Oswayo Twp, PA

GPSCoordinates: 4154'35.69"N, 783'2.11"W
Take 244 east out of Coneville about a mile. Cemetery is on the right.
Originally compiled by: Harold Lambert
Submitted by PHGS members: Dan and Sally Maxson
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Photos by Frankie Stonemetz, 2009

Where noted, some entries have been expanded with cross-references to data from various censuses. To view the census data, open the census cited and search for a name.
* = Birth dates calculated from existing death dates and ages.

ALLISON, William. Born 1854, died 1928
AMIDON, Frankin Ervin. Spouse of Ida Shattuck\Ada Kemp. Born 2-1860, died 1-14-1936 - (1900 Oswayo Census) Wed Ada 4-1904.
AMIDON, Harly. Born 4-24-1885, died 11-9-1940 - Son of Franklin Ervin and Ida (Shattuck) Amidon
AMIDON, Ida (Shattuck). Spouse of Franklin Ervin. Born 8-1865, died 1902 - (1900 Oswayo Census)
AMIDON, Lewis H. S. Spouse of Luella Studer. Born 5-15-1912, died 11-3-2002. Age: 90 - Son of Fred and Pearl (Davis) Amidon. Born in Oswayo PA
AMIDON, Luella E. (Studer) [Midge]. Spouse of Lewis H. Born 5-8-1924, died 3-4-1998 - Wed 6-15-1941 in Wellsville NY
AMIDON, Nancy C. (Denhoff). Spouse of Roy. Born 1944, died 1968 - Dau of ? And Elizabeth Denhoff. Raised by Lawrence D. and Sophia S. (Denhoff) Snyder
AMIDON, Norma T. (Emerson). Spouse of Fred. Born 1921, died 3-26-1957 - Dau of Edgar and Cora May Emerson
ANDERSON, Geraldine L. (Roberts). Spouse of F. David Norton/ William. Born 4-22-1935, died 7-1-2011. Age: 76 - Dau of Roland and Lucille (Lloyd) Roberts, born in Coneville PA. Was a nurse. Wed David 11-5-1951, 4 children. Wed William 12-1976.
ATKINSON, Mary B. Spouse of Samuel. Born 11-21-1837, died 11-20-1889. Age: 51y 11m 20d
ATKINSON, Ned. Born 1889, died 1897
ATKINSON, Nellie. Spouse of James. Born ??, died 1-4-1891
ATKINSON, Samuel. Spouse of Mary. Born 4-29-1832*, died 11-29-1895. Age: 63y 7m
ATKINSON, Thera A. (Hinton). Spouse of Zale J. Born 10-1857, died 1936 - Dau of Elijah and Augusta (Swift) Hinton. (1900 Hebron Census)
ATKINSON, Zale J. Spouse of Thera Hinton. Born 4-1855, died 1929 - Son of Samuel and Mary Atkinson. (1900 Hebron Census)
ATTERSON, Herald E. Born 10-24-1906, died 11-24-1906
AUSTIN, Hattie E. Spouse of Martin H. Born 7-1875, died 1944 - (1900 Hebron Census)
AUSTIN, Martin H. Spouse of Hattie E. Born 3-1869, died 1905 - Living in household headed by Lilly Austin in 1880 Hebron Census. (1900 Hebron Census)
BACON, Adelbert A. Born 3-28-1850*, died 8-30-1862. Age: 12y 5m 2d - Son of Truman and Betsy Bacon
BACON, Elnora Josephine. Born 1848*, died 1862. Age: 13y 2m - Dau of Truman and Betsy Bacon
BACON, Francis L. Born 1868*, died 5-2-1871. Age: 3 - Son of Truman and Betsey J. Bacon
BAILEY, Charles F. Spouse of Sarah Outman. Born 5-27-1868, died 7-16-1934 - Son of Franklin and Mary Jane (Foote) Bailey
BAILEY, Leon E. Spouse of Lillian M. Swift. Born 9-8-1906, died 12-16-1952 - Son of Charles and Sarah (Outman) Bailey
BAILEY, Lillian M. (Swift). Spouse of Leon E. Born 1910, died 1948 - Dau of Claud and Matilda (Pye) Swift.
BAILEY, Robert Earl, Sr. Spouse of Lois Sturdevant. Born 1905, died 1-6-1948. Age: 43 - At least three children
BAILEY, Sarah A.(Outman). Spouse of Charles F. Born 3-28-1874, died 4-2-1956 - Dau of Charles and Mariah (Hunter) Outman
BALL, Ambrose J. Spouse of Cora Simons. Born 9-1868, died 1950 - Son of Ambrose and Cordelia (Emerson) Ball. Wed 7-1893. (1880, 1900, 1920 Hebron Census)
BALL, C. Glenola (Vangilder). Spouse of Vivan. Born 10-1915, died 3-2002 - Dau of Hercil and Erma (Dawley) Vangilder. Three children
BALL, Charles A. Spouse of Kathleen Swift. Born 8-1889, died 1950 - Son of James and Electa (Ingram) Ball. Wed 5-4-1910 in Olean NY. [Masonic Emblem on grave]
BALL, Cora L. (Simons). Spouse of Ambrose. Born 2-1870, died 1955 - Dau of John and Jeanette (Potter) Simons. Wed 7-1893. (1900, 1920 Hebron Census)
BALL, Eldom Emile. Born 1941, died 1941
BALL, Fordyce J. Born 1906, died 1946 - Son of James and Chloe Ball
BALL, Gerald Norton. Born 8-15-1919, died 7-31-1958 - Son of ? And Dora (Swift) Ball. (1920 Hebron Census) - WW II Vet, US Army, NY. PFC
BALL, James M. Spouse of Electa Ingram/ Chloe. Born 9-1861, died 6-1931 - Son of Ambrose and Cordelia (Emerson) Ball. Widowed in 1900 1900 Hebron Census.
BALL, Kathleen (Swift). Spouse of Charles A. Born 1887, died 19?? - Dau of Alfred Scott and Edith (Fowler) Swift. Wed 5-4-1910 in Olean NY.
BALL, Leon LaVerne. Born 1937, died 1937
BALL, Vivan. Spouse of C. Glenola Vanglder. Born 8-11-1912, died 2-29-1972 - Son of James and Chloe Ball
BANKS, Betty R. Born 1928, died 1975
BANKS, Charles H. Spouse of Emily. Born 5-2-1896, died 1-1-1981 - Son of Warren and Nellie (Chapel )Banks - WW I Vet
BANKS, Edgar. Born 1900, died 1965 - Son of Warren and Nellie (Chapel) Banks
BANKS, Elizabeth R. Born 1928, died 1975
BANKS, Emily (Phillips). Spouse of Charles H. Born 1-5-1902, died 2-2-1992 - Dau of Almond and Bell (Lawton) Phillips
BANKS, Marion N. Born 1-1893, died 1931 - Son of Warren and Nellie (Chapel) Banks. (1900 Oswayo Census)
BANKS, Nellie (Chapel) Smith. Spouse of Delbert Smith/ Warren E. Born 1875, died 1960 - (1900 Oswayo Census: 1-1876)
BANKS, Warren E. Spouse of Nellie Smith. Born 1870, died 1931 - Son of Josiah Banks. Born in Jasper NY. (1900 Oswayo Census: 10-1871)
BEAVER, Nadia. Spouse of Ralph E. Born 1923, died 1964
BEAVER, Ralph E. Spouse of Nadia. Born 1909, died ??
BECKWITH, James. Spouse of Maxine Peters, Joanne A. (Wittek Hellman. Born 2-10-1928, died 12-5-2014. Age: 86 - Son of Wilder E. and Marion (Ford) Beckwith. Born and died in Potter Co, worked 33 yrs for Quaker State. Wed Maxine 2-24-1945 in Shinglehouse, 2 children. Wed Joanne 2-13-1999 in Shinglehouse.
BEHN, Glendora A. Born 1898, died 1967
BERGER, Arlene E. (Coole). Spouse of James T. Born 7-22-1929, died 8-18-1928. Age: 88 - Dau of Frederick and Ellen (Hale) Coole. Born in Galeton PA, Lived in Oswayo PA and Buffalo NY, died in Kenmore PA. Wed 5-25-1957 in Harveys Lake PA, two children. (Spouse survives) - Uncategorized Vet, USNR. Four years.
BEULER, Carrie. Born 1871, died 1911
BLAUVELT, Richard A. Spouse of Carol Burrell. Born 1935, died 1977
BLOW, Catherine H. (McNeil). Spouse of Henry. Born 8-3-1813, died 1-4-1907 - [Grandmother] Dau of Nunard and Elizabeth (Norton) McNeil
BLOW, Clare M. Born 1908, died 1910 - [Daughter]
BLOW, Frank L. Spouse of Mary Franklin. Born 6-10-1859, died 1-8-1950 - [Father] Son of Henry and Catherine (McNeil) Blow
BLOW, Mabel I. Born 1906, died 1906 - Daughter of Frank L. and Mary (Franklin) Blow
BLOW, Mary S. (Franklin). Spouse of Frank L. Born 8-27-1866, died 3-9-1945 - [Mother] Dau of Johnathan and Hulda (Tripp) Franklin
BLOW, Monta B. Spouse of Mildred Stalcup. Born 6-16-1909, died 3-3-1983 - Son of Frank L. and Mary (Franklin) Blow
BODEN, Alice H. (Everett). Spouse of Joseph H. Born 1923, died uncut
BODEN, Joseph H. Spouse of Alice H. Everett. Born 2-5-1916, died 3-1987 - Son of Thomas and Nina (Hamilton) Boden - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt
BRIGHT, Forrest J. [Pat]. Spouse of Shirley F. Gress. Born 3-22-1928, died 3-26-2018. Age: 90 - Son of Clifford and Emma (Skinner) Bright. Born in Bradford PA, lived in Hebron Center PA. died in Danville PA. A heavy equipment operator. Wed 10-19-1962 in OH, three children.
BRIGHT, Shirley Frances (Gress). Spouse of Forrest J. Born 6-10-1936, died 8-1-2008. Age: 72 - Dau of Paul C. and Delores (Lafollette) Gress. Born in Wellsburg, WV. Wed 10-19-1962 in OH, 2 children
BRIZZEE, Clarence *. Spouse of Harriet Brown/ Katie Harris. Born 1861, died 1944 - [Father] Son of John and Augusta (Pearsall) Brizzie. Wed 2nd Katie Harris.
BRIZZEE, Harriet E. (Brown)*. Spouse of Clarence. Born 1863, died 1931 - [Mother] Dau of Lavina Johnson and ?? Brown
BRIZZEE, Helen B. Born 1903, died 1996
BRIZZEE, Katie (Harris). Spouse of Clarence. Born 5-11-1867, died 8-19-1893 - Dau of Alfonso and Zeruah (Babbitt) Harris. Second wife of Clarence.
BRIZZEE,John C. Born 8-11-1893, died 5-2-1974 - WW I Vet, US Army, Pfc
BRIZZIE, Antonette (Wood). Spouse of Freeman. Born 6-1836, died 4-1-1924 - Born in NY. (1860, 1900 Oswayo Census)
BRIZZIE, Charles. Born 8-30-1817, died 5-6-1846. Age: 28
BRIZZIE, Clara E. Born 1857, died 4-6-1862. Age: 5 - Dau of Freeman and Antonette (Wood) Brizzie
BRIZZIE, Marietta (Campbell). Spouse of Adolphus Martin. Sr./ Silas. Born 4-1849, died 1942 - Wed 1st Adolphus Martin, Sr. (1900 Hebron Census) Also listed as Marietta Martin.
BRIZZIE, Minnie. Born 5-11-1867, died 11-10-1893
BROCKWAY, Flora E. Born 6-11-1860*, died 5-11-1861. Age: 11 m - Dau of Mariah and Napoleno Brockway
BURNHAM, Alice E. (Waite). Spouse of Rev. Howard R. Born 10-5-1938, died 10-9-2020. Age: 82 - Dau of Rev. Daniel and Ethel Simpson Waite. Born in Randolph NY, lived in Hebron Center PA, died in Coudersport PA. Served Hebron Union Church in many capacities. Wed 7-13-1967 in Eddyville NY, three daughters, (Spouse survives)
BURRELL, Richard A. Born 4-6-1935, died 10-1977
CALHOUN, Blanche E. (Perkins). Spouse of Warren H. Born 5-14-1924, died 12-16-2915. Age: 91 - Dau of Floyd and Myra (Galpin) Perkins, one of 13 children. Born in Raymond PA, died in Coudersport PA. Wed 8-30-1941 in Ulysses, four children
CALHOUN, Dennis. Born 11-12-1940, died 6-23-1988 - Son of Golden and Marjorie F. (Stonemetz) Calhoun
CALHOUN, Gary D. Born 12-9-1938, died 12-10-2014. Age: 76 - Son of Golden R. and Marjorie F. (Stonemetz) Calhoun. Born in Port Allegany, died in Coudersport, career Navy. Two children - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy, E6
CALHOUN, Golden Ray. Spouse of Marjorie Stonemetz. Born 1-12-1914, died 1-28-1971 - Son of Frederick and Mary Helmick Calhoun - WW II Vet
CALHOUN, Infant. Born 11-9-1936, died 11-9-1936 - Son of Golden and Marjorie F. Stonemetz Calhoun
CALHOUN, Lotus I. (Foster). Spouse of Marvin O. Born 1-08-1922, died 4-21-2-006. Age: 84 - Dau of Riley D. and Erma L (Shattuck) Foster. Wed 2-25-1939 in Little Genesee NY
CALHOUN, Marjorie F. (Stonemetz). Spouse of Golden R. Born 1915, died ?? - Dau of Frank E. and Katherine A Stonemetz. (1920 Hebron Census)
CALHOUN, Marvin O. Spouse of Lotus Foster. Born 2-20-1917, died 6-3-2005. Age: 88 - Son of Fred and Mary (Helmick) Calhoun. Born in Mouth of Seneca WV. Wed 2-25-1939 in Little Genesee NY - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps
CALHOUN, Warren H. Spouse of Blanche Perkins. Born 10-21-1920, died 6-13-2001. Age: 80 - Son of Fred and Mary (Helmick) Calhoun. Born in Mouth of Seneca WV. Wed 8-30-1941 in Ulysses, four children
CANNON, James. Born 1825, died 12-28-1891. Age: 66 - Civil War Vet, GAR
CARLE, Devolson I. Spouse of Pearl J. Born 1881, died 1953
CARLE, Pearl J. Spouse of Devolson I. Born 1892, died 1948
CARPENTER, Diane Irene (Weimer). Spouse of #1 Melvin Wackwitz, #2 Harold Carpenter Jr. Born 3-17-1945, died 1-20-2011. Age: 65 - Dau of Victor C. and Freda R. (Bolduc) Weimer, born in Cheektowaga NY. Four children with Melvin. Wed Harold 7-29-1967 in Oswayo PA, 4 children
CARPENTER, Elizabeth B. (Munson). Spouse of Lewis/ ? Graves. Born 8-1841, died 1-19-1933 - Dau of Henry H. Sabrina and Munson - Wed 2nd ? Graves (1900 Oswayo Census)
CARPENTER, Harold E., Sr. Spouse of Mary Stebbins. Born 12-14-1899, died 8-19-1987 - Son of Harvey and Nora J. (Miller) Carpenter
CARPENTER, Harold Jr. [Pa]. Spouse of Diana I. Weimer. Born 5-11-1935, died 12-13-2021. Age: 86 - Son of Harold E. Sr. and Mary (Stebbins) Carpenter. Born and died in Coudersport PA, lived in Millport PA. A victim of COVID-19. Wed 7-29-1976 in Oswayo PA, four children. - Cold War Vet, US Army. 1959-1963
CARPENTER, James D. Spouse of Leanna Williams. Born 2-14-1937, died 12-3-1999 - Son of Harold E. and Mary E. (Stebbins) Carpenter
CARPENTER, Mary E. (Stebbins). Spouse of Harold. Born 1-14-1904, died 4-26-1993 - Dau of William and Unice (Story) Stebbins
CARPENTER, Viola (Harris). Spouse of Wm. Dennis. Born 8-1853, died 1939 - Dau of Ovid and Helen (Densmore) Harris. (1900 Hebron Census)
CARPENTER, William Dennis. Spouse of Viola Harris. Born 10-1843, died 1-19-1920 - [GAR] Grandfather of Harold E. (1900, 1920 Hebron Census) - Civil War Vet, Co B, 184th PA Vols
CLAIR, Jennie B. Spouse of John Jr. Born 1870, died 1946
CLAIR, John Sr. Born 11-22-1837, died 2-25-1920 - Son of Joseph and Maria Emerson [Joseph and Maria (Emerson) Clare?]
