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Contributed and transcribed by PHGS member Sheri D. Graves
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Where noted, some entries have been expanded with cross-references to Ulysses census data. To view the census data, open the census cited and search for a name.

DAKE, Albert B. Born 1903, died 5-23-1966
DAKE, Betty. Born 8-24-1949, died 12-12-1965
DAKE, Robert. Born 12-22-1927, died 11-22-1969
DALEY, John D. Born 1896, died 10-5-1935
DANIELS, Barna. Spouse of Julia Young. Born 9-12-1828, died 1-29-?? - Son of George W. and Achsah (Hawley) Daniels, born in Bingham Twp. Wed 7-4-1855, three children. (1850 Bingham Census)
DANIELS, Barney. Born 10-25-1888, died 2-28-1958 - Son of Silas and Roxey Daniels. (1900 Bingham Census)
DANIELS, Eliza Jane (Bassett). Spouse of Joseph W. Born 9-16-1836, died 12-14-1916 - Dau of Orrin R. and Eliza J. (Wolcott) Bassett, born in Tioga Co PA. Wed 9-20-1857 in Harrison Twp. (1900 Bingham Census)
DANIELS, Ellen H. Born 6-13-1846, died 7-16-1937
DANIELS, Flora (Borst). Spouse of George W. Born 10-25-1868, died 12-5-1954 - Dau of Edward and Georgiana (Taggart) Borst, born in Steuben Co. NY. Wed 3-28-1897 in Whitesville NY, 2 children. (1900 Bingham Census)
DANIELS, George Warren. Spouse of Flora Borst. Born 2-13-1871, died 12-4-1963 - Son of Joseph W. and Eliza Jane (Bassett) Daniels, born in Bingham Twp. Wed 3-28-1897 in Whitesville NY, 2 children. (1900 Bingham Census)
DANIELS, Harry W. Born 11-22-1879, died 10-10-1936
DANIELS, Horace L. Born 1849, died 8-20-1920
DANIELS, Joe Edward. Spouse of Martha Mackie. Born 11-30-1899, died 2-3-1977 - Son of George W. and Flora (Borst) Daniels, born in Ulysses, died in Redbank, Monmouth Co. NJ. Wed 8-25-1926 in Lawrence KS, 2 children.
DANIELS, John. Spouse of Mariah Utter. Born 8-24-1845, died 6-24-1923 - Son of George W. and Achsah (Hawley) Daniels. (1850, 1900 Bingham Census) - Civil War Vet, Co I, 189 NY Inf. Served one year.
DANIELS, Joseph Warren. Spouse of Eliza Jane Bassett. Born 2-14-1830, died 12-18-1906 - Son of George W. and Achsah (Hawley) Daniels, born in Harrison Twp. Wed 9-20-1857 in Harrison Twp.
DANIELS, Julia H. (Young). Spouse of Barna Daniels. Born 4-11-1836, died 2-19-1919 - Dau of Willis and Sarah (Grover) Young. Wed 7-4-1855, three children.
DANIELS, Kate V. Born 12-30-1873, died 4-29-1877
DANIELS, Laura Marion. Born 10-24-1879, died 6-23-1968
DANIELS, Lois (Kadigo). Spouse of Edward M. Born 11-03-1905, died 7-29-2000. Age: 94 - Dau of William and Julia (Parker) Ladigo. Born in Shinglehouse PA, d. Fairport NY. Wed 10-24-1925 in Franklinville NY
DANIELS, M. Nina. Born 7-1869, died 5-5-1918 - Dau of William and Ellen (Harris) Daniels. (1900 Coudersport Ward 1 Census)
DANIELS, Mariah (Utter). Spouse of John. Born 3-1841, died 1917 - 1900 Bingham Census: 1842
DANIELS, Martha (Mackie). Spouse of Joe E. Born 9-22-1899, died 8-11-1975 - Dau of George K. and Flora E. (Bush) Mackie, born in Scammon KS, died in Middletown, Monmouth Co. NJ. Wed 8-25-1926 in Lawrence KS, 2 children.
DANIELS, Ollie A. Born 1859, died 3-15-1924
DANIELS, Roxy Louisa (Williams). Spouse of Silas. Born 7-11-1854, died 10-20-1911 - 2nd wife of Silas, wed in 1870. (1880, 1900 Bingham Census)
DANIELS, Silas. Spouse of Clarissa Hendrickson/ Roxey L. Williams. Born 7-29-1837, died 9-15-1917 - Son of George W. and Achsah (Hawley) Daniels, born in PA. Wed Clarissa in 1860. Wed Roxey in 1870 (1880, 1900, 1910 Bingham Census)
DATES, Lester Archie. Born 1919, died 10-25-1933 - Son of Archie D. and Nancy A. (Bunnell) Dates, born in West Bingham PA
DAVENPORT, Jason W. Born 3-23-1985, died 10-15-2005. Age: 20 - Son of Ernest and Brenda (Outman) Davenport, born in Wellsville NY. One son.
DAVENPORT, Patrick L. Born 10-10-1965, died 10-13-1965
DAVIDSON, Susan (Olmsted). Spouse of George W. Born 10-3-1842, died 5-15-1863 - Dau of Gardner H. and Mary A. (Robinson) Olmsted, born in Chenango Co NY. Wed 3-18-1862 in Steuben Co NY.
DAVIS, Don. Born 1893, died 6-13-1960
DAVIS, Hugh E. Born 1895, died 3-11-1953
DAYTON, Sarah. Born 1832, died 1-17-1910
DEAN. Born ??, died ??
DEAN, Adelson W. Spouse of Kate Brown. Born 8-1-1847, died 6-28-1906
DEAN, Kate (Brown). Spouse of Adelson W. Born ??, died aft 1894 - Dau of John A. and Sarah Brown.
DEE, Iva (Cornish). Born 1899, died 11-26-1971 - Dau of Frank and Carrie (Lewis) Cornish
DEGROAT, Lottie. Born ??, died ??
DELILL, Charles. Born 12-4-1916, died 5-4-1973
DENNIS, Alice A. Spouse of Amos W. Born 6-29-1849, died 6-15-1906
DENNIS, Amos W. Spouse of Alice A./ Mrs. Ella Crum. Born 7-6-1849, died 5-23-1936 - Wed Ella 12-1907. 1900, 1910 Bingham Census: Denis
DENNIS, Elmer. Born 7-6-1886, died 6-25-1909 - Son of Amos W. and Alice A. Dennis. (1900 Bingham Census)
DETLOR, Frank. Born 1878, died 10-14-1954
DETLOR, Nellie. Born 1882, died 4-5-1912
DETLOR, Reva. Born 7-5-1903, died 3-3-1904
DEWOLFF, Helen A. Born 10-17-1913, died 6-29-1966
DEWOLFF, Joseph H. Born 1884, died 12-19-1958
DEYS, Alvin. Born 1896, died 2-5-1914
DIBBLE, Betty (Sherman). Spouse of Lyman J. Born 5-5-1926, died 11-10-2009. Age: 83 - Dau of Robert and Stella (Cratsley) Sherman. Wed 5-17-1947, four children
DIBBLE, Harriet. Born 6-11-1892, died 6-19-1973
DIBBLE, Lyman J. Spouse of Betty Sherman. Born 6-13-1927, died 1-19-2005. Age: 77 - Son of Glenn T. and Vivian (Mallory) Dibble. Born in North Fork PA, a dairy farmer. Wed 5-17-1947, four children - WW II Vet, US Army
DIBBLE, Rhonda. Born 7-4-1970, died 7-5-1970 - Granddau of Lyman and Betty (Sherman) Dibble
DICKERSON, Orville J. Spouse of Jennie. Born 7-10-1872, died 5-31-1939 - Born in MI. (1930 Ulysses Census)
DISBROW, Alonzo A. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 2-9-1818, died 10-2-1890 - Civil War Vet, Co. F, 64th Inf, NYS Vols, Pvt.
DISBROW, Elizabeth. Spouse of Alonzo A. Born 9-8-1831, died 2-17-1897
DODD, Grace L. (Snyder). Spouse of Peter A. Born 1869, died 11-15-1951 - Prob dau of William and Mary E. (Neefe) Snyder. Wed 7-20-1893.
DODD, Macdonald. Born 9-12-1905, died 5-17-1941
DODD, Peter A. Spouse of Grace L. Snyder. Born 7-26-1861, died 11-18-1944 - Son of Edward and Betsey (Holcomb) Dodd. Wed 7-20-1893.
DODSON, Vera. Born 1895, died 8-24-1927
DOREMUS, Addie G. Spouse of Arthur W. Born ??, died 1993 ?
DOREMUS, Arthur W. Spouse of Addie G. Born 1-7-1913, died 12-29-1973
DOREMUS, Robert W. Born 7-7-1943, died 5-22-1964 - Son of Arthur Wesley and Addie G. Doremus
DOUD, Belle. Born 1862, died 7-29-1941
DOUD, Coleman. Born 2-3-1883, died 3-7-1939
DOUD, Eleanor. Born 6-1841, died 5-24-1910
DOUD, H. R. Born 1838, died 1902
DOUD, Philip A. Born 1926, died 6-13-1933
DOUD, Richard H. Born 1921, died 5-25-1932
DOUGLAS, Cornelia. Born 1848, died 1856 - Dau of Joseph and Sarah (Baker) Douglas. (1850 Ulysses Census)
DOWNEY, Eva J. Born 1908, died 8-13-1910
DOWNEY, Frances (Mastin). Spouse of John J. Born 1852, died ?? - (1880 Ulysses Census)
DOWNEY, Iva (Thompson). Spouse of John J. Born 1870, died 11-23-1926 - Dau of Levi J. and Rachel (Lewis) Thompson, born in Bingham Twp.
DOWNEY, John J. Spouse of Frances Mastin/ Iva Thompson. Born 9-19-1848, died 2-6-1928 - (1880 Ulysses Census)
DOWNEY, Lena. Born 7-4-1892, died 7-17-1893 - Dau of Robert W. and Mary A. (Sabin) Downey, born in Tioga Co PA
DOWNEY, Mary A. Spouse of Frank. Born 10-27-1851, died 11-29-1889
DOWNEY, Robert. Born 1-11-1825, died 4-19-1902 - Co K and Co C, 95 PA Vols, Pvt. Mustered out with company on July 17, 1865.
DOWNEY, Robert J. Born 1-24-1891, died 18318
DOWNEY, Roger. Born 1-20-1926, died 3-9-1945
DOWNEY, Sean M. Born 5-7-1979, died 5-8-2011. Age: 32 - Son of James L. and Sharon (Scott) Downey.Born in Wellsville, NY, one daughter.
DOWNEY, Victoria J. Born 1884, died 1892 - Dau of Robert W. and Mary A. (Sabin) Downey, born in Tioga Co PA
DRAKE, Arthur E. Born 4-17-1867, died 2-24-1899
DRAKE, Catherine (Wagoner). Spouse of Lorenzo S. Born 1820, died 1-1900 - (1850 Ulysses Census)
DRAKE, Charlotte (Johnson). Spouse of Luther V. Born 3-31-1820, died 1-20-?? - Born in NY. (1850 Ulysses Census)
DRAKE, Harmon R. Born 3-1841, died 7-17-1908 - Son of Luther V. and Charlotte (Johnson) Drake. (1850 Ulysses Census) - Civil War Vet, Co B, 64th NY Inf, Cpl.
DRAKE, Ida May. Born 11-28-1871, died 10-11-1891 - Dau of B. L. or H. R. and Mary M. Drake.(1880 Ulysses Census)
DRAKE, Lorenzo S. Spouse of Catherine Wagoner. Born 1820, died 1895 - (1850, 1880 Ulysses Census)
DRAKE, Luther V. Spouse of Charlotte Johnson. Born 7-28-1811, died 4-19-1894 - Born in NY. (1850 Ulysses Census)
DRAKE, Martha Ann (Howe). Spouse of Matthew Denton. Born 2-3-1833, died 12-14-1907 - Dau of William and Mary (Reniff) Howe, born in NY.
