Potter Brook, PA
GPS Coordinates: 4154'42.61"N, 77736'23.75"W

Cemetery is just over the line in Tioga county. In Potter Brook, turn south on Potter Brook Road.
As soon as you cross the river, turn right onto the dirt cemetery road.
This cemetery was called Hill Cemetery till 1916

Photo by: Misty Allen
Walked and compiled by: Donna Allen
Updated with contributions from our users.
Where noted, some entries have been expanded with cross-references to Harrison census data. To view the census data, open the census cited and search for a name.
* = Dates calculated from existing dates and ages.

ABBEY, Learoyd A. Spouse of Donna Putnam. Born 1-11-1930, died 7-23-2012. Age: 82 - Son of Lloyd and Iona (McCullough) Abbey, born in Mills. Eleven children
ABBOTT, Arch. Spouse of Liddie Mann. Born 9-5-1887, died 1963 - Son of ? And Caroline A. (Wright) Abbott. Born at Genesee Forks PA
ABBOTT, Barbara A. Spouse of Lionel Jr. Born 1937, died Uncut
ABBOTT, Beate (Hess). Spouse of Lionel Sr. Born 1-08-1915, died 5-12-2003. Age: 88 - Dau of Walter and Eva (Cole) Hess, LPN. Born in Hector Twp-PA d. Wellsboro-PA. Wed 9-14-1935 in Hector Twp-PA
ABBOTT, Cory L. Born 10-11-1976, died 3-27-1993 - Grandson of Leonard D. and Edlah June Abbott
ABBOTT, Edlah June (Croft). Spouse of Leonard D. Born 10-30-1920, died 11-27-2005. Age: 85 - Wed 3-14-1954 at Harrison Valley, three children.
ABBOTT, Etta L. (Houghtaling). Born 1893, died 1933
ABBOTT, Glenn. Born 9-20-1917*, died 10-31-1922. Age: 5y 1m 11d - Son of Arch and Liddie (Mann) Abbott
ABBOTT, Helen M. (Witter). Spouse of Lewis B. Jr. Born 1926, died Aft 2005
ABBOTT, Jr. Born Uncut, died 1926
ABBOTT, Leonard D. [Tod]. Spouse of Ediah June Croft. Born 1921, died 1995 - Wed 3-14-1954 at Harrison Valley, three children. - WW II Vet, US Army
ABBOTT, Lewis B. Jr. Spouse of Helen Witter. Born 6-9-1929, died 1-10-2005. Age: 75 - Son of Lewis B. and Etta (Houghtaling) Abbott, born in Hector Twp.
ABBOTT, Lewis B., Sr. Spouse of Etta Houghtaling. Born 1891, died 1977
ABBOTT, Liddie R. (Mann). Spouse of Arch. Born 1891, died 1968 - Dau of Mr. and Mrs Jake Mann
ABBOTT, Lionel Sr. Spouse of Beate Hess. Born 1915, died 1986 - Son of Arch and Liddie (Mann) Abbott. Wed 9-14-1935 in Hector Township
ABBOTT, Lionel, Jr. Spouse of Barbara Ann. Born 1936*, died 11-6-1971. Age: 35 - Son of Lionel, Sr, and ? Abbott.
ABBOTT, Margot E. Born 1952, died Uncut - [Daughter]
ABBOTT, Matilda A. Born 1887, died uncut
ABBOTT, Terry G. Born 1958, died 1975 - Son of Leonard D. and Edlah June (Croft) Abbott
ADAMS, Bruce L. Born 3-2-1937, died 6-8-2000
ADAMS, Dorothy J. (Abbott). Spouse of Lawrence J. Born 1911, died 1991 - Dau of Arch and Liddie (Mann) Abbott
ADAMS, Durwood M. [Woody]. Spouse of Marie Cote. Born 7-25-1938, died 7-19-2023. Age: 84 - Son of Lawrence and Dorothy (Abbott) Adams. Born in Harrison Valley PA, lived in Mills PA, died in Coudersport PA. Wed 10-30-1971 in Manchester NH, six children. (Spouse d. 10-2-2011) - Vietnam Vet, USMC, Gunnery Sgt. 1956-1976. Three tours in Vietnam.
ADAMS, Lawrence J. Spouse of Dorothy Abbott. Born 2-28-1910, died 4-3-2002. Age: 92 - Son of John Francis and Luella (Schofield) Adams
ADAMS, Lorinda J. Born 8-1-1941, died Uncut
ADAMS, Marie A. (Cote). Spouse of Durwood. Born 7-24-1924, died 10-1-2011. Age: 87 - Dau of Alphonse and Eva Cote, born in Manchester NH. Wed 10-30-1971 in Manchester, 4 children
ALLEN, Albert M. Sr. Spouse of Virginia (Bademon) Gardner. Born 12-25-1916, died 8-2-1995 - Son of [Bert] and Annabell (Reese) Allen - WW II Vet, US Army. Cpl
ALLEN, Charles Duane. Spouse of Donna Baker. Born 3-5-1951, died 9-8-1976 - [Whither thou goest I will go] Son of Albert M. and Virginia (Badmone) Allen. Wed 9-5-1970
ALLEN, Donna (Baker). Spouse of Charles D. Born 6-7-1952, died uncut - [Whither thoe goest I will go] Dau of Eldon E and Loretta (Cary) Baker. Wed 9-5-1970
AMBURN, Iva Mae (Jones). Born 10-3-1939, died 11-2-1989 - Dau of George W. and Emily (Nelson) Jones.
AMBURN, Russell. Born 3-7-1933, died Uncut
ANDREWS, Doris Marie. Born 7-6-1941, died 9-9-1941
ANDREWS, Lyle G. Spouse of Pearl E. Born 1907, died 1976
ANDREWS, Pearl E. Spouse of Lyle G. Born 1902, died 1979
BADMONE, Dorothy Marie. Spouse of George A. Born 1932, died 2001
BADMONE, Fred. Born ??, died 6-22-1960 - Son of George and Dorothy Badmone [Burial record]
BADMONE, George A. Spouse of Dorothy M. Born 1916, died 1984 - WW II Vet
BAILEY, Harry E. Born 1882, died 1943
BAILEY, Minnie M. (Wegman). Born 1887, died 1960
BAKER, Arva I. Spouse of Charles W. Born 1913, died 1985
BAKER, Charles W. Spouse of Arva I. Born 1906, died 1980
BAKER, Eldon Edie. Spouse of Loretta J. Cary. Born 03-05-1916, died 10-08-1999 - Son of Edward D and Maude (Kio) Baker - WW II Vet
BAKER, Loretta (Cary). Spouse of Eldon E. Born 03-16-1925, died 11-08-1979 - Dau of Claude and Ida (Bates) Cary
BAKER, Robert. Born 7-17-1991, died 12-19-1991
BAKER, Waylon Robert. Born 07-17-1991, died 12-19-1991. Age: 5m 2d - Son of William - R and Sherry (Chesnut) Baker
BANKS, Hiram Adelbert. Spouse of Mary L Davis. Born 3-13-1860, died 5-8-1923 - Son of William H and Eliza (Benjamin) Banks. Born in Jasper NY, died in Hector PA. Wed abt 1882, five children (1900 Westfield census)
BANKS, Mary Lottie (Davis). Spouse of Hiram A. Born 1866, died 5-12-1949 - Dau of Benjamin F. and Mary J. (Campbell) Davis, Born in Jasper NY, died in Westfield PA. Wed abt 1882, five children (1900 Westfield census)
BARR, Chrischannas (Fox). Spouse of Frank E. Born 1892, died 1980 - Dau of George M. and Marsha (Stevens) Fox.
BARR, Frank E. Spouse of Chrischannas Fox. Born 1878, died 1965 - Son of Nathan L. Barr and prob. Barbara Ellen Barr
BARR, George E. Spouse of Mary E. Lovell. Born 2-4-1918, died 4-27-2002 - Son of Frank E. and Chrischannas (Fox) Barr. Born in Westfield PA, died in Coudersport PA
BARR, Mary (Lovell). Spouse of George E. Born 9-9-1921, died 12-6-2002. Age: 81 - Dau of John Edwin and Viola Etta (Thompson) Lovell. Born in Sabinsville PA, died in Coudersport PA.
BARTOO, Eli William. Spouse of Mary E. Stebbins. Born 1849, died 1-5-1918 - Was a Preacher. Listed in 1850 Jasper, (Steuben Co.) Census. - Civil War Vet, Co A 85 NY INF. Enlisted in Jasper, NY on 9-25-1864. Received a $500.00 enlistment bounty.
BARTOO, Mary Ellen (Stebbins [Ellie]. Spouse of Eli W. Born 1-25-1851, died 1937 - Born in Harrison, PA. (1910 Westfield (Tioga Co) census)
BEEMAN, Margaret Virginia. Born ??, died 1917 - [burial record]
BELCHER, Ina M. Born 1859, died 1947
BESS, Brittany. Born ??, died 1985 - [burial record]
BLISS, Baby Boy. Born ??, died 1962 - [burial record]
BLISS, Bernard G. Born 10-18-1932, died 5-14-1976 - Korean War Vet, US Army, CPL
BLISS, Howard B. Born 11-19-1934, died 12-10-1963
BLISS, Roy. Born ??, died 1969 - [burial record]
BORDEN, Bessie B. Born 1881, died 1973
BREMIGEN, Andrew J. Spouse of Eulalia A. Born 1848, died 1928 - Civil War Vet, Co D 161 Reg NY Vol
BREMIGEN, Eulalia A. Spouse of Andrew J. Born 1856, died 1924
BREMIGEN, Lloyd. Born 1890, died 1937 - WW I Vet, US Army Medical Dept. Pvt
BRENENSTUHL, Nellie S. Born 1890, died 1972
BROOKE, Anna B. (Blake). Spouse of M. Pat Jr. Born 8-30-1921, died 4-10-2020. Age: 98 - Dau of Gerald Empson (Mother prob Ethel (Howe) Empson. Born in Ulysses PA, adopted by Harry and Mabel Blake in Newfield PA, prob died in Wellsboro PA. No children. Wed Pat 12-29-1967 in Mansfield.
