edna O. (Blake) McCaslin, born in Betula NY.One daughter.
MCCOY. Born 1-31-1948, died 1-31-1948. Age: Infant
MCCOY, Betty L. Born 1941, died 5-12-1948
MCCOY, Cecil J. (Savey). Spouse of John. Born 2-23-1892, died 4-15-1974
MCCOY, George W. Spouse of Jean Mastin. Born 10-14-1912, died 4-16-2003. Age: 90 - Son of John and Cecil (Savey) McCoy, born in Ulysses. Three children.
MCCOY, John. Born 1876, died 6-27-1952
MCCOY, John A. Born 1874, died 3-20-1921
MCCOY, Josie E. Born 1918, died 11-20-1959
MCCOY, Juanita C. Born 5-22-1922, died 3-12-1974
MCCOY, Sandra Jean. Born 8-17-1937, died 11-22-2014. Age: 77 - Dau of George W. and Jean (Mastin) McCoy, born in Coudersport, died in Germantown WI. Two sons surnamed Monroe.
MCDONALD, Harriet. Born 1833, died 12-10-1911
MCDONALD, Peter A. Spouse of California Holcomb. Born 1832, died 12-31-1917 - Born in Toronto Can. Wed at Almond NY.
MCDONALD, Ralph. Born 1909, died 9-28-1951 - Migrant
MCDONALD, Stella. Born ??, died 5-08-1937
MCDONALD, T. R. Born ??, died ??
MCHALE, Pat. Born ??, died ??
MCINTYRE, ??. Born 1899, died 8-14-1935
MCKEEVER, Laura (Gibson). Spouse of Archie A. McIntyre. Born 12-25-1900, died 4-24-1943
MCKINLEY, Agnes. Born 11-22-1885, died 11-04-1921
MCPHAIL, Lillian Pauline (Walters). Spouse of Charles. Born 7-25-1916, died 2-5-2018. Age: 101 - Dau of G. Gordon and Cleva (Luce) Walters. Born in Westfield PA, lived in Detroit MI and Harrison Valley PA, died in Coudersport PA. Worked 18 years for Sears Roebuck. Wed 6-13-1945 in Detroit, no children named. (Spouse d. 9-24-1984)
MELLINGER, Anna (Redcay). Born 6-16-1906, died 10-04-1970
MENGEE, William H. Born 10-17-1880, died 12-01-1952
MERICLE, Jennie Beth (Young). Spouse of Lewis R. Born 5-29-1926, died 6-30-1991 - Dau of Jacob and Agnes Young
MERICLE, Mrs. W. H. Born ??, died ??
MERICLE, William H. Born 1-31-1912, died 08-16-2008
MERICLE, William H. Born ??, died 2-4-1912 - Civil War Vet, Co B, 109th NY Inf, Pvt.
MERRICK, Martha (Habedank) Petry. Spouse of Victor Petry/ Elmer. Born 5-12-1908, died 8-12-2005. Age: 97 - Dau of Clement and Martha Habedank. Wed 1st Victor J. Petry, three children. Wed 2nd Elmer L. Merrick
MERRILL, Amelia (Kidney). Spouse of George W. Born 1843, died 6-14-1896
MERRILL, Amelia (Talbot). Spouse of Lyman. Born 1848, died 12-14-1911. Age: 63
MERRILL, Arthur B. Born 4-04-1878, died 12-23-1961 - Son of J. Obadiah and Sarah (Bradley) Merrill, born in PA. (1880 Ulysses Census)
MERRILL, Elizabeth Thurston (Ayers). Spouse of Erastus. Born 3-02-1808, died 4-23-1893 - Dau of Warren and Esther H. (Moody) Ayers, born in Cornith VT. Wed 1-11-1831, 6 children. (1850 Ulysses Census)
MERRILL, Erastus. Spouse of Elizabeth Ayers. Born 3-10-1808, died 3-02-1882 - (in the 1840 Ulysses Census) Born in VT. Wed 1-11-1831, 6 children. (1850 Ulysses Census
MERRILL, George Washington. Spouse of Amelia Kidney. Born 4-20-1838, died 6-21-1919 - Son of Erastus and Elizabeth (Ayers) Merrill. Born in Ulysses. (1850 Ulysses Census)
MERRILL, Herbert. Born 1872, died 1-20-1949
MERRILL, J. Obadiah. Spouse of Sarah Bradley. Born 7-22-1833, died 10-30-1906 - Son of Erastus and Elizabeth (Ayers) Merrill, born in Warren PA.
MERRILL, Katherine (Furman). Born 9-23-1857, died 3-03-1931
MERRILL, Lantie. Born 11-08-1873, died 7-08-1879
MERRILL, Laura B. Born 1886, died 12-07-1956
MERRILL, Lyman. Spouse of Amelia Talbot. Born 2-16-1840, died 11-28-1910 - Son of Erastus and Elizabeth (Ayers) Merrill, born in Ulysses. (1850 Ulysses Census) - Civil War Vet, Co K 149th PA Vols, Cpl. Wounded at North Anna River, Va. on May 23, 1864 - promoted to Cpl. on September 1, 1864 - mustered out with company on June 24, 1865.
MERRILL. Henry E. Born 10-1868, died 8-17-1879 - Son of George W. and Amelia (Kidney) Merril, born in Ulysses.
