Shinglehouse High School, Class of 1930

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Oswayo Valley Mail, June 1930

Class of 1930 Graduated Last Night
           with Impressive Exercises at Church

Thirty-One in Graduation Class This Year. 
Commencement Was Fine. Alumni To Hold
Banquet and Dance This Evening.

Thirty-one bright young men and women have stepped out into the cold cruel world today having been graduated from the Shinglehouse High School at appropriate services held in the Methodist church last night. 

During  the 23 years of the life of the local high school the class of 1930 is the second largest in number on record to be graduated in June. The class of 1929 holds the record number with a class of 32 members. The senior class graduating in 1926 with 27 members held the record for three years, but now takes third place.

Following the processional by the high school orchestra and invocation by Rev. R. M. Safford, Helen Toner delivered the address of welcome. Rachel Donovan, Helen Goodspeed, Gertrude Ahl and LaVere Nelson next presented the class history in a charming manner. This was followed by a short address by Jay Cummings, class president.

Harold Alty delved in the statistics of his class in a novel manner. The class medley by Margaret Bunker, an oration :Success: by Grace Corwine, and the advice to Juniors by Howard Nichols and Weldon McDonald were equally enjoyed by those present.

Kenneth Signor, class pessimist and Belle Bennett, who delivered the mantel oration and High Lumn, who responded briefly in behalf of the Junior class handled their parts to perfection.

Hortense Trask, Elladene Winship, Alyene Torrey and Doris Crooks prophesized the coming events
concerning their class mates. Neil Haynes, class optimist, was a bright spot in the program. Alice
Russell and Gertrude Foote presented each member of their class with tokens of remembrances. This
was followed by the Class Song by members of the Senior class.

"Last Pill and Pepsodent" by Babbitt Harris was a very clever method of disposing of class property
and privileges. Hennrietta McDowell recited the class poem followed by the validictory by Ethel
Torrey. The program concluded with the presentation of diplomas by Prof. W. H. Briggs, benediction
by Rev. R. M. Safford and a march by the orchestra.

Senior Chapel

The departing Senior Class delightfully entertained the members of the local high school, faculty,
eighth grade and visitors during the chapel period Friday morning.

The following program was thoroughly enjoyed:

Song  Assemblage
Scripture Reading
Song Assemblage
Orchestra -- Favorite Song of Freshman Year
Facts of High School Terms Helen Toner
Facts of Sophomore Year Weldon McDonald
Orchestra -- Favorite Piece of Sophomore Year
Happenings in Junior Year Harold Alty
Senior Class Song Seniors
Recitation -- "House by the Side of the Road" Helen Goodspeed
Quartet -- "I Dreamed We Were the Faculty" Howard Nichols, Alonzo Patterson, Harold Alty, Jay Cummings
Play -- "Sing a Song of Seniors" Senior Girls
Duet -- "When You Come to the End of the Day" Helen Toner, Margaret Bunker
Toasts to Freshmen and Sophomores Harold Alty, Kenneth Signor
Farewell to Faculty Hennrietta McDowell

The program concluded with the presentation of flowers to the faculty. Jay Cummings, Class President was given a ring in remembrance by his class mates and for his loyalty to his Class, also the Glee Club sang a Farewell song to the Seniors.

Baccalaureate Service

Sunday evening the graduating Seniors attended the annual baccalaureate service in the First Baptist church, going to the church in a body.

The speaker of the evening was Reverend J. S. Jewell, D. D., of Pittsburgh. He spoke briefly but with words of excellent advice to the members of the assembled student body.

Alumni Hosts Tonight

Tonight the Class of 1930 will be the guest of honor at the eighth annual Alumni association banquet to be held at the Masonic Hall on Oswayo street. Extensive plans have been carried out and the class will be royally entertained. A short program will be carried out with singing and musical numbers by the orchestra which will later furnish inspiration for the dancers at the I.O.O.F. Hall.

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