Sweden Twp., PA
(GPS coordinates: 4148'2.45"N, 7754'20.61"W)
Take Rt 6 east from Coudersport about 2 mi. to Ladona. Turn left onto North Hollow Road. Cemetery is on the right about 4.5 miles.

From records of The Potter County Historical Society and PHGS.
Transcribed byCharles and Kathleen Heffner
Updated by Duane Neefe and contributions from our users


Charles F. & Maria Niles Neefe
Photo from Duane Neefe

Where noted, some entries have been expanded with cross-references to Sweden censuses. To view the census data, open the census cited and search for a name.

ABSON, Anna (?) Pemberton. Spouse of ?/ Edward. Born 11-3-1823, died 5-15-1893 - Born in Glasgow, Scotland. Wed 7-14-1850. Abson Family bible says she was a widow with one son when she married Edward.
ABSON, Edward. Spouse of Anna Pemberton. Born 6-11-1827, died 11-28-1867 - Born in Wakefield, England. Wed 7-14-1850.
ABSON, Ellen. Born 4-27-1866, died 4-28-1866 - Daughter
ACKER, Catherine. Spouse of Samuel Y. Born 1832, died 1911 - (1850 Sweden Census)
ACKER, Samuel Y. Spouse of Catherine. Born 1827, died 1899 - (1850 Sweden Census) - Civil War Vet, Co I, 199th PA Vols, Cpl.
ACKER, William T. Born 9-30-1851, died 10-30-1853. Age: 2y 20d - Son
ANGEVINE, Fronia (Roberts). Spouse of Lewis. Born 1850, died 1911
ANGEVINE, John T. Born 10-30-1886, died 2-16-1888
ANGEVINE, Lewis. Spouse of Fronia Roberts. Born 1846, died 1931
ANGEVINE, Warren. Born 1872, died 1938 - Son of Lewis and Fronia (Roberts) Angevine
AYRES, Johnny. Born 5-1876, died 1943 - (1900 Homer Census)
AYRES, Maranda. Spouse of A. D. Born 1826, died 1894
BAKER, Beverly (Freeman). Spouse of Charles Frederick [Fred]. Born 3-2-1931, died 12-8-2016. Age: 85 - Dau of Basil A. and Katherine Procto Kolodeg Freeman. Born in Blossburg, PA, lived and died in Coudersport PA. Retired from Commonwealth Bank in 1993. Wed 4-12-1952 in Coudersport, no children named. (He predeceased)
BAKER, Carlene Elizabeth (Brown). Spouse of John R. Born 7-8-1936, died 12-25-2006. Age: 70 - Dau of Carl C. and Pearl (Baker) Brown. Born in Clearfield Co. PA, d. Coudersport PA. Wed 9-25-1954, 3 children.
BAKER, Elaine C. Born 1-1946, died 1-1953 - Buried in plot with Glenn W. Harvey
BAKER, John R. Spouse of Carlene E. Brown. Born 11-22-1931, died 3-10-2006. Age: 74 - Son of Lloyd R. and Elizabeth (Haskins) Baker - Korean War Vet, US Air Force, 28th Motor Vehicle Sq., A1C
BAKER, Keith E,. Born 11-7-1939, died 7-26-2014. Age: 74 - Son of Russell L. and Virginia L. (Brewer) Baker. Born in Port Allegany, a machinist. - Cold War Vet, US Army, 1960-1962, Germany
BAKER, Margaret (Furman). Spouse of William H.Baker/ Russell Baker. Born 2-01-1922, died 2-19-2008. Age: 86 - Dau of James A. and Beatrice E. (Bly) Furman. Born in Andrews Settlement PA. 4 children
BAKER, Mary M. (Snyder). Spouse of Robert E. Born 1891, died 11-1964
BAKER, Penelope Ann. Born 1942, died 1948
BAKER, Robert E. Spouse of Mary M. Snyder. Born 6-1889, died 1922 - Son of Semmie C. and Rocella (Freeman) Baker. (1900 Sweden Census)
BAKER, Rocella D. (Freeman). Spouse of Semmie C. Born 3-1851, died 1930 - [Mother] Prob Dau of Rufus and Hannah (Bell) Freeman. (1900 Sweden Census)
BAKER, Semmie C. Spouse of Rocella Freeman. Born 11-1850, died 1923 - [Father] (1900 Sweden Census)
BALDWIN, Clifford. Spouse of Una M. Eaton. Born 1906, died 1958 - Son of Vern N. and Bessie (Snyder) Baldwin
BALDWIN, Clifford L. Born 1935, died 1935
BALDWIN, Helen. Born 7-25-1932, died 1-4-1933 - Dau of Richard and Leona (Kibbie-Walker) Baldwin
BALDWIN, Leona (Kibbie). Spouse of R. Richard. Born 1909, died 1983 - Dau of Mable Kibbie
BALDWIN, R. Richard. Spouse of Leona Kibbie-Walker. Born 1904, died 1968 - Son of Vern N. and Bessie (Snyder) Baldwin
BALDWIN, W. Herbert. Born 1896, died 1922 - Son of C.M. and Charita Baldwin
BALDWIN, William. Born 1937, died 1939 - Son of R. Richard and Leona (Kibbie-Walker) Baldwin
BANKERT, Anna May (Kooch). Spouse of Nolan F. Born 4-02-1921, died 11-20-2007. Age: 86 - Dau of Andrew and Mary (?) Kooch, 1st generation American. Born in Lopez PA, 6th of 8 children. Taught 35 yrs in Austin schools. 2 children
BARNES, Edgar J. Born 1874, died 1911
BARNES, Stella. Born 1874, died 1945
BAUMANN, Christine (Neefe). Spouse of Harold J. Born 5-19-1922, died 4-9-2019. Age: 96 - Dau of Thomas J. and Lavana M. (McCloskey) Neefe.Born and died in Coudersport PA, lived in Honeyoye Falls NY. Wed 12-19-1942 in Rochester NY, three children. (Spouse d. 11-8-2011)
BAUMANN, Harold J. Spouse of Christine Neefe. Born 3-18-1917, died 11-8-2011. Age: 94 - Son of Michael and Pauline (Weissend) Baumann, born in Rochester NY. Wed 12-19-1942 at Rochester NY, 3 children.
BAUMGARNER, David. Born 1880, died 1953
BAUMGARNER, Esther E. Born 1864, died 1959
BAXTER, Elizabeth Ann (Traxler). Spouse of Rodney K. Born 12-17-1943, died 3-5-2004 - Dau of Willian C. and Mary E. (Franke) Traxler. Wed 6-8-1968, 3 children.
BAXTER, Rodney Keith. Spouse of Elizabeth Traxler. Born 6-3-1938, died 11-8-2008 - Wed 6-8-1968, 3 children.
BENSON, Elizabeth. Born 1864, died 1959
BENSON, Mortimer. Born 1849, died 1918
BEVERIDGE, Mike. Born 1892, died 1959
BLY, Antonetta (Hotchkiss) [Nettie]. Spouse of William C. Marvin/ Stephen T. Bly. Born 2-7-1843, died 4-11-1917 - Dau of John Norris and Hannah (VanWie) Hotchkiss.
BOUCHER, Earnest R. Spouse of Alice Kriss. Born 7-14-1898, died 10-7-1956 - WW I Vet, US Marine Corp., Pvt
BOUCHER, Ernest R. Spouse of Karilyn K. Greene. Born 5-11-1941, died 10-8-2020. Age: 79 - Son of Earnest R. and Alice (Kriss) Boucher. Born, lived, and died in Coudersport PA. A truck driver. Wed 10-8-1967 in Rew PA, four children. (Spouse survives) - Vietnam Vet, US Army
BOYD, Anna M. Spouse of Lee Robert. Born 1885, died 1925
BOYD, Beatrice L. (Kio). Spouse of Willard Casper. Born 12-22-1915, died 5-16-2001. Age: 85 - Dau of Floyd L. and Gertrude (Wade) Kio. Wed 5-18-1936 in Olean NY
BOYD, Jennie L. (Campbell). Spouse of Robert E. Born 12-25-1847, died 7-21-1914 - Dau of Daniel and Julie (Ingersoll) Campbell. Wed in 1870 in Jasper NY.
BOYD, Joseph Harold [Foxie]. Spouse of June E. Hackett. Born 3-3-1919, died 3-7-2008. Age: 89 - Son of Willard and Mabel (Butler) Boyd. Wed 7-4-1940 in Sweden Valley, 7 children
BOYD, Lee Robert. Spouse of Anna M. Born 1875, died 1925 - Son of Robert E. and Jennie (Campbell) Boyd.
BOYD, Mabel D. (Butler). Spouse of Willard D. Born 9-17-1890, died 19?? - Dau of Casper and Lavina Butler. Wed 8-3-1908 in Ulysses PA.
BOYD, Robert Elisha. Spouse of Jennie Campbell. Born 1845, died 1936 - Wed in 1870 in Jasper NY.
BOYD, Robert Lee. Spouse of Viola G. Fegley. Born 9-7-1911, died 5-7-1985 - Son of Williard D. and Mabel D. (Butler) Boyd. Wed 5-1-1939. - WW II Vet
BOYD, Vera. Spouse of Paul F. Born 1927, died 1977
BOYD, Willard Casper [Cap]. Spouse of Beatrice L. Kio. Born 11-19-1913, died 2-9-1976 - Son of Willard and Mabel (Butler) Boyd. Wed 5-18-1936 in Olean NY
BOYD, Willard Daniel. Spouse of Mabel D. Butler. Born 8-1-1885, died 1951 - Son of Robert E. and Jennie (Campbell) Boyd. Wed 8-3-1908 in Ulysses PA. (1920 Sweden Census gives name as William.)
BROWN, Helen Marie (Butler). Spouse of Edward, Sr. Born 5-22-1943, died 11-12-2008. Age: 65 - Dau of Glenn O. and Lois Verna (McGibney) Butler. 4 children
BUCHANAN, Florence Cliffella (Eaton). Spouse of Reva T. Born 8-16-1902, died 6-7-1986 - Dau of Clarence Avery and Jennie A. (Peet) Eaton. Twin to Lawrence Eaton. Wed 8-20-1919, 5 daughters.
BUCHANAN, Frank. Born ??, died 1921. Age: Infant - Son of Reva T. and Florence (Springer) Buchanan.
BUCHANAN, Marion (Jackson). Spouse of Charles. Born 5-11-1899, died 10-11-1918. Age: 19 - Dau of William L. and Clara (Gifford) Jackson.
BUCHANAN, Phoebe (Cornelius). Spouse of William. Born 1879, died 1-26-1918. Age: 39 - Dau of Gabrial [Jay] and Mary Cornelius. Survived by husband and four children.
BUCHANAN, Reva Thomas. Spouse of Florence Eaton. Born 1-18-1901, died 9-30-1959 - Son of William H. and Phebe (Cornelius) Buchanan.
BUCHEIT, Elizabeth J. (Tauscher). Spouse of Leo C. Born 4-4-1942, died 2-11-2017. Age: 74 - Dau of Kenneth and Angela (DeSantis) Tauscher. Born, lived, and died in Coudersport. Wed 11-6-1965 in Coudersport, four daughters. (He survives)
BUTLER, Glenn C. Born 1913, died 1961
BUTLER, Glenn F. Jr. Born 1939, died 1961
BUTLER, Jane J. Spouse of Joseph. Born 4-27-1810, died 12-11-1903 - (1880 Sweden, 1900 Coudersport Ward 2 Census)
BUTLER, Joseph. Spouse of Jane J. Born 8-24-1805, died 7-27-1883 77y 11m 3d. - (1880 Sweden Census)
BUTLER, Minnie M. Spouse of Mortimer G. Born 1879, died 1963
BUTLER, Mortimer G. Spouse of Minnie M. Born 1867, died 1934 - Son of George and Lucelia Butler
CARPENTER, Michael. Spouse of Teresa King. Born 8-29-1969, died 5-31-2012. Age: 42 - Son of Michael J. and Frances (Dubots) Carpenter Sr., born in Bucks County PA. Wed 10-9-2004
CATALONE, Penny Lynnette (McManus). Spouse of John. Born 8-29-1963, died 9-27-1993. Age: 30 - Dau of Bernard and G. Dawn (Boyd) McManus. Born, lived, and died in Coudersport PA. One daughter
CHASE, Addie. Born 1876, died 1920 - Dau of Clark and Martha Chase
CHASE, Clark. Spouse of Martha J. White. Born 11-23-1850, died ?? - Son of Johnson and Sarah (Roberts) Chase. Wed 6-4-1873. Father of Leon. (1900, 1920 Sweden Census)
CHASE, Johnson. Spouse of Sarah Roberts. Born 5-28-1814, died 4-28-1895 - (1840, 1850, Sweden Census)
CHASE, Martha J. (White). Spouse of Clark. Born 4-28-1851, died 2-8-1912 - Dau of David White. Wed 6-4-1873. (1900 Sweden Census)
CHASE, Sarah [Sally] (Roberts). Spouse of Johnson. Born 3-19-1822, died 1-22-1892
CHILSON, Lloyd Oakley Jr. [Bud]. Spouse of Glendora Corey. Born 11-29-1924, died 5-02-2007. Age: 82y - Son of Lloyd Oakley Sr. and Mary (Bradish) Chilson. Born in Coudersport PA, d. Coudersport PA (Charles Cole Mem Hosp). Wed 11-22-1946 in Coudersport PA (She d. 8-22-1990). - WW II Vet, US Army Medic
CHRISTIAN, Herma A. (Valdez). Spouse of John R. Born 10-23-1927, died 5-21-2011. Age: 83 - Dau of Miguel and Fedispina (Zamgrara) Valdez. Born in Havana, Cuba. Wed 6-22-1953 in Miami FL, one daughter.
