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Where noted, some entries have been expanded with cross-references to Ulysses census data. To view the census data, open the census cited and search for a name.

ABBEY, Amelia (McConnell). Spouse of Bert S. Born 10-22-1882, died 12-6-1963 - Wed 2-21-1915 in Whitesville NY.
ABBEY, Bert S. Spouse of Amelia McConnell. Born 4-7-1888, died 1-14-1952 - Wed 2-21-1915 in Whitesville NY.
ABBEY, Donald S. Born 1918, died 7-22-1926
ABBEY, Emmons J. Spouse of Marilda J. Seeley. Born 4-3-1846, died 1-21-1924 - Born in PA, a farmer. (1880 Hector Census) - Civil War Vet, Co I, 65th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted at Auburn. Mustered in 4-4-1865; mustered out with company 7-17-1865 at Halls Hill VA. disability
ABBEY, Lettie (Redner). Born 1822, died 1-16-1908 - Dau of Abner and Margaret (Douglass) Redner
ABBEY, Marilda J. (Seeley). Spouse of Emmons J. Born 1853, died 1904 - Dau of Charles and Sarah (Swimler) Seeley, born in PA. Wed in 1872. (1880 Hector Census)
ABBEY, Marvin H. Born 1822, died 7-30-1909
ABBEY, Pauline (Whitmire). Born 4-2-1927, died 12-7-1971 - Dau of Ernest and Rebecca (Anders) Whitmire
ABBEY, Randy H. Spouse of Patti K. Stanford. Born 10-10-1961, died 1-7-2010. Age: 48 - Son of Hugh J. and H. Virginia (Lewis) Abbey. Wed 10-3-1981 in Whitesville NY, 3 daughters.
ABBEY, Violet M. (Dean). Spouse of ? Miller/ Hugh J. Born 3-21-1934, died 4-26-2010. Age: 76 - Dau of Meldon C. and Hannah A. (Lewis) Dean, born in Tyler PA. 10 children surnamed Miller. Wed Hugh 2-2-1980 in Painted Post NY.
ABBOT, Lucy. Born 8-15-1890, died 1-6-1970
ABBOTT, Lee. Born 1883, died 10-4-1947
AGAR, Ruth R. (Reynolds). Spouse of Robert Ordway/ H. Gordon. Born 2-19-1911, died 7-29-2008. Age: 97 - Dau of William and Rose (Kellner) Reynolds. Born in Spring Mills NY, a teacher. Robert died in 1954, 1 child. Wed Gordon 2-9-1962 in Ulysses.
ALABAUGH, Ernest L. Born 1954, died 11-8-1962
ALLEN, Anna (Evans). Born 1861, died 3-25-1946
ALLEN, Bernice C. Born 7-29-1895, died 7-5-1963
ALLEN, Charles. Spouse of Ella M. Carpenter. Born 6-5-1853, died 8-20-1942 - (1880-1920 Bingham Census)
ALLEN, Cyrenus M. Born 1839, died 2-10-1916
ALLEN, Ella (Carpenter). Spouse of Charles. Born 5-1862, died 1900 - (1900 Bingham Census) Death date could also be 1901 - unsure
ALLEN, Emily. Spouse of Ezra. Born 1819, died 1899 - (1880 Bingham Census)
ALLEN, Ezra. Spouse of Emily. Born 1805, died 1882 - (1880 Bingham Census)
ALLEN, Nettie M. Born 1835, died 8-25-1913
ALVORD, Edmund A. Spouse of Laura Burt. Born 1797, died 1866 - (in the 1840 Ulysses Census) Born in CT. (1850 Ulysses Census)
ALVORD, Elvira. Born 1829, died ??
ALVORD, James. Born 1837, died 7-15-1864 - Son of Edmund and Laura (Burt) Alvord. (1850 Ulysses Census) - Civil War. Co D, 148th PA Vols, Pvt. Died from wounds, 7-15-1864.
ALVORD, Laura A. (Burt). Spouse of Edmund A. Born 1797, died 1868 - Sister of Anson Stearns Burt. Born in MA. (1850 Ulysses Census)
ALVORD, Sarah. Born 1839, died 1896 - Dau of Edmund and Laura (Burt) Alvord. (1850 Ulysses Census)
AMIDON, Claude. Born 1-8-1885, died 8-8-1966
AMOS, Merrald S. [Bud]. Spouse of Marie T. Chapman. Born 11-8-1929, died 8-12-2011. Age: 81 - Son of Merrald Sage and Maud Elizabeth (Pierson) Amos, born in Cheltenham PA. Wed 8-5-1950 in Cheltenham, four children.
ANDERSON, Anna. Born 1872, died 2-25-1915
ANDERSON, Clifford. Born 1891, died 8-28-1916
ANDERSON, Esther (McCloud). Spouse of Frederick J. Born 5-16-1894, died 1-11-1943
ANDERSON, Frederick J. Spouse of Esther McCloud. Born 5-22-1881, died 9-23-1958
ANDRUS, Helen. Born 1871, died 7-31-1930
ANGOOD, Almon Lewis. Spouse of Lois E. Dence. Born 9-9-1926, died 2-28-1999. Age: 72 - Son of Lewis W. and Kathryn (Lehman) Angood. Born in Potter Co PA, died in San Carlos CA. At least two children. - WW II Vet, US Army Air Forces, PFC
ANGOOD, Arlie D. Born 1-18-1895, died 6-21-1931
ANGOOD, Clatie. Born 10-24-1880, died 12-28-1880
ANGOOD, David L. Spouse of Lorraine Hamilton. Born 2-16-1949, died 12-14-2021. Age: 72 - Son of Almon L. and Lois E. (Dence) Angood. Born in Wellsville NY, lived in Ulysses PA, died in Coudersport PA. A dairy farmer for 55 years. Wed 9-6-1969 in West Bingham PA, four children. (Spouse survives)
ANGOOD, Dexter R. Spouse of Gladys B. Buck. Born 8-1-1924, died 9-24-2003 - Son of Arlie and Lelia Lehman Angood, born in Ulysses Twp. Wed 4-2-1943 in Ulysses PA, 3 children. Wed for 60 years
ANGOOD, Gladys B. (Buck). Spouse of Dexter R. Born 9-25-1924, died 5-23-2008. Age: 83 - Dau of Lawrence E. and Mabel (Evans) Buck, Born in Ulysses. Wed 4-2-1943 in Ulysses, 3 children.
ANGOOD, Kathryn (Lehman). Born 4-26-1883, died 2-20-1942
ANGOOD, Lewis W. Spouse of Marion Lehman. Born 8-2-1883, died 4-19-1968
ANGOOD, Lois Eleanor (Dence). Spouse of Almon L. Born 4-3-1927, died 11-6-1997. Age: 70 - Dau of Perry L. and Nellie D. (Dawson) Dence. Born in NY, died in Plains MT. At least two children.
ANGOOD, Lottie. Born 4-1892, died 11-1-1892
ANGOOD, Maggie A. Born 1900, died ??
ANGOOD, Marion (Lehman). Spouse of Lewis W. Born 10-29-1878, died 10-24-1919
ANGOOD, R. R. Born 4-9-1856, died 6-12-1928
ANGOOD, Richard L. Spouse of Ruth K. Monroe. Born 2-17-1908, died 2-27-2007. Age: 99 - Son of Lewis W. and Marian (Lehman) Angood. Born in Ulysses, d. Coudersport, a dairy farmer. Wed 11-23-1927 in Scio NY
ANGOOD, Ronald A. [Butch]. Spouse of Not named. Born 7-9-1946, died 12-24-2015. Age: 69 - Son of Dexter R. and Gladys C. (Buck) Angood born in Wellsboro PA, died in Buffalo NY. An educator and counselor. Three children - Cold War Vet, US Army. Served in Korea
ANGOOD, Rose Isabell (Burley). Born 2-19-1859, died 3-24-1917 - Dau of Dexter P. and Charlotte O. (Bailey) Burley
ANGOOD, Ruth K. (Monroe). Spouse of Richard L. Born ??, died 2001 - Wed 11-23-1927 in Scio NY.
ANSERMER, Ava G. Born 11-29-1887, died ??
ANTHONY, Barbara J. Spouse of Richard E. Born 11-23-1934, died 4-25-2007. Age: 72 - Dau of E. Rex and Iva (Lane) VanEtten. Born in Harrison Valley, PA, d. Wellsville, NY (Jones Mem Hosp). Wed 6-04-1954 in Harrison Valley, PA
ANTHONY, Kim Marie. Born 9-18-1956, died 12-8-1964 - Dau of Richard E. and Barbara J. (VanEtten) Anthony
ANTHONY, Richard E. Spouse of Barbara J. Van Etten. Born 6-22-1932, died 12-27-2014 - Son of Alfred W. and Martha (Hammond) Anthony, Born in Westfield PA, died in Wellsville NY. Wed 6-4-1932 in Harrison Valley, 1 daughter - Korean War Vet, US Army
ARNOLD, Ina F. (Bailey). Spouse of Brutis. Born 10-2-1877, died 10-25-1925
ATHERTON, Alva. Born 1877, died 5-22-1945 - Son of Harrison L. and Frances (Carpenter) Atherton. (1920 Ulysses Census)
ATHERTON, Frances (Carpenter). Spouse of Harrison L. Born 1-1854, died 8-1-1930 - (1920 Ulysses Census)
ATHERTON, Harrison L. Spouse of Frances Carpenter. Born 9-22-1853, died 7-24-1924 - (1920 Ulysses Census)
AUSTIN, Gail. Born 5-5-1959, died 5-8-1959
AUSTIN, Larry J. Born 1-12-1941, died 1-12-
BABCOCK, Anna E. Born 12-9-1833, died 1-27-1916 - 1900 Bingham Census: Widowed
BABCOCK, M. M. Born 3-14-1830, died 1-21-1887
BACHMAN, James R. Spouse of Pauline Solms. Born 5-12-1910, died 6-3-2003. Age: 93 - Son of Rudolf and Agnes (Duvall) Bachman. Born in Wapakoneta OH, a teacher. Wed 7-20-1935 in Wapakoneta OH, 13 children.
BAILEY, Archibald M. Born 1876, died ?? - Son of Myron W. and Susan P. (Davidson) Bailey
BAILEY, Catharine [Kate]. Spouse of George P. Born 10-15-1844, died 11-17-1912 - Born in Wash DC. (1880 Hector Census)
BAILEY, George Parker. Spouse of Kate. Born 3-13-1837, died 5-14-1927 - Son of Roswell and Lucy M. (Johnson) Bailey. Born in PA, a farmer. (1860 Bingham, 1880 Hector Census)
BAILEY, Harlan. Born 11-26-1915, died 2-21-1918
BAILEY, Leon. Born 1881, died bf. 1887 - Son of Myron W. and Susan P. (Davidson) Bailey
BAILEY, Maude E. Born 10-7-1883, died 1-9-1967
BAILEY, Myron Wait. Spouse of Susan P. Davidaon. Born 3-25-1841, died 7-3-1912 - Son of Roswell and Lucy M. (Johnson) Bailey. Born in Charleston, Tioga Co. PA, a farmer. (1860 Bingham, 1880 Hector Census)
BAILEY, Roswell Wilson, Jr. Spouse of Marilla Lucy Johnson. Born 2-21-1812, died 5-17-1879 - Son of Roswell W., Sr.and Lucinda (Clark) Bailey, born in Tioga Co PA. Wed 5-2-1833.
BAILEY, Susan Permelia (Davidson). Spouse of Myron R. Born 1845, died 10-12-1898 - Born at Afton, Chenango Co. NY. Wed 1-1-1866
BAILEY, Thomas. Born 1885, died bf 1892 - Son of Myron W. and Susan P. (Davidson) Bailey
BAILEY, Vine B. Born 6-1-1854, died ?? - Son of Roswell and Lucy M. (Johnson) Bailey. Born in PA, a farmer. (1860 Bingham, 1880 Hector Census)
BAILEY, William D. Spouse of Edna M. Born 1-4-1880, died 8-5-1837 - Son of Myron W. and Susan P. (Davidson) Bailey, a farmer. (1920 Hector Census)
BAKER. Born 12-5-1944, died 12-5-1944. Age: Infant
BAKER, Albert W. [Joe]. Spouse of Clara E Wright. Born 10-21-1878, died 2-28-1971 - Born in PA, a farmer. Wed 1-1900. (1920 Hector Census)
BAKER, Alfred E. Spouse of Hattie E. Bassett. Born 1853, died 2-6-1926
BAKER, Alice S. Born 1885, died 1887
BAKER, Andrew. Spouse of Arzuba Lewis. Born 5-28-1828, died 7-21-1915 - Son of Benjamin and Mahala (Cronk) Baker. (1850, 1889 Ulysses Census)
BAKER, Archie. Born 1884, died 1884
BAKER, Azuba (Lewis). Spouse of Andrew. Born 7-5-1897, died 6-21-1928 - Dau of Seth and Sally (Cook) Lewis, born in Broome Co NY. Wed 7-5-1897
BAKER, Benjamin. Spouse of Mahala Cronk. Born 12-3-1794, died 4-28-1876 - (in the 1840 Ulysses Census)
BAKER, C. Val. Born 12-13-1886, died 8-21-1910
BAKER, Clara E. (Wright). Spouse of Albert W. Born 1877, died 8-28-1957 - Born in PA. Wed 1-1900. (1920 Hector Census)
BAKER, Emerson. Spouse of Ella E. Born 2-1855, died 1-8-1912 - (1900 Bingham Census)
BAKER, Ernest E. Born 1908, died 11-7-1970 - Son of Raymond and Lou (Kirkendall) Baker.