MERRITT, H. U. Born 1860, died 10-11-1917
MERRITT, Harry. Born 1-13-1882, died 1-12-1956
MERRITT, Jennie. Born 1862, died 1946
MERRITT, Marcia F. (Swetland). Spouse of Stanley T. Born 12-22-1918, died 10-9-2012. Age: - Dau of Miner and Helen (Rappleya) Swetland. Born in Syracuse NY, a nurse. Wed 10-4-1948 in Richmond VA, 2 children
MERWIN, Eliza. Spouse of William. Born 1821, died ?? - Born in NY. (1880 Ulysses Census)
MERWIN, William. Spouse of Eliza. Born 1815, died 3-30-1881 - Born in NY. (1880 Ulysses Census)
METCALF, Ada. Spouse of Albert. Born 5-06-1869, died 5-23-1939
METCALF, Albert. Spouse of Ada. Born 2-14-1873, died 8-14-1943 - Son of Harvey B. and Elvira (Cornish) Metcalf
METCALF, Bertha Mae (Houghtaling). Spouse of Frank M. Born 8-13-1881, died 9-25-1960 - Dau of Marion W. and Addie (Wallace) Houghtaling, born in Steuben Co NY. Wed 11-1-1896.
METCALF, Charles Blane. Born 7-15-1960, died 7-25-1965 - Son of Llewellyn E. Metcalf
METCALF, Elvira Adelia (Cornish). Spouse of Harvey B. Born 11-04-1844, died 2-03-1917 - Dau of Thomas M. and Alvina (Hurlbut) Cornish. Wed 10-6-1867
METCALF, Frank Marion. Spouse of Bertha M. Houghtaling. Born 6-27-1870, died 1-08-1935 - Son of Harvy B. and Elvira (Cornish) Metcalf, born in PA. Wed 10-6-1867 in NY. (1880 Harrison Census)
METCALF, Harvey Baker. Spouse of Elvira Cornish. Born 3-04-1846, died 1-19-1915 - Son of Morris P. and Lucinda (Baker) Metcalf. Wed 10-6-1867. Bio says birth date is 11-4-1845 - Civil War Vet, Co L 2 PA Cav and Brty B 4 US Hvy Arty
METCALF, Jacqueline Bonita. Born 6-17-1928, died 7-17-1943 - Dau of Marion and Ruth (Thompson) Metcalf
METCALF, Marion. Spouse of Ruth Bessie Thompson. Born 10-20-1903, died 11-15-1971
METCALF, Nina Rosella (Lewis). Born 2-01-1896, died 10-12-1974 - Dau of George H. and Elizabeth R. (Hammond) Lewis, born in Potter Co.
METCALF, Raymond Eugene. Born 12-20-1958, died 12-16-1968 - Son of Llewellyn E. Metcalf
METCALF, Shirley Jean. Born 2-10-1933, died 2-20-1933 - Dau of Marion and Ruth (Thompson) Metcalf
METCALF, Theodore P. Born 1-28-1929, died 3-20-1969 - Son of Clair and Mabel (Robbins) Metcalf
MILES, Anson. Born 8-30-1878, died 1937 - Son of Stephen and Mary S. Miles, Born in NY. (1880 Rathbone, Steuben Co NY census)
MILES, Etta O. Born 1883, died 12-30-1945
MILES, Lucian B,. Born 5-09-1882, died 5-11-1967
MILLARD, Caroline A. Born 1842, died 1879
MILLARD, Frank. Born 10-11-1881, died 11-03-1884
MILLER, Alice L. Crum. Spouse of George M. Crum/ ? Miller. Born 10-1872, died 4-09-1950 - (1900 Bingham Census)
MILLER, Charles J. Born 1857, died 4-23-1882
MILLER, Christopher James Thomas. Born 9-2005, died 12-17-2005. Age: 3m - Son of Craig A. and Stacey Miller
MILLER, Dorothy W. Born 1901, died 10-12-1964
MILLER, Ellen L. Born 1866, died 4-20-1889
MILLER, Glenn A. Born 10-30-1885, died 5-04-1968 - Son of Philander H. and Marilla L. Miller. (1900 Bingham Census)
MILLER, John L., III. Spouse of Louise Buck. Born 3-29-1915, died 8-10-1968 - Wed 1940 in Ulysses PA, 3 children
MILLER, Louise E. (Buck). Spouse of John L., III. Born 7-02-1920, died 5-27-2008. Age: 87 - Dau of Lawrence and Mabel (Evans) Buck. Born in Coudersport PA, School Nurse fro 30 yrs. Wed 1940 in Ulysses PA, 3 children
MILLER, Madge. Born 2-22-1887, died 9-21-1887
MILLER, Marilla L. Spouse of Philander H. Born 6-20-1871, died 8-11-1950 - (1900 Bingham Census)
MILLER, Mary Jane (Hawley). Born 1841, died 6-08-1920
MILLER, Philander H. Spouse of Marilla L. Born 11-13-1861, died 3-09-1941 - (1900 Bingham Census)
MILLER, Raymond F. Spouse of Violet Miller Abbey/ Ruth E. Barnhart French Tubs. Born 7-14-1927, died 8-30-2010. Age: 83 - Son of Foster W. and Gladys Mae (Kent) Miller. Born in Roulette, worked 35 yrs for Dresser-Rand. 10 children. Wed Ruth 7-24-1993 in Harrison Valley PA - WW II Vet, 1945-1947.
MILLER, William. Spouse of Alice M. Burt. Born 2-13-1882, died 6-11-1924 - Wed 9-15-1909 at Brookland.
MILLETT, Fred A. Born 1873, died 1-08-1960
MILLETT, Helen E. Born 4-04-1876, died 7-22-1945
MILLS, Florence (Burt). Spouse of Leroy F. Born 1852, died 11-14-1922 - Adopted dau of William F. and Caroline (Rathbone) Burt. Wed 6-29-1868 in Scio NY.