CLAIRE, Jennie. Born 1870, died 1946
CLARE, Emery. Born 7-1867, died 8-11-1869. Age: 1y 11m
CLARE, Mary Jane (McKee). Spouse of William. Born 1847, died 9-25-1902 - Born in Canada
CLARE, William. Spouse of Mary J. McKee. Born 4-26-1842, died 1-13-1911 - Son of Joseph and Maria Emerson. [Joseph and Maria (Emerson) Clare?]
COLE, Cassius M. Born 1844, died 11-29- 1867. Age: 23 - Civil War Vet, Co G 46th PA Vols
COLE, Jennie M. (Lockwood). Spouse of Leon L. Born 10-28-1874, died 6-15-1961 - Dau of Frank Lockwood. Wed 11-1921.
COLE, Leon L. Spouse of Jennie Lockwood. Born 9-31-1870, died 7-22-1949 - Son of James and Mary A. (Graves) Cole. Wed 11-1921. - WW I Vet, PA Set. Qm. Cp.
COLEGROVE, Sarah M. (Swift). Born 1849, died 1925 - [Mother]
COLLINS, Mazie, M. Ihalladay). Spouse of Patrick W. Born 7-18-1945, died 12-9-2014. Age: 69 - Dau of Lewis H. and Gladys M. (Shelley) Halladay, born in Bradford PA, died in Olean. Wed in 2000 in Olean. 5ive children - none with Patrick.
CONE, Gracie May (Cone). Born 4-18-1886*, died 10-18-1886. Age: 6 m - Dau of William and Dell (Spencer) Cone
COOK, Claude E. *. Spouse of Jessie N. Treat/ Violet E. Born 8-18-1887, died 5-2-1969 - Son of Ezra and Lucy (Kemp) Cook. Married to Jessie in 1920 Sharon Census.
COOK, Jessie N (Lewis) Treat *. Spouse of Claude E. Born 1895, died ?? - Also listed in this cemetery as TREAT, Jessie C.
COOK, Merle H.*. Spouse of Violet E. / Cora Baxter. Born 9-1-1914, died 12-6-1981 - Son of Claude and Jessie (Lewis) Cook. Married twice
COOK, Violet E. *. Spouse of Claude E./ Merle. Born 11-13-1906, died 12-14-1962
COOLE, Arthur G. Spouse of Ila B. Born 1902, died 1967
COOLE, Ila B. Spouse of Arthur G. Born 1910, died ??
CORNELIUS, Florence *. Spouse of John a. Born 1886, died 1963
CORNELIUS, John A. *. Spouse of Florence. Born 1877, died 1960 - Son of Andrew J. and Elmira M. (Strong) Cornelius
CORNISH, Elizabeth Bessie. Born 1918, died 1921 - Dau of Chauncy and Maude (Swift) Cornish
COTTER, Genevieve (Signor). Spouse of Thomas D. Born 9-24-1905, died 1-2-1963 - Dau of Jerome and Harriet (Estes) Signor
COTTER, Thomas D. Spouse of Genevieve Signor. Born 1904, died 1979 - Son of Thomas and Mary (Granlow) Cotter
COX, Caroline C. (Hill). Spouse of Waldo J. Born 3-5-1930, died 1-28-2011. Age: 80 - Dau of Charles and Ella (Harris) Hill. Wed 10-15-1949 at Roulette PA, 5 children.
COX, Thomas D. Born 4-15-1952, died 1-4-2021. Age: 68 - Son of Waldo J. and Caroline C. (Hill) Cox. Born in Coudersport PA, lived in Port Allegany PA, died in Bradford PA. Worked 36 years at EL-CAM.
COX, Waldo J. Spouse of Caroline C. (Hill) 9-9-1923, died 2-18-2013 - Son of Zera A. and Esther (Rifle) Cox. Wed 10-15-1949 at Roulette PA, 5 children.
COYLE, Pearl (Stonemetz). Spouse of Robert C., Sr. Born 1-5-1917, died 5-27-2012. Age: 95 - Dau of Claude A. and Blanche (Vasbinder) Stonemetz, born in Lackawanna NY. Wed 9-16-1939 in Buffalo NY, 2 children.
COYLE, Robert C., Sr. Spouse of Pearl Stonemetz. Born 11-8-1912, died 1-2-1993 - Son of Edward and Effie (Champlin) Coyle. Wed 9-16-1939 in Buffalo NY, 2 children.
CRUM, Doris M. (Welch) *. Spouse of Gilbert R. Born 1926, died uncut - Wed 6-28-1946
CRUM, Gilbert R. *. Spouse of Doris Welch. Born 3-15-1915, died 4-28-1998 - Son of Herbert and Josephine (Easton) Crum. Wed 6-28-1946 - WW II Vet
CRUM, Wayne R. [Skip]. Spouse of Jane L. Hoffman. Born 4-8-1951, died 7-19-2013. Age: 62 - Son of Gilbert R. and Doris M. (Welch) Crum. Born in Shinglehouse, softwar engineer. Wed 10-6-1979 in Great Falls VA, 1 son - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, SSgt, 1974-1981
CURTIN, Shirley Jane. Born 7-23-1959, died 7-25-1959 - Dau of C. L. and L. W. Curtin
CUTMAN, Jerry. Born 1869, died 1942
DALRYMPLE, Carl E. Spouse of Gladys Evans. Born ??, died 11-13-1978 - Son of John C. and Jennie (Heddemn) Dalrymple. Wed 9-1-1926 in Mt. Fern NJ
DALRYMPLE, Gladys E. (Evans). Spouse of Carl E. Born 10-28-1908, died 5-17-2003. Age: 94 - Dau of Raymond and Tillie (Cook) Evans. Born in Farmingham MA. Wed 9-1-1926 in Mt. Fern NJ, 2 children
DALRYMPLE, Maria L. (Peterson). Spouse of Everett W. Born 1-3-1934, died 4-27-2020. Age: 86 - Dau of Carl E. and America (Mitchell) Peterson. Born in Dover NJ, lived in Coneville PA, died in Gettysburg PA. Wed 11-26-1955 in Wharton NJ, two children. (Spouse survives)
DALRYMPLE,Steven W. Born 2-11-1959, died 10-21-1998
DAVIS, Anson. Born 1879, died 6-1-1881. Age: 2 - Son of Charles and Mary S. (Wilcox) Davis
DAVIS, Belle R. Born 1873, died 5-21-1881. Age: 8 - Dau of Charles and Mary S. (Wilcox) Davis
DAVIS, Lewis P. Born 1870, died 6-2-1881. Age: 11y 7m - Son of Charles and Mary S. (Wilcox) Davis
DENSMORE, Charles F. Born 5-??-1864, died 1941 - Son of Robert and Mary E. Densmore. (1900 Clara Census)
DENSMORE, Flossie. Born 1899, died 1900 - Dau of J. R. and Ettie Densmore
DENSMORE, John. Born 1807, died 3-2-1902
DENSMORE, Mary E. Spouse of Robert. Born 7-23-1845, died 11-2-1918
DENSMORE, Robert. Spouse of Mary E. Born 3-1834, died 6-27-1911 - (1900 Hebron Census) - Civil War Vet, Co K, 106th PA Vols, Pvt.
DINGMAN, Frank W. Spouse of Louise C. Bang. Born 4-1872, died 1958 - Son of William and Mary (Brock) Dingman. Wed 7-4-1894. (1900 Coudersport Ward 2 Census)
DINGMAN, Louise C. (Bang). Spouse of Frank W. Born 8-1874, died 1955 - From Gardeau PA, wed 7-4-1894. (1900 Coudersport Ward 2 Census)
DINGMAN, Mildred B. (Meacham). Spouse of Robert F. Born 12-3-1905, died 12-26-2001. Age: 96 - Dau of George and Agnes (Reed) Meacham. Born at Sartwell Creek PA. Wed 10-15-1927
DINGMAN, Robert F. Born 9-17-1931, died 4-30-2019. Age: 87 - Son of Robert F. and Mildred B. (Meacham) Dingman. Born, lived, and died in Coudersport PA. Owned Dingman's store in Coneville PA.
DINGMAN, Robert F. Spouse of Mildred B. Meacham. Born 4-4-1903, died 10-23-1966 - Son of Frank W. and Louise C. (Bang) Dingman
DINGMAN, Robert F., Jr. Spouse of Mildred B. Meacham. Born 1931, died uncut - Son of Robert F. and Mildred B. (Meacham) Dingman
DOWNS, (Infant Girl). Born 1948, died 1948
DOWNS, Andrew Jr. Spouse of Ella Cox. Born 7-28-1903, died 9-27-1991 - Son of Andrew J. and Margaret Christy Downs
DOWNS, Ella U. (Cox). Spouse of Andrew J. Born 9-22-1905, died 6-6-1999
DOWNS, Georgianna. Born ??, died 1-13-1946 - Dau of Andrew J. and Ella U. (Cox) Downs
DUBOTS, Kelly A. Woodring. Spouse of ? Woodring/ Joseph Dubots. Born 10-20-1864, died 11-21-2009. Age: 45 - Dau of Donna S. Kelly. Wed Joseph 7-29-2009. Seven children.
DUNBAR, Annie L. Spouse of Delos H. Jr. Born 1859, died 1946
DUNBAR, Arthur. Born 8-4-1860, died 12-18-1912
DUNBAR, Delos H. Jr. Spouse of Annie L. Born 1859, died 1936
DUNBAR, Delos H. Sr. Spouse of Harriet M. Born 1828, died 5-16-1913
DUNBAR, Harriet M. Spouse of Delos H. Sr. Born 1836, died 1895
DUNBAR, Martin. Born 1893*, died 1-18-1900. Age: 7 - Son of A. J. and Maggie Dunbar.
DUNSHIE, Joan A. (Maynard). Spouse of Max V. Born 4-27-1924, died 12-12-2017. Age: 93 - Dau of Arthur B. and Ellen (Bailey) Maynard. Born and lived in Shinglehouse PA, died in Coudersport PA. Wed 12-21-1940 in Sweden Valley PA, four children.
DUNSHIE, Max V. Spouse of Joan A. Maynard. Born 1-2-1921, died 12-20-2017. Age: 96 - Son of Bert M. and Jessie C. (Jones) Dunshie. Born and lived in Shinglehouse, died in Coudersport PA. Sharon Twp supervisor for 24 years. Wed 12-21-1940 in Sweden Valley PA, four children.
DWIGHT, Albert L. Born 3-1900, died ?? - Son of Dan and Mary (Phillips) Dwight. (1900 Hebron Census)
DWIGHT, Alice (Campbell). Spouse of. Born 4-8-1913, died 10-20-2005. Age: 92 - Dau of Ira and Carrie Belle (Pierce) Campbell
DWIGHT, Dan. Spouse of Mary Phillips. Born 3-1874, died 1954 - Son of Henry and Flora (Williams) Dwight. (1900 Hebron Census)
DWIGHT, Ellen I. Born 1909, died ??
DWIGHT, Flora I. (Williams). Spouse of Henry. Born 8-1852, died 6-18-1929 - Dau of Henry and Phoebe Briggs Williams. Wed 1-1-1873 in Allegany Twp. (1900 Hebron Census)
DWIGHT, Harriet M. (Chamberlain). Spouse of Norman. Born ??, died ?? - Dau of Elijah and Jane (Reynolds) Chamberlain. Wed 1-1-1865.
DWIGHT, Henry D. Spouse of Flora Williams. Born 5-1850, died 1920 - Wed 1-1-1873 in Allegany Twp. (1900 Hebron Census)
DWIGHT, John. Spouse of Mariah. Born 11-10-1802*, died 5-7-1861. Age: 58y 5m 27d - Son of Israel Dwight
DWIGHT, Louis J. Born 7-19-1873, died 11-17-1893, Age: 20 - Son of Orson and Avidia (Andrews) Dwight
DWIGHT, Margaret T. Spouse of William W. Born 11-30-1839*, died 12-21-1875. Age: 36y 21d
DWIGHT, Mariah. Spouse of John Dwight/ Cornelius Lord. Born 3-29-1808*, died 10-5-1879. Age: 72y 6m 6d - Wed Cornelious 11-20-1864. Also listed in this cemetery as LORD, Mariah
DWIGHT, Mary (Dwight). Spouse of ?. Born 7-7-1817, died 11-18-1906 - Dau of Israel and Sarah (Porter) Dwight
DWIGHT, Mary (Phillips). Spouse of Dan. Born 5-1877, died 1944 - (1900 Hebron Census)
DWIGHT, Norman. Spouse of Harriet M. Chamberlain. Born 5-5-1819, died 2-4-1886 - Son of Israel and Sarah (Porter) Dwight. Born in Windsor, Broome Co.NY. Wed 1-1-1865.
DWIGHT, Orson. Spouse of Avidia Andrews. Born 8-10-1824, died 11-5-1884. Age: 61 - Son of Israel and Sarah (Porter) Dwight
DWIGHT, Walter D. Spouse of Alice C. Born 1911, died 7-22-1969 - Wed 6-20-1936
DWIGHT, William W. Spouse of Margaret T./ Clara Bently. Born 7-12-1834, died 4-21-1887. Age: 52y 8m 9d - Wed Clara on 12-24-1876 in Clara Twp. 1880 Hebron Census - Civil War Vet, Co G 46th PA Vols, Pvt. Mustered out with Company on July 16, 1865.
EARL, Esther M. Spouse of William B. Born 1916, died 1988
EARL, Flora B. Spouse of William. Born 1860, died 1890
EARL, William A. Spouse of Flora B. Born 1854, died 1928 - Son of Mccrady and Mary Earl
EARL, William B. Spouse of Esther. Born 1902, died ??