BAKER, Eugene. Born 5-10-1846, died 8-20-1910
BAKER, Frank. Born 2-19-1853, died 2-3-1912
BAKER, Fred. Born ??, died 8-4-1928 - Son of Andrew and Arzuba (Lewis) Baker.
BAKER, George B. Spouse of Angeline N. Born 1826, died 1885-7 - Son of Benjamin and Mahala (Cronk) Baker. (1850, 1880 Ulysses Census)
BAKER, Hattie Eliza (Bassett). Spouse of Alfred. Born 10-20-1862, died 7-10-1924 - Dau of Orrin R. and Zerua (Lewis) Bassett, born in PA.Wed 9-4-1881 in Ulysses. (1880 Coudersport Census)
BAKER, Kate G. Born 1888, died 10-28-1892
BAKER, Lou M. (Kirkendall). Spouse of Raymond. Born 1-14-1887, died 9-18-1964 - Wed 10-23-1904
BAKER, Mahala (Cronk). Spouse of Benjamin. Born ??, died ??
BAKER, Nancy (Gates). Born 10-22-1844, died 2-4-1925
BAKER, Nora P. Born 1879, died 1879
BAKER, Ray. Born 1876, died 1879
BAKER, Raymond H. Spouse of Lou M. Kirkendall. Born 3-9-1881, died 6-12-1947 - Wed 10-23-1904
BAKER, Rosena M. Born 1836, died 7-8-1913
BAKER, Stella (Hosley). Spouse of Fred. Born 12-30-1852, died 2-23-1922 - Wed 8-8-1874 at Lewisville.
BALDWIN, George. Spouse of Mary Wadsworth. Born 2-7-1843, died 3-9-1935 - Wed 12-24-1869. Boarding with Charles - R Crowell family. (1920 Ulysses Census)
BALDWIN, John. Spouse of Helen Crowell. Born 1874, died 3-1-1933 - Son of George Baldwin. (1920 Ulysses Census)
BALDWIN, John. Spouse of Mary S. Born 11-9-1828, died 5-3-1891
BALDWIN, Margaret (Gibson). Born ??, died ??
BALDWIN, Mary (Wadsworth). Spouse of George. Born 4-7-1850, died 2-9-1907 - Wed 12-24-1869.
BALDWIN, Mary S. Spouse of John. Born 4-14-1838, died 10-31-1906
BALDWIN, Ronald A. Spouse of Ann Mericle. Born 1-21-1951, died 9-6-2004. Age: 53 - Son of Reinhard Paske and Grace Penfield and Adoptive parents Walter and Ruth Baldwin
BARBER, Iva. Born 1857, died 6-28-1929
BARBER, Larry E. Spouse of Alice M. Shutt. Born 9-22-1958, died 3-12-2016. Age: 57 - Son of Ernest E. and Doris (Buckley) Barber, born in Montour Falls NY, died in Sayre PA, lived in Ulysses. Wed 1-31-1981 in Harrison Valley PA, two sons. (She sruvives)
BARBER, Myron P. Born 1851, died 2-4-1929
BARKER, Agnes. Spouse of John. Born 1872, died 8-20-1895
BARKER, Alice (Monroe). Spouse of Theodorus V. Born 3-30-1850, died 12-25-1916 - Dau of Charles and Betsey A. (Burt) Monroe. Born in PA. Wed in 1868, 7 children. (1850 Bingham Census)
BARKER, Bettie (Monroe). Spouse of Charles M. Born 1-25-1875, died 10-23-1952 - Born in PA. (1920 Lewisville Census)
BARKER, Betty (Jeam). Born 10-2-1929, died 8-25-1933
BARKER, Bruce J. Born 7-19-1932, died 8-24-1933
BARKER, Charles M. Spouse of Bettie Monroe. Born 4-12-1871, died 8-7-1962 - Son of Theodorus and Alice (Monroe) Barker. Born in NY, a butcher. (1880 Bingham, 1920 Lewisville Census)
BARKER, Charles R. Spouse of Edith R. Ahearn. Born 8-23-1923, died 1-11-2014. Age: 90 - Son of Arling M. and Rosa (Howe) Barker. Born in North Bingham PA, a farmer. Wed 11-17-1948 in Coudersport, 7 cildren
BARKER, David L. Born 9-27-1950, died 9-27-1950 - Son of Charles R. and Edith A. (Ahearn) Barker.
BARKER, Edith A. (Ahearn). Spouse of Charles R. Born 2-5-1928, died 3-9-2010. Age: 82 - Dau of John J. and Maude (Butler) Ahearn. Born in Watsontown PA, a cook and a nurse's aide. Wed 11-17-1948 in Coudersport, 8 children.
BARKER, Kirk E. Born 8-24-1942, died 8-24-1942
BARKER, Theodorus VanTine. Spouse of Alice Monroe. Born 9-26-1844, died 4-11-1925 - Son of John & Mary (Goodrich) Barker. Wed in 5-26-1867 in Ulysses PA, 7 children. - Civil War Vet, Co I, 155th PA Vols, Pvt. Discharged on Surgeon's Certificate on February 18, 1863.
BARNES, Edward C. Born 2-9-1860, died 11-23-1928
BARNES, John. Born 10-17-1831, died 6-11-1905 - Civil War Vet, Co D, 53rd PA Vols, Pvt.
BARNES, Margaret (Fox). Born 1838, died 12-16-1907
BARNES, Velva. Born 1893, died 5-25-1906
BARNHART, Mae. Born ??, died 5-9-1937
BARSE, Jacob. Spouse of Margaret. Born 5-8-1801, died 9-9-1887 - (1880 Ulysses Census)
BARSE, Margaret. Spouse of Jacob. Born 4-7-1807, died 8-29-1887 - Born in NY, a tanner and currier. (1880 Ulysses Census)
BARTHOLOMEW, Leon. Born 10-2-1948, died 8-31-1964
BARTLETT, Edith Mae (Cornish). Spouse of Harold Levi. Born 11-11-1915, died 5-2-2007. Age: 91 - Dau of Frank and Carrie (Lewis) Cornish. Born in Harrison Valley PA, d. Hornell NY (St. James Mercy Hosp). Wed 4-22-1935 in Andover NY, 2 daughters
BARTLETT, George. Born ??, died ??
BARTLETT, Harold Levi. Spouse of Edith M. Cornish. Born 7-5-1911, died 9-22-1988 - Son of Levi Jacob and Lottie Rosanna (Hayes) Bartlett, born in Farmersvill NY. Wed 4-22-1935 in Andover NY.
BARTLETT, Minnie. Born ??, died ??
BARTLETT, Sabra. Born ??, died ??
BARTOO, DeForest. Spouse of Lina Douglas. Born 10-13-1886, died 6-16-1955 - A teacher. Wed 12-23-1913.
BARTOO, Lina M. (Douglas). Spouse of DeForest. Born 10-17-1887, died 4-9-1937 - Wed 12-23-1913.
BARTOO, Mary E. Spouse of Ronald A. Born 4-8-1922, died 4-14-1997. Age: 75 - Born and died in PA. - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps CPL
BARTOO, Ronald A. Spouse of Mary E. (). Born 8-27-1917, died 6-4-1999. Age: 81 - Son of Herbert R. and Mary E. (Hendrickson) Bartoo. Born in Mills PA, died in Coudersport PA. - WW II Vet, US Army, Sgt
BASSETT, Belle (Bennett). Born 11-15-1876, died 8-10-1949
BASSETT, Belle B. Born 1882, died 8-22-1910
BASSETT, Cassie Marilda. Born 9-10-1890, died 9-28-1931 - Dau of William A. and Oreal (Seeley) Bassett, born in Ulysses. (1880 Ulysses Census)
BASSETT, Charles Reed. Born 5-25-1884, died 3-23-1952 - Son of William A. and Oreal (Seeley) Bassett, born in Ulysses, a farmer. (1920 Lewisville Census)
BASSETT, Clarissa (Cady) [Cassie]. Spouse of Edwin H. Born 2-23-1849, died 7-11-1908 - Born in Bainbridge, Chenanco Co. NY.
BASSETT, Edwin Henry. Spouse of Clarissa Cady. Born 9-21-1842, died 3-31-1915 - Son of Orrin R. and Eliza (Wolcott) Bassett. Wed 7-16-1867 in Raymond PA. (1850, 1880 Ulysses Census) - Civil War Vet
BASSETT, Florence Isabell. Born 11-15-1894, died 6-19-1937 - Dau of William A. and Oreal (Seeley) Bassett, born in Ulysses.
BASSETT, George E. Born 12-19-1900, died 3-28-1968
BASSETT, Lettie Mae. Born 8-18-1881, died 6-9-1954 - Dau of William A. and Oreal (Seeley) Bassett, born in Ulysses. (1920 Lewisville Census)
BASSETT, Louisa () Hackett. Spouse of ? Hackett/ Orrin R. Born 1810, died ?? - 3rd wife of Orrin. Wed 10-31-1876 in Ulysses PA
BASSETT, Mary E. Born 1884, died 1885
BASSETT, Orael (Seeley). Spouse of William A. Born 12-22-1862, died 11-17-1940 - Charles and Sarah (Swimler) Seeley, born in Hector Twp., a telephone operator. (1920 Lewisville Census)
BASSETT, Orrin H. Born 1870, died 4-21-1947 - Son of Edwin H. and Cassie (Cady) Bassett. (1880 Ulysses Census)
BASSETT, Orrin Reed. Spouse of Eliza Wolcott/ Zerua Lewis/ Louisa Hackett. Born 9-3-1812, died 11-10-1887 - Son of Eliada and Susan (Reed) Bassett, born in Berkshire Co, MA. Wed Eliza 9-2-1834 in CT. Wed Zerua 3-27-1856, 3 children. Wed Louisa 10-31-1876. (1850 Ulysses Census)
BASSETT, William Allison. Spouse of Oreal Seeley. Born 6-19-1857, died 4-24-1898 - Son of Orrin R. and Zerua (Lewis) Bassett. Wed 10-13-1880 in Potter Co., 8 children
BASSETT, William Edwin. Born 3-18-1874, died 9-22-1958 - Son of Edwin H. and Cassie (Cady) Bassett. (1880 Ulysses Census)
BAUMGARNER, Ann B. (Burnette). Spouse of Lowell K. Born 6-13-1934, died 9-8-2010. Age: 76 - Dau of Henry C. and Annie L. (Daugherty) Burnette. Born in Walnut Cove NC, worked in Northern Potter Schools. Wed 4-7-1954 in Toccoa GA, four children.
BAUMGARNER, Ava Dorothy (Lucas). Spouse of David C. Born 7-4-1922, died 8-29-2003. Age: 81 - Dau of Pearl and Ruth (Rice) Lucas, born in Ulysses. Wed 1-18-1941 in Belmont NY, 3 children.
BAUMGARNER, David Clayton. Spouse of Ava D. Lucas. Born 9-25-1922, died 6-14-2012. Age: 89 - Son of David T. and Esther (Pennington) Baumgarner, born in Coudersport, the youngest of 11 children. Wed 1-18-1931 in Belmont NY, four children. - WW II Vet, US Army
BAUMGARNER, Dewey E. Spouse of Majorie M. Lucas. Born 1-29-1920, died 12-18-2005. Age: 85 - Son of David T. and Esther (Pennington) Baumgarner, Wed 7-20-1940 in Gainesboro VA, 3 children
BAUMGARNER, Lowell K. Spouse of Ann Burnette. Born 12-21-1935, died 6-2-2017. Age: 81 - Son of Obed M. and Edith O. (Plemmons) Baumgarner. Born in Coudersport PA, lived and died in Ulysses PA. Worked 30 yearsfor PennDOT. Wed 4-7-1954 in Toccoa GA, four children.
BAUMGARNER, Majorie M. (Lucas). Spouse of Dewey E. Born 3-3-1920, died 12-1-2004. Age: 84 - Dau of Pearl and Ruth (Rice) Lucas, born in Ulysses. Wed 7-20-1940 in Gainesboro VA, 3 children
BAXTER, Clarence, Dr. Born 6-26-1910, died 10-26-1970 - Medical Doctor.
BEAN, Bertie. Born 1876, died 1880
BEAN, Eddie. Born 1873, died 1880
BEAN, Homer. Born 1879, died 1880
BECKHORN, Creed E. Born 7-9-1900, died 12-16-1974
BEDELYON, Alice L. Spouse of Merle C. Born 3-22-1946, died 5-25-2002. Age: 76 - Dau of Leon M. and Grace (Page) Monroe. Born in Hector Tshp PA d. Ulysses PA
BEHRMAN, Bertha. Born 1873, died 4-27-1932
BEHRMAN, Della H. Born 1884, died 9-14-1972
BEHRMAN, George. Born 1869, died 5-31-1949 - Son of Herman and Mary Behrman, born in PA. (1880 Glade Twp., Warren Co. PA Census)
BEHRMAN, Herman D. Born 1878, died 2-26-1944 - Son of Herman and Mary Behrman, born in PA. (1880 Glade Twp., Warren Co. PA Census)
BEILING, Margaret. Born 1885, died 12-16-1907
BELKNAP, Charles E. Born 1855, died 10-9-1911
BELKNAP, Cora. Born ??, died ??
BELKNAP, George. Born ??, died 5-31-1931
BELL, Margery Jean (Howe). Spouse of Enoch F. Born 6-8-1946, died 7-22-2017. Age: 71 - Dau of Richard and Jean Howe. Born in Wellsboro PA, lived in Moraga CA, died in South Ogden UT. A nurse. Wed 7-23-1966, two children. (Spouse survives)
BELL, Susan Foster. Born 12-1-1952, died 10-6-2000. Age: 47 - - Cold War Vet, US Navy, ET3
BENEDICT, Harold M. [Bennie]. Spouse of Marguerite Bickford. Born 4-28-1912, died 7-4-1997 - Wed 10-26-1948 in Coudersport.