MILLS, Leroy F. Spouse of Florence Burt. Born 5-21-1844, died 1-13-1913 - Wed 6-29-1868 in Scio NY. - Civil War Vet
MITCHELL, Floyd E. Born 1904, died 10-15-1962
MITCHELL, Frances D. Born 1909, died 8-11-1955
MITCHELL, Fred. Born 1880, died 1-27-1941
MITCHELL, Rebecca. Born 1884, died 8-10-1948
MOAG, Sandra M. (Empson) [Sandy]. Spouse of William J. Born 1-07-1944, died 5-07-2003. Age: 59 - Dau of Howard H. and Kathleen A. (Lane) Empson. Born in Wellsville NY, d. Genesee PA. Wed 10-06-1962 in Wellsville NY
MOE, Amy Etta (Teller). Born 1861, died 1-30-1935 - Dau of Daniel R. and Mary (Hoyt) Teller
MOE, John VanRensler. Born 10-16-1850, died 3-28-1933
MONROE, died 2-19-1939. Age: Infant
MONROE, Alexander. Spouse of Betsey Costly. Born 11-20-1820, died 9-17-1892 - Son of Garner and Rosanna (McCallister) Monroe, born in Otsego NY. (1880 Bingham Census)
MONROE, Amelia (Predmore). Spouse of Elymus H. Born 4-29-1854, died 4-18-1891 - Dau of James S. and Mary (Wells) Predmore.
MONROE, Archibald. Spouse of Lucy. Born 9-13-1813, died 4-22-1886 - Son of Garner and Rosanna (McCallister) Monroe, orn in CT. (1880 Bingham Census)
MONROE, Arthur W. Spouse of Florence Lewis. Born 1-27-1872, died 6-12-1922 - Son of Nelson D. and Amanda E. (Chase) Monroe Wed 7-5-1900. (1900 Sweden Census)
MONROE, Asa. Spouse of Elva Neal. Born 8-26-1872, died 6-06-1954 - Son of Alexander and Betsey (Costley) Monroe, born in MA. Wed 3-12-1898 in Shongo NY. (1880, 1900 Bingham Census)
MONROE, Ashbel. Spouse of Merriam Bowen. Born 1797, died 1-20-1860 - Son of Daniel and Phoebe (Olmsted) Monroe, born in Broome Co NY.
MONROE, Betsy (Costley). Spouse of Alexander. Born 11-24-1824, died 5-07-1901 - Dau of Charles and Orpha (Bowen) Costley, born in Tioga Co. PA. (1880, 1900 Bingham Census)
MONROE, Betsy Ann (Burt). Spouse of Charles. Born 8-17-1821, died 3-22-1877 - Dau of Anson S. and Betsey (Blackman) Burt, born in Broome Co NY. Wed in 1836 in Broome Co NY. (1850 Ulysses Census)
MONROE, Charlie. Born 5-22-1857, died 5-23-1859 - Son of Charles and Betsy A. (Burt) Monroe, bornin Windham Co CT.
MONROE, Clara (Blackman). Spouse of Maynard C. Born 3-03-1879, died 6-29-1959 - Dau of W. H. and Ellie A. Blackman, born in Windham Co VT. Wed 6-1900.
MONROE, Eliza (Lincoln). Spouse of William B. Born 4-08-1821, died 3-29-1896 - Born in VT. Wed abt 1841 in Charleston PA.
MONROE, Elva M. (Neal). Spouse of Asa. Born 4-02-1879, died 7-04-1946 - Dau of Charles L. and ? (Lewis) Neal, born in MA. Wed 3-12-1898 in Shongo NY. (1900 Bingham Census)
MONROE, Elymus H. Spouse of Amelia Predmore/ Phildelia C. Howe. Born 9-25-1852, died 4-25-1908 - Son of Alexander and Betsey (Costley) Monroe, born in Bingham Twp. Wed Amelia 8-6-1870 in Bingham Twp. Wed Delia abt 1890. (1880, 1900 Bingham Census)
MONROE, Emma (White). Spouse of Erastus L. Born 4-08-1861, died 9-24-1954 - (1900 Bingham Census) Sister of Nettie White and Angie (White) Crowl
MONROE, Erastus L. Spouse of Emma White. Born 7-1861, died 6-16-1926 - Son of Levi B. and Cynthia S. (Pease) Monroe, born in Bingham Twp. Wed abt 1866. (1900 Bingham Census)
MONROE, Ernest A. Born 1849, died 8-29-1935
MONROE, Florence (Lewis). Spouse of Arthur W. Born 11-11-1876, died 2-29-1940 - Dau of Martin and Jennie M. (Prindell) Lewis, born in Ulysses. Wed 7-5-1900
MONROE, Frank Peter. Born 1880, died 5-28-1954
MONROE, Grace (Page). Spouse of Leon M. Born 2-11-1897, died 7-03-1966 - Wed 12-26-1913. At least four children
MONROE, Ina P. Born 1865, died 8-18-1867
MONROE, James Levi. Born 3-29-1842, died 3-02-1844 - Son of Charles J. and Betsy A. (Burt) Monroe, born in Windham Co CT.
MONROE, Leon Mailand, Jr. Spouse of Anna Sabin. Born 10-5-1929, died 9-16-2004. Age: 74 - Son of Leon M. and Grace (Page) Monroe. Born in Loucks Mills, retired from General Motors after 35 years.
MONROE, Leon Mailand, Sr. Spouse of Grace Page. Born 9-09-1883, died 12-22-1962 - Son of William O. and Maria J. (Wright) Monroe, born in Ulysses. Wed 12-26-1913. At least four children
MONROE, Leverett. Born 1849, died ?? - Son of Samuel and Catherine (Rathbone) Monroe, born in windham Co CT.
MONROE, Levi Camp. Spouse of Mary Jones. Born 1811, died 12-06-1876 - Son of William and Catherine (McArthur) Monroe, born in Windham Co CT. Wed abt 1831 in CT.
