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Oswayo Valley Mail, Shinglehouse, PA, Potter County, June 28, 1956.

Kelley Minstrels

The Kelley Minstrels, which was put on under the management and personal supervision of J. Russell Kelly at the Star Theater in February, 1916, for the benefit of the senior class of the Shinglehouse High School, was very largely attended. The Minstrel parts as well as the musical numbers were very good and those who took part were given a big bunch of hearty applause when they made their appearance.

Each and every one of the actors did their turn just about right, the end men, Ralph Lunn, Jack Wilcox, Lloyd Walter and George McEnney, Jr., with J. R. Kelly as interlocutor, cracked some good jokes.

The vocal and instrumental solos were good. The Rube monologue, "Uncle Bill at Vaudeville," by Jack Wilcox, even made the grouches grin out loud. The program was concluded with a laughable sketch entitled "The Circus."

The bell and bottle solos by Russell Kelly and the cornet duet by Clyde Trask and Enos Nichols were fine.

That Shinglehouse has some good local talent was brought out on these two nights.

Oswayo Valley Mail, Shinglehouse, PA, Potter County, June 28, 1956.

Popular Entertainment Spot
For Over Forty Years

Since the days, long ago, when the Star Theatre opened in Shinglehouse on April 1, 1910, it has been one of the most important entertainment spots in the area.

Programs were always of the best obtainable, even back in the days of five-reel Westerns, Fatty Arbuckle comedies and Mary Pickford dramas.

The Shinglehouse Theatre was refurbished and reopended in 1939, later acquired by Kenyon Reed and came under the management of the present owners in '49.

Shinglehouse Theatre
Marian and Don Enstrom
Margie and Neil Barnhart

Program, 1919 -

High School Rhetoricals
Thursday Evening, Nov. 13
7:30 P. M.

Music Selected
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner Eleanor McCoy
Howard Gorton
Alice Kemp
The Jiners
Monroe Burdic
High School Prayer
Joyce Nichols
The Soldier's Reprieve
Clare Wandover
The Boy Who Said "G'wan"
Millard Crooks
An Adventure of Tom Sawyer
Dorothea Wagner

Program, 1919 -
"The Hoodoo"

Given by Senior Class Portville High School

Brighton Early, about to be married
Wesley Frair
Billy Jackson, the heart breaker
Raymond Holcomb
Professor Solomon Spiggot, an authority on Egypt
Herman Frair
Hemmachus Spiggot, his son, aged seventeen
Robert Shaw
Mr. Dun, the burglar
Creighton Hooker
Miss Amy Lee, about to be married
Bernice Olson
Mrs. Perrington-Shine, her aunt and Mr. Meek's daughter
Faith Champlin
Gwendolyn Perrington-Shine, who does just as mamma says
Florence Johnson
Dodo Graft, the Dazzlng Daisy
Beatrice Fattey
Mrs. Ima Clinger, a fascinating young widow
Gladys Holcomb
Angelina, her angel child, aged eight
Isabel Smith
Miss Doris Ruffles, Amy's maid of honor
Josephine Kayes
Mrs. Semiramis Spiggot, the mother of seven
Eva Becker
Eupepsia Spiggot, her daughter, aged sixteen
Helen Polmanteer
Miss Longnecker, a public shool teacher
Mabel Trenkle
Lulu, by name and nature
Hattie Marsh
Aunt Paradise, the colored cook lady
Elva Lamn
Four little Spiggots

Time -- 1912, in late September,
Place -- Mrs. Perrington-Shine's country home about thirty minutes from Philadelphia
Occasion -- A house party at the Lee-Early wedding.
Time of performance -- Two hours and twenty minutes.

Act I - The lawn at Mrs. Perrington-Shine's country home. An Egyptian wedding present. Trouble for the groom.
Act II - The library at 8:00 p. m. A thief in the house. Trouble for Billy Jackson, the susceptible.
Act III - The same library at 11:00 p. m. Trouble for the burglar.Eloped at midnight.

Kaa, the sacred scarab of the Egyptian diety is influenced by the great god Osiris. Unless buried for twenty-four hours in the ground, brings continual misfortune to the professor. Prof. Spiggot presents Kaa to the groom, Brighton Early. Mr. Early throws it away with disgust, Aunt Paradise finds it, but later gives it to Billy Jackson. Dun includes Kaa in his plunder. Prof. Spiggot is the only one who will receive it from Dun. In order to bring peach, Prof. Spiggot finally buries it in the ground.

The Grove

The Senior Class
of the
Shinglehouse High School



At the

Star Theatre

Wednesday Evening, February 29, 1928

C. A. Herrick Printer



Dulcinea Margaret Foote
Gordon Smith, her husband William Green
William Parker, her brother Thomas Russell
C. Roger Forbes Percy Hanks
Mrs. Forbes Esther Barney
Angela Forbes Beatrice Wandover
Schuyler VanDyck Leslie Lanphere
Tom Sterrett, advertising engineer Harold Lewis
Vincent Leach, scenarist Stanley Swarthout
Blair Patterson George Voorhees
Henry Stillman Wells

Produced by Special Arrangement With Samuel French of New York City

Act I

The time is five o'clock on a Friday aftrenoon in late summer. The place is the living-room in the suburban home of Dulcinea and her husband -- in Westchester County, within commuting distance of New York. Gordon Smith, the husband, is just entering into a jewelry merger
and their future depends on the success of this venture. Dulcy, the wife, decides to help her husband put the deal through.

Act II

The scene is the same as in Act I. The time is immediately after dinner, on the same day. Dulcy assures Mr. Forbes that Leach is just the man for Angela, and finally suggests that Leach entertains them with his new play, which he does. Later in the evening Leach and Angela
decide to elope and enlist "Dulcy's" willing aid. Forbes learns of the enlopement and is very angry, telling Mr. Smith that the business deal is off. Schuyler VanDyck offers to help Smith get up an independant jewelry merger to beat Forbes, and Smith accepts. Just as he and Dulcy
think they have won out against Forbes, a Mr. Blair Patterson appears on the scene saying that he has come for the supposed VanDyck, who is an imposter.


The time is the next morning before breakfast. Mr. Forbes arises in an ill mood but is soon cheered up when he finds out about the weakness of Mr. VanDyck. But what of Leach?
Where is he? This is all disclosed by Mr. Parker in his exciting discourse concerning the elopement. And to bring things to a satisfactory close, Mr. Forbes finally consents to Mr. Smith's entry into the jewelry combination for twenty-five per cent.

Newspaper Clipping - 1924

High School Operetta

On Friday evening, Dec. 19, the high school Glee Clubs will present a pleasing little operetta "Love Pirates of Hawaii" with Lionel Dodd as the heartless, fearless, fiendish pirate chief and Charlotte Slaughter as Miss Primer, an old maid school teacher and you will more than agree with us that love in such an Hawaiian setting is most unusual. Josephine Haire as Dorothy Dear and Willard Nichols as Captain Billy most ably present the school-girl complex and will amuse you in their vain efforts to see one another. Both couples are very well supported by choruses of Pirates and Hawaiian girls and we know that you will be well repaid for having attended it.

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