BROOKE, M. Pat Jr. Spouse of Anna B. (Blake). Born 9-1-1919, died 11-17-1992. Age: 73 - Son of Pat and Cleo (Swafford) Brooke. Born in Crockett TX, lived in Ulysses PA, died in Wellsville NY. A pilot. No children. Wed Anna 12-29-1967 in Mansfield. - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force
BROWN, Helen O. Born 1864, died 1944
BROWN, James J. Born 1859, died 1941
BROWN, Mark H. Born 1898, died 1921
BROWN, William Burr. Born 6-1873, died 1-1-1958
BULLOCK, George W. Spouse of Nellie M.Farnham. Born 1878, died 1927
BULLOCK, Nellie M. (Farnham). Spouse of George W. Born 1878, died 1960 - Birth year may be 1873
BURCHELL, Bonnie (Rieper). Born 2-15-1948, died 1-5-1998
BURDICK, Arzelia [Zeal]. Born 1875, died 1960
BURDICK, Ellen. Spouse of Wilson. Born 1860, died 1925
BURDICK, Glenn. Spouse of Ima Stone. Born 1900, died 1972
BURDICK, Howard. Born 1902, died 1969
BURDICK, Ima (Stone). Spouse of Glenn. Born 1904, died 1992
BURDICK, James Mathew. Born 9-14-1976, died 9-14-1976 - Twin
BURDICK, Jonathan Phillip. Born 9-14-1976, died 9-14-1976 - Twin
BURDICK, Louise E. (Knight). Spouse of Merrill. Born 10-30-1924, died 1-3-2006. Age: 81 - Dau of Frank and Dorothy (Campbell) Knight, born at Hornell NY. Wed 3-29-1946 at Potter Brook, six children
BURDICK, Merrill H. Spouse of Louise E. Knight. Born 3-29-1926, died 11-4-2012. Age: 86 - Son of Glenn M. and Ima (Stone) Burdick, born in Belmont NY. Wed 3-29-1946 in Potter Brook PA, 5 children - WW II Vet, US Navy 1944-1946. Pacific Theatre
BURDICK, Michael Shane. Born 11-19-1973, died 12-1-1973
BURDICK, Ward. Born 1866, died 1961
BURDICK, Wilson. Spouse of Ellen. Born 1852, died 1927
BURNSIDE, Gladys C. Spouse of Worchester. Born 1920, died 1970
BURNSIDE, Worchester W. Spouse of Gladys. Born 1913, died 1982
BURTON, Loreen. Spouse of Richard B. Born 1948, died 1992 - Kenyon Funeral Home Marker
BURTON, Richard. Spouse of Loreen. Born 1941, died 1992 - Kenyon Funeral Home Marker
BUTLER, Bertha F. Born 5-3-1890, died 5-12-1965 - [Mother]
BUTLER, Emma (Erwin). Born ??, died 1945 - [burial record]
BUTLER, Eunice R. Spouse of Bert C. Crippen. Born 1883, died 1951
BUTLER, Frank. Born ??, died 1929 - [burial record]
BUTLER, Ned Emmett. Born 1923, died 2004 - WW II Vet
BUTTON, David R. Spouse of Mrs. David. Born ??, died 1943 - [burial record]
BUTTON, Mrs. David. Spouse of David R. Born ??, died 1950 - [burial record]
CALKINS, Barbara L. (McFall). Spouse of Raymond. Born 4-15-1949, died 12-3-2011. Age: 62 - Dau of George and Doris (Clark) McFall, born in Blossburg PA. Wed in 1968, 6 children
CALKINS, Myron. Spouse of Nellie. Born 1862, died 1951
CALKINS, Nellie. Spouse of Myron. Born 1872, died 1942
CARR, Aleskia Elmer. Born ??, died 1916 - [burial record]
CARR, Keith Robert. Born 2-27-1933, died 10-12-1958. Age: 25 - Son of Casper E. and Janet B. Carr. Two daughters - Korean War Vet, US Naval Reserve
CARR, Ralph. Born ??, died 1942 - [burial record]
CARSON, Earl Wilson. Spouse of Hattie M. Born 1912, died 1992 - WW II Vet, US Navy
CARSON, Hattie M. Spouse of Earl W. Born 1920, died 1991
CARY, Abner. Spouse of Coral M. Potter. Born 1888, died 1966 - [Father]
CARY, Arnold E. Spouse of Faith Stafford. Born 6-2-1936, died 2-25-2015. Age: 78 - Son of Clarence and Myra (Seeley) Cary, born in Harrison Valley PA, died in Westfield PA. Wed 11-2-1957 in Potter Brook, 4 children
CARY, Clarence. Spouse of Myra Seeley. Born 7-26-1896, died 5-26-1977. Age: 81 - Son of William and Belle (Smith) Cary. Wed in 1916 at Whitesville NY, 8 children. (1920 Dist 119 Harrison Census)
CARY, Coral Mae (Potter). Spouse of Abner. Born 1888, died 1956 - [Mother] Dau of ? and Celia Potter. (1920 Dist 119 Harrison Census)
CARY, Emily V. Spouse of George W. Born 1938, died Uncut
CARY, Emily Y. (Hand). Spouse of George W. Born 10-9-1938, died 8-7-2023. Age: 84 - Dau of Arthur and Belva (Lampman) Hand. Born in Harrison Twp, lived in Westfield PA, died in Williamsport PA. One son, surnamed Cook. Wed George 5-3-1969. (Spouse d. 11-29-1995)
CARY, George W. Spouse of Emily. Born 1925, died 1995 - Son of Clarence and Myra (Seeley) Cary.
CARY, Glenn Erwin. Born 1910, died 1925 - Son of Abner and Coral M. (Potter) Cary
CARY, Harold J. Spouse of Marie D. Pennington. Born 5-21-1920, died 10-12-2006. Age: 86 - Son of James H. and Kathryn (Rowley) Cary. Born in Harrison Valley PA, died in Potter Brook PA. Wed 6-25-1938, four children. - WW II Vet, US Army
CARY, James H. Spouse of Kathryn Rowley. Born 1886, died 1962 - (1920 Dist 119 Harrison Census)
CARY, Janet L. (Manning). Spouse of Gerald S. Born 10-4-1936, died 9-14-2017. Age: 80 - Dau of Ralph A. and Reva I. (Moon) Manning. Four adult daughters, surname unknown. Wed Gerald in 2006, he survives.
CARY, Kathryn (Rowley). Spouse of James H. Born 1890, died 1953
CARY, Kevin L. Spouse of Robin R. Fuller. Born 7-1-1957, died 1-3-2014. Age: 56 - Son of Gerald and Shirley A. (Schmidt) Cary, born in Coudersport. Wed 10-25-1980, 3 children
CARY, Marie D. (Pennington). Spouse of Harold J. Born 11-11-1921, died 10-9-2017. Age: 95 - Dau of John Elmer and Vera Juanita (Snead) Pennington. Born in True WV, lived in Westfield PA. Wed 6-25-1938, four children.
CARY, Myra (Seeley). Spouse of Clarence. Born 1898, died 1988 - Wed in 1916 at Whitesville NY, 8 children.
CARY, Paul R. W. Spouse of Betty Masters. Born 1918, died 1980
CARY, Thomas Carlis. Spouse of Joyse M. Abplanalp. Born 1-29-1945, died 4-19-2011. Age: 66 - Son of Harold J. and Marie D. (Pennington) Cary, born in Annapolis MD. Wed 10-25-1963, 2 sons
CHANDLER, Emma L. Born 1909, died 1980
CHAPMAN, Jory. Born ??, died 1917 - [burial record]
CHISOM, Miriam. Spouse of Paul. Born 1901, died 1929
CHISOM, Paul. Spouse of Miriam. Born ??, died ?? - [burial record]
CLARK, Cassie A. (Tanner). Born 1911, died 1958
CLARK, David L. Born 3-6-1944, died 11-21-1988 - [Loving Memories]
CLARK, Elwyn [Gene]. Spouse of Leila [Peggy] Nickerson. Born 4-4-1938 died 11-30-2006. Age: 68y - Son of William and Elva (Thompson) Clark. Born in West Pike PA. Seven children - Cold War Vet, US Army, 1961-1963
CLARK, Louise A. Born 2-2-1949, died Uncut
COATES, Paige B. Spouse of Hattie Mae Carson. Born 4-27-1937, died 8-7-2019. Age: 82 - Son of Merle and Phyllis Leree (Shaw) Coates. Born in Elmirs NY, lived and died in Ulysses PA. Wed 8-6-1966 in Elkland PA, three sons. (Spouse survives)
COLE, Berwyn Gaylord. Spouse of Bertha M. Howland. Born 9-25-1924, died 12-21-1944 - Son of Dean and Flossie (Lane) Cole. - WW II, US Army 119 Inf 37 INE, PFC. Killed in the Battle of the Bulge.
COLE, Carroll R. Spouse of Edith Truax. Born 11-7-1917, died 5-30-2005. Age: 87 - Son of Dean and Flossie (Lane) Cole. Born in Elmer PA. Wed 9-12-1937 in Knoxville PA, one son - WW II Vet, US Marine Corps
COLE, Dean F. Spouse of Flossie V. Lane. Born 1896, died 1954 - WW I Vet
COLE, Edith J. (Truax). Spouse of Carroll R. Born 6-29-1918, died 12-8-2015. Age: 97 - Dau of Arthur James and Pearl (Potter) Truax, born in Ulysses PA, died in Wellsboro PA. Wed 9-12-1937 in Knoxville PA, one son
COLE, Elanor Arlene. Born 1921, died 9-1921 - Dau of Dean and Flossie (Lane) Cole.
COLE, Flossie V. (Lane). Spouse of Dean F. Born 1898, died 1987
COLE, Philip R. Born 1952, died 2003 - Son of Ronald and Phyllis (Cass) Cole
COLE, Ronald Frederick. Spouse of Phyllis. Born 6-5-1920, died 5-14-1981 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tech5
COLE. Phyllis (Cass). Spouse of Ronald F. Born 10-19-1921, died 1-21-2009. Age: 85 - Dau of H. Leon and Ida (Mills) Cass, born at Ulysses. Wed 9-27-1941 at Ulysses, 2 sons.
COOK, Nancy S. (McCaslin). Spouse of John L. Born 3-26-1947, died 6-11-2014. Age: 67 - Dau of Cleo J. and Gladys O. (Houghtaling) McCaslin, born at Potter Brook-10 siblings. Wed 5-7-1979 at Potter Brook, 3 children
CORNISH, Charles E. Spouse of Minnie. Born 1902, died 1986
CORNISH, Charles P. Born 4-8-1941, died 4-12-1941 - Baby
CORNISH, Minnie B. Born 1917, died 1978
COX, Frank. Born ??, died 1929 - [burial record]
COX, Stella. Born ??, died 1935 - [burial record]
CRANCE, Alex E. Spouse of Anna M. Born 1913, died 1992
CRANCE, Anna M. Spouse of Alex E. Born 1919, died 1999
CRAWFORD, Mary P. Born 1875, died 1962
CRIPPEN, Arvilla M. (Seeley). Spouse of Louis W. Born 5-10-1918, died 6-7-2003. Age: 85 - Dau of Rial and Bessie (Woodard) Seeley. Ten children. [Together Forever]
CRIPPEN, Barbara J. (Blauvelt). Spouse of Howard L. Born 3-4-1945, died 9-10-2015. Age: 70 - Dau of William and Lillian (Gage) Blauvelt, born in Sodus NY, died in Ulysses PA. Wed 9-26-1964 in Williamson NY, two children.
CRIPPEN, Basil V., Rev. Spouse of Ramona M Stiles. Born 6-6-1915, died 12-20-2001 - Son of Clyde and Lulu Mae (Bartholomew) Crippen. Two children. [Love Forever ]
CRIPPEN, Bert C. Spouse of #1 Eunice R. Butler, #2 ?. Born 1881, died 1989 - (Albert)
CRIPPEN, Clyde F. Born 1885, died 1956
CRIPPEN, Cora LaBar. Born 1868, died 1940 - Also listed as DAVIS, Cora LaBar.
CRIPPEN, Doris O. Born 1912, died 1957
CRIPPEN, Elwood. Born ??, died 1960 - [burial record]
CRIPPEN, Gorden C. Jr. Born 1960, died 1960 - Son of Gordon C., Sr. and Myra Crippen
CRIPPEN, Gordon C. Sr. Spouse of Myra F. Born 1940, died 1984 - Son of Louis W. and Arvilla M. (Seeley) Crippen
CRIPPEN, Irmgard Monica (Grosser) [Monica]. Spouse of Olen C. Born 3-16-1926, died 4-22-2015 - Dau of Oswald and Anna (Stein) Grosser, born in Herzberg Germany, died in Coudersport PA. Wed 8-4-1947 in Berlin Germany. [Love]
CRIPPEN, Louis W. [Luke]. Spouse of Arvilla M. Seeley. Born 1914, died 12-18-2000 - Son of Clyde and Lulu Mae (Bartholomew) Crippen. [Together Forever]
CRIPPEN, Mark Wayne, died 9-18-1971 - [In Loving Memory]
CRIPPEN, Melvin L. Spouse of Sally McCoy. Born 11-12-1935, died 9-7-2021. Age: 85 - Son of Louis W. and Arvilla M. (Seeley) Crippen. Born in Potter Co, lived in Westfield PA, died in Coudersport PA. Wed 9-12-1959 in Sunderlinville PA, four children.
CRIPPEN, Olen C. Spouse of I. Monica Grosser. Born 1-18-1925, died 12-25-1992 - Son of Clyde and Lulu Mae (Bartholomew) Crippen. Wed 8-4-1947 in Berlin Germany - WW II Vet, US Army, PFC
CRIPPEN, Pearl J. (Mattison). Spouse of Rial B. Sr. Born 4-24-1939, died 12-6-2020. Age: 81 - Dau of Raymond L. and Florence Miles Mattison. Born in Troupsburg NY, lived in Westfield PA, died in Coudersport PA. A homemaker. Wed 3-6-1958 in Potter Co, six children.