MONROE, Lucy. Spouse of Archibald. Born 2-23-1818, died 1887 - Born in PA.
MONROE, Maria (Wright). Spouse of William O. Born 11-1849, died 2-20-1927 - Dau William B. and Eunice (Farnsworth) Wright.
MONROE, Mary. Born 1810, died 1891
MONROE, Mary. Born 1818, died 1-28-1907
MONROE, Maynard Burt. Born 1-13-1935, died 1-21-1935
MONROE, Maynard Charles. Spouse of Clara Blackman. Born 1-01-1878, died 12-06-1957 - Son of William O. and Maria J. (Wright) Monroe, born in Ulysses. Wed 6-26-1900.
MONROE, Miriam (Howland). Spouse of Samuel. Born 1-09-1818, died 4-28-1884 - Dau of John and Susannah (Salisbury) Howland, born in Knoxville PA. 1st wife of Samuel - wed in 1842.
MONROE, Myra Ann. Born 1850, died 2-29-1927
MONROE, Oscar Clarence. Spouse of Rebecca Erhard. Born 5-8-1922, died 12-29-2011. Age: 89 - Son of Leon M. and Grace (Page) Monroe. Four children. - WW II Vet, US Army
MONROE, Raymond L. Born 4-21-1930, died 5-03-1930
MONROE, Rebecca R. (Erhard). Spouse of Oscar C. Born 6-29-1930, died 10-8-2018. Age: 88 - Dau of Paul W. and Mary (Muldoon) Erhard. Born in Reedsville PA, died in Rochester NY. Four children.
MONROE, Samuel. Spouse of Mirriam Howland/ Susan Howland. Born 9-16-1815, died 3-07-1892 - Son of Garner and Roseanna (McAllister) Monroe, born in Washington Co NY. Wed Miriam in 1842.
MONROE, Samuel W. Spouse of Catherine Rathbone. Born 8-23-1824, died 7-02-1879 - Son of William and Catherine (McArthur) Monroe, born in NY.
MONROE, Susan (Howland). Spouse of Samuel. Born 5-02-1824, died 1-15-1895 - Dau of John and Susannah (Salisbury) Howland, born in Westfield PA.
MONROE, William Benoni. Spouse of Eliza A. Lincoln. Born 10-28-1819, died 9-1899 - Son of John E. and Lucinda (Bentley) Monroe, born in Canada. Wed abt 1841.
MONROE, William Oscar. Spouse of Maria J. Wright. Born 9-16-1848, died 9-02-1913 - Son of William B. and Eliza A. (Lincoln) Monroe, born in Ulysses.
MONTGOMERY, Beatrice (Bentley) Genung. Spouse of Ronald G. Born, died 6-19-1975
MONTGOMERY, Grace Eddy (Young). Spouse of Ronald G. Born 6-13-1919, died 1-05-1973 - Dau of John M. an Lena P. (Eddy) Young. Wed in 1940.
MONTGOMERY, Ronald G. Spouse of Grace Young/ Beatrice Genung/ Mildred ?. Born 5-14-1920, died 4-1-2006 - Son of John W. and Frances (Thornton) Montgomery. Born in Pine River MN.
MOORE, Alonzo R. Born 4-20-1858, died 12-22-1932 - Son of Ross A. and Mary E. (Gleason) Moore, born in NY.
MOORE, Amelia. Spouse of W. W. Moore. Born 8-25-1836, died 12-2-1931
MOORE, Anna H. Born 1871, died 10-15-1948
MOORE, Charles. Born 1886, died 11-13-1951
MOORE, Joyce E. Born 1948, died 4-27-1952
MOORE, Katherine E. Spouse of Salmon C. Born 6-08-1860, died 10-14-1926 - (1920 Ulysses Census)
MOORE, Leon L. Spouse of Amanda M. Born 9-25-1879, died 2-11-1967 - (1920 Ulysses Census)
MOORE, Mary (Langdon). Born 9-21-1863, died 3-12-1947
MOORE, Mary E. (Gleason). Spouse of Ross A. Born 8-26-1821, died 10-02-1881 - Wed 12-31-1837 in Tioga Co NY.
MOORE, Myron, L. Born 1943, died 12-22-1962
MOORE, Nellie. Born 9-11-1882, died 7-31-1964
MOORE, Nina E. Born 8-24-1891, died 7-11-1931
MOORE, Raymond Z. Born 12-17-1907, died 1-10-1974 - Son of Leon L. and Amanda Moore. (1920 Ulysses Census)
MOORE, Ross Aruna. Spouse of Mary E. Gleason. Born 2-22-1815, died 11-06-1883 - Born in Richford, NY. Wed 12-31-1837 in Tioga Co NY.
MOORE, W. W. Spouse of Amelia. Born 7-18-1842, died 2-22-1940
MOORE, Zalmon C. Born 1854, died 1936
MORGAN, Ann. Born 9-1954, died 8-22-1955 - Colored Child
MORLEY, E. DeWitt. Spouse of Ruth Buck. Born 10-6-1916, died 3-22-2012. Age: 95 - Son of Willis and Nellie (Pride) Morley, born in Bingham Twp. Wed in 1942, three children - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps 1942-1946.
MORLEY, Lewis W. Spouse of Louise H. Howe. Born 6-04-1891, died 1-22-1966 - Son of Jasper W. and Eilza L. (Rogers) Morley, born in Gold PA. Wed 7-25-1917.
MORLEY, Louise Hazel (Howe). Spouse of Lewis W. Born 10-24-1891, died 4-09-1968 - Lavern B. and Mary I. (Daniels) Howe, born in Bingham Twp. Wed 7-25-1917.
