GPS Coordinates: 4150'42.74"N, 7740'25.79"W
This Cemetery is located on Parker Hill Road. It is about half way between Loucks Mills and Sunderlinville.

Walked and photo by PHGS member Donna Allen - 2003
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Where noted, some entries have been expanded with cross-references to Hector census data. To view the census data, open the census cited and search for a name.
* = Dates calculated from existing dates and ages.

ABRAMS, Lucy. Spouse of Oscar. Born 1855, died 1925
ADAMS, Fanny. Born 1815, died 1899 - [Our Mother]
ALBNEY, Janice. Spouse of Lawrence. Born 9-25-1942, died uncut - Wed 12-30-1961
ALBNEY, Lawrence. Spouse of Janice. Born 5-31-1930, died 10-6-1995 - Wed 12-30-1961
ALLEN, Ami. Spouse of Nancy. Born 1846, died 1934 - Civil War Vet, Co G 104th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt.
ALLEN, Arthur. Born 8-13-1888, died 1-10-1895 - [At Rest ]
ALLEN, Arthur. Born 1897, died 1898 - Son of W and B Allen
ALLEN, Nancy. Spouse of Ami. Born 1851, died 1930 - [His Wife]
ALLEN, Toni Lynn. Born 8-4-1969, died 12-12-1969 - [Our Darling Daughter Has Gone To Be An Angel]
BAKER, Janette E.(Wilson). Spouse of Lewis W. Born 10-26-1914, died 12-27-2009. Age: 95 - Dau of Richard A. and Elizabeth (Davis) Wilson. One daughter.
BAKER, Jay S. Born 1879, died 1900
BAKER, Lewis W. Spouse of Janette E Wilson. Born 5-27-1911, died 12-5-2006. Age: 95 - Son of Raymond and Lou (Kirkendall) Baker. Born in Belmont NY, d. Galeton PA (at home). - Uncategorized Vet, National Guard, 2 yrs
BISHOP, Bernie M. Born 1919, died 1978
BLISS, Guy C. Born 7-01-1953, died 7-11-2008. Age: 55 - Son of Bernard and Mildred (Cornelius) Bliss. Born in Corning NY.
BRUMBACH, Catherine. Spouse of Robert. Born 1930, died 1993 - Wed 9-1949
BRUMBACH, Harlan Kenneth III. Born 12-26-1990, died 8-22-2000. Age: 9 - Son of Harlan K. Jr. and Jo-Lynne (Rouse) Brumbach. Born Lewisburg PA
BRUMBACH, Harlan Kenneth Jr. Spouse of Jo-Lynne Rouse. Born 1942, died 1988
BRUMBACH, Robert. Spouse of Catherine. Born 5-27-1921, died 3-31-1992 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt
BUSCH, James. Spouse of Annie. Born ??, died 1-23-1913 - Father of Lew Busch, lived in Sunderlinville PA.
CARLIN, Charles W. Spouse of Phoebe J. Born 3-25-1834, died 3-8-1906 - Son of Samuel M.D. and Lovina Carling. Note that charles dropped the G from his surname.
CARLIN, Dean C. Spouse of Phyllis LeBar. Born 6-6-1924, died 7-9-2004 - Son of Virgil and Victoria Pearl (Welch) Carlin, born in Pike Twp. Wed 6-22-1946 in Coudersport
CARLIN, John V. Born 4-24-1908, died 7-19-1990 - WW I Vet, US Army, Pvt
CARLIN, Joseph L. Born 4-21-1913, died 11-18-1966 - WW II Vet, US Army Ord TMO School, PFC.
CARLIN, Kelly Sue. Born 1962, died 1977
CARLIN, Larry G. Born 1937, died 1990
CARLIN, Leona B. Spouse of Merle B. Born 1908, died uncut
CARLIN, Merle B. Spouse of Leona B. Born 1906, died 1969
CARLIN, Phyllis (LeBar). Spouse of Dean C. Born 5-31-1925, died 8-16-2002 - Dau of John and Hazel (Sandford) LeBar. Wed 6-22-1946 in Coudersport PA
CARLING, James F. Born 3-4-1840, died 6-10-1895 - Son of Samuel M.D. and Lovina Carling. - Civil War Vet, Co D 207th Inf PA Vols, Pvt. Mustered in 9- 4-1864. Not accounted for when regiment was disbanded.
CARLING, Phoebe J. (Pangman). Spouse of Charles W. Born 11-14-1841, died uncut 1880 Hector census: Eight children
CARRIEL, Emma E. Spouse of Eugene H. Born 1884, died 1937
CARRIEL, Eugene. Spouse of Emma E. Born 1867, died uncut
CARRIEL, John. Spouse of Sarah K. Born 1831, died uncut
CARRIEL, Nettie. Born 1860, died 1937
CARRIEL, Sarah K. Spouse of John. Born 1840, died 1915
CHAFFEE, Oliver N. Spouse of Sarah. Born 1840, died 1910 - Civil War Vet
CHAFFEE, Sarah. Spouse of Oliver N. Born 1840, died uncut - [His Wife ]
CHURCH, Tinna Tuller. Born 1877, died 1947 - Married first, E. L. Tuller.