CHRISTIAN, John R. Spouse of Herma A. Valdez. Born 6-25-1921, died 10-18-2001. Age: 80 - Son of Charles and Mary Elizabeth (Zarr) Christian
CLARK, Edith U. (Stewart). Born 5-31-1931, died 6-24-2018. Age: 87 - Dau of Lacy Ray and Edna (South) Stewart.Born in Mountain City TN, lived and died in Coudersport PA. Retired from Charles Cole Hospital. Three children, father not named.
CLINTON, Louisa H. Spouse of George. Born 8-15-1845, died 8-31-1881. Age: 36y 16d
CODDINGTON, Mazie. Born 1899, died 1953 - Buried in plot with Lula Cook, Fred Shaw and others
COGLEY, Dale I. Spouse of Linda M. Grupp. Born 11-9-1939, died 9-9-2001. Age: 61 - Son of James Irvin and Dessie Charlotte (Ramer) Cogley. PA State Police for 30 yrs - WW II Vet, US Navy, USS Soley
COOK, Andrew D. Spouse of Emma B./ Mrs. Lydia Mitchelll. Born 9-1855, died 1931 - Wed Lydia 1-20-1917. (1900 Sweden Census) - Civil War Vet, Co. B. 13th Regt.
COOK, Emma B. Spouse of Andrew D. Born 1858, died 1916 - (1900 Sweden Census: Birth date is 7-1859
COOK, Lewis A. Born 11-1896, died 1918 - (1900 Sweden Census)
COOK, Lula Bell (Toles). Spouse of Burt. Born 1883, died 1961 - Wed 7-17-1901. Buried in plot with Fred Shaw and 5 others
COOK, Lydia (?) Mitchell. Spouse of ? Mitchell/ Andrew D. Born 1858, died 1916 - Wed Andrew 1-20-1917.
COREY, Edwin I. Spouse of Lois Chilson. Born 8-8-1923, died 7-12-2019. Age: 95 - Son of Glenn H. & Lida Amelia (Roberts) Corey. Born in Coudersport PA, lived in Sweden Valley PA, died in Danville PA. A carpenter. Wed 1-21-1945, one son - WW II Vet, US Navy
COREY, Fred B. Born 1879, died 1952
COREY, June Marie (Abbott). Spouse of Merlyn H. Born 2-14-1926, died 2-9-2009. Age: 82 - Dau of William and Flossie (Ostrander) Abbott. Wed 8-16-1947 in Coudersport PA, 2 children
COREY, Lois C. (Chilson). Spouse of Edwin I. Born 2-19-1924, died 5-6-2009. Age: 85 - Dau of Mark and Clara Bachman Chilson, born in Coudersport, one of the original Bell Telephone operators in Coudersport. Wed 1-21-1945 in Coudersport, one son.
COREY, Merlyn Hoxie. Spouse of June M. Abbott. Born 10-3-1926, died 1-17-2009. Age: 82 - Son of Glenn and Lida (Roberts) Corey. Born in Sweden Valley, worked 35 years for Pitt Corning. Wed on 8-16-1847 in Coudersport PA, 2 children.
COREY, Paul M. Spouse of Josephine A. Yannie. Born 5-26-1930, died 2-28-2020. Age: 89 - Son of Glenn H. & Lida Amelia (Roberts) Corey. Born in Coudersport PA, lived in Sweden Valley PA, died in Olean NY. Worked 37 years at Pure Carbon. Wed 11-1-1952 in Sweden Valley, four children. (Spouse survives)
CORNELIUS, Gabriel [Jay]. Spouse of Mary Jane Williams. Born ??, died 8-18-1912. Age: 70 - Survived by wife and 6 children.
CROSSLEY, Dorothy L. Spouse of Samuel M. Crossly Sr. Born 10-28-1920, died 4-19-2002. Age: 81 - Dau of Daniel and Mary (Spahr) Pierce
DAVIS, Clio. Born 1891, died 1964
DECKER, Hattie. Spouse of Charles. Born 6-27-1881, died 9-3-1906
DEITER, Cameron Earl. Spouse of Pearl Cook. Born 12-10-1897, died 11-15-1939 - Son of Frank and Louise () Deiter. (1900 Coudersport Ward 2 Census) Wed 8-26-1919.
DEITER, Henrietta D. Born 1913, died 19??
DEITER, Romayne B. Born 1902, died 1954
DEPP, Henry N. Born 3-1880, died 1912 - (1900 Portage - Austin Census)
DEVENS, Arthur. Born 5-28-1864, died 3-15-1866. Age: 1y 9m 18d - Son of Sterling and Catherine Devens
DEVENS, Catherine. Spouse of Sterling. Born 9-15-1839, died 1-18-1887
DODD, Alice. Born 12-1860, died 1952 - (1900 Sweden Census)
DODD, John R. Spouse of Elsie Jackson/ Louisa M. Jackson. Born 1847, died 1933 - Son of Edward and Betsey (Holcomb) Dodd. Wed Elsie 11-16-1870.
DODD, Louisa M. (Jackson). Spouse of John R. Born 1866, died 1936
DODD, William E. Spouse of Louisa Holt. Born 1880, died 1942 - (1920 Sweden Census)
DOLLEY, L. H. Spouse of Mary. Born 5-24-1828, died 5-5-1888
DOLLEY, Mary. Spouse of L.H. Born 11-11-1837, died 8-14-1883
DUELL, Aletha. Born 1912, died 1931
DUELL, Dell I. Born 1-1884, died 1937 - Son of William Orlando and Mary (Saunders) Duell. (1900 Sweden Census)
DUELL, Edward L. Born 1912, died 1940
DUELL, Elizabeth (Sallade). Spouse of J. Revere. Born 10-11-1901, died 2-20-2001. Age: 99 - Dau of M Addison and Elizabeth (Grant) Sallade. Wed 9-23-1933
DUELL, Henry L. Born 4-1-1830, died 5-8-1921 - Civil War Vet, Co I, 46th PA Vols, Sgt
DUELL, J. Revere. Spouse of Elizabeth S. Born ??, died 2-10-1987 - Wed 9-23-1933
DUELL, John H. Born 2-24-1958, died 5-17-2011 - Son of Judson R. Duell II and Helga (Pitz) Duell. Born in Coudersport, died in Evansville IN. Two children, no spuse mentioned.
DUELL, Leona H. Born 10-9-1878, died 10-25-1892 - Daughter of Henry T. and Susan Duell
DUELL, Theo L. Born 1886, died 19??
DUELL, Wellington. Born 5-10-1881, died 10-30-1951. Age: 70y 5m 20d - Son of Henry L. and Susan (Ayers) Duell. (1920 Sweden Census)
EDGECOMB, Ruth I. Spouse of William J. Born 6-23-1915, died 11-20-2012
EDGECOMB, William John. Spouse of Ruth I. Born 9-24-1907, died 1-29-1992 - Born in Canada, died in Potter County.
ELLIS, Harry B. Born 11-23-1896, died 3-30-1947
ELLIS, Nettle H. Born 3-18-1895, died ??
ERNST, C. Born ??, died ?? - Burried Christian Franke plot
ERNST, Tobias. Born 1-13-1842, died 7-21-1887 - Born in Germany. Spouse of Hannah. Buried in Christian Franke plot. (1880 Sweden Census)
FISH, Amos. Born 7-14-1836, died 8-16-1875 - Civil War Vet, Co K, 88th PA Vols, Pvt.
FISH, Martha (VanHorn). Spouse of James VanHorn. Born 8-28-1839, died 11-11-1869
FOUST, Wayne F. Spouse of Virginia A. Timpano. Born 8-29-1935, died 5-5-2019. Age: 83 - Son of Harry and Goldena McCracken Foust. Born, lived, and died in Coudersport PA. Worked 45 years at Pitt-Corning. Wed 7-20-1957 in Coudersport, four children. - Cold War Vet, USMC 1954-1957, Cpl.
FOX, Janet (Neefe). Born 6-5-1931, died 5-12-2011. Age: 79 - Dau of Herbert and Ruth (Bratz) Neefe, born in New Castle PA.
FRANKE, Christian. Spouse of Dorothea Geyer. Born 3-25-1797, died 8-31-1864. Age: 68 - Wed 2-14-1820 in Roda Germany. Emmigrated at age 52. Wife died in Germany just before emmigration. Buried in plot with Earnest Tobias
FRANKE, Edward C. Spouse of Amelia (Joerg). Born 12-12-1859, died 6-1-1922 - Son of Edward F. and Catherina (Ernst) Franke. (1880, 1900 Sweden Census)
FRANKE, Norman R. Spouse of Virginia Logue. Born 7-16-1922, died 7-3-1975 - Son of Josiah C. and Ethel A. (Jacobs) Franke. Divorced, two sons. - WW II Vet, US Army, Tech5
FRANKE, William. Born 3-21-1865, died 7-4-1865. Age: 3m 14d - Son of Edward and Catherina Franke
FRANKLIN, Loretta M. (Perkarski). Spouse of Randy. Born 12-12-1954, died 11-5-2003. Age: 48 - Dau of Robert and Bertha (Mahon) Perkarski, born at Travis AFB, Fairfield CT. Two children
FREEMAN, Arnold L. Spouse of Teresa M. Forsyth. Born 10-11-1950, died 7-13-2012. Age: 51 - Son of Franklin L. and Evelyn P. (Wagaman) Freeman, born in Shafy Grove. Wed 12-19-1975 at Hagerstown MD.
FREEMAN, Emma V. (Roberts). Spouse of John E. Born 4-1854, died 6-27-1917 - Wed 7-3-1871 at Kettle Creek. (1900 Sweden Census)
FREEMAN, John E. Spouse of Emma V. Roberts. Born 4-23-1849, died 3-26-1934 - Son of Rufus and Hannah (Bell) Freeman Wed 7-3-1871 at Kettle Creek. (1900 Sweden Census)
FREEMAN, Mabel M. (Stebbins). Spouse of Otto J. Born 1893, died 1944 - Wed 12-25-1914.
FREEMAN, Martha S. Spouse of Milo S. Born 1897, died Oct-68 - (1920 Sweden Census)
FREEMAN, Milo S. Spouse of Martha S. Born 11-1889, died 1961 - Son of John E. and Emma V. Freeman. (1920 Sweden Census)
FREEMAN, Otto J. Spouse of Mabel Stebbins. Born 8-1882, died 1964 - Son of John E. and Emma V. Freeman. Wed 12-25-1914. (1900 Sweden Census)
FURMAN, A. Romain. Born 1865, died 1940 - Son of Andrew J. and Myrah Furman. (1880, 1920 Sweden Census)
FURMAN, Ada May. Born 8-7-1872, died 6-4-1880 - Dau of Andrew J. and Myrah Furman. (1880 Sweden Census)
FURMAN, Andrew J. Spouse of Myrah. Born 11-15-1822, died 6-2-1898 - Son of William and Betsey E. Furman.
FURMAN, Betsey E. Spouse of William. Born 3-2-1790, died 6-14-1872. Age: 82y 3m 12d
FURMAN, Clara. Born 5-10-1867, died 5-8-1880 - Dau of Andrew J. and Myrah Furman. (1880 Sweden Census) Diphtheria
FURMAN, Edwin A. [Chick]. Spouse of Helen Malhem. Born ??, died 3-14-2000 - Son of Elvina (Hall) Rankin. Wed 5-10-1975 in Coudersport PA
FURMAN, Helen (Malhem). Spouse of Edwin A. Born 1-24-1925, died 3-1-2003. Age: 78 - Dau of Joseph and Helen (Duffy) Malhem. Wed 5-10-1975 in Coudersport PA
FURMAN, Infant son. Born ??, died 6-2-1864 - Son of M. and E. Furman
FURMAN, Mary A. Born 1870, died 1949
FURMAN, Myrah. Spouse of Andrew J. Born 10-21-1826, died 3-27-1897
FURMAN, Nellie. Spouse of Wilbur W. Born 1862, died 1947 - (1920 Sweden Census)
FURMAN, Neva H. Born 5-23-1895, died 9-1-1910 - [Daughter] Dau of Wilbur W. and Nellie Furman. (1900 Sweden Census)
FURMAN, Wilbur W. Spouse of Nellie. Born 1854, died 1944 - Son of Andrew J. and Myrah Furman. (1880, 1920 Sweden Census)
GAGNON, Anne H. McLaughlin. Spouse of Edward P. Born 6-1-1909, died 6-14-2005. Age: 96 - Dau of William B. and Maude (Martin) McLaughlin. Born in Limestone ME. Wed 6-12-1934 in Limestone, four children
GAGNON, Edward P. Spouse of Anne H. McLaughlin. Born ??, died 7-24-1979 - Wed June 12 1934 in Limestone ME, four children
GALPIN, Lizzie. Spouse of D. H. Born 1858, died 1889
GARDNER, Jane M. (McElroy). Spouse of Edwin D. Gamble/ Lawrence L. Gardner. Born 10-8-1917, died 10-14-2011. Age: 94 - Dau of Egbert C. and Hertha Catherine (Mosch) McElroy. Edwin KIA 1945. Wed Lawrence 5-25-1947, six children.
GERHART, Emma Ruth (Buehrle) [Ruth]. Spouse of Paul A. Born 1-18-1928, died 10-14-2013. Age: 85 - Dau of John Calvin and Pearl Elizabeth (Alden) Buehrle. Born in Perkasie PA, operated Paul's Motel in Ladona. Wed 1-7-1947 in MD, 12 children
GERHART, Michael D. Spouse of Margaret J. Burkhouse. Born 8-7-1952, died 7-3-2017. Age: 64 - Son of Paul A. and Emma R. (Buehrle) Gerhart. Born in Sellersville PA, lived in Shinglehouse PA, died in Seattle WA. Worked 27 years at Pure Carbon in Coudersport. Wed 12-15-1990 in Rew PA, four children. (She survives)
GERHART, Paul A. Spouse of Emma Ruth Buehrle. Born 4-23-1928, died 4-26-2007. Age: 79 - Son of Willard Edwin and Alice Sarah (Dauerheim) Gerhart,. Born in Sellersville PA. Wed 1-07-1947 in MD, 12 children.