DRAKE, Mary M. Born 5-28-1852, died 11-10-1893
DRAKE, Matthew Denton. Spouse of Martha A. Howe. Born 1827, died 1904 - Son of Joseph and Phebe Drake, born in NY. (1850 Ulysses Census)
DUEL, Fred G. Born ??, died ??
DUELL, Doris. Spouse of Roddie W. Jr. Born 9-14-1928, died 12-29-2002. Age: 74 - Dau of Cecil W. and Ruth (Doll) Schenck. Born in Noxen PA, d. Warsaw NY
DUELL, Ernest. Born 5-18-1883, died 7-5-1958 - Son of Henry L. Duell, born in Potter Co.
DUELL, Irvin L. Born 12-16-1938, died 11-22-2016. Age: 77 - Son of Ernest A. and Florence (Johnston) Duell. Born in Galeton PA, lived and died in Coudersport PA. Umarried
DUELL, Pearl. Born 1895, died 6-27-1960
DUNHAM, Ambrose. Spouse of ?. Born 1860, died 9-18-1917 - Son of James and Jennett Dunham, oborn in PA. Survived by three children.
DUNHAM, Anna. Born 1870, died 1899
DUNHAM, Floyd. Born 4-1897, died 12-3-1931 - Grandson of John H. and Margret (Easton) Hall. (1900 Sweden Census)
DYKINS, Bertha (Church). Spouse of Ralph. Born 8-14-1884, died 1-8-1969 - Wed 8-31-1905 at Wellsville NY
DYKINS, Ralph B. Spouse of Bertha Church. Born 12-5-1883, died 1-29-1971 - Wed 8-31-1905 at Wellsville NY
EASLEY, Bernice M. (Kibbe). Spouse of Bruce H. Born 12-2-1947, died 11-2-2015. Age: 67 - Dau of Eddie and Ada A. (Cary) Kibbe, born in Harrison Valley PA, died in Cowansque PA. One daughter.
EASTMAN, Carl A. Spouse of Lucy L. Campbell. Born 9-22-1898, died 1-9-1974
EASTMAN, Carlton C. Born 7-29-1860, died 1-2-1928 - Son of Guy and Elizabeth Eastman
EASTMAN, Elizabeth. Spouse of Guy. Born 1838, died 8-14-1915
EASTMAN, Guy. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 1833, died 12-10-1917
EASTMAN, Lucy L. (Campbell). Spouse of Carl A. Born 9-22-1895, died 5-31-1972
EASTON, Almira (Robbins). Spouse of B. Lincoln. Born 11-1843, died 2-23-1922 - (1880 Ulysses Census)
EASTON, B. Lincoln. Spouse of Almira Robbins. Born 2-1836, died 9-6-1920 - (1880 Ulysses Census)
EASTON, Elsie (Simmons) Mills. Spouse of Adrian M. Mills/ Marvin - R Easton. Born 9-15-1915, died 9-5-2011. Age: 95 - Dau of William A. and Elvira (McPeek) Simmons, born in Brookfield Twp PA. Wed Adrian 11-8-1935 in Westfield PA - 6 children; wed Marvin 8-27-1998 in Ulysses.
EATON, Arthur E. Born 1850, died 10-18-1920
EATON, Edelbert U., Dr. Spouse of Marcella R. Crandall. Born 8-17-1844, died 5-25-1915 - Son of Charles and Adency (Knight) Eaton., born in Ulysses. Wed 10-1868. Three children
EATON, Emma Matilda. Born 9-19-1869, died 5-1-1880 - Dau of Edelbert U. and Marcella (Crandall) Eaton, born in Ulysses.
EATON, Lucinda. Born 1850, died 1916
EATON, Marcella (Crandall). Spouse of Edelbert U. Born 5-24-1843, died 4-12-1927 - Dau of Janus and Mary (VanWinkle) Crandall, born in Monroe Co NY. Wed 10-1868. Three children. Other surname is Knight.
EDDY, Charles. Born 1862, died 12-20-1935
EDDY, E. Reed. Spouse of Grace Monroe. Born 9-17-1849, died 7-7-1918 - Wed 11-17-1875 in Ulysses, one daughter. (1880 Ulysses Census)
EDDY, Eva L. Born 1873, died 3-10-1937
EDDY, Grace (Monroe). Spouse of E. Reed. Born 1-12-1855, died 9-8-1931 - Dau of Levi G. and Cynthia Monroe. Wed 11-17-1875 in Ulysses, one daughter. (1880 Ulysses Census)
ELLIS, Fred A. Born 1886, died 8-7-1942
ELLIS, Frederick. Born 12-18-1916, died 7-13-1971
ELLIS, Grace. Born 2-11-1886, died 10-29-1942
ELLISON, Ella A. Born 1871, died 7-2-1954
ELLISON, George. Born 1899, died 3-2-1911
ELLISON, Nettie. Born 9-22-1893, died 6-11-1961
ELLISON, William. Born 1873, died 10-15-1950
EMPSON. Born 5-7-1941, died 5-7-1941 - Infant
EMPSON, Ada B. (Bennitt). Born 1-9-1909, died 7-26-1967 - Dau of Bython and Lula (Thompson) Bennitt
EMPSON, Amy (Moe). Spouse of Gary L. Born 1-29-1941, died 7-29-2010. Age: 69 - Dau of Frank and Beatrice (French) Moe. Wed 3-25-1961, four children.
EMPSON, Bert W. Born 8-27-1901, died 10-14-1955 - Son of Samuel J. and Olive B. (Bailey) Empson, born in West Pike PA.
EMPSON, Earl M. Spouse of Lottie Mae Welch. Born 8-3-1891, died 5-23-1938 - Son of Samuel J. and Olive B. (Bailey) Empson, born in West Pike PA.
EMPSON, Emma Viola (Hamilton). Spouse of Jacob W. Born 3-28-1898, died 9-23-1967 - Dau of Martin H. and Sylvia J. (Tarbox) Hamilton, born in Bingham Twp. Wed 12-15-1916, 14 children.
EMPSON, Ethel A. (Howe). Spouse of Gerrald Garth. Born 7-10-1902, died 3-29-1924 - Dau of Arthur B. and Lucy (Bailey) Howe, born in Coudersport PA. Wed 1918.
EMPSON, Fred A. Born 11-26-1892, died 4-2-1920
EMPSON, Harold Jacob. Born 8-29-1919, died 10-24-1965 - Son of Jacob W. and Emma V. (Hamilton) Empson b. Bingham Twp PA, one of 14 children.
EMPSON, Jacob Ward. Spouse of Emma V. Hamilton. Born 6-15-1895, died 7-18-1970 - Son of Samuel J. and Olive B. (Bailey) Empson, born in Ulysses. Wed 12-15-1916, 11 children.
EMPSON, Jane Arlene. Born 1-23-1947, died 5-13-1967 - Vietnam Vet
EMPSON, Joseph S. Born 12-4-1963, died 10-28-1964
EMPSON, Kathleen. Born 1-12-1925, died 6-15-2012. Age: 87 - Dau of Jacob W. and Emma Viola (Hamilton) Empson, born in Bingham Twp, one of 14 children. died in Danville PA. Unmarried.
EMPSON, Leland S. [Ted]. Spouse of Wanetta M. Hall. Born 9-18-1915, died 10-20-2003 - Son of Earl M. and Lottie M. (Welch) Empson, born in Sunderlinville. Wed 7-26-1946 in Ulysses - WW II Vet
EMPSON, Madeline M. (Flynn). Spouse of Robert J. Born 7-6-1917, died 4-6-2003. Age: 85 - Dau of Hugh L. and Neva M. (Thompson) Flynn, born in Loucks Mills PA. Eight children
EMPSON, Olive Bell (Bailey). Spouse of Samuel J. Born 7-13-1871, died 11-4-1921 - Dau of George P. and Kate Bailey, born in West Pike PA. Wed 12-25-1886 in Potter County. (1850 Hector, 1920 Ulysses Census)
EMPSON, Phillip K. Spouse of Linda L. Collins. Born 10-23-1944, died 8-19-2016. Age: 71 - Son of Kenneth [Pete] and Sarah F. (Hilfiger) Empson, born, lived, and died in Ulysses PA. Wed 2-29-1964 at Harrison Valley PA, five children. (She survives) - Cold War Vet, US Army. 1961-1964
EMPSON, Raymond E. Spouse of Joanne Shaw. Born 12-15-1934, died 6-16-2007 - Son of Earl and Lottie Mae (Welch) Empson. Wed 1958 in North Tonawanda NY
EMPSON, Robert. Born ??, died ?? - Vietnam Vet
EMPSON, Rudolph L. Born 3-17-1928, died 6-20-2003. Age: 75 - Son of Jacob W. and Emma V. (Hamilton) Empson b. Bingham Twp PA,one of 14 children, d. Sayre-PA - Korean War Vet, US Army 1951-53
EMPSON, Samuel. Born ??, died 12-12-1948. Age: Infant
EMPSON, Samuel Jacob. Spouse of Olive Bailey. Born 6-1-1864, died 7-17-1938 - Son of Manuel and Mary (Bortals) Empson, born in Ulysses. Wed 12-25-1886. (1920 Ulysses Census)
EMPSON, Sylvia R. (Wheaton). Born 10-8-1908, died 4-15-1948
EMPSON, Triplets. Born 7-4-1938, died 7-4-1938 - 3 Infants
EMPSON, Wanette M. (Hall). Spouse of Leland S. Born 7-20-1919, died 12-21-2005. Age: 86 - Dau of James and Edith (Gutknecht) Hall. Born in Westfield, worked at Galeton Production. Wed 7-26-1946 in Ulysses.
EMPSON, William R. Spouse of Lillian Schade. Born 3-7-1927, died 9-20-2005. Age: 78 - Son of Earl and Lottie Mae (Welch) Empson, born in Sunderlinville. Worked 35 years for Occidental. Wed 8-15-1964 in Middlebury Center, 4 children - WW II Vet, US Army
ENGLE, Thomas H. Spouse of Kay F. Kear. Born 2-6-1943, died 5-27-2017. Age: 74 - Son of Francis E. and Gertrude (Witkop) Engle. Born in Detroit MI, lived in Ulysses PA. Wed 11-26-1965 in Traverse City MI, three children. (She survives) - Vietnam Vet, USMC. 1960-1965
ERHARD, Mervin G. Spouse of Catherine Trumpeter. Born 4-26-1935, died 6-28-2007. Age: 72y - Son of Paul W. and Mary (Muldoon) Erhard. Born in Lewistown PA, an ordained Methodist minister. Wed 1-11-1975 in Rochester NY, 2 children
ERWAY, Bertha. Spouse of ? Campbell/ ? Erway. Born 1875, died 6-19-1940 - Mother of Lucy (Campbell) Eastman.
ERWAY, Carlos. Born 6-1871, died 1-11-1937
ERWAY, Dorothy (Buck). Spouse of ??. Born 11-17-1929, died 5-11-2010. Age: 80 - Dau of Lawrence and Mabel (Evans) Buck, 8 children.
ERWAY, Mary (Drake). Spouse of Andrew J. Born 12-27-1868, died 2-21-1937 - 2nd wife of Anfrew.
EVANS, Albert C. [Burt]. Spouse of Mabel Collins/ Francelia Clark. Born 8-4-1883, died 8-2-1975 - Son of Albert C. and Mary A. (Thompson) Evans
EVANS, Albert Coats. Spouse of Mary A. Thompson. Born 4-29-1840, died 11-22-1920. Age: 80 - Son of Shedrach and Malissa (Carpenter) Evans, born in Ostego NY, a farmer. Wed 10-8-1863, Bingham Twp PA, 6 children. Newspaper says d. 12-4-1920. - Civil War Vet, Co G, 53th PA Vols, Sgt. Andersonville survivor
EVANS, Andrew J. Born 10-30-1857, died 8-8-1901
EVANS, D. Palmer. Spouse of Jennie Mansfield. Born 12-28-1858, died 5-8-1935
EVANS, Jennie (Mansfield). Spouse of D. Palmer. Born 11-10-1870, died 5-23-1932 - Dau of Frank E. and Mary (Horton) Mansfield.