BENEDICT, Marguerite L. (Bickford). Spouse of Tony Pulveno/ Harold M. Born 5-16-1916, died 5-13-2013. Age: 96 - Dau of Lee C. [Chester Lee] and Florence (Perkins) Bickford. Born in Ulysses, a nurse. One daughter with Tony. Wed Harold 10-26-1948 in Coudersport, 1 daughter.
BENN, Anna. Born 1853, died 1-16-1937
BENN, Effie E. Born 1870, died 10-7-1910
BENN, Marcene. Born 1851, died 1-23-1948
BENNETT, Clare (Gridley). Spouse of Fred E. Born 5-2-1871, died 9-4-1949 - Dau of Henry A. and Nancy (Bennett) Gridley. (1920 Ulysses Census)
BENNETT, Fred E. Spouse of Clara Gridley. Born 7-28-1867, died 6-1-1920 - Born in IL, a theater owner. (1920 Ulysses Census)
BENNETT, Jennie. Born 1883, died 8-9-1961
BENNETT, Judy A. (Hosley). Spouse of Ronald G. Born 7-22-1943, died 4-22-2014. Age: 70 - Dau of Vincent M. and Margaret E. (Gazdag) Hosley, born in Buffalo NY. Wed 10-21-1961 in Ulysses, 3 sons
BENNITT, A. Bython. Spouse of Lula A. Thompson. Born 9-21-1878, died 9-22-1950 - Born in PA, a farmer. (Name is spelled Bennett in 1920 Ulysses Census)
BENNITT, Abram. Born 7-1840, died 11-4-1877 - Son of Atlas B. and Clarissa (Goff) Bennitt. Born in NY.
BENNITT, Atlas Bithon. Spouse of Clarissa Goff. Born 4-16-1817, died 11-25-1876 - Of typhoid.
BENNITT, Bessie. Born 12-27-1881, died 6-25-1895
BENNITT, Clarissa (Goff). Spouse of Atlas Bithon. Born 3-23-1822, died 6-12-1890
BENNITT, George Washington. Spouse of Sarah L. Burtis. Born 2-15-1844, died 8-3-1934 - Son of Atlas B. and Clarissa (Goff) Bennitt. Born in Big Flats NY.
BENNITT, Lula A. (Thompson). Spouse of A. Bython. Born 1880, died 2-17-1956 - Born in PA. (Name is spelled Bennett in 1920 Ulysses Census)
BENNITT, Lula C. [Polly]. Born 12-31-1922, died 5-10-2012. Age: 89 - Dau of Bython and Lula Thompson Bennitt. Born in Ulysses, worked 45 yrs in banking.
BENNITT, Sarah L. (Burtis). Spouse of George W. Born 3-2-1852, died 5-22-1923 - Dau of Woolsey and Mary J. (Potter) Burtis
BENNITT, W. Burt. Born 7-21-1885, died 3-28-1975
BENSON, Burr W. Born 1877, died 2-7-1916 - Son of William W. and Lora C. Benson.
BENSON, Hattie (Conable). Born 1870, died 1-8-1921
BENWAY, Richard E. Born Feb.1914, died 6-20-1914
BERNAUER, Carrie (Stillman). Born 10-19-1864, died 5-1-1924
BERNAUER, Morris. Born 6-2-1867, died 10-31-1951
BEST, Catherine. Born 1890, died 6-5-1968
BEST, Paul C. Born 1887, died 2-11-1970
BICE, Aaron. Spouse of Mary E. Hopkins. Born 1-3-1828, died 5-28-1895 - Son of John A. and Martha Bice, born in Westford, Ostego Co. NY. Wed 12-30-1850. (1870 Bingham Census)
BICE, Arthur H. Spouse of Nettie Reynolds. Born 9-1-1861, died 2-9-1922 - Son of Aaron and Mary E. (Hopkins) Bice. (1900 Bingham, 1920 Lewisville Census)
BICE, Gertrude S. Spouse of Fred F. Born 6-2-1891, died 2-25-1972 - Fred is son of Arthur H. and Nettie (Reynolds) Bice. (1920 Lewisville Census)
BICE, Hannah E. Spouse of Newman. Born 3-1856, died 11-24-1932 - (1900 Bingham Census)
BICE, Mary E. (Hopkins). Spouse of Aaron. Born 10-22-1833, died 6-24-1910 - Dau of Horace and Sally Hopkins, born in NY. Wed 12-20-1850. (1900 Bingham Census: Mother of Arthur H.)
BICE, Nettie (Reynolds). Spouse of Arthur H. Born 9-24-1865, died 8-4-1939 - Born in PA. (1920 Lewisville Census)
BICE, Newman. Spouse of Hannah E. Born 1-1856, died 5-27-1932 - (1900 Bingham Census)
BICKFORD, Arlene May (Rees). Spouse of Keith A. Born 8-31-1921, died 10-6-2013. Age: 92 - Wed 4-3-1940 in Coudersport, 1 son
BICKFORD, Florence E. (Perkins). Spouse of Lee C. Born 1890, died 3-28-1968
BICKFORD, Gary Vaughn, Sr. Spouse of Patricia A. Smith. Born 4-9-1941, died 6-23-2005. Age: 64 - Son of Keith A. and Arlene M. (Rees) Bickford. Born in Coudersport PA. Wed 4-22-1962, 4 children
BICKFORD, Keith Arthur. Spouse of Beverly Booth/ Arlene Rees. Born 12-6-1918, died 9-22-1985 - Son of Chester Lee and Florence (Perkins) Bickford. Born in Potter Co, d. Erie PA. Wed Arlene 4-3-1940 in Coudersport, 1 son
BICKFORD, Lee C. Spouse of Florence Perkins. Born 1-17-1884, died 12-17-1924 - Son of George E. and Edith (Randall) Bickford. (1900 Hebron Census)
BIRKETT, Elizabeth. Born 1833, died 3-25-1916
BIRKETT, Raymond. Born 1939, died 7-27-1939. Age: Child
BIRKETT, Raymond. Born 1908, died 1960
BISHOP, Edna (Howe). Spouse of Fred M. Born 1-24-1881, died 6-24-1938 - Dau of Asa Alonzo and Emma J. (Worden) Howe, born in Ulysses.
BISHOP, Edwin. Born 1870, died 4-20-1926 - Son of Thomas and Frances (Utter) Bishop.
BISHOP, Emma. Born 9-16-1866, died 4-12-1880
BISHOP, Eugene H. Spouse of Elizabeth M. Barse. Born 9-4-1835, died 8-29-1904 - George W. and Susannah (Southworth) Bishop, born in NY. (1880 Ulysses Census) - Civil War Vet, Co A, 104th NY Inf, Pvt.
BISHOP, Frances (Utter). Spouse of Thomas E. Born 3-30-1845, died 4-17-1915 - (1900 Bingham Census)
BISHOP, Fred Myrtle. Spouse of Edna Howe. Born 4-7-1871, died 4-24-1958 - Son of Abel and Angeline (Lewis) Bishop. (1900 Bingham Census)
BISHOP, George L. Spouse of Mary Kibbe. Born 1869, died 4-13-1927 - (1920 Ulysses Census)
BISHOP, Louise E. (White). Spouse of Rockwell O. Born 5-8-1890, died 6-24-1962 - Dau of ? and Emma White. Wed 4-21-1917 at Ulysses.
BISHOP, Mary H. (Kibbe). Spouse of George L. Born 1870, died 7-6-1955 - (1920 Ulysses Census)
BISHOP, Thomas E. Spouse of Frances Utter. Born 12-1840, died 12-21-1906 - (1900 Bingham Census)
BISHOP, Wayne Eugene. Spouse of Marie Gillis. Born 6-21-1900, died 11-1-1961 - Son of George L. and Mary (Kibbe) Bishop. (1920 Ulysses Census)
BLACKMAN, Amanda Wagoner (Mrs.). Spouse of Orman L. Born 9-22-1859, died ?? Born in NY. Wed 9-14-1908. (1920 Lewisville Census)
BLACKMAN, Arthur. Born 1881, died 4-15-1944
BLACKMAN, Betsey. Spouse of Nicholas. Born 4-7-1844, died 4-24-1872
BLACKMAN, Betsey (Smith). Spouse of Dennis. Born 7-21-1806, died 10-21-1884. Age: 78y 2m 26d - Born in NY. (1850 Allegany, 1880 Hector Census)
BLACKMAN, Cora. Born ??, died 1906
BLACKMAN, Dennis. Spouse of Betsey Smith. Born 11-21-1803, died 6-21-1884 - Son of James and Elizabeth (Andrews) Blackman, born in Richmond, Berkshire Co. MA. (1850 Allegany, 1880 Hector Census)
BLACKMAN, Eliphlet. Spouse of Mary A. Shoff. Born 4-1-1826, died 6-16-1909 - Son of Dennis and Betsey (Smith) Blackman, born in Lisle, Broome Co NY. Wed 3-2-1850 in Elkland PA
BLACKMAN, Ella (Chilson). Spouse of William H. Born 11-4-1855, died 7-31-1923 - Dau of William Alonzo and Louisa (Hosley) Chilson, born in Ulysses PA. Wed 1879 in Windham Co, VT. (1920 Lewisville Census)
BLACKMAN, George. Born 1893, died 1904
BLACKMAN, George Titus. Born 6-3-1859, died 7-21-1862 - Son of of Eliphet and Mary A. (Shoff) Blackman, born in Hector Twp. PA
BLACKMAN, Henry W. Spouse of Ruth Viola Tice. Born 11-11-1888, died 5-31-1956 - Son of William H. and Ella (Chilson) Blackman. Wed 12-15-1915 in Corning NY.
BLACKMAN, Howard. Born 1931, died 11-3-1932
BLACKMAN, James. Born 1831, died 5-8-1863 - Son of Dennis and Betsey (Smith) Blackman. Born in NY. (1850 Allegany Census) - Civil War Vet, Co H 46th Inf PA Vols
BLACKMAN, Mary Ann (Schoff). Spouse of Eliphet. Born 9-19-1830, died 4-20-1916 - Born in Elkland PA. Wed 3-2-1850 in Elkland PA
BLACKMAN, Mary E. Born 3-18-1881, died 8-8-1883
BLACKMAN, Myrtle V. Born 6-11-1865, died 3-18-1881 - Dau of Eliphet and Mary A. (Shoff) Blackman, born in PA. (1880 Lewisville Census)
BLACKMAN, Ormon L. Spouse of Amanda Wagoner. Born 10-17-1841, died 10-6-1925 Son of Dennis and Betsey (Smith) Blackman, born in Willet, Cortland Co. NY. Wed 9-14-1908. (1850 Allegany, 1920 Lewisville Census) - Civil War Vet, Co H 46th Inf PA Vols
BLACKMAN, Rhody (Flynn). Born 1850, died 1-27-1893
BLACKMAN, Viola (Gardner). Born 1907, died 8-7-1934
BLACKMAN, William Henry. Spouse of Ella Chilson. Born 1853, died 1-25-1920 Son of of Eliphet and Mary A. (Shoff) Blackman, born in Ulysses PA. Wed 1879 in Windham Co, VT. A laborer. (1920 Lewisville Census)
BLADES, Yvonne. Born 10-7-1958, died 10-14-1958
BLAKE, Dona I (Garner). Spouse of Henry K. Born 11-6-1931, died 3-20-2015. Age: 83 - Dau of Leonard and Violet (Carl) Garner, born in Whitesville NY, died in Coudersport PA. Wed 11-10-1953 in Ulysses, 5 children
BLAKE, George W. Born 12-9-??, died 1964 - Prob son of George and Myrtle (Neefe) Blake
BLAKE, Harold. Born 3-17-1909, died 1-12-1972 - Son of George and Myrtle (Neefe) Blake
BLAKE, Henry K. Spouse of Dona I. Garner. Born 3-11-1933, died 3-1-2015. Age: 81 - Son of Robert O. and Gladys A. (Cowburn) Blake, born in Ulysses PA< died in Coudersport PA. Wed 11-10-1953 in Ulysses, f children. Worked 29 yrs for PennDOT.
BLAKE, Lawrence L. Born 8-30-1903, died 8-26-1962 - Son of George and Myrtle (Neefe) Blake
BLAKE, Mabel (Genung). Spouse of Harry. Born 11-13-1895, died 9-20-1972 - Wed 9-20-1916. (1920 Ulysses Census)
BLAKE, Myrtle (Neefe). Spouse of George. Born 7-7-1873, died 12-18-1929 - Dau of Adolph Conrad and Emma (Neefe) Neefe, born in WI, died in PA. Wed 10-22-1890, 12 children.
BLAKE, Robert C. Born 1931, died 7-18-1954 - Son of Robert O. and Gladys A. (Cowburn) Blake
BLAKE, Robert O. Spouse of Gladys A. Cowburn. Born 2-17-1907, died 4-27-1987 - Son of George and Myrtle (Neefe) Blake
BLANCHARD, Stella. Born 9-25-1879, died 12-16-1931 - (1900 Sharon Census)
BLISH, Mabel (Shattuck). Spouse of. Born 1890, died 8-9-1965 - Of Worcester NY. Wed 8-7-1907
BLISH, Rev. Frank M. Spouse of Mary Whiteford/ Mabel Shattuck. Born 1874, died 11-24-1950 - Son of Henry M. and Cornelia (Terrell) Blish. Born in Deposit, NY, Methodist minister. Wed Mary in 1890, Mable on 8-7-1907
BLOW, Frank E. Born 1-19-1893, died 10-13-1953
BLOW, Rita L. Born 1931, died 1-15-1959
BLUE, Faire. Born 2-2-1881, died 10-14-1881
BLUE, Mary (Smith). Born 3-13-1861, died 6-11-1881
BLUE, Myra. Born 7-3-1885, died 12-31-1887
BONSER, Paul J. Spouse of Barbara S. Easterly. Born 5-29-1942, died 3-8-2019. Age: 76 - Son of Angus and Anna B. (Charron) Bonser. Born in Port Huron MI, lived in Marine City MI, died in Erie PA. Wed 6-17-1967 in Starville MI, four children. (Spouse survives) - Cold War Vet, US Air Force. 1962-1964.