MORLEY, Nellie (Pride). Spouse of Willis D. Born 2-12-1885, died 6-17-1970 - Wed 7-2-1906 in Gold
MORLEY, Ruth B. (Buck). Spouse of E. Dewitt. Born 8-13-1919, died 1-2-2014. Age: 94 - Dau of Cleon C. and Pauline (Barker) Buck. Born in Hector Twp, an educator. Wed 4-24-1942 in Ulysses, 3 children
MORLEY, Willis D. Spouse of Nellie Pride. Born 1880, died 3-25-1955 - Son of E. B. and Mary M. Morley, born in PA. Wed 7-2-1906 in Gold
MORRIS, Ernest L. Spouse of Clara Wilkins. Born 5-06-1892, died 3-23-1962
MORRIS, Ernest L. Spouse of Eloise I. Young. Born 10-8-1923, died 5-16-2018. Age: 94 - Son of Ernest L. and Clara (Wilkins) Morris. Born in Olean NY, lived and died in Westfield PA. Worked for Air Preheater in Wellsville NY. Wed 4-19-1948 in Genesee PA, five children. (Spouse d. 6-5-2017) - WW II Vet, US Army, Europe. Normandy and Battle of the Bulge.
MORRIS, Vance D. Born 1-23-1957, died 9-28-1969
MORRISON, Eva Ann. Born 2-1862, died 1948
MORRISON, John J. Born 10-20-1860, died 8-15-1939
MORRISROE, Joseph P. Spouse of Dorothy F. Payne. Born 1-30-1934, died 6-10-2006. Age: 72 - Son of John and Winifred (Kerns) Morrisroe. Born in Philadelphia PA, a longshoreman. d. Bradford PA. Wed 5-08-2000 in Coudersport PA
MOSHER, Philip. Born 1936, died 4-03-1940
MOSHIER, Andrew B. Born 1864, died 10-24-1918
MOSHIER, Sarah J. Born 1869, died 2-19-1910
MOWERS, Eliza Ann. Born 1856, died ??
MOWERS, James. Born 3-09-1860, died 1895
MOWERS, Lois (Nivers). Born 11-12-1864, died 12-21-1916 - Prob dau of Silas and Bloomie (Elsworth) Niver, born in Tioga Co PA.
MOWERS, William. Born 1886, died 7-02-1918
MULFORD, Jonas B. Born 2-09-1881, died 10-30-1963 - Son of James E. and Caroline A. Mulford. (1900 Bingham Census)
MULFORD, Maro B. Spouse of Lena Ives. Born 12-02-1886, died 4-20-1938 - Son of Benjaman F. and Sophronia M. (Thompson) Mulford, born at Potter Brook PA. Wed 7-12-1909.
MULFORD, Minnie (Garner). Born 2-01-1891, died 7-06-1968
MULIALAUSKI, Helen M. Born 1904, died 6-05-1962
MUNSON, Irving Ray. Born 8-25-1864, died 11-07-1923 - Sonof William H. and Malissa (Ingersoll) Munson, born in Chanango Co NY.
MUNSON, Malissa (Ingersoll). Spouse of William Henry. Born 1840, died 1-12-1916 - Dau of Davie and Hannah (Holcombe) Ingersoll, born in Chenango Co NY. Wed 6-7-1855 in Chenago Co. Survived by two children.
MUNSON, William Henry [Henry]. Spouse of Malissa Ingersoll. Born 2-4-1839, died 10-22-1911 - Born in VT. Wed 6-7-1855 in Chenang Co NY. - Civil War Vet
MUSTO, Anna (Stiles). Spouse of Ezekial E. Born 7-1878, died 3-18-1937 - Wed abt 1900 in Potter Co.
MUSTO, Camilla. Born 1926, died 4-20-1942
MUSTO, Ezekiel E. Spouse of Anna Stiles. Born 3-24-1874, died 5-20-1953 - Son of Thomas and Harriet Musto, born in PA. Wed abt 1900 in Potter Co.
MUSTO, George W. Spouse of Lucy A. Hawley. Born 8-20-1843, died 2-28-1910 - Wed in 1865. (1900 Bingham Census) - Civil War Vet, Co G 53rd PA Vols, Sgt. Mustered out with company on June 30, 1865.
MUSTO, Louis E. Spouse of Nelly Duenas. Born 8-4-1929, died 6-14-2019. Age: 89 - Son of Max and Dora Eileen (Kilbourne) Musto. Born in Akron OH, died in Chambersburg (PA?). During Air Force career lived all over the world, including Spain and Peru. Wed 2-22-1980 at Torrejon AFB in Spain, two children. (Spouse survives) - Korea and Vietnam Vet. US Air Force, M/Sgt. 24 years.
MUSTO, Lucy Angeline (Hawley) [Lucy]. Spouse of George W. Born 4-1844, died 8-09-1920 - Wed in 1865. (1900 Bingham Census)
NEAL, Judson P. Spouse of Sarah E. Bailey. Born 1842, died 2-12-1929
NEAL, Sarah Emmeline (Bailey). Spouse of Judson P. Born 12-24-1848, died 1-24-1886 - Dau of Roswell W. and Marilla L. (Johnson) Bailey.
