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Fielder A Jones - Played for Brooklyn and then managed the Chicago White Sox.

Oswayo Valley Mail, Shinglehouse, PA, Potter County, June 28, 1956
Howard "Jiggs" Signor went all the way in the baseball ranks. From Shinglehouse to the New York Giants "Jiggs" is shown here as he was pitching them out for the Buffalo Bisons of the International League.

Oswayo Valley Mail, Shinglehouse, PA, Potter County, June 28, 1956
Howard "Hops" Russell, another all round athlete, played for a short while under "Jake" Pitler, in Olean's Class D, entry of 1939.

His career was cut short when "Hops" was killed while serving with the Air Force overseas in World War II. Before entering the service he was under option to Wilkesbarre in the Eastern League.

Shinglehouse Teams
Oswayo Valley Mail, Shinglehouse, PA, Potter County, June 28, 1956
The Pride of Shinglehouse in 1910
Front Row, left to right, Frank Freeborn, Tom Henderson, Leon Prince, Jimmy Pardon, Mark Ludden, Jack Anders. Second row, Bob Wilcox, Hen Becker, Jack Cummings, Arthur Montgomery (coach), Pat Ahl, Third row, Walter Anders, Root Becker, Charles Andrews, Lawrence Dereamer and Hugh Handley.
Photo: Hugh Handley

Oswayo Valley Mail, Shinglehouse, PA, Potter County, May 7, 1936.
Shinglehouse Team in 1916
Back row, left to right: Robert Wilcox, Walter Ireland, Guy Britton, Wiliam Denton, Mulford Ford, John Smith, Thomas Henderson, Jack Anders, manager. Second row: Pat Ahl, Charles Ball, Nick VanSchoick, Henry Becker, Frank Bennett. Mascot, Willie Denton.

Oswayo Valley Mail, Shinglehouse, PA, Potter County, June 28, 1956
Western New York Champs of 1929
Standing, left to right, Leslie Signor, Leo Schlosser, Romeo Lunn, Pat Ahl, Eddie Cornelius, Ellery Cornelius, Bob Wilcox. Kneeling, Kenneth Dynes, Kenneth Nichols, Dorwin Foote, Manager A. J. Franz, Kenneth Signor and Bill Stisser.

Newspaper Clipping, 1928
Friday afternoon the S. H. S. played a return game on the diamond at Allegany and it was the same old story. The opposing team could come close but were unable to overcome the lead Captain Nichol's men had built up earlier in the game. Thus the game ended with Shinglehouse at the long end of a 7-10 score. No spectacular hits were made, except the triple by Signor in the early frames of the contest.
Signor pitched a fine game but began weakening in the last inning and Stisser ruched to his assistance, with the score 7 to 10, two men on base and only one out. However he showed his old time form and retired the side without a run, winning the game. Credit is surely due this gang for they always hit when hits mean runs and runs win games so how can they ever be beaten?
Saturday afternoon they journeyed to Genesee for a return game, but were unable to play as Genesee could not put a team in the field.

Newspaper Clipping, 1928
The local high school baseball team defeated the Ulysses team on the local grounds in a one sided game Saturday afternoon. The game was featured with the hitting and base stealing of the locals Dodd, attempting some of "Goosey" Goslins hitting, smacked out a "homer" with two men on in the fifth. "Gump" Hess was cedited with stealing four bases. Leslie Signor and Clifford Stevens did the battery work for our team. The final score was 22 to 4.

Newspaper Clipping, May 11, 1928


Wednesday afternoon the S. H. S. diamond stars lost their first game of the season to Emporium high school by the score of 12-7. "Vic" Hand, the old reliable, started on the mound for the Red and Black, but later gave way to Johnny Davis who finished the game, neither
being in their best form.
The S. H. S. batters started a ninth inning rally that netted them four runs, but it didn't last long enough. Emporium plays Shinglehouse here this afternoon and, if determination counts, Shinglehouse wins.
Monday afternoon the S. H. S. again struck their stride and turned in a victory, winning from the Allegany high school by a score of 8-3. The game was full of pep and very interesting from the call of "play ball" to the final seventh inning. Russell Kelley umpired the game to the satisfaction of everyone.
As usual, Vic Hand opened on the mound, adding nine strikeouts to his list while hurling six innings. Green relieved him in the seventh, allowing but one score to tally. Hand also smashed out two safe bingles and reseived a free pass in tree trips to the plate.
Another noticable incident was the bases stolen by the local lads in running up their scores. A total of sixteen was reached, Stisser having three to his credit, while six of his team mates carried away two apiece. Ten of the sixteen stolen bags were mowed down in the third inning,
during which seven runners tallied.

