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Shinglehouse. Pa., Potter Co.

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Oswayo Valley Mail, Shinglehouse, PA, Potter County, June 28, 1956.
Shingle House With Growing Pains

With the building of the glass plant starting in 1901, Shingle House began to boom. The following items from the files of The Oswayo Valley Mail describe happenings at that time.

About 500,000 feet of lumber to be used in the glass factory came from the VanWormer mill at Ceres. 12 to 15 teams, hauling 1800 feet per load, make two trips a days at $1.00 per thousand feet.

It took eight teams to keep the masons provided with stone and sand. Carpenters were paid $2-$2.50 per day, stone masons $3.50, unskilled labor $1.75 to $2 day. Masons worked 9 hours, others ten hours.

Houses in Shingle House rented from $8 to $12 per month.

In September 1901, the foundation was laid for the Arlington Hotel. Landlord McNamire fed 100 persons at noon at the Commercial House on Oswayo street.

Jones & Newton sold their grocery store to McGregor & Nichols, Charles Sherwood began a bakery near the railroad, Edward Gale of Genesee began the erection of a hardware store and George VanCise moved his barbershop from Parmenter's Cigar store to annex of Failing's Hardware.

Dr. C. A. Crosby came from Oswayo to locate at the corner of Oswayo and Academy streets. Nichols Hall on Oswayo street was completed in November.

Mrs. Sala Stevens, one of the first property owners to sell for building purposes near the glass plant, sold 15 acres at $100 per acre.

As the year ended, there had been 55 dwellings and 12 business places erected. Shingle House had a metropolitan air -- four whistles announced the meal hours during the day.


The big glass plant went into operation in 1902. Mr. Warren Glymph had the distinction of blowing the first glass on January 2, 1902. The first shipment of glass was made on January 20.

Four barbershops were doing business and two more were to open soon. There were 50 regular boarders in the Arlington. It had been equipped with a public bath room and barbershop.

The Pioneer Pharmacy, owned by J. A. Wooward, burned to the ground on Sunday, Feb. 2. He rebuilt across the street to make room for the new bank block.

There were 10 business places near the railroad station in the new part of town, including a bowling alley. The original part of Shingle House is composed of 30 business places. They were a half mile apart.

Blowing in tank No. 2 began on Saturday, March 2, 1902. 200 men were employed with a payroll of $4500 per week. It requires gas from 32 wells to supply the glass plant, and for domestic use.


The United Natural Gas Company began erecting its pump station at East Sharon in January 1903, and the Potter Gas Company in July. Eight carloads of brick from Genesee were used by the latter company.

Kate Newton came from Coudersport in September to clerk in the Pioneer Pharmacy. C. F. Locke came from Oswayo to erect a building between the Pioneer Pharmacy and Jack Russsell's.

A. A. Allen of Olean, who had stores in Hornellsville, Wellsville, Coudersport and Olean, began to build what is now Mom's Kitchen. Work was also progressing on the brick Bank block in the other end of town.

In October, 1903, a road was begun from the old Oswayo to Ceres road and went past the glass plant to Academy street.

Grant Lyon was elected president of the first hose company in Shingle House in November.

In November, 1903, Frank Hallett came from Canisteo and bought the M. L. Wilson fruit store and restaurant of Frank Farley on Oswayo street.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Haire also came from Buffalo and bought the Locke building on Oswayo street.

H. M. Foltz and C. C. Annesman have formed a partnership and rented the Lyon building opposite the Arlington Hotel. They will do all kinds of tin work, plumbing, gas fitting and bicycle repairing.


What is now the Shinglehouse Theatre was planned by a group of local capitalists in 1904 when they organized to build an opera house at the corner of Main and Academy streets.

Early Simons has purchased a lot on Main street, back of the Arlington Hotel, and will commence the erection of a large livery barn very soon.

Lelon Hitchcock has purchased three lots on East Main street, back of Allen's store. Lumber is being delivered on the ground for the erection of a skating rink which will be 40x85 feet in size. It opened in October.

The porch in front of McGregor & Nichols store was torn down and carted away. A new cement sidewalk will be built across the front of their property. This will be a decided improvement.

The Shingle House Telephone Company has its building completed on Academy street opposite the borough school for its Central office. Material is nearly all here for the completion of their lines in this borough. The poles are now being set on the different streets and the wire will soon be strung, the phones put in and the switch board placed in position.