EVANS, Linus. Spouse of Eliza. Born 5-8-1830, died 3-4-1908 - Born in NY, a farmer.(1880 Ulysses Census)
EVANS, Mary Augusta (Thompson). Spouse of Albert C. Born 6-18-1849, died 5-20-1932 - Dau of Ora T. and Julia M. (Lane) Thompson. Wed 10-8-1863, Bingham Twp PA, 6 children.
EVANS, Sherman E. Born 1865, died 6-7-1914
FANTON, Olen J. Spouse of Eva M. Evans. Born 8-1873, died 9-8-1923
FARNHAM, Chloe. Born 10-20-1871, died 5-21-1938
FARNHAM, Isaac. Born 8-10-1871, died 12-13-1942 - Son of Edgar and Ester Farnham, born in NY.
FARNHAM, Myra (Gillis). Born 1897, died 4-18-1953
FARNSWORTH, Emma (Gates). Spouse of Wallace. Born 9-23-1836, died 7-1-1903
FARNSWORTH, George A. Spouse of Mary E. Lewis. Born 10-3-1858, died 5-20-1910 - Son of Wallace W. and Emma (Gates) Farnsworth, born in PA.
FARNSWORTH, Lewis. Born 7-10-1880, died 8-27-1956
FARNSWORTH, Mary Eloise (Lewis). Spouse of George A. Born 8-21-1861, died 10-7-1928 - Dau of Seth and Sara E. (Gridley) Lewis, born in PA
FARNSWORTH, Wallace W. Spouse of Emma Gates. Born 6-27-1835, died 10-3-1888
FARWELL, Dr. Howard. Born 4-29-1886, died 9-1-1971
FERRIS, James William. Spouse of Amelia Barnes. Born 11-12-1828, died 1-10-1916 - Son of Herman and Sarah D. (Weed) Ferris, born in NY. Wed 5-6-1864. (1870, 1900 Bingham Census)
FERRIS, John Randolph. Spouse of Sarah Costley. Born 9-30-1869, died 2-11-1949 - Son of James W. and Amelia (Barnes) Ferris, born in Ulysses. Wed 9-18-1902. (1870, 1900 Bingham Census)
FERRIS, Rachel Amelia (Barnes). Spouse of James W. Born 5-26-1836, died 2-17-1887 - Dau of James T. and Mary A. (Washburn) Barnes, born in Putnam Co NY. Wed 5-6-1864
FERRIS, Sadie. Born 1873, died 1904
FILLMORE, Dale W. Spouse of Lois Nelson. Born 7-27-1939, died 9-30-2009. Age: 70 - Son of Claude E. and Doris A. Goodwin Fillmore. Wed 8-7-1959, four daughters.
FILLMORE, Lois E. (Nelson). Spouse of Dale W. Born 8-25-1940, died 10-4-2009. Age: 69 - Dau of Charles B. and Mary (Easton) Nelson. Wed 8-7-1959, four daughters.
FISHER, Judy L. (Shutt). Companion of Darl J. Earon. Born 12-3-1958, died 11-23-2019. Age: 60 - Dau of Raymond M. and Erma Jean (Taft) Shutt. Born in Olean NY, lived in Mackeyville PA, died in Jersey Shore PA. A child care worker for 20 years. Two sons, surnamed Fisher.
FLEWELLYN, Carl S. Born 1929, died 6-2-1953
FLUTY, Hope Patricia. Born 6-14-1995, died 6-21-2001. Age: 6 - Dau of Theresa Fluty
FLYNN, Bryan. Born 1-17-1954, died 2-15-1995 - Son of Ralph L. and Evelyn (Gardner) Flynn
FLYNN, Charlotte J. Born 1937, died 10-12-1954
FLYNN, Gary Jobe. Born 4-1951, died 9-19-1951
FLYNN, Harry H. Born 1881, died 11-16-1954
FLYNN, Hugh Leon. Spouse of Neva M. Thompson. Born 1-24-1890, died 12-1978 - Son of Edward L. Flynn and Lydia L. (Grover) Flynn
FLYNN, Jean C. Born 1937, died 1954 - Dau of Leon G. and Genevieve Flynn
FLYNN, Jobe. Born 12-1951, died ??
FLYNN, Leon G. Spouse of Genevieve. Born 9-24-1911, died 1-26-2000 - Son of Grant Marion and Grace (Empson) Flynn
FLYNN, Maude. Born 6-7-1880, died 6-30-1963
FLYNN, Mina. Born 1-29-1883, died 1-2-1969
FLYNN, Neva M. (Thompson). Spouse of Hugh Leon. Born 5-5-1892, died 10-1987
FLYNN, Ralph Lewis. Spouse of Evelyn June Gardner. Born 9-17-1927, died 10-20-1999 - Son of Hugh L. and Neva M. (Thompson) Flynn
FLYNN, Roger D. Born 9-1954, died 10-6-1954
FLYNN, Sharel. Born 1953, died 2-2-1955
FLYNN, Wilda (Flynn). Spouse of Not named. Born 2-3-1912, died 8-8-2005. Age: 93 - Dau of Hugh L. and Neva M. (Thompson) Flynn. Was a nurse. Eleven children.
FOLEY, Cora M. Born 1878, died 4-11-1947
FORTNER, A. C. Born 7-21-1861, died 7-20-1895
FORTNER, L.N. Born 1857, died 1905
FORTNER, William. Born 1883, died 11-18-1911
FOWLER, Frank. Spouse of Marguerite. Born 7-25-1901, died 6-8-1973
FOWLER, Marguerite. Spouse of Frank. Born 6-17-1908, died 4-25-1961
FRAMPTON, Marjorie Cobb (Ladd). Spouse of ?. Born 3-9-1919, died 5-2-2004. Age: 85 - Dau of Carlyle and Olive (Cobb) Ladd, born in Coudersport PA. Seven Children
FRANCIS, Agnes (Monroe). Born 4-25-1908, died 10-18-1941
FRANCIS, Charles E. Born 8-17-1899, died 7-26-1939
FRANCIS, Cora (Williams). Spouse of Leroy. Born 10-23-1863, died 12-11-1939 - Dau of Maxwell and ? Williams, bornin NY. (1880 Ulysses, 1900 Allegany Census)
FRANCIS, Decatur Francis. Spouse of Mary. Born 1847, died 4-18-1907
FRANCIS, Eleanor. Born 1862, died 2-22-1943
FRANCIS, Harriet (Merrick). Spouse of John. Born 1826, died ?? - (1880 Ulysses Census)
FRANCIS, Hattie (Eaton). Spouse of William. Born 3-29-1868, died 3-9-1939 - Wed 2-12-1889.
FRANCIS, Henry. Born 1856, died 9-3-1931 - Son of John and Harriet (Merrick) Francis. (1880 Ulysses Census)
FRANCIS, John. Spouse of Harriet Merrick. Born 3-23-1821, died 4-26-1895 - (1880 Ulysses Census)
FRANCIS, Leroy. Spouse of Cora Williams. Born 8-1858, died 1-26-1929 - Son of John and Harriet (Merrick) Francis. Wed 2-12-1889. (1880 Ulysses, 1900 Allegany Census)
FRANCIS, Mary. Spouse of Decatur F. Born 3-10-1853, died ??
FRANCIS, Shirley B. (Brown). Spouse of Robert H. Born 10-28-1928, died 7-26-2019. Age: 90 - Dau of Frank Llewwellyn and Beatrice Ada (Owlett) Brown. Born and lived in Ulysses PA, died in Coudersport PA. Family dairy farming for 42 years. Wed 4-20-1952 in Ulysses, two daughters. (Spouse survives)
FRANCIS, Theodora (Barker). Born 9-6-1898, died 10-4-1933 - Dau of Charles M. and Bettie (Monroe) Barker, born in Ulysses.
FRANCIS, William. Spouse of Hattie M. Eaton. Born 9-1868, died 8-10-1932 - Son of John and Harriet (Merrick) Francis. (1880 Ulysses Census)
FRENCH, Ann R. Born 1864, died 1917
FRENCH, Frances B. (Sewsabaugh). Spouse of Eugene Cochran/ Henry Northam/ Kenneth W. Planten/ and Leonard French. Born 3-8-1904, died 9-26-2008. Age: 104 - Dau of Fred H. and Stella Mae (Stone) Sewsabaugh. Born in Saginaw MI, d. Ankeny IA
FRENCH, Roger C. Born 10-15-1896, died 9-13-1898
FRENCH, William F. Born 1860, died 1926
FREY, Florence. Born 4-30-1901, died 11-9-1920
FREY, Margaret (Young). Born 5-24-1879, died 3-12-1933
FROST, Vaughn R. Born 3-1956, died 5-5-1956
FRY, Avis E.(Carlin). Spouse of W. Dale. Born 10-21-1928, died 8-03-2006. Age: 77 - Dau of Glenn C.and Bessie M. (Dailey) Carlin, born in Germania. Wed 11-20-1948 in Nunde NY, 7 children
FRY, Calvin P. Spouse of Patricia Haynes. Born 2-06-1960* died 2-18-2007. Age: 47y - Son of Homer A. and Tina L. (Monroe) Fry. Born in Wellsboro PA, d. Wellsville NY (Jones Mem. Hosp.). Wed 10-06-1978 in West Bingham PA
FRY, Dale Dwight. Born 3-1951, died 6-8-1951 - Son of W. Dale and Avis E. (Carlin) Fry
FRY, Frank S. Born 1870, died 10-1-1946
FRY, Homer A. Spouse of Tina L. Born ??, died ??
FRY, Jacqueline. Born 6-15-1955, died 6-15-1955 - Dau of Homer A. and Tina L. (Monroe) Fry
FRY, Mary E. Born 3-20-1926, died 8-10-1973
FRY, Tina L. (Monroe). Spouse of Homer A. Born 6-07-1923, died 4-26-2003. Age: 79 - Dau of Leon M. and Grace (Page) Monroe. Born in Hector Tshp PA, d. Ulysses PA
FRY, W. Dale. Spouse of Avis E. Born ??, died bf 8-2006 - Wed 11-20-1948 in Nunde NY, 7 children
FULLER, James W. Spouse of Mary J. Evans. Born 6-1866, died 1-14-1895
FULTZ, Dorothy G. Spouse of Paul M. Born 9-12-1914, died 9-18-2002
FURSE, Paul. Born 1925, died 12-30-1967 - Migrant
GAMBLE, Edward L. Spouse of Ruth A. French. Born 10-27-1916, died 10-19-2009. Age: 92 - Son of Charles H. and Carrie Mae (Eaton) Gamble. Wed 7-4-1942 in Buffalo NY, 3 children.
GAMBLE, Ruth (French). Spouse of Edward L. Born 9-11-1919, died 12-27-2017. Age: 98 - Dau of William and Hattie R. (Whitman) French. Born in Spring Mills NY, lived and died in Brookland PA. A Home Economics teacher. Wed 7-4-1942 in Buffalo NY, three children.
GARDNER. Born 10-15-1945, died 10-18-1945 - Infant
GARDNER, Alpheus. Born ??, died 8-11-1936
GARDNER, Dewey. Born ??, died ??