BRACE, Gertrude (Trowbridge). Born 1905, died 1-10-1973
BREWSTER, Margaret Frances. Born 1899, died 1-4-1951
BREWSTER, William E. Born 9-1899, died 2-22-1951 - Son of ? And Melvina A. (Briggs) Brewster. (1900 Bingham Census)
BRIGGS, Claude. Born 1882, died 11-14-1921
BRIGGS, Diadama. Born 1863, died 5-25-1928
BRIGGS, Earnest H. Sr. Spouse of Eleanora May Baker. Born 10-17-1933, died 9-6-2019. Age: 85 - Son of Earnest and Ethel (Trimm) Briggs. Born in Brookland PA, died in Asheville NC. Wed 1-30-1952 in Eldred PA, four children. - Korea and Vietnam Vet, USMC, Gunnery Sgt. Career. 1951-1955 and 1964-1982
BRIGGS, Eleanor. Born 1808, died 7-2-1885
BRIGGS, Eleanora M. (Baker). Spouse of Earnest H. Born 10-28-1935, died 1-9-2021. Age: 85 - Dau of Donald R. and Annabelle (Snyder) Baker. Born in Potter Brook PA, lived in Potter Co and Lincolnton NC, died in Lincolnton. Wed 1-30-1952 in Eldred PA, four children.
BRIGGS, Ernest. Born 9-2-1887, died 7-8-1942
BRIGGS, Jay Wilson. Born 1860, died 2-25-1936
BRIGGS, Rozella M. Born 9-20-1910, died 9-25-1910
BRIGHAM, Bert R. Spouse of Oreal Crowell. Born 10-19-1879, died 8-29-1958 - Son of Perry and Elizabeth C. (Monroe) Brigham, born in PA, a - R - R fireman. (1880, 1920 Lewisville Census)
BRIGHAM, Carrie B. Born 1869, died 10-24-1876 - Dau of Perry and Elizabeth C. (Monroe) Brigham.
BRIGHAM, Elizabeth Catherine (Monroe). Spouse of Perry. Born 6-7-1840, died 5-25-1885 - Born in Windham CT.
BRIGHAM, Iona. Born 1-27-1865, died 12-12-1932 - Dau of Perry and Elizabeth C. (Monroe) Brigham. (1880, 1920 Lewisville Census)
BRIGHAM, Mary Elida (Blackman). Born 2-19-1851, died 6-1-1923 - Dau of Eliphet and Mary A. (Shoff) Blackman, born in Ulysses PA
BRIGHAM, Orael (Crowell). Spouse of Bert R. Born 6-11-1882, died 1-30-1974 - Born in PA. (1920 Lewisville Census)
BRIGHAM, Perry. Spouse of Elizabeth Monroe. Born 1838, died 2-2-1913 - Son of Hiram and Louisa (Lewis) Brigham. (1850 Ulysses Census)
BRIMMER. Born 1-16-1953, died 1-16-1953 - Infant Twin
BRIMMER. Born 1-16-1953, died 1-21-1953 - Infant Twin
BRISTOL, Annette B. Born 11-11-1864, died 3-19-1961
BRISTOL, Arlene A. (Heidt). Spouse of Samuel E. Born 9-22-1945, died 4-10-2019. Age: 73 - Dau of Harold and Evelyn (Dietrich) Heidt. Born in Flint mi, lived and died in Ulysses PA. Wed 4-27-1968 in Lawton OK, two sons. (Spouse d. 4-10-1992)
BRISTOL, Bessie. Born 10-7-1886, died 2-16-1941
BRISTOL, Earl G. Born 1886, died 1-29-1959
BRISTOL, Estella May (English). Spouse of Eugene O. Born 11-10-1860, died 8-4-1930 - Dau of William R. and Rebecca A. (Callahan) English, orn at English Center, Lycoming Co, PA. Wed 2-25-1885 at English Center. (1920 Ulysses Census)
BRISTOL, Eugene O. Spouse of Estella M. English. Born 1859, died 1-30-1949 - Born at English Center, Lycoming Co, PA. Wed 2-25-1885 at English Center. Lumber mfg. (1920 Ulysses Census)
BRISTOL, Frank G. Born 1863, died 6-29-1954
BRONSON, Bert. Born 6-13-1879, died 9-1-1881
BRONSON, Carrie E. Born 7-6-1882, died 6-10-1885
BRONSON, Charles. Born 1869, died 3-8-1944
BRONSON, Charlie E. Born 1882, died 1886
BRONSON, Frank M. Born 1842, died 2-27-1927 - Civil War Vet, Co E, 5th NY Cav, Pvt.
BRONSON, Mary E. Born 1844, died 12-8-1909
BRONSON, William E. Born 1844, died 7-12-1878
BROOKS, Edwin L. Spouse of Marion G. VanEtten. Born 5-23-1909, died 4-24-2000. Age: 90 - Son of Noah and Mabel (Wood) Brooks. Born in Brookfield PA, d. Wellsboro PA. Wed 7-1-1939 in Danvil NY, 2 children - WW II Vet, US Navy
BROOKS, Marion G. (VanEtten). Spouse of Edwin L. Born 2-9-1917, died 2-23-2010. Age: 93 - Dau of William and Sara (English) VanEtten. Born in Harrison Twp, a teacher. Wed 7-1-1939 in Danvil NY, 2 children
BROOKS, Mary L. (McLaughlin). Spouse of Robert E. Born 10-11-1946, died 4-14-2023. Age: 70 - Dau of Charles Patrick and Martha M. (Brown) McLaughlin. Born in Cowanesque PA, lived in Westfield PA, died in Sayre PA. Wed 8-28-1971, no children named, (Spouse survives)
BROWN, Albert G. Spouse of Belinda A. Born 1825, died 5-24-1906 - Born in NY. (1880 Hector Census)
BROWN, Angeline. Born 1860, died 11-9-1946
BROWN, Anna Belle (Bassett). Born 9-10-1881, died ??
BROWN, Beatrice. Born 6-11-1896, died 7-28-1965
BROWN, Belinda A. Spouse of Albert G. Born 1830, died ?? - Born in PA. (1880 Hector Census)
BROWN, Carl F. Born 7-3-1888, died 10-5-1970
BROWN, David H. Spouse of Sarah J. Cook. Born 10-2-1839, died 1-19-1927 - Born in NY. (1920 Lewisville Census) - Civil War Vet
BROWN, Esther. Born 1888, died 12-31-1965
BROWN, Frank M. Born 1844, died 7-14-1911
BROWN, Fred. Born ??, died 11-16-1958
BROWN, Grace. Born 1838, died 11-14-1918
BROWN, Herbert H. Born ??, died 4-6-1934
BROWN, John A. Spouse of Sarah. Born 1820, died 1894 - (1880 Ulysses Census)
BROWN, Joseph Wilbur. Born 2-20-1856, died 3-27-1911
BROWN, Lida M. (Patterson). Born 4-26-1866, died 1-8-1960
BROWN, Malcolm Owlett. Spouse of Elsie. Born 8-7-1920, died 4-15-2010. Age: 89 - Son of F. Lew and Beatrice Ada (Owlett) Brown. Born in Coalstrip MT. Two children. - WW II Vet, US Army, European Theater
BROWN, Robert D. Born 12-25-1890, died 4-15-1973 - Son of David H. and Sarah J. (Cook) Brown. Born in PA, a machinist. (1920 Lewisville Census)
BROWN, Rose. Born ??, died 7-3-1942
BROWN, Sarah J. Spouse of John A. Born 11-22-1831, died 1-15-1914 - Born in PA. (1880 Ulysses Census)
BROWN, Sarah J. (Cook). Spouse of David H. Born 1849, died 10-31-1927
BROWN, William. Born 1888, died 8-24-1972
BROWNELL, David A. Born 6-25-1938, died 5-27-2012. Age: 73 - Son Kenneth F. and Jane A. (Gibson) Brownell, born in Ulysses.
BRUCE, Ford Earnest. Spouse of Ruby Errett. Born 10-24-1910, died 7-13-1981 - Son of Delos M and Eunice (Howland) Bruce. Born in b. Westfield Twp PA
BRUCE, Ruby. Spouse of Ford E. Born 5-11-1920, died 12-14-1968 - Dau of Russell and Clara (Irwin) Errett
BRUCE, Susan A. Born 12-6-1952, died 5-19-2003 - Dau of Ford E. and Ruby (Errett) Bruce
BUCHANAN, Bernice Grace (Springer). Spouse of Welcome H. Born 12-25-1917, died 1-31-2003 - Dau of Frank and Mary L. (Shaff) Springer. Wed 6-30-1937 in Stannards NY
BUCHANAN, Welcome Harry, Rev. Spouse of Bernice G. Springer. Born 9-7-1912, died 8-14-2004. Age: 91 - Son of William H. and Phebe (Cornelius) Buchanan. Wed 6-30-1937 in Stannards NY, 4 children - WW II Vet, US Army, 86th Mtm Inf, PFC. Served in Italy. Purple Heart
BUCK, Charlotte Mary (Cushing) [Lotta]. Spouse of Corlis E. Born 4-11-1869, died 4-21-1953 - Dau of Benjamin J. and Emily M, (Bassett) Cushing, born, wed, and died in Ulysses. Wed 8-14-1890, 6 children
BUCK, Cleon Cushing. Spouse of Pauline Barker. Born 7-5-1891, died 2-28-1974 - Son of Corlis E. and Charlotte M. (Cushing) Buck, born in Addison NY. Wed 11-3-1917 in Ulysses, 3 children.
BUCK, Corlis Elwell. Spouse of Charlotte M. Cushing. Born 5-28-1866, died 12-27-1945 - Son of Franklin and Victoria A. (Baker) Buck, born in Westfield PA. Wed 8-14-1890 in Ulysses, 6 children
BUCK, Lawrence Eugene. Spouse of Mabel V. Evans. Born 9-16-1893, died 1-6-1976 - Son of Corlis E. and Charlotte M. (Cushing) Buck, born in Ulysses. Wec 4-2-1917 in Ulysses, 9 children.
BUCK, Lois Elberta. Born 1-27-1918, died 4-29-1993 - Dau of Lawrence E. and Mabel (Evans) Buck, born in Ulysses.
BUCK, Lucille (McElroy). Born 1-3-1923, died 10-5-1948 - Dau of Egbert C. and Hertha Catherine (Mosch) McElroy.
BUCK, Mabel Viola (Evans). Spouse of Lawrence E. Born 7-4-1896, died 7-6-1989 - Dau of Arthur L. and Rosa (Reed) Evans, born in Bingham Twp. Wed 4-2-1917 in Ulysses, 9 children
BUCK, Paul Barker. Born 8-2-1922, died 12-25-1988 - Son of Cleon C. and Pauline (Barker) Buck, born in Ulysses.
BUCK, Pauline (Barker). Spouse of Cleon C. Born 2-25-1894, died 10-30-1973 - Wed 11-3-1917 in Ulysses, 3 children.
BUCK, Raymond E. Spouse of Sylvia Peangatelli. Born 5-7-1931, died 7-18-2022. Age: 91 - Son of Lawrence E. and Mabel (Evans) Buck. Born and died in Coudersport PA, lived in Ulysses PA. A dairy farmer. Wed 7-19-1950 in Genesee PA, three daughters. (Spouse survives)
BUCK, Roger L. Born 2-7-1928, died 2-24-2008. Age: 80 - Son of Lawrence E. and Mabel (Evans) Buck. Born in Coudersport PA. 1 child - Korean War Vet, US Navy
BUCKLEY, Matilda S. (Smoogyi). Spouse of Leland D. Born 6-23-1937, died 5-3-2004. Age: 85 - Dau of Stephen M. and Clara (Krozier) Somogyi, born in Monaville WV. Sed 11-13-1937 in Corning NY, two children
BUGBEE, William. Born 1876, died 7-16-1959
BUMP, Belle (Tupper). Born 1893, died 11-22-1960
BUMP, Berrendo F. Spouse of Estella V. Born 1866, died 10-25-1944 - Son of Daniel F. and Genette C. Bump. (census spells this name as Berrcudo) (1880 Ulysses Census)
BUMP, Ernest R. Born 2-21-1899, died 1-27-1971
BUMP, Estella V. Spouse of Berrendo F. Born 1872, died 10-11-1963
BUMP, Harold E. Born 1902, died 11-29-1952
BUMP, Madeline R. (Jennings). Spouse of William H. Sr. Born 6-18-1896, died 11-24-1927 - Dau ofEdgar Jennings and Mary (Doud) Jennings.
BUMP, Norman. Born ??, died 9-6-1911
BUMP, Odessa. Born 8-1908, died 5-4-1909
BUMP, William H. Jr. Spouse of Lydia J. McNutt. Born 2-27-1924, died 9-1-2007 - Son of William H. and Madeline (Jennings) Bump, Sr. Grandson of Berrendo and Estella Bump. - WW II Vet, 45 Inf, four Bronze Stars
BUNNELL, Lessie. Spouse of M. Fayette. Born ??, died 7-21-1960 - (1910 Bingham Census)
BUNNELL, Marcus Fayette, Jr. Spouse of Lessie I. Born 12-10-1876, died 6-7-1956 - Son of Mark F. and ? Bunnell. (1900, 1910 Bingham Census)
BUNNELL, Marcus Fayette, Sr. [Fayette]. Spouse of ?/ Eva M. Born 8-13-1852, died 5-12-1920 - (1900, 1910 Bingham Census)
BUNNELL, Rozella. Born 3-22-1857, died 9-19-1893
BUNNELL, William J. Born 11-13-1879, died ??
