Stewardson Twp, Potter County PA

GPS Coordinates: 4133'16.55"N, 7742'10.81"W
Take 144 south from Germania to Oleona (abt 5.5 mi.) Cemetery is on 144 no more than .25 mile.
Map shows it on the left before you cross the creek (GPS and directions are unverified.)

Records from The Potter County Historical Society and by PHGS Members.

ALLEN, Arthur S. Born ??, died ??. Age: 3y 7m 25d - Son of Wesley and Ellen Allen
ALLEN, Our Baby. Born 9-15-1883, died 9-15-1883 - Same stone as Arthur S. Allen
ANDRESEN, Dililah (Rand). Spouse of Willard. Born 1858, died 1930
ANDRESEN, Henry. Born 1818*, died 2-4-1893. Age: 75
ANDRESEN, John H. Born 11-23-1887*, died 9-30-1888. Age: 10m 7d - Son of Willard and Delilah (Rand) Andreson
ANDRESEN, Mary E. Born 3-19-1879*, died 6-28-1881. Age: 2y 3m 9d - Dau of Willard and Delilah (Rand) Andreson
ANDRESEN, Mary French. Spouse of Henry. Born ??, died ??
ANDRESEN, Willard. Spouse of Delilah Rand. Born 1853, died 11-25-1944
ANDRESEN, William K. Born 1876, died 1964
BARTHOLOMEW, John. Born 1863, died 1946
BARTON, Delilah. Spouse of James M. Born 5-08-1838*, died 12-11-1880. Age: 42y 7m 3d
CLUKEY, Charles H. Spouse of Eveline Kelley. Born 1844, died 1907 - GAR - Civil War Vet
CLUKEY, Eveline (Kelley). Spouse of Charles. Born 1852, died 1932
CLUKEY, Gertrude. Born 11-12-1880, died 2-13-1892 - Dau of Charles and Eveline Clukey
CLUKEY, Grace. Born 2-27-1888, died 1-13-1890 - Dau of Charles and Eveline Clukey
CLUKEY, Hiram. Born 3-9-1882, died 2-16-1892 - Son of Charles and Eveline Clukey
CLUKEY, Otis. Born 8-20-1870, died 1-13-1892
DYER, Adell (Pepper). Spouse of W. H. Born 1834, died 1900 - Born near Troy PA
DYER, Charles S. Born 1864, died 1897 - Son of W. H. and Adel (Pepper) Dyer. Killed in a lumbering accident. Had 4 children
DYER, W. Henry. Spouse of Adell Pepper. Born 1830, died 1900 - Son of Horton and Jemima Dyer, born near Bangor ME
HAYES, Alice M. (Wingert). Spouse of William J. Born 2-24-1918, died 10-5-2000. Age: 82 - Dau of Lee Joseph and Edith (Dougherty) Wingert
HAYES, William J. Spouse of Alice M. Wingert. Born ??, died 3-23-2000
HERRET, Elizabeth K. Born 5-24-1829, died 1-9-1893
HERRET, Ella. Born 1-27-1855*, died 6-6-1866. Age: 11y 4m 10d - Dau of Campbell and Julia Herret
HERRET, John. Born 8-25-1825, died 8-2-1901
HERRET, Juliaett. Born 6-9-1866*, died 6-20-1866. Age: 11d Infant - Dau of Campbell and Julia Herret
HERRET, William. Born 8-07-1858*, died 6-11-1866. Age: 7y 10m 4d - Son of Campbell and Julia Herret
JORDAN, Morris. Born 1-7-1852, died 9-13-1934
JORDAN, Sara D. Born 6-15-1859, died 9-12-1945
JORDAN, Walter. Born 12-18-1906, died 11-23-1970 - Civil War Vet, Co B 29th PA Vols, Cpl.
OLSON, Ella. Spouse of Ole. Born 1837, died 1904
OLSON, Harvey. Born 10-14-1869, died 2-18-1892
OLSON, Henry M. Born 1876, died 1938 - Masonic Emblem
OLSON, Ida M. Born 1873, died 19??
OLSON, Ole. Spouse of Ella. Born 1831, died 1905
PARKER, Albert. Born 1849, died 1911
STEINHART, Bertha. Born 3-1872, died 3-7-1872
STEINHART, Homwelt. Born 1835, died 1887
STEINHART, John. Born 12-12-1868, died 3-12-1872
STEINHART, Bertha. Born ??, died ??
UNREADALBE. Born ??, died ?? - Masonic Emblem
WHITEHEAD, Mary E. Spouse of Ezra D. Born 5-16-1846*, died 7-6-1885. Age: 39y 1m 21d - Three children.
WHITEHEAD, Mary E. Born ??, died ??
WINGERT, Edith (Dougherty). Spouse of Lee J. Born 1900, died 1918

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