GARDNER, Forest. Born 5-26-1908, died 9-12-1974
GARDNER, Kenneth L. Born 1-1946, died 2-10-1946
GARDNER, Martha. Born 1865, died 12-22-1947
GARDNER, Mary. Born 2-25-1924, died 12-8-1964
GARRISON, Bertha R. (Redcay). Spouse of Raymond A. Born 2-25-1914, died 3-10-2005. Age: 90 - Dau of William and Lydia (Garman) Redcay. Wed 6-24-1954
GARRISON, Caroline D. Born 1826, died 2-23-1910
GARRISON, Raymond A., Jr. Spouse of Bertha Redcay. Born 9-16-1917, died 1-1-2012. Age: 94 - Son of Raymond A. and Adele (Taylor) Garrison, Collingswood NJ. Wed 6-24-1954 at Wellsboro PA. - WW II Vet, US Army: Europe and North Africa
GAULT, Robert Jr. [Curly]. Spouse of Shirley Mansfield. Born 1-03-1928, died 5-04-2003. Age: 75 - Son of Robert and Susanna (Wilson) Gault. Born in Clearfield, d. Smethport PA. Wed 10-25-1952 in Ulysses PA - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
GAZDAZ, Stephen. Born 1870, died 6-27-1943
GAZDAZ, Susie. Born 1879, died 9-16-1950
GEE, Albert B. Born 6-8-1879, died 12-17-1880
GEE, Andrew W. Born 1861, died 1899 - Son of Wilson and Cornelia Gee. (1880 Ulysses Census)
GEE, Wilson. Spouse of Cornelia Rathbone. Born 1831, died 3-22-1892 - Son of Andrew and Penetta (Harrison) Gee. (1850, 1880 Ulysses Census)
GENUNG. Born ??, died ?? - Infant Son
GENUNG, Arthur D. Spouse of Harriet Monroe. Born 2-23-1861, died 4-24-1932 - Son of Dwight and Eliza (Robbins) Genung, born in Potter Co. Was a 'proprietor'. (1920 Ulysses Census)
GENUNG, F. D. Born ??, died ??
GENUNG, Harriet (Monroe) [Hattie]. Spouse of Arthur D. Born 8-1860, died 2-28-1921 - Dau of Emmer B. and Nancy (Morley) Monroe. (1920 Ulysses Census)
GENUNG, J. Deforest. Born 1855, died 1883 - Son of Dwight and Eliza (Robbins) Genung, born in Potter Co.
GENUNG, Lillian. Born 1863, died 7-26-1941
GENUNG, Melvin. Born 1883, died 1900
GENUNG, Susan. Born 1-29-1837, died 3475
GEORGE, Emma M. (Tripp). Spouse of James C. Born 5-31-1936, died 9-7-2018. Age: 82 - Dau of Cyrus M. and Bernice P. (Evans) Tripp.Born in Lemon Twp PA, lived in Ulysses PA, died in Elkland PA. Owned the Hitchin Post in Shongo NY. Prob married more than once. Seven children, sons surnamed Kilburne, Ianson. James d. 2-10-2003).
GEORGE, Ida. Born 10-8-1932, died ??
GEORGE, Jean (Whitney). Spouse of Leonard E. Born 2-12-1926, died 9-9-2007. Age: 81 - Dau of Alvin M. and Nina (Raymond) Whitney. Born in Harrisburg PA, d. Erie PA (Hamot Med Ctr). Wed 3-02-1951 in Ulysses PA. Was a music teacher
GEORGE, John D. Born 1850, died 1-3-1921
GEORGE, Leonard E. Spouse of Jean W. Born ??, died 2002 - Wed 3-2-951
GIBSON. Born 4-22-1937, died 4-22-1937 - Infant
GIBSON, Anna. Spouse of Fred J. Born 7-1877, died 4-24-1962 - (1900 Bingham Census)
GIBSON, Delphine (Mead). Spouse of James L. Born 1832, died 1860
GIBSON, Fred J. Spouse of Anna. Born 9-1872, died 11-23-1951 - (1900 Bingham Census)
GIBSON, Isabelle (Yardlay) [Izzy]. Spouse of Robert W. Born ??, died 8-24-2002 - Dau of David and Louise (Welsh) Yardlay. Wed 3-15-1944 in Coudersport PA, 5 children
GIBSON, James L. Spouse of Delphine Mead/ Josephine Mead. Born 3-12-1832, died 1900
GIBSON, James Leon. Spouse of Marissa D. Perkins. Born 1889, died 9-16-1952 - Wed 8-9-1911.
GIBSON, John L. Spouse of Cornelia. Born 11-12-1809, died 7-27-1895 - (1880 Hector Census)
GIBSON, Josephine (Mead). Spouse of James L. Born 4-16-1846, died 4-29-1908 - Dau of George and Susan Mead.
GIBSON, Marissa Dean (Perkins). Spouse of James Leon. Born 3-8-1885, died 3-7-1931 - Dau of Will B. and Mary A. (Bigoney) Perkins. Wed 8-9-1911.
GIBSON, Reuben. Spouse of Emma Zella Baker. Born 9-1-1886, died 6-4-1967
GIBSON, Robert J. Born 6-21-1853, died 4-29-1919
GIBSON, Robert W. Spouse of Isabelle Yardley. Born 3-21-1921, died 6-21-2006. Age: 85 - Son of Reuben and Emma Z. (Baker) Gibson. Born on Fox Hill, a potato farmer. Wed 3-15-1944 in Coudersport, 5 children
GILL, Charles C. Jr. Spouse of M. Jean Stilson. Born 1932, died 1-19-1955 At least one child
GILL, Charles H. Born 4-28-1892, died 1-17-1971
GILL, Richard E. Born 1943, died 7-8-1962
GILL, Virginia E. (Scheafer). Spouse of Edward L. Born 2-19-1933, died 8-14-2009. Age: 76 - Dau of Lawrence and Annie Keener Schaefer. Born in Carlisle PA. Four children
GILLILAND, Robert. Born 1903, died 8-1-1970
GILLIS, Nora. Born 1876, died 1-2-1956
GILLIS, Sylvester G. Born 1867, died 12-15-1947
GLEASON, Mary E. Born 1821, died 1881
GLOVER, Arthur. Born 1898, died 4-30-1958
GORDNIER, Maggie (Angood) Reed. Born 7-3-1900, died 12-29-1973
GORDNIER, Rose H. Born 1-29-1922, died 2-20-1963
GORDON, William. Born 2-2-1919, died 5-7-1969
GRAHAM, Anna J. Spouse of John H. Born 1877, died 11-24-1960 - (1920 Ulysses Census)
GRAHAM, George Howard. Born ??, died 1-24-1926 - Civil War Vet
GRAHAM, Ichabod. Spouse of Mariah Thompson. Born 4-4-1812, died 10-8-1882 - Wed abt 1840 - Civil War Vet, Co G, 46th PA Vols, Pvt. Discharged on Surgeon's Certificate on January 15, 1863.
GRAHAM, John. Born ??, died ??
GRAHAM, John. Born 2-10-1851, died 4-21-1868
GRAHAM, John H. Spouse of Anna J. Born 1878, died 2-7-1943 - (1920 Ulysses Census)
GRAHAM, Mariah (Thompson). Spouse of Ichabod. Born 11-25-1817, died 1902 - Dau of Joshua and Mary (Rome) Thompson, born in NJ. Wed abt 1840.
GRAVES, Anna. Born 1860, died 1-10-1943
GRAVES, Leo J. Spouse of Sherrill D. Watkins. Born 8-5-1946, died 8-13-2012. Age: 66 - Son of Myron T. and Lillian (Hulse) Graves. Born in Genesee, worked 30 years for Pure Carbon. Wed 12-2-1972 in Ulysses, two sons.
GRAVES, Leon D. Spouse of Deborah K. Truax. Born 1-30-1953, died 3-25-2015. Age: 62 - Son of Myron T. and Lillian (Hulse) Graves, born in Coudersport PA, died in Middlebury Center PA. Wed 9-28-1974 in Ulysses, two children
GRAVES, Myron. Spouse of Lillian Hulse. Born 7-30-1904, died 6-8-1975 - WW II Vet
GREEN, Edith Pearl. Born 10-29-1917, died 8-7-1966
GREEN, Mary (Hamilton). Spouse of Richard L. Born 1-1-1917, died 9-1-2014. Age: 97 - Dau of Paul L. and Grace (Plants) Hamilton, born in Bingham Twp. Wed Arthur 5-12-1941 in Bingham Center, 2 sons. Wed Richard on 12-10-1983 in Ulysses
GREEN, Nettie (Genung). Born 5-26-1854, died 5-29-1941
GREEN, Rhoda Permelia. Born 12-19-1821, died 1-4-1894
GREENLESS, Alice (Snyder). Born 1871, died 11-18-1933
GRIDLEY, Adelbert H. Born 3-21-1861, died 4-21-1875 - Son of Lucius and Esther Gridley
GRIDLEY, Adna Ari. Spouse of Rodentha Hubbard. Born 5-12-1803, died 7-4-1894 - Son of Thomas and Sarah E. (Barnes) Gridley, born in Tioga Co NY. Wed 11-7-1830 in Tioga Co, NY. (1850 Ulysses Census)
GRIDLEY, Anna (Dykeman). Spouse of George A. Born 1800, died 4-9-1894 - Born in NY. Wed 4-29-1822, 6 children. Living with her son, Merritt, in 1880. (1880 Ulysses Census)
GRIDLEY, Caleb Lewis. Spouse of Esther Merrill. Born 10-19-1844, died 1-12-1914 - Son of Frederick A. and Sarah Gridley. (1880 Ulysses Census)
GRIDLEY, Charles W. Spouse of Jane Lucy. Born 1828, died 3-1-1890 - Son of George E. and Anna (Dykeman) Gridley. - Civil War Vet
GRIDLEY, Cora B. Born 5-14-1868, died 6-5-1879 - Dau of Caleb and Esther (Merrill) Gridley.
GRIDLEY, Elizabeth. Born 2-22-1824, died 7-11-1972
GRIDLEY, Emily (Lewis). Spouse of Thomas E. Born 1-28-1836, died 12-7-1908 - (1900 Bingham Census)
GRIDLEY, Emma (Daniels). Spouse of Charles H. Born 1840, died 1903 - Dau of George W. and Achsah (Hawley) Daniels. (1880 Ulysses Census)
GRIDLEY, Esther (Baker). Spouse of Lucius G. Born 1833, died 2-28-1906 - Dau of Benjamin and Mahala (Cronk) Baker
GRIDLEY, Esther (Merrill). Spouse of Caleb L. Born 1-13-1845, died 1-22-1933 - Dau of Erastus and Elizabeth T. (Ayers) Merrill, born in Ulysses. Wed 10-7-1867. (1880 Ulysses Census)
GRIDLEY, Frank U. Born 9-27-1886, died 6-2-1969 - Son of Merritt W. and Helen (Stout) Gridley.
GRIDLEY, George Andrew. Spouse of Anna Dykeman. Born 3-20-1798, died 3-19-1860 - Son of Thomas and Sarah E. (Barnes) Gridley, born in Tioga Co NY. Wed 4-29-1822, 6 children.
GRIDLEY, George Andrew. Born 8-31-1872, died 9-15-1961 - Son of Merritt W. and Helen (Stout) Gridley.
GRIDLEY, Helen Ophelia (Stout). Spouse of Merritt. Born 1-3-1841, died 5-8-1881
GRIDLEY, Henry Albert. Spouse of Nancy A. Bennett. Born 6-31-1846, died 3-12-1929 - Son of Adna A. and Rodentha (Hubbard) Gridley, born in NY. Wed 12-31-1867. (1850 Ulysses Census)
GRIDLEY, Jane Lucy. Spouse of Charles W. Born 1835, died 9-16-1930 - Dau of George A. and Anna (Dykeman) Gridley
GRIDLEY, Leroy F. Born 5-29-1844, died 3-14-1885 - Son of William and Lucy (Stevens) Gridley, born in NY. (1880 Bingham Census)
GRIDLEY, Lucius G. Spouse of Esther Baker. Born 1839, died 5-8-1912 - Son of George A. and Anna (Dykeman) Gridley. Was a carpenter. (1880 Ulysses Census)
GRIDLEY, Lucy (Wilcox). Born 1813, died 1894
GRIDLEY, Luther A. Born 1838, died 2-24-1908 - Son of William and Lucy (Stevens) Gridley, born in NY. (1880 Bingham Census)
GRIDLEY, Mark R. Spouse of Nellie M. Prouty. Born 1880, died 12-18-1954 - Son of Merritt and Ophelia (Stout) Gridley
GRIDLEY, Merritt. Spouse of Helen O. Stout. Born 1835, died 7-13-1915 - Son of George A. and Anna (Dykeman) Gridley, born in NY, (1880 Ulysses Census)
GRIDLEY, Nancy A. (Bennett). Spouse of Henry A. Born 8-3-1849, died 9-26-1895 - Born in NY. Wed 12-31-1867.