Allie Osburn has moved her millinery stock into her new store on Oswayo street and is now pleasantly settled.

Clint Clark, who has operated the saw mill at Herring for the past few years, is tearing it down and will move the lumber here to be used in building a flour and feed mill.

Ground was broken in November near the heading factory, and the stone masons are busy building the walls. It opened in April, 1905.

The Hall Association has purchased the two vacant lots on the burned district next to the residence of Charles Grames of George W. Dodge and Cole Bros.

A. Solomon and C. L. Brown have formed what is known as the Eureka Carriage Company. They purchased a lot of Cole Bros. at the rear of the McGregor and Nichols store, facing Honeoye.

W. O. Stevens has purchased a lot next to J. W. Cole's law office and this week will commence the erection of a store building thereon. The building will be 22x40 feet in size and will be rented.


C. C. Anneman has bought the Hitchcock skating rink and has moved his tinning and plumbing shop there.

The Pioneer Pharmacy will be move from the Woodward building on Oswayo street to the store building owned by Lyon & Martin, opposite Gibson's clothing store on Academy street.

A business deal was made Saturday afternoon whereby Dr. Frank Hallett became the owner of a large livery and feed stable and the resident property of Ed Davis on Church street in the borough, and Davis became the owner of the Hallett Hotel property at Millport.

A. C. Simpson has moved his jewelry store from the McDowell furniture store into the south side of the Pioneer Pharmacy store on Academy street.


A new meat market was opened opposite Gibson's store by Charles Sherwood.

W. W. Martin, whose drug store was destroyed by fire a week ago this morning, is fitting up the building on Main street formerly occupied as a hardware store by M. E. Newman and is doing business again.

Kenneth Trask is erecting a building on the north side of the Arlington Hotel, which he will fit up for a barber shop.

The small office building of A. F. Nichols on Oswayo street is being remodeled into a barber shop which will soon be occupied by R. C. Baker.


Work has begun at the corner of Main and Academy streets for a business block 26x60 feet in size, two stories high. It is being erected by Fred Gibson and G. W. Lyon, who recently purchased the J. F. Morse & Son store building at Oswayo, are having it torn down and moved to this borough. The post office will occupy a part of the new building.

H. C. Keller has purchased the Star Laundry outfit of D. M. Simmons and has rented the store building on Main street, formerly occupied by M. E. Newman, and has moved in.

Eugene Barnes of Olean has purchased the C. C. VanDeBoe building and barbershop on Oswayo street, next to the Commercial House. He is moving his family here and will open for business this week.

P. L. Califf disposed of Commercial street to W. W. Atherton of Portville. It was just about four years ago that Mr. Atherton sold the same property to Mr. Califf.

G. S. Faulkner had a meat market opposite Gibson's and the Carroll Clothing Store on Oswayo street was opened on December 14, 1910.


Singlehouse Lodge No. 596, IOOF has purchased a vacant lot at the corner of Academy and Union streets, opposite the new borough building.

Wolcott Gas Company applied for a charter on August 10, 1911. C. A. Wolcott, W. G. Cornelison, G. B. Scott, E. H. Hollingshead, R. G. Worden, et al.

A. T. Jones recently purchased the building located on Honeoye street at the rear of the Grange store, for a machine shop and will move from the Huntington building on August 9.

The Planing mill and lumber yard of F. P. Nichols on Main street was sold to F. H. Failing, C. C. Perry, C. C. VanDeBoe, C. H. Cole and Will Slawson on November 2, 1911.

Sevedra Barnum is erecting a studio next to his father's home on First street, size 16x32 feet.

A. M. Webster sold his draying business wagons and one horse to Will Bly on November 22. Len Root will assist the new owner.

W. H. Shaw and Guy Handley have bought out the grocery store conducted by C. F. Locke and took charge October 2, 1911.

Palmer Window Glass Company went bankrupt. F. L. Bartlett bid in the property and resold it to the Empire Glass Company on November 8, 1911.

G. W. Morehouse bought the store of T. L. Knapp on Friday, February 24, 1911. F. M. Van Slyke had operated it.

Assembly Park auditorium was built by Failing.

Shaw Bakery was sold to E. P. Huntington in the Fall of 1911.


Insurance Agent Langworthy is occupying the front office in the Charles Cole building on Oswayo street.