COREY, Alice M. Spouse of Charles. Born 1850, died 1920 - [Mother His Wife]
COREY, Charles. Spouse of Alice M. Born 1849, died uncut - Born in NY. (1920 Hector Census) - Civil War Vet
CORNELLIUS, Harry. Born 4-7-1904, died 11-5-1982
CORNELLIUS, Velma. Born 11-7-1916, died 1-3-1973
CORNELLIUS, Wanda Kay. Born 1950, died 1991 - [In Loving Memory]
COVELL, Ira F. Spouse of Nora Chaffee. Born 1868, died 1934 - Wed 3-5-1902.
COVELL, Nora (Chaffee). Spouse of Ira F. Born 1869, died uncut - [His Wife] Wed 3-5-1902.
CRIPPEN, Whitney Marie. Born ??, died 12-24-2005. Age: birth - Dau of Jeffery and Lavina (Lowe) Crippen
DAVIS, Bertram. Born 1-13-1884, died 9-16-1884 - Dau of Riley E. and Ruth E. Davis
DAVIS, Edith P. Spouse of Ralph S. Born 1881, died 1926
DAVIS, Elizabeth (Parker). Spouse of Isaiah S., Jr. Born 5-13-1846*, died 2-3-1903. Age: 56y 10m 21d - Prob dau of Jeremiah and Catherine Parker (1850 Hector Census)
DAVIS, Gaylord E. Spouse of Cinderilla. Born 5-25-1851, died 7-12-1939 - Son of Isaiah S., Sr. and Hannah (Erskine) Davis
DAVIS, Hannah J. (Erskine). Spouse of Isaiah S. Born 4-10-1820, died 7-6-1911
DAVIS, I. S. Born 10-8-1877, died 7-19-1880 - Son of C. E. and C. Davis
DAVIS, Ida R. Born 10-21-1869*, died 7-15-1880. Age: 10y 8m 25d - Dau of Isaiah and Hannah (Erskine) Davis
DAVIS, Infant Daughter. Born 8-18-1890, died 8-18-1890 - Dau of Riley E. and Ruth E. Davis
DAVIS, Isaiah Satterlee, Jr. Spouse of Elizabeth Parker. Born 7-4-1843, died 3-2-1910 - (1880 Hector Census)
DAVIS, Isaiah Satterlee, Sr. Spouse of Hannah Erskine. Born 3-10-1814, died 2-23-1896 - Son of David Rogers Davis, Jr. and Elizabeth (Strait) Davis, born in Allegany Co NY
DAVIS, Janice J. (LaBar). Spouse of Norman L. Born 10-20-1937, died 8-17-2014. Age: 76 - Dau of Earl and Lottie (Surdam) LaBar, born in Galeton. Wed 8-18-1999 in Sweden Valley PA.
DAVIS, Jery I. Born 3-19-1870*, died 9-9-1880 10 y 5m 21d - Son of Isaiah and Elizabeth (Parker) Davis
DAVIS, John L. Spouse of Maria Parker/ Mrs. Ameila Prutzman. Born 1-18-1847, died 4-22-1935 - Son of Isaiah S., Sr. and Hannah (Erskine) Davis. Amelia died 6-23-1925.
DAVIS, Maria (Parker). Spouse of John L. Born 1849, died 10-17-1918 - Prob dau of Jeremiah and Catherine Parker (1850 Hector Census)
DAVIS, Mildred M. Born 1896, died 1961
DAVIS, Ralph S. Spouse of Edith P. Born 1871, died uncut - Son of Gaylord and Cinda Davis. (1880 Hector Census)
DAVIS, Ruth E. Spouse of Riley E. Born 11-11-1857, died 5-18-1910 - (1880 Hector Census)
DAVIS, S. A. Born 12-5-1872, died 7-24-1884 - Dau of C E and C Davis
DAVIS, Viola R. Born 1903, died 1907
DECKER, Ephraim K. Born ??, died 3-1910 - Civil War Vet, K Co C 161 N Y Inf
DECKER, Florence. Spouse of S. Eugene. Born 3-31-1884, died 124-1978 - (1920 Hector Census)
DECKER, Glen L. Born 1907, died 1935 - Son of S. Eugene and Florence Decker. (1920 Hector Census)
DECKER, S. Eugene. Spouse of Florence. Born 1871, died 1927 - (1920 Hector Census)
DECKER, Samuel W. Spouse of Caroline. Born 1834, died 9-3-1903 - Survived by wife and seven children. (1860 Pike Census)
DECKER, Silas S. Born ??, died ?? - Civil War Vet, B Co C N Y Vol
DICKENS, Chloe E. Spouse of Stephen E. Born 1841, died 1927 - [His Wife]
DICKENS, Stephen E. Spouse of Chloe E. Born 1836, died 9-5-1908 - Co I, 148th PA Vols, Pvt.