GLASBY, Martha E. (Tolland). Spouse of John M. Born 3-10-1862, died 11-5-1891. Age: 29y 7m 26d - Buried in plot with W. J. Tolland
GLEASON, Brenda Lee. Spouse of William Charles [Chuck], died 1-1-2020. Age: 57 - Wed seven years to Chuck. Seven children, surnamed Gleason.
GLEASON, James Asa. Born 8-21-1932, died 7-23-1957 - Korean War Vet, US Navy, G. M3
GOOD???, Cora Cook Shaw. Born 1-14-1881, died 2-21-1976 - Buried in Plot with Fred Shaw and 5 others
GRAY, Mary L. (Deiter). Spouse of Charles A. Born 7-8-1964, died 10-27-2008. Age: 44 - Dau of Richard and Carol (Kirkpatrick) Deiter. Born in Albuquerque NM. Wed 8-12-2000. 1 child
GROSS, Bertha. Born ??, died ?? - Buried in plot with Arthur Hurd
GROSS, Blanche C. (Cutler). Spouse of Howard C. Born 10-22-1920, died 6-30-2005. Age: 84 - Dau of Willard L. and Grace (Redner) Cutler. Born in Coudersport PA, d. Coudersport PA. Wed 8-25-1941 in Whitesville NY, 8 children
GROSS, Donald D. Spouse of Hattie Woods. Born 12-11-1910, died 12-30-2004. Age: 94 - Son of Edward L. and Mae (Neefe) Gross, born in Sweden Twp. Wed 1950 in Clendenin WV, one daughter
GROSS, Edward L. Spouse of Mae Neefe. Born 10-4-1878, died 4-15-1963 - Son of James and Emily (Toland) Gross. Wed July 4 1901
GROSS, Hattie (Woods). Spouse of Donald D. Born ??, died 10-12-1988 - Wed 1950 in Clendenin WV
GROSS, Howard C. Spouse of Blanche C. Cutler. Born ??, died 3-14-1984 - Wed 8-25-1941 in Whitesville NY, 8 children
GROSS, Mae H. (Neefe). Spouse of Edward L. Born 12-17-1873, died 2-1-1962 - Dau of Charles A. and Susan B. (Furman) Neefe
GROSS, Miles C. Born 1-1888, died 1963 - Son of James and Emma Gross. (1900 Sweden Census)
GROSS, Nellie. Born 1876, died 1924
GROSS, Thomas. Born ??, died ?? - Buried in plot with Arthur Hurd
GROVE, John Calvin, Jr. Born 8-13-1957, died 8-9-2016. Age: 58 - Son of John C. Jr. and Lillian G. (Dixon) Grove, born at Camp Lejuene NC, died in Coudersport PA. worked 27 yrs for Crowley's foods, Arkport NY. Unmarried - Post-Vietnam Vet, US Army. 1979-1984
GRUPP, Elizabeth A. [Betty] (Neefe). Spouse of Karl E. Born 2-08-1917, died 5-28-2007. Age: 90y - Dau of Lynn and Kathryn (Kiehl) Neefe, Born in Sweden Hill-Potter Co. PA, d. Argyle TX (dau's home). Wed 4-15-1938 in Coudersport, 6 childrem. A son, Gary William Grupp, d. 1970
GRUPP, Karl E. Spouse of Elizabeth A. Neefe. Born ??, died 1-14-1991 - Wed 4-15-1938 in Coudersport, 6 childrem.
HADDOCK, Anthony. Spouse of Rebecca. Born 1815, died ??
HADDOCK, Rebecca. Spouse of Anthony. Born 1830, died 10-1-1886. Age: 56y 6m 3d
HAINES, Lena L. Born 1886, died 1948
HALL, Donald L. Born 1928, died 1936 - Son of Leo and Hannah (Woodcock) Hall
HALL, Grace N. (Moyer). Spouse of John H. Jr. Born 1-15-1884, died 9-25-1951 - Dau of Henry and Clara (Nisbet) Moyer m. 1901
HALL, Helen M. (Bailey). Spouse of Leslie M. Born 1-27-1917, died 6-7-2006. Age: 89 - Dau of Robert Frank and Ada Etta (Ramsey) Bailey. Born in Granada CO. Wed 4-4-1937 at Blue Eye MO, 3 children
HALL, John Henry Jr. Spouse of Grace N. Moyer. Born 9-19-1875, died 7-31-1946 - Son of John H. and Maggy (Easton) Hall. Born in Lindley NY.
HALL, John Henry Sr. Spouse of Maggy Eaton. Born 1832, died 1913 - 1900 Sweden Census: Birth date is 5-1834
HALL, Leslie M. [Jake]. Spouse of Helen M. Bailey. Born ??, died 6-16-2000 - Son of John H. and Grace (Moyer) Hall. Wed 4-4-1937 in Blue Eye MO, 3 children
HALL, Margaret. Born 1927, died 1927 - Dau of Leo and Hannah (Woodcock) Hall
HALL, Margaret Elizabeth (Eaton) [Maggie]. Spouse of John H. Sr. Born 1-1848, died 1933 - (1900 Sweden Census)
HALSEY, Lawrence W. Born 1918, died 1934
HALSEY, Lawrence W. Born 1884, died 1922
HALSEY, Lillie E. Born 1857, died 1934
HALSEY, Mortica. Born 1855, died 1933
HAMER, Matthew B. Born 3-24-2003, died 3-24-2003 - Son of Frank and Karen (Burnett) Hamer
HARRIS, Alice. Spouse of Wilber T. Born 1875, died 1958
HARRIS, Annie. Spouse of Miles O. Born 11-6-1856, died 6-27-1888 - Daughter. (1920 Sweden Census - Miles was married to Cora Baker)
HARRIS, C.E. Born 2-3-1870, died 4-27-1893
HARRIS, J. Born 12-27-1843, died 1-27-1894
HARRIS, James K. Spouse of Nancy. Born 2-3-1823, died 6-21-1900 - (1900 Sweden Census)
HARRIS, James M. Spouse of May. Born 11-1868, died 1959 - Son of James K. and Nancy Harris. (1900 Sweden Census)
HARRIS, Lucy E. (Bundy). Spouse of William A. Born 12-1874, died 1945 - Dau of John W. and Mariah A. (Dingee) Bundy Wed 10-17-1894. (1900 Homer Census)
HARRIS, Minnie (Tauscher). Spouse of Wilber T. Born 4-19-1879, died 7-23-1907 - Dau of F. William and Loetta M. (Weimer) Tauscher. Wed 12-29-1904.
HARRIS, Nancy. Spouse of James K. Born 3-12-1828, died 2-1-1903
HARRIS, Ray James. Born 5-24-1898, died 1-19-1902 - Son of James M. and May Harris. (1900 Sweden Census)
HARRIS, Wilber T. Spouse of Minnie Tauscher/ Alice. Born 1874, died 1964 - Son of Miles O. and Annie Harris. Wed Minnie 12-29-1904.
HARRIS, William A. Spouse of Lucy E. Bundy. Born 5-1870, died 1948 - Son of Miles O. and Annie Harris. Wed 10-17-1894. (1900 Homer Census)
HARVEY, Bessie Jane (Bickford). Spouse of Glenn W,. Born 12-16-1887, died 11-2-1972 - Dau of George E, and Edith M. (Randall) Bickford. Wed 2-17-1909 in Toronto, Canada, 5 children
HARVEY, Cecile Louise (Emerson). Spouse of Glenn R. Born 1936, died 4-29-1961
HARVEY, Glenn R. [Bud]. Spouse of Cecile Emerson/ Virginia Watson. Born 5-26-1926, died 4-20-2010. Age: 83 - Son of Glenn W. and Bessie Jane (Bickford) Harvey. Wed Virginia 1-25-1964 in Prouty PA, 6 children. - WW II Vet, US Army
HARVEY, Glenn W. Spouse of Bessie J. Bickford. Born 10-1885, died 1950 - Son of Mark A. and Agnes (Van Wegen) Harvey. (1900 Hebron Census) Buried in a plot with Elaine C. Baker
HARVEY, Kimberly A. Born 1956, died 1957 - Dau of Glenn R. and Cecile (Emerson Harvey.
HARVEY, Patricia Jacqueline (Gonzalez). Spouse of James R. Born 4-22-1965, died 8-17-2016. Age: 51 - Dau of Mario and Maria Teresa "Terry" (Salinas) Gonzalez, born in Lima Peru, died in Sweden Valley PA. Wed 10-8-1988 at Alexandria VA, one son.
HARVEY, Virginia M. (Watson). Spouse of Glenn R. [Bud]. Born 9-15-1929, died 2-21-2010. Age: 80 - Dau of Evan H. and Marion E. (Hamilton) Watson. Born in Prouty PA. Wed 1-25-1964 in Prouty, 5 children.
HASKINS, Deborah A. (Corey). Born 5-9-1905, died 6-1-1905 - Dau of Dean H. and Jean L. (Simpier) Corey
HAWKES, Doris M. (Murray). Spouse of Gordon R. Born 8-30-1931, died 11-10-2020. Age: 89 - Dau of Fred L. and Lenora M. (Freer) Murray. Born in Clermont PA, died in Inverness FL. Wed 12-18-1948 in Shinglehouse PA, no children named.
HAWKES, Gordon R. Spouse of Doris M. Murray. Born 10-11-1926, died 8-6-2019. Age: 92 - Son of Lorne G. and Aleta B. Fisk Hawkes. Born in Wayland NY, lived in Portville and Cuba NY, died in Inverness FL. A crane operator for Desser-Clark. Wed 12-18-1948 in Shinglehouse PA, no cildren named. - WW II Vet, US Navy
HAWKINS, Majory (Blass). Spouse of Paul Edward. Born 9-18-1930, died 2-1-2017. Age: 86 - Dau of Everett R. and Marian E. (Neefe) Blass. Born in Coudersport PA, died in Great Falls MT. Wed 6-14-1952, four children. Divorced in 1993.
HEFFNER, James Merle. Spouse of Kay Cyphert. Born 8-301943, died 11-4-2017. Age: 74 - Son of Charles and Dorothy (Johnson) Heffner. Born in St. Mary's PA, lived and died in Coudersport PA. A nurse at Charles Cole Hospital for 23 years. Wed 6-8-1968, two children. (Spouse survives) - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy corpsman, 4 years and US Air Force, nurse, 6 years
HERRINGTON, Calvin Marion. Spouse of Charlotte Snyder. Born 2-4-1842, died 1896 - Son of Jacob and Catherine (Thomson) Herrington. (1850 Sweden Census)
HERRINGTON, Charlotte (Snyder). Spouse of Calvin M. Born 1-6-1843, died 1927 - Dau of William and Mary Elizabeth (Neefe) Snyder
HERRINGTON, Eleanor. Born 1874, died 1947 - Daughter of Calvin and Charlotte (Snyder) Herrington
HERRINGTON, Kate. Born 7-05-1878*, died 5-26-1891. Age: 12y 10m 21d - Daughter of Calvin and Charlotte (Snyder) Herrington
HERSHEY, Philip L. Spouse of Laurel Danforth. Born 4-22-1958, died 9-11-2015. Age: 57 - Son of Melvin B. and Alma L. (Rohrer) Hershey, born in Lebanon PA, died in Coudersport PA. Owned Hershey Farms Market in Coudersport for over 30 yrs. Wed 6-23-1979 in Paradise PA, four children. (She survives)
HERZOG, Lillian M. (Linder). Spouse of Donald E. Born 10-25-1918, died 8-29-2008. Age: 89 - Dau of Edward and Marie (Ecklund) Linder. Born in Ridgway PA. Wed 9-14-1940 in Smethport-PA. 1 child
HIMES, Helen Jane (Darrin). Spouse of William Sonnekalb/ Reuben L. Born 3-01-1906, died 4-27-2004. Age: 98 - Dau of Edwin Charles and Caroline Elizabeth (Golden) Darrin. Born in Ridgway PA Wed William McKinley Sonnekalb on 6-30-1937 in Coudersport. Wed Reuben 10-21-1965 in Coudersport
HIMES, Reuben Laverne. Spouse of ?/ Helen J. Darrin. Born 9-17-1909, died 4-15-1994 - Son of Edward Jerome and Kitty Belle (Hughes) Himes. Born in Brookville PA, d. Coudersport PA. Wed first unknown, wed second Helen Darrin on 10-21-1965 in Coudersport PA
HOLCOMB, Claire Blanche (Bougie). Spouse of Richard Harold. Born 7-7-1935, died 2-8-2004. Age: 66 - Dau of Arthur Alfred and Blanche Jane Demers Bougie. Born in Dracut MA, a homemaker. Wed 10-1-1955 in Lowell MA, four daughters
HOLLENBECK, Conrad C. Spouse of Rebecca. Born 1770, died 5-7-1872. Age: 104 - (in 1840, 1850 Sweden Census) Born in NY.
HOLLENBECK, Rebecca. Spouse of Conrad C. Born 1799, died 11-12-1874. Age: 75 - Born in NY. (1850 Sweden Census)
HOLT, Charles K. Born 1856, died 1939
HOUSE, Douglas H. Born 8-2-1944, died 10-16-2019. Age: 75 - Son of Harold W. and Alice May (Ayers) House. Born in Odin PA, lived and died in Potter Co. A truck driver. One son, mother not named.