CRIPPEN, Ramona M. (Stiles). Spouse of Basil V. Born 1929, died Uncut - Two children. [Love Forever ]
CRIPPEN, Rial - Baby [burial record, no dates]
CRIPPEN, Rial B. Sr. Spouse of Pearl J Mattison. Born 11-26-1938, died 12-13-2020. Age: 82 - Son of Louis W. and Arvilla M. (Seeley) Crippen. Born in Blossburg PA, lived in Westfield PA, died in Coudersport PA. A self-employed logger. Wed 3-6-1958 in Potter Co, six children.
CRIPPEN, Rial Jr. [Pup]. Born 3-20-1968, died 11-7-1993. Age: 26 - [In Loving Memory] Son of Rial and Pearl (Mattison) Crippen, Sr.
CRIPPEN, Roger L. Sr. Born 7-3-1949, died 7-5-2008. Age: 59 - Son of Louis W. and Arvilla M. (Seeley) Crippen. Born in Blossburg PA.
CRIPPEN, Walter R. Born 9-7-1919, died 11-17-1993 - Son of Clyde and Lulu Mae (Bartholomew) Crippen. - WW II Vet, US Army, PFC
CRIPPIN, Myra F. (Mattison). Spouse of #1 Gordon C. Crippin Sr., #2 Bruce I. Metcalf. Born 2-3-1943, died 8-20-2017. Age: 74 - Dau of Elwood A. and Evelyn P. (Winfield) Mattison. Born in Troupsburg NY, lived and died in Genesee PA. Systems Administrator for Frontier Telephone. Wed Gordon 11-28-1959 in Potter Brook PA, five children. (He d. 7-26-1984) Wed Bruce 8-22-2015 in West Bingham PA. (He survives)
CURRAN, George. Born 1882, died 1917
DANIELS, Alma L. Born 1898, died 1979
DANIELS, William E. Born 1896, died 1969
DAVIS, Cora (LaBar). Born 1868, died 1940
DAVIS, Evelyn V. (Joseph). Spouse of William L. Born 4-11-1919, died 9-9-2008 - Dau of Carl and Mildred Lane Joseph, born at Westfield PA. Wed 8-7-1937, five children.
DAVIS, William L. Spouse of Evelyn V. Joseph. Born 7-9-1911, died 2-14-1997 - Wed 8-7-1937
DIBBLE, Herbert. Born 1886, died 1929
DIMON, Alveretta. Spouse of Charles N. Born 1858, died 1940 - (1920 Hector Census)
DIMON, Charles N. Spouse of Alveretta. Born 1854, died 1933 - (1920 Hector Census)
DIMON, G Mabel. Born 1932, died 1933
DIMON, Gladys E. Born 1905, died 1976
DIMON, Roberta. Born 1927, died 1996
DIMON, Truman. Born 1901, died 1986 - Son of Charles N. and Alveretta Dimon. (1920 Hector Census)
DUNHAM, Baby. Born ??, died ?? - [burial record]
DUNHAM, Bonita (Houghtaling) [Bonnie]. Spouse of #1 Floyd E. Seeley, #2 Leon L. Dunham. Born 4-19-1931, died 9-6-2015. Age: 84 - Dau of Earl Clifton and Goldie L. (Glover) Houghtaling, born and died in Potter Brook PA.Wed 6-28-1948 in Harrison Valley PA, three children. (He d. 9-6-1980) Wed Leon 12-17-1982.
DUNHAM, Charles Henry. Born 12-8-1900*, died 12-10-1921. Age: 21y 2d - [burial record]
DUNHAM, LeRoy F. [Roy]. Spouse of Rose Cary. Born 1911, died 1989 - Wed 5-25-1935 in Troupsburg NY. [Together Forever]
DUNHAM, Maude. Born 1897, died 1924 - [Erected In Memory of our Daughter]
DUNHAM, Rose R. (Cary). Spouse of LeRoy F. Born 9-28-1913, died 9-24-2007. Age: 93 - Dau of James H. and Kathryn (Rowley) Cary. Born in Mills PA, d. Coudersport PA (Charles Cole Mem Hosp). Had 13 siblings. Wed 5-25-1935 in Troupsburg NY, 2 children [Together Forever]
DUNN, Candy L. (McCaslin). Spouse of Robert. Born 6-15-1953, died 12-15-2014. Age: 61 - Dau of Cleo J. and Gladys O. (Houghtaling) McCaslin, born in Potter Brook, died in Wellsboro PA. Four children
DUNN, Mark Adam. Born 5-9-1980, died 5-9-1980 - Son of Robert and Candy L. (McCaslin) Dunn
ELLIOTT, Emma Mae (Metcalf). Born 4-25-1879, died 4-19-1968
ELVIN, Barbara K. (Viera). Spouse of Louis. Born 6-29-1938, died 3-03-2008. Age: 69 - Dau of Joseph and Irene (Kratzer) Viera., born in Queens NY. Wed 48 yrs, 3 children
ERICKSON, Beulah P. (Works). Spouse of Roy B. Born 1908, died 1997 - Wed 4-7-1928
ERICKSON, Kimberly Kay. Born ??, died 1966 - Dau of Larry and Marlene Erickson. [burial record]
ERICKSON, Roy B. Spouse of Beulah P. Works. Born 5-20-1901, died 7-28-2004. Age: 103 - Son of Edward and Caroline (Johnson) Erickson. Born in Galeton PA, worked at Eberle Tannery for 41 years. Wed 4-07-1928 at Potter Brook PA, six children.
ERICKSON, Roy K. Born 9-31-1931, died 9-31-1931 - Son of Roy B. and Beulah (Works) Erickson
ERICKSON, Scott Lee. Born ??, died 1962 - Son of Larry and Marlene Erickson. [burial record]
ERICKSON, Sean Mark. Born ??, died 1974 - Son of Larry and Marlene Erickson. [burial record]
ERWAY, Adelia. Spouse of Emmuel. Born 1852, died 1919
ERWAY, Emmuel. Spouse of Adelia. Born 1852, died 1921
FARNHAM, Alonzo. Spouse of Rebecca Johnson. Born 1831*, died 10-12-1922. Age: 91 - (1910 Harrison census)
FARNHAM, Nelson D. Born 1864, died 1944 - Born in PA, a laborer. (1920-119 Harrison Census)
FARNHAM, Rebecca (Johnson). Spouse of Alonzo. Born 1838*, died 12-5-1919. Age: 81 - (1910 Harrison census)
FAY, Leonard N. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1839, died 2-2-1920. Age: 80 - Civil War Vet, Co L 2nd PA Cavalry
FAY, Margaret. Spouse of Leonard N. Born 1839, died 1924
FISH, Alvin J. Spouse of Lucy. Born 1908, died 1956 - WW II Vet, US Army
FISH, Lucy M. (Johnson). Spouse of Alvin J. Born 2-13-1909, died 1968 - Born in Monroeton PA
FOX, George M. Spouse of Marsha Stevens. Born 1863, died 1935 - At least one daughter.
FOX, Marsha (Stevens). Spouse of Geroge M. Born 1-21-1872, died 9-17-1950. Age: 78 - Dau of Ervin W. and Emily E. (Haxton) Stevens. Born in Harrison Valley PA, died in Westfield PA. At least one daughter.
FRANKLIN, David. Born ??, died 1959
FRAZIER, Guy Wallace. Born 1914, died 11-10-1944 - S.Ist C. [Died In The Service of His Country] - WW II, USNR. Died in war
FRAZIER, Mary Bell. Born 1881, died 1955
FRAZIER, Ray M. Born 1880, died 1936
FREELAND, Cortland M. Born 1859*, died 9-6-1921. Age: 62 - [burial record]
FREELAND, Harrison. Born ??, died 1919 - [burial record]
FULLER, Edith L. Spouse of William F. Born 07-20-1938, died Uncut - Wed 12-24-1959 [In Our Hearts Forever]
FULLER, Jessica Lynn. Born ??, died 11-27-1987 - [Walk Softly A Dream Lies Here]
FULLER, Ned L. Jr. Born 09-12-1977, died 3-21-1999 - Son of Ned L. Sr. and Wanda L. (Allen) Fuller.
FULLER, Sidney James. Born ??, died 1957 - [burial record]
FULLER, Wanda L. (Allen). Spouse of Ned L. Sr. Born 11-20-1946, died 3-26-2021. Age: 76 - Dau of Bert E. and Hazel M. (Knowles) Allen. Born in Woodhull NY, lived and died in Sabinsville PA. Two children, son surnamed Swetland. Wed Ned 2-14-1983 in Ulysses PA. (Spouse survives)
FULLER, William F. Spouse of Edith L. Born 08-23-1934, died 5-23-1994 - Wed 12-24-1959 - Korean War Vet, US Army, Sgt
GEE, Alzina. Spouse of William H. Born 1878, died 1930 - [Mother]
GIGEE, Beulah. Spouse of Loren L. Born ??, died 1988 - [burial record]
GIGEE, Lee. Born ??, died ?? - [burial record]
GIGEE, Loren L. Spouse of Beulah. Born 1909, died 1977
GIGEE, Terry. Born ??, died ?? - [burial record]
GIGEE, William. Born ??, died ?? - [burial record]
GLOVER, Alta E. Born 1932, died 1932
GLOVER, Leona C. Born 1902, died 1968
GLOVER, Marion G. Born 1938, died 1938
GLOVER, Roy L. Born 1903, died 1975
GLOVER, Roy L. Jr. Born 1931, died 1931 - Son of Roy L. Glover, Sr.
GUILDS, Barry Gene. Born 9-1949, died ?? - [Lamb marker]
GUILDS, Genevieve. Born 1925, died uncut
GUILDS, Lawrence R. Born 9-2-1924, died 1-19-1998 - WW II Vet, US Army, PFC
GURNSEY, Lorraine G. Spouse of Chuck Gurnsey. Born 2-21-1949, died 5-03-2007. Age: 58 - Dau of Eldon and Loretta (Cary) Baker. Born in Galeton PA, d. Galeton PA (at home)
HAMILTON, Donald Clair. Born ??, died 1-14-1955
HANCOCK, Gloria Ann. Born 3-20-1951, died 3-20-1951
HANCOCK, Phyllis B. Spouse of Robert T. Born 8-12-1928, died ??
HANCOCK, Robert T. Spouse of Phyllis B. Born 5-2-1928, died 9-24-2001. Age: 73 - Son of Robert T., Sr. and Iva (Tanner) Hancock, born in Westfield PA. Wed 8-17-1947.
HAND, Dallas. Spouse of Laura. Born 1-29-1912, died 6-27-1999
HAND, John C. Born 1890, died 1956
HAND, Laura. Spouse of Dallas. Born 8-12-1910, died 10-3-1992
HAND, Rose E. Born 1893, died 1967
HANES, Edward. Born 1963, died 1966 - Son of Frank and Joyce (Houghtaling) Hanes.
HANES, Eugene H. Born 5-18-1953, died 2-7-2003. Age: 49 - Son of Harold and Joyce (Houghtaling) Hanes. Born in Blossburg PA
HANES, Eva May. Born 1973, died 1973 - Dau of Frank and Joyce (Houghtaling) Hanes.
HANES, Frank H. Spouse of Joyce L. Houghtaling. Born 1933, died 1988 - Thirteen children.
HANES, Gregory S. Born 5-28-1965, died 8-11-2017. Age: 52 - Son of Frank and Joyce (Houghtaling) Hanes. Born in Blossburg PA, lived in Westfield PA, died in New Castle PA. One daughter.
HANES, Herbert L. Spouse of Naomi Johnson. Born 6-5-1929, died 9-28-2017. Age: 88 - Son of Leon C. and Vera (Morgan) Hanes. Born in Potter Co PA, lived and died in Sunderlinville PA. Seven children. (Spouse survives)
HANES, Joyce L. (Houghtaling). Spouse of Frank H. Born 8-31-1936, died 11-24-2023. Age: 87 - Dau of Earl C. and Goldie L. (Glover) Houghtaling. Born in Potter Brook PA, lived and died in Westfield PA, Thirteen children. (Spouse d. 1988)
HANES, Mary Kathryn. Born 1952, died 1952 - Dau of Frank and Joyce (Houghtaling) Hanes.