GRIDLEY, Nelly (Prouty). Spouse of Mark R. Born 1885, died 2-23-1953
GRIDLEY, Peter. Born 1897, died 4-16-1931
GRIDLEY, Rodentha (Hubbard). Spouse of Adna A. Born 5-14-1809, died 5-31-1891 - Dau of Calvin and Esther Hubbard. Born in Herkimer Co NY. Wed 11-7-1830 in Tioga Co, NY. (1850 Ulysses Census)
GRIDLEY, Thomas Edmiund. Spouse of Emily Lewis. Born 9-17-1831, died 3-4-1915 - Son of Adna A. and Rodentha (Hubbard) Gridley (1850 Ulysses Census)
GRIDLEY, Walter William. Spouse of Netie Jones. Born 3-24-1838, died 9-29-1864 - Son of Adna A. and Rodentha (Hubbard) Gridley, born in Tioga Co. NY. Wed 8-12-1861.
GRIDLEY, William A. Born 1865, died 1-24-1875 - Son of Merrit and Helen O. (Stout) Gridley, born in Ulysses.
GRIDLEY, William Edward. Spouse of Lucy Stevens. Born 3-19-1807, died 12-5-1860 - Son of Thomas and Sarah E. (Barnes) Gridley, born in Tioga Co NY. Wed 11-7-1830 in Tioga Co, NY. (1850 Ulysses Census)
GRIDLEY, William G. Spouse of Nettie Bean. Born 1869, died 1904 - Son of Charles H. and Emma (Daniels) Gridley. (1880 Ulysses Census)
GRIDLEY, Zilpha. Born 1875, died 1902 - Dau of Merritt and Helen O. (Stout) Gridley. (1880 Ulysses Census)
GRIGSON, Anna B. Born 1866, died 5-3-1959
GRIGSON, Lucille A. Born 1892, died 9-30-1970
GRIGSON, William J. Born 1862, died 9-13-1943
GROVE, Frank. Spouse of Thelma I. Cady. Born 1-24-1902, died 4-15-1975
GROVE, Thelma I. (Cady). Spouse of Frank. Born 2-10-1911, died 5-7-1974 - Dau of William F. and Hattie B. (Metcalf) Cady
GROVER, A. Myron. Spouse of Sabra Dunkley. Born 9-12-1814, died 7-12-1891 - Wed 9-4-1842, 6 children. (1880 Ulysses Census)
GROVER, Carlton C. Spouse of Emma Kibbe. Born 11-17-1871, died 8-20-1947 - Son of Charles H. and Eliza L. (Raymond) Grover. (1880, 1900 Bingham Census)
GROVER, Emma. Born 1868, died 1880
GROVER, Emma (Kibbe). Spouse of Carlton C. Born 9-1874, died 10-11-1957 - Dau of George W. and Dorothy C. (Fuller) Kibbe (1900 Bingham Census)
GROVER, Eugenia L. (Carpenter). Spouse of William J. Born 1856, died 2-22-1879 - Dau of Alva and Mary A. (Young) Carpenter. Wed 1-19-1875.
GROVER, Francine N. Born 10-18-1947, died 10-18-1947
GROVER, Ila G. Born 11-11-1889, died 8-15-1945
GROVER, Infant. Born 16129, died 2-27-1944 - Infant
GROVER, Infant. Born 8-3-1946, died 17017 - Infant of William Grover
GROVER, James. Born 7-2-1888, died 1-20-1889
GROVER, Joanna M. Born 1933, died 6-22-1944
GROVER, Joel R. Spouse of Kate E. Gee. Born 12-7-1865, died 11-15-1937 11-15-1937 - Son of Charle H. and Eliza L. (Raymond) Grover, born PA. Wed 1-16-1889. (1900 Bingham Census)
GROVER, John James. Spouse of Rosa Knapp. Born 5-26-1860, died 4-26-1897 - Son of A. Myron and Sabra (Dunkley) Grover. Wed 11-16-1886 in Cayuga Co NY. (1880 Ulysses Census)
GROVER, Joseph T. Spouse of Rose Ella DeLappa. Born 12-02-1918, died 7-06-2004. Age: 85 - Son of ? and Susan Grover. Born in Ulysses PA, d. Coudersport PA
GROVER, Juanita I. (Clyde). Spouse of William M. Born 2-13-19?4, died 7-29-2000. Age: 76 - Dau of Thomas Grant Jr. and Bertha (Siar) Clyde. Born in Bradford PA, d. Coudersport PA, Wed 12-24-1942 in Bradford PA, 2 children
GROVER, Kate E. (Gee). Spouse of Joel R. Born 7-2-1866, died 5-4-1963 - Wed 1-16-1889. (1900 Bingham Census)
GROVER, Lola M. Born 1-10-1891, died 7-28-1974
GROVER, M. H. Born ??, died ??
GROVER, Margaret (Jennings). Born 3-25-1905, died 6-3-1959
GROVER, Mary E. Born 1-31-1877, died 4-16-1877
GROVER, Maude Louise (Canfield). Spouse of William M. Born 1883, died 4-23-1964 - Wed 7-7-1904. (1920 Ulysses Census)
GROVER, Merrit H. Born ??, died 5-4-1949
GROVER, Myron S. Born 3-27-1845, died 4-22-1873 - Son of A. Myron and Sabra (Dunkley) Grover.
GROVER, Nellie Marilla (Knapp). Spouse of William J. Born 4-22-1847, died 9-26-1923 - Dau of William and Irena (Carpenter) Knapp, born in Tompkins Co NY. Wed in 1883. (1920 Ulysses Census)
GROVER, Rose (Knapp). Spouse of John J. Born 1-11-1862, died 6-3-1931 - Wed 11-16-1886 in Cayuga Co NY.
GROVER, Sabra (Dunkley). Spouse of A. Myron. Born 7-6-1824, died 10-17-1909 - Dau of Alfred and Aseneth Dunkley. Wed 9-4-1842, 6 children. (1880 Ulysses Census)
GROVER, Sandra J. Born 11-28-1936, died 7-14-2008. Age: 71 - Dau of Arlton and Winifred (Burtch) Grover. Born in Washington PA.
GROVER, Virginia. Spouse of Dewert G. Born 6-22-1927, died 3-11-2015. Age: 87 - Dau of ? and Lucy Campbell, born in Ulysses PA, died in Livonia NY. Wed 3-21-1977 in Boynton Beach FL, no children. (He d. 1-20-1989)
GROVER, William Joseph. Spouse of Eugenia Carpenter/ Sarah Conable Presho/ Nellie Knapp. Born 5-10-1847, died 7-11-1936 - Son of A. Myron and Sabra (Dunkley) Grover. Wed Eugenia 1-19-1875. Wed Sarah 11-24-1880. Wed Nellie in 1883. (1880, 1920 Ulysses Census) - Civil War Vet, Co H, 53rd PA Vols, Pvt.
GROVER, William M. Spouse of Maude L. Canfield. Born 10-21-1882, died 7-27-1936 - Wed 7-7-1904. (1920 Ulysses Census)
GROVER, William Myron, Rev. Spouse of Juanita I. Clyde. Born 9-25-1921, died 1-12-2009. Age: 87 - Son of William M. and Maude L. (Canfield) Grover. Born in Newfield, a Methodist minister. Wed on 12-24-1942 in Bradford PA, 2 children. - WW II Vet, US Army, South Pacific.
GUINNIP, John W. Born 1851, died 1881
GUINNIP, William. Born 4-1874, died 5-25-1942
GULDENSCHUH, James. Born 1884, died 9-6-1972
GULDENSCHUH, Rua (Bassett). Born 1-9-1886, died 10-31-1962
GUNN, Richard A. Born 1944, died 1-1-1951
GUTHRIE, Wilma. Born ??, died ??
HACKETT, Francis B. Born 1838, died 1-23-1900
HACKETT, John E. Spouse of Ruth Baker. Born 2-27-1787, died 3-25-1863 - Son of Moses and Keziah (Ladd) Hackett, born in Strafford, VT. Wed 4-11-8114 in Broome Co. NY. (1840, 1850 Ulysses Census)
HACKETT, Julia (Crum). Spouse of Moses. Born 1820, died 4-11-1876. Age: 57 - Dau of Lyman and Bathsheba (Stevens) Crum, born in NY. (1850 Ulysses Census)
HACKETT, Maria (Hawes) Baker. Born 12-6-1833, died 11-9-1893
HACKETT, Mary (Monroe). Spouse of Elymus. Born 7-16-1823, died 7-16-1868 - Dau of Ashbel and Merriam (Bowen) Monroe, born in PA. (1850 Ulysses Census)
HACKETT, Moses. Spouse of Julia Crum. Born 1-20-1815, died 3-9-1879 - Son of John and Ruth (Baker) Hackett, born in Broome Co. NY. (1850 Ulysses Census)
HACKETT, Ruth (Baker). Spouse of John E. Born 3-26-1790, died 6-26-1873 - Dau of Gideon and Lydia (Griswold) Baker, born in Grafton Co, NH. Wed 11-4-1814 in Broome Co NY, 8 children. (1850 Ulysses Census)
HALL, Anna L. Duete (Perry). Spouse of Royden B. Born 10-5-1889, died 5-14-1956 - Wed 7-1916 in Coudersport PA
HALL, Clair Lewis. Spouse of Maxine Allis. Born 6-20-1917, died 6-01-2000. Age: 82 - Son of Royden Bishop and Anna Louise (Perry) Hall. Born in Ellisburg PA, d. Coudersport PA. Wed 9-17-1952 in Salamanca NY - WW II Vet, US Army, 1942-46, 2nd Lt
HALL, Horace H. Spouse of Sarah Bishop. Born 3-26-1853, died 12-22-1934 - Son of Dennis T. and Elvina (Lewis) Hall, Jr. born in Coudersport. Wed 10-18-1874. Wed 10-18-1874.
HALL, Royden B. Spouse of Anna L. Perry. Born 10-2-1882, died 10-12-1957 - Son of Horace H. and Sara J. (Bishop) Hall, born in Coudersport.
HALL, Sarah Jane (Bishop). Spouse of Horace H. Born 6-10-1848, died 7-25-1929 - Wed 10-18-1874.
HALLOCK, Convass Thomas. Spouse of Janette Wagoner. Born 6-8-1840, died 9-23-1926 - Son of Noah H. and Hannah (Grover) Hallock. Census shows first name as 'Converse'. (1860 Ulysses Census) Wed 1870. - Civil War Vet, Co K 149th PA Vols, Pvt. Blinded by Smallpox. Discharged on Surgeon's Certificate on September 10, 1864.
HALLOCK, Janette (Wagner). Spouse of Convass T. Born 1-8-1842, died 1-6-1928 - Born in Wheeler NY, died in Wellsville NY. Wed 1870.
HAMILTON, Barbara J. (Williams). Spouse of Donald J. Born 10-22-1951, died 1-6-2001. Age: 49 - Dau of Cecil and Velma (Jeffers) Williams, born in Wellsville NY. Wed 10-25-1969 in Genesee PA, 3 children.
