Costello - Sylvania Twp.
GPS Coordinates: 4137'23.53"N, 78 1'59.88"W
Up the first fork from Costello about 3 mi. Cemetery is in the open on the right. Moore's City is about a mile farther on.

Compiled from the records of The Potter County Historical Society and PHGS by Charles & Kathleen Heffner
Special thanks to Jan Fleming, Paul Bennett and the E. O. Austin Home Historical Society for so much update material.

Photo by Barb Hyde

Where noted, some entries have been expanded with cross-references to census data. To view the census data, open the census cited and search for a name.
* denotes a birthdate calculated from the given death date and age at death.

BARR, Adelaide (Rees). Spouse of Charles. Born 1852, died 1929 - Dau of Christopher Columbus and Ann (Hall) Rees. Wed 7-18-1870
BARR, Charles. Spouse of Adelaide Rees. Born 6-29-1849, died 1929 - Born in PA, a farmer. In 1920 Sylvania Census, wife is Sarah. Wed Adelaide 7-18-1870
BARTRON, Rosanna (Gillispie). Spouse of James. Born 5-21-1837, died 5-19-1863 - Dau of John and Rosanna Ann (Rees) Gillispie. Wed 6-05-1854
BROOKS, Alice M. Born 1928, died 1932
BROOKS, Edna H. Born 1898, died 1939
BROOKS, William R. Born 1894, died 1973
CHASE, David Foster. Spouse of Marilyn G. Born 2-9-1914, died 4-6-1970 - WW II Vet, 435 AMPH Truck Co, Sgt.
CHASE, Ferdi B. Born 1954, died 1964
CHASE, Marilyn G. [Sis]. Spouse of David F. Born 1917, died 2002
CLARK, Ashley E. Born 1996, died 1996
CLINTON, Arthur D. Sr. Spouse of Thelma M. Born 1897, died 1960
CLINTON, Charles Etta W. Born 1861, died 1959
CLINTON, Emma (Herman) [Kay]. Spouse of Gaylon S. Sr. Born 7-25-1929, died 8-14-2000. Age: 71 - Dau of Anthony and Lavina (Wayne) Herman. Born in Desire PA, d. Costello PA. Wed 8-14-1948 in Big Run PA
CLINTON, Gaylon Stafford, Sr. Spouse of Emma Herman. Born 2-3-1922, died 1-6-2000 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Forces, Sgt.
CLINTON, George M. Born ??, died aft 1890 - Civil War Vet, Co H, 46th PA Vols, Pvt.
CLINTON, Lyman. Spouse of Lydia Corey. Born 9-09-1842, died 7-16-1906 - Civil War Vet, Co B, 171st PA Vols, Pvt. Mustered out with company on August 7, 1863.
CLINTON, Nila Joan. Born 9-24-1934, died 1-27-1938 - Dau of Arthur D. Sr. and Thelma M. Clinton
CLINTON, Thelma M. Spouse of Arthur D. Sr. Born 1903, died 1963
CLINTON, William T. Born 1874, died 1950
DYNDA, Reba A. Spouse of Stine J. Born 1927, died 2001
DYNDA, Stine J. Spouse of Reba A. Born 1927, died 1982
EDWARDS, ?. Born 1827, died 2001 - Dau of Mont T. and Lillian (Rees) Edwards
EDWARDS, Harry. Born 9-24-1887, died 2-12-1898 - Son of Mont T. and Lillian (Rees) Edwards
EDWARDS, Jerold. Born 10-6-1896, died 2-24-1898 - Son of Mont T. and Lillian (Rees) Edwards
FOWLER, Albert S. Born 7-26-1891*, died 9-15-1891. Age: 1m 20d - Son of Walter and Evelyn (Gillispie) Fowler.
