Shinglehouse High School, Class of 1926

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Oswayo Valley Mail, Wednesday June 9, 1926
Largest Class
    Ever Graduated.

Exercise Held Monday and Tuesday
Evenings. Class Numbered 27,
Programs Both Fine.

The Shinglehouse high scool again finished the school year by sending out a large class, in fact the largest in the history of the school, there being twenty-seven in the class of '26. The baccalauerate sermon at the Methodist church was delivered Sunday eveningby Rev. C. C. Shedd, pastor of the First M. E. church of Olean, to a large and appreciative audience.

Class Night

Monday evening was Class Night and the M. E. church auditorium and Sunday school room as well as the vestibule were filled to capacity and they were not all occupying seats as quite a large number has to stand during the sevices, and quite a few who could not get inside returned to their homes.

Promptly at 8:00 o'clock as a march was being played the class entered in single file and marched to their honored place on the rostrum where they were seated. The auditorium was very tastefully decorated the colors harmonizing in a way that was "restful to the eye" as the late Billy Bissenden would say. The program was excellant and was rendered by the members of the class in a  very creditable and pleasing manner., and it was most heartily received by the large audience. That each and every one of the class did their very best goes without saying -- they sure must have done some work in memorizing and rehearsing their several parts. But we do not envy Miss Frankie Davis her part in putting this bunch of young people through their paces for this class night program.

The program was rendered as follows:

President's Address B. Langworthy
Class History Lena Gadsby and  Josephine Haire
Class Poem Reavoe Wandover
Normal Orchestra
Class Pessimist Paul Kemp
Class Optimist Grant Hess
Class Oration Karl DeGroff
Indian Boy Orchestra
Class Bouquet Eglah Black
Class Prophecy Jake Lemmer and Clifford Stevens
Advice to Juniors Collins Herrick
Project Orchestra
Mantle Oration Dorothy Manley
Junior Response Herbert McGregor
Class Presentations Nellie Sizer and Richard VanBuren
Class Will Howard Crandall, Anna VanSchoick, Howard Gustin,
 and Gertrude Mills
Activity Orchestra

The high school orchestra under the leadership of Miss Mary Willet has done splendid and they furnished some very good music both nights.

The Class Motto was : "He Conquers Who Endures." Class Colors, Blue and Solver, Class Flower, White Rose.

Commencement Night

Tuesday evening was Commencement Night, and the auditorium of the M. E. church was filled with the relatives and friends of the graduating class from this boro and the surrounding townships of Sharon, Ceres and Oswayo, to listen to the splendid program rendered. The program consisted of the following numbers: The Little Gray Church by the high school orchestra. Invocation by Rev. F. G. Andrus. Salutatory by Miss Kathryn Dibble. Summit by high school orchestra. Commencement Address by Prof. Isaac Houghton of the Mansfield State Normal. Normal by the orchestra. Valedictory by Earl Fuller. Presentation of the Diplomas by Prof. W. H. Briggs, who also gave a short but very helpful talk to the members of the class. Benediction by Rev. F. G. Andrus. Military Escort by the orchestra.

The address delivered by Prof. Houghton was exceedingly good and was listened to very attentively by the audience. In his talk he brought out some very good points to the class, the citizens and the school.

The members of the Class of '26 are Byron Langworthy, Eglah Black, Karl DeGroff, Earl Fuller, Kathryn Dibble, Lena Gadsby, Josephine Haire, Grant Hess, Reavoe Wandover, Clifford Stephens, Dorothy Manley, Mildred Reynolds, Bernice Swarthout, Anna VanSchoick, Paul Kemp, Collins Herrick and Gertrude Mills of Shinglehouse. Jake Lemmer, Ella Austin and Genevieve Simons of Ceres township. Howard and Merl Gustin, Lina Kemp and Sidney Genaux of Sharon township. Nellie Sizer and Howard Crandall of Bolivar. Richard VanBuren of Oswayo  township.

The little town of Shinglehouse among the hills of Old Potter county has one of the best high schools in this section of the state. The faculty is extra good and they as well as the pupils have worked hard to make it possible for the graduating of a banner class  this year, the biggest in its history.This is something to be proud of and we think that every parent in Shinglehouse is proud of it too. If they are not, they should be. The Mail joins with the citizens of Shinglehouse and vicinity in wishing every member of the class of '26 success in whatever they may decide to do in the future.

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