ECK, Clifton D. Born 10-29-1952, died 11-13-1988 - Son of Harry D. [Arch] and Lois (Sturdevant) Eck.
ECK, Harvey D. [Arch]. Spouse of Lois Sturdevant. Born 1898, died 1974 - Wed 4-16-1940 in Millport
ECK, Lois (Sturdevant) Bailey. Spouse of Robert E. Bailey/ Harry [Arch] Eck. Born 1910, died Aft. 3-2004 - Dau of Amos and Nellie (Cornelius) Sturdevant. Born in Oswayo, a homemaker. At least three children with Robert. Wed Harry 4-16-1940 in Millport at least two children.
ELLIOTT, Bernice Elizabeth (Swarthout). Spouse of Clair A. Born 5-15-1908, died 3-6-1999 - Dau of Harry J. and Maude R. Swarthout.
ELLIOTT, Bonnie. Born 1-27-1923, died 3-23-1924
ELLIOTT, Christina A. ?/ Ernest Stewart. Born 1897, died 19?? - Dau of Neib and Lena Ryland - Wed 2nd, Ernest Stewart
ELLIOTT, Clair A. Spouse of Gladys Yeager/ Bernice Swarthout. Born 11-16-1898, died 5-3-1985 - Son of Adelbert and Delia (Sloat) Elliott
ELLIOTT, Frances P. (Bailey). Spouse of ? Young/ Richard T. Born 6-7-1927, died 11-9-2006. Age: 79 - Dau of Leon and Lillian (Swift) Bailey, born in Coneville. Four children. Wed Richard 11-13-1976
ELLIOTT, Gladys N. (Yeager). Spouse of Clair. Born 1900, died 1930 - Dau of James and Emma (Stewart )Yeager - 1st wife of Clair.
ELLIOTT, Golda May. Born 3-15-1921, died 6-17-1926
ELLIOTT, Patricia A. Born 1951, died 1978
ELLIS, Dora Harris. Spouse of W. L. Born 4-20-1845*, died 1-20-1889. Age: 43y 9m
ELLIS, John H. Spouse of Katherine Harris. Born 9-11-1860, died 4-9-1939 - Son of George and Rebecca (Rice) Ellis
ELLIS, Katherine (Harris). Spouse of John. Born 1-1864, died 3-16-1924 - Dau of Al and Eunice Harris (1900 Oswayo Census)
ELLIS, Zeruah R. Born 7-13-1895, died 12-4-1977 - Dau of John and Katherine (Harris) Ellis
ESTES, Adelia. Spouse of Charles A. Born 1834, died 1910
ESTES, Alice G. Born 1-20-1874, died 12-5-1874 - Dau of Squire and Clarissa (Pearsall) Estes
ESTES, Barbara (Loudenslager). Spouse of Richard R. Born ??, died 3-25-1998 - Wed 4-11-1963
ESTES, Charles A. Spouse of Emily Addia. Born 2-1838, died 4-7-1909 - Son of George G and Polly (Brizzie) Estes - Civil War Vet
ESTES, Clarissa A. (Pearsall). Spouse of Squire. Born 5-22-1844, died 3-5-1928 - Dau of John and Ruth (Lane) Pearsall. Wed in 1871.
ESTES, Dexter K. Born 1918, died 1920 - Son of Herbert and Viva (Kilbourn) Estes
ESTES, Emily Amelia (Addia). Spouse of Charles A. Born 6-1834, died 1910 - (1900 Hebron Census)
ESTES, Eva (Dunshie) Swift. Spouse of Don Swift/ Lyle G. Born 9-11-1894, died 9-13-1971 - Dau of Fred and Eva (Kemp) Dunshie. Two children
ESTES, Floyd. Born 1-1861, died 1909 - Son of Charles and Emily (Addia) Estes. (1900 Hebron Census)
ESTES, George G. Spouse of Polly Brizzie. Born 9-7-1800, died 2-15-1863. Age: 62y 5m 9d
ESTES, George Myron. Spouse of Ursula Dwight. Born 8-1832, died 7-16-1902 - Son of George G and Polly (Brizzie) Estes. (1900 Hebron Census) - Civil War Vet
ESTES, Herbert. Spouse of Viva Kilbourn. Born 2-1891, died 5-18-1928 - Son of Albert E. and Mary L. (Stilson) Estes
ESTES, Herbert Jack. Spouse of M. Maurine Swift. Born 7-22-1920, died 11-26-2010 - Son of Herbert T.and Viva M. (Kilbourne) Estes. Wed 4-1-1943 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec-4
ESTES, John. Born 2-17-1877, died 2-25-1891 - Son of Squire and Clarissa (Pearsall) Estes
ESTES, Louisa M. (Phillips). Spouse of Romeo. Born 3-31-1850, died 7-13-1927 - Dau of John and Mary (Richardson) Phillips
ESTES, Lyle G. Spouse of Eva (Dunshie) Swift. Born 1894, died 8-2-1938 - Son of Albert E. and Mary L. (Stilson) Estes
ESTES, M. Maurine (Swift). Spouse of Herbert [Jack]. Born 8-04-1921, died 5-02-2008. Age: 86 - Dau of Maurice Clifford and Maybelle (Roberts) Swift. Born in Coneville PA. Wed 4-01-1943 in Fort Eustis VA. 4 children
ESTES, Polly (Brizzie). Spouse of George G. Born 10-25-1807, died 1-11-1894 - Born in NY. (1880 Hebron Census)
ESTES, Polly G. Born 1-15-1873, died 4-11-1873 - Dau of Squire and Clarissa (Pearsall) Estes
ESTES, Richard R. Spouse of Barbara Loudenslager. Born 2-26-1926, died 11-30-2007. Age: 81 - Son of Herbert T. and Viva (Kilbourn) Estes. Wed 4-11-1963. At least 1 child - WW II, US Navy and Korean War, US Air force
ESTES, Romeo. Spouse of Louisa Phillips. Born 12-1-1850, died 7-13-1928 - Son of George G and Polly (Brizzie) Estes, a farmer (1900 Oswayo Census)
ESTES, Squire. Spouse of Clarissa Pearsall. Born 9-1843, died 3-7-1913 - Son of George G and Polly (Brizzie) Estes. Wed in 1871. (1900 Hebron Census) - Civil War Vet, GA - R
ESTES, Ursula (Dwight) Fox. Spouse of Jacob Fox/ George Myron. Born 1835*, died 11-10-1875. Age: 40 - Dau of Delos and Phebe Dwight.
ESTES, Viva (Kilbourn). Spouse of Herbert. Born 9-13-1890, died 10-15-1961 - Dau of ? Inez (Havens) Kilbourn. Born in Cata MI. Wed 2-1-1916.
EVERETT, Alice. Born 1897, died 1977
EVERETT, Jack W. Born 1920, died 1986
FENNER, Alfred Gerald. Spouse of Helen Lunn. Born 1914, died 1-19-1972 - Son of Olin Smith and Marinda [Minnie[ (Reddy) Fenner
FENNER, Helen I. (Lunn). Spouse of Alfred. Born 1-22-1921, died 4-8-2006 - Dau of Claude and Viola (Dexter) Lunn. Wed 10-5-1940 in Jefferson OH
FLERI, Janis Marie (Signor). Born 4-16-1930, died 9-28-2006. Age: 76 - Dau of Thomas and Genevieve (Signor) Cotter
FOX, Jacob W. Spouse of Ursula Dwight. Born 1828*, died 1-29-1866. Age: 38 - Dau of Delos and Phebe Dwight.
FOX, Mary. Born 1862*, died 1863. Age: 1 - Dau of Jacob and Ursula (Dwight) Fox
FREELOVE, Harvey John. Spouse of Ruth A. Born 1-5-1896, died 11-17-1948 - Son of John and Cora Freelove
FREELOVE, James A. Born 2-24-1930, died 6-8-1972 - Son of Harvey and Ruth (Phillips) Freelove
FREELOVE, Richard. Spouse of Erma Wheeler. Born 12-19-1938, died 7-8-1985 - Son of Harvey and Ruth (Phillips) Freelove
FREELOVE, Ruth A. Spouse of Harvey. Born 7-27-1906, died 9-26-1974
FRIEDL, Edward M. Spouse of Nina E. Born 1888, died 1956
FRIEDL, Nina E. Spouse of Edward M. Born 1888, died 1962
GALE, Adelbert. Born 11-25-1934, died 1935
GALE, Dorothy J. (Reid). Spouse of Howard C. Born 5-15-1912, died 2-10-2000 - Dau of Thomas and Sarah Reid. Born in Caledonia NY
GALE, Evaline C. (Clair). Spouse of Thomas. Born 12-1875, died 1961 - Wed 9-29-1895. (1900 Hebron Census)
GALE, Francian. Born 1854, died 1926
GALE, Francis Paul. Born 1924, died 8-14-1931 - Son of Franklin Gale, Jr. Died in a Fire
GALE, Franklin Jr. Spouse of Eunice. Born 8-1842, died 3-6-1926 - Son of Franklin and Almira Gale. (1900 Hebron Census)
GALE, Howard C. Spouse of Dorothy J. Born 5-12-1897, died 12-30-1991 - Son of Thomas and Evalena C. (Clair) Gale
GALE, Richard W. Born 1926, died 8-14-1931 - Son of Franklin Gale, Jr. Died in a Fire
GALE, Thomas G. Spouse of Evaline Clair. Born 12-1874, died ?? - Son of Franklin Gale, Sr. Wed 9-29-1895. (1900 Hebron Census)
GANNON, James. Born ??, died ?? - Civil War Vet
GARDNER, Ross S. Spouse of Patricia L. Hathaway. Born 11-08-1941, died 11-17-2007. Age: 66 - Son of Robert W. and Helena B. (Ross) Gardner. Born in Chambersburg PA. Wed 2-14-1983 in Lewisberry-PA.1 child
GILLILAND, Georgiana (Stewart). Spouse of Charles C. Born 8-1861, died 2-12-1912 - Dau of Jerome and Samantha (Estes) Stewart. Killed
GILLILAND, Roy H. Born 5-1882, died 1960 - Son of Charles and Georgiana (Stewart) Gilliland
GILLMER, Clayton F. Spouse of Thera E. Swift. Born 4-1885, died 1956 - Son of George J. and Eloise Gillmer. (1900 Hebron Census)
GILLMER, Eloise. Spouse of George J. Born 4-3-1866, died 9-22-1901 - (1900 Hebron Census)
GILLMER, John C. Born 1912, died 1912
GILLMER, Thera E. (Swift). Spouse of Clayton F. Born 8-1891, died 1970 - Dau of and John and Lena Swift. (1900 Hebron Census)
GLEASON, Georgianna V. (Wilcox). Spouse of Stewart. Born 10-21-1889, died 10-13-1978 - Dau of Jeremiah and Marcia (Joyce) Wilcox. Born in MA. (1920 Hebron Census)
GLEASON, Jeanette (Stewart). Spouse of Melvin A. Born 1869, died 1954 - Dau of Jerome and Samantha (Estes) Stewart
GLEASON, Melvin A. Spouse of Jeanette Stewart. Born 7-31-1860, died 8-23-1939 - Son of Hiram and Melissa (Bissell) Gleason
GLEASON, Nettie U. Born 1869, died 1954
GLEASON, Stewart L. Spouse of Georgianna Wilcox. Born 5-23-1881, died 1967 - Son of Melvin A. and Jeanette (Stewart) Gleason
GOFF, Marie (Redner) Taylor. Spouse of John D. Taylor /Ralph H. Goff. Born 4-12-1910, died 9-25-2001. Age: 91 - Dau of Jacob and Rosalia (Clair) Redner. Born in Coneville PA. Wed first in 1927, second 4-11-1981. Also listed in this cemetery as TAYLOR, Marie.
GOFF, Ralph H. Spouse of Marie Taylor. Born ??, died 5-15-1993 - Wed 4-11-1981 in Herbron Center PA
GROSS, George [Jerry]. Spouse of Natalie Ann Peters. Born 9-17-1932, died 4-9-2013. Age: 80 - Son of George and Della (Brown) Gross, born in Olean NY, a truck driver. Wed 9-3-1955 in Shinglehouse, 4 children - Korean War Vet, US Air Force, 20th AF 28th bomb Sqdrn, S/Sgt. 1953-1957
HAGANS, James R. Spouse of Karen Perkins. Born 2-27-1948, died 3-28-1984 - Son of James E. and Reba (Snook) Gray. Wed 2nd, ? George
HALLETT, George S. Born 9-1880, died 1941 - Natural nephew and adopted son of Jefferson C. and Marcella Hallett
HALLOCK, Elizabeth M. (Banks) [Bessie] *. Spouse of J. Kenneth. Born 6-21-1907, died 10-19-1986 - Dau of Warren and Nellie (Chapel) Banks
HALLOCK, J. Kenneth *. Spouse of Elizabeth Banks. Born 3-19-1904, died 7-8-1992 - Son of Merrill J. and Belle H. Hallock
HAMILTON, Robert. Spouse of Marjorie J. Born 2-5-1923, died 8-27-1982 - WW II Vet
HAMILTON,Marjorie J. (). Spouse of Richard S. Born 2-20-1926, died 4-26-2002
HANCHETT, Carl H. Spouse of Jessie Weaver. Born 4-17-1894, died 3-31-1975 - Son of Amson and Clara (Rahr) Hanchett
HANCHETT, Helen E. (Marsh). Spouse of Richard L. Born 7-17-1924, died 12-29-2009. Age: 85 - Dau of Elwin and Evelyn Marsh, born in Crosby PA. Wed 9-21-1944, one son.
HANCHETT, Jerald David. Born ??, died 1971
HANCHETT, Jessie (Ball). Spouse of Carl H. Born 1897, died 1967 - Dau of Ambrose and Cora (Simons) Ball - Adopted. Brith name may have been Weaver. Wed 4-27-1915.
HANCHETT, Richard L. Spouse of Helen Marsh. Born 10-21-1916, died 11-7-1985 - Son of Carl H. and Jessie (Weaver) Hanchett. Wed 9-24-1944, one son.
HANCHETT`Raymond H. Born 1951, died 1978
HANCHETT`Russell N. Born 1918, died 1947
HANKS, Etta N. Spouse of A. P. Born 1880, died 19??
HANNA, C. Malvina (Estes). Spouse of J. S Markham/ Frank Hanna. Born 11- 1827, died 2-16-1900 - Dau of George and Polly (Brizzie) Estes - Wed J. S. in 1842.
HARMAN, W. W. Born 4-29-1863, died 2-13-1926
HARMON, Frank W. Spouse of Lucille M. West. Born 9-8-1916, died 10-5-2004. Age: 88 - Son of William John and Gertrude Alice (Webb) Harmon. Born in Reynoldsville, a truck driver.
HARMON, Lucille M. (West). Spouse of Frank W. Born 5-16-1923, died 8-10-1997 - Dau of John Riley, Jr. and Pauline M (Peck-Presher) West, born in Millport.
