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First Post Office

First School

Honeoye Street

oldest building

Perkins Dam.on the Oswayo River


trolley station

Wagner Float July 4th Parade early 1900's



    The turn of the century brought a big change in the somnolent little village crossroads. The New York & Pennsylvania Railroad came to town, building a new station "out in the country" behind the Wolcott farm. The first passenger train arrived on Monday, October 29, 1900, bringing to the town a new independence with easier access to other parts of the outside world.

     News of the coming of the Palmer Window Glass plant came in the following year and brought with it an influx of people seeking employment. The plant , which had been attracted to "Shingle House" by the abundance of glass sand and natural gas in the area, officially opened at Midnight on January 2, 1902 with the blowing of the plant's triple whistle. Many local residents braved the dark and stormy weather to be on hand to watch Mr. Warren Glymph blow the first glass in "Shingle House".
    The town, which had originally consisted of only Water, Oswayo and Honeoye Streets, with Academy Street ending at the old School House (later the Odd Fellows Hall), suddenly found itself with an" up town" and "down town" as businesses and dwellings sprang up around the new glass plant and the Railroad Station. A February, 1902 edition of the OSWAYO VALLEY MAIL, reported that " there are now 10 business places in the new part of  town near the railroad station. The original part of "Shingle House" was composed of 30 business places, with the distance between the two parts just a half mile. During the past year 55 dwellings and 12 new businesses were erected."
    The population doubled in two years time. It was also around this time that the Olean Street Railway Company came to "Shingle House," operating an electric trolley line between the two communities. This was the only trolley  line ever operated in Potter County, and had much to do with the close ties that have existed between those two communities ever since.

    A good band, with colorful uniforms was the pride of any pride of any Pennsylvania community at the turn of the century, and "Shingle House' was no exception. 
The "Shingle House" Band, dressed in  its finery, would march in local  parades, play at the local concerts  and participate in the community band competitions around the state. Likewise, the local baseball teams were cheered on by the community. 

Even today, Shinglehouse residents boast of Fielder Allison Jones from Shingle House, who managed the Chicago White Sox  when they won the championship in 1906.

  Click é to view article from Oswayo Valley Mail, 1936

    The major industries are gone from Shinglehouse today, and many of the residents commute to Olean and Wellsville, N.Y. for work. It  has become, once again, a quiet little community where life moves by a comfortable pace:  "Gods Country," Pa.

The Honeyoye Temperence Assemby.

Patriotic Parade, April 21,1914



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All photos were scanned by me from various sources, including 
newspaper clippings and photos loaned to me by Curtis Perkins.

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