HUGHES, Gomer W. Born 1871, died 1958
HUGHES, Katherine H. Born 1878, died 1969
HUNDREDMARK, Amelia. Born 4-19-1851, died 10-19-1889. Age: 38y 6m - Dau of Christian J. and Lucinda Hundredmark
HUNDREDMARK, Christian John. Spouse of Lucinda. Born 12-25-1812, died 5-6-1894 - Born in Germany. (1880 Sweden Census)
HUNDREDMARK, Lucinda. Spouse of Christian J. Born 2-2-1817, died 7-6-1897 - Born in Germany
HUNT, Edward. Born 4-26-1876, died 3-7-1877. Age: 10m 11d
HURD, Arthur R. Born 1909, died 1946 - Grandson of Wilbur and Nellie Furman. Buried in a plot with Thomas Gross. (1920 Sweden Census)
HURD, Bessie M. (Snyder). Spouse of Vern N. Baldwin/ John L. Hurd. Born 7-5-1881, died 3-2-1956 - Mother - Dau.of Jonah and Mary (Furman) Snyder
HURD, Duane A. Born 1942, died 1942
HURD, Emma I. Born 1888, died 1942
HURD, John L. Spouse of Bessie M. Snyder. Born 1887, died 1932
HURD, Mollie A. Born 1910, died 19??
HURD, Wayne William. Born 1942, died 1942
HURD, Yvonne A. Born ??, died 11-16-1945. Age: Infant
HURT, Nancy Lynn (Martin). Spouse of Roger A. Born 4-7-1949, died 12-25-2015. Age: 66 - Dau of William J. and Gladys (Fisher) Martin, born in Wellsville NY, died in Williamsville NY. Dir of office of Domestic Relations from 1998-2015. Three children surnamed Boscia. Wed Roger 7-26-1988 in Galeton, two children.
HURT, Roger A. Spouse of Nancy. Born 4-20-1944, died 3-7-2020. Age: 75 - Son of Stetson E. and Clara Nellie (Bradley) Hurt. Born in Oil City PA, lived in Coudersport PA, died in Mars PA. A teacher in Austin High School for 37 years. Wed 7-26-1988 in Galeton, two children,
JACKSON, Ruth Onalee (Wood) Mitchell. Spouse of Lloyd Mitchell/ ? Jackson. Born ??, died ??
JACOBS, A.E. Born 8-27-1864, died ?? Son
JACOBS, Albert W. Born 1902, died ??
JACOBS, David. Spouse of Sally. Born 1811, died 1884
JACOBS, Horace. Born 6-17-1834, died 8-18-1902 - Brother of Mary A. (Jacobs) Glace. (1900 Allegany Census)
JACOBS, John. Born 1872, died 1962
JACOBS, John F. Spouse of Theresa. Born 12-25-1844, died 11-10-1916 - Born in Tompkins Co NY. (1880, 1900 Sweden Census)
JACOBS, Minerva. Born 1905, died ??
JACOBS, Minnie (Jacobs). Born 1885, died 7-21-1976
JACOBS, Sally. Spouse of David. Born 1810, died 1885
JACOBS, Theresa. Spouse of John F. Born 3-1849, died 1928 - (1900 Sweden Census)
JAMES, Beverly R. (Duell). Spouse of Marvin L. Born 6-14-1934, died 8-2-1010. Age: 76 - Dau of Everoe and Marian (Hoak) Duell. Wed 1-6-1952 in Coudersport, six children.
JAMES, Vivian E. (Grove). Spouse of Donald E. Born 9-10-1958, died 4-25-2013. Age: 55 - Dau of Lillian Gay (Dixon) Grove, born in Kingston NC. Wed 1-17-1975, 1 daughter
JONES, Cyrenius S. Born 12-26-1818, died 11-20-1885 - Buried in plot with Clarinda (Jones) Toombs
JONES, Silvanus. Born 10-30-1820, died 7-1-1875 - Buried in plot with Asa Tombs
KERR, Lois Marjorie (Irwin). Spouse of Delmer L. Born 11-28-1931, died 10-10-2004 - Dau of William J. and Annetta (Johnson) Irwin. Born in Oakmont PA, d. Coudersport PA. Wed 2-18-1956 in Oakmont PA
KIEHLE, Elizabeth U. Spouse of James. Born 11-1848, died 1923 - (1900 Coudersport Ward 2 Census)
KIMBALL, Abraham. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 10-24-1816, died 8-30-1906 - (1850 Sweden Census) Spelling is Kimble in census.
KIMBALL, Elizabeth. Spouse of Abraham. Born 12-8-1813, died 4-21-1887 - (1850 Sweden Census) Spelling is Kimble in census.
KIMBALL, Harriet Elizabeth (Koon) [Libbie]. Spouse of William R. Born 7-19-1849, died 5-8-1934. Age: 84y 9m 8d - Dau of Harrison, Sr. and Nancy (Shay) Koon. Born in Waverly NY. Wed 4-29-1869 in Coudersport.
KIMBALL, Lena L. (Hartwick). Spouse of Sterling W. Born 3-24-1874, died 1944 - Born in Wayne Co PA. Wed 12-25-1893 in Inez.
KIMBALL, Sterling W. Spouse of Lena Hartwick. Born 12-1-1873, died 1949 - Son of William R. and Harriet E. (Koon) Kimbell. Born in Eulalia Twp PA. Wed 12-25-1893 in Inez.
KIMBALL, William Riley. Spouse of Harriet E. Koon. Born 1844, died 8-3-1924 - Son of Abraham and Elizabeth Kimball. Wed 4-29-1869 in Coudersport. (1850 Sweden Census) Spelling is Kimble in census.
KIO, Carl Raymond, Sr. Spouse of Ruth E. Boyd. Born 10-3-1924, died 7-18-1994 - Son of Floyd Levi and Gertrude (Wade) Kio. - WW II Vet
KIO, Ruth Elizabeth (Boyd). Spouse of Carl R. Born 4-15-1920, died 10-1973 - Dau of Williard D. and Mabel D. (Butler) Boyd.
KNOWLTON, Jack R. Spouse of Gustava M. Mitchell/ Emma Perkins. Born 4-15-1920, died 5-1-2004. Age: 80 - Son of Earl Wayne and Dorothy Ellen (Hackett) Knowlton. Born in Port Allegany, a farmer. Three children with Gustava. Wed Emma 8-8-1998.
KOHLER, Gertrude. Born 2-14-1869, died 12-24-1871 - Dau of William and Elizabeth E. (Sly) Kohler
KOHLER, Jacob. Born 5-22-1882, died 4-7-1883 - Son of William and Elizabeth E. (Sly) Kohler
KOHLER, Joseph. Born 3-16-1873, died 9-3-1876 - Son of William and Elizabeth E. (Sly) Kohler
KOHLER, William. Spouse of Elizabeth Elliot Sly. Born 4-14-1828, died 10-22-1889
KOON, Harrison, Jr. Born 3-17-1857, died 3-10-1902 - [Son] Son of Harrison, Sr. and Nancy (Shay) Koon.
KOON, Harrison, Sr. Spouse of Nancy Shay. Born 7-16-1817, died 7-10-1859 - Born in Livingston Co NY. Wed 6-20-1846 in Livingston Co NY.
KOON, Nancy (Shay). Spouse of Harrison, Sr. Born 7-29-1826, died 10-29-1887 - Dau of Richard and Elizabeth Shay. Born in Livingston Co NY. Wed 6-20-1846 in Livingston Co NY.
LEHMAN, Kathleen. Spouse of Norman J. Sr. Born 1900, died 1958
LEHMAN, Norman J. Sr. Spouse of Kathleen. Born ??, died ??
LEHMAN, Norman J., Jr. [Corky]. Spouse of Ruth Lamont. Born 11-26-1926, died 1-30-2006. Age: 79 - Son of Norman J. and Kathleen Ardell Nichols Lehman Sr. Worked 35 Yrs at Central Buick, Owned Corky's Garage. Wed 10-2-1954 in Coudersport, 1 daughter - WW II Vet, US Navy
LEHMAN, Ruth L. (Lamont). Spouse of Norman Jr. Born 4-17-1931, died 10-9-2017. Age: 86 - Dau of Henry and Beatrice (Bradley) Lamont Jr. Born in Odin PA, died in Coudersport PA. A switchboard operator for 32 years. Wed 10-2-1954, one daughter.
LEWIS, Russell W. Jr. Born 6-25-1955, died 6-25-1955 - Son of Russell W. and Vesta (Mitchell) Lewis Sr.
LEWIS, Russell W. Sr. Spouse of Vesta M. Mitchell. Born 1932, died 1988
LOCKE, George E. Spouse of Yevonna A. [Candy] Brown. Born 11-7-1947, died 1-31-2015. Age: 67 - Son of Frank E. and Georgia L. (Power) Locke, born in East McKeesport PA, died in Coudersport PA. Lab director at Charles Cole Hosp 1978-2013. Wed 1-18-1974 in DuBois PA, two children. (She survives) - Vietnam Vet, US Army, SP5
LONG, Mayne A. (Sallade). Born 7-19-1859, died ?? - Buried in plot with Addison Sallade
LYON, Betty (Danforth). Spouse of M. Stanley. Born 8-11-1917, died 1-11-2010. Age: 92 - Dau of John and Lila (Palmer) Danforth. Wed 9-17-1939 in Galeton PA, 5 children.
LYON, Charlie W. Spouse of Nellie P. Born 1880, died 1963 - Son of Farnham and Mary (Kelly) Lyon. (1880,1920 Sweden Census)
LYON, Farnham E. Spouse of Mary Kelly. Born 1847, died ?? - Wed 7-4-1877. (1880, 1920 Sweden Census)
LYON, Florence V. Born 1912, died ?? - Dau of Charles and Nellie (Perkins) Lyon
LYON, Mary (Kelly). Spouse of Farnham E. Born ??, died ?? - Wed 7-4-1877.
LYON, Nellie (Perkins). Spouse of Charlie W. Born 9-1887, died 19?? - Dau of Arthur and ? Perkins. (1900 Sweden Census)
MACCARTNEY, James R. [Mac]. Spouse of Katherine. Born 5-4-1944, died 1-21-2018. Age: 73 - Son of Earl Barclay [Tim] and Julia Jean (Bell) MacCartney. Born in Monongahela, PA, lived and died in Coudersport PA. A high school teacher. Four children, mother(s) unclear
MANLEY, Bessie (Shay). Born 7-1885, died 1958 - Dau of Silas L. and Delila Shay. (1900 Sweden Census)
MANLEY, Don S. Born 7-7-1903, died 12-6-1955
MANLEY, Opal V. Born 1914, died ??
MANLEY, Patricia L. Born 1932, died 1935
MANSFIELD, Ruth (Stiles). Spouse of Richard A. Born 3-14-1917, died 8-16-2007. Age: 90 - Dau of Walter and Margaret (Cole) Stiles. Born in Pittsburgh PA, d. Pasadena FL. Wed 12-09-1939 in Coudersport PA (He d. 10-28-1993), 1 child. Was a nurse
MAYNARD, John C. Born 2-17-1944, died 5-2-2001. Age: 57 - Son of Arthur and S. Blanche (Neefe) Maynard - Cold War Vet, US Army
MCINTYRE, Harriet (Shay). Born 1863, died 1930
MCKEONE, Judith D'Arcy (Becker). Spouse of Thomas R. Born 7-17-1941, died 7-22-2017. Age: 76 - Dau of Ralph O. and Anna S. (Oechle) Becker. Born in Lancaster PA, lived and died in Coudersport PA. A pastor's wife and foster parent. Wed 42 years, five children. (Husband predeceased)
MCKEONE, Thomas Richard. Spouse of Judith D'Arcy Becker. Born ??, died 11-02-2008. Age: 68 - Son of George Vincent and Alice V. (Leedom) McKeone, Born in Mt. Gretna PA. Wed 42 yrs. Minister, 5 children - Cold War Vet, US Army
MCKINNEY, Amanda. Spouse of Philander. Born 1844, died ? - (1880 Sweden Census)
MCKINNEY, Philander. Spouse of Amanda. Born 11-13-1840, died 5-25-1891 - (1880 Sweden Census) - Civil War Vet, Co G, 53d PA Vols, Pvt. Discharged on Surgeon's certificate on December 13, 1864.
MCMANUS, Bernard [Mac]. Spouse of #1 Mary Alice Souza, #2 Gloria D. Boyd. Born 2-17-1923, died 12-13-1996. Age: 73 - Son of Henry Herman McManus and Sudie Pearson. Born in Wilcox Co AL, died in Coudersport PA. Wed Mary Alice in 1944 in CA, later divorced, one son. Wed 9-20-1955 in Wellsville NY, three children. - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt
MCMANUS, Corry Scott. Born 12-7-1970, died 1-23-1992. Age: 21 - Son of Bernard and G. Dawn (Boyd) McManus. Born, lived, and died in Coudersport PA. Killed in auto accident.
MCMANUS, Gloria Dawn (Boyd) [Dawn]. Spouse of Bernard. Born 12-23-1936, died 7-3-2018. Age: 81 - "Dau of Casper and Beatrice (Kio) Boyd. Born, lived, and died in Coudersport PA. Owned three local TV Cable companies for 35 years. Wed 9-20-1955 in Wellsville NY, three children.
MERRITT, Virginia L. Born 4-11-1918, died 2-10-2001. Age: 82 - Dau of Harold A. and Ella (Mulconery) Neefe
MILLER, Arthur J. Born 4-28-1855, died 1895 - Son of John R. and Sarah (Nelson) Miller.
MILLER, Cora E. Born 1862, died 1939
MILLER, Henrietta M. Born 1865, died 1960 - Dau of John R. and Sarah (Nelson) Miller
MILLER, James B. Born 9-5-1857, died 1860 - Son of John R. and Sarah (Nelson) Miller.