HARRIS, Alfonso *. Spouse of Zeruah A. Babbitt. Born 9-17-1846, died 3-8-1926 - Son of Alfred and Unice Harris. Born in Ulysses PA
HARRIS, Alfred. Spouse of Unice P. Born 1811, died 10-22-1882. Age: 71
HARRIS, Alice V. Born 1877, died 1947
HARRIS, Alvin B. Born 1841*, died 8-7-1862. Age: 21 - Son of Alfred and Unice Harris - Civil War Vet, Co H 85th Regt NY Vol
HARRIS, Archie B. Spouse of Ida (Densmore) Lawton. Born 1872, died 7-14-1935 - Son of Alfonso and Zeruah (Babbitt) Harris Sr.
HARRIS, Carl F. Spouse of Lucille B. Born 3-13-1905, died 9-23-1980 - Son of Ernest and Lottie (Swift) Harris
HARRIS, Cleo Belle. Born 1894*, died 9-9-1895. Age: 1 - Dau of Ernest and Lottie M. (Swift) Harris
HARRIS, Cora. Born 1860*, died 4-2-1861. Age: 1 - Dau of Alfred and Unice Harris
HARRIS, Darell D. Rev. [Bud]. Spouse of Elaine F. Loucks. Born 5-4-1928, died 12-16-2020. Age: 92 - Son of Carl and Lucille (Brizzee) Harris. Born inDuke Center PA, lived in Oswayo PA, died in Cooperstown PA. A Methodist minister for 37 years. Wed 11-23-1952 in Ceres PA, three daughters.
HARRIS, Edith L. (Swift). Spouse of Neal A. Born 8-12-1899, died 5-17-1959 - Dau of Jerome and Nellie Swift
HARRIS, Elaine F. (Loucks). Spouse of Darrell D. Born 8-10-1929, died 7-9-2018. Age: 88 - Dau of Roy and Edrie (Torrey) Loucks. Born in Ceres NY, died in Meadville PA. Served 37 years in full-time pastoral ministry with husband. Wed 11-23-1952 in Ceres PA, three daughters
HARRIS, Ernest A. Spouse of Lottie Swift. Born 1869, died 1948 - Son of Alfonso and Zeruah (Babbitt) Harris Sr.
HARRIS, Graydon. Born 4-16-1926, died 5-2-1926 - Son of Carl and Lucille (Brizzie) Harris
HARRIS, Ida M. (Densmore) Lawton. Spouse of Lorenzo Lawton/ Archie. Born 4-1-1866, died 7-30-1923 - Dau of Robert and Mary Densmore
HARRIS, Laroe L. Spouse of Mabel Walker. Born 1881, died 1944 - Son of Alfonso and Zeruah (Babbitt) Harris Sr.
HARRIS, Lonnie Lee. Born 3-10-1897, died 12-26-1971 - WW I Vet, US Marine Corp
HARRIS, Lottie N. (Swift). Spouse of Ernest A. Born 1874, died 1955 - Dau of Romulus and Amelia (Downs) Swift
HARRIS, Mabel M. (Walker). Spouse of Laroe L. Born 3-1883, died 1958 - Dau of Abram P. and Alice M. (Spencer) Walker. (1900 Oswayo Census)
HARRIS, Neil A. Spouse of Edith L. Swift. Born 2-28-1897, died 5-26-1961 - WW I Vet, 2 Ord. Supply Co., Pvt
HARRIS, Newton A. Born 1-24-1874, died 4-2-1875. Age: 1y 2m 8d - Son of Alfonso and Zeruah (Babbitt) Harris Sr.
HARRIS, Reva E. Born 2-6-1902, died 5-11-1971 - Dau of Archie and Ida M. (Densmore) Harris
HARRIS, Ruth. Born ??, died ??
HARRIS, Unice P. Spouse of Alfred. Born 7-1822, died 3-17-1874. Age: 51y 8m
HARRIS, Zeruah Agnes (Babbitt) *. Spouse of Alfonso. Born 7-10-1839, died 7-13-1915 - Dau of Silas and Gratia (Warner) Babbitt. Wed 10-10-1860.
HATHAWAY, Allen W. Companion of Lorrie Bastian. Born 11-13-1963, died 4-23-2018. Age: 54 - Son of Wayne A. and Bonnie J. (Swift) Hathaway. Born in Fort Dix NJ, Lived and died in Coudersport PA. A PA State Trooper and corrections officer. Three sons.
HATHAWAY, Eugurtha M. (Hurd). Spouse of William A. Born 8-14-1918, died 4-4-2000 - Dau of Howard E. and CLeo M. Hurd. Born in b. Coudersport PA. Wed 8-19-1939 in Millport, 5 children.
HATHAWAY, William A. Spouse of Eugertha Hurd. Born 7-5-1917, died 10-4-2006. Age: 89 - Son of Ortie W and Nellie B. (Fox) Hathaway. Born in Roulette, retired from Dresser Industries. Wed 8-19-1939 in Millport, 5 children. Grandson of Cora W. and Allen Hathaway
HEAD, Andrew B. Spouse of Grace Colegrove. Born 1-1859, died 1943 - Son of Charles and Polly (Johnson) Head (1900 Oswayo Census)
HEAD, Grace (Colegrove). Spouse of Andrew B. Born 1878, died 1-30-1900 - Dau of Eugene and Sarah (Swift) Colegrove
HEMPHILL, ??. Born ??, died ?? - [Big stone]
HEMPHILL, Eveline M. Born 1878, died 1900 - Dau of Silas and Mary (Clair) Hemphill
HEMPHILL, Mary Clair). Spouse of Silas. Born 1840, died 1897
HEMPHILL, Silas P. Spouse of Mary Clair. Born 6-1833, died 10-18-1916 - Survived by 7 children. (1900 Hebron Census)
HENYON, Mary L. (Barnes). Spouse of Frank. Born 11-1858, died 1-25-1948 - Dau of Isaac and Louisa Barnes. Wed 8-13-1876. (1900 Sharon Census)
HILE, George. Spouse of Ursula M. Stonemetz. Born 11-1864, died 1940 - (1900 Allegany Census)
HILE, Ursula M. (Stonemetz). Spouse of George. Born 12-1882, died 1921 - (1900 Allegany Census)
HILL, Charles C. Spouse of Ella E. Harris. Born 5-1890, died 1957 - Son of Myron and Bertha Hill. (1900 Roulette Census)
HILL, Ella Edith (Harris). Spouse of Charles Hill/ Ray. Born 2-8-1896, died 7-17-1978 - Dau of Henry and Maud Mary Harris.
HILL, Nathan. Spouse of Susan J./ Harriet VanCise. Born 10-1827, died 8-27-1902 - Wed 2nd Harriet Quick VanCise. Total deafness in one ear caused by premature discharge of cannon (1890 Civil War Census) (Harriet buried in Sharon Center Cemetery) (1880 Hebron, 1900 Sharon Census) - Civil War Vet, Co K NY Dragoons
HILL, Susan J. Spouse of Nathan. Born 8-25-1824, died 11-10-1883. Age: 59y 2m 18d
HOLCOMB, Bruce G. Born 8-4-1937, died 8-2-1991 - Son of Chester and Gladys (Roberts) Holcomb
HOLCOMB, Chester A. Spouse of Gladys M. Born 10-17-1903, died 3-5-1970 - Son of George and Elizabeth (Armstrong) Holcomb
HOLCOMB, Edith. Born 1911, died 1912
HOLCOMB, Elizabeth (Armstrong) [Bessie]. Spouse of George W. Born 1879, died 1968 - Dau of Albert and Elizabeth (Guthrie) Armstrong
HOLCOMB, Ethelyn (Church). Spouse of Mark. Born 3-26-1905, died 2-13-1975 - Dau of Elbert and Ethelyn Church
HOLCOMB, George W. Spouse of Elizabeth Armstrong. Born 7-30-1871, died 4-5-1947 - Son of Levi and Cordelia (Winship) Holcomb
HOLCOMB, Gladys M. Spouse of Chester. Born 8-19-1904, died 12-25-1991 - Dau of Burton and Ruby (Witter) Roberts
HOLCOMB, Hugh W. Born 9-19-1906, died 7-11-1927 - Son of George and Elizabeth (Armstrong) Holcomb
HOLCOMB, John H. Born 7-17-1902, died 10-24-1924 - Son of George and Elizabeth (Armstrong) Holcomb
HOLCOMB, Kirby P. Spouse of Jane. Born 12-28-1940, died 4-2-2016. Age: 75 - Son of Owen M. and Marguerite (James) Holcomb, born in Olean NY, died in Edgewater FL. Math professor at Embry Riddle Aeronautical Univ, Daytona Beach FL. Divorced from Jane. They had two sons.
HOLCOMB, Lee C. Born 3-24-1933, died 5-25-1975 - Son of Mark S. and Ethelyn (Church) Holcomb
HOLCOMB, Leonard J. *. Born 4-7-1934, died 6-21-1935 - Son of Owen and Marguerite (James) Holcomb
HOLCOMB, Marguerite (James) *. Spouse of Owen M. Born 1-15-1910, died 12-1-1996 - Dau of Leonard and Helen James
HOLCOMB, Mark S. Spouse of Mary E. Denmark/ Ethelyn Church. Born 7-8-1908, died 9-14-1996 - Son of George and Elizabeth (Armstrong) Holcomb
HOLCOMB, Owen M. *. Spouse of Marguerite James. Born 2-6-1910, died 11-13-1963 - Son of George and Elizabeth (Armstrong) Holcomb. Born in Bell Rrun PA
HOLCOMB, Timothy. Born 11-17-1967, died 7-16-1984
HOSHAUER, Charles E. Jr. Spouse of Ida Higley. Born 10-10-1929, died 10-28-1993 - Son of Charles E. and Louise (James) Hoshauer, Sr. - Korean War Vet, US Marine Corps
HOSHAUER, Ida A. (Higley). Spouse of Charles E., Jr. Born 12-9-1937, died 8-16-1994
HULSMEYER, Huldah. Born 1900, died 1976
HULSMEYER, Lyle E. Born 1807, died 1902
HYDE, Caroline (Cole) [Carrie]. Spouse of Ernest C. Born 3-29-1886, died 3-8-1983 - Dau of James and Mary (Graves) Cole
HYDE, Ernest Clair. Spouse of Lina MacDonald/ Caroline Cole. Born 8-30-1875, died 5-1963 Son of Julius Myron and Hannah (Kenyon) Hyde
HYDE, Evelyn M. (Cornelius). Spouse of Lawrence. Born 6-25-1914, died 1-12-1988 - Dau of David and Pearl Cornelius
HYDE, Jane M. (Davis). Spouse of Julius. Born 1844, died 8-1871. Age: 30 - Dau of Weltha and Martha J. Davis
HYDE, Lawrence J. Spouse of Evelyn Cornelius. Born 11-23-1907, died 12-21-1955 - Son of Ernest and Caroline (Cole) Hyde
HYDE, Myron R. Born 6-1874, died 9-17- 1871. Age: 3m - Son of Julius Myron and Jane (Davis) Hyde
HYDE, Robert L. Spouse of Nancy A. Fichtner. Born 6-20-1931, died 6-18-2002. Age: 71 - Son of Ernest and Caroline (Cole) Hyde
INGRAHAM, Clark. Spouse of Sarah. Born 1810, died 10-10-1873. Age: 63 - [Brother]
INGRAHAM, Olive V. (Williams). Spouse of #1 Dan Williams, #2 Victor Ingraham. Born 7-10-1920, died 1-22-2016. Age: 95 - Dau of William and Maude (Butler) Williams, born in Genesee PA. Wed Dan 7-10-1940 in Genesee PA, six children. (He d. 1-1-1978) Wed Victor 2-14-1970 in Stannards NY. (He d. 9-1986)
INGRAHAM, Sarah. Born 1803, died 5-20-1876. Age: 73 - Sister of Clark Ingraham
JACKSON, James L. [Jazz]. Spouse of Kathryn L. Everett. Born 1-21-1939, died 1-14-2011. Age: 72 - Son of John and Esther Jackson, born in Chester. Wed 3-5-1960 in Media, two children.
JOHNSON, Clara Jane (Bailey). Spouse of David H. Born 1-25-1938, died 8-26-2012. Age: 74 - Dau of Robert E. and Lois (Sturdevant) Bailey. Born in Coudersport, a rural mail carrier. Wed 8-27-1958 in Port Allegany, two children and an adopted son.
JOHNSON, Daniel R. Spouse of Mildred Carpenter/ Dorothy Williams. Born 9-6-1917, died 7-12-2001 - Son of Daniel Rufus and Helen (Shutt) Johnson. Born in West Bingham PA
JOHNSON, David H. Spouse of Clara J. Bailey. Born 7-1-1937, died 10-28-1989 - Son of Rowland P. and Mildred (Fitzsimmons) Johnson
JOHNSON, Mildred Leona (Carpenter). Spouse of Daniel R. Born 4-21-1918, died 6-15-1979
JOHNSON, Rowland, T. [Murph]. Born 9-18-1962, died 4-11-1988 - Son of David and Claire (Bailey) Johnson
JORDAN, Elizabeth A. (Nelson). Spouse of Orlo. Born 4-2-1878, died 12-19-1943 - Dau of F. B. and Dell (Thompson) Nelson, Wed 9-26-1910.
JORDAN, Orlo. Spouse of Elizabeth Nelson. Born 1883, died 4-25-1947. Age: 64 - Son of George and Elizabeth (Strong) Jordan. Wed 9-26-1910.
KEIR, Terry E. Spouse of Diane C. Smith. Born 9-30- 1949, died ?? - Son of Earl and Esther (Holcomb) Keir
KELLY, Joseph [Bob]. Spouse of Donna Holcomb Sheehy. Born 8-18-1942, died 10-01-2005. Age: 63 - Son of Stephen Donald and Katherine Louise (Dubots) Kelly. Born in Coudersport PA. Wed 6-06-1987 in Coudersport, 4 children - Vietnam Vet, US Air force 1963-1970
KELLY, Lotta B. Born 1902, died 1918 - Dau of G. Plummer and Metta (Gale) Kelly
KELLY, Metta A. (Gale). Spouse of G. Plummer. Born 1869, died 1-7-1930 - [Mother] Dau of Frank and Belinda (Lord) Gale
KEMP, Ada. Born 1882, died 1931
KING, Diane K (Stewart). Spouse of George. Born 5-8-1951, died 9-6-2013 - Dau of William and Arlene (Roberts) Stewart. Two children
KINTER, Richard E. Spouse of Mary Lou Swick. Born 8-11-1947, died 7-31-1984 - Son of William and Charlotte (Bilby) Kinter, Jr.
KJELGAARD, Henry H. Spouse of Ruth L. Stout. Born 5-03-1913, died 8-27-2000. Age: 87 - Son of Dr. C. W. and Bertha (Hoffman) Kjelgaard. Born in Marshlands, d. Gouverneur NY. Wed 1-03-1937 in Whitesville NY, 2 daughters
KJELGAARD, Ruth L. (Stout). Spouse of Henry. Born 3-31-1913, died 2-22-2006. Age: 92 - Dau of Percy and Hazel (Ellis) Stout. Born in Chapleau, Ontario Canada. Wed 1-03-1937 in Whitesville NY, 2 daughters
KOSTOVICK, Genevieve (Chmielewski). Spouse of George. Born ??, died ??
