Early Potter County Vital Statistics

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Name Event Date Text
YAHN, Doris Mae Birth 08-26-1923 Mr. & Mrs. Erwin Yahn have a daughter, Doris Mae born August 26.
YALE, Jennie (Lyman) Died 10-31-1901 Mrs. Jennie Lyman Yale of Willing, NY died Oct. 31, 1901; born March 23, 1834 in Poultney, Vt. Married May 9, 1860 to H.O. Yale at Oswayo. Two daughters survive, Mrs. V. F. Randolph of Willing, N.Y & Mrs. Archie Wells of Wellsville, NY
YARDLEY, John Death 01-02-1913 John Yardley of First Street died January 2, 1913. He was born in Scotland 47 years ago and came to America when 18 years old. Survived by his aged parents, his widow, 3 children, 2 brothers; James & David, & 2 sisters in Scotland.
YARDLEY, Mary Isabelle Birth 07-14-1923 Mr. & Mrs. David Yardley are the parents of a daughter, Mary Isabelle, born July 14th.
YATES, Elizabeth Marriage 09-22-1913 Charles M. Halloran of Coudersport & Miss Elizabeth Yates of Wellsville, NY, married Sept. 22, 1913 at Wellsville.
YEAGER, Mrs. Died 4-3-1902 Mrs. Yeager died April 3, 1902 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. L.O. Norton of Hickox, age 77 years. Buried at Knights Creek, NY
YENTZER, Anna B. Marriage 6-16-1919 Mrs. Anna B. Yentzer & Henry E. Tauscher of Roulet married June 16, 1919.
YENTZER, Arthur J. Died 1-24-1915 Arthur J. Yentzer of Roulet died Jan. 24, 1915 at Warren, PA, age 54 years. Survived by wife and 1 son, Howard; also his mother, Mrs. Hannah Yentzer.
YENTZER, Berdena Died 10-6-1918 Berdena Yentzer, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Yentzer of Roulet, died Oct. 6, 1918, age 13 years.
YENTZER, Bertha (Record) Died 3-3-1916 Mrs. D. C. Yentzer of Roulet died March 3, 1916. Survived by husband and 3 children: Clare, age 7, Ruth, age 5 and Bernard, age 3. Her maiden name was Bertha Record.
YENTZER, Clyde Marriage 9-11-1918 Clyde Yentzer & Mrs. Harriet Hopkins Corwin married Sept. 11, 1918.
YENTZER, Daniel Died 10-8-1916 Mrs. Daniel Yentzer of Sartwell Creek died Oct. 8, 1916, age 48 years. Survived by husband, a son, Edward of Chicago and 2 daughters, Buried in Sartwell Creek cemetery.
YENTZER, Edwin Died 5-28-1919 Edwin Yentzer of Ladona died May 28, 1919. Survived by wife and 3 children: Mrs. Marion VanNocker and Daisy & Frank, at home.
YENTZER, G. L. Died 8-6-1917 G. L. Yentzer of Fishing Creek died Aug. 6, 1917, son of Peter & Augusta Yentzer. Married in 1886 to Nettie Weimer. They had 1 daughter, Laura
YENTZER, Gladys Marriage 9-20-1916 Miss Gladys Yentzer of Roulet & Fay Steward of Port Allegany married Sept. 20, 1916.
YENTZER, Hannah Died 5-17-1916 Mrs. Hannah Yentzer of Roulet died May 17, 1916. Hannah Baker Yentzer was born in Andover, NY Nov. 1836. Married in 1858 to John Yentzer. They had 5 children: A. J. Yentzer, deceased, D. A. Yentzer of Roulet, Myron Yentzer of Fishing Creek, Mrs. Melvina Baker & Mrs. Frona Hallock of Card Creek.
YENTZER, Howard C Died 9-7-1917 Howard C. Yentzer, only child of Mrs. Emma Yentzer, died Sept. 7, 1917, age 25 years. His father, Arthur Yentzer died about 2 years ago. Buried at Roulet.
YENTZER, John Died 3-12-1913 John Yentzer of Roulet died March 12, 1913, age 86 years; born in Germany; came to America with parents when 12 years old. Survived by his widow & children: Arthur, David, Myron, Melvina and Sophronia.
YENTZER, John L. Marriage 03-27-1915 Mrs. Jane Bridges of Shinglehouse & John L. Yentzer of Sartwell Creek, mar. Mar. 27, 1915 at Olean, NY
YENTZER, Laura A Marriage 11-27-1919 Laura A. Yentzer & Clarence U. Buck, both of Dunkirk, married Nov. 27, 1919.