HANES, Michael H. Born 1953, died 1997 - Buried with Herbert and Naomi
HANES, Naomi L. Born 1933, died Uncut
HARMON, Lehman D. [Wayne]. Companion of Lottie Slaby, died 11-29-2015. Age: 69 - Died in Gaines PA.
HASKINS, Daniel W. Born 1-14-1920, died 1-15-2000 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt
HEISEY, Anna Catherine (Wolgemuth). Spouse of Jay N. Born 10-6-1935, died 12-27-2021. Age: 86 - Dau of Joseph and Edna (Miller) Wolgemuth. Lived and died in Westfield PA, Wed 2-13-1954, five children. (Spouse survives)
HENDERSHOT, Stephen. Born 1855*, died 5-23-1917. Age: 62 - [burial record]
HENDERSON, Robert E. Spouse of #1 E. Annalee Rosenwie, #2 Mary J. Born ??, died 9-22-2006. Age: 70 - Son of Kenneth P. and Marion N. Henderson d. Falls Church-VA. Wife #1 d. 1994. Wed #2 Mary J. Obit, in 10-18-2006 Potter Leader-Enterprise
HESS, Arlen J. Born 1936, died 1956
HESS, Bernard Merle. Born 12-18-1924, died 3-15-1957 - WW II Vet, US Army, SFC, Bronze Star
HESS, Eva C. Spouse of Walter A. Born 1892, died 1974
HESS, Kenneth W. Spouse of Mabel Madison. Born 1-18-1927, died 6- 29-1996 - Wed 12-5-1947 in Harrison Valley, four children - WW II Vet, US Army, Tech 5
HESS, Mabel (Madison). Spouse of Kenneth W. Born 4-16-1928, died 9-28-2003. Age: 75 - Dau of Robert and Sadie (Crippen) Madison, born in Hazelhurst PA. Wed 12-5-1947 in Harrison Valley, four children
HESS, Walter A. Spouse of Eva C. Born 1891, died 1966
HESS, Walter Raymond. Born 7-16-1922, died 6-2-1953 - WW II Vet, US Marine Corps, PFC
HINKLEY, Flora. Born 1858*, died 1-10-1918. Age: 60 - [burial record]
HOLCOMB, Bertha Bell (Chace). Spouse of Walter B. Born 5-1877, died 1959 - Dau of Nathaniel P. and Mary E. (Linza) Chace. At least four children.
HOLCOMB, Mark L. Born 1895, died 1975 - WW I Vet, US Army, PFC
HOLCOMB, Walter. Born 1829, died 1862
HOLCOMB, Walter Burton. Spouse of Bertha B. Chace. Born 5-1869, died 1941 - Son of Augustus E. and Susan (Fletcher) Holcomb. At least four children.
HOLCOMB, Walter Leroy. Born ??, died 1922 - Burial record
HOUGHTALING, Actie Armenta (Wallace). Spouse of Marion W. Born 11-19-1859, died 1-4-1930 - Dau of John and Julia O. (Langdon) Wallace, II.
HOUGHTALING, Anna M. Born 1889, died 1955
HOUGHTALING, Arlene A. Spouse of Hugh F. Born 7-3-1915, died 8-30-1994
HOUGHTALING, Arloween Mae. Born ??, died 1928 - [burial record]
HOUGHTALING, Avis Marilda (Little). Spouse of Basil W. Born 12-27-1917, died 10-4-2014. Age: 96 - [His Wife] Dau of Clarence and Grace (Abbey) Little, born in Elmira NY. Wed 8-7-1936 in Wellsville NY, 2 daughters
HOUGHTALING, Baby Boy. Born ??, died 1922 - [burial record]
HOUGHTALING, Basil W., Rev. Spouse of Avis M. Little. Born 10-14-1915, died 12-1986 - Son of Wilber W. and Emma V. (Wood) Houghtaling. (1920 Hector Census) Wed 8-7-1936 in Wellsville NY, 2 daughters
HOUGHTALING, Bernard. Born 1927, died 2002. Age: 96 - Olney Funeral Home Marker
HOUGHTALING, Bernice L. (Johnson). Born 1-17-1915, died 10-28-1975 - [Granny Boone]
HOUGHTALING, Charlie C. Born 1879, died 1971
HOUGHTALING, Clinton. Born 1921, died 1936
HOUGHTALING, Donald. Born 11-1925*, died 12-28-1925. Age: 1m - Son of John and Emogene (Brewer) Houghtaling [burial record]
HOUGHTALING, Earl C. Spouse of Goldia. Born 1895, died 1977
HOUGHTALING, Emma Viola (Wood). Spouse of Wilbur W. Born 6-10-1882, died 8-18-1962 - Wed 1903, at least six children
HOUGHTALING, Essie M. Born 1899, died 1976 - Son of Marion W. and Acta A. (Wallace) Houghtaling. (1920 Hector Census) [Whither thou goest I will go ]
HOUGHTALING, Goldie L. Spouse of Earl C. Born 1902, died 1969
HOUGHTALING, Harold Clinton. Spouse of Ruby P. Glover. Born 1904, died 1962 - Son of Wilbur and Emma V. (Wood) Houghtaling. (1920 Hector Census)
HOUGHTALING, Helen C. Born 1903, died 1992
HOUGHTALING, Herbert R. [Dick]. Spouse of Unknown. Born 2-27-1931, died 1-14-2006. Age: 74 - Son of Harold and Ruby (Glover) Houghtaling. Born in Hector Twp Potter Co PA, died in Wellsboro PA>Owner/operator Dick's Auto Repair in Sabinsville PA. Five childen, mother not named. - Korean War Vet, US Army, 511 Airborne Inf 1949-57
HOUGHTALING, Hugh Filbert. Spouse of Arlene A. Born 5-9-1911, died 6-12-1993 - Son of Wilber W. and Emma V. (Wood) Houghtaling. (1920 Hector Census)
HOUGHTALING, Ila M. Born 1927, died 1929 - Dau of Wilbur and Emma V. Houghtaling
HOUGHTALING, Jamie L. Spouse of Sarah Douglass. Born 4-9-1976, died 7-28-2009 - Son of Marion R. [Cub] and Sandra (Young) Houghtaling. Wed 7-13-1996 in Westfield, PA.
HOUGHTALING, Jeanette. Born 1926*, died 3-7-1928. Age: 2 - [burial record]
HOUGHTALING, Keith. Born 8-18-1927*, died 8-18-1927. Age: 8 hrs - [burial record]
HOUGHTALING, Lester. Born ??, died 1929 - [burial record]
HOUGHTALING, Marion. Born 1918, died 2000 - Son of Wilber W. and Emma V. (Wood) Houghtaling. (1920 Hector Census)
HOUGHTALING, Marion R. Jr. Born 5-6-1970, died 5-7-1970. Age: 1d - Son of Marion R. Sr and Sandra L. Houghtaling
HOUGHTALING, Marion R. Sr. Spouse of Sandra L. Born 2-15-1951, died uncut
HOUGHTALING, Marion Wilbur. Spouse of Actie A. Wallace. Born 11-13-1855, died 7-29-1945 - Son of George R. and Mary A. (Holt) Houghtaling.
HOUGHTALING, Ruby P. (Glover). Spouse of Harold C. Born 12-20-1909, died 10-13-2006. Age: 96 - Dau of Delbert and Eva May (Tanner) Glover, born in Hector Twp. Six children.
HOUGHTALING, Sandra L. Spouse of Marion R. Sr. Born 6-20-1953, died uncut
HOUGHTALING, Wilbur Willard. Spouse of Emma V. Wood. Born 12-28-1884, died 1-14-1972 - Son of Marion W. and Acta A. (Wallace) Houghtaling. Wed 1903, at least six children
HULTS, Jamie Lee. Born 1981, died 1981 - Grandson of James C. and Patricia I. (Sunderlin) Hults
HUNT, Carrie. Born ??, died 1955 - [burial record]
HUNT, Isaac. Born ??, died 1918 - [burial record]
HUNT, John. Born ??, died 1926 - [burial record]
HUNT, Kathryn. Born ??, died 1919 - [burial record]
HUNTER, Thomas R. Spouse of Marilyn Hess. Born 7-12-1949, died 6-29-2014. Age: 64 - Son of Victor and Marie Mechen Hunter. Born in Detroit MI, a carpenter. Three sons. Wed Marilyn 8-16-2008 in Hector Twp. - Vietnam Vet, 1968-1970
HURD, Beverly J. (Colby). Spouse of Robert F. Born 7- 27 1939, died 8-24-1990
HURD, Jon D. Born 1962, died 1977 - Son of Robert F. and Beverly J. (Colby) Hurd
HURD, Robert F. Spouse of Beverly J. Colby/ Patricia Palmatier Hunt. Born 12-18-1933, died 11-18-2009. Age: 75 - Son of Herman and Anna (Torrence) Hurd. Wed Beverly11-9-1957 in Galeton. Wed Patricia 6-18-1992 In Potter Brook.
HURLER, Arnold B. Spouse of Genevieve Cary. Born 12-1911, died 10-31-1976 - Wed in 1932, 7 children. Genevieve buried as G. Viera, this cemetery
HURLER, Bonnie. Spouse of Tom". Born 5-3-1941, died 5-3-2002 - Wed 9-14-1957
HURLER, Eleanor I. [Ellie]. Spouse of Stanley. Born 2-5-1938, died uncut - Wed 10-26-1957 [Stan and Ellie, Love Never Ends]
HURLER, Mahlon C. [Tom]. Spouse of Beverly. Born 8-2-1937, died 8-24-1998 - Son of Arnold B. and Genevieve (Cary) Hurler. Wed 9-14-1957
HURLER, Stanley E. Spouse of Eleanor I. Born 10-23-1939, died 2-16-2002 - Son of Arnold B. and Genevieve (Cary) Hurler. Stan and Ellie, Love Never Ends] Wed 10-26-1957
INMAN, George. Born 1873, died 1922
INMAN, Marvin. Born ??, died 1931 - [burial record]
INMAN, William F. Born 6-8-1903, died 5-16-1968 - WW II Vet, Pvt
JOHNSON, Baby. Born 1931, died 1931 - Child of Edward E. and Nina N. Johnson.
JOHNSON, Baby. Born 1931, died 1931 - Son of Edward and Nina N Johnson
JOHNSON, Bert E. Born 1916, died 1935 - Prob son of Charles and Myra (Hancock) Johnson
JOHNSON, Caroline A. (Bump). Spouse of Bernard E. Born 8-27-1937, died 1-15-2019. Age: 81 - Dau of Maynard and Crystal Carlin Bump. Born in Summerhill PA, died in Rochester NY. Wed 4-28-1957 in Canton, five children.
JOHNSON, Carroll C. Spouse of Mary F. Born 1935, died 1970
JOHNSON, Charles M. Spouse of Myra Hancock. Born 1886, died 1968
JOHNSON, Edward C. Spouse of Ruby C. Born 1917, died 1960
JOHNSON, Edward E. Spouse of Nina M. Born 1891, died 1968
JOHNSON, Ella M. (Young). Spouse of Francis A. Born 6-26-1920, died 12-16-2005. Age: 85 - Dau of Claude and Mary (Bunnell) Young, born at Ulysses PA. Wed 6-10-1945 at Genesee PA, six children
JOHNSON, Emma M. (Glover). Spouse of Eugene. Born 11-8-1863, died 1-9-1949. Age: 85 - Born in NY, died in Hector Twp PA.
JOHNSON, Eugene J. Spouse of Emma M. Glover. Born 1853, died 1-20-1929
JOHNSON, Francis A. Spouse of Ella M. Young. Born 1913, died 1984 - Prob son of Charles and Myra (Hancock) Johnson. Wed 6-10-1945 at Genesee PA, six children
JOHNSON, Jennie Lee. Born 1948, died 1949 - Dau of Francis A. and Ella (Young) Johnson
JOHNSON, Mary F. Spouse of Carroll C. Born 1935, died Uncut
JOHNSON, Mary Jo (Moore). Spouse of Mark D. Born 2-25-1964, died 8-14-2020. Age: 56 - Dau of Herman and Thelma Jean (Adkins) Moore. Born in West Liberty KY, lived in Westfield PA, died in Wellsboro PA. Five children, multiple surnames. Wed Mark 9-23-2002 in Westfield, he survives.