HAMILTON, Bernard R. Spouse of Betty Downey. Born 10-3-1921, died 10-27-2015. Age: 94 - Son of Loren D. and Myrtle M. (Bartoo) Hamilton, born in Bingham Twp, died in Bath NY. Radio broadcast Tecnician for 45 yrs. Wed 7-23-1947 in Ellisburg PA, five children. - WW II Vet, US Army Air Foces, Europe
HAMILTON, Bessie. Born 8-21-1889, died 1929 - Dau of George A. and Julia S. (Presho) Hamilton, born in PA. (1900 Bingham Census)
HAMILTON, Betty (Downey). Spouse of Bernard R. Born 9-1-1927, died 11-23-2009. Age: 82 - Dau of Robert and Amelia (Pollock) Downey. Born in Ulysses PA. Wed 7-23-1947 in Ellisburg PA, five children.
HAMILTON, D. Blair. Spouse of Vivian L. Lewis. Born 7-29-1923, died 6-30-2006. Age: 82 - Son of Loren D. and Myrtle M. (Bartoo) Hamilton. Wed 12-6-1942 in Bingham Center, 3 children
HAMILTON, Elizabeth C. (Perkins). Spouse of George R. Born 3-28-1917, died 9-24-2008. Age: 91 - Dau of Floyd and Myra (Galpin) Perkins. Born in Raymond PA, 12 siblings. Wed 8-24-1936 in Coudersport PA. Wed over 70 years, 3 children.
HAMILTON, Emaline (Gridley). Spouse of Thomas. Born 3-19-1823, died 3-6-1892 - (1850 Ulysses Census) Census shows 'Amelia' as frist name.
HAMILTON, Frank T. Spouse of Nettie. Born 11-1863, died 12-3-1938 - Son of Thomas and Emaline (Gridley) Hamilton, born in PA. Wed in 1887. (1900 Bingham Census)
HAMILTON, George A. Spouse of Julia S. Presho. Born 3-5-1856, died 2-13-1910 - (1900 Bingham Census)
HAMILTON, George Reuben. Spouse of Elizabeth Perkins. Born 2-18-1914, died 1-23-2007. Age: 92 - Son of Paul L. and Grace (Plants) Hamilton. Born in Bingham Twp. PA, was a potato farmer. Wed 8-24-1936 in Coudersport PA (Coudersport Free Meth. Ch.), 3 children. d. Wellsville NY (Jones Mem. Hosp.).
HAMILTON, Grace (Plants). Spouse of Paul L. Born 5-29-1885, died 11-11-1945 - Dau of Reuben C. Plants. Wed 8-24-1936 in Coudersport PA, 3 children. (1900 Allegany Census)
HAMILTON, H. Clair. Spouse of Joanna Scheidemantel. Born 11-17-1926, died 8-11-2004. Age: 77 - Son of Harland and Lora (Bartoo) Hamilton. Born in Bingham Twp, a farmer. Wed Oct 21 1950 in Edinboro PA, eight children.
HAMILTON, Harland Perry. Spouse of Lora Bartoo. Born 1-4-1893, died 6-12-1975 - Son of Martin H. and Sylvia (Tarbox) Hamilton, born in Bingham Twp. Wed 7-3-1917, (1900 Bingham Census)
HAMILTON, Joanna Mae (Scheidemantel). Spouse of H. Clair. Born 9-7-1929, died 8-8-2017. Age: 87 - Dau of Frank and Edna (Flynn) Scheidemantel. Born in Edinboro PA, lived and died in Ulysses PA. A farm wife. Wed 10-21-1950 in Edinboro, eight children.
HAMILTON, Jodi Lynn. Born 2-18-1975, died 2-17-1999 - Dau of Donald J. and Barbara (Williams) Hamilton.
HAMILTON, Julia (Presho). Spouse of George A. Born 6-20-1855, died 5-8-1932 - (1900 Bingham Census)
HAMILTON, Leon Homer. Born 6-15-1891, died 10-15-1891 - Son of Martin H. and Sylvia (Tarbox) Hamilton, born in Bingham Twp.
HAMILTON, Loren D. Spouse of Myrtle. Born 6-11-1891, died 5-25-1975 - Son of Frank T. and Nettie Hamilton. (1900, 1920 Bingham Census)
HAMILTON, Martin Henry. Spouse of Sylvia Tarbox. Born 11-28-1861, died 10-30-1957 - Son of Thomas and Emaline (Gridley) Hamilton, born in Newfield PA. Wed 11-19-1884. 1900 Bingham Census:1862
HAMILTON, Nettie. Spouse of Frank T. Born 4-17-1868, died 5-25-1958 - 1900 Bingham Census:1870
HAMILTON, Sylvia Jane (Tarbox). Spouse of Martin H. Born 11-1-1866, died 7-8-1958 - Wed 11-19-1917. (1900 Bingham Census)
HAMILTON, Thomas. Spouse of Emaline Gridley. Born 1-17-1818, died 3-20-1891 - (1850, 1900 Ulysses Census)
HAMILTON, Vivian L. (Lewis). Spouse of D. Blair. Born 9-3-1925, died 12-6-1942. Age: 82 - Dau of Harry and Mary (Polo) Lewis. Wed 12-6-1942 in Bingham Center PA, 3 children.
HAMILTON, William K. Spouse of Shirley Freeman. Born 1-15-1928, died 6-17-2010. Age: 82 - Son of Loren D. and Myrtle M. (Bartoo) Hamilton. Wed 8-23-1958 in Binghan Center PA, two daughters.
HANCOCK, Bert. Born 7-19-1871, died 9-11-1941
HANCOCK, Bertha. Born 1924, died 2-22-1935
HANCOCK, Emma. Born 5-26-1888, died 5-3-1972
HANCOCK, Jennie S. Born 6-26-1874, died 11-20-1965
HANCOCK, Leah. Born 8-5-1908, died 11-11-1961
HANCOCK, Lee Burt. Born 9-22-1938, died 3-3-1948
HANCOCK, Lynne R. Born 12-24-1898, died 7-11-1972
HANCOCK, Walter. Born 1-21-1893, died 4-25-1967
HAND, Charles. Born 2-17-1893, died 1-12-1962
HAND, George. Born 10-16-1895, died 10-5-1970
HAND, Kenneth L. Spouse of Norma Alberigi. Born 10-16-1921, died 3-26-2003. Age: 81 - Son of Charles and Iva (Lewis) Hand. Born in Spring Mills NY, d. Wellsville NY. Wed 6-11-1946 in Ulysses PA, two daughters. - WW II Vet, US Army
HAND, Minnie. Born 1889, died 3-24-1962
HAND, Norma E. (Alberigi). Spouse of Kenneth L. Born 6-11-1927, died 4-26-2016 - Dau of Peter and Beatrice (Conley) Alberigi, born in Inverness CA, lived in Ulysses PA, died in Coudersport PA. Ulysses Citizen of the Year in 1994. Wed 6-11-1946 in Ulysses, two daughters.
HANN, Beth R. (Orcutt). Spouse of Delette Jr. Born 4-4-1932, died 12-6-2006. Age: 74 - Dau of Robert H. and Gertrude (Fowler) Orcutt. Born in Bingham Twp PA, d. Coudersport (Charles Cole Mem. Hosp.). Wed 12-08-1951in West Bingham PA, three children
HANN, Delette Jr. Spouse of Beth R. Orcutt. Born 7-17-1929, died 3-19-2005. Age: 75 - Son of Delette Sr. and Rose (Shutt) Hann. Born in Bingham Twp PA, worked 35 yrs for Dresser Rand. Wed 12-08-1951in West Bingham PA, three children
HANN, Hannah (Furman). Spouse of William M. Born 1862, died 9-23-1938 - (1920 Ulysses Census)
HANN, William M. Spouse of Hannah Furman. Born 4-10-1858, died 9-28-1937 - Was a farmer. (1920 Ulysses Census)
HARRINGTON, Earl J. Born 1908, died 2-28-1959
HARRINGTON, James H. Born 3-26-1958, died 3-27-1958
HARRINGTON, Katherine (Stojck). Born 11-9-1912, died 5-31-1975
HARRIS, Geneva (King). Born 1920, died 9-24-1952 - Migrant
HARRIS, John. Spouse of Martha Lewis. Born 7-3-1819, died 12-28-1864 - (1850 Ulysses Census)
HARRIS, Martha (Lewis). Spouse of John. Born 1-19-1824, died 1881 - (1850 Ulysses Census)
HARRISON, Doran. Born 10-1-1913, died 4-20-1974
HARRISON, Lena (Patterson). Born 4-22-1887, died 8-19-1956 - Twin dau of Frank M. and Mary Patterson. (1900 Bingham Census)
HARRISON, Roy W. Born 2-27-1885, died 4-21-1964
HARVEY, Addie (Douglas). Spouse of Mark S. Born 5-25-1861, died 9-3-1963 - Dau of ? And Susan E. (Bassett) Douglass. born in Ulysses. Wed 10-3-1889 in Ulysses. (1880 Ulysses, 1900 Coudersport Ward 2 Census)
HARVEY, Albert L. Spouse of Sarah E. Spencer. Born 1830, died 1895*. Age: 65 - Son of Joseph and Rhoda (Baker) Harvey. (1860 Bingham Census) - Civil War Vet, Co K, 149th PA Vols, 2nd Lt.
HARVEY, Burty. Born 2-1878, died 3-18-1880
HARVEY, Cynthia M. (Green). Spouse of Jerome. Born 10-28-1819, died 6-28-1891 - (1870 Bingham Census)
HARVEY, Ida B. Born 7-6-1856, died 8-23-1861
HARVEY, Jerome. Spouse of Cynthia Green/ Louisa Hackett/ ??. Born 5-11-1825, died 4-5-1912. Age: 89 - Son of Joseph and Rhoda (Baker) Harvey. Survived by 3rd wife. (1860, 1870, 1900 Bingham Census) - Civil War Vet, Co D, 58th PA Vols, Pvt.
HARVEY, John Eldridge. Born 3-24-1842, died 5-6-1944 - Son of Joseph and Rhoda (Baker) Harvey. (1860 Bingham Census) - Civil War Vet, Co G, 53rd PA Vols Pvt.
HARVEY, Joseph. Spouse of Rhoda Baker. Born 1-9-1795, died 2-15-1876 - Born in Grafton Co. NH. Wed 5-24-1824. (1860 Bingham Census)
HARVEY, Louisa (Hackett). Spouse of Jerome. Born 4-3-1830, died 4-14-1902 - Dau of John and Ruth (Baker) Hackett, born in Broome Co, NY. (1900 Bingham Census: Wed 5 yrs.)
HARVEY, Mark S. Spouse of Addie Douglass. Born 4-19-1860, died 5-24-1933 - Son of Albert L. and Sarah (Spencer) Harvey, born in Bingham Twp. Wed 10-3-1889 in Ulysses. (1860 Bingham Census)
HARVEY, Mary D. (Crum). Born 1849, died 1909
HARVEY, Rhoda (Baker). Spouse of Joseph. Born 12-14-1799, died 12-26-1895 - Dau of Gideon and Lydia (Griswold) Baker, born in Grafton Co NH, wed 5-24-1824. (1860 Bingham Census)
HARVEY, Roger B. Born 4-28-1932, died 12-22-2012. Age: 80 Son of Roger D. and Ruth Harvey. Born in Grosse Point MI, a landscaper.
HARVEY, Roger D. Spouse of Ruth. Born 2-13-1891, died 9-23-1931 Son of Mark S. and Addie (Douglass) Harrvey. (1900 Coudersport Ward 2 Census)
HARVEY, Sarah (Spencer). Spouse of Albert L. Born 2-10-1835, died 5653 - (1860, 1880 Ulysses Census)
HARVEY, W. W. Spouse of Laura Comstock. Born ?, died 1-20-1912 - Wed 9-4-1881 at Ulysses.