DIMON, Anna B. Born 1879*, died 2-5-1901. Age: 22 - Dau of C. and A. Dimon
DIMON, Ferdinand. Born 1858, died 1915 - Son of Horace and Mary Dimon
DIMON, Frank K. Born 1885, died 1916 - Son of G. E. and D. K. Dimon
DIMON, George Horace. Born 1860, died uncut - Son of Horace and Mary Dimon
DIMON, Horace. Spouse of Mary C. Born 1828, died 9-29-1907 - Born in Tioga Co PA. Wed abt 1847 in Tioga Co PA, 5 children
DIMON, Mary C. Spouse of Horace. Born 1826, died 9-10-1908 - [His Wife] Born in CT. Wed abt 1847 in Tioga Co PA, 5 children
DOAN, John. Born 1834, died 1912 - Civil War Vet, Co B 149 PA Inf
DRAPER, Leslie A. Born 2-15-1939, died 3-8-2019. Age: 80 - Son of Arthur and Florence (Shelley) Draper. Born and lived in Potter Co PA, died in Williamsport PA.
DUNHAM, Adah (Butler). Spouse of Charles H. Born 1860, died 2-1913
DUNHAM, Alvin E. Spouse of Nettie M. Born 1893, died 1931
DUNHAM, Baby Girl. Born ??, died 1928
DUNHAM, Charles H. Spouse of Adah Butler. Born 1857, died 1917
DUNHAM, Claude R. Spouse of May G. Sutton/ Edith C. Wooley. Born 1890, died 1959 - Wed Edith on 1-27-1919
DUNHAM, Edith L. (Learn). Spouse of Roger M. Born 2-2-1933, died 10-15-2003. Age: 70 - Dau of Clayton C. and Ethel M. (Hill) Learn, born in Woodhull NY. Wed 4-21-1951 in Addison NY, 4 children.
DUNHAM, Erwin A. Born 9-1883, died 1907 - Son of Charles H. and Adah (Butler) Dunham. (1900 Bingham Census)
DUNHAM, Francis. Spouse of Jennie Stiles. Born 3-30-1898, died 11-8-1967. Age: 69 - Son of Charles H. and Adah (Butler) Dunham.
DUNHAM, Jennie. Spouse of Francis. Born 1899, died 1986
DUNHAM, May G. (Sutton). Spouse of Claude R. Born 1892, died 12-7-1917 - [His Wife]
DUNHAM, Nettie M. Spouse of Alvin E. Born 1892, died 1943
DUNHAM, Pearl J. Born 1894, died 1912
DUNHAM, Robert Lee. Born 1952, died 1952 - Son of Roger and Edith (Learn) Dunham
DUNHAM, Roger M. Spouse of Edith L. Born 1931, died 2000 - Wed 4-21-1951 in Addison NY, 4 children.
ELLSWORTH, Claude C. Born 1857, died 1895 - Son of William F. and Emilie M. (Carriel) Ellsworth.
ELLSWORTH, William Furman. Spouse of Emilie M. Carriel. Born 1835, died 9-13-1919 - Civil War Vet, Co D 57 Pa Inf
FOLEY, Gerald J. Born 1906, died 1973
FOLEY, Gerald W. Jr. Born 1939, died 1940
FREEMAN, Edith Carlin. Born 1882, died 1975
FRY, Mellisa Sue. Born 1976, died 1977
GEORGE, Whitney A. Born 9-26-1960, died 10-3-1992 - [In Loving Memory]
GLOVER, David. Spouse of Iva. Born 1892, died uncut
GLOVER, Floyd. Born 8-26-1893, died 12-3-1896 - Son of Gilbert and Mary (McCoy) Glover
GLOVER, Gilbert B. Spouse of Mary A. McCoy. Born 1858, died 1939
GLOVER, Iva. Spouse of David. Born 1896, died 1939
GLOVER, Mary A. (McCoy). Spouse of Gilbert B. Born 1863, died 1941 - Dau of William F. and Sevilia (Jordan) McCoy.
GRABER, George. Spouse of Margaret J. Roberts. Born 7-17-1936, died 4-28-2015. Age: 72 - Son of A.C. and Alva (Winters) Graber, born in Los Angeles CA, died in Wellsboro PA. Wed 8-22-1958 in Oakford PA, secen children - Korean War Vet, US Army, 1953-56
GRABER, Margaret J. (Roberts). Spouse of George. Born 3-26-1941, died 8-31-2013. Age: 72 - Dau of Frank and Catherine (Kelly) Roberts, born in Oakford PA. Wed 8-22-1958 in Oakford, 7 children.