NELSON, Alma (Wagner). Born 9-10-1834, died 7-27-1921
NELSON, Eva. Born 1867, died 12-25-1932
NELSON, Louie. Born 1891, died 5-03-1958
NELSON, Martin J. Born 9-01-1869, died 3-16-1928
NELSON, Mary Beth. Born 2-1952, died 3-22-1952
NEWBURY, Charles W. Born 1886, died 10-26-1960
NEWBURY, Grace. Born 1886, died 6-12-1955
NEWBURY, Jean S. (Young). Spouse of William B. Born 6-22-1922, died 11-28-2019. Age: 97 - Dau of Claude C. and Mary M. (Bunnell) Young. Born in Bingham Center PA, lived in Ulysses PA, died in Coudersport PA. Owned and operated Bill's Grocery in Ulysses for 34 years. Wed 5-1-1944 in Ylysses, one daughter. (Spouse d. 2001)
NEWCOMB, Bruce M. Born 9-05-1952, died 6-28-2004. Age: 51 - Son of Milton and Geraldine (Henry) Newcomb b. Coudersport-PA d. Williamsport-PA
NEWCOMB, Edith M. (Graves) Lester M. Born 10-4-1926, died 12-15-2016. Age: 90 - Dau of Orlas and Anna (Shutt) Graves. Born in West Bingham PA, lived in Knoxville PA, died in Wellsboro PA. Wed 6-9-1948 in Bingham Twp PA, three sons. (Spouse d. 1-4-2007)
NEWCOMB, Lester M. Spouse of Edith Graves. Born 6-26-1922, died 1-4-2007. Age: 84 - Son of Henry and Mary (Smith) Newcomb. Born in Galeton PA, d. at home in Knoxville PA. Wed 6-09-1948 in Bingham Twp PA, 3 sons
NICKEL, Clifford A. Born 1896, died 12-08-1942
NICKERSON, George. Spouse of Gertrude Evans. Born 3-6-1866, died 3-08-1939 - Son of James and Mary (Ludington) Nickerson, born in NY. Wed 3-6-1888 in Ulysses.
NICKERSON, Gertrude (Evans). Spouse of George. Born 3-6-1866, died 11-24-1949 - Dau of Albert C. and Mary A. (Thompson) Evans, born in Bingham Twp. Wed 3-6-1888 in Ulysses
NICKERSON, James. Spouse of Mary Ludington. Born 9-1829, died 2-15-1912
NICKERSON, Mary E. (Ludington). Spouse of James. Born 4-1833, died 1900
NICKERSON, Mary S. (Johnson). Spouse of Harold Springer/ Stephen. Born 6-23-1914, died 3-5-2005. Age: 90 - Dau of Rufus and Helen T. (Shutt) Johnson. Was a nurse. Wed 1st Harold Springer, d. 1952. Wed 2nd Stephen Nickerson, d. 1977
NORTON, Alvin K. Spouse of Sadie Bennett. Born 8-28-1869, died 4-25-1936 - Wed 6-1-1892.
NORTON, Harry A. Born 8-28-1894, died 10-17-1958 - Son of Alvin K. and Sadie (Bennett) Norton.
NORTON, Herbert. Born 4-28-1893, died 11-18-1918
NORTON, Sadie (Bennett). Spouse of Alvin K. Born 7-24-1871, died 11-18-1918 - Dau of Abram and Nina (Canfield) Bennett. Wed 6-1-1892.
NOTTINGHAM, Claude M. Born 3-07-1888, died 6-12-1967
NOTTINGHAM, Ruth (Corey). Born 8-02-1902, died 1-08-1970
OGLE, Laurie A. (Anzivine). Spouse of Edward A. Born 1-13-1959, died 11-20-2007 - Dau of Alfred and Shirley M. (Burdick) Anzivine. Wed 8-8-1959.
O'HARGAN, Clair J. Born 1914, died 10-12-1951
OLMSTED, Daniel. Spouse of Lucy Scofield. Born 8-07-1799, died 10-01-1882 - Born in NY. (in the 1840, 1850 Ulysses Census)
OLMSTED, Gardner Hicks. Spouse of Mary A. Born 12-19-1805, died 1-20-1895 - Son of Seneca and Elizabeth (Hicks) Olmsted, born in Deleware CO NY. (in the 1840, 1850 Ulysses Census)
OLMSTED, Lucy Ann (Schofield). Spouse of Daniel. Born 8-18-1807, died 2-17-1865 - Born in NY. (1850 Ulysses Census)
OLMSTED, Randolph. Spouse of Annice P. Lewis. Born 10-12-1849, died 4-12-1881 - Wed 1877 in PA.
OLMSTED, Seneca. Spouse of Elizabeth Hicks. Born 5-31-1775, died 1-23-1860 - Son of Ezekial and Lydia (Hoyt) Olmsted, born in Berkshire Co, MA. Living with Gardner in 1850. (1850 Ulysses Census)
OLMSTED, Seneca Lewis. Born 5-11-1838, died 10-02-1856 - Son of Daniel and Lucy (Scofield) Olmsted. (1850 Ulysses Census)
ORCUTT, Gertrude E. (Fowler). Spouse of Robert H. Born 4-7-1909, died 12-20-2004. Age: 95 - Dau of William B. and Myrtle (Wood) Fowler, born in Bingham Twp, a day laborer. Wed 6-19-1926 in Ulysses, two children.
ORCUTT, Robert H., Sr. Spouse of Gertrude E. Fowler. Born 2-22-1901, died 2-02-1973 - Wed 6-19-1926
ORDWAY, Betty (Gotshall). Spouse of Walter Robert. Born 1-1-1931, died 3-19-2008. Age: 77 - Dau of Paul C. and Addie Mae (Baker) Gotshall. Born in Corning NY. Raised by aunt and uncle, Ada Seavey and C. Allen Hulbert. Wed 11-30-1950 in Coudersport, 2 children. DAR
ORDWAY, Cora M. Born 1873, died 11-06-1965
ORDWAY, Hiram. Spouse of Mary. Born 9-1848, died 1-18-1924 - Born in NY, a farmer. (1880 Troupsburg Census)
ORDWAY, Horace L. Born 4-04-1879, died 1-09-1962
ORDWAY, Horace Reynolds [Hod]. Born 3-29-1939, died 11-9-2003. Age: 64 - Son of Robert and Ruth (Reynolds) Ordway, born in Coudersport PA.