FOWLER, Carl H. Born 1904, died 1972 - WW II Vet
FOWLER, Charles, Sr. Born 1863, died 1903
FOWLER, Evelyn M. (Gillispie). Spouse of Walter M. Born 11-21-1872, died 1946 - Dau of James and Hannah (Havens) Gillispie. Wed 10-20-1881
FOWLER, Marshall J. Born 1901, died 1979
FOWLER, Walter M. Spouse of Evelyn Gillispie. Born 2-5-1861, died 1932 - Born in PA, a farmer. (1920 Sylvania Census). Wed 10-20-1881
GILLISPIE, Cartha C. (Baker) Hall. Spouse of Edward. Born 11-19-1839, died 6-28-1912 - Dau of John & Cynthia (Strong) Baker. Third wife, wed 11-11-1883
GILLISPIE, Edward. Spouse of Elizabeth Keeler/ Mary Jane Rees/ Cartha Hall. Born 9-6-1839, died uncut - Son of John and Mary Ann (Rees) Gillispie. Wed 3 times
GILLISPIE, Elizabeth (Keeler). Spouse of Edward. Born 5-31-1852, died 4-29-1876 - First wife, wed 8-22-186?
GILLISPIE, John. Spouse of Mary Ann Rees. Born 5-1-1801, died 1862 - Wed 4-02-1826. Stone says 1791.
GILLISPIE, Mary Ann (Rees). Spouse of John. Born 9-1-1807, died 10-14-1862 - Dau of Ely and Elizabeth (McCullah) Rees. Wed 4-02-1826
GILLISPIE, Mary Jane (Rees). Spouse of Edward. Born 10-3-1862, died 10-5-1881 - Dau of John Miller and Emma (Hall) Rees, Second wife, wed 11-30-1878.
GILLISPIE, William. Born 5-17-1873, died 4-9-1875. Age: 1y 10m 22d - Son of Edward and Mary Jane (Rees) Gillispie
GLASBY, James. Spouse of Hannah A. Havens. Born 10-1-1831, died 3-17-1897 - Son of John and Mary Ann (Rees) Glasby [Gillispie]. Born in PA, a farmer. Wed 5-14-1855. (1880 Sylvania Census)
GLASPY, Hannah A. (Havens). Spouse of James. Born 9-15-1838, died 10-6- 1899 - Born in NJ. Wed 5-14-1855. (1880 Sylvania Census).
GLASPY, Sarah (Nelson). Spouse of John Miller. Born 9-15-1855, died 4-5- 1893 - Dau of Henry and Julia (Quimby) Nelson. (1880 Sylvania Census). Variant spelling of Gillispie. Wed 4-26-1874
HASKINS, Marshal M. Spouse of Rosanna Gillispie. Born 1-3-1861, died 1930 - Son of Charles and Eleanor (Wykoff) Haskins, a farmer. (1870, 1920 Sylvania Census). Wed 10-20-1881
HASKINS, Rosanna (Gillispie). Spouse of Marshal M. Born 12-19-1868, died 1937 - Dau of James and Hannah A. (Havens) Gillispie. Born in PA. (1920 Sylvania Census) Wed 10-20-1881
HAVENS, Claudius. Born 10-10-1907, died 1913 - Son of Warren and May (Younglove) Havens.
HAVENS, Hubert. Born 3-9-1905, died 1-8-1910 - Son of Warren and May (Younglove) Havens.
HAVENS, May (Younglove). Spouse of Warren. Born 12-8-1870, died 1929 - Dau of George and Mary (Rees) Younglove. Wed 4-3-1890.(1900 Homer Census)
HAVENS, Warren. Spouse of May Younglove. Born 2-14-1868, died 1930 - Wed 4-3-1890.
HEWETT, Zibai. Born 5-13-1872*, died 3-19-1873. Age: 10m 6d
KILDUFF, Doris E. Spouse of James A. Born 1918, died 1991
KILDUFF, James A. Spouse of Doris E. Born 1904, died 1963
LAMONTE, Caroline. Spouse of H. H. Born 1814*, died 12-27-1863. Age: 49
LAMONTE, Carrie G. Born 1-4-1869, died 9-25-1875. Age: 7 - Dau. of Clark A. and Mary Ann (Rees) LaMonte
LAMONTE, H. H. Spouse of Caroline. Born 11-7-1845, died 5-28-1868
LAMONTE, Henry H. Born 2-25-1906, died 1934 - Son of Henry and Malinda (Doll) LaMonte.