JOHNSON, Myra L. (Hancock). Spouse of Charles M. Born 1895, died 1982
JOHNSON, Nina M. Spouse of Edward E. Born 5-7-1915, died 7-30-1990
JOHNSON, Paul [Brum]. Spouse of Sylvia Ross. Born 12-30-1946, died 8-9-1995
JOHNSON, Paul A. Born 8-11-1919, died 7-22-1993 - WW II Vet, US Army, Cpl
JOHNSON, Ruby C. Spouse of Edward C. Born 1924, died 5-19-2010
JOHNSON, Steven Paul. Born 11-1-1977, died 10-22-1993 - Son of Paul and Sylvia (Ross) Johnson [In His Care]
JOHNSON, Wilma H. Born 1918, died 1919 - Dau of Charles and Myra (Hancock) Johnson
JONES, Kenneth. Spouse of Regenia. Born 1918, died 1989 - [Two Hearts Beating as One] Prob son of George W. and Emily (Nelson) Jones.
JONES, Regenia. Spouse of Kenneth. Born 1930, died Uncut - [Two Hearts Beating as One]
JOSEPH, Virginia. Born 1917, died 1918
JUDD, Hardy M. Spouse of Mona C. Born 8-19-1920, died 2-22-2012. Age: 92 - Son of Floyd and Avis Little Judd. Born in Potter Brook, a mail carier. 2 children
JUDD, Lenora F. Spouse of Waldo. Born 1862, died 1949
JUDD, Lovina. Spouse of C. H. Born 1822, died 1904
JUDD, Mona C. (Clow). Spouse of Hardy. Born 11-19-1923, died 12-31-2006. Age: 83 - Dau of Leroy and Edith Wilber Clow, born in Westfield PA. Wed in 1944, two children
JUDD, Waldo. Spouse of Lenora F. Born 1856, died 1944
KENT, William. Born ??, died 1928 - [burial record]
KIBBE, Jacob H. Born 4-19-1933, died 1-8-2001. Age: 68 - Son of Ivan and Myra I. (Outman) Kibbe
KILMER, Lula B. Born 1886, died 1973
KITTLE, Maxine. Born ??, died 1919 - [burial record] Dau of G. H. and Pauline Kittle
LABAR, Beatrice. Born 1911, died 1924 - Dau of Earl W. and Celia T (Potter) LaBar. (See Parker Hill Cemetery)
LABAR, Celia (Potter). Spouse of Earl W. Born 1893, died 1924 - First wife of Earl. Earl is buried in Parker Hill Cemetery
LABAR, Charles. Born 1858, died 1917
LABAR, Jesse. Born 1893, died 1949
LABAR, Olivia. Born 1983, died 1926
LAMPMAN, Charles F. Spouse of Pauline [Pam] McDoel. Born 11-15-1944, died 7-31-2012. Age: 67 - Son of Hugh and Ruth E. (Merrick) Lampman. Born at Coudersport PA, a tannery worker and logger. Wed 7-8-1995 in Woodhull NY, one son.
LAMPMAN, Eugene H. Spouse of Hally I. Dean, companion of Leona Thompson. Born 8-16-1947, died 2-22-2019. Age: 71 - Son of Truman K. and Audrey L. (Hand) Lampman. Born in Harrison Valley PA, died in Westfield PA. Wed 7-4-1967 in Harrison Valley, one son and many foster children.
LAMPMAN, Hally I. Spouse of Eugene H. Born 1947, died 10-31-1999 - Dau of Meldon C. and Hannah A. (Lewis) Dean. Wed 7-4-1967 in Harrison Valley, one son.
LAMPMAN, Pauline (McDoel) [Pam]. Spouse of Charles F. Born 11-20-1943, died 1-16-2023. Age: 79 - Dau of Joseph and Audrey (Reynolds) McDoel. Born in Harlingen TX, lived in Ulysses PA, died in Smethport PA. Wed 7-8-1995 in Woodhull NY, no children named.
LAMPMAN, Tyler D. Born 7-27-1996, died 10-19-2009. Age: 13 - Son of Gary and Connie (Necomb) Lampman, born at Coudersport PA.
LANE, Austin L. Spouse of Clara A. Born 1868, died 2-11-1946 - Born in PA, a merchant. (1920 Dist 120 Harrison Census)
LANE, Bert. Born 1901, died 1975 - Son of Austin L. and Clara A. Lane. (1920 Dist 120 Harrison Census)
LANE, Clara A. Spouse of Austin L. Born 1869, died 1932
LANE, Jimmy. Born ??, died 1951 - [burial record]
LECHLER, Lula A. Born 1895, died 1984
LEIGHTON, Carolyn M. (Collett). Spouse of Edward J. Sr. Born ??, died 1995 - Wed 11-25-1961 in Havertown PA
LEIGHTON, Edward J. Sr. Spouse of #1 Carolyn Collet, #2 Jane Terwilliger. Born 12-14-1936, died 1-11-2008. Age: 71 - Son of Frank T. and Catherine (Leighton) McMahon, adopted and raised by his uncle William J. Leighton. Wed Carolyn 11-25-1961 in Havertown PA, 3 sons. Wed Irmalee Jane (Terwilliger) Wheaton on 7-25-1998 in Westfield PA - Uncategorized Vet, US Marine Corps
LEIGHTON, Irmalee Jane (Terwilliger). Spouse of #1 Kenneth H Wheaton, #2 Edward J. Leighton Sr. Born 4-24-1933, died 3-22-2023. Age: 89 - Dau of Charles O. and Madelyn B. (Snay) Terwilliger. Born in Sabinsville PA, lived and died in Westfield PA. Wed Kenneth 1-29-1953 in Perry NY, two daughters. (He d, 12-19-1995) Wed Edward 7-25-1998 in Westfield PA.
LITTLE, Clarence John. Spouse of Grace Abbey. Born 1890, died 1962
LITTLE, Emma. Spouse of L. Leroy. Born 1872, died 1969
LITTLE, Grace A. (Abbey). Spouse of Clarence J. Born 1894, died 1960
LITTLE, Grant T. Spouse of Leona J. Born 1897, died 1981
LITTLE, L. Leroy. Spouse of Emma. Born 1872, died 1950
LITTLE, Leona J. Spouse of Grant T. Born 1899, died 1985
LITTLE, Nettie. Born 1860, died 1929
LOSEY, Fred James. Born ??, died 1966
LOVELL, Ceber F. Born 1862, died 1907
LOVELL, Curtis. Born 1864, died 1926
LOVELL, Mary M. Born 1873, died 1947
LOZIER, Sylvia (Ross) Johnson. Spouse of #1 Paul D. Johnson,#2 Jesse E. Lozier. Born 3-5-1949, died 1-4-2012. Age: 62 - Dau of Clifford and Mabel (Counsil) Ross, born in Lock Haven PA. Three children with Paul.
MAHON, Clara T. Born 1880, died 1966
MAHON, George L. Born 1876, died 1960
MAHON, James C. Spouse of Margaret J. Born 1853, died 6-2-1917. Age: 63
MAHON, Margaret J. Spouse of James C. Born 1856, died 1946
MAHON, Margaret Mary. Born ??, died 1919 - [burial record]
MALLORY, Bert. Born ??, died 1962 - [burial record]
MALLORY, Carrie B. Spouse of Charles B. Born 1867, died 1939
MALLORY, Charles Bert. Spouse of Carrie B. Born 3-5-1863, died 5-14-1941 - Son of James and Sarah Ann (McIntyre) Mallory. Born in Sabinsville PA, died in Clymer PA.
MALLORY, Fred. Born ??, died 1945 - [burial record]
MALLORY, James Irwin. Spouse of Mary A. Houghtaling. Born 1897, died 1969
MALLORY, Mary Ann (Houghtaling). Spouse of James I. Born 1890, died 1978
MANN, Grace Anna (Frazier). Spouse of Isaac. Born 1904, died 1929 - [burial record] 1st wife of Isaac. Wed 8-6-1920 in Tioga PA,
MANN, Isaac Perry. Spouse of #1 GraceA. Frazier, #2 Pearl Persing Simmons. Born 4-28-1895, died 6-13-1949 - Born in Potter Brook PA, died in Bedford MI. Four children, mothers unclear. [burial record]
MANN, Pearl (Persing). Spouse of #1 Joseph Simmons, #2 Isaac Mann. Born 5-130-1897, died 9-18-1940 - [burial record] 2nd wife of Isaac.
MANNING, Mary Adelsey (Persing). Spouse of Orrie A. Born 1883, died 12-24-1977 - Dau of A. D. and Carrie (Butler) Persing, born at Nelson PA. Four step-children, no natural children.
MANNING, Orin Arthur [Orrie]. Spouse of Mary A. Persing. Born 11-20-1887, died 12-8-1955 - Born and died in Clymer PA
MANNING, Ralph Arden. Spouse of Reva I. Moon. Born 4-8-1903, died 6-1974 - Born in Westfield PA, died in Lewis Run PA.
MANNING, Reva Irene (Moon). Spouse of Ralph A. Born 3-18-1911, died 4-12-1973 - Claude A, and Chlow O. (Simmons) Moon. Born in PA, died in Genesee PA.
MARTIN, James H. Born 1903, died 1954 - WW II Vet, US Army
MARVIN, Irene E. (Bullard). Spouse of Julius A. Born 6-1858, died 1948 - Born in Woodhall NY. [burial record]
MARVIN, Julius A. Spouse of Irene E. Bullard. Born 4-30-1848, died 9-26-1916 - Son of Giles Barron and Elizabeth (McCracken) Marvin. Born in Liberty PA. [burial record]
MATHER, Effie W. Born 1911, died 1993
MATHER, Judson. Born 1936, died 1961
MATHER, Violet A. Born 1942, died 1961
MATTISON, Baby. Born ??, died 1846 - [burial record]
MATTISON, Bert. Born ??, died 1918 - [burial record]
MATTISON, Bert. Born 1915, died 1915 - Son of Wallace and Hattie Mattison
MATTISON, C. F. Born 1874, died 1929
MATTISON, George. Born 1847, died 1929
MATTISON, Mrs George. Born ??, died 1946 - [burial record]
MATTISON, Violet Delina. Born ??, died 1915 - [burial record]
MATTISON, Wallace. Spouse of Hattie. Born 10-17-1864, died 2-27-1918 - [burial record]
MCCASLIN, Barbara Jean. Born 1962, died 1966 - [We Love You Barbie] Dau of Joseph W. and Florence M. (Cornish) McCaslin
MCCASLIN, Cleo Joseph. Spouse of Gladys O. Houghtaling. Born 12-14-1904, died 8-1-1970 - Son of Joseph McCaslin. At least six children.
MCCASLIN, Dale Stewart. Born 1959, died 1959
MCCASLIN, Florence M. (Cornish). Spouse of Joseph W. Born 11-11-1939, died 1-23-2015. Age: 75 - Dau of Charles E. and Minnie Belle (Greenfield) Cornish, born in Harrison Valley PA, died in Wellsboro PA. Wed 9-6-1957 in Potter Brook, PA, 7 children
MCCASLIN, Fredrick H. Spouse of Phyllis J. Rhodes. Born 1937, died 12-16-1996 - Son of Cleo J. and Gladys O. (Houghtaling) McCaslin. Wed 2-18-1956 in Harrison Valley PA, five children.
MCCASLIN, Gladys Onalee (Houghtaling). Spouse of Cleo J. Born 7-1-1909, died 6-21-1985 - Dau of wilbur W. and Emma V (Wood) Houghtaling. At least six children.
