Oswayo Valley Mail, Shinglehouse, PA., Thursday, May 7, 1936
Golden Jubilee Edition
Submitted by Frankie Stonemetz

Democrats Won First Boro Election

Election Day Passed Quietly Despite Fact That Some Tried to Vote Unlawfully

Election passed of very quietly on Tuesday, April 1, 1902, it being the first Boro election ever held here. A heavy rain was falling when the polls were opened in the morning, which continued thruout the day. Much interest was manifested in the outcome, as was shown by the activity of the various candidates and their friends.

A number of vehicles conveyed voters to and from the polling place, and a very large vote was polled as a result. Many laughable incidents occurred at the polling place, and the chairman of the board was compelled to call for order on more than one occasion. Because of the numerous strangers who appeared at the voting place to vote, the board took the customary precautionary measures to prevent illegal voting, and a few were compelled to swear in their vote.

The entire Democratic ticket was elected. Both ticket were composed of some of the representative men of this boro---but the sentiment of the majority of the voters was in the candidates who had long been residents here--- hence the victory. The first new boro officers were elected as follows:

Fred N. Newton, burgess ; Councilmen, Herbert McGregor, three years ; F.H.Failing, three years ; C. C.Perry, three years; A. A. Mulkin two years, C. A. Wolcott, two years ; F. P. Nichols, one year and W. A. Nichols one year. Justice of the Peace, Alton Bump; Assessor, J. C. Gadsby; Collector, W. O Stevens; High Constable, W. O. Stevens; and Constable, Morris Gale.

School Directors: Walter Finch, three years; M. S. Eckert, three years; George Coon, two years; Joseph Howell, two years; Asa Stevens, one year,; and Thomas Corwin, one year.

Auditors: L. S. Newton, three years; A. E. Manley, two years; and C. E. Brown, one year. Judge of Election Walter Harvey and Inspectors of Election: William Bly and J. A. Woodard.

On the funny side:


On June 20, 1904, and amusing thing happened at the NY&P station in Shinglehouse. A woodsman came to town and got a bicycle that he had ordered from the city,. He assembled it and started to ride away, but only got a short distance before he fell off. He made several attempts to remount and failing gave it a swift kick and sent it into the ditch, remarking " I'm a husker of the evergreens, and can walk up peeled trees, but that bike has me jiggered."


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