Newspaper Clipping, 1928


The S. H. S. baseball team, getting away to an early start this season, turned in its second victory on Friday afternoon when they defeated the High School team of Eldred by a score of 9-6. There was a large crowd present at the game.
The first game was taken from the combined team of Bolivar and Richburg, a week ago Thursday, by a score of 3-1. "Vic" Hand pitched the game for Shinglehouse, having the opposing batsmen entirely under his control during the entire game.
Johnny Davis started the second game for the locals, working three innings before giving wy to Hand, who finished the game in fine shape. Eldred held the S. H. S. by a score of 3-0 until the fourth when a couple of doubles started a rally that ended the inning with a score of 4-3. In the fifth the Red and Black warriors put across five more runs, bring their total to nine aganst their opponents six, Eldred having scored 3 times in the seventh.

Newspaper Clipping, May 30, 1927
For the first time in three years the S. H. S. baseball team went down to defeat. Decoration Day, they with several cars of loyal fans journeyed to Westfield where the game was played. The final score was 22-2.
There was no use arguing, Westfield had a much stronger team in the field than the locals and altho S. H. S. played a much cleaner game than their opponents they were hopelessly outclassed from the start. During the first three minutes of play. Captain Nichol's men tallied their two runs but were unable to hit after the third inning. Some credit is due to the Shinglehouse boys, however, as the diamond was not of the best, situated practically on a railroad track. It was the worst exhibition of baseball ever shown by the S. H. S.
The boys are practicing hard this week, under the coaching of Romeo Youngs and a return game will be played on the local diamond Thursday (tomorrow) afternoon and they will do their best to even up with the Westfield team. This promises to be the best game of the season.

Newspaper Clipping, May 24, 1928

Shinglehouse High Defeats Bradford Nine

Singlehouse, May 24 -- Shinglehouse High School won from Bradford High School here Wednesday. The score was 14-10.
The Red and Black gave a poor exhibition of baseball and although they got off to a good start weakened in the early stages, permitting the locals to forge ahead.
Witchin and Lasky did the twirling for the Paigemen and both seemed to have left their pitching arms at home. Bradford in the first half of the initial inning socked the ball all over the diamond to score nine runs in the frame. In the third the Red and Black counted one more and the rest of the game failed to count a run. The game was a 7 inning affair.
Shinglehouse had a big frame in the fifth when they scored 5 runs. They scored in every inning but one. Friday Bradford meets the Shinglehouse team on the Bradford field. The score
by innings:

Bradford 9 0 1 0 0 0 0 -- 10 9 1
Shinglehouse 2 3 0 3 5 1 x -- 14 11 3
Witchin, Lasky and Cassidy; Hanks and Dibble.

Newspaper Clipping, 1928


Thursday afternoon the Shinglehouse High School team defeated the Genesee baseball team by a score of 8 to 1. Signor and Dibble were the battery for the local aggregation and did creditable work. The S. H. S. outclassed their opponents from the start and the score was not as large as it should have been as they played rather slowly after putting the game on ice in the first two innings. There was a large crowd present considering the weather conditions. This week they play a return game at Genesee tomorrow and at Allegany Saturday.

Newspaper Clipping, 1928

S.H.S. Closes Successful Season

The S.H.S. Baseball Team Turns in Five Victories and Two Defeats This Season.

The S.H.S. were defeated on the diamond for the second time in three years, last Thursday afternoon when they again played the fast Westfield nine. However, the score was much
closer this time, the final result being 7-3, which looks much better than the former score of 22-2.
Signor and Dibble were the battery for the locals and Signor pitched the finest game of his high school career. Like all games they have played this year, the S. H. S. jumped into the lead in the first inning with two runs which they were able to hold for only three innings.
As Commencement is tomorrow, this probably was the last game of baseball for the high school team this season. They turned in five victories and two defeats, which was not a
bad showing. They have been defeated only twice in three years.

Oswayo Valley Mail, Shinglehouse, PA, Potter County, June 28, 1956

Remember when "Gink" Burdic and Emmy Ensell came up from Olean for every ball game?

Shinglehouse joined the Allegany County Baseball League in 1924 and has been the only Pennsylvania team to ever win in the league.

Bill Stisser hit two home runs in one ball game at Belmont.

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