GRANT, Almon H. Spouse of Florence C. Born 1854, died 1931 - Born in MI, a farmer. (1920 Hector Census)
GRANT, Florence C. [Flora]. Spouse of Almon H. Born 1861, died uncut
GREENGRASS, Grace C. Born 1893, died 1899
GREENGRASS, Lewis A. Born 1867, died 1944 - Son of James and Susan Greengrass.
HANES, Candy M. (Burdick). Spouse of Gerald E. Jr. Born 6-16-1969, died 10-10-2017. Age: 48 - Dau of Elmer G. and Lorraine Jane (Farren) Burdick. Born in Coudersport PA, lived in Sabinsville PA, died in Wellsville NY. Wed 11-2-1997 in Sunderlinville PA, three children. (Spouse survives)
HANES, Candy Sue. Born 1965, died 1982 - Dau of Gerald E. Sr. and Evelyn (Mead) Hanes
HANES, Clyde M. Spouse of Virginia M. Rhodes. Born 10-3-1912, died 4-3-1990 - Son of ? and Hazel Hanes. Wed 1-20-1934 in Whitesville NY, eight children (1920 Hector Census)
HANES, Edwin. Born 11-25-1881, died 4-3-1918
HANES, Ellen L. (Uber). Spouse of Warren L. Born 9-28-1941, died 8-31-2021. Age: 79 - Dau of Jack and Lucy (Baun) Uber. Born in Reynoldsville, lived in Genesee PA, died in Coudersport PA. Wed 4-2-1960 in Whitesville NY, five childten.
HANES, Evelyn L. (Mead). Spouse of Gerald E. Born 1938, died uncut
HANES, George W. Spouse of Mildred R. Stevens. Born 1907, died 1969 - Son of Dan and Sarah Hanes. (1920 Hector Census)
HANES, Gerald E. Sr. Spouse of Evelyn L. Mead. Born 7-25-1930, died 8-13-2008 - Son of George and Mildred (Stevens) Hanes. Born in Hector Twp. Wed 5-11-1956 in Westfield PA.
HANES, Gilbert L. Born 1932, died uncut
HANES, Glen R. Spouse of Joyce Turner. Born 1934, died uncut - [Love Lives On]
HANES, J. Fredrick. Spouse of Minnie E. Born 1853, died 1929
HANES, James F. Born 1886, died 1960
HANES, Joyce (Turner). Spouse of Glen R. Born 1938, died uncut
HANES, Leon C. Born 1893, died 1960
HANES, Mildred (Stevens). Spouse of George W. Born 1913, died 1983 - Andrew and Clara (Stiles) Snay
HANES, Minnie E. Spouse of J. Fredrick. Born 1867, died 1938
HANES, Virginia M. (Rhodes). Spouse of Clyde M. Born 2-6-1919, died 11-13-2004. Age: 85 - Dau of Warren E. and Anna (Benn) Rhodes. Born in Petrolia NY, a homemaker. Wed 1-20-1934 in Whitesville NY, eight children
HAUBER, Gladys L. Born 1921, died 2000
HAUBER, Larry W. Born 3-5-1955, died 4-24-1994
HAUBER, Milton G. Born 191, died 1988
HINKLEY, Nan. Born ??, died 1918
HURD, Rhonda Kay (Hanes). Spouse of Michael Tanner/?. Born 12-8-1955, died 12-15-2013. Age: 58 - Dau of Glen and Joyce (Turner) Hanes, born in Corning NY, d. Galeton. Three sons surnamed Tanner and Hanes.
JAMES, Amelia. Spouse of Henry J. Born 1859, died 1939 - [His Wife]
JAMES, Dora B. Born 1888, died 1903 - Dau of Henry I. and Amelia A James
JAMES, Henry J. Spouse of Amelia. Born 1849, died 1916
JOHNS, Esther D. (Draper). Spouse of Carl M. Born 1-11-1941, died 10-20-2020. Age: 79 - Dau of Arthur and Florence (Shelley) Draper. Born in Harrison Valley PA, lived in Ulysses PA, died in Coudersport PA. Wed 8-18-1967 in Elkland PA, no children named. (Spouse d. 12-2-2014)
KILBORN, Addie. Born 10-17-1866, died 12-3-1893 - Dau of Charles and Alice Kilborn
KILBORN, Alice. Spouse of Charles. Born 10-28-1854, died 12-13-1893
KILBORN, Curtis. Spouse of Esther. Born 5-25-1830, died 7-8-1904
KILBORN, Esther. Spouse of Curtis. Born 11-20-1835, died uncut
LABAR, Earl W. Spouse of Cecelia Potter/ Lottie M. Born 1890, died 1952 - Cecilia is buried in Riverview.
LABAR, Lottie M. Spouse of Earl W. Born 1896, died 1989 - Second wife of Earl W.