KOSTOVICK, George J. Spouse of Genevieve Chimielski. Born 1910, died 1988
KUHSTO, Chloe. Born 8-8-1885, died 1-29-1966
LAMBERT, Harriet (Dodd) [Hattie]. Spouse of Harry M. Born 11-2-1893, died 5-3-1989 - Dau of Sherman O. and Mary (Abbott) Dodd. Wed 11-5-1914 at Coudersport.
LAMBERT, Harry M. Spouse of Harriet Dodd. Born 6-18-1894, died 4-11-1972 - Son of Jacob and Clara (Gaylord) Lambert. Wed 11-5-1914 at Coudersport.
LAMBERT, Howard L. Spouse of Joyce (Dingman). Born 6-12-1924, died 6-24-2008. Age: 84 - Son of Harry M. and Harriet (Dodd) Lambert. Born in Roulette PA. Wed 5-24-1953 in Millport PA. 2 children.
LAMBERT, Joyce (Dingman). Spouse of Howard L. Born 1930, died uncut - Dau of Robert and Mildred (Meacham) Dingman
LAMBERTON, Charles A. Spouse of Stella. Born 10-1864, died 1936 - Son of Henry and Charlotte D. (Staysa) Lamberton. (1900 Clara Census, spelled Lamerton)
LAMBERTON, Charlotte D. (Staysa). Spouse of Henry. Born 5-1834, died 3-3-1887. Age: 52y 10m - Born in NY. (1880 Hebron Census)
LAMBERTON, Henry. Spouse of Charlotte Staysa. Born 10-23-1823, died 6-6-1891. Age: 67y 7m 14d - Civil War Vet, Co D, 76th PA Vols, Pvt.
LAMBERTON, Solomon. Spouse of Susan. Born 3-1821, died 11-9-1886. Age: 65y 8m - Born in NY, worked in shingle mill. (1880 Hebron Census) - Civil War Vet
LAMBERTON, Stella N. Spouse of Charles A. Born 1873, died 1956 - (1900 Clara Census gives birthdate as July, 1879.)
LAMBERTON, Susan. Spouse of Solomon. Born 1825, died 1890 - Born in NY. (1880 Hebron Census)
LANGDON, Clyde. Spouse of Cleo M. Ferguson. Born 6-1895, died aft. 6-13-1900 - Son of Edgar and Lillian (Manley) Langdon. (1900 Sharon Census)
LANGDON, Edgar. Spouse of Lillian Manley. Born 8-1872, died 1946 - Son of Wallace and Cynthia (Lockwood) Langdon. (1900 Sharon Census)
LANGDON, Lillian (Manley). Spouse of Edgar. Born 4-1-1875, died 11-29-1958 - Dau of Marion and Ida (McDonald) Manley
LAWRENCE, Jean L. Born 1918, died ?? - Dau of Charles and Ella (Harris) Hill.
LAWTON, Amos. Spouse of Clara Porter. Born 8-27-1858, died 9-16-1934 - Son of Henry and Nancy (Wilcox) Lawton
LAWTON, Amos. Born 4-03-1864*, died 9-11-1891. Age: 27y 5m 8d
LAWTON, Burd A. Born 1852, died 1934
LAWTON, Charles. Born 1918, died 5-29-1919 - Son of Clayton and Hazel (Bailey) Lawton
LAWTON, Clark. Spouse of Rebecca J. Moyer. Born 1-11-1853, died 3-27-1935 - Son of Joseph and Sarah (Herring) Lawton
LAWTON, Clayton R. [Stub]. Spouse of Hazel Bailey/ Helen Holcomb. Born 12-20-1888, died 10-5-1957 - Son of Lorenzo and Ida (Densmore) Lawton. Wed Hazel 1-1-1910, 2 children. Wed Helen 4-4-1929
LAWTON, Emily B. (Gannon). Spouse of Lucius. Born 1830, died 1-31-1895 - [Mother] Born in Ireland
LAWTON, Hazel M. (Bailey). Spouse of Clayton R. Born 4-31-1892, died 12-31-1920 - Dau of Charles and Sarah (Outman) Bailey. Wed 1-1-1910, 2 children.
LAWTON, Helen C. (Holcomb). Spouse of Clayton R. Born 3-25-1905, died 5-13-2001. Age: 96 - Dau of George W. and Elizabeth (Armstrong) Holcomb. Born in Shaytown. Wed 4-4-1929
LAWTON, Henry. Spouse of Nancy Wilcox. Born 1825, died 1888 - Son of Amos and Electa (Goodenough) Lawton - Civil War Vet, GAR
LAWTON, Jane (Moyer). Born 1867, died 1912
LAWTON, Joseph. Spouse of Mary Cleveland/ Sarah Herring. Born 11-18-1827, died 1-24-1892 - Son of Amos and Electa (Goodenough) Lawton. Married to Sally in 1860 Osway Census. - Civil War Vet, Co G 46th PA Vols, Pvt. Mustered out with Company on July 16, 1865. Wounded in foot
LAWTON, Lorenzo D. Spouse of Ida Densmore. Born 1852, died 5-28-1891. Age: 39 - Son of Lucius and Emily (Gannon) Lawton. Ida is buried in thie cemetery with Archie Harris
LAWTON, Lucius. Spouse of Emily Gannon/ Matilda Holt. Born 10-1824, died 9-30-1906 - Wed to Emily in 1850 Hebron Census, 1900 Hebron census: Wed Matilda about 1897. - "Civil War Vet, Co C, 93rd PA Vols, Pvt. Drafted - mustered out with company on June 27, 1865.
LAWTON, Mary. Born 8-??-1848*, died 5-18-1850. Age: 1y 9m - Dau of Amos and Electa (Goodenough) Lawton
LAWTON, Nancy (Wilcox). Spouse of Henry. Born 1832, died 11-13-1868 - Dau of Lawton and Sarah (Goodenough) Wilcox
LAWTON, Rebecca J. Spouse of Clark. Born 1867, died 1912 - Dau of Justin and Minnie Fuller
LAWTON, Robert. Born 1834, died 1911
LENT, Lovina. Born 1841, died 9-2-1861. Age: 20
LOCKE, C. Frank. Born 1854, died 1937
LOCKE, Clinton F. Spouse of Mary Elizabeth. Born 11-15-1854, died 10-12-1937 - (1900 Oswayo Census: Wife is Mary E.)
LOCKE, Mary Elizabeth. Spouse of Clinton F. Born 6-1857, died 11-16-1905 - (1900 Oswayo Census)
LORD, Mariah (?) Dwight. Spouse of John Dwight/ Cornelius Lord. Born 3-29-1808, died 10-5-1879 - Wed Cornelious 11-20-1864. Also listed in this cemetery as DWIGHT, Mariah
LUNN, Claude Kelsey. Spouse of Viola Dexter. Born 8-11-1895, died 6-24- 1956 - Son of Fred and Frances (Cameron) Lunn. Wed 6-1-1920 at Coudersport. - WW I Vet, PA 305 Ammo TN 80th Div
LUNN, Earl L. Spouse of Mabel Langdon. Born 3-1893, died 1967 - Son of Fred and Frances (Cameron) Lunn. (1900 Oswayo Census)
LUNN, Edith (Estes). Spouse of Wallace. Born 2-3-1880, died 1961 - Dau of Romeo and Louisa (Phillips) Estes
LUNN, Eleanor B. Born 4-19-1914, died 9-1976
LUNN, Frances A. (Cameron). Spouse of Fred. Born 4-1871, died 1967 - (1900 Oswayo Census)
LUNN, Fred. Spouse of Frances Cameron/ ? Braham. Born 1859, died 1-31-1936 - Son of Ebenezer and Sarah Lunn. (1900 Oswayo Census: Born 1-1864, wed to Frances)
LUNN, Harry. Born 3-1882, died 1961 - Son of Fred Lunn. (1900 Oswayo Census says birth year iw 1884)
LUNN, James. Born 11-7-1914, died 4-18-1979 - Son of Earl L. and Mabel (Langdon) Lunn - WW II Vet
LUNN, Joanne (Kruppner). Spouse of Thomas. Born 7-29-1904, died 1-9-1986 - Dau of Louis and Delia Kruppner. Born in Australia
LUNN, Mabel E. (Langdon). Spouse of Earl. Born 6-1893, died 1972 - Dau of Edgar and Lillian (Manley) Langdon. (1900 Sharon Census)
LUNN, Roy C. Born 1903, died 1954 - Son of Wallace and Edith (Estes) Lunn
LUNN, Thomas. Spouse of Joanne Kruppner. Born 11-29-1898, died 6-23-1976 - Son of Fred and Frances (Cameron) Lunn
LUNN, Viola (Dexter). Spouse of Claude K. Born 8-26-1902, died 9-8-1991 - Dau of Fred and Esther (Moore) Dexter. Wed 6-1-1920 at Coudersport.
LUNN, Wallace. Spouse of Edith Estes. Born 9-1875, died 10-11-1940 - Son of Ebenezer and Sarah Lunn. (1900 Oswayo Census)
MANFORD, Milford E. Born ??, died 4-10-1944
MANLEY, Leander S. [Lee]. Spouse of Martha B. Gminski. Born 5-6-1890, died 8-14-1957 - Son of Marion and Ida (McDonald) Manley - WW I Vet, NY Camp HQ Co., Sgt
MANLEY, Martha B. (Gminski). Spouse of Leander S. Born 9-25-1895, died 8-24-1952 - Dau of James and Catherine Gminski
MARTIN, Adolphus Jr. Born 1881, died 1948 - Son of Adolphus and Marietta (Campbell) Martin. Sr.
MARTIN, Adolphus Sr. Spouse of Marietta Campbell. Born 10-9-1848, died 12-27-1893
MARTIN, Lewis W. Spouse of Minnie J. Born 1-5-1868, died 6-3-1937
MARTIN, Marietta (Campbell). Spouse of Adolphus Sr. Born 1847, died 1942 - [Mother]
MARTIN, Mildred M. Spouse of William W. Born 10-23-1894, died 12-8-1969 - Dau of Rosco and Minnie (Elliott) Warner
MARTIN, Minnie J. (Elliott). Spouse of Lewis W. Born 7-1870, died 1918 - Dau of Joseph and Mary (Joy) Elliott. 1900 Hebron census give birth year as 1871
MARTIN, William W. Spouse of Mildred M. Born 2-22-1891, died 10-10-1982 - Son of Adolphus and Marietta (Campbell) Martin
MAYNARD, Arthur B. Spouse of Ellen E. Outman. Born 1880, died 1963 - Son of Levi and Emma (Robinson) Maynard
MAYNARD, Ellen E. (Outman). Spouse of Arthur B. Born 10-29-1896, died 6-7-1988 - Son of Charles and Sarah (Outman) Bailey
MAYNARD, Emma (Robinson). Spouse of Levi L. Born 3-21-1862, died 11-23-1935 - Dau of William and Indiana (Maynard) Robinson
MAYNARD, Kathleen (Maxwell). Spouse of Martin A. Born 10-19-1901, died 2-27-1909 - Dau of Arthur M. and Almina (Taylor) Maxwell
MAYNARD, Levi L. Spouse of Emma Robinson. Born 3-22-1856, died 1-29-1939 - Son of Martin and Almina (Bradley) Maynard
MAYNARD, Martin A. Spouse of Kathleen Maxwell. Born 1896, died 1961 - Son of Levi and Emma (Robinson) Maynard
MCCOY, Eleanor L. (Meehl). Spouse of William K. Born 4-30-1912, died 10-1984. Age: 72 - Dau of George A. and Alice J. (Leonard) Mehl
MCCOY, William K. Spouse of Eleanor L. Meehl. Born 1-6-1914, died 6-1987. Age: 73 - Son of William P. and Gladys E. (Mills) McCoy
MCDOLE, Johannah. Born 1968, died ??
MEAGER, Leon. Born 1864, died 1920
MERRIMAN, David [Ray]. Spouse of Mary Ann Dingfelder. Born 1-13-1934, died 6-21-2021. Age: 87 - Son of Rev. Russell R. and Clara (Wright) Merriman. Born in Jerome PA, lived in Port Allegany PA, died in Coudersport PA. Long-time employee of PA Fish Commission. Wed 11-11-1960 in Corry PA, five children. (Spouse survives)
MILES, Judith. Born 1947, died 1987
MILES, Larry E. Born 11-25-1947, died 12-15-1990 - Son of Walter F. and Jennie G. (Shaffer) Miles
MILES, Patricia A. Born 1959, died 1959 - Dau of Robert A. and Wilma E. (Green) Miles
MILES, Phyllis M. Born 5-29-1964, died 10-9-1974 - Dau of Walter F. and Jennie G. (Shaffer) Miles
MILES, Walter F. Spouse of Jennie G. Shaffer. Born 1899, died 1967 - [Father]
MILLIRON, Franklin E. Born 12-20-1936, died ??
MILLIRON, Genevieve L. (Owens). Born 7-22-1916, died 6-8-2001. Age: 84 - Dau of George and Elsie (Seeger) Owens. Owned the Ox Yoke Inn
MILLIRON, Lugenia N. Born 9-4-1938, died ??
MOODY, Bruce. Spouse of Rose M. Coyle. Born 1933, died ?? - Son of Frank H. and Margaret (Blauvelt) Moody
MOODY, Frank H. Spouse of Margaret Blauvelt. Born 1910, died 19?? - Son of George and Orrie (Holmes) Moody
MOODY, Margaret L. (Blauvelt). Spouse of Frank H. Born 1916, died 19?? - Dau of Lewis A. and Edith A. (Stevens) Blauvelt
MOODY, Susan Marie. Born ??, died 11-5-1963
NICHOLS, Adelia V. Spouse of Richard R. Born 1925, died ??
NICHOLS, Dorthea L. Spouse of Richard H. Born 1906, died ??
NICHOLS, Richard H. Spouse of Dorthea L. Born 1902, died 1958
NICHOLS, Richard R. Spouse of Adelia V. Born 1927, died ??
OSBURN, Leo Edward. Spouse of Ruth A. Ball. Born 12-7-1919, died 3-18-2011. Age: 91 - Son of Carl E. and Helen K. [Nellie] (Cuneo) Osburn. Wed 8-13-1940 in Portville NY, 4 children - WW II Vet, US Army, Pacific
OSBURN, Ruth A.(Ball). Spouse of Leo E. Born 12-5-1922, died 1-3-1998 - Wed 8-13-1940 in Portville NY, 4 children
OSBURN, Stephen E. Spouse of Terri L. Born 8-28-1956, died 7-8-2021. Age: 64 - Son of Leo E. and Ruth A. (Ball) Osburn. Born in Wellsville NY, lived in Shinglehouse PA, died in Sayre PA. Five children. Divorced from Terri.
OSTRANDER, Lydia M. (Slawson). Born 1-19-1968, died 7-29-2003 - Dau of ? and Josephine Cozzie Slawson
OUTMAN, Jeremiah [Jerry]. Born 2-6-1869, died 7-8-1942 - Son of Charles and Mariah (Hunter) Outman
PATTERSON, Herald E. Born 10-24-1906, died 11-23-1906 - Son of Jay and Mary Patterson
PEARSALL, Corrine Y. (Harris) [Coe]. Spouse of Hugh D. Born 10-22-1934, died 3-8-2006. Age: 71 - Dau of Carl R. and M. Lucille (Brizzie) Harris, born in Oswayo. Wed 6-13-1954 in Oswayo
PEARSALL, Hugh D. Spouse of Corrine Y. Harris. Born 1-15-1932, died 2-19-2012. Age: 80 - Son of Stanley and Helen (Jones) Pearsall, born at Olean NY. Wed 6-13-1954 at Oswayo, 3 cildren.
