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Where noted, some entries have been expanded with cross-references to census data. To view the census data, open the census cited and search for a name.
* denotes a birthdate calculated from the given death date and age at death.

BABCOCK, Phila J. Spouse of M. N. Born 11-22-1833*, died 9-2-1868. Age: 34y 9m 10d
BASSETT, Eliza Jane (Wolcott). Spouse of Orrin R. Born 10-22-1813*, died 11-9-1850. Age: 37y 18d - Dau of Abraham and Hannah Wolcott, born in Columbia Co, NY. 1st wife of Orrin. (1850 Ulysses Census)
BASSETT, Mary A. Born 6-18-1846*, died 10-7-1864. Age: 18y 3m 19d - Dau. of Orrin and Eliza (Wolcott) Bassett
BASSETT, Zerua (Lewis). Spouse of Orrin R. Born 6-20-1826*, died 2-9-1865. Age: 38y 7m 19d - Dau. of Seth and Sally (Cook) Lewis. 2nd wife of Orrin. Wed 3-27-1856 in Berkshire Co. MA, 3 children
BENNETT, Martha. Spouse of George W. Born 7-08-1846*, died 10-8-1869. Age: 23y 3m
BURT, Alanson. Spouse of Anna Lewis. Born 5-15-1817, died 9-1-1893 - Born in MA. (1850 Ulysses Census)
BURT, Anna (Lewis). Spouse of Alanson. Born 11-19-1819, died Aft. 1893 - Born in NY. Survived Alanson. (1850 Ulysses Census)
BURT, Betsey (Blackman). Spouse of Anson. Born 1789, died 9-20-18?? - Dau of James and Elizabeth Blackman. (1850 Ulysses Census)
BURT, Carlos. Born 2-08-1848*, died 6-28-1848. Age: 4m 20d - Son of T. W. and Elizabeth Burt
GALPIN, Ann E. Born 2-18-1842*, died 11-16-1861. Age: 19y 8m 26d - Dau. of Benjamin and Martha Galpin
GEE, Andrew. Spouse of Pernina Harrison. Born 11-24-1789*, died 3-20- 1871. Age: 81y 3m 20d - Born in NY. (1850 Ulysses Census)
GEE, John. Born 5-08-1856*, died 1-10-1860. Age: 3y 8m 2d - Son of W. and C. Gee
GEE, Nellie. Born 1870, died 1872
GEE, Pernina (Harrison). Spouse of Andrew. Born 1792*, died 3-17-1877. Age: 85 - Born in NY. (1850 Ulysses Census)
GENUNG, Charles Oscar. Born 5-??-1854*, died 2-19-1856. Age: 1y 9m - Son of Delos and Harriet Genung
GOLDEN, Wellington. Born 12-06-1848*, died 12-30-1862. Age: 14y 24d - Son of Lewis and Sarah Golden
GRIDLEY, Caroline [Carrie]. Spouse of Orvis. Born 1846, died 1933 - Born in PA. (1880 Ulysses Census)
GRIDLEY, Charity. Spouse of Elijah. Born 1811, died 1897 - Born in NY. (1880 Ulysses Census)
GRIDLEY, Charles F. Born 2-??-1843*, died 3-19-1843. Age: 7w - Son of Elijah and Helen Gridley
GRIDLEY, Curtis. Born 1870, died 1871
GRIDLEY, Elijah. Spouse of Helen A./ Charity. Born 8-5-1813, died 5-24-1893 - Born in NY. (1880 Ulysses Census)
GRIDLEY, Helen A. Spouse of Elijah. Born 7-31-1817*, died 11-22-1871. Age: 54y 3m 22d
GRIDLEY, John. Born 1875, died 1931 - Son of Orvis and Caroline Gridley. (1880 Ulysses Census)
GRIDLEY, Orvis. Spouse of Caroline. Born 1847, died 1905 - Born in PA. (1880 Ulysses Census)
GRIDLEY, Ruth (George). Spouse of Dr. Giles. Born 1-21-1781*, died 5-5-1862. Age: 81y 3m 15d
GRIDLEY, Seth. Born ??, died ??. Age: 13w 2d - Son of Elijah and Helen Gridley
HARRIS, Amanda (Morse). Spouse of David, Jr. Born 7-27-1785, died 1854 - Born in CT. Mother of Pliny Harris. (1850 Ulysses Census)
HARRIS, Herbert. Born 8-09-1848*, died 10-10-1851. Age: 3y 2m 1d - Son of John and Martha (Lewis) Harris. (1850 Ulysses Census)
HOSLEY, Willie. Born 4-11-1858*, died 4-3-1859. Age: 11m 22d - Son of Henry and Sarah Hosley
LARRABEE, Don Francis. Born 7-12-1861*, died 8-11- 1861. Age: 3w 5d - Son of Don and Mary J. Larrabee