LININGER, Timothy J. Born uncut, died 1975
LOGUE, Ella J. Spouse of D. S. Born 1853*, died 3-24-1876. Age: 23
MAVENS, May. Born 1870, died 1929
MAVENS, Warren. Born 1868, died 1930
PETERSON, Ellen (Stiles). Spouse of Chris. Born 1863, died 1915
PHELPS, Mable (Mrs.). Born 11-13-1865*, died 7-15-1953. Age: 87y 8m 2d
PHELPS, Vivian. Born 1891, died 1980
PLANT, Brian A. Spouse of Sherry. Born 10-12-1970, died 3-15-1996 - Peacetime Vet, US Army, SPC
PLANT, Sherry. Spouse of Brian A. Born 4-25-1973, died uncut
PLOTTS, Lucy M. Born ??, died 4-3-1942
PULAR, Anna L. Born 1884, died 1971
PUTNAM, William. Born 1834, died 1899
REED, Alice C. Spouse of Alonzo. Born 7-25-1871, died 5-14-1889. Age: 17y 9m 11d - Dau of James and Margaret (Younglove) Rees. Wed 6-08-1887. Died in childbirth, dau Alice survived.
REED, Alonzo. Spouse of Alice C. Rees). Born 9-20-1861, died 10-28-1893. Age: 32y 1m 8d - Son of Matthias and Sally (Cleveland) Reed. Born in NY. Wed 6-08-1887. (1850 Homer Census)
REES, Alfred. Spouse of Faye Wheeler. Born 1-12-1875, died 1967 - Son of J. Miller and Emma (Hall) Rees. Born in PA, a tannery laborer. (1880 Sylvania, 1920 Portage Census) Wed 5-12-1903
REES, Ann (Hall). Spouse of Christopher Columbus. Born 10-3-1829, died 7-24-1908 - Born in England. (1880 Sylvania Census) Wed 5-03-1847
REES, Bonnie Jean. Born 1953, died 2001
REES, Charles M. [Charley]. Spouse of Hattie Goodno. Born 2-08-1873, died 8-19-1908 - Son of James and Margaret (Younglove) Rees. Born in PA. (1880 Sylvania Census)
REES, Chauncey V. Spouse of Nettie Clinton. Born 11-7-1866, died 1948 - Son of Thomas M. and Caroline (Strong) Rees.
REES, Christie Elnora. Born 10-6-1870, died 3-9-1882. Age: 11y 5m 8d - Dau. of Christopher Columbus and Ann (Hall) Rees
REES, Christopher Columbus. Spouse of Ann Hall. Born 4-13-1824, died 4-10-1902 - Son of Ely and Elizabeth (McCullah) Rees. Born in PA. (1880 Sylvania Census) Wed 5-03-1847
REES, Columbus C. Spouse of Nora M. Haskins. Born 6-24-1881, died 1938 - Son of Joseph and Caroline (Wheeler) Rees. Born in PA. (1920 Sylvania Census) Wed 12-10-1907
REES, Cora R. (Rand). Spouse of Levi Bird. Born 1882, died 1975 Wed 1-6-1903.
REES, Donald M. Spouse of Gwendolyn N. Born 7-22-1920, died 11-23-1989 From the stone.
REES, Doris (Fessenden). Spouse of Howard. Born ??, died ??
REES, Eliza. Born 10-28-1876, died 10-28-1876
REES, Elizabeth J. Spouse of William M. Born 10-13-1867, died 1-25-1944 - Probably William's second wife, wed after 1900.