YENTZER, Myron Marriage 09-18-1901 Myron Yentzer & Nellie Eggleston, both of Hebron, married Sept. 18, 1901.
YENTZER, Myrtle Died 9-4-1899 Myrtle Yentzer, wife of C.H. Yentzer of Roulet, died Sept. 4, 1899. Buried in Lyman cemetery.
YENTZER, Pauline (Mrs.) Marriage 02-1900 George Cross of Wellsville, NY & Mrs. Pauline Yentzer of Roulet, mar. Feb. 21, 1900.
YENTZER, Theodore Marriage 2-11-1890 Miss Jennie Coon of Roulet, PA & Theodore Yentzer of Sweden, PA mar. Feb. 11, 1890.
YENTZER, Thomas Died 10-19-1916 Thomas Yentzer of Roulet died Oct. 19, 1916, age 59 years. Survived by wife, the former Miss Anna Coleman and his aged mother; also brothers & sisters: Charles of Fishing Creek, Olney of Osceola, Mrs. Lydia Wright & Mrs. Ella Reed of Roulet. Buried in Fishing Creek cemetery.
YENTZER, Thomas J. Marriage 5-31-1910 Thomas J. Yentzer & Anna B. Coleman, both of Roulet, married May 31, 1910.
YEOMANS, Rhoda A. Died 4-28-1912 Rhoda A. Yeomans died April 28, 1912; born in 1837 at Howard, Steuben Co. NY, a daughter of Calvin Stillson who moved to Oswayo when she was 13. Married 1st. in 1843 to Daniel Elliott by whom she had 4 children, 3 living: Daniel Elliott of Roulet, Mrs. Walter Abson & James Elliott of Coudersport. Her husband died in Andersonville Prison in 1863. Married 2nd. In 1873 to Titus Yeomans by whom she had 2 daughters, Mrs. Sadie Marvin & Mrs. Eugenia Kesler.
YEOMANS, W. C. (Mrs.) Died 8-??-1913 Mrs. W. C. Yeomans of Peell, Wash. died Aug. --, 1913, age 48 years. Survived by husband, a son, Charles L. & 2 daughters, Mrs. Stewart Short and Edith Yeomans.
YOEMANS, Libbie Marriage 4-17-1865 George W. Boyer & Miss Libbie Yeomans, mar. Apr. 17, 1865 in Eulalia Twp.
YOUNG, Carl Marriage 9-6-1906 Carl Young of Wellsboro, PA & Miss Lillian Butterworth of Coudersport, married Sept. 6, 1906 at Buffalo, NY
YOUNG, Hugh Marriage 9-22-1858 Miss Lois A. Butterworth of Coudersport & Hugh Young, Esq. of Tioga Co. PA, mar. Sept. 22, 1858.
YOUNG, Robert Marriage 12-5-1848 Miss Elizabeth Carson & Robert Young, both of Wharton Twp., mar. Dec. 5, 1848 in Coudersport.
YOUNG, Robert Kennedy Died 9-18-1917 Robert Kennedy Young of Wellsboro died Sept. 18, 1917; born June 14, 1861, son of Hon. & Mrs. Hugh Young of Wellsboro. Married Oct. 23, 1890 to Miss Emma VanNatter of Redbank, NJ, who survives.
YOUNG, Ross Harmon Died 7-??-1905 Ross Harmon Young, son of Mr. & Mrs. Willis Young of Ulysses died July --, 1905; born March 1855 near Pusher's Siding. Survived by wife and 4 children: Mrs. Margaret Fry, Chloie, John & Hazel Young.
YOUNG, Winifred Marriage 12-29-1878 Alfred W. Burt of Roulet & Miss Winifred Young of Portage, mar. Dec. 29, 1878.
YOUNGLOVE, F. Marion Died 1-4-1916 F. Marion Younglove died Jan. 4, 1916 at Vineland, NJ; born in 1848 in Andover, NY; came to Sylvania Twp. in 1861 and lived there until 1894.
YOUNGLOVE, Mary (Rees) Died 2-12-1909 Mrs. Mary Rees Younglove of Reesville died Feb. 12, 1909 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. (May) Haven at Costello, youngest daughter of Isaac & Mary Ann Nelson Rees who was born May 8, 1850 at Reesville. Survived by husband, 3 sons and 1 daughter.
YOUNGLOVE, Rhoda (Dingee) Died 10-22-1907 Mrs. Marion Younglove, nee Rhoda Dingee, died Oct. 22, 1907 at Camden, N.J. Buried at Vineland.