The Potter Gas Company has moved its office from this building into their own building at the corner of Academy street and Trolley avenue, near the Keystone Hotel.

Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Hallett have rented their ice cream parlor and confectionery store to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Eberle of Eldred, who will take possession about April 1.

The Shinglehouse Water Company is now owned by Attorney C. C. VanDeBoe, who has purchased the interest of his partners, F. H. Failing and E. T. McDowell.

Mrs. Leona Reed has rented the restaurant building on Academy street, formerly occupied by B. E. Border of Olean and will conduct a restaurant and boarding house.

Lloyd Simmons' Superior Laundry Company of Willsboro will begin operation on September 1, of the new laundry being started by Johnson and Johnson on Oswayo street, located in the building next to their barbershop.

A new restaurant has been opened in the Hitchcock building across the track from the N. Y. & P. railway station by John R. Kelly. He opened up for business Saturday, March 9.


F. H. Failing was appointed postmaster on July 9, to take the place of A. W. Briggs, outgoing postmaster.

C. R. Mosch and Company of Galeton and F. D. Coats (manager), of Jersey Shore, purchased the stock and fixtures of the F. R. King general merchandise store in September.

The Huntington bakery was purchased by M. S. Eckert and Frank Freeborn on November 29, to take possession before March 16, 1915.

Shinglehouse Water Company purchased the Empire Glass Company water system.

The Grand Central Garage is the name of a new firm just organizedin Shinglehouse and is composed of Joseph Henry, Harold King and Brooks Githens. They have rented the Dealing Garage and bought Brown's Auto Supply Co.

A meat cooler was installed in the Keir and Dodd meat market on March 5.


C. A. Wolcott broke ground for a new post office building 20x40 feet on Academy street across from the A. Solomon dwelling, on May 13, 1914 and was ready for occupancy September 2.

Dr. R. Wayne Richards came to Shinglehouse in July.

John Zwirnbaum purchased a lot of A. F. Nichols, opposite McDowell's furniture store and erected a new building for a clothing store, 24x66 feet which was ready to be occupied in October.


The Free Library was started in the Council Chambers of the City Building on February 24.

New street signs were erected. Those parallel to Honeoye are called streets, except Oswayo street. Other, including Main, which has been changed to Puritan, are called avenues.

The weekly payroll of the factories in Shingle House runs about $6,000, or $24,000 each month. The factories are running steady and turning out a good quality of glass, heading, gasoline, finished lumber, feed and flour, and pumping heads.


C. F. Locke has sold his stock of general merchandise to H. E. Fenner & Co., who took possesion on September 4.


The heading mill, owned by Sharon Manufacturing Company was totally destroyed by fire on February 27, including all the machinery and 700 bales of finished heading. Loss was between $6,000 and $7,000.

The silk mill began operation on February 14.

C. C. Anneman's plumbing shop and dwelling was damaged by fire on December 31. The loss was $2,500 on the building, $1,000 on household goods and $3,500 on fixtures, plumbing, etc.


Girl Scout troop was organized in July with 35 members, sponsored by the First Baptist Church. Miss Margaret Holly was captain and Miss Bessie Norton, lieutenant.

Dodge Hardware closed out their grocery department.

Joe Rupert and Victor Freeborn opened a garage in the building occupied by Grand Central Garage, and was known as The People's Garage.

Bert Clark is remodeling the building recently purchased on Lyon street and will move his garage there from Mill street.


The large barn, run in connection with the Hotel Imperial and owned by James F. Hogan, was totally destroyed by fire about 3:30 o'clock Friday morning.

Sharon Mills was sold by C. A. Clark to Harry Kent and John J. Anders on September 17.

As a result of fire early Saturday morning, Shingle House is without a bakery. Fire was discovered in the rear end of the Model Bakery on Oswayo street by Charles H. Cole, destroying the entire building except the front part, which was damaged by water and smoke.

The large double store building, owned by A. Solomon, and the storehouse of the A. T. Jones machine shop were damaged by fire. It began business again on April 2, 1919.


A bookkeeping and statement system was put in use in the bank on November 1.

The Empire Glass Company of Shingle House became a part of a merger, known as the Inter-State Window Glass Company, when 12 or 15 glass plants scattered through four or five states, merged on December 8, 1920.

E. J. Davis & Co., has rented and is moving its stock of farm machinery and horse goods into the C. A. Clark building opposite the Kent and Anders grist mill on Mill street.