MILLER, John H. Born 3-1860, died 1933 - Son of John R. and Sarah (Nelson) Miller. (1900 Sweden Census)
MILLER, John R. Spouse of Sarah Nelson. Born 9-23-1819, died 1890 - Son of John H. and Levia (Slocum) Miller. Wed 1-14-1851. - Civil War Vet
MILLER, Mary J. Born 1868, died 1954 - A teacher, single. (1920 Sweden Census)
MILLER, Minnie B. Born 1868, died 1954
MILLER, Sarah (Nelson). Spouse of John R. Born 4-25-1829, died 3-7-1910. Age: 81 - Wed 1-14-1851. (1900 Sweden Census)
MINTEER, Roberta M. (Miller). Spouse of Wayne L. Born 7-12-1931, died 1-15-2004. Age: 72 - Dau of Paul L. and Lune C. (McCommons) Miller. Born in Grove City PA, owned and operated Savage Appartments in Coudersport. Wed 9-24-1955 in Elwood City, two daughters.
MINTEER, Wayne L. Spouse of #1 Roberta Miller, #2 Grace M. (Hall) Caldwell. Born 11-12-1936, died 5-5-2017. Age: 80 - Son of Frank Andrew and Ida Mae (Bleakney Minteer). Born in Ellwood City PA, lived in Roulette PA and died in Marienville PA. Worked 35 years for PennDOT. Wed Roberta 9-24-1955, two daughters. Wed Grace 7-15-2005 in Ellwood City PA, she survives)
MITCHELL, Alyn W. Born 10-16-1942, died 10-25-1958 - Son of Elmer L. and Mary L. (Baldwin) Mitchell
MITCHELL, Arlene H. Born 1942, died 1942 - Twin dau of Lloyd L and Ruth O. (Wood) Mitchell.
MITCHELL, Arlie H. Spouse of Zelma Olmstead. Born 5-29-1905, died 2-12-2003. Age: 97 - Son of Charles N. and Emma (Lee) Mitchell. Wed 8-24-1929
MITCHELL, Arvis L. Born 1942, died 1942 - Twin dau of Lloyd L and Ruth O. (Wood) Mitchell.
MITCHELL, Betty. Born 1935, died 1935 - Dau of Lloyd L and Ruth O. (Wood) Mitchell.
MITCHELL, Carl W. Spouse of Not named. Born 4-10-1921, died 3-6-2015 - Son of Carl E. and Ettabell (Thompson) Mitchell, born and die din Coudersport PA. Five children
MITCHELL, David W. Spouse of Emily A. Born 8-9-1849, died 3-27-1934 - Born in PA, a farmer. Grandfather of Elmer L and Lloyd L. Mitchell (1880 Sweden Census)
MITCHELL, Elmer L. Spouse of Mary L. Baldwin. Born 1895, died 1963 - Son of Charles N. and Emma (Lee) Mitchell
MITCHELL, Emily A. Spouse of David W. Born 3-16-1850, died 5-10-1928 - (1900 Sweden Census)
MITCHELL, George W. Spouse of Lydia. Born 6-8-1844, died 2-4-1915 - Born in NY, a Farmer. (1880 Sweden Census) - Civil War Vet, Co D, 86th NY Inf, Pvt
MITCHELL, Helen L. Born 1-7-1919, died 1-11-1919. Age: 4d - Dau of Elmer L. and Mary L. (Baldwin) Mitchell
MITCHELL, Jenny. Born 10-31-1874, died 5-22-1880. Age: 5y 6m 22d
MITCHELL, Lloyd L. Spouse of Ruth O. Wood. Born 1913, died 1955 - Son of Charles N. and Emma (Lee) Mitchell. (1920 Sweden Census)
MITCHELL, Lorenzo. Born 1831, died 10-18-1844. Age: 13 - Son of Stephen and Elinor Mitchell
MITCHELL, Mary L. (Baldwin). Spouse of Elmer L. Born 12-25-1901, died 7-8-1997 - Dau of Vern N. and Bessie (Snyder) Baldwin
MITCHELL, Raymond H. Spouse of Martha Ward. Born 11-7-1935, died 12-19-2004. Age: 69 - Son of Arlie H and Zelma (Olmstead) Mitchell Wed 10-24-1953 in Obi NY
MITCHELL, Stephen. Born 1802, died 12-15-1866. Age: 64
MITCHELL, Zelma (Olmstead). Spouse of Arlie H. Born ??, died 3-31-2002 - Dau of Nathaniel M. and Zella (Smith) Olmstead. Wed 8-24-1929
MONROE, Amanda Elizabeth (Chase). Spouse of Nelson D. Born 7-17-1847, died 5-26-1906 - Dau of Johnson and Sarah (Roberts) Chase. (1880, 1900 Sweden Census)
MONROE, Nelson Duncan. Spouse of Amanda E Chase. Born 10-10-1842, died 2-23-1922 - Son of John and Julia A. (Reed) Monroe, born in Ulysses. (1880, 1900 Sweden Census)
MORAN, Darlene. Spouse of Carl James. Born 8-05-1934, died 12-30-2006. Age: 72y - Dau of Dayton [Duke] and Esther (Rossman) Chilson. Born in Coudersport PA, d. Sweden Valley PA (at home). Wed 9-12-1952 in Elmira NY (he d. 5-30-1989), Bd. 6-24-2007 (per another notice in the 6-20-2007 Potter-Leader Enterprise)
MOREY, Albert C. Spouse of Grace L. Davey. Born 1905, died 1961
MOREY, Grace L. (Davey). Spouse of Albert C. Born 1906, died ??
MOYER, Clara (Nisbet). Spouse of Henry. Born 1867, died 7-9-1901 - Dau of John and Mary Jacobs? Nisbet
MOYER, Henry. Spouse of Clara Nisbet. Born 1867, died 1942
NEEFE, Adalaid (Hemick). Spouse of Gustave A. Born 11-1-1814, died 9-4-1895. Age: 80y 10m 3d - Born in Hanover Germany
NEEFE, Adella (Acker). Spouse of Henry J. Born 1-1848, died 1-1-1903 - Dau of Samuel Y. and Catherine (Carns) Acker. Wed 6-30-1864
NEEFE, Arch M. Spouse of Nellie Snyder. Born 7-19-1877, died 7-17-1930 - Son of Adolph Conrad and Alice (Slaughter) Neefe. Wed 9-1901, 5 children. Nephew of Fred A. Neefe. (1900 Allegany Census)
NEEFE, Charles. Born ??, died 9-16-1869 - Son
NEEFE, Charles A. [Big Charlie]. Spouse of Susan B. Furman. Born 4-22-1846, died 9-27-1914 - Son of Gustave and Adalaid (Hemick) Neefe. (1850, 1900 Sweden Census)
NEEFE, Charles Elmer. Born 8-26-1918, died 3-21-1919 - Son of Clarence H. and Evva (Miller) Neefe
NEEFE, Charles F. [Little Charlie]. Spouse of Mamie Niles. Born 10-2-1850, died 5-4-1915 - [Father] Son of Julius and Hannah (Snyder) Neefe, Wed 10-11-1882 in Emporium PA. (1880 Sweden Census)
NEEFE, Charlotte A. (Prindle). Spouse of James G. Born 3-27-1931, died 4-14-2020. Age: 89 - Dau of Arthur D. and Edith I. (Benson) Prindle. Born in Kane PA, lived and died in Coudersport PA. Office nurse for Dr, George Mosch for 46 years. Wed 10-25-1952 in Kane PA, three children.
NEEFE, Clarence Henry. Spouse of Evva Miller. Born 6-13-1870, died 11-3-1938 - Son of Henry J. and Adella (Acker) Neefe. Wed 11-25-1901, 5 children
NEEFE, Dick C. Spouse of Irene Seeger. Born 1891, died 1953
NEEFE, Edna. Born 1878, died 1928 - Daughter. Dau of Charles F. and Mamie (Niles) Neefe. (1880 Sweden Census)
NEEFE, Edward. Born 7-9-1858, died 3-7-1859 - Son of Julius and Susannah (Noble) Neefe
NEEFE, Ella N. (Muloonery). Spouse of Harold A. Born 10-20-1888, died 9-25-1954 - Dau of Thomas and Emma (Yaeger) Muloonery, born in Ellisburg PA. Wed 10-16-1907, 6 children.
NEEFE, Evva (Miller). Spouse of Clarence H. Born 10-22-1879, died 8-18-1965 - Daughter of Elmer and Emma (Foster) Miller. Wed 11-25-1901, five children
NEEFE, Fayette. Born 6-9-1871, died 12-26-1888 - Son of Charles A. and Susan (Furman) Neefe
NEEFE, Flora B. (Snyder). Spouse of Frederick A. Born 1872, died 1925 - Dau of Richard and Mary Snyder. Wed 12-22-1896, three children.
NEEFE, Frederick Almer. Spouse of Flora B. Snyder. Born 9-1862, died 1934 - Son of Frans Edward and Anna Maria (Bernauer) Neefe. Wed 12-22-1896, three children. (1900 Allegany Census)
NEEFE, Gowanda. Born 9-6-1910, died 6-29-1919 - Dau of Harold A. and Ella (Muloonery) Neefe
NEEFE, Gustav Julius. Born 5-25-1840, died 8-8-1863 - Son of Gustave and Adalaid (Hemrick) Neefe. Killed when he fell out of a haymow and was pierced by the tines of his hay fork. (1850 Sweden Census)
NEEFE, Gustave A. Spouse of Adalaid Hemick. Born 4-28-1813, died 4-21-1874. Age: 60y 11m 23d - Son of Edward Frans and Helena (Friest) Neefe. Born in Germany. (1850 Sweden Census)
NEEFE, Hannah (Snyder). Spouse of Julius W. Born 12-1845, died 1921 - Dau of Michael and Catherine (Shay) Snyder. (1850, 1900 Sweden Census)
NEEFE, Harold A. Spouse of Ella N. Muloonery. Born 9-5-1884, died 11-25-1951 - Son of Charles A. and Susan (Furman) Neefe. Wed 10-16-1907, 6 children. (1900 Sweden Census)
NEEFE, Harold Jr. Born 7-8-1925, died 12-8-1925 - Dau of Harold A. and Ella (Muloonery) Neefe
NEEFE, Harry. Born 1880, died 1944 - Son of Charles F. and Mamie/Maria (Niles) Neefe
NEEFE, Henry J. Spouse of Adella Acker. Born 7-25-1841, died 12-2-1919 - Wed 6-30-1864
NEEFE, Herbert Earl. Spouse of Ruth C. Bratz/ Laura Vaughn Cammack. Born 5-27-1902, died 8-28-1963 - Son of Frederick A. and Flora B. (Snyder) Neefe. Four children with Ruth.
NEEFE, Hugh E. Spouse of Nynona Blauvelt. Born 1902, died 9-7-1977 - Son of Adolph Conrad and Alice (Slaughter) Neefe. No children.
NEEFE, Infant son. Born 1865, died 8-9-1865
NEEFE, Irene (Seeger). Spouse of Dick C. Born 1896, died 1967
NEEFE, James G. Spouse of Charlotte A. Prindle. Born 10-24-1929, died 3-15-2020. Age: 90 - Son of Richard C. and Irene M. (Seeger) Neefe. Born in Olean NY, lived and died in Coudersport PA. Worked 25 years at Dresser-Rand in Olean. Wed 10-25-1952 in Kane PA, three children. - Cold war Vet, US Navy aboard USS Beatty. 1949-1951
NEEFE, Julia E. (Monroe). Spouse of William. Born 8-1854, died 2-1935 - Dau of William B. and Wlisa (Lincoln) Monroe. Wed 10-9-1872, 4 children. (1900, 1920 Sweden Census)
NEEFE, Julius. Spouse of Susannah Noble. Born 5-14-1811, died 10-30-1893 - Son of Edward Frans and Helena (Friest) Neefe. Born in Nuremburg Germany. Wed 6-11-1840.
NEEFE, Julius W. Spouse of Hannah Snyder. Born 6-2-1845, died 11-1-1912 - Son of Julius and Susannah (Noble) Neefe
NEEFE, Lavanna (McCloskey). Spouse of Thomas J. Born 3-7-1896, died 7-16-1981 - Dau of Dr. J. B. and ?? McCloskey. Wed 5-28-1920 at Johnsonburg PA.
NEEFE, Leigh Niles. Spouse of Mildred Victoria. Born 1893, died 1964 - Son of Charles F. and Mamie/Maria (Niles) Neefe. (1920 Sweden Census)
NEEFE, Lynn H. Spouse of Kathryn K. Kiehl. Born 1872, died 1965 - Son of Julius W. and Hannah (Snyder) Neefe. (1880,1900, 1920 Sweden Census)
NEEFE, Mamie/Maria (Niles). Spouse of Charles F. Born 9-1853, died 1933 - [mother] Wed 10-11-1882 in Emporium PA. 1880 Sweden Census says Mamie.
NEEFE, Marye Monica (Moran). Spouse of Dick C. Jr. Born 1921, died 1998
NEEFE, Mildred A. Born 1904, died 3-28-1977
NEEFE, Mildred Victoria. Spouse of Leigh N. Born 1901, died 1992
NEEFE, Nellie (Snyder). Spouse of Arch M. Born 1875, died 1952 - Dau of Richard and Mary Snyder. Wed 9-1901, 5 children.
NEEFE, Ray. Born 12-9-1881, died 12-9-1881
NEEFE, Richard Charles Jr. Spouse of Marye Monica Moran. Born 2-29-1920, died 3-7-1991 - WW II Vet, US Army, Sgt
NEEFE, Ruth (Bratz). Spouse of Herbert E. Born 1906, died 1955 - Dau of August and Anna Bratz, from Abbott Twp. (1910 Abbott Census)
NEEFE, Stephen. Born ??, died 12-20-1849 - Son of Julius and Susannah (Noble) Neefe
NEEFE, Susan B. (Furman). Spouse of Charles A. Born 7-30-1858, died 5-20-1907 - Dau of Andrew and Maria (Snyder) Furman.