BURDICK, Dorothy. Born ??, died ??
BURDICK, John C. Spouse of Rosetta A. Lee. Born 8-18-1843, died 12-2-1914 - Son of Samuel L. and Lucy A (Allen) Burdick, born in Alfred, NY. 1900 Bingham Census: Widower - Civil War Vet, Co C, 141 NY Inf, Pvt.
BURDICK, Minnie. Born 8-5-1861, died 1941
BURDICK, Rosetta Ann (Lee). Spouse of John C. Born 6-9-1846, died 1-1-1895
BURDICK, Ruth E. Born 11-13-1886, died 2-24-1888 - Dau of John C. and Rosetts A. (Lee) Burdick, born in Bingham Twp.
BURDICK, Sherline F. Born 12-1936, died 12-26-1936
BURGHDUFF, E. C. Born 7-18-1852, died 7-28-1896
BURGHDUFF, Mary (Kilbourn). Born 2-14-1853, died 12-26-1914
BURLEY, Bessie. Born 10-8-1867, died 12-30-1938 - Dau of Dexter P. and Charlotte O. (Bailey) Burley
BURLEY, Charlotte Odessa (Bailey). Spouse of Dexter P. Born 2-19-1836, died 5-29-1913 - Wed 1854 in PA, 8 children
BURLEY, Clara (Danks). Born 3-8-1888, died 12-19-1942
BURLEY, Dexter Paul. Spouse of Charlotte O. Bailey. Born 9-10-1827, died 1-27-1889 - Son of Robert and Bessie Burley, born in NY. Wed 1854 in PA, 8 children - Civil War Vet
BURLEY, Vine W. Born 3-11-1878, died 8-21-1935 - Son of Dexter and Charlotte O. (Bailey) Burley, born in PA
BURRELL, Charles E. Spouse of Lola Gibson. Born 11-23-1914, died 2-22-2005. Age: 90 - Son of Edward and Mabel (Price) Burrell
BURRELL, Lola (Gibson). Spouse of Charles E. Born ??, died 1984 - Dau of Reuben and Emma Z. (Baker) Gibson. Wed 4-27-1941 in Mansfield PA.
BURROWS, Lorana (Ives). Born 7-3-1834, died 11-20-1919
BURT, Addie (Gibson). Spouse of Arthur S. Born 5-26-1867, died 5-27-1891 - Wed 12-24-1885 in PA.
BURT, Anson Seth. Born 8-23-1849, died 2-23-1925 - Son of Titus W. and Elizabeth (Lewis) Burt. Wed 1-31-1811 in Pittsfield MA. (1850 Ulysses Census)
BURT, Anson Stearns. Spouse of Betsey Blackman. Born 5-9-1784, died 3-25-1871 - Son of Thomas and Pheobe (Francis) Burt, born in MA. Wed 1-31-1811 in Pittsfield MA,(1850 Ulysses Census)
BURT, Arthur Scofield. Spouse of Addie Gibson/ Jesse Lewis. Born 12-24-1856, died 6-9-1937 - Son of Titus W. and Elizabeth (Lewis) Burt, born in PA. Wed Addie 12-24-1885 in PA. Wed Jesse 5-22-1897
BURT, Betsey (Blackman). Spouse of Anson S. Born 9-9-1790, died 4-11-1878 - Dau of James and Elizabeth (Andrews) Blackman. Wed 1-31-1811 in Pittsfield MA. (1850 Ulysses Census)
BURT, Caroline (Rathbone). Spouse of William F. Born 3-19-1822, died 5-12-1887 - (1850 Ulysses Census)
BURT, Caroline (Wagner). Spouse of James T. Born 10-17-1829, died 11-3-1916 - (1850 Ulysses Census)
BURT, Carrie (Eaton). Spouse of James T. Born 2-15-1878, died 2-8-1954 - Wed 1928 in Ulysses.
BURT, Charles Monroe. Spouse of Catherine M. Jones. Born 9-4-1846, died 7-16-1941 - Son of Titus W. and Elizabeth (Lewis) Burt. Wed 6-1867. (1850 Ulysses Census)
BURT, Clara E. (Monroe). Spouse of Clarence E. Born 9-22-1855, died 7-10-1917 - Wed 4-10-1875. (1900 Coudersport Ward 1 Census)
BURT, Clarence. Born 11-14-1907, died 10-112-1932
BURT, Clarence Edgar [Deak]. Spouse of Clara Monroe. Born 3-13-1855, died 4-2-1901 - Son of Titus W. and Elizabeth (Lewis) Burt, born in Ulyssess. Wed 4-10-1875. (1900 Coudersport Ward 1 Census)
BURT, Claude E. Spouse of Julia Burroughs. Born 3-22-1884, died 1-16-1969 - Son of Anson S. and Julia (Burroughs) Burt, born in Ulysses
BURT, Clinton Ray. Spouse of Olive Frank Wooley. Born 2-5-1884, died 5-27-1969 - Son of George W. and Eda C. (Jackson) Burt, born in Ulysses, Wed 6-7-1922 in Salt Lake City UT.
BURT, Eda Clarinda (Jackson). Spouse of George W. Born 9-9-1850, died 2-11-1917 - Dau of Daniel B. and Deborah (Crum) Jackson. Wed 2-1874 at Wellsville NY.
BURT, Edward A. Kate. Born 11-19-1848, died 6-28-1913 - Son of James T. and Caroline (Wagoner) Burt., born in Ulysses. Wed 1874.
BURT, Effie (Knight). Spouse of T. Merle. Born 6-17-1876, died 10-16-1938 - (1900 Bingham Census)
BURT, Elizabeth (Blackman). Born 1797, died 1874
BURT, Elizabeth (Lewis). Spouse of Titus W. Born 4-18-1824, died 5-24-1900 - Dau of Seth and Sally(Cook) Lewis. Survived by 6 children. (1850 Ulysses Census)
BURT, George Washington. Spouse of Eda C, Jackson. Born 12-12-1851, died 5-25-1926 - Son of James T. and Caroline (Wagoner) Burt., born in Ulysses. Wed 2-1874 at Wellsville NY.
BURT, James T. Spouse of Emeline Miles/ Caroline Wagner. Born 1816, died 1903 - Son of Anson S. and Betsey (Blackman) Burt, born in NY. (1850 Ulysses Census)
BURT, James Titus. Spouse of Carrie Eaton Gamble. Born 11-15-1888, died 1-22-1968 - Son of Arthur S. and Addie M. (Gibson) Burt, born in Ulysses.
BURT, Jessie (Lewis). Spouse of Arthur S. Born 1869, died 7-19-1955 - Wed 5-22-1897
BURT, Julia (Burroughs). Spouse of Anson Seth. Born 2-17-1852, died 9-16-1933
BURT, Kate. Born 5-2-1845, died 6-29-1927
BURT, Kate E. Spouse of Edward A. Born 9-22-1855, died 5-31-1911 - Wed 1874.
BURT, Laura. Born 1812, died 9-5-1876 - Dau of Anson S. and Betsey (Blackman) Burt. Born in MA. (1850 Ulysses Census)
BURT, Mildred I. Born 1900, died 9-25-1960
BURT, Robert B. Born 12-14-1918, died 9-22-1944
BURT, T. Merle. Spouse of Effie Knight. Born 6-1871, died 3-8-1957 - Son of Charles M. and Catherine M. (Jones) Burt. (1900 Bingham Census)
BURT, Titus Wright. Spouse of Elizabeth Lewis. Born 11-4-1823, died 11-24-1899 - Son of Anson S. and Betsey (Blackman) Burt. (1850 Ulysses Census)
BURT, William F. Spouse of Caroline Rathbone. Born 6-20-1819, died 1903 - Son of Anson S. and Betsey (Blackman) Burt. (1850 Ulysses Census)
BURTON, Marvin E. Born 9-6-1959, died 9-18-1959
BUSH, Lessa M. Born 3-13-1863, died 2-13-1898
BUSH, Maude. Born ??, died ??
BUTLER, Edward. Born 1913, died 8-1-1956
BUTTON, Alfred H. Born 1889, died 11-10-1961
BUTTON, Harvey. Spouse of Leah Dailey. Born 1-23-1927, died 3-10-2012. Age: 85 - Son of Arch and Rose Jeffers Button, bron in Harrison Twp. At least seven children.
BUTTON, Richard. Born ??, died ??
BUTTON, Starla A. Born 11-07-1967, died 6-24-2008. Age: 40 - Dau of Ralph L. Flynn and Carol (Hurd) Button. Born in Coudersport PA
BUTZ, Daniel R. Born 7-1-1944, died 4-16-2016. Age: 71 - Son of Roger and Edith (Daniels) Butz, born in Coudersport PA, died in Marrero LA.
BYAM, Edna Chilson Bump. Born 1880, died 1928
BYAM, Lowain W. Born 9-29-1882, died 5-20-1965
CADY, Abijah. Spouse of Cynthia Hunter/ Mary Cushing. Born 7-5-1853, died 3-28-1940 - Son of Colonel P. and Sarah Brown Torrey Cady. Wed Cynthia 9-9-182. Wed Mary 2-4-1888
CADY, Alfred W. Spouse of Ella M. Leveson. Born 5-22-1920, died 3-15-2007. Age: 86 - Son of William F. and Hattie (Metcalf) Cady. Born in Harrison Valley PA, d. North Augusta SC. 5 children
CADY, Amanda. Born 9-22-1859, died 5-5-1936 - (1850 Ulysses Census)
CADY, Colonel Putnam. Spouse of Nancy Pearsall/ Sarah/ Mrs. Mary Crum. Born 1809, died 1-16-1902 - Son of Abijah and Sabra (Knapp) Cady, born in Brambridge NJ. Wed to Sarah in 1880 Lewisville Census. Wed Mary 11-3-1885 at Cory PA.
CADY, Cynthia (Hunter). Spouse of Abijah. Born 9-15-1869, died 5-14-1885 - 1st Wife of Abijah.
CADY, Edwin W. Spouse of Margaret Sweet. Born 6-22-1874, died 5-3-1934 - Son of William R. and Mary E. (Rogers) Cady. Wed 7-4-1892 in Woodhull. Steuben Co NY.
CADY, Ella Mae (Leveson). Spouse of Alfred W. Born ??, died 1992 - 5 children
CADY, Eva. Born 1865, died 1887
CADY, Hattie B. (Metcalf). Spouse of William F. Born 1-3-1882, died 2-27-1946 - Dau of Harvey B. and Elvira (Cornish) Metcalf.
CADY, Julia P. (Bailey). Born 9-2-1856, died 12-18-1890 - Dau of Roswell and Lucy M. (Johnson) Bailey. Born in PA. (1860 Bingham Census)
CADY, Mary Adelaide (Cushing). Spouse of Abijah. Born 10-7-1850, died 2-10-1910 - Dau of Leavitt and Jane (Goodrich) Cushing, born in Ulysses. Wed 2-4-1888 in Ulysses.
CADY, Pluma. Born 8-11-1858, died 12-7-1928
CADY, Richard W. Born 5-27-1937, died 8-16-1957
CADY, Ruby. Born 3-11-1888, died 1-2-1971
CADY, Sarah (Brown) Torrey. Spouse of Colonel P. Born 1814, died 1885 - Born in NJ
CADY, William F. Spouse of Hattie B. Metcalf. Born 3-18-1877, died 7-27-1939 - Son of Levi R. and Abigail M. (Davis) Cady, born in Steuben Co NY.
CAMPBELL, Deville Stole. Born 1858, died 9-22-1933 - Son of William G. and Lucy (Bolich) Campbell.
CANEDA, Charles. Born 3-29-1863, died 2-10-1956
CANEDA, Jane. Born 6-9-1866, died 6-29-1950
CANEDA, Westly. Born 5-29-1899, died 4-27-1913
CARD. Born 11-10-1956, died 11-12-1956 - Infant
CAREY, Arthur L. Spouse of Flora Belle Langdon. Born 1869, died 2-4-1910 - Wed 2-1898 at Coudersport.
CAREY, Carrie. Born 1879, died 1899
CAREY, Cornelia (Gibson). Born 1841, died 1874
CAREY, Flora Belle (Langdon). Spouse of Arthur L. Born 1879, died 8-1-1947 - Dau of Frank Langdon. Wed 2-1898 at Coudersport.
CAREY, Forrest C. Spouse of Grace Angood. Born 6-181872, died 7-19-1957 - (1920 Ulysses Census)
CAREY, Grace (Angood). Spouse of Forest C. Born 9-18-1881, died 9-14-1955 - (1920 Ulysses Census)
CAREY, Harlow R. Born 2-22-1926, died 3-5-1928
CAREY, James F. Born 1863, died 1-1-1918
CAREY, Martin. Born 7-23-1830, died 3-29-1914
CARLEY, Edith (Mattison). Spouse of James A. Born 2-5-1874, died 5-30-1930 - Dau of Jefferson W. and Ada E. (Stillman) Matteson, born in Potter Co PA, died in Steuben Co NY. Wed 3-16-1897, 9 children
CARLEY, Harry Lawrence. Spouse of Mildred Koch. Born 9-26-1903, died 8-06-2000. Age: 96 - Son of James A. and Edith (Matteson) Carley, a farmer. Born in Aliquippa, PA, d. Coudersport PA. Wed 4-15-1927 in Wilkes Barre PA, no children.
CARLEY, James Alfred. Spouse of Edith Mattison. Born 12-25-1864, died 12-11-1941 - Born in Clearfield Co PA, died in Steuben Co NY. Wed 3-16-1897, 9 children.