PENNER, Alfred G. Born 1914, died 1972
PENNER, Helen I. Born 1921, died ??
PEPPERMAN, Frances M. (Sprigg) [Frankie]. Spouse of Thomas. Born 7-1883, died ?? - Dau of William and Fannie Sprigg. (1900 Hebron Census)
PEPPERMAN, Gladys (Breece). Spouse of Lloyd T. Born 1920, died 1-18-1996
PEPPERMAN, Lloyd T. [Si]. Spouse of Gladys Breece. Born 3-1-1919, died 4-28-2011. Age: 92 - Son of Thomas J. and Frankie (Sprague) Pepperman, one of 10 siblings. Wed 9-5-1942 in Millport PA, 2 sons. Was an auctioneer for 50 years.
PEPPERMAN, Lois. Born ??, died ?? - Dau of Thomas J. and Frankie M. (Sprigg) Pepperman
PEPPERMAN, Luva. Born ??, died ?? - Dau of Thomas J. and Frankie M. (Sprigg) Pepperman
PEPPERMAN, Thomas J. Spouse of Frankie Sprigg. Born ??, died ??
PERKINS, Ella U. (Downs) *. Spouse of Reuben Leon. Born 1-16-1926, died 3-2-2006. Age: 80 - Dau of Andrew J. and Ella U. (Cox) Downs. Born in NJ. Wed in 1949 in Oswayo.
PERKINS, Reuben Leon *. Spouse of Ella Downs. Born 6-7-1922, died 10-10-1959 - Son of Floyd and Myra (Galpin) Perkins. Wed in 1949 in Oswayo. - WW II Vet, 513 Pr.Cht. Inf. 17th ABN.Div., PFC
PERKINS, Rita K. Born 1950, died 1950 - Dau of Reuben and Ella (Downs) Perkins
PERRY, Bessie (Blow). Spouse of Warren. Born 1894, died 1983
PERRY, Elizabeth. Born 12-3-1983, died 1-25-1983 - Dau of Frank and Mary (Franklin) Blow
PERRY, Kenneth R. Born 4-28-1939, died 5-6-1974 - Son of Warren and Bessie (Blow) Perry, Sr. - Vietnam Vet, US Army, PFC
PERRY, Warren Jr. Born 1922, died 11-24-1932 - Son of Warren and Bessie (Blow) Perry, Sr
PERRY, Warren, Sr. Spouse of Bessie Blow. Born 1887, died 10-23-1966
PETERS, Barbara J. (Miller). Spouse of Stanton J. Born 11-22-1928, died 6-30-1988 - Dau of Leo J. and Myrtle Edith (Potter) Miller
PETERS, Ruth (Kelly). Born 1905, died 1964
PETERS, Stanton J. Spouse of Barbara J. Miller. Born 10-10-1927, died 6-29-1976 - Son of Sterling and Ruth (Kelly) Peters
PETERS, Sterling D. Spouse of Ruth Kelly/ Martha Williams. Born 7-30-1901, died 10-19-1982 - Son of Frederick and Edith (Duringe) Peters.
PHELPS, Pearl E. Born 1884, died 1963
PHILLIPS, Almond. Spouse of Rose B. Lawton. Born 4-1883, died 1906 - (1900 Allegany Census: PHILIPS)
PHILLIPS, Egbert W. Sr. Born 1905, died 1981 - Son of George Phillips
PHILLIPS, Otis *. Born 1904, died 1928
PHILLIPS, Rose Belle (Lawton). Spouse of Almond. Born 3-14-1882, died 1-6-1930 - Dau of Zael and Flora Lawton. (1900 Oswayo Census)
PIERCE, Dennis Lee. Born 2-12-1948, died 11-24-2020. Age: 72 - Son of Ronald and Gertrude (Stilson) Pierce. Born in Wellsville NY, lived in Coudersport and Shinglehouse PA, died in Bradford PA. Self-employed contractor. Three children with former wife Debbie Dunshie who survives.
PIERCE, Gertrude E. (Stilson) [Dutch]. Spouse of Ronald A. Born 4-9-1916, died 3-11-2008. Age: 92 - Dau of Edgar E. and Mary (Brady) Stilson. Wed 6-30-1933 in Millport PA
PIERCE, Ronald A. Spouse of Gertrude Stilson. Born 3-27-1908, died 5-14-1980 - Son of Floyd and ?tta (Spencer) Pierce. Wed 6-30-1933 in Millport PA.
PLACE, Betty (Estes). Spouse of Harold B. Born 11-29-1921, died 5-7-2004 Dau of Lyle G and Eva swift (Dunshie) Place
PLACE, Harold B. Born 3-10-1910, died 12-8-1982
PRESS, Henry W. Spouse of Rose Hamilton. Born 3-6-1852, died 1911 - Son of John Press
PRESS, Jula. Born 1915, died ??
PRESS, Katherine (Taylor). Spouse of John. Born 11-1-1938, died 12-28-1992 - Dau of Thomas R. and Lena M. (Eller) Taylor
PRESS, Lula L. Born 1915, died ??
PRESS, Lyle E. Born 1915, died ??
PRESS, Nina (Lord). Spouse of Romain. Born 11-24-1887, died 9-9-1976 - Dau of Frederick and Ida (Ames) Lord
PRESS, Roe E. Born 1882, died 1947
PRESS, Romain E. Spouse of Nina L. Born 7-1882, died 1947 - Son of Henry and Rose (Hamilton) Press
PRESS, Rose (Hamilton). Spouse of Henry. Born ??, died ??
RATHBONE, Alice. Born 1850*, died 4-12-1868. Age: 18 - Dau of Horace H. and Sarah J. (Estes) Rathbone. Died at Oswayo PA
RATHBONE, Charles Horace *. Born 3-4-1853, died 10-7-1937 - Dau of Horace H. and Sarah J. (Estes) Rathbone
RATHBONE, Estes. Born 6-30-1847, died 4-4-1926 - Dau of Horace H. and Sarah J. (Estes) Rathbone
RATHBONE, Horace M. Spouse of Sarah J. Estes. Born 6-1824, died 12-19-1866. Age: 42y 6m - Born in NY. Died at Portville NY. (1850 Hebron Census) - Civil War Vet, Co G, 46th PA Vols, 2d Lt. Discharged on February 15, 1862.
RATHBONE, Olga. Born 5-18- 1856, died 1-30-1874. Age: 17y 3m - Dau of Horace H. and Sarah J. (Estes) Rathbone. Died at Friendship NY
RATHBONE, Sarah Jane (Estes). Spouse of Horace M. Born 10-25-1829, died 2-15-1925. Age: 95y 4m - Dau of Polly and George Estes - Born in Caneadea NY, d. Wellsville NY
REDNER, Jacob. Spouse of Rosalie Clair. Born 5-1868, died 1953 - Born in NY. (1900, 1920 Hebron Census)
REDNER, Rosalie (Clair). Spouse of Jacob. Born 3-1863, died 1935 - Dau of Joseph and Mary M. Clair. (1900 Hebron Census)
REINARD, Jennie G. (Shaffer) Miles. Spouse of Walter F. Miles/? Reinard. Born 12-27-1918 1-20-2000 - Nine or ten children
REYNOLDS, Melvin. Spouse of Flora. Born 1881, died 1954
RHODES, Harry Lawton *. Spouse of Alice Babbitt. Born 5-29-1887, died 7-24-1961 - Son of Willard and Mila (Lawton) Rhodes. (1900 Oswayo Census - spelled Rhoades) - WW I Vet, PA Saddler Co. E 305th Ammo.TN.
RHODES, Laura B. *. Spouse of Harry. Born 1882, died 1948
RICE, John M. Spouse of Maxine L. Calhoun. Born 12-22-1930, died 6-16-2004. Age: 73 - Son of Samuel and Theresa (Beecher) Rice. Born in Elmira Heights NY, d. Ladson SC. Wed 5-21-1955 in Elmira NY, 3 sons - Korean War Vet, US Army
RICE, Maxine L, (Calhoun). Spouse of John M. Born 1-16-1934, died 10-19-2021. Age: 87 - Dau of Golden R. and Marjorie V. (Stonemetz) Calhoun. Born in Coneville PA, lived in Shinglehouse PA, died in Coudersport PA. A victim of COVID-19. A registered nurse. Wed 5-21-1955 in Elmira NY, three sons.
RICHARDSON, Joan R. (Calhoun). Spouse of Rich M. Born 10-09-1930, died 7-11-2012. Age: - Dau of Marvin O. and Lotus I. (Foster) Calhoun, born in Port Allegany. Wed 10-11-1986 in Bastrop TX, 3 daughters
ROBERTS, Artie (Calhoun). Spouse of Robert G. Born 1908, died 198? - Dau of Frederick C.and Mary E. (Helmick) Calhoun.
ROBERTS, Guy L. Born 12-1893, died 1923 - Son of Burton and Ruby C. (Witter) Roberts. (1900 Hebron Census) American Legion member - WW I Vet, Co. F 3rd Eng.
ROBERTS, John A. Born 1-1892, died 1910 - Son of Burton and Ruby C. (Witter) Roberts (1900 Hebron Census)
ROBERTS, Lucille B. (Lloyd). Spouse of Roland. Born 10-12-1908, died 10-1-1993 - Dau of George and Sarah (Garton) Lloyd
ROBERTS, Marvin. Spouse of Laurel Sinsabough. Born 7-19-1944, died 1-11-2009. Age: 64 - Son of Roland and Lucille (Lloyd) Roberts. Wed on 1-29-1972 in Coudersport PA. - Vietnam Vet, US Marines
ROBERTS, Ora L. Born 1892, died 1970
ROBERTS, Pauline L. Born 1938, died 1956 - Daughter of Roland and Lucille (Lloyd) Roberts
ROBERTS, Robert G. Spouse of Artie Calhoun. Born 1907, died 1971 - Son of Burton and Ruby C. (Witter) Roberts
ROBERTS, Roland. Spouse of Lucille B. Lloyd. Born 1-9-1896, died 2-26-1967 - Son of Burton and Ruby C. (Witter) Roberts - WW I Vet, PA Cpl. Engineers
ROBERTS, Walter W. Born 10-1889, died 1970 - Son of Burton and Ruby C. (Witter) Roberts
RODEN, Alice H. (Everett). Spouse of Joseph H. Born 1923, died ??
ROESKE, Ebert L. Born 1918, died ??
ROESKE, Ila (York) McGrew. Spouse of Otto C. Born 11-6-1926, died 12-7-2015. Age: 89 - Dau of Julius H. and Jessie (Hazelwood) York, born in Holbrook MD, died in Coudersport PA. Wed 11-23-1950, three children. (He d. 9-25-1972)
ROESKE, Otto C. Ila York McGrew. Born 1911, died 1972 - WW I Vet, Tech. Ord. Depol Co.
ROESKE, Shirley E. Born 1922, died 1984
ROGERS, Elizabeth U. (Haskins) *. Spouse of Frank. Born 1901, died 1967 - Dau of and Robert D. and Clara B. (Vanwegen) Haskins
ROGERS, Frank A. *. Spouse of Elizabeth Haskins. Born 2-4-1895, died 8-31-1974 - Son of and Thomas and Susan (Blauvelt) Rogers
ROSEBOOM, Belle. Born 1883*, died 3-16-1896. Age: 13
ROSEBOOM, Marcus R. Spouse of Ida Leonard. Born 4-15-1811, died 7-16-1889
SANDS, Marie F. (Banks). Spouse of Forrest D. Born 8-17-1922, died 6-22-2010 - Dau of Charles and Emily (Phillips) Banks. Wed 10-10-1942, 4 children.
SCHADE, Albert M. Spouse of Ethel Torrey. Born 10-4-1904, died 1-11-1978 - Son of Charles and Ella (Peoples) Schade
SCHADE, Ethel J. (Torrey). Spouse of Albert. Born 8-25-1913, died ?? - Dau of Wila and Bertha (Sherwood) Torrey
SEAGER, Bertha. Born 1867, died 1950 - Dau of S. W. Frazier - No further data
SEALY, Averil L. (Putnam)*. Spouse of Lawrence. Born 8-9-1926, died 7-23-1998 - Dau of Clarence and Lola A. (Firebaugh) Putnam. Wed 5-23-1972 in Coudersport-PA
SEALY, Lawrence C. [Smokey]*. Spouse of Averil L. Putnam. Born 6-07-1919, died 1-27-2000. Age: 80 - Son of Ernest Merle and Nina Wood Sealy. Born in Clara PA, d. Oswayo PA of CO2 poisoning. Wed 5-23-1972 in Coudersport-PA
SEEGER, Bertha (Frazee). Born 1867, died 1950
SERENO, Robert J. Spouse of Rose Marie Taylor. Born 12-23-1931, died 1-12-2003. Age: 71 - Son of John V. and Mary J. (Walaski) Sereno. Born in Coudersport PA, d. Coudersport PA. Wed 10-12-1956 in Coudersport PA, two daughters.
SERENO, Rose Marie (Taylor). Spouse of Robert J. Born 7-11-1932, died 9-15-2015. Age: 83 - Dau of John and Marie (Redner) Taylor, born and died in Coudersport PA. A Meals-on-Wheels cook for many years. Wed 10-10-1932 in Coudersport, two daughters.
SHATTUCK, Abigail. Spouse of William Leroy Sr./ ?. Born 1819, died ?? - [unmarked grave]. Second wife of William Leroy Shattuck Sr. Married to William in 1860 Oswayo Census. Married 2nd unknown
SHATTUCK, Clarinda (Lawton). Spouse of William Leroy Jr. Born 1831, died 6-21-1892. Age: 61 - Dau of Amos and Electa J. (Goodenough) Lawton. Wed to William after 1900. (1900 Oswayo Census)
SHATTUCK, Jane M. Born 2-1839, died 5-21-1849. Age: 10y 3m - Dau of William L. and Minerva (Clark) Shattuck, Sr.
SHATTUCK, Leroy. Born 11-1847, died 5-17-1850. Age: 2y 6m - Son of William L. and Minerva (Clark) Shattuck, Sr.
SHATTUCK, Mary (Davis). Spouse of William Leroy, Jr. Born 4-1839, died aft 1900 - First wife of William Leroy, Jr. (1900 Oswayo Census)
SHATTUCK, Minerva (Clark). Spouse of William Leroy Sr. Born 7-1811, died 9-18-1850. Age: 39y 2m - First wife of William Leroy, Sr. Minerva died in 1850 with 2 of her children.
SHATTUCK, Thomas. Born 6-1849, died 5-10-1850. Age: 11m - Son of William L. and Minerva (Clark) Shattuck, Sr.
SHATTUCK, William. Born ??, died ?? - [Unmarked grave]
SHATTUCK, William Leroy Jr. Spouse of Mary Davis/ Calrinda Lawton. Born 3-12-1830, died 4-11-1918 - (1900 Oswayo Census) - Civil War Vet, Co G 46th PA Vol, Capt. Prisoner from August 9, 1862 to September 18, 1862 - mustered out with Company on July 16, 1865.