ZACHARIAS, Anna M. (Mrs.) Marriage 11-11-1907 Edward Griesel of Coudersport & Mrs. Anna M. Zacharias of WV, married Nov. 11, 1907.
ZACHARIAS, H. E. (Mrs) Died 8-30-1905 Mrs. H. E. Zacharias, formerly of Cross Fork, died Aug. 30, 1905 at Mina.
ZACHARIAS, Jessie Marriage 10-21-1903 Miss Jessie Zacharias of Cross Fork & M. H. Fish, married Oct. 21, 1903 at Cross Fork.
ZEAMAN, Boy Birth 07-11-1913 A son was born to Mr. & Mrs. Otto Zeaman of Germania, July 11th [1913].
ZEAMAN, Elsie Marriage 04-25-1917 Miss Elsie Zeaman & Joseph Karhan, both of Germania, married April 25, 1917.
ZENNERT, Selma Marriage 7-15-1905 Selma Zennert & William O'Neil, both of Sweden Valley, married July 15, 1905.
ZENTMEYER, Eunice Marriage 3-??-1918 Eunice Zentmeyer & Irving Owens married March --, 1918.
ZENTMEYER, Jennie (Bolt) Died 11-25-1916 Mrs. Jennie (Bolt) Zentmeyer, wife of J.H. Zentmeyer, died Nov. 25, 1916; born at Nelson, PA 53 years ago. Survived by husband and 3 children. Buried in Eulalia cemetery.
ZENTMEYER, Lawrence Marriage 4--190 Lawrence Zentmeyer & Elsie Pritchie, both of Coudersport, married April, 1909 at Port Allegany.
ZEPP, Girl Birth 12-02-1913 A daughter was born to Mr. & Mrs. Charles Zepp of Germania on December 2nd [1913].
ZEPP, Herbert Marriage 12-10-1912 Herbert Zepp of Germania & Miss Florence Quimby, daughter of Mrs. Lydia Quimby, married Dec. 10, 1912 at Coudersport.
ZIMMER. Neva Death 06-16-1923 Miss Neva Zimmer died Saturday (June 16, 1923) at the home of her grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Courtwright. Survived by her mother, Mrs. Ida Zimmer and her grandparents. Buried in Berkshire, NY.
ZIMMERMAN, Christian Died 2-16-1910 Christian Zimmerman of Coudersport died Feb. 16, 1910; born 1839 in Deering, Germany. Two children were born in Germany and 3 in Coudersport: Anna, Julius, Rose, Lena and Lydia. Survived by his wife and 4 children: Mrs. Anna Stewart of Niagara Falls, Mrs. Rose Mader of Olean, Mrs. Lydia Hendley of Dunville, Can., Julius in the west; also 3 brothers: Karl Zimerman of Keating Summit and Fred and Gottleib Louie of Jena, Germany. Buried in Eulalia cemetery.
ZIMMERMAN, Louisa Marriage 7-1-1880 Frank R. Brown & Louisa Zimmerman, both of Gaines, mar. July 1, 1880.
ZIMMERMAN, Lydia Marriage 6-18-1902 Lydia Zimmerman & Alexander Hendley, both of Coudersport, married June 18, 1902.
ZIMMERMAN, Teresa Died 8-3-1917 Mrs. Teresa Zimmerman died Aug. 3, 1917 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. E. W. Stewart at Niagara Falls, NY Her husband, Chris Zimmerman died about 4 years ago. Survived by 2 other daughters, Mrs. Lydia Hendley and Mrs. Carl Mader.
ZIMMERMAN, Vera Marriage 5-3-1916 Miss Vera Zimmerman, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Carl Zimmerman of Coudersport & Fred G. Vogel of Ebenezer, NY, married May 3, 1916.
ZIZKA, Antoinetta Marriage 9-15-1917 Miss Antoinetta Zizka & Walter G. Simmons, both of Roulet, married Sept. 15, 1917.
ZOERB, Jacob Death 12-09-1923 Jacob Zoerb died at his home at Carter Camp on December 9, 1923 age 70 years. Survived by his wife, one son; George, and one daughter; Mrs. Albert Kshir and two brothers; Henry & Philip Zoerb. Buried from the Lutheran Church.
ZOERB, Mary Death 10-26-1923 Mrs. Henry Zoerb died at her home at Cartee Camp October 26th at the age of 76 years. Survived by her husband, 7 daughters and one son.

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