NEEFE, Susannah (Noble). Spouse of Julius. Born 5-9-1813, died 11-13-1896 - Born in Ireland. Wed 6-11-1840
NEEFE, Thomas J. Spouse of Lavanna McCloskey. Born 1887, died 1958 - Son of Charles F. and Maria (Niles) Neefe. Wed 5-28-1920 at Johnsonburg PA. (1920 Sweden Census)
NEEFE, Wanda Mae. Born 6-4-1922, died 11-4-1922 - Dau of Harold A. and Ella (Muloonery) Neefe
NEEFE, William Henry. Spouse of Julia Monroe. Born 1-29-1848, died 11-9-1944 - Son of Frans Edward and Anna Maria (Bernauer) Neefe, born in PA. Wed 10-9-1872, 4 children. (1900 Sweden Census: Born in 1847.
NEILL, Arthur V. Born 1870, died 1894
NEILL, Mary. Born 1820, died 1901
NEILL, Mary A. Born 1845, died 1903
NEILL, William. Born 1-20-1844, died 9-24-1907 - Discovered the Ice Cave - Civil War Vet, Co. H, 1st NY Dragoons, Pvt.
NELSON, Bertha M. Born 12-1856, died 1935 - Dau of Cephas C. and Martha Nelson. (1900 Sweden Census)
NELSON, Cephas C. Spouse of Martha A. Hazelton. Born 7-28-1821, died 1901 - Son of Silas and Cynthia (Felt) Nelson. Born in Eulalia twp. Wed 11-6-1850 in Whitesville NY. (1900 Sweden Census)
NELSON, Martha A. (Hazelton). Spouse of Cephas C. Born 2-4-1827, died 1909 - Born in Independence NY. Wed 11-6-1850 in Whitesville NY. (1900 Sweden Census)
NICHOLS, Bess A. Born 1886, died 1953 - Buried in plot of Frank A. Turck
NICHOLS, Charles H. Spouse of Eunice Treat. Born 9-12-1928, died 8-31-3010. Age: 81 - Son of Ervin A. and Iona (Young) Nichols, born in Roulette. Wed 1960 in Galeton, 3 children.
NICHOLS, Eunice J. (Treat). Spouse of Charles H. Born 6-9-1938, died 10-25-1010. Age: 72 - Dau of Ross Isaac and Mary Elizabeth (Wayman) Treat. Wed in 1960 at Galeton, 3 children.
NISBET, John G. Born 5-1834, died 12-2-1910. Age: 78 - Son of George and Elizabeth (Slight) Nisbet. Born in Scotland - Pioneer of Denton Hill - Civil War Vet, Co H, 46th Reg. PA Vol, Pvt. Mustered out with Company on July 16, 1865.
O'NEILL, Emma E. Spouse of William J. Born 1819, died 1901
O'NEILL, William J. Spouse of Emma E. Born 1815, died aft 1890 - Civil War Vet, Co A, 69th NY Inf, Pvt.
PALMATIER, Virginia Ruth (Taillon). Spouse of Harry C. Jr. Born 1927, died Uncut - Dau of John B. and Alice G. (Chagnon) Taillon. Born in Westerly RI. Wed in 1946, four children.
PATTERSON, David C. Born 1853, died 1926
PATTERSON, James. Born 8-5-1860, died ?? - Son of Davil and Sarah A. Patterson
PEET, Fred L. Born 12-1882, died 1957 - Buried in plot with Harry B. Ellis. Son of Willard and Melissa [Lizzie] (Nelson) Peet. (1900 Roulette Census and Eulalia Cemetery)
PEKARSKI, Brant A. Spouse of Drusilla L. Fisher. Born 10-30-1938, died 9-12-2017. Age: 78 - Son of Frank A. and Gertrude (Shaw) Pekarski. Born, lived, and died in Coudersport PA. Worked 55 years as field office manager in pipeline construction. Wed 4-13-1965 in Coudersport, four children. (Spouse survives) - Korean War Vet, US Army Military Police.
PEKARSKI, Robert B. Spouse of Bertha M. Mahon. Born 2-17-1930, died 11-5-2015. Age: 85 - Son of John W. and Ella L. (Colegrove) Pekarski, born in Costello PA, died in Coudersport PA. A volunteer fireman for 60+ years. Wed 6-8-1951 in Coudersport, 4 children. (She survives) - Cold War Vet, US Air Force, 1951-1955 Travis AFB.
PRICE, Rose Edna. Born 1901, died 1942
QUIMBY, Arlie D. Spouse of Virginia Rossman. Born 1918, died 10-21-2002. Age: 84 - Son of Alvin and Nellie Pierce Quimby - WW II Vet, US Army, SW Pacific Theater
QUIMBY, Ernest L. Born 1897, died 1931 - Son of Asa B. and Luella S. Quimby. 1900 Hebron census shows 4-1898 as birthdate.
QUIMBY, R. Francis. Born ??, died 11-23-2009 - Wed 4-7-1941, 3 children
QUIMBY, Ruth (Harris). Spouse of Ernest L. Born 1897, died 19?? - Wed 8-29-1919 in Olean NY.
QUIMBY, Thelma Marie (Baker). Spouse of R. Francis. Born 12-29-1922, died 5-4-2006. Age: 83 - Dau of Simeon I. and Wanda (Kimball) Baker. Wed 4-7-1941, 3 children
QUIMBY, Virginia R. Spouse of Arlie D. Born 1922, died 2-5-2013
RAMSEY, Robert C. [Peanut]. Born 7-17-1952, died 5-18-2009. Age: 56 - Son of Curtis F. and Frances Morey Ramsey. Born in Coudersport, pipeline x-ray technician.
RANKIN, Elvina (Hall). Spouse of Melvin M. Born 12-31-1907, died 5-18-2003. Age: 95 - Dau of Clyde and Minnie (Davis) Hall. Born in Galeton PA. Wed 8-24-1953 in Coudersport PA, 4 children. Sons surnamed Furman.
RANKIN, Melvin M. Spouse of Elvina Hall. Born ??, died 10-29-1992 - Wed 8-24-1953 in Coudersport PA
REED, Nancy L. (Troupe). Spouse of Jeffery W. Born 10-5-1959, died 6-2-2017. Age: 57 - Dau of Theodore and Clara (Boyle) Troupe. Born in West Grove PA, lived and died in Coudersport PA. Wed Jeffery 7-27-1991 in Portville NY, four daughters. (He survives)
REES, Frances (Lyons). Born 5-16-1914, died 4-22-1942
REES, Raymond D. Born 12-21-1910, died ??
REES, Raymond F. Born 4-21-1942, died 5-23-1948 - Son
REESE, Alyce G. (Gleason). Spouse of Eugene S. Born 1-12-1925, died 10-12-2014. Age: 89 - Dau of Joseph E. and Alberta (Britt) Gleason. Born in Sweden Twp, a healthcare worker. Founded Christmas House in Coudersport. Wed 9-12-1943 in Coudersport, 4 children
RENIFF, Nettie. Spouse of Fred. Born 4-24-1863, died 12-25-1891. Age: 28y 8m 1d
RENNELLS, Child. Born ??, died ?? - Child of R. L. and H.J. Rennells
RENNELLS, Infant Dau. Born ??, died 1943 - Child of R. L. and H.J. Rennells
RENNELLS, Infant Dau. Born ??, died 1939 - Child of R. L. and H.J. Rennells
RENNELLS, Lula (Chase). Spouse of Arch. Born 1-1887, died 1959 - Dau of Clark and Martha (White) Chase. Wed 12-20-1910. (1900 Sweden Census)
RINK, Helen M. (Pennycoff). Spouse of ?. Born 5-9-1929, died 7-12-2012. Age: 83 - Dau of Harry William and Mildred M. (Mudge) Pennycoff, born in Union County.
ROBERTS, Arminda (Holden) [Anna]. Spouse of Hoxsie S. Born 11-1858, died 1932 - (1900, 1920 Sweden Census)
ROBERTS, Benjamin F. Spouse of Delila. Born 1844, died 4-16-1882. Age: 38 - (1880 Sweden Census)
ROBERTS, Crab. Born 3-28-1893, died 2-8-1896 - Son
ROBERTS, Edward. Born 11-4-1852, died 8-8-1858. Age: 5y 9m 4d - Son of John and Mary Ann Roberts
ROBERTS, Elvin F. Born 11-1888, died 1928 - Son of Hoxsie S. and Arminda (Holden) Roberts. (1900 Sweden Census)
ROBERTS, Eunice. Born 2-1-1884, died 8-7-1885. Age: 1y 6m 6d - Daughter
ROBERTS, Harrison. Born 7-8-1856, died 5-7-1887 - Son of John and Mary Ann Roberts
ROBERTS, Hoxsie S. Spouse of Arminda Holden. Born 12-1851, died 1924 - (1900 Sweden Census)
ROBERTS, John. Spouse of Mary Ann. Born 3-16-1827, died 3-29-1898 - Born in NY, a farmer. (1880 Sweden Census) - Civil War Vet, Co K, 149th PA Vol, Pvt.
ROBERTS, Mary Ann. Spouse of John. Born 4-11-1829, died 9-20-1893 - Born in PA. Census name is Mariam. (1880 Sweden Census)
ROBERTS, Minnie A. Born 12-25-1869, died 4-1-1882. Age: 12y 3m 7d - Dau of Benjamin F. and Delila Roberts. (1880 Sweden Census)
ROBERTS, Simen. Born ??, died 9-23-1860 - Son of Jacob and Frances Roberts
ROBERTS, Sydney. Born 1-27-1868, died 4-18-1882. Age: 14y 2m 22d - Dau of Benjamin F. and Delila Roberts
ROGERS, Katherine M. (Littlefield). Spouse of Raymond D. Born 4-9-1911, died 1-4-2004. Age: 92 - Dau of Lafe and Fannie (Dodd) Littlefield. Born in Coudersport, a homemaker. Wed 6-1-1929 in Olean NY, 3 children
ROGERS, Raymond D. Spouse of Katherine M. Littlefield. Born ??, died 5-18-1991 - Wed 6-1-1929 in Olean NY, 3 children
ROHRER, Clyde L. Spouse of Eleane F. Brown. Born 7-31-1930, died 6-19-2001. Age: 70 - Son of Willis and Mabel (Nolt) Rohrer. Wed 8-16-1952
ROOT, Nellie. Spouse of L.C. Born ??, died ??
ROSSMAN, Alice T. Spouse of George H. Born 1867, died 1955 - (1920 Sweden Census)
ROSSMAN, Almond W. Born 1880, died 1962 - Buried in plot with Ella Ma** Sewell
ROSSMAN, Ernest J. Spouse of Margaret M. Born 11-1881, died 1953 - Son of William O. and Martha M. Rossman. (1900 Keating Census)
ROSSMAN, Eva Jeraldine (Hooftallen). Spouse of Harry L. Born ??, died 4-14-1971 - Wed 5-13-1943 in Redbank NJ
ROSSMAN, George H. Spouse of Alice T. Born 1868, died 1953 - Son of Almond and Sarah Rossman. (1880, 1920 Sweden Census)
ROSSMAN, Harry L. Spouse of Eva J. Hooftallen. Born 5-20-1922, died 8-6-2001. Age: 79 - Son of Orten G. and Mabel F. (Barnes) Rossman - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, European Theater
ROSSMAN, Lois E. (Westler). Spouse of Ronald Yentzer/ Clayton G. Born 11-3-1928, died 8-6-2004. Age: 75 - Dau of Laurence and Lucinda Westler, born in Hartville OH, a homemaker. Ronald d 7-23-1984, two children. Second wife of Clayton
ROSSMAN, Mabel Florence (Barnes). Spouse of Orten G. Born 5-18-1891, died 11-11-1961
ROSSMAN, Margaret M. Spouse of Ernest J. Born 1887, died 1960
ROSSMAN, Martha M. Spouse of William O. Born 3-1854, died 1917 - (1900 Keating Census)
ROSSMAN, Orsen G. Spouse of Mabel F. Barnes. Born ??, died ??
ROSSMAN, William O. Spouse of Martha M. Born 3-1848, died 5-20-1929 - (1900 Keating Census) - Civil War Vet, 46th PA Vols.
RUTER, Chester L. Spouse of Leona McGraw. Born 3-4-1928, died 2-14-2003. Age: 74 - Son of Frank and Viva M. (Stiles) Ruter Sr. Born in Crosby PA. Wed 50 years, five children.
RUTER, Christopher C. Born 4-30-1986, died 3-18-2006. Age: 19 - Son of Kenneth J. and Elizabeth A. (Wright) Ruter. Suicide
RUTER, Cordelia (Gleason) [Dee]. Spouse of Frank E. Jr. Born 6-21-1926, died 7-22-2020. Age: 94 - Dau of Joseph E. and Alberta (Britt) Gleason. Born, lived, and died in Coudersport PA. With husband, owner/operator of Highland Farms and the first Polaris dealership in PA. Wed 1-9-1943, five children. (Spouse d. 6-22-2012)
RUTER, Diane Fay. Born ??, died ??. Age: 2d
RUTER, Frank E., Jr. Spouse of Cordelia Gleason. Born 10-1-1924, died 6-22-2012. Age: 87 - Son of Frank E. and Viva M. (Stiles) Ruter Sr., born in Bitula. Wed 1-9-1843 in Coudersport, 5 children.
RUTER, Leona M. (McGraw). Spouse of Chester. Born 11-12-1928, died 10-19-2017. Age: 88 - Dau of J. Bernard and Minerva (Smith) McGraw. Born in Independence NY, lived in Coudersport PA, died in Buffalo NY. Wed 50 years, five children.
SALLADE, Addison Herbert [Herb]. Born 9-27-1927, died 4-9-2020. Age: 92 - Son of Matthew S. and Ester P. (Franke) Sallade. Born, lived, and died in Potter Co PA. A dairy farmer.