MCCASLIN, Harvey Martin. Born 3-16-1945, died 3-18-1945. Age: 2d - Son of Cleo J. and Gladys O. (Houghtaling) McCaslin
MCCASLIN, Joseph W. Spouse of Florence M. Cornish. Born 1-29-1939, died 11-16-2013. Age: 74 - Son of Cleo J. and Gladys O.( Houghtaling) McCaslin, born in Potter Brook PA, died in Wellsboro PA. Wed 9-6-1957 in Potter Brook, PA, 7 children
MCCASLIN, Phyllis J. (Rhodes). Spouse of Frederick H. Born 12-1-1936, died 8-20-2020. Age: 83 - Dau of Warren E. and Anna (Benn) Rhodes. Born, lived, and died in Potter County. Wed 2-18-1956 in Harrison Valley PA, five children. (Spouse d. 12-16-1996)
MCCASLIN, Scott H. Born 1961, died 1973
MCCLURE, Maria. Born 1864, died 1916
MCFALL, Polly Mandy. Spouse of Orin. Born 1890, died 1922
MERRICK, Daniel L. Spouse of Sylvania. Born 4-1895, died 1966 - Grandson of George and Ruth Gardner. (1900 Bingham Census)
MERRICK, Sylvania R. Spouse of Daniel. Born 1899, died 1963
METCALF, Baby. Born 6-22-1921, died 6-22-1921 - Child of Clair and Mabel (Robbins) Metcalf
METCALF, Baby 1y 7m - No dates [burial record]
METCALF, Connie (Schoonover). Spouse of Wayne R. Born 4-18-1945, died 9-10-2008. Age: 63 - Dau of LeRoy and Eva (Haxton) Schoonover, born at Colesburg PA. Wed 4-25-1964 in Wellsville NY
METCALF, Cora B. (Mallory). Spouse of Fred P. Born 4-28-1876, died 5-1948 - Born and died in Tioga Co PA. [His Wife]
METCALF, Darold Clifford. Spouse of Lottie L. Moore. Born 9-19-1915, died 8-19-1985. Age: 69 - Son of Clair and Mabel (Robbins) Metcalf. Born in Elmer PA, died in Olean NY. Wed 9-29-1938 at Smethport PA, three children
METCALF, Donald Fred. Spouse of Mary R. Teater. Born 3-2-1918, died 4-30-1978. Age: 60 - Son of Clair and Mabel (Robbins) Metcalf Wed 1-5-1940 at Lawrenceville PA, three sons
METCALF, Doris Mae (Truax). Spouse of Wilbert R. Born 4-4-1925, died 7-18-2021. Age: 96 - Dau of William R. and Agnes M. (Robbins) Truax. Born and lived in Potter Brook PA, died in Gray GA. Wed 8-28-1943, three children.
METCALF, Fred P. Spouse of Cora B. Mallory. Born 1-24-1878, died 12-30-1921 - Son of Adelbert and Ina (Stebbins) Metcalf (1880 Hector Census) - WW I Vet
METCALF, Hazel Mae. Born 1865*, died 4-7-1918. Age: 53 - [burial record]
METCALF, John Robert. Spouse of Judith E. Cary. Born 2-3-1946, died 3-4-2003. Age: 57 - Son of Donald F. and Mary (Teater) Metcalf Born in Wellsville NY, d. Westfield PA. Wed 7-3-1968 in Mills PA - Cold War Vet, US Army, 1964-67
METCALF, Judith E. (Cary). Spouse of John R. Born 8-4-1946, died uncut - Eastern Star
METCALF, Lottie Luella (Moore). Spouse of Darold C. Born 7-14-1917, died 10-29-2005. Age: 88 - Dau of Henry J. and Lottie L (Peterson) Moore, born in Costello. Wed 9-29-1938 at Smethport PA, three children
METCALF, Mary Ruth (Teater). Spouse of Donald. Born 3-24-1924, died 9-8-2002. Age: 78 - Dau of Frank and Ruth (Swort) Teater, born in Independence NY. Wed 1-5-1940 at Lawrenceville PA, three children. Eastern Star #95
METCALF, Wayne R. [Tiny]. Spouse of Connie Schoonover. Born 1-8-1943, died 6-4-1994. Age: 51 - Son of Donald Fred and Mary R. (Teater) Metcalf. Wed 4-25-1964 in Wellsville NY, one son.
METCALF, Wilbert R. Born 1924, died 1977 - Prob spouse of Doris M.
MILES, Daniel C. Born 1869, died 1959
MILES, Kathryn. Born ??, died ?? - no dates
MILLER, Billie T. Spouse of Richard W. Born 3-21-1936, died 4-5-2013. Age: 77 - Dau of William and Chloe (White) Tatem, born at Knotts Island, NC. Sed 6-19-1955 in Norview VA, 5 children
MILLER, Harry G. Spouse of Minnie Metcalf. Born 1867, died 1937
MILLER, Minnie (Metcalf). Spouse of Harry G. Born 1867, died 1941
MILLER, Richard W. Spouse of Billie T. Born 1936, died uncut
MINARD, George William. Born ??, died ?? - baby [burial record]
MITCHELL, Betha E. (Weddles). Spouse of Harold. Born 10-24-1894, died 5-18-1961 - Wed June 5 1915
MITCHELL, Beulah C. (Clark). Spouse of H. Fred. Born 11-19-1926, died 11-20-2005. Age: 79 - Dau of Hugh and Hazel (Tidd) Clark Born in Angelica NY. Nine children [Together Forever]
MITCHELL, H. Fred. Spouse of Beulah Clark. Born 1917, died 1998 - Nine children. [Together Forever]
MITCHELL, Harold I. Spouse of Bertha E. Weddles. Born 8-19-1892, died 5-18-1961 - Wed June 5 1915
MOON, Baby Girl. Born ??, died 3-17-1953 - Dau of Walter and Joann Moon
MOON, Barry Lynn. Born 1947, died 1952 - Son of Lynn H. and Boniyn (Kilbourne) Moon
MOON, Bonlyn I. (Kilbourne). Spouse of Lynn H. Born 4-2-1929, died 11-23-2009. Age: 80 - Dau of Jay and Bessie (Weeks) Kilbourne. Wed 11-13-1948
MOON, Candy Jo. Born 1955, died 1965 - Dau of Lynn H. and Boniyn (Kilbourne) Moon
MOON, Chloe O. Spouse of Claude A. Born 1889, died 1981 - (1920 Dist 120 Harrison Census)
MOON, Claude A. Spouse of Chloe O. Born 1884, died 1947 - (1920 Dist 120 Harrison Census)
MOON, Claude H. Born 7-10-1935, died 4-4-1965 - Prob son of Lynn H. and ? Moon - WW II Vet, Btry B, 92 Artillery, PFC
MOON, James Kenny. Born ??, died ?? - [burial record]
MOON, Lynn H. Spouse of Bonlyn I. Kilbourne. Born 1913, died 2-3-2000 - Son of Claude A. and Chloe Moon. Wed 11-23-1948. (1920 Dist 120 Harrison Census)
MOORE, ?. Spouse of Alan. Born ??, died ?? - [burial record]
MORGAN, Janice. Born ??, died 1954 - [burial record]
MORGAN, Shirley V. (Hanes). Spouse of Morris E. Born 3-15-1941, died 4-23-2010. Age: 69 - Dau of Eugene and Emma Johnston Hanes, born in Blossburg PA. One dughter.
MORTON, Reuben H. Born 1850, died 1921
NICKERSON, Alvin. Born ??, died ?? - [burial record]
NICKERSON, Budd C. Born 02-08-1961, died 4-28-1986 - Prob. son of James E and Lillian (Cornelius Nickerson. Wooden Cross says [We Loved Him]
NICKERSON, Eva. Born ??, died 1964 - [burial record]
NICKERSON, Joseph. Born 5-16-1953, died 11-24-1969. Age: 16 - Prob. son of James E and Lillian (Cornelius Nickerson.
NICKERSON, Josie Frances (Baker). Spouse of Carmen V. Born 5-19-1912, died 4-8-1942 - Dau of Mr. and Mrs Edie Baker. Born in Germania PA, died in Mills PA. [burial record]
NORTHROP, Ina A. Spouse of Victor E. Born 1872, died 1942
NORTHROP, Victor E. Spouse of Ina A. Born 1873, died 1935
NORTON, Reuben H. Born 1850, died 1931 - Brother
OLNEY, Barbara Joy (Houghtaling). Spouse of Robert. Born 1937, died 3-31-1985 - Dau of Basil W. and Avis (Little) Houghtaling. Wed 9-4-1959 in Potter Brook PA.
OLNEY, Robert Thomas. Spouse of #1 Barbara J. Houghtaling, #2 Dianne R. (Connolly) Graves. Born 10-12-1936, died 8-30-2023. Age: 86 - Son of Dee Harold and Almira (Libbey) Olney. Born in Benezette PA. Lived in Tioga Co PA. Three children, mother unclear. Wed Barbara 9-4-1959 in Potter Brook PA. (She d. 3-31-1985) Wed Dianne 5-28-1988 in Potter Brook. - Cold War Vet, US Navy. 1954-1957. Wed 9-4-1959 in Potter Brook PA
ORCUTT, Harold W. Spouse of Ruth E. Truax. Born 1920, died 1998
ORCUTT, Robert W. Born 4-16-1948, died 7-19-2015. Age: 67 - Son of Harold W. and Ruth E. (Truax) Orcutt, born in Wellsboro PA, d. Rochester NY.
ORCUTT, Ruth E. (Traux). Spouse of Harold W. Born 6-18-1920, died 5-10-2014. Age: 93 - Dau of William R. and Agnes M. (Robbins) Truax. Born in Potter Brook, a dairy farmer. Wed 10-26-1942 in Harrison Valley, 2 children.
ORDWAY, Hattie Mae (Ayers). Spouse of #1 Walter Mattison, #2 John Ordway. Born 4-1880, died 1941 - Adopted at birth by Jeptha L. and Mary J. (Herrick) Ayers. Birthname was Vallen. Wed John about 1919.
ORDWAY, John. Spouse of John. Born ??, died 1941 - [burial record]
PADDOCK, Charles D. Spouse of Genevieve Kelly. Born 8-16-1911, died 4-14-1998
PADDOCK, Genevieve (Kelly). Spouse of Charles D. Born 8-25-1917, died 11-7-1997 - Dau of Archie and Rose (Wakely) Kelly.
PADDOCK, George. Spouse of Lena. Born 1878, died 1957
PADDOCK, Lena S. Spouse of George. Born 1885, died 1972
PERSING, ?. Spouse of G. O. Born ??, died 1942 - [burial record]
PHILLIPS, Howard W. [Waddy]. Spouse of Kathryn R. Erickson. Born 11-28-1927, died 4-20-2019. Age: 91 - Son of George and Mary (Wallace) Phillips. Born in Scottsboro AL, lived in Potter Brook PA, died in Sayre PA. Wed 5-5-1951 in Potter Brook, four children - Korean War, US Army.
PICKETT, Francis L. Born 1922, died 1984 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt
PIERCE, Clyde N. Born 1924, died 1973 - WW II Vet
PIERCE, Cordelia (Putnam) [Buncy]. Spouse of Not named. Born 1-19-1916, died 5-17-2009. Age: 93 - Dau of Edwin and Ada (Corey) Putman. Longtime companion of Paul Johnson. One son. [burial record]
PIERCE, Perry. Born ??, died 1927 - [burial record]
PIERCE, Walter. Born ??, died 1925 - [burial record]
PLANK, Ada B. (Stebbins) [Kit]. Spouse of Sylvester L. Born 1866, died 1923 - [Mother]
PLANK, Aloretty. Born 1858, died 1940
PLANK, Charles N. Born 1854, died 1933
PLANK, Dimon. Born ??, died ??
PLANK, G. Mable. Born 1932, died 1933
PLANK, Gladys E. Born 1905, died 1976 - Same as above
PLANK, Lulu. Born 10-1892, died 1944 - Dau of Sylvester L. and Ada B. (Stebbins) Plank.