REES, Emma (Hall). Spouse of John Miller. Born 8-25-1838, died 1-17-1915 - (1880 Sylvania Census) Wed 1-09-1854
REES, Emmaline. Spouse of J. Humphrey Rounds. Born 2-19-1848, died 2-7-1885 - Dau. of Christopher Columbus and Ann (Hall) Rees
REES, Eva B. Born ??-1868*, died 9-17-1954. Age: 88y 6m
REES, Evalena. Born 6-28-1885, died 8-13-1885 - Dau. of Arthur and Hattie (Whitney) Rees
REES, Evelyn Eloise. Born 11-27-1927, died 1-31-1931 - Dau. of Olen W. and Mazie (Smith) Rees
REES, Faye (Wheeler). Spouse of Alfred. Born 11-7-1888, died 1957 - Born in PA. (1920 Portage Census) Wed 5-12-1903
REES, Franklin J. [Frank]. Born 4-07-1869, died 1952 - Son of James and Margaret (Younglove) Rees. Born in PA. (1880 Sylvania Census)
REES, Gerald A. Born 1904, died 1967
REES, Gwendolyn N. Spouse of Donald M. Born 8-8-1911, died 12-13-1994 From the stone.
REES, Howard. Spouse of Doris Fessenden. Born ??, died ?? - Son of Charles M. and Hattie (Goodnoe) Rees.
REES, Infant. Born 1886, died 1886 - Child of Christopher C. and Emma G. (Reed) Rees
REES, J. Warley. Born 8-17-1887, died 10-30-1906
REES, Janice M. Spouse of Kenneth E., Sr. Born 1937, died uncut
REES, John Miller. Spouse of Emma Hall. Born 2-27-1827, died 9-29-1908 - Son of Eli and Elizabeth (McCullah) Reese. Wed 1-09-1854. (1880 Sylvania Census)
REES, Kathryn I. Spouse of Wayne D. Born 7-27-1924, died 4-11-1992 - [Wed 7-23-1940]
REES, Kenneth E., Jr. [Scot]. Born 1957, died 1978 - Son of Kenneth E., Sr. and Janice M. Rees - Peacetime Vet, US Army, SPC4
REES, Kenneth E., Sr. Spouse of Janice M. Born 1936, died uncut
REES, Levi Bird. Spouse of Cora R. Born 3-8-1866, died 1954 - Son of John Miller and Emma (Hall ) Rees. Wed 1-6-1903.
REES, Lorraine M. (Henderson). Spouse of Gene, Sr. Born 12-18-1946, died 4-9-2013. Age: 66 - Dau of William and Lillian (Stone) Henderson, born in Coudersport. 4 children
REES, Mamie. Born 7-18-1892, died 12-8-1892 - Dau of Christopher C. and Emma G. (Reed) Rees
REES, Mazie A. (Smith). Spouse of Olen W. Born 1899, died 1972 - [Mother]
REES, Nora M. (Haskins). Spouse of Columbus C. Born 11-01-1886, died 1958 - Dau of Marshal and Rosanna (Gillispie) Haskins. Wed 12-10-1907
REES, Norma Vera. Born 1911, died 1983
REES, Olen W. Spouse of Alice Reed/ Mazie A. Smith. Born 9-20-1882, died 1963 - Son of William M. and Jennie (Reed) Rees. Born in PA, a farmer. Wed Alice on 7-4-1907. In 1920 Sylvania Census, name is REESE.
REES, Rosella A. Born 7-29-1900, died 12-30-1900 - Dau. of William and Jennie (Reed) Rees
REES, Wayne D. Spouse of Janice M. Born 3-14-1922, died 6-1-1997 - [Wed 7-23-1940]
REES, William K. Born 1958, died 1996
REES, William M. Spouse of Jennie Reed. Born 3-13-1861, died 5-14-1950 - Son of J. Miller and Emma (Hall) Rees. Born in PA. Wed Jennie 7-04-1881. (1880 Sylvania Census)
REES, William Wesley Lodicia B. Born 3-15-1838, died 3-22-1908 - Son of Isaac and Mary Ann (Nelson) Rees. Wed 1-26-1870. - Civil War Vet, Co H, 99th PA Vols, Pvt. Drafted - mustered out with company on July 1, 1865.