SHATTUCK, William Leroy. Sr. Spouse of Minerva Clark/ Abigail G. Born 1808, died ?? - Born in MA. Married to Abigail in 1860 Oswayo Census.
SHEPPARD, Clinton E. Born 1975, died 1988 - Son of ? and Rhonda K. (Crum) Sheppard
SHERMAN, Alice M. (Blow). Spouse of Lawrence. Born 5-1884, died 1905 - Dau of Frank L. and Mary (Franklin) Blow. (1900 Hebron Census)
SHORES, Emery D. Spouse of Carolyn K. Swift Burrell. Born 1-30-1925, died 4-7-2018. Age: 93 - Son of Emery C. and Goldie (Vermaus) Shores. Born in Salina KS, lived on Sartwell Creek Rd PA, died in Coudersport PA. A maintenance foreman and farmer. Wed Carolyn 12-9-1978 in Duke Center PA, no children named. (Spouse survives)
SIGNOR, Charles N. Born 7-25-1913, died 3-15-1941 - Son of Jerome and Harriet (Estes) Signor
SIGNOR, Harriet L. (Estes). Spouse of Jerome B. Born 8-30-1871, died 11-11-1927 - Dau of Romeo and Louisa (Phillips) Estes
SIGNOR, Jerome B. Spouse of Harriet Estes. Born 3-25-1869, died 10-18-1952 - Son of George W. and Adah (Oles) Signor
SIGNOR, Kenneth W. Spouse of Vera Keller. Born 4-19-1910, died 11-3-1988 - Son of Jerome and Harriet (Estes) Signor
SIGNOR, Vera - R (Keller). Spouse of Kenneth W. Born 12-1-1915, died 1-19- 2000. Age: 84 - Dau of Harry and Carrie (VanBurshurk) Keller
SILVERNAIL, James R. Born 1891, died 19??
SILVERNAIL, Ruth F. Born 1893, died 1938
SKUTT, Benjamin. Born 12-31-1871, died 6-12-1897 - Son of and Benjamin and Elizabeth Skutt
SKUTT, Betsey (Shattuck). Born ??, died ?? - [Unmarked grave] Dau of William L. and Abigail Shattuck, Sr.
SKUTT, Brad. Born ??, died ?? - [Unmarked grave]
SKUTT, Jane. Born ??, died ?? - [Small stone]
SKUTT, Lavina Lint. Born ??, died 9-2-1861
SKUTT, Lillian. Spouse of Bradford. Born 10-14-1851, died 5-11-1893
SKUTT, Peter. Spouse of Lillie. Born ??, died ??
SLATER, Lloyd Lewis. Spouse of Lois Dalrymple. Born 1929, died 1998 - Son of Lloyd J and Minie (Fichter) Slater, bron in Dover, Morris Co, NJ.
SLATER, Lois (Dalrymple). Spouse of Lloyd Lewis. Born 1921, died 2013 - Dsu of Carl E, and Gladys (Evans) Dalryimple
SLOAT, Lottie (Estes). Spouse of Austin. Born 6-18-1886, died 1945 - Dau of Romeo and Louisa (Phillips) Estes
SMITH, Alice M. Spouse of Ervin. Born 4-23-1893, died 4-22-1973
SMITH, Ervin Walter. Spouse of Leila/ Alice M. Born 1883, died 1956 - Son of Frank and Mary A. Smith. Wed 2nd, ? Smith
SMITH, Frederick A. Born ??, died ?? - Civil War Vet, Co G, 146th Inf PA Vols, Pvt. deserted
SMITH, Hunty [Ella]. Born ??, died ??
SMITH, Ida M. (Leonard). Spouse of Marcus Roseboom/ Frederick A. Smith. Born 5-1859, died ?? - (1900 Oswayo Census: Wed to Frederick fo 6 yrs)
SMITH, Leila Pamela. Spouse of Ervin. Born 1881, died 1941 - 1st Wife
SMITH, Nellie (Chapel). Spouse of Delbert Smith/Warren Banks. Born 1875, died 1960 - Also listed in this cemetery as BANKS, Nellie.
SMITH, Nellie L. Born 11-18-1885, died 1-17-1886 - Dau of Frank and Mary A. Smith
SPAULDING, John. Born 1816, died 1898
SPRIGG, Fannie. Spouse of William. Born 11-1853, died ?? - Died before 1920. (1900, 1920 Hebron Census)
SPRIGG, Lois. Born ??, died ??
SPRIGG, Luva. Born ??, died ??
SPRIGG, William. Spouse of Fannie. Born 4-1854, died ?? - (1900, 1920 Hebron Census)
STAUB, Angela (Hanzel). Spouse of John. Born 1926, died ??
STAUB, John J. Spouse of Angela (Hanzel). Born 3-24-1929, died 1-16-1982. Age: 52 - WW II Vet, US Army, Sgt
STEADMAN, Cort W. Spouse of Mary A. Born 1858, died 1930
STEADMAN, Mary A. Spouse of Cort W. Born 1862, died 1938
STEDMAN, Helen L. (Hallock). Spouse of Wayne [Allie]. Born 11-29-1934, died 7-23-2013. Age: 78 - Dau of James Kenneth [Red] and Bessie M. (Banks) Hallock, Born in Oswayo. Wed 4-23-1953 in Oswayo, 2 children
STEPHENSON, Barbara J. Born 4-30-1972, died 10-8-1976 - Dau of William and Dorothy (Yeaples) Stephenson
STEPHENSON, Dorothy J. (Yeaples). Spouse of William. Born 11-7-1941, died 10-8-1976 - Dau of Donald W. and Bernice (Blackman) Yeaples. Wed first in 1962
STEPHENSON, Shari K. Born 9-20-1968, died 10-8-1976 - Dau of William and Dorothy (Yeaples) Stephenson
STEPHENSON, William M. Spouse of Dorothy J.Yeaples/ Jane M. Dunshie. Born 6-6-1939, died 12-16- 2001. Age: 62 - Son of William M. and Marion A. (Axtel) Stephenson. Born in Millport. Wed 8-25-1980
STEWART, Arlene J. (Roberts). Spouse of William J. Born 3-20-1932, died 7-31-2000. Age: 68 - Dau of Roland and Lucille (Lloyd) Roberts. Born in Coudersport PA, d. Roulette-PA. Wed 9-17-1949 in Roulette PA, two children.
STEWART, Jerome B. Born 1847, died 1927 - Civil War Vet, Co G, 46th PA Vols, 1st Sgt. Discharged on Surgeon's Certificate on December 12, 1862.
STEWART, Lydia. Born 1854, died 1940
STEWART, Riley. Born 1847, died 1927
STEWART, William J. Spouse of Arlene J. Roberts. Born 10-30-1926, died 6-23-2021. Age: 94 - Son of William N. and Ida Stewart. Born in Coudersport PA, lived and died in Roulette PA. Long-time bus driver for Port Allegany Schools. Wed 9-17-1949 in Roulette PA, two children.
STEWART/STUART shows names that were listed twice under two different spellings.
STEWART/STUART, Allie. Born 1-11-1887, died ??. Age: Infant - Dau of Jerome and Samantha (Estes) Stewart
STEWART/STUART, Barton J. Born 9-1879, died 19?? - Son of Jerome and Samantha (Estes) Stewart. (1900 Oswayo Census)
STEWART/STUART, Daisy E. Born 5-1879, died 10-9-1880. Age: 1y 5m - Dau of Jerome and Samantha (Estes) Stewart.
STEWART/STUART, Ernest W. Spouse of Christine Ryland. Born 2-1885, died 4-18-1934 - Son of Jerome and Samantha (Estes) Stewart. (1900 Oswayo Census)
STEWART/STUART, Georgiana I. Born 1883, died 1910 - Dau of Jerome and Samantha (Estes) Stewart
STEWART/STUART, Jerome B. Spouse of Samantha Estes. Born 10-1836, died 6-10-1888. Age: 51y 8m - Civil War Vet, Co G, 46th PA Vols, 1st Sgt. Discharged on Surgeon's Certificate on December 12, 1862.
STEWART/STUART, Myrtle M. Born 9-28-1877, died 9-30-1880. Age: 3y 2d - [Grandaughter] Dau of Jerome and Samantha (Estes) Stewart.
STEWART/STUART, Roy E. Born 1-1867, died 9-29-1880. Age: 13y 8m - Son of Jerome and Samantha (Estes) Stewart
STEWART/STUART, Sadie. Born 10-18-1881, died ??. Age: Infant - Dau of Jerome and Samantha (Estes) Stewart
STEWART/STUART, Samantha (Estes). Spouse of Jerome. Born 4-1846, died 1910 - Dau of George and Polly (Brizzie) Estes. (1900 Oswayo Census says birth year is 1836)
STEWART/STUART, Tressie E. Born 4-29-1875, died 5-15-1884. Age: 9y 16d - Dau of Jerome and Samantha (Estes) Stewart
STILSON, Arlene. Born 1-8-1931, died 3-16-1931 - Dau of Edgar and E. Mary (Brady) Stilson
STILSON, Dormond. Born 2-4-1918, died 6-29-1918 - Son of Edgar and E. Mary (Brady) Stilson
STILSON, Edgar E. Spouse of Mary L. Brady. Born 2-18-1892, died 10-9-1965 - Son of William and Frances (Graves) Stilson
STILSON, Frances E. (Graves). Spouse of William V. Born 8-4-1867, died 7-21-1957 - Dau of Henry and Elizabeth (Munson) Graves
STILSON, John F. *. Spouse of Lena Spencer. Born 10-1885, died 1949 - Son of Leander and Louisa (Shattuck) Stilson. (1900 Hebron Census)
STILSON, Leander A. Spouse of Louisa Shattuck. Born 3-26-1836, died 10-13-1903 - Son of Calvin S. and Allie (Juff) Stilson. Born in Woodhull, N
STILSON, Lelia M. (Estes). Spouse of Walter. Born 1875, died 1945 - Dau of Charles A. and Emily A. (Addia) Estes
STILSON, Lena S. (Spencer) *. Spouse of John F. Born 3-1884, died 1948 - Dau of John F. and Cynthia M. (Crittenden) Spencer
STILSON, Lonnie Lee. Born 3-1886, died 5-2-1886 - Son of William and Frances (Graves) Stilson
STILSON, Louisa (Shattuck). Spouse of Leander A. Born 7-2-1843, died 3-5-1919 - Dau of William and Minerva (Clark) Shattuck
STILSON, Mary L. (Brady). Spouse of Edgar E. Born 7-2-1891, died 6-22-1976 - Dau of Frank and Adeline (Martin) Brady
STILSON, Mary M. (Hurd) *. Spouse of Richard Paul. Born 3-21-1920, died 6-02-2002. Age: 82 - Dau of Howard and Cleo (Lewis) Hurd. Born in Genesee PA, d. Coudersport PA. Wed 3-4-1939
STILSON, Richard Paul *. Spouse of Mary Hurd. Born 2-24-1918, died 12-26-1989 - Son of John B. and Lena (Spencer) Stilson. Wed 3-4-1939
STILSON, Walter L. Spouse of Leila Estes. Born 3-4-1878, died 6-11-1938 - Son of Leander and Louisa (Shattuck) Stilson
STILSON, William V. Spouse of Frances Graves. Born 9-1862, died 1931 - (1900 Hebron Census)
STONEMETZ, B. Born 4-27-1987, died ??
STONEMETZ, Blanche (Vasbinder). Spouse of Claude A. Born 3-22-1891, died 10-15-1985 - Dau of Charles and Elizabeth (Evans) Vasbinder
STONEMETZ, Charles. Born 1858, died 1895 - Son of Philo and Rachel E. (Middaugh) Stonemetz
STONEMETZ, Claude A. Spouse of Blanche Vasbinder. Born 2-4-1893, died 3-14-1981
STONEMETZ, Claude A. III. Born 12-06-1954, died 8-19-1961
STONEMETZ, Effie (Densmore). Spouse of Walter. Born 5-8-1857, died 2-2-1931 - Dau of Joseph and Mary (Haynes) Densmore
STONEMETZ, Frank E. Spouse of Katherine A. Born 2-1877, died 1965 - Son of Walter F. and Effie I. (Densmore) Stonemetz. Wed two times. (1900 Oswayo Census) 1920 Hebron Census: married to Katherine A.
STONEMETZ, Herbert. Born 10-7-1897, died 2-29-1964 - Son of Charles A. and Dolly Stonemetz. Dolly wed first ? Fox. (1900 Oswayo Census)
STONEMETZ, Walter F. Spouse of Effie Densmore. Born 1853, died 1941 - Son of Philo and Rachel E. (Middaugh) Stonemetz (1900 Oswayo Census: Born 1-1854)
STURDEVANT, Amos *. Spouse of Nellie Cornelius. Born 7-23-1880, died 5-20-1967
STURDEVANT, Amos C. *. Spouse of Lois M.Rockwell. Born 5-1849, died 1931 - (1900 Hebron Census) - Civil War Vet, Co H, 207th Regt PA Vols, Pvt. Discharged by General Order on August 3, 1865.
STURDEVANT, Leona (Martin) [Susie] *. Spouse of Otto D. Born 5-23-1913, died 2-23-2007. Age: 93 - Dau of William W. and Mildred M. (Warner) Martin. Born in Oswayo PA, d. Coudersport PA (Charles Cole Mem Hosp). Wed 9-2-1932 in Coudersport PA
STURDEVANT, Lois M. (Rockwell) *. Spouse of Amos C. Born 1-1851, died 1933
STURDEVANT, Nellie (Cornelius)*. Spouse of Amos C. Born 7-14-1888, died 4-25-1976 - (1900 Hebron Census)
STURDEVANT, Otto D. *. Spouse of Leona Martin. Born 1908, died 4-20-1997 - Son of Amos and Nellie (Cornelius) Sturdevant. Wed 9-2-1932 in Coudersport PA. (1920 Hebron Census)
SULLIVAN, Naomi P. (Ball). Spouse of Paul. Born 1918, died - Dau of Charles and Kathleen (Swift) Ball
SULLIVAN, Paul J. Spouse of Naomi Ball. Born 11-12-1906, died 2-28- 1978 - Son of Frank and Rose (Costello) Sullivan
SWIFT, Alfred Scott. Spouse of Edith Fowler. Born 4-1848, died 1920 - (1900 Hebron Census)
SWIFT, Arlie (Stilson). Spouse of Elmer. Born 2-1864, died 4-14-1919 - Dau of Leonard A. and Louisa (Shattuck) Stilson. (1900 Hebron Census)
SWIFT, Augusta Hinton. Spouse of Elijah. Born 1839, died 1-20-1874
SWIFT, Bess M. Born 1839, died 19??