HASKINS, Dan J. Born 12-22-1892, died 12-14-1966
HASKINS, George A. Spouse of Rosetta M. Hakes. Born ??, died 1985 - Wed 2-21-1945 in Elmira NY
HASKINS, Maude (Eaton). Born 1879, died 11-19-1974
HASKINS, Rosetta M. (Hakes). Spouse of George A. Born 11-12-1917, died 12-8-2006. Age: 89 - Dau of Lee and Cecil (Kemp) Hakes. Born in Oswayo Twp PA, d. Coudersport PA (Charles Cole Mem. Hosp.). Wed 2-21-1945 in Elmira NY
HASTINGS, Elma D. Born 1872, died 8-21-1933
HAUBER, Carolyn N. (Lambert) [Carrie]. Born 4-11-1884, died 1-19-1939 - Dau of Nicholas and Louise (Lehman) Lambert, born in Ulysses. Wed 5-17-1905
HAUBER, John Harrison. Spouse of Carolyn Lambert/ Edith Liedtke. Born 7-20-1884, died 12-3-1942 - Son of George W. and Hannah E. (Linza) Hauber, born in Steuben Co NY. Wed Carolyn 5-17-1905. Wed Edith 11-2-1940.
HAVENS, Bert B. Born 1863, died 5-25-1938 - Son of John L. and Julia Havens, born in PA. (1880 Hector Census)
HAVENS, Rosetta (Gibson). Spouse of David. Born 8-24-1838, died 1970 - (1880 Hector Census)
HAWKS, Anna. Born 1858, died 1941
HAWKS, Clarinda H. Born 1884, died 1921
HAWKS, Earl. Born 5-1888, died 8-10-1890
HAWLEY, Laura C. Born 1898, died 8-7-1935
HAWLEY, William. Spouse of Anna. Born 3-1869, died 7-8-1920 - (1900 Bingham Census)
HAXTON, Elmer. Born 11-5-1877, died 9-7-1961 - Son of John H. and Mary L Haxton. (1880 Ulysses Census)
HAXTON, Faire. Born 9-11-1938, died 9-11-1938
HAXTON, Georgia. Born 8-13-1897, died 7-29-1967
HAXTON, Harold. Born 4-23-1916, died 12-19-1943
HAYNES, Carrie (Grover). Spouse of Lewis E. Born 8-30-1862, died 11-14-1960 - Dau of Charles and Eliza L. (Raymond) Grover.
HAYNES, Lewis E. Spouse of Carrie Grover. Born 11-8-1864, died 5-28-1938 - Son of James S. and Julia E. (Yale) Haynes
HENDERSHOT, Emaretta (Wightman). Spouse of James. Born 1860, died 9-4-1940 - Wed abt 1878.
HENDERSHOT, James. Spouse of Emmaretta B. Wightman. Born 4-7-1859, died 10-28-1937 - Son of Samuel Hendershot, born in Tompkins Co NY. Wed abt 1878.
HENDERSHOT, Jennie. Born 1882, died 5-30-1972
HENDERSHOT, Joan M. Born 7-16-1951, died 7-17-1951
HENDERSHOT, Milo. Born 11-7-1881, died 6-14-1964
HENDERSON. Born 7-24-1951, died 7-24-951 - Infant Colored
HENRY, Alice. Born 11-8-1899, died 2-21-1973
HENRY, Annill. Born 1853, died 1903
HENRY, Barbara A. Born 1798, died 4-17-1885
HENRY, Charles. Born 1853, died ?? - Son of John and Susan A. (Thompson) Henry. (1870 Bingham Census)
HENRY, DeForest. Spouse of Catherine V. Stevens. Born 6-26-1885, died 4-24-1951 - Son of George and Anna E. Henry, born in Potter Co PA. Wed 1906 in Cattaraugus Co NY. (1900 Bingham Census)
HENRY, Ella (Gibson). Spouse of George. Born 1853, died 1-17-1882 - 1st wife of Geroge. Wed 5-25-1873 in Ulysses.
HENRY, Ella A. Born 1884, died 1886
HENRY, Emma. Born 1878, died 12-20-1881
HENRY, Fred. Born 5-31-1886, died 8-30-1966
HENRY, George. Spouse of Ella Gibson/ Anna E. Hamilton. Born 11-1846, died 12-29-1916 - Son of John and Susan A. (Thompson) Henry, born in Potter Co. Wed Ella 5-25-1873 in Ulysses. Wed Anna in 1881. (1900, 1910 Bingham Census)
HENRY, Gertrude P. (Stilson). Spouse of George W. Born 8-4-1918, died 5-11-2009. Age: 90 - Dau of James and Mary (Spencer) Stilson, born in Oswayo, d. Rochester NY. Wed 12-9-1937 in Stannards NY, 3 children
HENRY, Harry. Born 10-27-1892, died 10-1-1973 - Son of George and Anna E. Henry. (1900, 1910 Bingham Census)
HENRY, John. Spouse of Susan A. Thompson. Born 12-31-1818, died 10-2-1895 - Son of Christian and Barbara A. (Whaner) Henry, born in Luzeren Co PA. Wed abt 1845. (1870, 1880, 1900 Bingham Census)
HENRY, Susan Ann (Thompson). Spouse of John. Born 2-28-1824, died 2-3-1908 - Dau of Joshua and Mary P. (Romer) Thompson, born in NJ. Wed abt 1845. (1870, 1880, 1900 Bingham Census)
HERVEY, Albert L. Born 5-28-1830, died 4-18-1905 - Civil War Vet, Co K 149th Inf PA Vols, 2/LT.
HERVEY, Laura. Born 12-27-1860, died 7-27-1904
HERVEY, William. Born 3-21-1857, died 6-18-1912
HERVEY, William. Born 1883, died 1883. Age: Infant
HEYSHAM, Rob S. Born 4-22-1963, died 9-30-2002. Age: 39 - Son of Linda Graves. Salutatorian of class 1981 - Cold War Vet, US Air Force 12 years
HILFIGER, Betty Jo (Pepperman) See PEPPERMAN Hilfiger, Betty Jo
HILFIGER, Charles. Spouse of Mae C. Bennett. Born 6-1877, died 12-29-1935 - Son of Jacob L. and Fanny Hilfiger. Wed 9-1903 in Ulysses. (1900 Bingham Census)
HILFIGER, Frank. Spouse of Maude Krusen. Born 4-22-1898, died 9-30-1969 - Son of Son of Jacob L. and Fanny Hilfiger. Born in Ulysses. Wed 2-27-1921. (1900 Bingham Census)
HILFIGER, Linda C. Born 8-1-1947, died 1-1-1948
HILFIGER, Mae C. (Bennett). Spouse of Charles. Born 9-1873, died 6-27-1943 - Dau of George W. and Sarah L. (Burtis) Bennett, born in Ulysses. Wed 9-1902 in Ulysses.
HILFIGER, Malcom K. Born 4-18-1924, died 7-8-1974 - WW II Vet
HILFIGER, Maude (Krusen). Spouse of Frank. Born 8-29-1899, died 8-26-1966 - Dau of Albert F. and Frances M. (Barker) Krusen, born in Ulysses. Wed 2-27-1921.
HILL, Anna Jane. Born 1865, died 2-16-1953
HILLYARD, Kathryn J. (Tubbs). Spouse of Not named. Born 5-11-1926, died 7-8-2014. Age: 88 - Dau of John R. and Nora Belle (Glover) Tubbs, born in Sunderlinville, PA. Nine children
HINCKLEY, Mary (Eastman). Born 1869, died 10-22-1946
HINCKLEY, Orilla (Hibbard). Born 9-22-1859, died 8-13-1944
HINCKLEY, Warren. Born 9-22-1859, died 3-22-1937
HINMAN, Chloe. Born 1824, died 1899
HINMAN, Herbert. Born 1883, died 1934
HINMAN, W. S. Born 1871, died 4-1-1878
HODGE, Ida K. Born 4-7-1850, died 8-17-1928
HOLBERT, Desda (Ladd). Born 12-17-1851, died 10-29-1930
HOLDER, Jack. Born 1929, died 9-18-1954
HOLDER, Thomas I. Born 1893, died 4-30-1948
HOLDRIDGE, Harriet. Born 1823, died 1905
HOLLAND, Louise (Peck). Spouse of John. Born 4-21-1881, died 10-26-1939 - Dau of J. Newton and Grace (Raymond) Peck. Wed 8-1899 at Corning NY. (1900 Coudersport Ward 2 Census)
HOPKINS, Althea. Born 3-27-1871, died 2-28-1949 - Living with Albert and Sarah Harvey in 1880. (1880 Ulysses Census)
HOPKINS, Elizabeth. Born 3-16-1846, died 8-1-1904 - Living with Albert and Sarah Harvey in 1880. (1880 Ulysses Census)
HOPPE, Mary A. (Jones). Spouse of Robert G. Born 12-11-1923, died 6-22-2010. Age: 86 - Dau of George W. and Emily (Nelson) Jones.Born in Harrison Valley, owned Valley Milling Co. Wed 8-19-1945 in Harrison Valley, 4 children.
HOPPE, Robert G. Spouse of Mary A. Jones. Born 6-15-1921, died 4-10-2018. Age: 96 - Son of Eugene and Phoebe Baker Hoppe, one of 12 children. Born in Carter Camp PA, Lived in Harrison Valley PA, died in Wellsville NY. Operated Valley Mining. Wed 8-9-1945, in Harrison Valley, four children. - WW II Vet, US Army, Europe. Africa, Sicily, and Normandy. Purple Heart.
HOSELY, Harold H. Born 10-2-1896, died 4-2-1969
HOSLEY. Born ??, died ?? - Infant Son
HOSLEY, Ada. Born 11-5-1909, died 12-19-1910
HOSLEY, Addie M. (Young). Spouse of Henry J. Born 1851, died 11-24-1915 - Dau of Willis and Sarah (Grover) Young. Both born in PA. (1880 Ulysses Census)
HOSLEY, Agnes (Farnsworth). Born 11-11-1865, died 3-25-1931 - Dau of Wallace and Emma (Gates) Farnsworth, born in PA. (1880 Ulysses Census)
HOSLEY, Alice (Shutt). Spouse of Ezra P. Born 2-23-1867, died 10-14-1945 - Dau of George and Betsey (Musto) Shutt. (1880 Bingham Census)
HOSLEY, Beryl M. Born 6-3-1908, died 5-2-1968
HOSLEY, Champ E. Spouse of Mary Ellen Umsted. Born 10-21-1944, died 9-11-2014. Age: 93 - Son of Harry H. and Mary (Coppersmith) Hosley. Born in Coudersport PA, a professional photographer. Wed 10-21-1944, 1 daughter. - WW II Vet, US Army, 1942-1945
HOSLEY, Charles Emerson. Spouse of Marian Burt. Born 2-23-1844, died 8-7-1915 - Son of Ruffus C. and Sally A (Doing) Hosley, born in Bradford Co PA. Wed 4-30-1873 at Lewisville PA, 3 children.
HOSLEY, Charles W. Spouse of Leona K. Clark. Born 12-2-1895, died 4-23-1962 - Prob son of Ezra P. and Alice (Shutt) Hosley, born in Ulysses. Wed 5-15-1918.
HOSLEY, Clara. Born 10-6-1911, died 1-24-1931
HOSLEY, Cora (Blackman). Born ??, died 1906
HOSLEY, David. Born 9-3-1855, died 1-19-1933 - Son of H. C. and Sarah T. Hosley, born in PA, a carpenter. (1880 Ulysses Census)
HOSLEY, Earl. Born 1886, died 1888
HOSLEY, Ella. Born 7-31-1856, died 1923
HOSLEY, Ella S. Born 8-20-1879, died 1963
HOSLEY, Ezra Paschal. Spouse of Alice Shutt. Born 6-20-1854, died 9-25-1935 - Son of Ruffus C. and Sally A (Doing) Hosley, born in Bradford Co PA.
HOSLEY, George. Born ??, died ??
HOSLEY, Gertrude P. Born 1888, died 4-23-1959
HOSLEY, Harry Hugh. Spouse of Mary Martha Coppersmith. Born 4-11-1884, died 1-25-1923 - Son of Charles E. and Marion (Burt) Hosley, born in Ulysses. Wed 4-11-1908 in Galeton PA. Survived by wife and 6 small children.