REESE, Alice. Born 1905, died 1873
REESE, Charles F., Sr. Spouse of Rose Mary. Born 5-17-1927, died 4-29-1984
REESE, Eli. Spouse of Elizabeth McCullah. Born 1-07-1783, died 5-19-1848. Age: 65 - 1840 Potter County Census. Son of Isaac and Esther (Matson) Rees, born in Chester Co, PA. Wed 7-04-1806. Original settler of Reesville, in 1830.
REESE, Elizabeth (McCullah). Spouse of Eli. Born 6-01-1786, died 4-9-1860. Age: 73y 10m 9d - From Chester Co, PA. Wed 7-04-1806. Stone: Reese
REESE, Fordyce Allen Jr. [Al]. Born 3-9-1973, died 1-29-2018. Age: 44 - Son of Fordyce Allen and Rosemarie (Grietl) Reese, Sr. Helped found ReesCreations, the family business. Firefighter of the year in 1996, 2000, 2001. Rescue Squad Member of the Year in 2012. Two children. Survived by his 'lifelong loge", Angela.
REESE, Fordyce Allen, Sr. [Al]. Spouse of Rosemarie Greitl. Born 12-21-1934, died 11-9-2011. Age: 76 - Son of Howard and Doris (Fessenden) Reese, born in Coudersport. Wed 9-5-1958 at Munich Germany, 7 children. - Vietnam Vet, served 10 yrs. 82nd and 101 Airborne Corps, 1st Cav, E-5 paratrooper.
REESE, Herbert R. Born 7-05-1905, died 9-30-1911 - Son of Maradeth and Mamie (Grickey) Rees. Flood Victim
REESE, Mary A. Born 9-10-1857, died 2-20-1862. Age: 4y 5m 10d - Dau. of C. Columbus and Ann (Hall) Reese
REESE, Otis A. Born 4-03-1896, died 10-04-1918 - Son of Chauncey and Nettie (Clinton) Rees. - WW I, AEF, 66th PA Rifle Co 3rd Depot Div, Pvt. Killed in Action in France.
REESE, Richard. Born 1915, died 1972
REESE, Rose Mary. Spouse of Charles F., Sr. Born 11-10-1941, died 2-26-1990 - Half sister of Theodora (Ripple) Everly. - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Sp4
ROUSE, Amy Isabel. Born 5-15-1905, died 1-5-1907 - Dau. of William and Mable F (Rees) Rouse. Stone says both parents were Doctors.
SETZER, Nathan Scot [sic]. Born 9-19-1983, died 7-10-2005. Age: 21 - Son of Terry and Roxana (Rees) Setzer b. Bryan TX d. motorcycle accident
SETZER, Roxana L. (Rees). Spouse of Terry W. Born 8-16-1955, died 7-19-2016. Age: 60 - Dau of Kenneth E. Rees, born in Port Allegany PA, lived in Austin PA, died in Coudersport PA. Wed 5-16-1981 in Austin, nine children. One son surnamed Plant. (Terry survives)
SHEPHERD, Maude B. Born 1882, died 1897
SHEPHERD, Rockfurd A. Born 1878, died 1960
SPRAGUE, William D. Born 1873, died 1947
STEWART, Clara R. (Fowler). Spouse of Laurence A. Born 1896, died 1921 - Dau of Rev. Walter Fowler of Reesville. Born in PA. Wed 6-18-1914. (1920 Sylvania Census)
STEWART, Laurence A. Spouse of Clara R. Fowler. Born 1891, died 1966 - Born in PA, a farmer. Wed 6-18-1914. (1920 Sylvania Census)
STEWART, Mary C. Born 1940, died 1982
STEWART, Twila I. Born 1899, died 1978
STILES, Alva. Born 2-08-1872, died 1910 - Son of Dutton and Hannah (Gillispie) Stiles. (1880 Sylvania Census)
STILES, Dutton. Spouse of Hannah Gillispie. Born 4-06-1818, died 5-14-1874. Age: 56y 1m 9d - Wed 6-02-1859.