CARLEY, Leon Kenneth. Born 7-2-1907, died 12-11-1925 - Son of James A. and Edith (Matteson) Carley, born in Potter Co PA, died in Pittsburgh PA.
CARLEY, Mildred E. (Koch) [Mid]. Spouse of Harry L. Born 3-9-1904, died 2-26-2000 - Dau of Christian Andrew and Anna Estella (Stahl) Koch, a teacher. Born in Pittston PA, died in Coudersport PA. Wed 4-15-1927 in Wilkes Barre PA, no children
CARLEY, Ronald Fenton. Born 11-29-1914, died 3-10-1954 - Son of James A. and Edith (Matteson) Carley, born in Potter Co PA, died in Madison Co KY
CARLIN, Earl Jr. Born 11-19-1964, died 11-19-1964
CARPENTER, Alva. Spouse of Mary A. Young. Born 4-22-1827, died 4-11-1895 - Son of Theodorus and Charity (Cuatt) Carpenter, born in Bingham Twp. Wed 10-12-1851. (1880 Ulysses Census)
CARPENTER, Carrie M. Born 5-3-1862, died 9-20-1922
CARPENTER, Charles H. Born 3-15-1857, died 4-301939 - Son of George W. and Lucinda (Young) Carpenter. (1880 Ulysses Census)
CARPENTER, Chloe (Dean). Born 10-11-1888, died 9-11-1971
CARPENTER, George W. Spouse of Lucinda Young. Born 3-1-1825, died 7-22-1913 - Son of Theodorus and Charity (Cuatt) Carpenter, born in Bingham Twp. (1880 Ulysses Census) - Civil War Vet, Co A, 99th PA Vols, Pvt.
CARPENTER, Ida (Furman). Spouse of Willis. Born 11-1860, died 4-7-1902 - Dau of Andrew J. and Mariah (Snyder) Furman, born in Ulysses. Wed 12-31-1881 near Raymond
CARPENTER, Janette Nancy (Moore). Spouse of Theodore. Born 2-8-1848, died 5-10-1932 - Dau of Ross Aruna and Mary E. (Gleason) Moore, born in PA. Wed 1868 in PA. (1880 Ulysses Census)
CARPENTER, Jean (McClelland). Spouse of Lowell S. Born 4-12-1916, died 8-29-2013. Age: 96 - Dau of Harry J. and Margaret E. (Field) McClelland. Born in elmira NY, taught 26 yrs at Northern Potter. Wed 4-12-1946 in Ulysses, 2 children
CARPENTER, Julia. Born 9-12-1858, died 11-19-1878 - Dau of George W. and Lucinda (Young) Carpenter.
CARPENTER, Lucinda (Young). Spouse of George W. Born 3-27-1832, died 7-6-1918 - Dau of Willis and Sarah (Grover) Young, born in Newfield NY. (1880 Ulysses Census)
CARPENTER, Marion I. Spouse of Ruth E. Barker. Born 9-10-1879, died 5-16-1946 - Son of Seldon S. and Florence (Mead) Carpenter. Wed 1-27-1901. (1920 Ulysses Census)
CARPENTER, Mary Ann (Young). Spouse of Alva. Born 1-27-1834, died 3-26-1923 - Dau of Willis and Sarah (Grover) Young, born in Newfield PA. Wed 10-12-1851. (1880 Ulysses Census)
CARPENTER, Monroe M. Spouse of Gertrude Mitchell. Born 8-30-1902, died 4-18-1968 - Son of Marion I. and Ruth E. (Barker) Carpenter. (1920 Ulysses Census)
CARPENTER, Murry. Born 8-22-1886, died 5-6-1887
CARPENTER, Myron. Born 6-1-1932, died 7-8-1972
CARPENTER, Orpha. Born 2-28-1935, died 8-14-1975
CARPENTER, Ruth E. (Barker). Spouse of Marion I. Born 9-27-1881, died 4-3-1945 - Dau of Theodorus Vantine and Alice (Monroe) Barker. Wed 1-27-1901. (1920 Ulysses Census)
CARPENTER, Theodore. Spouse of Janette N. Moore. Born 4-20-1843, died 7-24-1906 - Son of George W. and Lucinda (Young) Carpenter. Wed 1868 in PA. (1880 Ulysses Census)
CARPENTER, William [Willis?]. Born 6-3-1854, died 1-31-1933 - Son of George W. and Lucinda (Young) Carpenter.
CARR, George H., Rev. Born 1865, died 10-17-1950
CARR, Millicent. Born 1869, died 11-20-1959
CARY, Leland A. [Pete]. Spouse of Willa May Parsons. Born 5-22-1922, died 3-10-2014. Age: 91 - Son of Stephen and Margery (Spoor) Cary, Born in Harrison Twp. Wed 10-30-1945 in Whitesvilel NY, 6 children. - WW II Vet, US Marine Corps, 1st Marine Div, Pacific Theatre.
CARY, Willa May (Parsons). Spouse of Leland [Pete]. Born 5-15-1925, died 11-21-2010. Age: 85 - Dau of Leo and Claudia (Cox) Parsons, born in Clarksburg WV. Wed 10-30-1945 in Whitesvilel NY, 6 children.
CASS, Bessie (Perkins). Spouse of Harry B. Born 12-17-1886, died 1-19-1939. Age: - Dau of Luther A. and Alice (Wagoner) Perkins. Born, lived, and died in Potter Co PA.
CASS, Harry Burton. Spouse of Bessie M. Perkins. Born 5-13-1882, died 11-25-1943. Age: 61 - Son of Herbert L. and Emily A. (Lent) Cass. Born, lived, and died in PA. At leastf ive children.
CASS, Herbert Leroy. Spouse of Marie Winkleman. Born 6-27-1919, died 10-3-2006. Age: 87 - Son of H. Leon and Ida B. (Mills) Cass. Born in Ulysses, owned Cass Appliance in Ulysses. Wed 1-18-1947 in Ulysses, one daughter. - WW II Vet, US Army
CASS, Ida B. (Mills). Spouse of H. Leon. Born 2-16-1886, died 11-21-1974
CASS, Lewis H. Born 1907, died 9-18-1909
CASS, Loren. Born 11-20-1912, died 5-2-1914
CASS, Marie W. (Winkelman). Spouse of Herbert L. Born 10-23-1921, died 9-4-2022. Age: 100 - Dau of Fred and Elizabeth (Roth) Winkelman.Born in Germania, PA, lived in Ulysses PA, died in Clemson SC. A teacher for 33 years. Wed 1-18-1947 in Ulysses, one daughter.
CASS, Mildred. Born 1-26-1924, died 9-13-1930 - Murdered by H. Coon, 23 of Coudersport PA * The Times Herald, Olean NY
CHAFFEE, Claude. Born 8-20-1883, died 2-1961 - Son of Jesse and Laura (Brown) Chaffee, born in Coudersport.
CHAFFEE, Douglas W. Born 6-18-1955, died 9-19-2014. Age: 59 - Son of John C and Sally M. (Ayers) Chaffee, born in Richford, Tioga Co, PA.
CHAFFEE, John Calvin. Spouse of Sallie M. Ayers. Born 12-14-1838, died 2-7-1911 - Civil War Vet, Btry E, 3 NY Light Arty, Cpl. 1863-1865
CHAFFEE, Linnie. Born 1876, died 3-30-1951
CHAFFEE, Sallie Maria (Ayers). Spouse of John C. Born 1844, died 4-17-1918
CHAMBERLAIN, Earl J. Spouse of Gladys S. Born 9-21-1889, died 12-22-1972
CHAMBERLAIN, Earl Scott. Born 6-23-1925, died 8-11-2005. Age: 80 - Son of Earl J. and Gladys (Scott) Chamberlain - WW II, Korean War, Vietnam Vet, US Marine Corps, US Army Air Force, Green Berets - Purple Heart
CHAMBERLAIN, Gladys (Scott). Spouse of Earl J. Born ??, died ??
CHAPELL, Gladys (Flynn). Spouse of ?. Born 5-27-1903, died 1-3-1991 - Dau of Harry and Mina Flynn
CHAPMAN, Anson D. Born 1892, died 8-13-1947
CHAPMAN, Donald E. Spouse of Norma L. Patterson. Born 5-25-1927, died 7-18-2023. Age: 96 - Son of Anson D. and Margaret (Hile) Chapman. Born in Belvidere NY, lived an died in Mills PA. Worked 33 years for Pennelec. Wed 12-24-1950 in West Bingham PA, three children. (Spouse d. 12-24-2020 - WW II Vet, US Navy. 1944-1950, Pacific.
CHAPMAN, Dustin M. Born 2-17-1986, died 7-4-2005. Age: 19 - Son of Randy and Marie Chapman. Killed in a motor vehicle accident
CHAPMAN, Jennie (Daniels). Spouse of Ethlin. Born 1864, died 2-25-1938 - Dau of Silas and Clarissa (Hendrickson) Daniels. Wed 6-27-1885. (1880 Bingham Census)
CHAPMAN, Norma L. (Patterson). Spouse of Donald E. Born 6-7-1933, died 12-24-2020. Age: 87 - Dau of Edward and Thelma (Scott) Patterson. Born in West Bingham P, lived in Mills PA, died in Coudersport PA. A homemaker. Wed 12-24-1950 in West Bingham, three children. (Spouse survives)
CHAPPEL, Anna (Robbins). Born 6-1840, died 8-18-1927
CHAPPEL, Darius John. Born 11-3-1815, died 8-17-1891 - Civil War Vet, Co G, 53rd PA Vols, Musician.
CHAPPEL, Esther (Close). Born 5-30-1829, died 7-9-1881
CHAPPEL, John. Born 8-2-1791, died 5-19-1862
CHAPPEL, John. Born 7-22-1865, died 4-10-1911
CHAPPEL, Julia. Born 1869, died 12-11-1934
CHAPPEL, Marcy. Born 6-10-1794, died 8-8-1872
CHAPPEL. Ed W. Born 1825, died 1900
CHASE, Anna O. (Johnson). Spouse of Dewitt C. Born 7-2-1914, died 1-1-2003. Age: 89 - Dau of Charles and Myra (Hancock) Johnson, born in Sunderlinville. Wed 8-25-1932 in Belmont NY, two daughters.
CHASE, David Raymond. Born 5-21-1941, died 5-22-1941
CHASE, Dewitt C. Spouse of Malinda S. Manley/ Anna O. Johnson. Born 10-10-1857, died 8-14-1940 - Son of John H and Hellen (Crandall) Chase, born in PA. Wed Anna 8-25-1932 in Belmont NY
CHASE, Elizabeth. Born 12-13-1890, died 12-23-1969
CHASE, Hellen (Crandall). Spouse of John H. Born 12-27-1829, died 4-26-1902 - (1880 Bingham Census)
CHASE, John H. Spouse of Hellen Crandall. Born 2-14-1830, died 11-27-1903 - (1880 Bingham Census) - Civil War Vet
CHASE, John Raymond. Born 3-14-1894, died 9-19-1955
CHASE, Malinda Sabrina (Manley). Spouse of Dewitt C. Born 9-26-1839, died 7-21-1924 - Dau of Joseph and Esther (Gibb) Manley, Born in Livingston Co NY. Wed 10-30-1869 in Livingston Co.
CHASE, Mary R. Born 4-19-1861, died 12-3-1941
CHASE, Robert C. Born 12-17-1889, died 8-7-1961
CHESTNUT, Aaron Leroy. Born 5-21-1873, died 11-12-1941
CHESTNUT, Leah Mae. Born 7-4-1884, died 5-20-1956
CHESTNUT, Norman Jr. Born 1943, died 8-19-1968
CHESTNUT, Theodosia. Born 9-7-??, died 12-9-1943
CHILSON, Avery. Born 1875, died 1893
CHILSON, Avery Amos. Born 5-12-1851, died 11-24-1922 - Son of William A. and Louisa (Hosley) Chilson, born in PA.
CHILSON, Eli H. Born 6-20-1837, died 9-12-1911 - Son of William A. and Louisa (Hosley) Chilson, born in PA. - Civil War Vet
CHILSON, Ella May (Hyde). Spouse of William. Born 3-2-1881, died 3-23-1958 - Dau of Edson and Addie Louisa (Hill) Hyde. Wed 12-27-1899 at Whitesville NY.
CHILSON, Ellen. Born 3-17-1908, died 11-4-1917
CHILSON, Ethel May (Freelove). Spouse of Pardon W. Born 10-31-1880, died 12-6-1961 - Born in Howard NY. (1920 Bingham Census)
CHILSON, George. Born 1874, died 4-18-1947
CHILSON, Joyce A. Born 2-18-1937, died 3-3-1938
CHILSON, Louisa (Hosley). Spouse of William A. Born 12-16-1814, died 11-11-1905 - Dau of Eli and Angeline (Arms) Hosley, born in Windham Co VT. Wed 3-1835 in Bradford Co PA
CHILSON, Mahala (Bump). Spouse of George Vincent/ Willis Chilson. Born 1842, died 12-21-1911 - Dau of Hazen and Emily (Smith) Bump, born in Hecto Twp. Wed George abt 1864. Wed Willis abt 1866.
CHILSON, Nancy Rae. Born ??, died 8-3-2003. Age: 31 - Dau of Kenneth N. and Jean (Spencer) Chilson
CHILSON, Orlando. Spouse of Susan. Born 1839, died 9-16-1916 - Son of William Alonzo and Louisa (Hosley) Chilson, born in Ulysses. (1880 Hector Census)
CHILSON, Pardon William. Spouse of Ethel M. Freelove. Born 5-28-1886, died 7-31-1967 - Born in Troupsburg NY. (1920 Bingham Census)
CHILSON, Susan. Spouse of Orlando. Born 4-19-1848, died 2-5-1934 - (1880 Hector Census)
CHILSON, Thelma A. (Brown). Born 2-11-1919, died 11-10-1974 - Dau of F. Lew and Beatrice Ada (Owlett) Brown, born in Rosebud, MT.