LEET, Samuel. Spouse of Sarah. Born 1-25-1799*, died 10-14-1870. Age: 71y 8m 20d
LEET, Sarah. Spouse of Samuel. Born 5-26-1802, died 4-22-1891 - (1880 Ulysses Census)
LEWIS, Abigail. Spouse of James. Born 1777*, died 4-23-1825. Age: 48 - 1st wife of James Lewis
LEWIS, Albert G. Spouse of Sarah/ Lucy. Born 1814*, died 1-5-1878. Age: 64 - Born in NY. (1850 Ulysses Census)
LEWIS, Charles. Born 6-26-1859, died 2-22-1860 - Son of Seth and Sarah Lewis
LEWIS, Ella M. Born 1848*, died 2-11-1892. Age: 44 - Dau. of Albert and Sarah Lewis. (1850 Ulysses Census)
LEWIS, Erastus D. Born 8-18-1833, died 5-13-1888. Age: 54y 8m 25d* - Son of Orange A. and Lavinia (Hurlburt) Lewis. Born in PA. (1850 Ulysses Census)
LEWIS, Hannah (Thurston). Spouse of Jesse. Born 7-??-1784*, died 8-26-1832. Age: 48y 1m
LEWIS, James. Spouse of Abigail/ Mary. Born 9-??-1779*, died 8-1- 1865. Age: 85y 11m - Brother of Jesse? Born in CT. (1850 Ulysses Census)
LEWIS, Jesse. Spouse of Hannah Thurston. Born 6-??-1780*, died 3-6-1855. Age: 74y 9m - Born in CT. Settled in Potter County in 1832. (1840, 1850 Ulysses Census).
LEWIS, Lavinia M. (Hurlburt). Spouse of Orange A. Born 1806, died 2-17-1889. Age: 83* - Dau of James and Abigail Hurlburt. Born in NY. Wed in 1831. (1850 Ulysses Census)
LEWIS, Lucy R. Spouse of Albert G. Born 1817, died 1899. Age: 82* - 2nd wife of Albert G. Lewis
LEWIS, Mary. Spouse of James. Born 4-29-1770*, died 9-29-1840. Age: 70y 5m - 2nd. wife of James Lewis
LEWIS, Orange A. Spouse of Lavinia M. Hurlburt. Born 12-21-1806, died 8-14-1862. Age: 55y 7m 24d - Son of Jesse and Hannah (Thurston) Lewis. Born in Lisle, Broome Co. NY. Died in Harrison Landing VA. (1840, 1850 Ulysses Census - Civil War Vet, Co G 53rd PA Vols, Sgt. Not on muster out roll. Died at Harrison's Landing
LEWIS, Perry. Born 9-01-1819*, died 4-16-1855. Age: 35y 7m 15d - Son of William and Ruth (Bierce) Lewis. (1850 Ulysses Census)
LEWIS, Ruth A. (Bierce). Spouse of William. Born 2-??-1790*, died 3-27-1869. Age: 79y 1m - Born in CT. (1850 Ulysses Census).
LEWIS, Sally (Cook). Spouse of Seth. Born 5-19-1796*, died 7-26-1859. Age: 63y 2m 7d - Dau of Ephriam and Zerua (Howe) Cook, born in
NY. (1850 Ulysses Census) - Margery Bell, enoch_marge@sbcglobal.net
LEWIS, Sarah E. Spouse of Albert G. Born 1814*, died 10-6-1856. Age: 42 - 1st wife of Albert G. Lewis
LEWIS, Seth. Spouse of Sally Cook. Born 7-16-1793*, died 9-10-1847. Age: 54y 1m 25d
LEWIS, Thomas. Born 2-09-1826*, died 10-23-1851. Age: 25y 8m 14d - Son of William and Ruth (Bierce) Lewis
LEWIS, William Henry. Spouse of Ruth A. Bierce. Born 2-22-1784*, died 9-28-1866. Age: 82y 7m 6d - Born in CT. (1850 Ulysses Census).
MONROE, Lucy (Lewis). Spouse of John. Born 2-24-1821*, died 5-28-1839. Age: 18y 3m 4d - Dau. of Seth and Sally (Cook) Lewis
PERKINS, Mary E. Born 7-24-1862, died 12-18-1862. Age: 4m 24d - Dau. of Aaron C. and Almira S. (Baker) Perkins
SMITH, Ida M. Born 9-27-1852*, died 9-1-1854. Age: 1y 11m 4d - Dau. of Erastus and Angeline Smith
SNYDER, Betsey (Burt). Spouse of Jacob. Born 11-15-1843, died 10-8-1923 - Born in NY. (1880 Ulysses Census).
SNYDER, Jacob. Spouse of Betsey Burt. Born 1-10-1842, died 3-26-1895 - Born in PA, a farmer. (1880 Ulysses Census)
TORREY, Josiah B. Born 2-??-1840*, died 1-19-1846. Age: 5y 1m - Son of Nathan and Sarah (Brown) Torrey

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