Potter County Bible Records

Robbins Family
Submitted by Nancy Merrill

Marshal and Susannah (Chapman) Robbins were my 3rd great grandparents. 
According to Marshal's pension record from the War of 1812, the Bible is 
dated Nov. 1815 and was filled out by Marshal's hand.  The Bible is in the 
possession of my cousin in Indiana and the first few pages are missing. 
Marshal and Susannah (again according to the pension record) lived in Groton 
for nine years following their marriage.  They then moved to Independence, 
Allegany Co., NY where they lived sixteen years and then on to Potter Co., 
PA where they lived until they died. Marshal was the son of Clark and Zilpha 
(Keyes) Robbins of Ashford, Windham Co., CT. 

Marshal Robbins Born July the 29th 1794 (he was born in Ashford, Windham 
Co., CT) 
Susannah Chapman Born March the 25th 1795 
Sarah Robbins Born January 24th 1817 
Marshal K Robbins Born June 2nd 1818 
Almeda Robbins Born October the 24th 1819 
Hannah Robbins Born August 16th 1821 
Weltha Ann Robbins Born April 10th 1823 
Mary Jane Robbins Born May 13th 1825 
Permelia Robbins Born June 14th 1827 
Samuel C. Robbins Born December 17th 1829 
Zilpha Ann Robbins Born October the 21st 1831 
Benjamin Robbins Born August 24th 1833 
Lidia E. Robins Born May 22 1835 
Bradford Robbins Born July the 31st 1837 
(Children of Marshall K. and Celinda Robbins) 
Job T. Robbins born April 25th 1866 
Hannah Robbins born April 8, 1867 
Hubra E. Robbins born July 1, 1869 
Benjamin K. Robbins born Jan. 12, 1871 
Frank Robbins born March 8, 1874 
Fred Robbins born Dec. 15, 1877 

Zilpha Ann Robbins Died Feb the 9th 1834 
Samuel C. Robbins Died Feb 13th 1834 
Benjamin Robbins Died August 31st 1838 
Bradford Robbins Died December 27th 1838 
Lidia E. Robbins Died February 25th 1854 
Marshal Robbins Died Apr. 24th 1877 
Job T. Robbins died Apr. 18th, 18?? 
Hubra E. Robbins died Apr. 21, 1871 

Marshal Robbins and Susannah Chapman was married April the 11th 1816 (they 
were married in Groton, Tompkins Co., NY) 
M. K. Robbins and Celinda Clark was married Feb. 14th, 1864 

Bacon Family Record
Submitted by: Kevin D. Bacon 

Ira Bacon
Born August 5, 1801 Died July 21, 1868
Naomi Bennett
Born July 8, 1806 Died March 16, 1875

Married June 16, 1824

Benjamin Franklin Bacon
Born April 11, 1826 Died September 9, 1881
Emily Samantha Bacon
Born August 18, 1827 Died January 21, 1907
Henry Maturean Bacon
Born August 9, 1829 Died May 18, 1915
Fredus Chapman Bacon
Born October 31, 1831 Died March 11, 1862 
Barbara Jane Bacon
Born October 22, 1834 Died February 24, 1907
Zera Oviatt Bacon
Born March 12, 1837 Died March 15, 1921
Willard Abner Bacon
Born February 7, 1839 Died January 2, 1923
David Addison Bacon
Born April 5, 1842 Died June 11, 1854
Amanda Maria Bacon
Born January 31, 1844 Died June 17, 1930
Ira Ladernia Bacon
Born October 23, 1846 Died September 25, 1930
John Turner Bacon
Born February 5, 1849 Died July 20, 1929


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