LABAR, Russell William. Born 1926, died 1981 - Son of Earl and Cecilia (Potter) LaBar - WW II Vet, US Navy, S1
LABAR, Tern Ethel. Born 1931, died 1931 - Dau of Earl and Lottie LaBar
LONGWELL, Mirriah. Born ??, died 18??
LOUCKS, Caroline. Spouse of James. Born 1866, died 1927
LOUCKS, Frank. Born 1887, died 1906 - Son of James and Caroline Loucks
LOUCKS, Jimmy. Born 7-17-1902, died 9-5-1905 - Son of James and Caroline Loucks
LOUCKS, Kenneth. Born 1921, died 1921 - Son of E. and Velva Loucks
LOWE, Cheyanne C. Born 1-24-1996, died 9-15-2017. Age: 21 - Dau of Michael Lowe and Gwen D. Schmidt. Born in Coudersport PA, lived in Ulysses and Columbia PA, died in Hershey PA.
LOWE, Daniel W. Born 2-26-1992, died 10-24-2012. Age: 20 - Son of James H. Lowe and Kathy (Boom) Badmone, born in Wellsboro PA.
LOWE, Dee Ann. Born ??, died 10-24-1974
LOWE, Francis James. Spouse of Wilma O. Stevens. Born 2-25-1918, died 12-20-1998
LOWE, Laura Ann. Born ??, died 8-1-1967. Age: Infant
LOWE, Lindsay Michael. Born 3-25-1992, died 7-17-2017. Age: 25 - Son of Michael Lowe and Gwen D. Schmidt. Born and died in Coudersport PA, lived in Ulysses PA. One son.
LOWE, Richard W. Born 4-15-1946, died 4-7-2002 - Son of Francis and Wilma (Stevens) Lowe - WW II Vet, US Marine Corp, CPL
LOWE, Wilma O. (Stevens). Spouse of Francis J. Born 2-7-1927, died 11-30-2003 - Dau of Howard H. and Mayme (Snay) Stevens, born in Gaffney. Eight children
LOWREY, Melvin L. Spouse of Audrey D. Stevens. Born 8-13-1939, died 9-3-2019. Age: 80 - Son of Sabin C. and Daisy Shelly Lowrey. Born in Blossburg PA, Lived and died in Gaines PA. A cable TV technician. Six children, mother unclear. Wed Audrey 2-24-1990 - Cold War vet, US Army. 1958-1961.
MCCULLOUGH, Addie K.(Hitchcock) [Sis]. Spouse of Kenneth H. Born 7-18-1923, died 1-1-1980
MCCULLOUGH, James L. Born 4-14-1949, died 5-6-2001 - Cold War Vet, US Air Force, Sgt.
MCCULLOUGH, Kenneth H. Spouse of Addie K. Born 3-16-1912, died 2-7-2001. Age: 88 - Son of Simon and Eliza (Haxton) McCullough - WW II Vet, Patton's 3rd Army, PFC
MCFALL, Gladys. Born 1907, died 1935
MCFALL, Harriett. Spouse of Jess. Born 1886, died 1939
MCFALL, Jess. Spouse of Harriett. Born 1875, died 1944
MCFALL, Louis W. Spouse of Margaret M. Prouty. Born 1911, died 1984 - Four children
MCFALL, Margaret M. (Prouty). Spouse of Louis W. Born 4-22-1922, died 1-7-2014. Age: 91 - [Everlasting Love] Dau of Floyd and Rena (Grant) Prouty, born in Galeton. Four children
MCPHERSON, Robert. Born 1929, died 2002
MILLER, Byron W. Born 1917, died 1918
MILLER, Maude E. Spouse of Otto M. Born 1894, died 1984
MILLER, Otto M. Spouse of Maude E. Born 1894, died 1963
MILLER, Shirley Jean (Stevens). Born 12-19-1932, died 10-22-2009 - Dau of Henry and Ida Hanes Stevens.
MORAN, R. William [Indian Bill]. Born 3-8-1943, died 8-16-2004. Age: 61 - Son of William Moran and Louise (Hunt) Moran Phillips. Born in Manitou OK, a truck driver and farrier. - Vietnam Vet, US Army
MOREY, Erin Elizabeth. Born 6-29-1980, died 1-26-1982 - [Our Daughter] Dau of ? and Lois (Baker) Morey
NELSON, Ann E. Spouse of Nelson. Born 3-29-1829, died 3-6-1903 - [Mother]
NELSON, Earl. Born 1895, died 1915 - Son of J. E. and M. L. Nelson
NELSON, Jane. Spouse of John. Born 5-20-1845*, died 8-11-1902. Age: 57y 2m 22d
NELSON, Nelson. Spouse of Ann. Born 3-16-1829, died 2-9-1895 - [Father]
NEWCOMB, Herman. Born 1887, died 1929
PALMER, Jason R. Spouse of Jeanne Edwards/ Randi Lee Scott. Born 2-19-1974, died 7-29-2013. Age: 39 - Son of Pamela Snay Palmer. Born in Coudersport, ws a pipeline worker. Three children. Wed Randi on 4-13-2013, Pittsboro, NC.