In June the W. N. Y. & P. Traction Company began the work of taking up its line in Oswayo and Academy streets, which are to be paved soon.

A. J. Franz rented the Keir store on Oswayo street and opened on July 17, 1920.

The brick block on Oswayo street was purchased on June 23, by the First National Bank from Dr. A. W. Smallman of Ellicottville, N. Y.


The old bakery building of the Model Bakery, sold to Mark and Grant Stevens, is being torn down.

Oswayo Valley Mail, Shinglehouse, PA, Potter County, June 28, 1956.
Ceres Mail, January, 1895

The only branch of the U. S. Weather Bureau in Potter County is located in Shingle House. Two observations are taken daily by Prof. H. L. Pearsall, who has charge of the local bureau.

Those who predicted an open winter don't have much to say these days. The scribe of Upper Bellrun is mum also.

The worst blizzard that has visited this section in half a century was turned on last Friday, February 8, 1895, and lasted until Saturday night. Outside it was bitter cold and a low gas pressure made life a burden to people who tried to keep warm inside.

Oswayo Valley Mail, Shinglehouse, PA, Potter County, June 28, 1956.
A post office was established at Chrystal in the Eleven Mile valley in the spring of 1884.

Odd Fellows from Oswayo and Hebron attended a wood cutting bee for Mrs. Connors, widow of their late brother, at Eleven Mile in December 1897.

Soldiers told of a recent trip to Chattanooga at a Camp Fire held in the church at Andrews Settlement in December 1897.

A bell was put in the Chrystal school house on Friday, April 29, 1898.

According to the auditors' report it cost Potter County $1452.80 to board prisoners in jail during 1897.

William H. Hydorn of Hebron attended his first circus at the age of 83 years in Coudersport on June 9, 1891.

George W. Dodge was appointed postmaster in Shinglehouse in the winter of 1897.

A Seventh-day Adventist Church was dedicated in Shinglehouse on December 25, 1883.

2,500 persons cast their vote at the General Election in Potter County on November 6, 1883.

Potter County supported 158 public schools and had 26 voting districts in 1884.

While Leon and Ward Cole of Clara were driving cattle to the barn during an electric storm on Saturday, June 18, 1898, one of the cows was killed by a bolt of lightning.

Judge Charles Lyman, once Associate Judge of Potter County and Publisher of the Potter County Union, died at Wappello, Iowa, in March 1888.

There were 21 voting precincts in Potter County in 1848.

A cow belonging to William Stevens of Water street got out of the barn Thursday, March 1, 1916, and went over to the barn of Ira Kinney. Not finding what it was looking for on the first floor the cow made her way up quite a steep pair of stairs onto the second floor of the barn, where she was found later eating straw.

Stevens and Kinney had to study quite awhile before they decided on a way to get the cow back down the stairs.

They tied ropes to her hind legs and to her horns and then backed her to the head of the stairs, while one of them held the rope fastened to the cows head and the other jerked the rope first on one leg and then on the other leg of the cow and they finally succeeded in backing her down the stairway safely.

Ceres Mail, Wednesday, May 30, 1900
Shingle House, May 29.

The Shingle House cheese factory has made two shipments of cheese this season.

Charles Dunham was over from Bolivar on business Saturday.

Lloyd Newton was home from Oswayo over Sunday.

U.S. Dodge was in Olean and Wellsville Sunday.

Fred Manley was home from Olean over Sunday. Will Sisson accompanied him.

John Heckman registered at the Hotel Munger Saturday. He was on his way home from Buffalo, where he had been to purchase horses.

The right of way for the extension of the N. Y. & P. railroad between Millport and Shingle House has been secured, and the work of constructing the road will begin at once. The trains
ought to be running into our town by October 1.

Dr. Frank Hallott had professional business in Coudersport yesterday.

For some time C. D. Parmenter has not had the use o.......eyes, and ........, but returned to
.....with no improvement in his condition at all. He is at Dr. Comstock's at present. His many friends hope he may soon regain his eyesight.

Mrs. J. A. Woodward was in Bolivar last week for a visit with her father.

Mrs. Laura Newton and Mrs. P. B. Woodward left on Saturday for an extended visit with relatives in the west. Mrs. Newton will go to Portland, Ore. and Mrs. Woodward will stop at Duluth, Minn.

