Shinglehouse High School, Class of 1920

Submitted by PHGS member Mike Henderson 

Oswayo Valley Mail, June 9, 1920
The Commencement

High School Commencement Held at
the M. E. Church on Thursday
Evening, Program Well
Rendered and Large
Number in

On Thursday evening, June 3, at 8 o'clock, the thirteenth annual commencement of the Shinglehouse high school was held at the M. E. church. There were thirteen members in the class and each rendered their part in a pleasing manner. The church was decorated in the senior class colors -- purple and gold.

The following program was rendered:

Invocation Rev. T. C. Harris
Salutatory Lytie Livermore
President's Address Dorothea Wagner
Class History Jakie Franz
Reading Christine Holly
Music Selected
Mantle Oration Monroe Burdic
Junior Response Helen Danforth
Class Pessimist Lenna Johnston
Class Optimist Genevieve Stearns
Essay Lowell Dodd
Music Selected
Class Poem Frances Kemp
Class Prophecy Eleanor McCoy
Class Will Alice Kemp
Class Presentation Joyce Nichols
Valedictory Charles Geneaux
Presentation of Diplomas

Honor Roll

The pupils which attained the average of 90 per cent or over for a term average are listed on the honor roll of the school. In the high school Lela Kemp and Kathryn Keller attained the highest average which was 95 per cent. They are members of the freshman class.

The following pupils are honor students:

First grade -- Frances Zwirnbaum, Helen Whitford, Aldet Stephensm Edna Myrick, Catherine Donnelly, Mamie Chester, Howard Stisser, Charles Signor, Gerald Knight, Ernest Borth, Richard Becker, Henry Ahl.

Second grade -- Helen Taner, Gertrude Foote, Margaret Siebert, Elladene Winship, Henrietta McDowell, Florin Haberer, Marjorie Clark.

Third grade -- Llyod Knight, Rith Hanks.

Fourth grade -- Myrtle Clark, William Green, Bernard Henderson, Margaret Foote, Percy Hanks, Orlu McDowell, Esther Rosenswie, Lucille Norton.

Fifth grade -- Russell Harris, Harry Kelly, Daryl Blauvelt, Hollis DeGroff, Marjorie Norton, Alice Pearsall.

Sixth grade -- Maynard Bly, Earl Fuller, Byron Langworthy, Reavoe Wandover, Kathryn Dibble, Ethel Norton, Marion Simpson.

Seventh grade -- Pansy Clark, Margaret Fuller, Lois Ladigo, Gertrude Press, Lola Rupert, Virginia Rosenswie, Catherine Wilcox.

Eighth grade -- Ira Press, Leslie Corwin, Alyene Fenner, Rupert Appleby, DeEtte Warner, Newton Matteson, Mildred Hanks, Pearl Finch, Mildred Dodd, Kenneth Rupert, Emiel Palmer, Arthur Dunn,  LaVerne Wagner, Sarah Morehouse, Douglas Danforth, Margaret Nichols, Azelta McDowell.

High School.

Seniors -- Lenna Johnston, Eleanor McCoy, Lytie Livermore, Alice Kemp, Charles Geneaux.

Juniors -- Helen Danforth, Muriel Lewis, Margaret Chapman.

Sophomores -- Gladys Terette, Genevieve Signor, Gladys Roberts, Ethel Maynard, Florence Hilton.

Freshmen -- Letha Kemp, Mary Kenyon, Kathryn Kellar, Lila Kemp, Doris Langworthy, Denton Wable, Clifford Winship.

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