PARKER, [Babe]. Born ??, died ?? - Son of John and Mertie Parker
PARKER, Harold. Born 1902, died 1903 - [Asleep In Jesus ]
PARKER, John. Spouse of Mertie. Born 1864, died 1926 - (1920 Hector Census)
PARKER, Mertie. Spouse of John. Born 1874, died 1926 - [His wife]
PARKER, Milton. Spouse of Mira. Born 1880, died 1933
PARKER, Mira. Spouse of Milton. Born 1885, died 1962
PETERSEN, Della W. Born 1926, died 1987
PUTMAN Carole M. (Monroe). Spouse of Paul E. Born 1-5-1941, died 10-17-2012. Age: 71 - Dau of Harold and Mayjol (Snay) Monroe, born in Sunderlinville. Two children.
PUTMAN, Bruce L. Born 1924, died 1980 - WW II Vet, US Army, TEC 5
PUTMAN, Dawn. Born ??, died 1958
PUTMAN, Edwin. Born 1887, died 1962
PUTMAN, Gertrude. Born ??, died 1958
PUTMAN, Harriet. Spouse of William. Born 4-15-1835, died 12-2-1905
PUTMAN, William. Spouse of Harriet. Born 3-4-1831, died 3-26-1902 - Civil War Vet
REYNOLDS, Henry S. Born 1927, died 1993
REYNOLDS, John N. [Abe]. Born 1923, died 1982
REYNOLDS, Mert C. Born 1929, died uncut
ROBBINS, Amenzo. Born 1848, died 1914 - [Father]
ROBBINS, Thomas. Born 1891, died 1921 - Civil War Vet, 89th Div
ROGERS, Lenna B. Spouse of Wilber S. Born ??, died ??
SAMPSON, Nettie (Wilkinson). Spouse of Ralph. Born 1871, died 1931 - Dau of ? and Margaret (Harrington) Wilkinson.
SAMPSON, Ralph. Spouse of Nettie Wilkinson. Born 1862, died 1906
SCHOONOVER, George B. Spouse of Ruby M. Long. Born 1884, died 1977
SCHOONOVER, Katherine [Kate]. Spouse of Melville. Born 1865, died 1932 - [Mother]
SCHOONOVER, Melville. Spouse of Kate. Born 1855, died 1930 - [Father]
SCHOONOVER, Ruby M. (Long). Spouse of George B. Born 1887, died 1971 - Dau of Wallace B. and Hulda (Hartman) Long.
SEIBERT, Alan W. Spouse of Kathleen M. Born 12-3-1946, died 11-5-2000 - [Unchained Melody]
SEIBERT, Kathleen M. Spouse of Alan W. Born 5-25-1948, died uncut
SNAY, Andrew J. Spouse of Clara B. Stiles. Born 1888, died 1968 - Born in PA, Farm laborer. (1920 Hector Census)
SNAY, Clara B. (Stiles). Spouse of Andrew J. Born 1882, died 1963 - Dau of Horace and Debbie Stiles.
SNAY, Louise. Born 1865, died 1910
SNAY, Milton D. Spouse of #1 ?, #2, Beverly. Born 11-19-1924, died 8-10-2016. Age: 91 - Son of Andrew and Clara (Stiles) Snay, born in Hector Twp, lived and died in Coudersport PA. Three sons from first marriage. Four children with Beverly.
STEVENS, Allen R. Born 2-3-1960, died 12-16-2008. Age: 48 - Son of Ray C. and Joyce (Carlin) Stevens. Born in Coudersport, died in Westfield.
STEVENS, Beverly. Born 3-16-1939, died 8-5-1989 - Dau of Howard H. and Mayme B. (Snay) Stevens. Married name was Neefe.
STEVENS, Charles. Spouse of Grace. Born 12-1875, died 1969 - Born in PA, Farmer. (1900 Allegany, 1920 Hector Census)
STEVENS, Clifford D. Born 1943, died 1943
STEVENS, Frank L. Born 10-30-1884, died 9-30-1904 - Son of Henry Stevens, brother of Minnie Palmatier. (1900 Allegany Census)
STEVENS, Gary S. Born 8-26-1968, died 3-21-1999 - Son of Roland S. And Evelyn P. (Fowler) Stevens
STEVENS, Grace. Spouse of Charles. Born 1885, died 1949 - 1900 Allegany Census gives birthdate as 12-1883.