The Shingle House cheese factory is now making thirty cheese a day. The cheese has been contracted for by a New York firm for the entire season.

Phil Drake caught a carp in the creek the other day that measured twenty inches and weighed 3 1/4 pounds. After Phil had hooked the carp he had to get another boy to help pull it out.

Don't fail to read what Newton has to say in his new advertisement in this issue.

Miss Anna Nichols is visiting her brother at Buffalo.

Cliff Johnson and family and Ern Taggart and family of Roulette were guests at Nate Johnson's Sunday. Cliff Johnson may locate here.

S.H. Manley was in Addison over Sunday. He attended his brother's funeral at that place last Thursday.

Charles Bradfield has commenced the erection of a building to be used for a meat market.

Among the list of grand jurors drawn for the June term of court in Potter county from Sharon township are A.B.Wells and Alfred Herring.

Ceres Mail, Wednesday Aug. 14, 1901


Mrs.F. L. Baker was up from Ceres Saturday afternoon.

Say a good word for your town every time you get a chance.

Town pump is again doing business after a few days' idleness.

Met Hawks of Coneville was among the callers in town Saturday.

Leda McDowell has returned from a visit with Williston relatives.

The glass factory is beginning to loom up like a big battleship in a fog.

Ed Varney of South Branch has been a guest of relatives in town the past week.

That is a nice wide porch Bert Morton has built onto the front of his residence.

There are a few holes in some of the sidewalks about town. Better slip a new plank in.

Grace Duncan went to Bolivar yesterday for a visit with her aunt, Mrs. Mary Clifford.

Victor De Wilton is now working on the B. R. & P. railroad with headquarters at Buffalo.

Will Brundage, C.E. Drake, Fred Newton and Will Bly were among those who took in the Olean races last week.

Dr. Crosby of Oswayo has bought the Nate Johnson tenement house. He will erect an office on one corner of the lot.

W.S. Parish returned from the Pan-Am Saturday. While there he met his brother from the East and had a visit with him.

The town board met at Sharon Center Saturday to see about some repair work to be done on the two bridges across the Oswayo creek.

Williard Jones, wife and son arrived in town from Portland, Ore., last Wednesday for a visit with his mother, Mrs. Laura Newton.

A. Salomon has a change of adv. this week. It's about clothing.

Miss Celia Pearsall has returned to her home in Harriman, Tenn., after an extended visit with relatives in this vicinity.

C. Ross Nichols and wife were among the Pan-Am visitors the past week.While in Buffalo they were guests at the home of Harry Nichols.

Miss Grace Jacobs, who has been spending the summer with relatives at Reesville, has returned to her home in Shinglehouse.

Dr. William Howe of Shingle House and Miss Lavinia R. Guild of Hector were united in marriage a few days ago. Dr. Howe has only been located in our town a short time, but has made many friends who join with the writer in congratulations and best wishes.

Joe Connors has opened a tailor shop in a building next to Mrs. L. A. Nichols' residence. He only does clothes pressing and cleaning now, but on September 1 a first-class tailor will be employed.

The young men about town tried to hold a dance in the Hall Friday evening but had to give up the attempt, as only four girls were present What's the matter, boys, haven't you used the girls right?

About 3,000 cords of bark has been peeled on Bert McDonald's jobs at Bellrun and Clara this summer and most of it was peeled during the month of June. Bert said that very few of the
boys returned to work after the Fourth of July: work in the hay fields offered better wages.

Dodge & Cole have torn down and removed their old storeroom on Honeoye street, and are talking of moving the building next to Russell's barbershop out of there and erecting a good
business block on the site. If this is done, it will make that end of the street look fifty per cent. better.

After an illness of only five weeks, but five weeks of intense suffering, Mrs. Frank Farley passed peacefully away at 5:40 o'clock Thursday morning. Her death was caused by a complication of diseases; first she was taken ill with grip, which was followed by typhoid fever and Bright's disease. Mrs. Farley was born in Shingle House in 1857 and had resided here nearly all her life. She was a good Christian woman, a kind neighbor, dutiful wife and mother, and will be missed not only by her immediate family but by the entire community. The funeral services were conducted in the M.E. church by Rev. Bancroft at eleven o'clock Sunday morning, and the body was laid at rest in the village cemetery. A husband, one son, Wright, and three sisters, Mrs. W.B. Brightman of Coudersport, Mrs. M. J. Bridge of Little Rock, Wash., and Mrs. Charles Warner of Mountain View, Cal., are left to mourn her death.

