Shinglehouse High School, Class of 1932

Submitted by PHGS member Mike Henderson 

Oswayo Valley Mail, June 8, 1932

Commencement Exercise of Local
High School Will Be Held Tonight

The Twenty-fifth Annual Commencement of Shinglehouse High School will be held in the Methodist Church tonight. A class of 27 young people will receive diplomas following the presentation of a program.

Without a doubt the auditorium will be filled to capacity long before 8:00 o'clock. Large sections of the church are being reserved for parents and close relatives of the class. The remainder is open to the public.

The following program will be given -- Processional; Invocation, by Rev. T. S. Alty; Salutatory, Margaret Blauvelt; Class Statistician, Leon Lunn; "Five Years from Tonight," Alice Drake, Virginia Russell; Class Poem, Wayne Henderson; "Thoreau, the Poet-Naturalist," Arden Bridge; Song, Wayde Munger; President's Address, Lyman Barney; Junior Advice, Gertrude Franz, Mary Taylor; Class Will, Lois Young, Gertrude Dibble; Mantle Oration, Foster Babcock; Junior Response, Russell Eichelberger; Class Gifts, Beatrice Chain, LeAnna Sherwood; Valedictory, Ronald Hawks; Presentation of Diplomas; Benediction, Rev. R. M. Safford.

The members of the class are -- Foster Babcock, Lyman Barney, Margaret Blauvelt, Arden Bridge,
Beatrice Chain, George Creots, Donald DeRemer, Gertrude Dibble, Alice Drake, Margaret Drake,
Gertrude Franz, Milo Freeborn, Theron Genaux, Patrick Griffin, Wayne Henderson, Ronald Hawks, Leona Martin, Gordon Mix, Wayde Munger, Wendell Rhoades, Virginia Russell, Rose Shall, LeAnna Sherwood, Mary Taylor, Tyrus Wilcox and Lois Young.


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