STEVENS, Hank. Born ??, died 1937
STEVENS, Howard H. Spouse of Mayme B. Snay. Born 1904, died 1969 - Son of Charles and Grace Stevens. 8 children (1920 Hector Census)
STEVENS, Joyce Y. (Carlin). Spouse of Ray C. Born 2-27-1937, died 8-20-2019. Age: 82 - Dau of John V. and Junita Fabeanna Santarella Carlin. Born in Wellsville NY, lived in Galeton PA, died in Wellsboro PA. Wed 7-10-1954 in Sunderlinville PA, two sons.
STEVENS, Lester L. Born ??, died 1926. Age: Infant - Son of Howard and Mayme B. (Snay) Stevens
STEVENS, Linda Lee. Born 1958, died 1963
STEVENS, Lowell A. [Poke]. Born 9-14-1934, died 2-3-2000 - Son of Howard H. and Mayme B. (Snay) Stevens.
STEVENS, Mayme B. (Snay). Spouse of Howard H. Born 10-17-1908, died 8-14-2008. Age: 99 - Dau of Andrew and Clara (Stiles) Snay. Born in Hector Twp. 8 children
STEVENS, Ray C. Spouse of Joyce Carlin. Born 10-16-1935, died 8-12-2014. Age: 78 - Son of Howard and Mayme B. (Snay) Stevens, born in Hector Twp. Wed 7-10-1954 in Sunderlinville PA, 2 sons.
STEVENS, Roland S. [Rip]. Spouse of Charlene M. Baker. Born 12-3-1937, died 11-30-2012. Age: 74 - Son of Howard and Mayme B. (Snay) Stevens, born in Hector Twp. Wed 11-8-1975 in West Bingham PA, four sons.
STILES, Belle N. (Austin). Spouse of Edward C. Born 1886, died 1967 - At least 11 children
STILES, Bill E. Spouse of Dealie A. Born 1883, died 1956
STILES, Carrie D. Born 1919, died 1982 - [Mother]
STILES, Dealie A. Spouse of Bill E. Born 1900, died 1974
STILES, Debbey. Spouse of Horace. Born 10-1858, died 1937
STILES, E. R. Born 3-14-1849, died 6-15-1910
STILES, Edward C. Spouse of Belle N. Austin. Born 1880, died uncut - At least 11 children
STILES, Harold Berton. Born 9-16-1916, died 3-20-1993 - WW II Vet, US Army, TEC 5
STILES, Hattie. Born 1886, died 1922
STILES, Horace. Spouse of Debbey. Born 3-1855, died 1925
STILES, James. Spouse of Mae M. Brown. Born 1890, died 1928
STILES, James. Spouse of Margie L. Born 10-28-1924, died 11-26-1989
STILES, Janet L. Spouse of Robert J. Born 7-31-1952, died 2-10-2001
STILES, Louise. Born 1865, died 1910
STILES, Mae M. (Brown). Spouse of James. Born 1895, died 1928
STILES, Margie L. Spouse of James. Born 7-17-1939, died uncut
STILES, Maynard. Born 1909, died 1925
STILES, Mildred M. Spouse of Therold R. Born 2-8-1922, died 8-12-1955
STILES, Therold R. Spouse of Mildred M. Born 4-12-1922, died 11-2-1995 - WW II Vet, US Army
STOCUM, Clifford. Spouse of Ethel M. Born 9-1897, died 1984 - Son of Joseph and Minnie Stocum. (1900 Abbott Census)
STOCUM, Ethel M. Spouse of Clifford. Born 1901, died 1976
SURDAM, Francis. Spouse of Thomas J. Born 1824, died 1864
SURDAM, Frankie. Born 5-12-1876*, died 11-12-1880. Age: 4y 6m - Son of Melville and Rosa (Youngs) Surdam
SURDAM, Lydia P. Born 7-15-1826*, died 3-20-1845. Age: 18y 8m 5d - Dau of Ira and Percis Surdam
SURDAM, Mary T. Born 6-14-1829*, died 12-16-1846. Age: 17y 6m 2d - Dau of Ira and Percis Surdam
SURDAM, Melville. Spouse of Rosa Youngs. Born 1852, died 1914
SURDAM, Mildred. Born 2-14-1938, died 3-2-199?
SURDAM, Rosa (Youngs). Spouse of Melville. Born 1858, died 1926 - [His Wife]
SURDAM, Thomas J. Spouse of Francis. Born 1836, died 1909 - Civil War Vet
SURDAM, Vernon C. Born 4-23-1878*, died 12-23-1880. Age: 2y 8m - Son of Melville and Rosa (Youngs) Surdam
TANNER, Edward K. Born 1975, died 1975. Age: 6m - Son of Michael and Rhonda K. (Hanes) Tanner. Grandson of Glenn and Joyce Hanes.