HOSLEY, Henry C. Spouse of Sarah J. Born 8-8-1829, died 1882 - Born in VT, a carpenter. (1880 Ulysses Census) - Civil War Vet
HOSLEY, James F. Born 1875, died 10-1-1954 - Son of William T. and Louisa Hosley, (1880 Ulysses Census)
HOSLEY, James H. Born 3-22-1849, died 5-15-1918 - Son of Ruffus C. and Sally A (Doing) Hosley, born in Erie Co PA.
HOSLEY, John Oak. Born 11-12-1911, died 9-18-1970
HOSLEY, Lawrence V. Born 3-25-1941, died 3-9-2009. Age: 67 - Son of Vincent M. and Margaret E. (Gazdag) Hosley, born in Blossburg PA, d. Bath NY - Cold War Vet, US Army
HOSLEY, Leona Kathryn (Clark). Spouse of Charles W. Born 3-14-1895, died 10-27-1971 - Dau of Birney G. and Sarah E. (Drake) Clark. Wed 5-15-1918.
HOSLEY, Louisa. Spouse of William T. Born 1839, died 11-10-1913 - (1880 Ulysses Census)
HOSLEY, Margaret (Lehman). Spouse of William M. Born 1-24-1855, died 10-13-1934 - Dau of Gottleib and Dorothy (Hare) Lehman. Wed 1-15-1875 in Potter Co. (1860 Eulalia Census)
HOSLEY, Margaret E. Born 1880, died 6-22-1963
HOSLEY, Marian (Burt). Spouse of Charles E. Born 10-17-1852, died 5-14-1930 - Dau of Titus W. and Elizabeth (Levy) Burt. Wed 4-30-1873 at Lewisville PA, 3 children.
HOSLEY, Mary K. Born 3-19-1900, died 8-4-1967
HOSLEY, Maude. Born 8-5-1874, died 1-4-1892 - Dau of Charles E. and Marion (Burt) Hosley, born in Ulysses. Survived by wife and 6 small children.
HOSLEY, Merle D. Born 9-16-1884, died 10-13-1971 - Son of Henry J. and Addie (Young) Hosley.
HOSLEY, Myrtle. Born 1871, died 1899
HOSLEY, Park U. Born 2-4-1889, died 9-16-1968
HOSLEY, Patricia Ann. Born 3-31-1926, died 1-31-1938 - Dau of Charles W. and Leona C. (Clark) Hosley, born in Ulysses.
HOSLEY, Rufus. Born 8-1879, died 2-4-1949 - Son of Henry J. and Addie (Young) Hosley. (1880 Ulysses Census)
HOSLEY, Rufus C. Spouse of Sally A. Doing. Born 4-29-1821, died 3-13-1906 - Son of Eli and Angelina (Arms) Hosley, born in Windham Co VT. Wed 5-21-1843 in Bradford Co PA.
HOSLEY, Ruth. Born 9-10-1940, died 9-10-1940
HOSLEY, Sara A. (Doing) [Sally]. Spouse of Rufus C. Born 10-19-1819, died 5-19-1912 - Born in Chenango Co NY. Wed 5-21-1843 in Bradford Co PA.
HOSLEY, Sarah J. Spouse of Henry C. Born 9-11-1836, died 12-5-1898 - Born in NY. (1880 Ulysses Census)
HOSLEY, Velma N. Born 5-14-1910, died 5-21-1910 - Dau of Harry H. and Mary M. (Coppersmith) Hosley, born in Brookland PA.
HOSLEY, William F. Born 10-30-1836, died 1912
HOSLEY, William Henry. Born 1853, died 1-26-1920
HOSLEY, William Martin. Spouse of Margaret Lehman. Born 4-2-1852, died 4-13-1942 - Son of Ruffus C. and Sally A (Doing) Hosley, born in Erie Co PA. Wed 1-15-1875 in Potter Co.
HOSLEY, William Towner. Spouse of Louisa. Born 4-4-1835, died 10-29-1912 - Son of Eli and Angelina (Arms) Hosley, born in Bradford Co PA, a butcher. (1880 Ulysses Census) - Civil War Vet, 2nd USSS, Abdominal injury
HOSLEY, Willie. Born 1858, died 1859 - Listed in detail in Old Wells
HOUGHTALING, Seldon B. Born 6-8-1969, died 6-16-1970
HOUGHTALING, Shirley A. (Cratsley). Spouse of Durell R. Born 7-15-1937, died 2-8-2016. Age: 78 - Dau of LeRoy and Mildred (Quackenbush) Cratsley, born in Ulysses PA, died in Coudersprot PA. Wed 6-22-1956, Eleven children. (He d. 7-17-2015)
HOVEY, Anna M. (Snyder). Spouse of Edward A. Born 2-3-1865, died 4-19-1943 - (1880 Ulysses Census)
HOVEY, Edward A. Spouse of Anna Snyder. Born 5-6-1847, died 5-24-1925 - Son of Jacob and Sarah Hovey. Was a blacksmith. (1850, 1880 Ulysses Census) - Civil War Vet, Co G, 53rd PA Vols, Pvt. Transferred to Veteran Reserve Corps on November 10, 1864.
HOVEY, Jacob T. Spouse of Sarah Dewey. Born 1822, died 3-20-1900 - (1850 Ulysses Census)
HOVEY, Sarah (Dewey) [Sally]. Spouse of Jacob T. Born 1822, died ?? - (1850 Ulysses Census)
HOWE, Emma (Worden). Spouse of Asa Alonzo. Born 2-14-1857, died 2-19-1933 - Dau of Charles and Clarissa (Bice) Worden, born in PA.
HOWE, Hattie Azuba (Bassett). Spouse of Louis F. Born 12-29-1887, died 9-25-1948 - Dau of William A. and Orela (Seeley) Bassett, born in Ulysses. Wed 2-22-1907 in Ulysses, 4 children.
HOWE, Jean B. (Buck). Spouse of Richard A. Born 2-13-1948, died 2-13-1948 - Dau of Lawrence E. and Mabel V. (Evans) Buck, born in Ulysses PA, died in Walnut Creek CA. Wed 2-5-1943 in Ulysses, four daughters
HOWE, Linda Lee. Born 2-13-1948, died 2-13-1948 - Dau of Richard Allison Howe, born in Coudersport.
HOWE, Mary (Reniff). Spouse of William. Born 6-16-1807, died 8-7-1874 - Dau of Mowry and Sally (Ball) Reniff, lborn in Hampshire Co MA. Wed 4-27-1826, 10 children. (1850 Ulysses Census)
HOWE, Ralph Bassett. Spouse of Freda McCaslin. Born 4-20-1910, died 11-6-1960 - Son of Louis F. and Hattie (Bassett) Howe, born in Allegany Co NY. Wed 4-5-1930 in Allegany Co Ny.
HOWE, William. Spouse of Mary Reniff. Born 4-25-1794, died 8-7-1874 - Son of Josiah H. and Abigail (Lake) Howe, born in Tioga Co NY. Wed 4-27-1826, 10 children. (1840, 1850 Ulysses Census)
HOWLAND, Phoebe. Born 2-28-1822, died 11-25-1878
HOYT, Charles. Born 4-1910, died 5-9-1910
HOYT, Eleanor. Born 1906, died 10-31-1911
HOYT, Gertrude (Millett). Born 5-11-1902, died 8-10-1967
HOYT, Louisa. Born 1856, died 6-30-1907
HOYT, Mary (Moe). Born 7-31-1881, died 6-27-1946
HOYT, Mattie. Born 1878, died 4-9-1910
HOYT, Thomas. Born 9-25-1908, died ??
HOYT, Thomas A. Born 1842, died 9-25-1908 - Brother of Mary (Hoyt) Teller - Civil War Vet, Co I, 56th NY Inf, Cpl,
HOYT, Walter A. Born 7-15-1874, died 10-1-1953
HUBBARD, Catherine. Born 1832, died 1901
HUBBARD, Cornelia (Rathbone) Gee. Spouse of Willson Gee/ N. W. Hubbard. Born 1-1834, died 3-25-1919 - Dau of John and Elizabeth (Fisher) Rathbone, born in Chango Co NY. Wed Wilson 3-25-1855. Wed N. W. in 1902. (1900 Bingham Census)
HUBBARD, Marilla. Born 5-5-1799, died 12-9-1885
HULL, Florence (Wagner). Spouse of Norman. Born 10-8-1888, died 10-22-1918. Age: 30 - Dau of Mr and Mrs. Martin Wagner. No children.
HUNT, Anna B. Born 1869, died 2-9-1944
HUNT, Helen. Born 5-18-1904, died 7-28-1961
HUNT, John C. Born 4-9-1890, died 4-28-1951
HUNT, William. Born 11-22-1866, died 5-25-1953
HURLER, Berwin G. Born 2-11-1951, died 9-9-2005. Age: 54 - Son of Merle G and Eilene M. (Gill) Hurley, born in Coudersport. Worked 34 years for Tri County Rural Electric. Two sons
HURLER, Eilene (Gill). Spouse of Merle G. Born 1-14-1925, died 7-9-2005. Age: 80 - Dau of Robert and Ruth (Paddock) Gill. Born in North Fork PA, Co-owner/operator dairy farm in North Fork PA
HURLER, Merle G. Spouse of Eilene Gill. Born ??, died 1995 - Wed 5-9-1946 in North Fork PA
HUTTON, Francis. Born 11-29-1855, died 1938
HYATT, Jay W. Spouse of Norma J. Hohman. Born 8-7-1923, died 12-31-2005. Age: 82 - Son of William A. and Mary (Hughes) Hyatt. Born in West Chester PA. Wed 4-29-1950 in Elkton MD, three children - WW II Vet, US Army
HYDE, Addie Louisa (Hill). Spouse of Edson. Born 6-17-1855, died 3-24-1936
HYDE, Allie L. Born 6-13-1877, died 10-15-1894
HYDE, Bernard. Born 1-23-1890, died 6-29-1890
HYDE, Clair Leslie. Spouse of Patricia R. Connolly. Born 10-26-1921, died 5-23-2008. Age: 86 - Son of Lawrence and Lois M. (Cook) Hyde. Born in Ulysses PA. Wed 7-04-1946 in West Pike-PA - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force Pacific Theater
HYDE, Edson. Spouse of Addie Louisa (Hill). Born 2-26-1835, died 2-17-1913 - Son of Myron and Climina (Warner) Hyde. Orphaned at 15 months. Adopted and raised by Albert G. Lewis. - Civil War Vet, Co G 53rd PA Vols, Cpl. Not on muster out roll. Wounded in arm
HYDE, Edson Jr. Born 7-2-1879, died 4-4-1913 - Son of Edson and Addie L. (Hill) Hyde. Epileptic, committed suicide in the County Home.
HYDE, Gordie Ethel. Born 2-2-1876, died 2-8-1878 - Dau of Edson and Addie L. (Hill) Hyde.
HYDE, Harold Lawrence. Spouse of Mary E. Hall. Born 1-15-1916, died 9-08-2006. Age: 90 - Son of Lawrence and Lois M. (Cook) Hyde. Born in Ulysses PA. At least one daughter.
HYDE, Lawrence. Spouse of Lois M. Cook. Born 4-29-1888, died 6-18-1960
HYDE, Lois M. (Cook). Spouse of Lawrence. Born 7-7-1890, died 11-11-1941
HYDE, Mildred Luella. Born 2-4-1910, died 3-31-2006. Age: 96 - Dau of Lawrence and Lois M. (Cook) Hyde
HYDE, Patricia R. (Connolly). Spouse of Clair L. Born, died 1990 - Wed 7-4-1946 in West Pike PA
HYDE, Susan E. (Stilson). Spouse of Lyle E. Born 9-5-1949, died 2-17-2015. Age: 65 - Dau of James Holden and Marian (Storey) Stilson, born in Coudersport PA, died in Ulysses PA. Wed 7-15-1967, 2 children


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