CHILSON, Wilda M. Born 1905, died 6-28-1909
CHILSON, William. Spouse of Ella Hyde. Born 1874, died 6-11-1952 - Son of Orlando and Susan Chilson, born in PA. Wed 12-27-1899 at Whitesville NY. (1880 Hector Census)
CHILSON, Willis Dildine. Spouse of Mahala Bump. Born 1839, died 10-30-1912 - Wed abt. 1866
CHRISTIE, Charles. Born ??, died 4-4-1919 - Civil War Vet
CHURCH, Jessie (VanDusen). Spouse of Nathan W. Born 1886, died 9-4-1957 - Founded the Northern Tier Children's Home. Husband was a doctor
CHURCH, Lucy M. Born 1884, died 2-12-1959
CHURCH, Maude. Born 12-15-1869, died 5-11-1936
CHURCH, Morris A. Born 7-8-1927, died 11-9-1994
CHURCH, N. W., Dr. Born 1873, died 10-16-1946 - Son of Orick and Nancy (Church), born in PA. (1880 Avery, Hancock, Iowa Census) Brother of Bertha (Church) Dykins.
CHURCH, Nathan S. Born 10-16-1899, died 6-11-1967 - Died in Washoe Co. NV
CHURCH, William Wallace. Born 11-23-1935, died 12-5-1935
CLARK, Edith H. Born 1884, died 5-23-1952
CLARK, Francelia. Born 1891, died 4-1-1911
CLARK, Herbert A. Spouse of Myrtle M. Davis. Born 1880, died 11-17-1947
CLARK, Ina (Ives). Spouse of ?. Born 3-1873, died 8-15-1900
CLARK, James. Born 1939, died 7-31-1965 - Migrant
CLARK, Katherine. Born 6-19-1975, died ??
CLARK, Richard A. [Dick]. Spouse of #1 LeeAnna Simmons, #2 Ruth Bryington. Born 4-9-1935, died 10-23-2004. Age: 69 - Son of Francis E. and Bernice (Walters) Clark. Born in Westfield PA, d. Coudersport PA. Three childern with LeAnna. Wed Ruth 8-28-1993 in Port Allegany PA, two children. - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Germany
CLARK, Ruth N. (Bryington). Spouse of Richard A. Born 4-26-1942, died 1-21-2023. Age: 80 - Dau of Warren E. and Kathryn (Thompson) Bryington. Born, lived, and died in Coudersport PA. Wed 8-28-1993 in Port Allegany PA, two children.
CLARK, Walter L. Born 1969, died 11-4-1972
CLARK, William. Born 11-9-1903, died 2-16-1972
CLARK, William Lee. Born 12-10-1879, died 11-25-1936 - Son of William and Katherine M. (Baker) Clark, born in PA
CLAUSER, Hobart. Born 11-8-1896, died 5-27-1964
CLAUSER, Mary. Born 1927, died 1930
CLOSE, Benjamin. Born ??, died 8-31-1891 - Civil War Vet, Co B, 171st PA Vols, Pvt. Mustered out with company on August 7, 1863.
CLOSE, Leon R. Born 1907, died 12-13-1944
CLOUD, Elizabeth. Born 1896, died 1-19-1971
CLOUD, Maude (Morley). Spouse of Waldo. Born 1-1895, died 8-18-1959 - Dau of James J. and Minnie (Conable) Morley, a teacher
CLOUD, Rev. Richard Michael. Spouse of Sarah Greely. Born 1857, died 4-1-1921 - (1920 Ulysses Census)
CLOUD, Sarah P. (Greely). Spouse of Richard M. Born 1866, died 11-22-1935 - (1920 Ulysses Census)
CLOUD, Virgil R. Born 1889, died 1-9-1949
CLOUD, Waldo. Spouse of Maude Morley. Born 3-4-1894, died 12-24-1968
CLOYES, Harry H. Born 1870, died 10-6-1919
COATS. Born ??, died ??. Age: Infant
COATS, Beatrice. Born 2-1930, died 3-21-1930
COATS, Clara W. Born 1898, died 6-24-1970
COATS, David A. Born 8-10-1841, died 1-30-1926
COATS, Mabel. Born ??, died ??
COATS, Mary. Born 3-17-1846, died 12-28-1933
COBB, Aurelia. Born 4-30--1879, died 9-4-1945 - Dau of Dr. Aurelius H. and Louise (Raymond) Cobb.
COBB, Aurelius Howard. Spouse of Louise Raymond. Born 1-5-1843, died 12-7-1914 - Son of Horace and Diana (Huntington) Cobb, born in Spring Mills, Allegany Co NY - a doctor - Civil War Vet
COBB, Carmen (Ladd). Spouse of Raymond J. Born 4-17-1928, died 7-18-2009. Age: 81 - Dau of Carlyle and Olive F. Ladd, born in Coudersport. Wed 1-7-1949 in Wellsville NY, 7 children
COBB, Carrie (Carey). Spouse of Horace L. Born 8-6-1869, died 11-29-1921 - Wed 8-27-1895 at Whitesville NY.
COBB, Craig A. Spouse of Kathryn Phillips [Mona]. Born 5-8-1948, died 2-13-2016. Age: 67 - Son of Daniel and Norma (Carpenter) Cobb, born in Coudersport PA, Daytona Beach CA. Wed 6-19-1971 in Coudersport, four sons. (She survives) - Vietnam Vet, US Army. 1968-1970
COBB, Daniel H. Spouse of Jeanette Buchanan. Born 12-27-1838, died 6-21-1924 - (1900 Coudersport Ward 2 Census)
COBB, Elery Huntington. Born 5-19-1887, died 3-22-1906 - Son of George H. and Ruth F, (Raymond) Cobb, born in Ulysses
COBB, George B. Born 2-21-1875, died 12-17-1960
COBB, George Hamilton. Spouse of Ruth F. Gleason. Born 3-21-1850, died 5-10-1916 - Son of Horace and Diana (Huntington) Cobb, born in Spring Mills, Allegany Co NY. Wed 1-4-1870 in Bingham Twp
COBB, Hattie B. Born 4-20-1877, died 1-17-1938
COBB, Horace L. Spouse of Carrie Carey/ Mae (Carpenter) Jackson. Born 12-5-1865, died 7-15-1960 - Son of Henry H. and Celia (Rosebush) Cobb, born in VT. (1880 Independence Twp Census, Allegany Co NY) Wed Carrie 8-27-1895 at Whitesville NY. Wed Mae 5-26-1897
COBB, Jeanette (Buchanan). Spouse of Daniel H. Born 4-20-1854, died 5-12-1937 - (1900 Coudersport Ward 2 Census)
COBB, Louise (Raymond). Spouse of Aurelius H. Born 5-10-1845, died 2-15-1917
COBB, Lyman B. Born 9-26-1893, died 6-18-1955 - Son of Daniel H. and Jeanette (Buchanan) Cobb. (1900 Coudersport Ward 2 Census)
COBB, Mae N. (Carpenter) Jackson. Spouse of William B. Jackson/ Horace L. Cobb. Born 5-29-1874, died 1-24-1956 - Dau of Theodorus J. and Janette N. (Moore) Carpenter, born in Newfield PA. Wed William 5-26-1897
COBB, Raymond J. Spouse of Carmen Ladd. Born 9-11-1919, died 4-18-1967
COBB, Ruth Florinne (Raymond). Spouse of George H. Born 4-4-1852, died 7-26-1945 - Day of Joel L. and Lydia M. (Grover) Raymond, born in Bingham Twp. Wed 1-4-1870 in Bingham Twp
COBB, Sean Raymond. Born 8-3-1967, died 11-20-2021. Age: 54 - Son of Raymond J. and Carmen (Ladd) Cobb. Born in Los Angeles CA, lived in Elma WA, died in Olympia WA.
COLE, Nelson J. Born 2-5-1890, died 10-20-1970 - Son of William and Emma (Schoonover) Cole. (1900 Roulette Census)
COLEMAN, Whitney. Born 1899, died 8-18-1959 - Migrant - WW II Vet
COLORED BABY. Born ??, died ?? - Stillborn
COLVIN, Adelia (Nichols). Spouse of George W. Born 12-19-1830, died 5-20-1907 - Dau of Samuel and Abigail (Chase) Nichols. Born in NY. (1900 Bingham Census)
COLVIN, Gaylord E. Spouse of Hattie Matson. Born 1-11-1855, died 3-12-1917 - Son of George W. and Adelia (Nichols) Colvin.
COLVIN, George W. Spouse of Adelia Nichols. Born 1-22-1824, died 3-29-1907 - Son of Joshua and Dorothea (Casler) Colvin. (1900 Bingham Census)
COLVIN, Hattie (Matson). Spouse of Gaylord E. Born 1-1856, died 9-10-1910 - Dau of Harmon P. and Jane F. (Millard) Matson. Born in NY.
COMSTOCK, Laura E. Born 1860, died 1904
CONABLE, Frederick William. Born 1-27-1866, died 1902 - Son of Seth W. and Sarah A. (Burrous) Conable.
CONNOLLY, Charles Rodney. Spouse of Marian E, Lehman. Born 3-16-1924, died 6-30-1998. Age: 74 - Wed 7-13-1941 in Ulysses PA.
CONNOLLY, Edith M. Born 1889, died 4-12-1959
CONNOLLY, Glen. Born 1886, died 12-5-1941
CONNOLLY, Marian E. (Lehman). Spouse of Charles R. Born 4-11-1924, died 12-21-2002. Age: 78 - Dau of William A. and Gladys (Sexton) Lehman. Born and died in Ulysses PA. Wed 7-13-1941 in Ulysses
CONVERSE, Frank H. Spouse of Libby. Born 1866, died 12-18-1941 - (1920 Ulysses Census)
CONVERSE, Hazel E. Born 6-6-1917, died 7-23-1917
CONVERSE, Libby. Spouse of Frank H. Born 1873, died 1-25-1932 - (1920 Ulysses Census)
CONVERSE, Louise O. (Whitaker). Spouse of Vernie H. Born 2-12-1933, died 1-29-2013. Age: 79 - Dau of Preston A. and Lucy P. (Gardner) Whitaker, born in Genesee. Wed 9-11-1951 in Genesee.
COOK, Frank. Born 9-28-1890, died 5-21-1974
COOPER, Herbert H. Born 1871, died 1-8-1946
COOPER, Jason. Born 1871, died 6-28-1875
COOPER, Mary F. Born 7-9-1871, died 3-7-1961
COREY, Almira Susannah (Stewart). Spouse of Anson D. Born 3-12-1825, died 1-21-1906 - Dau of James J. and Serena Snow Crandall Stewart. Wed 7-1-1845 in PA (1850 Ulysses Census)
COREY, Anson D. Spouse of Almira Stewart. Born 5-9-1824, died 5-16-1893 - Son of Ambrose and Susan C. Corey, born in Luzerne Co. PA. Wed 7-1-1845. - Civil War Vet, Co G, 53rd PA Vols, Pvt. Absent, on furlough at muster out.
COREY, Antoinette. Born 1851, died 5-3-1914
COREY, Charles W. Born 1832, died 3-17-1914 - Son of Ambrose and Susan C. Corey, born in Ulysses
COREY, Denzil A. Born 1846, died 1925 - Son of Anson D. and Almira (Stewart) Corey. (1850 Ulysses Census)
COREY, Girtie. Born 6-01-1876*, died 5-9-1877. Age: 11m 8d - Dau of Denzal & Nettie Corey.
COREY, Laura F. Spouse of Marion Corey. Born 1887, died 1-27-1953
CORNISH, Caroline (Lewis) [Carrie]. Spouse of Frank. Born 5-23-1906, died 6-10-1972
CORNISH, Frank. Spouse of Caroline Lewis. Born 1868, died 4-25-1927
COURTRIGHT, Emily Estella (Bartoo). Spouse of Joseph W. Born 11-14-1859, died 7-1-1928 - Dau of William and Maria (Knight) Barto, born in Greene Co NY. Wed 3-17-1878 in Harrison Valley PA. (1880 Harrison Census)
COURTRIGHT, Harriet Lucretia [Hattie]. Born 1-31-1885, died 11-20-1918 - Dau of Joseph W. and Emily E. (Bartoo) Courtright, born in Harrison ValleyPA.
COURTRIGHT, Joseph W. Spouse of Emily E. Bartoo. Born 3-3-1856, died 8-6-1939 - Wed 3-17-1878 in Harrison Valley PA. (1880 Harrison Census)
COURTRIGHT, Lena. Born 1883, died 9-14-1945
COURTRIGHT, Norman. Born 3-16-1872, died 8-8-1963
COWBURN, Alice L. Born 3-30-1907, died 7-4-1971
COWBURN, Burr W. Born 10-23-1888, died 7-15-1963
COWBURN, Charles H. Spouse of Jessie G. Mallory. Born 3-2-1883, died 2-29-1960 - Wed 1904
COWBURN, Charles S. Born 1859, died 3-2-1923
COWBURN, Clark Gilbert. Spouse of Kathryn Worden. Born 1-5-1916, died 6-26-2007. Age: 91 - Son of Charles and Jessie (Mallory) Cowburn. Born in Ulysses Twp PA, d. Coudersport PA (Charles Cole Mem. Hosp.). Wed 1-12-1946 in Wellsville-NY. 4 children. - WW II Vet, US Army, M/Sgt. Europe
COWBURN, Edith M. (Daniels). Spouse of Herbert B. Born 8-16-1923, died 7-24-2003. Age: 79 - Dau of Harry W. and Laura B. (Marion) Daniels
COWBURN, Eleanor Yvonne (McCracken). Spouse of Herbert B. Born 2-22-1923, died 1-29-1953. Age: 29 - Dau of Virgil B. and Eva L. (homas) McCracken. Born in PA, died in Wellsville NY.