PLANK, Ola. Born 1890, died 1950
PLANK, Sylvester L. Born 7-1863, died 1947 - Son of Daniel L. and Eliza Ann (White) Plank. Wed 10-14-1883, Three daughters. [Father]
PLANK, Truman. Born 1901, died 1986 - Same as above
POTTER, Arch E. Spouse of Grace. Born 1886, died 1963
POTTER, Edward S. Born 1878, died 1950
POTTER, Elberta L. (Truax). Spouse of Herbert S. Born 6-23-1923, died 3-31-2017. Age: 93 - Dau of William R. and Agnes M. (Robbins) Truax. Born in Potter Brook PA, lived in Port Allegany PA, died in Coudersport PA. Wed 2-6-1942 in Harrison Valley PA, two children
POTTER, Florence (LaBar). Born 1903, died 1937 - Sister of Frances
POTTER, Frances. Spouse of Richard H. Born 1905, died 1937 - Sister of Florence
POTTER, Fred G. Born 1893, died 1925
POTTER, George. Spouse of Hester Davie. Born 1855, died 1916 - [Father]
POTTER, Gregg R. Born 1961, died 1984
POTTER, Harold Gary [Mike]. Born 5-2-1938, died 10-21-1995 - Son of Harold and Helen (Soskie) Potter
POTTER, Herbert S. Spouse of Elberta L. Truax. Born 11-10-1922, died 11-11-2017. Age: 95 - Son of Orville and Alice (Patton) Potter. Born in Westfield PA, died in Coudersport PA. A State Farm Insurance agent. Wed 2-6-1942 in Harrison Valley PA, two children. - WW II Vet, US Army, 3rd Armored Div Europe
POTTER, Hester (Davie). Spouse of George. Born 1856, died 1929 - [Mother]
POTTER, L. Born ??, died ?? - [burial record]
POTTER, Margaret M. Born 1892, died 1962
POTTER, Ola O. Born 1876, died 1920 - Son of A. and L. Potter
POTTER, Rowland. Born 1910, died 1913 - Son of Arch E. and Grace Potter. First burial in Riverview
PREDMORE, Charles M. Born 1852, died 1925 - [at rest] Prob spouse of Emma D.
PREDMORE, Emma D. Born 1857, died 1950 - [at rest] Prob spouse of Charles M.
PUTMAN, Clinton B. Born 1948, died 1981 - Son of Paul E. and Lola M. (Traver) Putman, Sr.
PUTMAN, Jane O. (Cratsley). Spouse of William L. Born 4-26-1942, died 11-3-2020. Age: 78 - Dau of LeRoy and Mildred (Quackenbush) Cratsley. Born in Harrison Twp, lived in Westfield PA, died in Coudersport PA. A homemaker. Wed 1-2-1960 in Potter Co, nine children.
PUTMAN, Lola M. (Traver). Born 1924, died 1986
PUTMAN, Paul E. Jr. Companion of Bonnie Morton. Born 12-18-1949, died 2-13-2016. Age: 66 - Son of Paul E. and Lola M. (Traver) Putman, Sr., born in Wellsboro PA, died in Danville PA. Three children.
PUTMAN, Richard Edward. Born 4-13-1933, died 1-22-1998. Age: 64 - Son of Edmund and Doris (Johnson) Putman, born in Wellsboro PA. - Ucategorized Vet, US Navy
PUTMAN, William L. Spouse of Jane O. Cratsley. Born 10-16-1943, died 4-26-2022. Age: 78 - Born in Blossburg PA, lived and died in Westfield PA. Long-time supervsor of Hector Twp. Wed 1-2-1960 in Coudersport PA, nine children. (Spouse d. 11-3-2020)
REDMAR, Frances. Born 1936, died ??
REDMAR, Robert. Born 1941, died Uncut
REIPER, Edmond L. Spouse of Iva D Metcalf. Born 1911, died 1981
REIPER, Iva D. (Metcalf). Spouse of Edmond L. Born 1914, died 1999
REIPER, Sally Ann. Born 2-4-1943, died 2-4-1943 - Infant dau of Ed and Iva (Metcalf) Reiper
RHODES, Anna (Benn). Spouse of Warren C. Born 1898, died 1969
RHODES, Warren Clyde. Spouse of Anna Benn. Born 1882, died 1966
ROBBINS, Dorothy V. Born 1904, died 1905 - Dau of Herman H. and Ethel E. (Abbott) Robbins
ROBBINS, Ethel Estella (Abbott). Spouse of Herman H. Born 3-6-1877, died 8-1-1939. Age: 63 - Dau of James and Caroline (Wright) Abbott. Born and died in Potter Co PA.
ROBBINS, Herman H. Spouse of Ethel E. Abbott. Born 9-27-1871, died 8-16-1917. Age: 45 - Son of Lorenzo W. and Sarah M. (Wright) Robbins. Born in PA, died in Potter Co PA.
ROBBINS, Verill W. Spouse of Frances L. Russell. Born 5-20-1906, died 9-1968. Age: 62 - Son of Herman H. and Ethel E. (Abbott) Robbins. Born and died in Tioga Co PA. One son.
RUDE, Amos. Born ??, died 1937 - [burial record]
RUDE, L - No other infromation. [burial record]
RUDE, Wesley. Born ??, died 1931 - [burial record]
SABINS, Bill. Born ??, died 1941 - [burial record]
SEELEY, Ada M. (Ribble). Spouse of Guy R. Born 1931, died 1960 - Buried with dau, Betty Jean
SEELEY, Alwin L. Spouse of Sandra J. Madison. Born 5-30-1949, died 4-23-2023. Age: 73 - Son of Floyd E. and Bonita (Houghtaling) Seeley. Born in Teed Hollow, lived and died in Westfield PA. Wed 12-14-1969 in Ulysses PA, four daughters.
SEELEY, Bessie M. (Woodard). Spouse of Rial. Born 1892, died 1967
SEELEY, Betty Jean. Born 1960, died 12-10-1960 - Dau of Guy R. and Ada (Ribble) Seeley.
SEELEY, Bonita H. Spouse of Floyd E. Born 1931, died Uncut - [Together Forever]
SEELEY, Charles L. Born 1889, died 1979
SEELEY, Cornelia Ann (Bentley) [Connie]. Born 6-3-1940, died 2-1-1986. Age: 45 - Born in Allen NY, died in Harrison Valley PA>
SEELEY, Edna (Wright). Born 1900, died 1962 - Dau of Harold L. and Crystal (Flynn) Wright.
SEELEY, Floyd E. Spouse of Bonita H. Born 1925, died 1980 - [Together Forever] - WW II Vet, US Army, PFC
SEELEY, Guy R. Spouse of #1 Ada M. Ribble, #2Carol J. LaBarr. Born 1-17-1922, died 9-11-2014. Age: 92 - Son of Rial and Bessie (Woodard) Seeley. Born in Harrison Two, a dairy farmer. Wed Carol after 1960. Seven children: 4 with Ada, three with Carol who survives - WW II Vet, US Army 1943-1944
SEELEY, Harry H. Born 1906, died 1937
SEELEY, John M. Spouse of Marilyn McCullen. Born 8-28-1933, died 2-14-2014. Age: 80 - Son of Hugh [Pete] and Lucy (Cady) Seeley. Born in Troupsburg NY, died in Williamsport PA. Nine children.
SEELEY, Joshua John. Born ??, died 1988
SEELEY, Marilyn (McCullen). Spouse of John M. Born 8-14-1932, died 3-4-2008. Age: 75
SEELEY, Rial. Spouse of Bessie M. Woodard. Born 1892, died 1982
SEELEY, Richard G. Born 1959, died 1959 - Son of Guy R. and Ada (Ribble) Seeley.
SEELEY, Sandra J. (Madison). Spouse of Alwin L. Born 8-10-1952, died 1-14-2023. Age: 70 - Dau of Donald and N. Marie (Tubbs) Madison. Born in Coudersport PA, lived in Westfield PA. Worked 40 years for Elictri-Cord. Wed 12-14-1969 in Ulysses PA, four daughters.
SEELEY, Virginia A. Born 1958, died 1965 - Dau of Guy R. and Ada (Ribble) Seeley.
SEELEY, William. Born ??, died 1952 - [burial record]
SENZEL, Andrew. Born 1877, died 1951
SENZEL, Anna. Born 1882, died 1966
SHARP, Barry Kirk. Born ??, died 1958 - Infant son of Frank and Amy (Houghtaling) Sharp
SHARP, Bradley Stuart Jr. Born 7-7-1976, died 10-18-1992 - Son of Bradley S. Sr. and Becky Sharp. [We Love You B.J.]
SHARP, Frank R. Spouse of Amy A. Houghtaling. Born 2-13-1931, died 5-3-2011. Age: 80 - Son of Melvin and Lillian (Knapp) Sharp, born at Binghamton NY. Wed 8-18-1950 at Harrison Valey, 3 children.
SHULTZ, Barbara Lynn. Born 1961, died 1965
SHULTZ, Onalee M. Born 1927, died 1989 - [Forever In Our Hearts]
SIMMONS, Henry. Born ??, died 1962 - [burial record]
SIMMONS, Horton, M. Born 10-29-1906, died 4-8-1918
SIMMONS, Jennie B. Born 1873, died 1935
SIMMONS, Peter H. Born 3-9-1845, died 9-4-1917. Age: 72 - Civil War Vet, Co H 179 Reg NY Vol
SIMMONS, Polly. Born ??, died 1934 - [burial record]
SKINNER, George G. Born 8-21-1855, died 2-7-1920 - Woodsman of the World
SKINNER, Glenn W. [Skip]. Spouse of Lynne Ann Caulkins. Born 3-27-1934, died 10-20-2020. Age: 86 - Son of Arlie L. and Veva (Horton) Skinner. Born in Potter Brook PA, lived and died in Westfield PA. Retired from North Penn Gas. Wed 10-24-1959 in Roulette PA, two children. (Spouse d. 9-1-2019) - Cold War Vet, US Army. 1955-1957
SKINNER, James A. [Jamie]. Born 1962, died 1972 - Son of Glenn W. and Lynne Ann (Caulkins) Skinner. Killed in a playground accident.
SKINNER, Julia Ardelle. Spouse of Leroy J. Born 1854, died 1942
SKINNER, Leroy J. Spouse of Julia A. Born 1849, died 1925
SKINNER, Lynne Ann (Caulkins). Spouse of Glenn W. Born 12-28-1935, died 9-1-2019. Age: 83 - Dau of Lynn and Louise (Thielges) Caulkins. Born in Roulette PA, lived in Westfield PA, died in Wellsboro PA. A secretary. Wed 10-24-1959 in Roulette, two children.
SLABY, William P. Spouse of Lottie. Born 7-11-1940, died 6-5-2011. Age: 70 - Son of William E. and Amelia (Misura) Slaby, born in Reading PA. Six children.
SMITH, Hazel. Born ??, died 1964 - [burial record]
SMITH, Ila May (McCaslin). Born 11-21-1940, died 5-13-2006. Age: 65 - Dau of Cleo J. and Gladys O. (Houghtaling) McCaslin, born in Potter Brook. Killed in automible accident. Seven children
SMITH, Louise. Born ??, died 1930 - [burial record]
SMITH, Robert F. Born 8-27-1920, died 5-1-1993 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt
SMITH, Roberta Sue. Born 1951, died 1984
SMITSON, Donna M. (Seeley). Spouse of David. Born 5-10-1954, died 9-5-2010. Age: 56 - Dau of Guy R. and Ada (Ribble) Seeley, born in Blossburg PA, t daughters
SPERRY, Charles. Born 1852, died 1925 - [burial record]
SPERRY, Claude. Born 1887, died 1956
SPERRY, Clifford. Spouse of Florence Bartoo. Born 1893, died 1970
SPERRY, Florence (Bartoo) Floss]. Spouse of #1 Ray Erway, #2 Clifford Sperry. Born 1884, died 1925 - Dau of Eli and Ellie (Stebbins) Bartoo. Wed first in 1905, one daughter.