ORDWAY, Mary E. Spouse of Hiram. Born 5-27-1850, died 4-04-1914 - Born in NY. (1880 Troupsburg Census)
ORDWAY, Robert L. Spouse of Ruth Reynolds. Born 8-31-1910, died 3-15-1954
ORDWAY, Ruth L. (Scoville). Born 4-18-1892, died 2-13-1971 - Dau of Perry E. and Ida A (Miller) Scoville, born in PA.
ORDWAY, Sam. Born 1881, died 1900
ORDWAY, Walter Robert. Spouse of Betty Gotshall. Born 9-29-1930, died 1-30-2008. Age: 77 - Son of Lawrence and Mary (Bieser) Ordway. Born in North Bingham PA. Wed 11-30-1950 in Coudersport, 2 children.
ORDWAY, William. Born 1871, died 6-24-1946
OUTMAN, Arthur. Born 1888, died 1-07-1973
OUTMAN, Mary Jean. Spouse of Paul F. Born 1-01-1926, died 1-13-2003. Age: 77 - Dau of Robert and Sadie (Crippen) Madison. Born Canisteo NY, d. Coudersport PA. Wed 11-06-1943 in Knoxville
OUTMAN, Rae P. Born 1896, died 1-30-1970
OWEN, Robert. Born 1904, died 8-13-1969
OWLETT, Cora J. (Brown). Born 3-12-1866, died 1-14-1937 - Dau of Thomas and Mary Brown, born in PA. (1880 Middlebury, Tioga, PA Census)
OWLETT, Isabell Jane (Doan). Spouse of Fred B. Born 4-30-1908, died 1-12-2005. Age: 96 - Dau of Orrie and Nettie Doan, born in Tioga Co. Wed 3-19-1942 in Ellisburg.
OWLETT, Thomas M. Born 1868, died 6-25-1944
PARISH, Charles. Spouse of Minerva Hackett. Born 5-07-1806, died 4-17-1846 - Son of Isaac, Jr. and Elizabeth (Burton) Parish, born in Litchfield Co CT. Wed 9-20-1832. (in 1840 Ulysses Census)
PARISH, Minerva (Hackett). Spouse of Charles. Born 4-02-1812, died 1-22-1890 - Dau of John E. and Ruth (Baker) Hackett, born in Broome Co NY. Wed 9-20-1832 in Potter Co.
PARKER, Catherine Stearns (Burt) [Kate]. Spouse of Thomas/ William Edwards. Born 2-23-1826, died 1-03-1905 - Dau of Anson S. and Elizabeth (Blackman) Burt. (1850 Ulysses Census)
PARKER, Hiram E. Born ??, died ??
PARKER, Martha. Born 8-01-1807, died 9-27-1882
PARKER, Thomas. Spouse of Catherine S. Burt. Born 9-24-1817, died 7-26-1883 - (1850 Ulysses Census)
PATI, Genevieve (Cleveland). Born 9-16-1876, died 12-16-1943
PATI, John T. Born 1881, died 1-09-1956
PATTERSON, Elva (Monroe). Spouse of Clair A. Born 8-22-1922, died 1-24-2003. Age: 80 - Dau of Asa and Elva (Neal) Monroe. Born in Ulysses PA.
PATTERSON, James. Born 1878, died 8-02-1957
PATTERSON, Mary Elizabeth (Thompson). Spouse of William S. Born 11-28-1891, died 10-23-1971 - Dau of Byron and Jennie (Shutt) Thompson. (1900 Bingham Census)
PAUL, Maude R. Spouse of M. J. Born 1883, died 7-24-1908
PEASE, E. Burley. Companion of S. Jean Little. Born 11-4-1940, died 12-30-2009. Age: 69 - Son of Robert S. and Marcia F. (Swetland) Pease, born in Blossburg PA. Three children. - Cold War Vet, US Navy 1958-1961
PEASLEY, Sarah B. Born ??, died ??
PECK, Grace (Raymond). Born 4-14-1858, died 7-24-1942
PECK, J. Newton. Born 2-24-1856, died 1-16-1924
PEFFER, Marilyn (Walter). Born 8-13-1932, died 2-10-2016. Age: 83 - Dau of Benjamin G. and Thelma A. (Sherwood) Walter, born in Cortland NY, died in Harrison Valley PA. An elemetary school teacher. Wed 5-6-1956 in Harrison Valley, one daughter. (He d. 6-25-1995)
PERKINS, Alice (Wagner). Spouse of Luther. A. Born 1855, died 1912 - 1900 Allegany census names husband and says birth date is 11-1854.
PERKINS, Arthur E. Born 1-1866, died 3-20-1937 - Son of William M. and Fannie (Glace) Perkins. (1900 Sweden Census)
PERKINS, Dorothy (Cox). Born 8-09-1920, died 7-25-1971
PERKINS, Edna M. (Empson). Spouse of Dorr A. [Bud]. Born 11-16-1932, died 2-14-2018. Age: 85 - Dau of Kenneth [Pete] and Sarah F. (Hilfiger) Empson. Born and lived in Ulysses PA, died in Westfield PA. Dairy and potato farming near Ulysses for many years. Four children. (Spouse survives)
PERKINS, Fanny (Glace). Spouse of William M. Born 11-1840, died 6-04-1914 - Wed in 1863. (1880 Ulysses, 1900 Sweden Census)
PERKINS, Guy S. Born 1884, died 7-20-1946 - Son of Will B. and Mary A. (Bigoney) Perkins.
PERKINS, Luther A. Spouse of Alice (Wagner). Born 1851, died 3-14-1914 - Son of William M. and Melissa P. (Dean) Perkins. 1900 Allegany census names wife and says birth date is 6-1855.