Oswayo Valley Mail, Thursday June 2, 1949
Birth Dates

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Richards of Shinglehouse are parents of a daughter, born on Friday at the Mountain Clinic in Olean.

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald N. Hawks of Olean are parents of a daughter, Jean Marie, born on Tuesday at the S. Francis Hospital in Olean. Mr. Hawks is a former resident of Shinglehouse.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Crandall of Bolivar are parents of a daughter, born on Friday at the Jones Memorial Hospital in Wellsville.

76th Birthday

Rev. Frank Jackson of Honeoye was guest of honor at a supper recently in commemoration of his 76th birthday anniversary on May 25, 1949.

Those present for the occasion were Mr. and Mrs. Harry Smith of Eldred, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jackson and family, Mr. and Mrs. David Jackson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Jones and son and Mr. and Mrs Jenneth Appleby and son, Terry, all of Honeoye.

Oswayo Valley Mail, Thursday June 2, 1949

Echoes of Long Ago

Fifty Years Ago

Taken from the early file of the Ceres Mail on Wednesday, May 31, 1899.

F. H. Failing is improving the looks of his store in Shingle House by building a new porch.

Fred Dodge, J. A. Woodward and James Duncan of Shinglehouse were Bolivar visitors on Sunday.

Mrs. James Tyler of Shingle House is visiting relatives in Clara.

The carpenters commenced work on Nate Johnson's new store building in Shinglehouse.

H. L. Pearsall of Shingle House lost a good ... the other day.

Charles Parmenter of Shingle House made a business trip to Wellsville the other day.

Tom Handley was home in Shingle House from Port Allegheny over Sunday.

Eldon McDowell and family of Shingle House were in Port Allegheny the fore part of the week.

The home of Mrs. F. P. Nichols was the scene of two very pleasant gatherings during the past week.

Justin Fuller and Lizzie D. Stevens of Bell Run were guests of Olean friends on Tuesday.

F. O. Bosworth is now receiving over 8,000 pounds of milk daily at the Bell Run cheese factory.

Guy T. Lowery of Portville was in Olean on business on Friday.

J. M. Hargrave and wife and George Peckham and wife of Bell Run are visiting in Portville today.

Rev. G. P. Kenyon of Hebron and S. S. Scott of Shingle House were in Carroll on Wednesday.

Mrs. Herman Langworthy of Main is visiting friends at Shingle House.

L. Woodward of Mersereau spent Sunday at Eldred.

George Peckham lost the first finger of his left hand at the mill in Mersereau on Wednesday while putting the conveyor chain on the sprocket wheel.

Myron Kilmer of Henry's was in Portville on Thursday.

William Lunn and wife of Henry's were in Little Genesee on Thursday.

George Holly and wife of Ceres drove over to Allentown on Sunday for a visit with friends.

Forty years ago

Taken from the early files of the Oswayo Valley Mail, Wednesday, June 2, 1909.

Fred Rixford is painting his dwelling on Lincoln street.

A new porch has been built in front of the Keystone Hotel.

The two machines at the bottle factory are now making fruit jars.

Leonard Batchelder of Canisteo was a guest of Stella Kinney over Sunday.

Wasn't it a beautiful Decoration Day! We don't remember such a fine day in many years.

Mrs. D. M. Simons, Mrs. Floyd VanSlyke and Mrs. Annis Burt were shopping in Olean on Saturday.

The Shinglehouse cheese factory, run by J. B. Howden, is now making 16 38 pound cheese every day.

A. A. Allen and wife of Olean were Sunday guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will Strait of Water street.

Mrs. Fendora Terwillinger and daughter Mollie, drove up to Clara and Hebron on Friday for a visit with relatives.

Mrs. Margaret Washburn of Port Allegany is a guest of her granddaughter, Mrs. C. A. Clark of Pleasant street.

M. E. Newman has been on the road for one of the heading machine firms. He sets up new machinery and sees that it works.

James McCombs left on Sunday for an extended stay in the southern part of Pennsylvania where he has some busness interests.

A band of gypsies has been camped along the Sunnyside road just outside the borough limits the past few days. Their time was spent in telling fortunes and trading "horses".

Miss Neva Kuhn most delightfully entertained the XYZ Club at her home on Oswayo street on Saturday evening.