SALLADE, Alfred L. Sr. Spouse of Irene E. Tamok. Born ??, died 1972 - Wed in 1939 in Coudersport PA - WW II Vet
SALLADE, Alfred L., Jr. Spouse of Marie J. Foster. Born 2-20-1942, died 5-17-2010. Age: 68 - Son of Alfred L. and Irene E. (Tomak) Sallade. Owned Sallade Flying Service at Cherry Springs. Wed 5-21-1966 in Gold PA, one son. - Vietnam Vet, US Army
SALLADE, Arthur Herbert. Spouse of Mildred Mosch. Born ??, died 6-12-1983 - Wed 6-20-1931 in Allegany NY
SALLADE, Elizabeth (Grant). Spouse of M. Addison. Born 1873, died 1947
SALLADE, George Howard. Spouse of Jennie Boyd. Born ??, died 12-7-1998 - Son of M. Addison and Elizabeth (Grant) Sallade. Wed 1-21-1936 in Sweden Valley PA
SALLADE, Irene E. (Tomak). Spouse of Alfred L., Sr. Born 3-9-1918, died 5-30-2006. Age: 88 - Dau of George and Mary Tomak. Born in Barberton Ohio. Wed in 1939 in Coudersport PA
SALLADE, Jennie Margaret (Boyd). Spouse of George H. Born 4-5-1916, died 11-8-2002. Age: 86 - Dau of Willard and Mabel (Butler) Boyd
SALLADE, Kathleen A. (Appleby) [Kathy]. Spouse of William F. Born 10-01-1953, died 7-15-2007. Age: 53y - Dau of Charles and Joan Elaine (Rickert) Appleby. Born in Coudersport PA, d. Coudersport PA (Charles Cole Mem. Hosp.), Wed 8-11-1973 in Coudersport PA, 3 children
SALLADE, Martin Addison. Spouse of Elizabeth Grant. Born 1868, died 1943 - Buried in a plot with Mayne A. (Sallade) Long
SALLADE, Mary Elizabeth. Born 1-16-1929, died 11-3-2006. Age: 77 - Dau of M. Stanley and E. Pauline (Franke) Sallade. Born in Coudersport PA
SALLADE, Mildred (Mosch). Spouse of Arthur Herbert. Born 11-21-1913, died 6-8-2001. Age: 87 - Dau of Emil C. and Myrtle (Landon) Mosch
SAULTER, Ronald W. Born 11-16-1959, died 5-12-2009. Age: 46 - Son of Carlton D. and Dorothy M. (Niver) Saulter, born in Coudersport.
SEIBERT, Mary E. Spouse of S. Major. Born 1889, died 1985
SEIBERT, S. Major. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1882, died 1968
SETZER, Melvin J. Spouse of Virginia G. Beach. Born 11-20-1921, died 9-9-2016. Age: 94 - Son of Harry Virgil and Alice Bertha (Wilburn) Setzer Sr. Born in Hebron Center PA, one of 13 siblings. Lived in Coudersport PA, died in Dayton MD. A self-employed building contractor. Wed 10-2-1940 in Warren OH, three daughters. (She predeceased) - WW II Vet, USMC. Rifleman Sharpshooter. Purple Heart at Iwo Jima.
SEWELL, Ella Ma. Born 3-24-1867, died 3-16-1943 - Buried in plot with Almond W. Rossman
SHAW, Fred. Spouse of Cora. Born 9-1880, died 1929 - Buried in plot with Lula Cook and 5 others. (1900 Coudersport Ward 2 Census)
SHAY, Delila Roberts. Spouse of Silas L. Born 4-1843, died 6-4-1920 - (1880, 1900 Sweden Census) Wed first Benjamin Roberts.
SHAY, Elizabeth (Roberts). Spouse of Richard. Born 8-12-1791, died 7-13-1871 - (1850 Ulysses Census)
SHAY, Hannah. Spouse of Richard H. Born 1837, died ?? - His wife buried on Fox Hill
SHAY, Richard. Spouse of Elizabeth Roberts. Born 12-22-1784, died 4-22-1861. Age: 76y 4m - (1850 Ulysses Census)
SHAY, Richard Higley. Spouse of Hannah. Born 1828, died 1898 - Son of Richard and Elizabeth Shay
SHAY, Silas L. Spouse of Abigail/ Delila Roberts. Born 2-1839, died 1902 - (1850, 1900 Sweden Census) In 1900 had been wed to Delila for 15 yrs. - Civil War Vet, Co B, 111th PA Vols, Pvt.
SINSABAUGH, Harry. Spouse of Maude Stewart. Born 4-1874, died 1953 - (1900, 1920 Sweden Census)
SINSABAUGH, Maude (Stewart)Harry. Spouse of Harry. Born 9-1881, died 1969 - (1900, 1920 Sweden Census)
SMITH, Burr G. Born 1887, died 1962
SMITH, David Stuart. Born 2-24-??, died 7-1-??
SMITH, Iva Kiehle. Born 1865, died 1934
SMITH, R.F. Born 1820, died 11-12-1882. Age: 62
SNOWMAN, Florence (Carlsen). Spouse of Milton Ashley. Born 7-6-1910, died 1-14-2012. Age: 101 - Dau of Hans and Matilda (Rasmussen) Carlsen, born in New Denmark, New Brunswick, Canada. Wed 7-14-1931 in New Denmark. Married 58 yrs, one son.
SNOWMAN, Galen A. Spouse of Helen Psychos. Born 12-13-1934, died 12-10-2011. Age: 76 - Son of Milton A. and Florence (Carlsen) Snowman. Born in Caribou ME, a potato farmer. Wed 7-12-1958 in Coudersport, 3 children. - Cold War Vet, US Army. 1955-1956
SNYDER, ??. Born 9-19-1886, died 1-31-1888 - Dau of J. H. and M. R. Snyder
SNYDER, Anna M. (Tauscher). Spouse of Arch W. Born 12-1869, died 1951 - Dau of Henry and Annie Tauscher. (1880, 1900, 1920 Sweden Census)
SNYDER, Arch W. Spouse of Anna Tauscher. Born 5-1868, died 1951 - Son of William and Mary (Neefe) Snyder. (1900, 1920 Sweden Census)
SNYDER, Carl. Born 9-4-1875, died 10-15-1896 - Son of William and Mary (Neefe) Snyder
SNYDER, Catherine (Housenig). Spouse of Jacob. Born 4-23-1790, died 4-10-1887 - (1850 Sweden Census)
SNYDER, Catherine (Shay). Spouse of Michael. Born 11-26-1817, died 2-17-1879. Age: 61y 2m 21d - Born in NY. (1850 Sweden Census)
SNYDER, Clark. Born 7-3-1894, died 6-5-1909 - Son of Stephen D. and Margaret (Dunn) Snyder. (1900 Sweden Census)
SNYDER, Daniel. Born 11-7-1811, died 5-13-1891
SNYDER, David R. Born 7-14-1832, died 5-30-1881. Age: 48y 10m 16d - Civil War Vet
SNYDER, Frances. Born 1836, died 1922
SNYDER, George W. Born 4-04-1836, died 9-17-1884. Age: 48y 5m 13d - Son of Michael and Catherine (Shay) Snyder. (1850 Sweden Census)
SNYDER, Jacob. Spouse of Catherine Housing. Born 1789, died 1-20-1877. Age: 88 - (1840, 1850 Sweden Census)
SNYDER, Lena A. (Benson). Born 1898, died 1918
SNYDER, Leon. Born 1904, died 1977 - Widower in the 1920 census
SNYDER, Margaret S. (Dunn). Spouse of Stephen. Born 12-1872, died 1918 - Dau of Michael and Sarah E. (Ellison) Dunn. Born at Seven Bridges PA. Wed 12-29-1888 in Allegany Twp, 4 children. (1900 Sweden Census)
SNYDER, Mary Ann (Shay). Born 12-26-1815, died 3-4-1883. Age: 67y 2m 9d
SNYDER, Mary Elizabeth (Neefe). Spouse of William S. Born 7-13-1841, died 5-16-1880. Age: 38y 10m 3d - Dau of Julius and Susannah (Noble) Neefe. Wed 12-23-1866
SNYDER, Michael. Spouse of Catherine Shay. Born 2-18-1814, died 3-13-1901. Age: 87y 23d - Son of Jacob and Catherine (Housknecht) Snyder, born in PA, a farmer. (1850 Sweden Census)
SNYDER, Otis. Born 8-15-1895, died 5-31-1951 - Son of Stephen D. and Margaret (Dunn) Snyder. (1900 Sweden Census)
SNYDER, Ray. Born 1-2-1891, died 1-14-1891 - Son of William and Ella M. Snyder. (1900 Sweden Census)
SNYDER, Sophia L. Spouse of M. S. Born ??, died 5-18-1878
SNYDER, Stephen Douglas. Spouse of Margaret Dunn. Born 4-29-1863, died 4-18-1937 - Wed 12-29-1888 in Allegany Twp, 4 children. 1900 Sweden Census: Birth date is 12-1869
SNYDER, Vera T. Born 1903, died 19??
SNYDER, William. Spouse of Mary Neefe / Ella M. Born 5-1840, died 11-17-1910 - Son of Michael and Catherine (Shay) Snyder. Wed Mary 12-23-1866. 1900 Sweden Census: wed 14 yrs to Ella.
SPONG, Raymond Lee. Spouse of Betty Ruter. Born 4-30-1925, died 4-30-2006. Age: 81 - Son of Clyde H. and Beatrice (Smith) Spong. Born in Hornell, retired from Ball In-Con. Wed 9-27-1947 in Coudersport, 2 children - WW II Vet, US Marine Corps
SPOON, Mary J. (Maxwell). Spouse of ?. Born 2-8-1910, died 8-16-2919. Age: 100 - Dau of Jacob F. and Jessie (Blake) Maxwell,. Born in Katy TX, a teacher. Mother of Thomas M Spoon.
STANGL, Lucille D. (Hassinger). Companion of Richard D. Snyder. Born 8-31-1935, died 4-27-2017. Age: 81 - Dau of Charles and Mary (Brown) Hassinger. Born and lived in Coudersport PA, died in Danville PA. Two children, surnamed Gleason, one daughter surnamed Stangl - Father William F.
STANGL, Sandra L. Born 7-31-1969, died 9-7-2004. Age: 35 - Dau of William F. and Lucille D. (Hassinger) Stangl, born in Lehighton PA
STEBBINS, Clarence H. Born 4-20-1890, died 5-30-1890 - Son of W.R. and E. E. Stebbins
STEBBINS, Eva M. Born 1905, died 19??
STEBBINS, George. Born 2-7-1885, died 6-7-1890. Age: 35y 4m
STEBBINS, Leon E. Born 2-1899, died 1962 - Son of William and Eunice Stebbens. (1900 Coudersport Ward 2 Census)
STEBBINS, Rose S. Born 4-2-1880, died 12-5-1888 - Daughter
STEELE, Anna. Born 1871, died 1921
STILLMAN, Elizabeth (Neefe). Spouse of George S. Born 1876, died 1955 - Dau of Charles F. and Mamie Neefe. (1880 Sweden Census)
STILLMAN, George S. Spouse of Elizabeth Neefe. Born 1868, died 1910
STOREY, Freeman. Born 1885, died 1940
STOREY, Iva A. Born 1892, died 1975
STORY, William. Born ??, died ?? - Civil War Vet. Co H, 102nd PA Vols, Cpl. Wounded at Petersburg, Va. on April 2, 1865 - promoted to Corporal on June 20, 1865 - mustered out with company on June 28, 1865.
STREICH, Barbara Lee. Spouse of Russell John. Born 12-15-1950, died 10-13-2013. Age: 62 - Dau of Charles and Jean Lousch Miller McWilliams, born in St marys. Wed 6-10-1972 in Emporium PA, 2 children
SWANSON, Vera T. Born 1914, died 19??
SWANSON, William W. Born 1906, died 1961
SWORDS, Albert R., Jr. Spouse of Dorothy L. Mines. Born 9-14-1929, died 10-25-2014. Age: 85 - Son of Albert R. Sr. and Mildred (Fake) Swords. Born in York Co, PA;d. Coudersport. Wed 12-11-1978 in MD, 4 children
TAILLON, Alice Gertrude (Chagnon). Spouse of John B. Born 1897, died 1984 - Born in Springfield MA, died in Coudersport PA. Four children, all born in Westerly RI.
TATE, Jean J. (Jones). Spouse of Vincent E. Born 9-30-1927, died 4-30-2016. Age: 88 - Dau of Harold and Joyce (Madison) Jones, born, lived, and died in Coudersport PA. A long-time employee of Pure Carbon, Coudersport PA. Wed 6-8-1946 in Coudersport, three children.
TATE, Vincent E. Spouse of Jean Jones. Born 1-10-1924, died 2-24-2010. Age: 86 - Son of Elmer V. and Pearl O. (Fourness) Tate. Born in Coudersport, worked at Damascus Tannery. Wed 6-8-1946 in Coudersport, three children.
TAUSCHER, Bernie W. Spouse of Nellie Ayers. Born 7-06-1876, died 9-03-1961 - Son of F. William and Loetta M. (Weimer) Tauscher.