PERKINS, Mary Agnes (Bigoney). Spouse of Will B. Born 1864, died 5-13-1917 - Born in MD. Wed in 1882, 15 children. (1880 Ulysses Census)
PERKINS, Melody K. (Pearl). Spouse of Gary L. Born 5-31-1947, died 7-18-2015. Age: 68 - Dau of Robert and Carol (Anderson) Pearl. Born in Ft. Myers FL, died in Cape Coral FL. Wed 12-9-1972 in Ulysses PA, three children
PERKINS, Paul W. Born 7-29-1895, died 2-15-1953 - Son of Will B. and Mary A. (Bigoney) Perkins.
PERKINS, Reuben B. Born 1899, died 5-29-1919 - Son of Will B. and Mary A. (Bigoney) Perkins. Killed in an auto accident
PERKINS, Ruth M. Born 1904, died 11-27-1914
PERKINS, Sallie B. Born 1887, died 1889
PERKINS, Samuel B. Spouse of ?. Born 6-4-1889, died 2-19-1920 - Son of Will B. and Mary A. (Bigoney) Perkins. Influenza. Left a widow and 4 children.
PERKINS, Sarah. Born 1887, died 1889
PERKINS, Tyler J. Born 7-18-1955, died 11-15-1971
PERKINS, Will Burdette. Spouse of Mary A. Bigoney. Born 8-28-1860, died 6-24-1924 - Son of William M. and Marissa P. (Dean) Perkins, born in Ulysses, a potato farmer. Wed in 1882, 15 children. (1880 Ulysses Census)
PERKINS, William Manson. Spouse of Marissa P. Dean/ Fanny Glace. Born 6-18-1824, died 12-20-1893 - Son of Nathaniel Manson and Olive (Stewart) Perkins, born in Truxton, Cortland Co, NY. Wed Marssa 1-1-1854 at Ulysses. Wed Fanny in1863. (1880 Ulysses Census)
PERRY, Girdon M. Spouse of Harriet H. Crum. Born 1-16-1818, died 1-13-1863 - Son of Peter and Jane (Surdam) Perry, born in Cortland Co NY. (1850 Ulysses Census). In census, name is Gurden. - Civil War Vet, Co G, 53rd PA Vols, Pvt. Not on muster out roll. Killed in Action
PERRY, Harriet Hackett (Crum). Spouse of Girdon M. Born 5-14-1815, died 7-11-1895 - (1850 Ulysses Census)
PERRY, Janette E. (Merrick). Spouse of Lyman C. Born 4-24-1850, died 4-24-1902 - Wed 7-3-1868.
PERRY, Katherine M. Born 1-15-1880, died 5-16-1916 - Dau of Lyman B. and Gennette Perry. (1880 Ulysses Census)
PERRY, Lyman C. Spouse of Janette E. Merrick. Born 8-28-1842, died 5-14-1895 - Son of Girdon and Harriet (Crum) Perry. Wed 7-3-1868. (1850 Ulysses Census)
PERRY, Nathaniel T. Born 11-9-1847, died 2-12-1874 - Son of Girdon and Harriet (Crum) Perry. (1850 Ulysses Census)
PERRY, White. Born 1863, died 5-20-1878
PESOCK, Timothy Michael. Spouse of Carrie Lynn Powers. Born 11-27-1967, died 9-25-2014. Age: 46 - Son of Joseph, Jr. and Sheila (Flynn) Pesock, born in Coudersport, d. in Kutztown PA. Wed 12-21-2012 in Coudersport, 2 daughters.
PETRICK, Mabel A. (Burk). Born 1885, died 6-13-1955
PETRY, Marlene J. Born 6-12-1935, died 9-6-2015. Age: 80 - Dau of Victor J. and Martha (Habedank) Petry, born in Aliquippa PA, died in Coudersport PA. A piano teacher and pilot. Three children, two surnamed Slingerland.
PETRY, Victor. Born 1894, died 6-23-1957
PHILLIPS, James H. Born 1845, died 10-31-1907 - Civil War Vet
PICKETT, Mabel (Morrison). Born 1884, died 6-07-1906
PLAGEMAN, Alma S. Born 1868, died 1-29-1871
PLAGEMAN, Fred W. Born 1820, died 11-01-1873
PLAGEMAN, Freddie W. Born 1872, died 3-20-1876
PLAGEMAN, Rosanna. Born 12-05-1866, died 5-21-1875
POTTER, Howard L. Born 3-13-1934, died 11-10-2009. Age: 75 - Son of James Dee and Catherine (Lewis) Potter. Born in Harrison Valley PA
POTTER, James D. Spouse of Felecia A. Tasillo. Born 10-7-1941, died 1-4-2016. Age: 74 - Son of James D. and Catherine (Lewis) Potter, born in Wellsville NY, lived and died in Couderaport PA. Wed 5-3-1969, two children. (She survives)
PRICE, Robert. Born 4-25-1935, died 4-25-1935
PROCTOR, Mae. Born 5-25-1875, died 1-30-1962
PROUTY, Bessie L.(Knickerbocker). Spouse of Clarence C. Born 4-1-1920, died 7-23-2014. Age: 94 - Dau of Jesse and Mary (Mitterer) Knickerbocker. Born in Ulysses Twp. Seven children
PURDY, James. Born 1819, died 5-31-1890 - Civil War Vet, Co G, 83rd PA Vols, Pvt.
PYGMAN, Edith (Morley) Davis. Spouse of George Davis/ Chester Pygman. Born 6-29-1922, died 5-2-2006. Age: 83 - Dau of Mack B. and Eugertha (Everitt) Morley, born in Austin. Wed George on 5-27-1943, 2 daughters. Wed Chester 12-31-1994 in Deerfield Beach FL


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