Dan Ford has been ill with rheumatism.

George Henion and wife entertained his mother from Hebron one day ....

Floyd VanSlyke has ... Union street into the ... Drake house.

Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Carpenter were guests of friends and relatives in Millport on Sunday.

Dorr Eastman and wife were guest of friends in Coudersport several days the past week.

Thirty Years Ago

Taken from the early files of the Oswayo Valley Mail, Wednesday, June 4, 1919.

A birthday anniversary surprise party was tendered to Mrs. Almira Cole yesterday, the occasion being her 81st birthday.

The state surveyors arrived here Sunday and are surveying the streets for the new pavement through this borough.

George Stannard and Bert Womer spent the last week tenting on the bank of the Genesee river near Genesee, and in the mean time doing a little fishing. The boys report a splendid time.

The baseball team of the Shinglehouse Troop No. 1 Boy Scouts went to Olean on Monday afternoon and played their first game with the crack team of School No. 7. Olean won the 10 inning game.

The Rebekahs will hold their election of officers on Friday night. There will be an initiation afterward.

Ira Kinney has been appointed assistant state fire marshall for the borough of Shinglehouse.

Mr. and Mrs. C. B. McDowell of Portland, Oregon, visited J. C. McDowell and family over Sunday.

Born: A baby daughter arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Luke Griffin one day the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Barber of Ceres spent Sunday at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Langworthy, of Lincoln avenue.

Pierre McDowell of Gerber, California, was calling on friends at Burtville on Sunday.

Mrs. Bess Edgar went to Eldred on Monday and her son, who had been visiting his grandmother, returned home with her.

Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Martin autoed over to Pike on Sunday to visit his mother and also her brother, Ellsworth Lyon, who is in very poor health.

Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Worden, who have been spending the winter and spring in Lakeland, Florida, have started back north for their home near Portville.

The Model Bakery had to be closed on Monday morning as both Frank Freeborn and Clifford Johnston, the bakers, were ill with the flu.

A car of two-year-olds arrrived here from Buffalo for C. H. Cole, J. I. Donnelly, and E. J. Davis. The young stock will be placed on their farms.

A. T. Jones and wife passed the week-end with George Hurst and family at Andover.

Twenty Years Ago

Taken from the early files of Oswayo Valley Mail, Wednesday, May 29, 1929.

The home of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Ingley of Palmer avenue was the scene of a happy gathering on Friday evening when about 25 friends of Miss Gladys Ingley gave her a suprise party , the occcasion being her ........

About 25 of the boy and girl friends of the Misses Marjorie and Lucille Norton autoed over to Richburrg on Wednesday evening and surprised the two young ladies at the home of their sister, Mrs. Kenneth Seager.

Work of scraping and enlarging the local ball diamond at the park was begun on Thursday afternoon.

The class that will be graduated from Shinglehouse High School on June 11, 1929, numbers 30 which is the largest class ever to leave the local institution of learning. The class contains 12 girls and 18 boys. Loren Bly, who is Class President, is also Salutatorian and Stanley Swarthout received the honor of being Valedictorian of the class.

The Marquette, the new six cylinder car produced by the Buick Motor Company, will be offerd to the public for the first time on Saturday, by approximately 4,000 Buick Dealers throughout the country.

Miss Letha Kemp, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Kemp of this boro, who is a student at Alfred University, has been elected to membership in the New York Chapter of Pi Gamma Mu, a Social Science honor society.

While playing in the street near the home of Nate Foote last evening, a young son of Mrs. Burrell of Stevens street was struck by an auto sriven by George Washburn of Bellrun. He was somewhat cut and bruised.

Mrs. Emma Prince is recovering from her recent illness.

Steven Rapchick of Coneville was a caller in this boro on Sunday evening.

Ten Years Ago

Taken from the early files of the Oswayo Valley Mail, Thursday, June 1, 1939.

A deal was closed on Monday whereby J. Albert Nordquist of Galeton purchased the old Star Theatre and the small brick silk mill in this boro.

Mr. and Mrs. John Crooks attended the graduation exercises at Kinzua on Monday evening.

Mrs. Horace Pratt of Olean, Mrs. Newton Reigel of Duke Center and Miss Esther Flodin of Shinglehousse entertained at a dinner at the Cogswell on Friday evening in honor of Miss Grayce Voorhees of Shinglehouse, a future bride.

