Near Sunderlinville, Hector Twp.

Transcribed from the records of the Potter County Historical Society
by Barb Hyde, 2008

Where noted, some entries have been expanded with cross-references to census data. To view the census data, open the census cited and search for a name.
* denotes a birthdate calculated from the given death date and age at death.

CREEK, Clovisa. Spouse of Isaac. Born 1817, died 1883
JAMES, Infant. Born, died 5-16-1883 - Child of Henry I. and Amelia A. James (1880 Hector Census)
RICHARDS, Silas. Spouse of L. M. Born 1845, died 1-29-1884 - (1880 Pike Census)
SCOTT, Luke. Born 1882, died 1888
SLATER, ?. Born 12-11-1867, died 5-12-1887 - Dau of W. C. and L. C. Slater
SLATER, Mary. Spouse of William E. Born 2-15-1837, died 9-10-1910 - (1880 Hector Census)
SLATER, William E. Spouse of Mary. Born 1829, died ?? - (1880 Hector Census) - Civil War Vet
SWIMLEY, ?. Born 1842, died 1887
T., Nellie. Born, died 1882 - [Stone below H. V. Tinney stone]
TINNEY. H. V. Born, died 4-25-1887

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