COWBURN, Elmer. Born 1892, died 8-7-1934
COWBURN, Florence R. (Angood) [Flossie]. Spouse of Roger W. Born 6-8-1926, died 9-24-2020. Age: 94 - Dau of Arlie and Lelia (Lehman) Angood. Born and lived in Ulysses PA, died in Coudersport PA. Four children.
COWBURN, George W. Born 9-13-1885, died 9-4-1966
COWBURN, Gladys A. Born 4-29-1909, died 8-27-1987 - Dau of Charles H. and Jessie G. (Mallory) Cowburn. Born in Ulysses, d. in Addison NY.
COWBURN, Herbert B. Spouse of #1 Eleanor Y. McCracken, #2 Edith M. Daniels. Born 9-19-1921, died 4-17-1998. Age: 76 - Son of Charles H. and Jessie (G. Mallory) Cowburn. Born, lived, and died in Potter Co PA. - WW II Vet, US Army, M/Sgt. Europe
COWBURN, Jessie G. (Mallory). Spouse of Charles H. Born 1881, died 2-3-1948 - Born in Elmira NY. Wed 1904
COWBURN, Jon R. Spouse of Elizabeth McCarn. Born 12-23-1945, died 1-15-2016. Age: 70 - Son of Roger W. and Florence (Angood) Cowburn, born in Wellsville NY, lived in Ulysses PA. Worked 45 years for Air Preheater in Wellsville. Wed 8-20-1966 in Genesee PA, Two sons. (She survives)
COWBURN, Julia. Born 1893, died 11-28-1957
COWBURN, Kathryn (Worden). Spouse of Clark G. Born ??, died 2001 - Wed 1-12-1946 in Wellsville NY
COWBURN, Mildred (Langdon). Spouse of William G. Born ??, died ??
COWBURN, Roger W. Spouse of #1 Florence Angood, #2 Virginia Cimino. Born 4-9-1928, died 2-18-2006. Age: 77 - Son of William G. and Mildred (Langdon) Cowburn, born in Coudersport. Worked 33 yrs for Air Preheater. Wed 10-17-1969, 4 children.
COWBURN, Sarah. Born 9-29-1863, died 5-26-1938
COWBURN, Virginia (Cimino) [Teenie]. Spouse of Roger W. Born ??, died 1998 - Wed 10-17-1969, 4 children.
COWBURN, William G. Spouse of Mildred Langdon. Born 7-12-1905, died 11-16-1972 - Son of Charles and Jessie (Mallory) Cowburn
COX. Born ??, died ??
COX, Teal J. Born 1-17-1893, died 9-4-1970. Age: Infant
CRAIG, Bessie. Born 10-8-1871, died 12-31-1938
CRANCE, Hazel V. Born 1898, died 3-23-1964
CRANDALL, ?. Spouse of Edgar Crandall. Born ??, died ??
CRANDALL, Anna (Daly). Born 1875, died 1917
CRANDALL, Charles C. Born 1890, died 3-81967
CRANDALL, Curtis J. Born 5-13-1877, died 5-19-1969
CRANDALL, Daniel E. Spouse of Kate A. Turck. Born 1829, died 1-14-1922 - Wed 4-11-1874 in Pike Twp.
CRANDALL, Earl B. Spouse of Agnes A. Therioult. Born 7-25-1891, died 12-1-1966 - Wed 2-15-1920.
CRANDALL, Kate A. (Turck). Spouse of Daniel E. Born 1858, died 11-9-1951 - Wed 4-11-1874 in Pike Twp.
CRANDALL, Lena (Marvin). Born 1879, died 1-14-1920
CRANDALL, William Clement. Spouse of Brulaj J. Damon. Born 5-5-1921, died 11-19-2003. Age: 82 - Son of Curtis J. and Louise (Clement) Crandall. Born in Houghton NY, died in Olean NY. Partners wwith father in Crandall's Memorials. Wed 5-9-1942 in Buffalo NY, four children. (Spouse survives) - WW II Vet, US Army, T/Sgt
CRATSLEY, Leroy. Born 1909, died 11-13-1954
CRIPPEN, Lizzie (Guinnip). Born 1853, died 11-25-1921
CROOKS, Helen O. Born 4-8-1924, died 1-23-1974
CROSS, Ferd O. Born 6-14-1895, died 8-5-1975 - Son of Fred J. and Alice Cross. (1900 Sharon Census)
CROWELL, Albert M. Born 6-4-1933, died 11-7-1992. Age: 59 - Son of Laurence L. and Ina (Tarbox) Crowell. Born in Bingham Tshp NY - Cold War Vet, US Army 1955-1957
CROWELL, Burton Lewis. Spouse of Clementine Brewster. Born 3-29-1887, died 8-26-1958 - Born in Ulysses. Wed 10-25-1920 in Broome Co. NY.
CROWELL, Celestia (Towner). Spouse of Charles R. Born 11-7-1848, died 4-19-1940 - Wed 9-5-1878. (1880 Ulysses Census)
CROWELL, Charles R. Spouse of Celestia Towner. Born 11-17-1848, died 1-20-1922 - Son of J. Nelson and Julia A. (Wagoner) Crowell. Wed 9-5-1878. (1850, 1880 Ulysses Census)
CROWELL, Clementine (Brewster). Spouse of Burton L. Born 4-27-1886, died 2-17-1964 - Dau of Silas G. and Harriet (Wallace) Brewster, born in NY. Wed 10-25-1920 in Broome Co. NY.
CROWELL, Etta Briggs Watkins. Born 6-13-1887, died 8-26-1941
CROWELL, Frank A. Spouse of Hattie Kilbourn. Born 12-2-1852, died 3-11-1934 - Dau of J. M. Kilbourne. Wed 3-14-1878. (1880 Ulysses Census)
CROWELL, Hattie (Kilbourne). Spouse of Frank A. Born 8-2-1859, died 12-17-1933 - Wed 3-14-1878. (1880 Ulysses Census)
CROWELL, John L. Spouse of Lora Kilbourn. Born 11-14-1883, died 10-23-1955 - Wed 4-18-1906.
CROWELL, John Nelson. Spouse of Julia Wagner. Born 12-3-1822, died 5-3-1909 - Son of David and Mary Crowell. Born in Otsego CO NY, died in Ulysses PA. Wed 2-6-1848, four children. - Civil War Vet, Co G, 53rd Inf PA Vols, Pvt. and Co F 9th Veterans Reserve Corps
CROWELL, Julia (Wagner). Spouse of J. Nelson. Born 12-9-1827, died 8-8-1917 Dau of Abraham and Catherine (Wormworth) Wagner. Born in Steuben Co NY, died in Ulysses PA. Wed 2-6-1848, four children.
CROWELL, Karl Lawrence. Spouse of Victoria La Brozzi. Born 10-1952, died 5-1976 - Son of Lawrence Nelt Crowell and Jane (Perkins) Crowell. Lived in Ulysses PA, died there in farm accident. Wed 12-3-1972 in Emporium PA. (Spouse survivies)
CROWELL, Kate E. Born 11-4-1878, died 10-22-1880
CROWELL, Lawrence C. [Nelt]. Spouse of Jane Perkins. Born 12-31-1927, died 5-22-2004. Age: 76 - Son of Lawrence and Ina L. (Tarbox) Crowell, born in Coudersport. Wed 11-12-1953 in Gold.
CROWELL, Lawrence L. Spouse of Ina Tarbox. Born 6-14-1895, died 9-6-1970
CROWELL, Lora (Kilbourn). Spouse of John L. Born 1883, died 4-5-1912 - Wed 4-18-1906.
CROWELL, Neola. Born 5-25-1880, died 11-11-1880
CRUM, Almira (Jackson). Spouse of Clark C. Born 5-11-1834, died 3-14-1895 - Dau of John and Cararinda Jackson. Clark was killed in the Civil War. Married 2nd, James Crum.
CRUM, Austin C. Spouse of Mary Barnes. Born 9-18-1826, died 1889 - Son of Lyman and Bethsheba (Stevens) Crum. (1850 Ulysses Census)
CRUM, Carrie. Spouse of James L. Born 10-1872, died 8-12-1911 - 1900 Bingham Census: 1871, 2nd wife, wed 0 yr.
CRUM, Clark. Spouse of Eda (Gilbert). Born 5-25-1798, died 2-22-1887 - Son of Phineous and Sally (Ross) Crum. Born in MA. (1840, 1850 Ulysses Census) Eda buried in Daniels Cem.
CRUM, Gaylord. Spouse of Rosellie Keech. Born 1857, died 1889 - Son of Clark C. and Almira (Jackson) Crum
CRUM, George M. Spouse of Alice L. Born 6-1870, died 12-6-1906 - (1900 Bingham Census)
CRUM, J. Lowell. Spouse of Alice Baker. Born 7-27-1902, died 10-30-1970 - Son of James Luke and Carrie (Johnson) Crum
CRUM, James C. Born 1875, died ??. Age: Infant
CRUM, James L. Spouse of ?/ Carrie. Born 6-21-1845, died 5-28-1938 - Son of Clark and Eda (Gilbert) Crum. (1850, 1900 Ulysses Census)
CRUM, Maria. Born 1843, died 1892
CRUM, Mark S. Spouse of Hannah M. Born 10-1-1838, died 4-16-1905 - Son of Clark and Eda (Gilbert) Crum. (1850, 1880 Ulysses Census)
CRUM, Mary. Born 1839, died 10-26-1880
CRUM, Mary (Barnes). Spouse of Austin C. Born 1828, died 1897 - (1850 Ulysses Census)
CRUM, Origin B. Spouse of Ann Prendal. Born 1-11-1831, died 2-19-1875 - Son of Clark and Eda (Gilbert) Crum. (1850 Ulysses Census)
CRUM, Rosalie (Daniels). Spouse of Gaylord/ Norman W. Keech. Born 1857, died 6-23-1917 - Dau of Barna and Julia H. (Young) Daniels. Wed Norman 1-2-1896.
CUSHING, Benjamin Jay. Spouse of Emily M. Bassett. Born 11-11-1835, died 11-28-1921 - Son of Leavitt and Jane (Goodrich) Cushing, born in Bainbridge, Chenango Co. NY. Wed 1-17-1864 in Ulysses, 3 children. (1860, 1880 Ulysses Census) - Civil War Vet, Co G 53rd Regt PA Vols. 1st Lt.
CUSHING, Burdette Jay [Bertie]. Born 7-24-1870, died 7-18-1879 - Son of Benjamin J. and Emily M. (Bassett) Cushing, born in Ulysses.
CUSHING, Chauncey G. Spouse of Sarah E. Olmsted. Born 8-22-1828, died 9-12-1877 - Son of Lucas and Chloe (Wood) Cushing. Wed 3-10-1850 in Ulysses. (1850 Ulysses Census)
CUSHING, Emily Melvina (Bassett). Spouse of Benjamin J. Born 10-15-1838, died 6-17-1924 - Dau of Orrin R. and Eliza (Wolcott) Bassett, born in Tioga Co. Wed 1-17-1864 in Ulysses, 3 children. (1850 Ulysses Census)
CUSHING, Grandmother. Born 1782, died 1860 - Buried on lot
CUSHING, Jane (Goodrich). Spouse of Leavitt. Born 9-30-1807, died 8-28-1893 - Dau of Benjamin J. and Patty (Eldridge) Goodrich, born in New Caanan CT. Wed 9-21-1828 in Worcester, Otsego Co. NY, 10 children. (1850 Ulysses Census)
CUSHING, Kate (Bassett). Born 6-19-1860, died 6-21-1938
CUSHING, Leavitt. Spouse of Jane Goodrich. Born 4-12-1806, died 11-12-1883 - Son of Leavitt and Chloe (Wilson) Cushing, born in Worcester NY. Wed 9-21-1828 in Worcester, Otsego Co. NY, 10 children. (1850 Ulysses Census)
CUSHING, Leavitt Wilson [Wilson]. Spouse of Susan E. Bassett. Born 5-17-1839, died 7-21-1918 - Son of Leavitt and Jane (Goodrich) Cushing, born in Erwin, Steuben Co NY. Wed 1-24-1874 in Ulysses. (1860, 1880 Ulysses Census) - Civil War Vet, Co G 53rd Regt PA Vols.
CUSHING, Maria (Olmsted). Spouse of Charles H. Born 1-4-1834, died 8-12-1857 - Dau of Gardner H. and Mary A. (Robertson) Olmsted, born in Chenango Co. NY. Wed 2-1-1865 in Delaware Co NY. (1850 Ulysses census)
CUSHING, Sarah Elizabeth (Olmsted). Spouse of Chauncy G. Born 6-15-1830, died 6-25-1916 - Dau of Daniel and Lucy A. (Scofield) Olmsted, born in Delaware Co. NY. Wed 3-10-1850 in Ulysses.
CUSHING, Susan Bassett Douglas. Born 5-25-1861, died 9-3-1963
CUSHING, Susan Elizabeth (Bassett). Spouse of James T. Douglass/ Leavitt Wilson. Born 7-4-1835, died 3-16-1930 - Dau of Orrin R. and Eliza (Wolcott) Bassett, born in Tioga Co. PA. Wed James 9-20-1857 in Ulysses. James died 9-15-1864 in Southern captivity in Florence, SC. Wed Leavitt 1-24-1874 in Ulysses.
CUTLER, Rachel. Spouse of W. J. Born 9-8-1811, died 4-7-1899
CUTLER, W. J. Spouse of Rachel. Born 1-12-1812, died 8-5-1883


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