THORPE, Andey M. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1850, died 1915 - [Father]
THORPE, Mary E. Spouse of Andey M. Born 1851, died 1910 - [Mother His Wife]
TINNEY, Alva Albert. Spouse of Carrie Jane. Born 1859, died 1947
TINNEY, Carrie Jane. Spouse of Alva Albert. Born 1887, died 1954
TUBBS, Benjamin F. Spouse of May L. Born 1868, died 1947
TUBBS, C. Harold. Born 1-15-1909, died 12-25-1969
TUBBS, Charles H. Spouse of Melva Y. Snay. Born 4-9-1932, died 8-9-2006. Age: 74 - Son of John R. and Nora Belle (Glover) Tubbs. Born in Sunderlinville, a welder. Wed 5-27-1951 in Osceola, 13 children. Died same day as wife
TUBBS, Cleo M. Spouse of Juanita LaBar. Born 1918, died 1988 - Son of Benjamin and May L. Tubbs. (1920 Hector Census)
TUBBS, Clifford C. Born 1900, died 1902 - Son of Benjamin and May L. Tubbs.
TUBBS, Donald E. Born 1931, died 1931
TUBBS, Gladys. Born 1902, died 1905 - Son of Benjamin and May L. Tubbs.
TUBBS, Hazel V. Born 1926, died 1926
TUBBS, Juanita (LaBarr). Spouse of Cleo M. Born 7-24-1916, died 3-25-2005. Age: 88 - Dau of Earl and Cecilia (Potter) LaBarr, born in Potter Brook.
TUBBS, May L. Spouse of Benjamin F. Born 1875, died uncut
TUBBS, Melva Y. (Snay). Spouse of Charles H. Born 3-22-1936, died 8-9-2006. Age: 70 - Dau of Andrew and Clara (Stiles) Snay. Born in Ulysses, a homemaker. Wed 5-27-1951 in Osceola, 13 children. Died same day as Charles
TUBBS, William J. Born 1892, died 1913 - Son of Ceylon D. and L. A. Tubbs
TULLER, Eva M. Born 8-6-1894, died 11-1895 - Dau of E. L. and Tinna Tuller
TULLER, Glen. Born 9-8-1898, died 10-3-1900 - Son of E. L. and Tinna Tuller
TULLER, Ruby E. Born 7-15-1903, died 11-8-1903 - Dau of E. L. and Tinna Tuller
UNKNOWN, Charlie. Born 1874, died 1957
UNKNOWN, Jason. Born 1877, died 1960
WARRINER, James E. Born ??, died 1953
WARRINER, William H. Born ??, died 1953
WEEKS, Nash Eugene. Born ??, died 1971
WILBER, Albert. Spouse of Mary Ann Kilbourn. Born 8-7-1826, died 4-4-1912 - Son of David and Anna (Havens) Wilber. Born in Schuyler Co., PA. Wed in 1851.
WILBER, Mary Ann (Kilbourn). Spouse of Albert. Born 8-1833, died 2-1901 - Dau of Abraham and Hilinda Kilbourn
WILBER, Wallace. Born 4-6-1854*, died 9-9-1877. Age: 23y 5m 3d - Son of Albert and Mary Ann (Kilbourn) Wilber.
WILLIAMS, W. A. Born 1927, died 1979
WILSON, Elizabeth (Davis). Spouse of Richard A. Sr. Born 1889, died 1973
WILSON, Elsie M. (Jerles). Spouse of Willard W. Born 8-4-1917, died 5-25-2008. Age: 90 - Dau of James and Nellie (Frances) Jerles. Born in Cross Fork PA. 1 son surnamed JORDAN
WILSON, Richard Arthur Jr. Born 1-27-1926, died 9-1-2004. Age: 78 - Son of Richard A. Sr.and Elizabeth (Davis) Wilson. Born in West Pike, a mechanic and mailman. - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt. Wounded in Germany
WILSON, Richard Arthur Sr. Spouse of Elizabeth Davis. Born 1883, died 1967
WILSON, Willard W. Spouse of Elsie M.Jerles. Born 2-28-1916, died 9-23-1992 - Son of Richard A. Sr. and Elizabeth (Davis) Wilson. Born West Pike PA, d. Horseheads NY
WILSON, Wilma R. Born 3-05-1918, died 4-17-2006. Age: 88 - Dau of Richard A. Sr. and Elizabeth (Davis) Wilson. Born West Pike PA, worked in a bank. d. Horseheads NY
YOUNGS, Ella I. Spouse of J. R. Born 1879, died 1914 - [His Wife]
YOUNGS, Hannah. Spouse of Willes. Born 12-24-1849, died 3-23-1882
YOUNGS, Harry. Spouse of Viva. Born 1907, died 1992
YOUNGS, Jacob R. Spouse of Ella I. Born 1873, died uncut - Son of ? and Amelia Youngs. (1880 Hector Census)
YOUNGS, Vera Viola (Hanes). Born 1905, died 2000
YOUNGS, Viva. Spouse of Harry. Born 1913, died 1988

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