TAUSCHER, Charles G. Born 2-1868, died 1921 - Son of Frederick and Christina Tauscher. (1880, 1900 Sweden Census)
TAUSCHER, Edward F. Spouse of Stella (Rossman) Barnes. Born 1875, died ?? - Son of Frederick and Christina Tauscher. Wed 3-19-1914. (1880, 1920 Sweden Census)
TAUSCHER, Edward T. Spouse of Myrtle Snyder. Born 12-1881, died 1948 - Son of Henry C. and Mary A. (Kelly) Tauscher. (1900 Sweden Census)
TAUSCHER, F. William. Spouse of Loetta M. Weimer. Born 3-14-1842, died 12-28-1914 - Son of Jacob and Alice (Ryan) Tauscher. (1860, 1900 Sweden Census)
TAUSCHER, Fred C. Spouse of Minnie R. Born 6-1862, died 1940 - Son of Frederick and Christina Tauscher. (1880 Sweden, 1900 Allegany Census)
TAUSCHER, Glenn. Spouse of Minnie Moe. Born 2-11-1885, died 12-13-1939 - Son of F. William and Loetta M. (Weimer) Tauscher
TAUSCHER, Harry. Spouse of Maud E. Born 12-1885, died 11-5-1958 - Son of Henry C. and Mary A. (Kelly) Tauscher. (1900 Sweden Census)
TAUSCHER, Henry C. Spouse of Mary Kelly. Born 10-1843, died 1921 - (1900 Sweden Census)
TAUSCHER, Julius Ertman. Spouse of Sallie Hackett. Born 5-1860, died 1932 - Son of Frederick and Christina (Lehman) Tauscher. (1880 Sweden Census, 1900 Clara Census)
TAUSCHER, Lillian. Born 10-13-1872, died 12-01-1994 - Dau of F. William and Loetta M. (Weimer) Tauscher.
TAUSCHER, Loetta Malvina (Weimer). Born 11-02-1849, died 3-13-1937 - Dau of Michael and Rebecca (Barr) Weimer. Born in Roulette PA
TAUSCHER, Mary Anna (Kelly) Lyon. Spouse of Farnham E. Lyon/ Henry C. Born 1860, died 7-24-1912 - 1900 Sweden Census: Birth date is 5-1848
TAUSCHER, Maud. Spouse of William R. Born 7-1882, died ?? - (1900 Clara Census)
TAUSCHER, Maud E. (Butler). Spouse of Harry. Born 8-12-1882, died 7-30-1934 - Dau of Sidney and Sarah J. (Angood) Butler. (1900 Coudersport Ward 2 Census)
TAUSCHER, Minnie R. (Moe). Spouse of Fred C. Born 4-1867, died 1958 - (1880 Sweden, 1900 Allegany Census)
TAUSCHER, Myrtle (Snyder). Spouse of Edward T. Born 1-1893, died 1956 - Dau of Steven D. and Margaret (Dunn) Snyder. (1900, 1920 Sweden Census)
TAUSCHER, Nellie V. (Ayers). Spouse of Bernie W. Born 12-07-1886, died 8-1-1963
TAUSCHER, Ralph. Born 8-28-1891, died 2-10-1945 - Adopted Son of Julius and Sally D. (Hackett) Tauscher - WW II Vet, Pvt
TAUSCHER, Sallie (Hackett). Spouse of Julius Ertman. Born 1-26-1864, died 8-19-1916. Age: 52 - Dau of Daniel and Lydia (Foster) Hacket. (1900 Clara Census)
TAUSCHER, William R. Spouse of Maud. Born 12-1882, died ?? - Son of John and Ida R. Tauscher. (1900 Clara Census)
TEUSCHER, Christina (Lehman). Spouse of Frederick A. Born 1832, died 1924
TEUSCHER, Dora H. Born 5-14-1872, died 11-27-1887 - Dau of Frederick Teuscher Jr.
TEUSCHER, Dorothea. Spouse of Frederick A. Born 4-15-1791, died 6-2-1872. Age: 81y 1m 17d
TEUSCHER, Frederick A. Spouse of Christina Lehman. Born 1821, died 7-7-1907 - Born in Saxony. Wed in 1857. Survived by wife and 5 children.
TEUSCHER, Frederick A. Spouse of Dorothea. Born 5-4-1790, died 4-4-1870. Age: 79y 11m
TINDER, Alvoid H. [Skoots]. Spouse of Elizabeth Treat. Born 4-8-1957, died 8-28-2011. Age: 84 - Son of Stephen and Anna Grace (Wetmore) Tinder, born in Galeton. Wed 9-7-1957 in Galeton, 7 children
TINDER, Elizabeth (Treat) [Betty]. Spouse of Alvoid. Born 11-5-1930, died 4-28-2013. Age: 82 - Dau of Ross Isaac and Mary Elizabeth (Wayman) Treat. Born in Wheelersville PA, worked 20 yrs for T C Specialties. Wed 9-7-1957 in Galeton, 7 children.
TOLES, Arilla D. Born 1852, died 1934 - Buried in plot with Fred Shaw and 5 others
TOLES, Elna W. (Walls) [Lillian]. Spouse of W. Robert. Born 5-14-1928, died 5-22-2002. Age: 74 - Dau of Frank and Perie (Myers) Walls. Born in Fairchance PA, d. Coudersport PA. Wed 8-29-1953 in Coudersport PA, 1 daughter. Co-owner/operator Guenther Lumber and Building Supplies in Coudersport PA
TOLES, George B. Born 1850, died 1931 - Buried in plot with Fred Shaw and 5 others
TOLES, W. Robert. Spouse of Elna Walls. Born 3-23-1926, died 5-9-2008. Age: 82 - Son of Fred and Clara Toles. Wed 8-29-1953 in Coudersport PA, 1 daughter. - WW II Vet, US Army
TOLLAND, Mary. Born 3-22-1825, died 7-9-1904. Age: 79y 3m 18d
TOLLAND, W. J. Born 11-4-1814, died 5-12-1883. Age: 53y 8m 25d - Buried in a plot with Martha E. Glasby
TOOMBS, Asa. Born 5-20-1841, died 7-29-1868. Age: 27y 2m 9d - Son of George and Hannah E. (Goodwin) Toombs. Buried in a plot with Silvanus Jones - Civil War Vet
TOOMBS, Clarinda (Jones). Spouse of George W. Born 1-29-1825, died 1-31-1903 - Buried in a plot with Cyrenius Jones. (1880 Sweden Census)
TOOMBS, Edwin J. Born 1896, died 1918 - WW I Vet, Pvt
TOOMBS, Elsie. Born 1902, died 1931 - Child of Sidney and Nettle Toombs
TOOMBS, George W. Spouse of Clarinda Jones. Born 11-22-1816, died 8-6-1899 - (1880 Sweden Census)
TOOMBS, Ivan. Born 1891, died 1938 - Child of Sidney and Nettle Toombs
TOOMBS, Judson W. Spouse of Susan A. Wilson. Born 6-1850, died 1936 - Son of George W. and Clarinda (Jones) Toombs. (1880, 1900 Sweden Census)
TOOMBS, Lyman R. Spouse of Sarah A. VanHorn. Born 3-12-1843, died 5-18-1928 - Son of George and Hannah E. (Goodwin) Toombs. - Civil War Vet, Co G and B, 126th NY Inf, Cpl. Captured and paroled at Harper's Ferry VA. Wounded at the Wilderness VA. Mustered out with Co B.
TOOMBS, Mary N. Born 7-12-1894, died 11-5-1894
TOOMBS, Sarah A. (VanHorn). Spouse of Lyman R. Born 7-4-1844, died 6-1-1926
TOOMBS, Susan A. (Wilson). Spouse of Judson W. Born 3-1869, died 1948 - (1900 Sweden Census)
TRAXLER, Mary Elizabeth (Franke). Spouse of William C. Born 2-23-1908, died 8-11-1985 - Dau of Frederick and Nellie E. (Woodward) Franke
TRAXLER, William Carroll. Spouse of Mary E. Franke. Born 4-29-1908, died 8-27-1994
TREAT, Ross Isaac. Spouse of Mary E. Wayman. Born 1911, died 1962 - Son of Isaac and Lizzie (Squires) Treat.
TROTT, Edward B. Spouse of Geraldine Mulauski. Born ??, died 2-19-2002 - Wed 8-?-1948
TROTT, Geraldine E. (Mulauski). Spouse of Edward B. Born 1-14-1930, died 10-2-2008 - Dau of Edward J. and Charlotte H. (Schroeder) Mulauski. Wed 8-?-1948, 2 children
TROUPE, Clara (Boyle). Spouse of Theodore R. Jr. Born ??, died 3-25-1996 - Wed 10-2-1954 in West Chester
TROUPE, Theodore R. Jr. Spouse of Clara Boyle. Born 3-22-1931, died 2-13-2001. Age: 69 - Son of Theodore R. Sr. and Ella (Eastburn) Troupe - Korean War Vet, US Army
TURCK, Edward F. Spouse of Martha. Born 9-18-1851, died 8-30-1907 - Born in Geneva NY, Survived by wife and 6 children.
TURCK, Eva L. Spouse of Frank A. Born 180?, died 19??
TURCK, Frank A. Spouse of Eva L. Born 1883, died 1925 - Son of Edward F and Martha Turck. Buried in plot with Bess A. Nichols
TURCK, Martha. Spouse of Edward F. Born 1-2-1861, died 5-3-1931
TURCK, Raymond. Born 9-16-1889, died 9-??-1964 - Son of Edward F and Martha Turck. (1920 Sweden Census)
TURCK, Robert P. Born 5-15-1886, died 3-18-1957 - Son of Edward F and Martha Turck.
TUTTLE, George N. Spouse of Mary. Born 5-21-1843, died 10-28-1919 - Son of John N. and ? Tuttle, born in Berkshire Co, MA. - Civil War Vet, 1st PA Light Artillery
TUTTLE, Mary. Spouse of George N. Born 9-21-1847, died 9-1-1911
VANHORN, James. Born 1804, died 3-17-1874. Age: 70 - Buried in plot with Martha (VanHorn) Fish - Civil War Vet
VOSICK, Janet M. (Reed). Spouse of Michael J. Born 2-9-1947, died 9-10-2012. Age: 65 - Dau of Darwin and Bonnie (Corey) Reed. Born in Coudersport, a bookkeeper. Wed 8-31-1968 in Coudersport, 2 daughters
WEIMER, Marion L. (Sallade). Spouse of Roe Elno. Born 11-23-1909, died 5-29-1942
WEISS, Genevieve M. (Mulaski). Spouse of Leopold C. Born 2-18-1914, died 11-13-2019. Age: 105 - Dau of Michael and Stella (Sostak) Mulauski. Born, lived, and died in Coudersport PA. Wed 4-9-1932 in Couderpsort, three children.
WENZEL, Kurt Allen. Born ??, died ??
WERSTLER, Geraldine M. [Geri] (White). Spouse of Lawrence. Born 1-23-1936, died 12-26-2006. Age: 70 - Dau of Harry and Myra (?) White. Born in Corning NY, worked 25 yrs for Adelphis Cable. Wed 1972 in Austin PA, 3 children. d. Coudersport PA (Charles Cole Mem. Hosp.).
WERSTLER, Lawrence [Larry]. Spouse of Geraldine White. Born 1897, died 1958 - Buried in plot with Samuel Taggart
WETZEL, Gretchen M. Spouse of Richard K. Sr. Born 11-20-1915, died 10-04-2006. Age: 90 - Dau of Paul T. and Marguerite (Mullen) Bearer. Born in Johnstown PA, d. Buckingham PA. Wed 10-05-1940 in Johnstown PA, 3 children
WETZEL, Richard K., Sr. Spouse of Gretchen M. Bearer. Born ??, died 7-10-1985 - Wed 10-05-1940 in Johnstown PA, 3 children
WHITE, Eugene. Born 2-10-1878, died ??. Age: 13y 10m - Son of Harmon and Caroline White
WHITEMAN, Frances J. Born 5-3-1857, died 9-11-1900
WILCOX, Julia A. Born 10-12-1855, died 10-1-1862. Age: 6y 11m 20d - Dau of George and Catherine Wilcox
WILHELM, Albert. Born ??, died ?? - Civil War Vet
WRIGHT, Margaret L. Spouse of Rollin. Born 12-20-1914, died 10-10-2001. Age: 86
WRIGHT, Rollin. Spouse of Margaret L. Born ??, died 1967
YENTZER, Alverda (Pomeroy). Spouse of Jacob E. Born 5-1860, died 1937 - Wed 4-14-1886. (1900, 1920 Sweden Census) Name is Alberta in the 1920 census.
YENTZER, Bernice L. Born 1902, died 1915 - Dau of Jacob and Alverda (Pomeroy) Yentzer [Daughter ]
YENTZER, C. William. Born 12-7-1870, died 12-30-1952
YENTZER, Edwin Theodore. Spouse of ??. Born 1867, died 5-28-1919 - Survived by wife and 3 children.
YENTZER, George. Spouse of Margaret Tauscher. Born 1825, died 1894 - (1880 Sweden Census)
YENTZER, George B. Spouse of Lina. Born 4-2-1868, died 4-8-1937 - (1900 Sweden Census)
YENTZER, Golda. Born ?, died ? - Dau of Jacob and Alverda (Pomeroy) Yentzer
YENTZER, Hazel (Buchanan). Spouse of Richard. Born 1-31-1925, died 7-14-2012. Age: 87 - Dau of Reva and Florence (Eaton) Buchanan, born in Coudersport. Wed 7-15-1944 at Genesee PA, 6 children.
YENTZER, Hazel Mae (Tombs). Spouse of Roscoe R. Born 1901, died 1973
YENTZER, Jacob E. Spouse of Alverda Pomeroy. Born 6-1862, died 1932 - Wed 4-14-1886. (1880, 1900, 1920 Sweden Census)
YENTZER, Lois. Born ??, died ??
YENTZER, Margaret (Tauscher). Spouse of George. Born 1845, died 1873 - Dau of F. William and Loetta (Weimer) Tauscher.
YENTZER, Ronald. Born ??, died ??
YENTZER, Roscoe Riley. Spouse of Hazel M. Toombs. Born 1-1892, died 1947 - Son of Jacob E. and Alverda (Pomeroy) Yentzer. (1900, 1920 Sweden Census)

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