STILES, Ellen. Spouse of Chris Patterson. Born 10-02-1864, died 1915 - Dau of Dutton and Hannah (Gillispie) Stiles. Wed 4-14-1888. (1880 Sylvania Census)
STILES, Fred F. Spouse of Susie Glasby. Born 10-03-1869, died 1942 - Son of Dutton and Hannah (Gillispie) Stiles. Born in PA. (1880, 1920 Sylvania Census)
STILES, Hannah (Gillispie). Spouse of Dutton. Born 8-25-1842, died 3-14-1881 - Born in PA, wed 6-02-1859. farming. (1920 Sylvania Census)
STILES, Susie (Glaspy). Spouse of Fred F. Born 1877, died 1934
SWIFT, Donna R. Spouse of Hubert R. Born 12-15-1923, died uncut
SWIFT, Hubert R. Spouse of Donna R. Born 1-6-1923, died 10-7-1989
WEAVER, Elvina A. (Harding). Spouse of John F. Born 2-04-1874, died 1919 - Wed 1-12-1899
WEAVER, John F. Spouse of Elvina Harding. Born 9-29-1874, died 19?? - Born in PA. Wed 1-12-1899. Widowed by the 1920 Austin Census.
WHEELER, Della M. Spouse of Henry. Born 1892, died 1961 - Born in PA. (1920 Sylvania Census)
WHEELER, Dutton. Spouse of Maude Shulman. Born 12-8-1858, died 7-31-1930 - Son of Henry and Elizabeth (Gillispie) Wheeler. Born in PA, a farmer. Wed 12-08-1902. (1920 Sylvania Census)
WHEELER, Elizabeth (Gillispie). Spouse of Henry L. Born 8-24-1829, died 9-3-1898 - Wed 8-15-1853
WHEELER, Florence. Born 8-14-1882, died 2-27-1905 - Dau of Isaac and Frances E. (Wells) Wheeler
WHEELER, Frances E. (Wells). Spouse of Isaac. Born 5-01-1861, died 1931 - Wed 1-5-1882, six children.
WHEELER, Henry L. Spouse of Elizabeth Gillispie. Born 12-26-1829, died 4-4-1884 - Wed 8-15-1853
WHEELER, Isaac. Spouse of Frances Wells. Born 4-02-1856, died 5-7-1913 - Son of Henry and Elizabeth (Gillispie) Wheeler. Wed 1-5-1882, six children. (1870 Sylvania Census gives maiden name as Glasby)
WHEELER, Maude (Shulman). Spouse of Dutton. Born 1-5-1862, died 1-29-1926 - Born in CT. Wed 12-08-1902. (1920 Sylvania Census)
WHERRY, William H. Born 5-18-1900, died 3-16-1902 - Son of James and Florence (LaMonte) Wherry
WILLIAMS, Leland S., Jr. [Sonny]. Born 5-2-1929, died 7-12-2010 - Son of Leland S. and Irene (Compton) Williams. Born in Ausitn PA, unmarried
YOUNGLOVE, Alice R. Born 2-??-1855*, died 1-1875. Age: 19y 11m
YOUNGLOVE, George F. Spouse of Mary E. Rees. Born 8-1840, died 1921 - Born in PA, a farmer. (1880, 1900 Homer Census) - Civil War Vet, Co H, 46th PA Vols, Pvt. Mustered out with Company on July 16, 1865. and Co F, 16th Regt.
YOUNGLOVE, Irvine. Born ??, died 2-1888 - Son of John J. and Pauline M. Younglove
YOUNGLOVE, John J. Spouse of Pauline M. Born 1851, died 1925
YOUNGLOVE, Mary E. (Rees). Spouse of George F. Born 5-8-1850, died 2-13-1909 - Dau of Isaac and Mary A. (Nelson) Rees. Born in PA. (1880 Homer Census)
YOUNGLOVE, Pauline M. Spouse of John J. Born 1858, died 1941 - Born in NY. Wed in 1880 Sylvania Census.

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