SPERRY, Mary. Born ??, died 1926
STARKEY, Rosalie Blendelia (Farnham) [Rose]. Spouse of W. E. Born 12-8-1858, died 1-27-1917. Age: 58 - Dau of Alonzo and Rebecca (Johnson) Farnham. Born in Harrison Valley PA. Two sons
STARKEY, William Edison. Spouse of Rose Farnham. Born 1854, died 1938 - Son of Benjamin S. and Mercy M. (Keeney) Starkey. Born in Tioga Co PA. Two sons
STARKLEY, Flora E. Born 1893, died 1989
STARKLEY, Ray C. Born 1890, died 1966
STEVENS, Marsha. Born 1872, died 1950
STILES, Bella E. (Mallory). Spouse of Virgil R. Born 3-29-1895, died 7-24-1983 - Died in Potter Brook PA. At least two children. [Two Hearts With But A Single Beat]
STILES, Emma Jean (Houghtaling) [Jeannie]. Spouse of Robert R. Born 8-28-1943, died 7-9-2001. Age: 57 - Dau of Marion F. and Lola (Traver) Houghtaling
STILES, Robert Rex. Spouse of Emma J. Houghtaling. Born 12-26-1930, died 1-7-2006. Age: 75 - Son of Virgil and Bella (Mallory) Stiles, born in Sunderlinville PA. Four children - Korean War Vet
STILES, Robert V. Spouse of Charlene J. Bloom. Born 5-26-1964, died 5-14-2009. Age: 44 - Son of Robert Rex and Emma J. (Houghtaling) Stiles, born in Montrose PA. Wed 5-23-1987 at Westfield PA, one son. - Cold War Vet, US Coast Guard, 4 years
STILES, Virgil R. Spouse of Bella E. Mallory. Born 4-24-1906, died 2-1980. Age: 73 - Died in Westfield PA.At least two children. - Cold War Vet, US Coast Guard, 4 years
STONE, Baby. Born ??, died ?? - Child of Glen [burial record]
STONE, Erastus Hamlton. Spouse of Eunice. Born 1845, died 1916 - Son of Samuel W. and Sally (Mack) Stone. (1850 Harrison Census) At least one child. - Civil War Vet. Co M, 15th NY Eng. Corp, Artificer. Mustered out with company, 6-14-1865 at Ft Barry VA
STONE, Eunice (Scott). Spouse of Erastus H. Born 4-22-1860, died 12-5-1927. Age: 67y 6m 13d - Dau of Joel and Sarah J. (Kilbourn) Scott. Died in Coudersport PA At least one child.
STONE, Lena Katie. Spouse of Levi H. Born 1883, died 1965 - Born in PA, a carpenter. (1920 Dist 119 Harrison Census)
STONE, Levi H. Spouse of Lena K. Born 1875, died 1931 - (1920 Dist 119 Harrison Census)
STONE, Merrick C. Born 1905, died 1920 - Son of Levi and Lena Stone. (1920 Dist 119 Harrison Census)
STRANGE, Randi K. (Phillips). Born 2-18-1952, died 2-13-2022. Age: 69 - Dau of Howard W. and Kathryn R. (Erickson) Phillips. Born in Columbia SC, lived in MD and Westfield PA, died in Coudersport PA. three children, father not named.
STRATTON, Keith E. Born 1930, died 1988
STRATTON, Milford D. Born 1897, died 1983
STRATTON, Theo O. Born 1907, died 1984
SUTTON, Arthur Ray. Born 1885, died 1969
SUTTON, Baby. Born ??, died ?? - [burial record]
SUTTON, Byron D. Sr. [Barney]. Spouse of Marie O. Burrous. Born 2-10-1939, died 10-17-2016. Age: 77 - Son of Robert Joseph and Lillian (Hulse) Sutton. Born in Whitesville NY, died in Olean NY. Wed 10-13-1956 in Wellsville NY, three sons. (She survives) - Uncategorized Vet, USMC
SUTTON, Byron H. Spouse of Mary J. Born 1864, died 1935
SUTTON, George. Born 1879, died 10-26-1918. Age: 39
SUTTON, Judson M. Born 1971, died 1971
SUTTON, Mary J. Spouse of Bryon H. Born 1866, died 1956
SUTTON, Robert J. Born 1913, died 1944 - Prob son of Arthur Ray and Maude J. (Dates) Sutton
SUTTON, Susan. Spouse of William. Born 1869, died 1916 - Moved from Potter Cem in 1918
SUTTON, William. Spouse of Susan. Born 1855, died 1931
TADDER, Genevieve J. Born 9-18-1928, died 1-19-2006. Age: 77 - Dau of William and Beatrice (Moshier) Tadder, born in Harrison Valley PA
TADDER, Lucinda M (Burdick). Spouse of Clifford. Born 6-9-1942, died 7-20-2004. Age: 62 - Dau of Elmer and Mary (Ludwig) Burdick, born in Blossburg PA. Wed 7-14-1964 in Mills PA
TADDER, Mary Jane. Born ??, died 1959 - [burial record]
TANNER, Clio J. Born 1905, died 1976
TANNER, Doloris Diane. Born 4-23-1945, died 12-28-1947 - Dau of Edward and Edith Tanner
TANNER, James G. Spouse of Osie M. Born 5-11-1882, died 2-10-1953 - [Father]
TANNER, Laura R. Born 1905, died 1992
TANNER, Osie M. Spouse of James G. Born 2-15-1884, died 12-9-1929 - [Mother]
TAYLOR, George. Born 1859*, died 1-26-1920. Age: 61 - [burial record]
THOMPSON, Carrie E. (Lovell). Spouse of Frank M. Born 3-1870, died 1939 - Born and died in Tioga Co PA.
THOMPSON, Clarence Ivan. Spouse of Mildred H. Born 4-3-1899, died 10-1-1981
THOMPSON, Fannie L. Spouse of Jenks B. Born 1891, died 1926 - (1910 Harrison Census)
THOMPSON, Frank M. Spouse of Carrie E. Lovell. Born 1864, died 1929
THOMPSON, Jenks. Spouse of Fannie L. Born 1870, died 1954 - Son of Theodore Thompson. (1910 Harrison Census)
THOMPSON, Mildred Helen. Spouse of Clarence I. Born 9-12-1900, died 10-9-1981
THOMPSON, Theodore. Born 1824, died 1924 - [Father]
TROWBRIDGE, Rex A. Spouse of Ruth. Born 1912, died 1983
TROWBRIDGE, Ruth L. Spouse of Rex. Born 1917, died 1997
TRUAX, Agnes M. Spouse of William B. Born 1893, died 1982 - [Wife]
TRUAX, Arthur J. Spouse of Pearl. Born 1894, died 1966
TRUAX, Margaret. Born 1921, died 1921
TRUAX, Pearl M. (Potter). Spouse of Arthur. Born 1899, died 1930
TRUAX, William B. Spouse of Agnes M. Born 1899, died 1978 - [Husband]
UNKNOWN, Fred. Born ??, died ?? - Nothing else just a stone by itself at beginning of row apart from rest
VANETTEN, Baby. Born ??, died 1926 - Child of Rex
VANETTEN, Baby. Born ??, died 1941 - Child of Rex
VANETTEN, Dorr L. Spouse of Ruth S. Born 1913, died abt 2003 - Son of William and Sara (English) Van Etten, a minister. Wed 10-6-1936
VANETTEN, Joseph. Born 1917, died 1918
VANETTEN, Ruth S. Spouse of Dorr L. Born 1915, died 1999 - Wed 10-6-1936
VANETTEN, Virginia. Born 1917, died 1918
VICKERS, Jimmy. Born ??, died 1957 - [burial record]
VIERA, Genevieve (Cary) Hurler. Spouse of Arnold B. Hurler/ Gus H. Viera. Born 5-17-1920, died 1-17-2010 - Dau of Clarence and Myra (Seeley) Cary. Wed Arnold in 1932, 7 children. Gus 6-22-1991.
WALTERS, Lillian L. (Cary). Spouse of Robert F. Born 9-2-1927, died 11-5-2009 - Dau of Clarence and Myra (Seeley) Cary. Wed 7-21-1945 in Westfield, three children.
WALTERS, Robert F. Spouse of Lillian L. Cary. Born 8-3-1924, died 3-19-2017. Age: 92 - Son of G. Gordon and Cleva Luce Walters. Born in Westfield PA, died in Harrison Valley PA. Worked 39 years t Eberle Tannery. Wed 7-21-1945 in Westfield, three children.
WARTERS, Harold C. Born 1911, died 1967
WARTON, Reuben H. Born 1850, died 1931 - [Brother]
WEST, Katherine (Sweet) [Kate]. Born 1897, died 1977 - [burial record]
WHEELER, Horace D. [Lud]. Spouse of Juanita P. Thompson. Born 4-8-1930, died 12-11-2015. Age: 85 - Son of Horace and Bertha (Stevens) Wheeler, born in Harrison Valley, died in Coudersport PA. Wed 1-21-1949 in Winchester VA, four children. (She d. 1986) Survived by longtime companion Jane Hilfiger. - Korean War Vet, US Air Force
WHEELER, Juanita P. (Thompson). Spouse of Horace D. Born 11-29-1926, died 6-23-1986 - Dau of Clarence I. and Mildred H. Thompson. Wed 1-21-1949 in Winchester VA, four children.
WHEELER, Sharon L. (Outman). Spouse of Daniel C. Born 12-7-1956, died 11-4-2008 - Dau of Robert M. and Georgia (Graves) Outman, born at Coudersport PA. Wed 3-20-1977 in Galeton, two sons.
WHITE, Hamilton R. Born 1887, died 1949 - Son of Lyman D. and Anice M. (Haxton) White.
WIDGER, Martha. Born ??, died 1938 - [burial record]
WIDGER, Robert. Born ??, died 1938 - [burial record]
WILLIAMS, James Franklin. Spouse of Reva G. Abbott. Born 1909, died 1974
WILLIAMS, Reva G. (Abbott). Spouse of James Franklin. Born 7-24-1909, died 9-29-2006. Age: 97 - Dau of Arch and Liddie (Mann) Abbott, born in Harrison Valley. 4 children
WILLIAMS, Terry J. Spouse of Ruth Ann Yilek. Born 1-23-1941, died 8-4-2012. Age: 71 - Son of James Franklin and Reva G. (Abbott) Williams. Born in Harrison Twp a construction worker. Wed 7-27-1946 in Galeton PA, 2 daughters
WILLIAMS, Walter Victor. Born 7-19-1931, died 1-29-2001. Age: 69 - Son of George E. and Nellie Mae (Hoffmaster) Williams, born at Keating Summit PA. Five children - Korean War Vet, US Army
WOOD, Claude M. Jr. Born 1945, died 1998
WOOD, Twilla L. Born 1945, died Uncut
WORKS, Janice Elaine. Born ??, died 3-8-1954 - [burial record]
WORTHINGTON, Angela J. Born 12-19-1979, died 12-19-1979. Age: Stillborn - Dau of Robert L. and Sandra (Houghtaling) Worthington, Jr. Grdau of Robert L. and Janice O. Worthington Sr.
WORTHINGTON, Basil T. [Mutt]. Companion of Ann Marie Barry. Born 8-16-1958, died 8-22-2022. Age: 64 - Son of Robert L. and Janice O. (Lockwood) Worthington. Born in Hornell NY, lived in Ulysses PA. three children, mother unclear. Companion of 38 years survives.
WORTHINGTON, Janice O. Spouse of Robert L. Sr. Born 1930, died 1985
WORTHINGTON, Nellie S. (Brenenstuhl). Born 1890, died 1972
WORTHINGTON, Reuben J. Born 11-1979, died 11-1979. Age: Stillborn - Son of Basil T. and Mary Sue (Terrell) Worthington. Grson of Robert L. and Janice O. Worthington Sr.
WORTHINGTON, Robert L. Sr. Spouse of Janice O. Born 1917, died 1986 - Son of ? and Nellie S. (Brenenstuhl) Worthington.
WRIGHT, Irene (Strait). Born ??, died 1929 - Dau of John and Mary J. Strait. [burial record]
YOUNG, Gene R. Spouse of Elsie Crippen. Born 7-31-1940, died 4-19-2005. Age: 64 - Son of Frank A. and Alberta (Ransom) Young, born in Westfield PA, d. Troy PA. Wed 11-22-1975

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