SWIFT, Carrie B. Born 1871, died 1911 - Dau of Romulus and Mary (Downs) Swift
SWIFT, Charles E. [Charley]. Born ??, died 3-8-1873 - On stone with Dean and Cora Swift - children of Romulus and Mary (Downing) Swift
SWIFT, Charles Elmer [Elmer]. Spouse of Arlie Stilson. Born 9-1859, died 1934 - (1900 Hebron Census)
SWIFT, Chester L. Spouse of Margaret Bly. Born 1-1888, died 11-27-1953 - Son of Elmer and Arlie (Stilson) Swift. (1900 Hebron Census)
SWIFT, Claude T. Spouse of Anna Donovan/ Matilda Pye. Born 4-1876, died 1958 - Son of Scott and Edith (Fowler) Swift - Wed 2nd, Matilda Pye. (1900 Hebron Census)
SWIFT, Cora A. Born 7-22-1872, died 8-19-1878. Age: 6y 19d - Dau of Romulus and Mary (Downs) Swift
SWIFT, Dean. Born ??, died 6-8-1892 - Dau of Romulus and Mary (Downs) Swift
SWIFT, Edith E. (Fowler). Spouse of A. Scott. Born 11-1856, died 6-16-1933 - (1900 Hebron Census)
SWIFT, Edna. Born 10-12-1893, died 9-16-1896 - Dau of L. Jerome and Nellie E. Swift
SWIFT, Elijah. Spouse of Augusta Hinton. Born 12-1834, died 1921 - Father of John. (1900 Hebron Census)
SWIFT, Elizabeth. Born 1802, died 1887
SWIFT, Elizabeth M. (Seager) [Bess]. Spouse of Luman. Born 1889, died 19??
SWIFT, Elton E. Spouse of Thelma Meacham. Born 2-19-1921, died 4-12-2004. Age: 83 - Son of Chester and Margaret (Bly) Swift. Born in Coneville PA, a technician for Dow Equipment in Olean NY. Wed 4-25-1942 in Port Allegany PA. 5 children - WW II Vet, US Army 1943-45 SSgt
SWIFT, Ethelbert E. Spouse of Sarah E. Born 12-1844, died ?? - (1900 Hebron Census)
SWIFT, Eva (Dunshie). Spouse of Don Swift/ Lyle Estes. Born 9-11-1894, died 9-13-1971 - Dau of Fred and Eva (Kemp) Dunshie
SWIFT, Frank N. Spouse of Lillian E. Born 11-1867, died 9-27-1929 - Son of Ethelbert E. and Sarah E. Swift. (1900 Hebron Census)
SWIFT, Hazel. Born 7-2-1886, died 2-8-1887 - Dau of Elmer and Arlie (Stilson) Swift
SWIFT, Jerald. Born 1947, died ?? Infant - Twin son of Elton and Thelma (Meacham) Swift
SWIFT, L. Jerome. Spouse of Nellie E. Born 9-1865, died 1945 - Son of Elijah and Augusta (Hinton) Swift. (1900 Hebron Census)
SWIFT, Lena. Spouse of John. Born 5-1871, died 1906 - (1900 Hebron Census). Also, See GILLMER, Thera.
SWIFT, Leonard A. Born 3-16-1870, died 8-20-1882. Age: 12y 5m 4d - Son of Romulus and Mary (Downs) Swift
SWIFT, Lillian E. Spouse of Frank N. Born 11-1875, died 19?? - (1900 Hebron Census)
SWIFT, Luman C. Spouse of Elizabeth M. Seager/ Katherine Vanwegan. Born 5-1891, died 1953 - Son of Elmer and Arlie (Stilson) Swift. Wed Katherine 6-2-1917. (1900 Hebron Census)
SWIFT, Manford. Born 4-10-1944, died 4-10-1944 - Son of Maurice C. and Maybelle (Roberts) Swift. Twin of Milford
SWIFT, Margaret Ione (Bly). Spouse of Chester. Born 3-30-1885, died 4-15-1957 - Dau of Edgar Milton and Vina L. (Luce) Bly
SWIFT, Mary A. (Downs). Spouse of Romulus. Born 11-1843, died 3-18-1924 - (1900 Hebron Census)
SWIFT, Maurice Clifford. Spouse of Maybelle Roberts. Born 10-23-1887, died 10-24-1964 - WW I Vet
SWIFT, Maybelle (Roberts). Spouse of Maurice C. Born 7-28-1900, died 9-21-1978 - Dau of Burton and Ruby (Witter) Roberts
SWIFT, Milford E. Born 4-10-1944, died 4-10-1944 - Son of Maurice C. and Maybelle (Roberts) Swift. Twin of Manford
SWIFT, Muriel. Born 5-12-1931, died ?? - Dau of Maurice C. and Maybelle (Roberts) Swift.
SWIFT, Nellie E. Spouse of L. Jerome. Born 2-1869, died 1955 - (1900 Hebron Census)
SWIFT, Pansy L. Spouse of Ward. Born 1911, died ??
SWIFT, Romulus. Spouse of Mary A. Downs. Born 11-1841, died 1919 - (1900 Hebron Census) - Civil War Vet, Co F, 136th NY Inf, Pvt.
SWIFT, Sarah E. Spouse of Ethelbert E. Born 1845, died 8-20-1894 - (1900 Hebron Census)
SWIFT, Sarah Irene. Born 11-8-1896, died 8-2-1901 - Dau of Frank N. and Lillian Swift. (1900 Hebron Census)
SWIFT, Shirley Jane. Born 1936, died 1937 - Dau of Ward and Pansy L. Swift
SWIFT, Terry. Born 1947, died ?? Infant - Twin son of Elton and Thelma (Meacham) Swift
SWIFT, Thelma E. (Meacham). Spouse of Elton. Born 1919, died aft 4-2004 - Wed 4-25-1942 in Port Allegany PA, 5 children
SWIFT, Ward A. Spouse of Pansy. Born 1908, died 1951 - Son of Jerome and Nellie E.Swift
SWIMMER, Frank. Spouse of Mary Bradford. Born 7-1838, died 1915 - Born in Germany. (1900 Hebron Census) - Civil War Vet, GAR
SWIMMER, Mary E. (Bradford). Spouse of Frank. Born 3-1840, died 4-20-1920 - Dau of Andrew and Elizabeth (Pearce) Bradford. (1900 Hebron Census)
TAYLOR, John D. Spouse of Marie Redner. Born 9-23-1905, died 1-31-1965 - Son of Riley and Cecelia (Kennedy) Taylor. Wed 1927 in Portville NY
TAYLOR, John James [Jim]. Spouse of Delores M. Walaski. Born 7-26-30, died 6-6-1999. Age: 69 - Son of John D. and Marie (Redner) Taylor. Born in Whitesville NY, died in Zephyrhills FL.
TAYLOR, Lena (Eller). Spouse of Thomas. Born 10-17-1918, died 12-11-1992 - Dau of Leroy and Mary F. Eller
TAYLOR, Leonard L. [Pete]. Spouse of Marilyn A. Morris. Born 1-10-1928, died 4-18-2007. Age: 79 - Son of John D. and Marie (Redner) Taylor. Born in Portville NY, d. Shinglehouse PA (at home). Wed 4-11-1953 in Eldred PA, 2 sons - WW II Vet, US Navy and US Marine Corps
TAYLOR, Marie A. Redner. Spouse of John D./ Ralph H. Goff. Born 4-12-1910, died 9-25- 2001. Age: 91 - Dau of Jacob and Rosalia (Clair) Redner. Born in Coneville PA. Wed first 1927, second to Ralph Goff on 4-11-1981
TAYLOR, Marilyn A. (Morris). Spouse of Leonard L. Born 9-27-1933, died 10-30-2009. Age: 76 - Dau of Harold and Ester (Frost) Morris.born in Eldred PA. Wed 4-122-1953 in Eldred, 2 sons
TAYLOR, Michael J. [Bear]. Spouse of Michele L. Preston. Born 9-21-1953, died 6-16-2007. Age: 53 - Son of Leonard L. and Marilyn A. (Morris) Taylor. Born in Olean NY, d. Coneville PA (at home; heart attack). Wed 12-30-1989 in Shinglehouse PA
TAYLOR, Robert E. Born 1937, died 1938 - Son of Thomas and Lena (Eller) Taylor
TAYLOR, Thomas [Buck]. Spouse of Lena Eller. Born 11-29-1909, died 11-2-1979 - Son of Riley and Bridget (Kennedy) Taylor
TORREY, Cora M. (Stilson) [Bonnie?]. Spouse of Wayne. Born 1923, died ?? - Dau of Edgar E. and Mary (Brady) Stilson
TORREY, Craig S. Spouse of Joan Hamilton/ J. James. Born 1950, died ?? - Son of Wayne and Bonnie (Stilson) Torrey.
TORREY, Janice (Zale) James. Spouse of Craig. Born 10-1-1951, died 3-29-1978 - Dau of James and Donna (Baker) Zale Jr.
TORREY, Wayne L. Spouse of Bonnie M. Stilson. Born 10-2-1921, died 9-30- 2000 - Son of Lewis and Mildred (Hanks) Torrey. Born in Shinglehouse PA. Wed 10-31-1941
TREAT, Frank A. Spouse of Jessie Lewis. Born 9-9-1904, died 8-18-1979 - Son of Issaac and Elizabeth (Squire) Treat
TREAT, Jessie C. (Lewis). Spouse of Frank/ Claude Cook. Born 6-16-1895, died 12-7-1980 - Dau of David and Myrtle (Nichols) Lewis
TRIMBLE, Paul F. Spouse of Gertrude R. Bell. Born 3-8-1927, died 4-7-2017. Age: 90 - Son of William J. and Clara B. (Stokes) Trimble. Born in Quarryville PA, lived and died in Oswayo PA. 12-17-1983 in Hebron Twp PA, eight children. (She survives) Korean War Vet, US Army, Tank Maint.
UNKNOWN, Jerome. Born ??, died ??
UNKNOWN, Mary. Born ??, died ?? - [Small stone]
VANDERHOOF, Barbara A. (Hokenson). Spouse of Rev. Elden A. Born 10-8-1934, died 9-16-2016. Age: 81 - Dau of Clarence G. and Jane G. (Huntington) Hokenson. Born in Bradford PA, died in Pinckney MI. A pastor's wife. Wed 6-25-1954 in Duke Center PA, three children. (He d. 11-3-1995) also buried inRathbone.
VANDERHOOF, Carl H. Spouse of Nina Harris. Born 1892, died 1959
VANDERHOOF, Elden A. Spouse of Barbara A. Hokenson. Born 1930, died ?? - Son of Carl and Nina (Harris) Vanderhoff
VANDERHOOF, Nina (Harris). Spouse of Carl. Born 1903, died 1962 - Dau of Archie and Ida (Densmore) Harris
VANEPPS, Delmar D. Spouse of Oma Calhoun. Born 7-1-1922, died 4-27-2005. Age: 82 - Son of Miles and Polly (Estes) VanEpps. Wed 12-25-1940, 3 children - WW II Vet, US Marine Corps
VANEPPS, Miles A. Spouse of Polly B. Estes. Born 11-5-1892, died 8-22-1978 - Son of Eugene and Estella (Clair) VanEpps
VANEPPS, Oma May (Calhoun). Spouse of Delmar. Born 3-24-1922, died 4-7-1974 - Dau of Frederick and Mary (Helmick) Calhoun. Wed 12-25-1940
VANEPPS, Phillip C. Born 1939, died ?? - Son of Miles and Polly (Estes) VanEpps
VANEPPS, Polly B. (Estes). Spouse of Miles. Born 1-25-1896, died 5-7-1980 - Dau of Romeo and Louisa (Phillips) Estes
VANEPPS, Russell C. Born 1917, died 1935 - Son of Miles and Polly (Estes) VanEpps
WACKWITZ, Melvin JR. Spouse of Tashawa L. Born 1941, died 1966
WACKWITZ, Tashawa L. Born 1989, died 1989
WENNER, John W. Spouse of Virginia H. Miles. Born 12-20-1935, died 10-4-2015. Age: 79 - Son of Robert Leo and Grace J. Tubbs Shepardson Wenner, born in Blossburg PA, died in Rochester NY. Wed 6-26-1972 in Coudersport PA, three sons surnamed Thompson. - Korean War Vet, USMC
WENNER, Virginia H. (Miles). Spouse of John. Born 3-27-1928, died 2-15-1998 Dau of Walter F. and Jennie G. (Shaffer) Miles
WESTLEY, Eugene M. Spouse of Helen M. Estes. Born 6-10-1928, died 7-12-2005 - Son of Elmer and Edith Westley.
WESTLEY, Helen M. (Estes). Spouse of Eugene M. Born 11-212-1922, died 11-19-2012 - Dau of Herbert and Viva (Kilbourne) Estes
WILCOX, Carrol A. Born 1904, died 1989
WILCOX, Elizabeth. Spouse of Isaac C. Born 1843, died 1909
WILCOX, Isaac C. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 1833, died ?? - Civil War Vet, Co A 148th Regt PA Vols, Pvt. Drafted - transferred to company B, 53rd Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers on June 1, 1865 - discharged by General Order on June 29 to date June 28, 1865.
WILCOX, Perry. Spouse of Rebecca. Born ??, died aft 1890 - Son of Lawton and Sarah (Goodenough) Wilcox - Civil War Vet, Co H 71st NY Inf, Pvt.
WILCOX, Seeber S. Born 1871, died 1943 - Son of Perry and Rebecca Wilcox
WILLIAMS, Baby Girl. Born 1941, died 1941. Age: Stillborn - Dau of Dorr and Violet (Burrows) Williams
WILLIAMS, Cora Dell (Miller). Born 8-3-1869, died 12-23-1916
WILLIAMS, Dan C. Spouse of Olive V. Born 1-20-1904, died 1-1-1978 - Son of George A. and Cora D. (Miller) Williams
WILLIAMS, George A. Spouse of Cora Miller. Born 1863, died 5-23-1937 - (1920 Hebron Census)
WILLIAMS, Loren I. Spouse of Joan Vanocker. Born 3-24-1950, died 3-18-1983 - Son of Dan C. and Olive V. Williams
WILLIAMS, Olive V. Spouse of Dan C. Born 1920, died 1-22-2016
WOOD, Lloyd M. Spouse of Pearl Moore. Born 8-22-1900, died 12-8-1984 - Son of Frederick and Mary P. (Lay) Wood
WOOD, Pearl (Moore). Spouse of Lloyd. Born 10-2-1903, died 3-2-1985 - Dau of Douglas and Lottie (Peterson) Moore
YEAGER, Clifford E. Spouse of Mildred Harrington. Born 5-23-1909, died 4-18-1989 - Son of James L. and Emma (Stewart) Yeager
YEAGER, Donna M. [Polly]. Born 7-16-1938, died 3-21-2000 - Born in Wellsville NY
YEAGER, Emma J. (Stewart). Spouse of James. Born 1874, died 1944 - Born in MI. (1920 Hebron Census)
YEAGER, Howard J. Born 5-29-1992, died 9-27-1992 - Son of Stanley A. and Kathryn (Norman) Yeager Jr
YEAGER, James L. Spouse of Emma Stewart. Born 1864, died 1920 - Born in NY (1920 Hebron Census)
YEAGER, Mildred (Harrington). Spouse of Clifford E. Born 2-10-1909, died aft 1-2005 - Dau of Frank L. and Lydia (Sherwood) Harrington. Born in Shinglehouse PA, worked 30 yrs as bookkeeper for husband's lumber business. Wed 9-30-1926. 4 children.

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