Mrs. R. M. Babcock entertained the Foreign Missionary Society of the Methodist Church last Thursday afternoon.

A new wrinkle in settling dust on our streets was tried out successfully yesterday by H. D. Morton who put calcium chloride on the streets near his home. Today one block of First street will be covered with the same.

Arthur Greene, organist at the First Baptist Church, was feted at a surprise party in the church parlors in honor of his birthday anniversary on Monday.

A class of 30, 15 boys and 16 girls, was graduated from Shinglehouse High School at Commencement held in the high school gym on Monday evening.

One of the brooders at the farm of Mrs. Mabel Stevens caught on fire one day last week. The fire was discovered and extinguished before much damage had been done.

Irving Toner has returned from a trip to New York where he has been visiting his sister, Miss Helen Toner.

Mrs. Ella Reed of Roulette was calling on Mrs. Jennie Hogancamp and son, Glen Dawley, on Tuesday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Clark of Genesee spent Decoration Day at the homes of Mr. and Mrs. Ira Kinney and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Clark in this boro.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Bly were calling on Mr. and Mrs. Rlph Wells at Bellrun on Sunday.

Roy Clark returned home on Sunday from Buffalo where he has been a hospital patient.

Clarence Kemp Jr., attended a Wayside Club prom in the Olean high school gym on Friday night.

Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Babcock returned home today from a few days; visit at the home of their so, Mr. and Mrs. Foster Babcock, in Bayonne, New Jersey.

Nate Foote is seriously ill with pneumnia at his home on Palmer avenue.

Oswayo Valley Mail, Thursday June 2, 1949

Congratulations to these friends


Sunday, June 5

Bernard Winship, Bolivar
Mrs. Claude Guild, Cuba
Mrs. Lionel Dodd, Allegany, N. Y.
Polly Spencer, Oswayo
Carl Case, Myrtle
Darrell E. Davis, Mansfield, Pa.
H. D. Morton, Shinglehouse
Erwin Prindle, Mansfield

Monday, June 6

Ethel MacGregor, Shinglehouse
Mrs. Hoe Herrick, Shinglehouse
Mrs. Frank Wilson, Olean
Daphyne Danforth, Endwell, N. Y.

Tuesday, June 7

William Miller, Sharon Center
Lawrence Sealy, Clara
Frances Bailey, Coneville
Cornelius Loucks, Ceres
Mrs. Stanton Childs, Cuba
Mrs. Mercedes Peterson, Salamanca, N. Y.

Wednesday, June 8

Babbitt Harris, Shinglehouse
Mrs. Rayburn Weimer, Roulette
Elery Knapp, Port Allegany
Mrs. Geneva Jordan, Turtle, Pa.
Guy C. Ellis Sr., Buffalo
Grace Lyman, Youngstown, O.

Thursday, June 9

Mrs. Clayton Norton, Shinglehouse
Mrs. P. R. Kapp, Shinglehouse
Bernice Dibble, Shinglehouse
Bernard Dibble, Shinglehouse
Mrs. Marie Swift, Rixford, Pa.
Mrs. Earl Jackson, Wellsville
Gail Janette Crocker, Great Kills, Staten Island
Claude Bruce Brown, Austin, Texas

Friday, June 10

Mrs. B. A. Price, Sharon Center
Mrs. Nora Prangen, Hornell
Delores Jean Whitney, Hornell
Miss Helen Toner, Gilbert, Ariz.
Walter Worden, St. Petersburg, Fla.
Mrs. Howard I. Lax, West Brighton, State Island

Saturday, Jue 11

Larry Fuller, Bellrun
Jay Chapman, Smethport
U. S. Dodge, Olean
Mrs. E. H. Duffield, Lkewood, O.


Monday, June 6

Mr. and Mrs. John VanBuren, Eleven Mile
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schmidt, Ceres
Mr. and Mrs. Mack Harder, Olean

Tuesday, June 7

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kemp, Shinglehouse
Mr. and Mrs. James Jackson, Ceres

Wednesday, June 8

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Metz, Wellsville
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Appleby, Shinglehouse
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kelly, Allegany, N. Y.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Manning, Bradford

Thursday, June 9,

Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Bellamy, Allentown, N. Y.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Bixby, Mt. Jewett

Friday, June 10

Mr. and Mrs. Lyon Press, Shinglehouse

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