Early Potter County Vital Statistics

Note: These are newspaper notices, not official Vital Records.
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Name Event Date Text
TAGGART, Leonard Died 11/21/1908 Hon. Leonard Taggart of Emporium died Nov. 21, 1908; born in 1845 in Wharton, Pa., son of George & Sarah Taggart.
TAGGART, Sarah Marriage 7-11-1867 Amos D. Colcord of Eulalia Twp. & Sarah Taggart, mar. July 11, 1867 at Coudersport.
TAGGART, Sarah G. (Lyman) Marriage 7-6-1876 Hon. Woolsey Burtis of Lewisville, PA & Mrs. Sarah G. Taggart of Eulalia, mar. July 16, 1876.
TAGGART, Susie Marriage 6-2-1870 William Alonzo Crosby of Homer & Miss Susie Taggart, daughter of Seth Taggart of Eulalia Twp., mar. June 2, 1870 in Philadelphia.
TALLMAN, Elizabeth G. Died 10-11-1903 Mrs. Elizabeth G. Tallman, mother of Mrs. Silas Stillman of Eulalia, died Oct. 11, 1903, age 91 years. Mrs. Tallman was born Sept. 12, 1812 at Gibson, Pa. Married June 12, 1838 to Roswell Tallman. Survived by husband and daughter. Buried in Hebron cemetery
TALLMAN, Roswell Died 10-3-1906 Roswell Tallman died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Silas Stillman in Hebron, Oct. 3, 1906, age 91 years; came to Hebron in 1888 from Yorks Corners.
TALLMAN, William Death 06-14-1923 William Tallman, formerly of Galeton, died at the home of his brother, Charles Tallman of Genesee last Thursday (June 14, 1923). Buried in West Hill cemetery at Galeton.
TALMAGE, T. DeWitt, Dr. Marriage 2-1-1898 Mrs. Charles Collier, nee Eleanor McCutcheon, & Dr. T. DeWitt Talmage, mar. Feb. 1, 1898 in Allegany.
TANGERN, Beth Marriage 02-10-1923 Howard Austin of Erie, formerly of Austin, & Miss Beth Tangern of Erie were married on February 10, 1923, at the home of the bride’s parents.
TANNER, Clyde Marriage 11-07-1923 Mrs. Pauline Sykora of Germania & Mr. Clyde Tanner of Elmira were married at Elmira on November 7th.
TARBOX, George A. Marriage 3-14-1878 Miss Abba R. Boom & George A. Tarbox, both of Bingham, mar. Mar. 14, 1878.
TATE, Elmer V. Marriage 07-1923 Miss Pearl Fourness was married to Elmer V. Tate of Austin by Rev. Father Kenney of St Augustine of Austin.
TATE, Ethel Marriage 09-24-1913 Bayard Kjelgaard and Miss Ethel Tate, both of Gaines, were married at Marshlands, PA. on September 24th [1913] by Rev. Slocum. Mr. Kjelgaard is the son of Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Kjelgaard and Miss Tate is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert E. Tate, all of Gaines.
TAUBERT, Dorothy Marriage 1-7-1903 Dorothy Taubert, daughter of Mrs. Anna Taubert & W.G. Reuning, both of Coudersport, married Jan. 7, 1903
TAUBERT, Edward Died 9-??-1911 Edward Taubert, Civil War veteran, formerly of Potter County, died Sept. --, 1911 at Ponca, Nebr. Survived by his wife and a daughter. His 2 sons are deceased. Survived also by a sister, Mrs. Emma Gordnier of Coudersport.
TAUBERT, Flora Marriage 6-19-1916 Miss Flora Taubert of Coudersport & Herbert A. Clark of Irvonia, married June 19, 1916.
TAUBERT, Henry Died 7-19-1903 Henry Taubert of Coudersport died July 19, 1903, age 67 years. His wife and son, Jamie were in Germany at the time.
TAUBERT, John Marriage 6-4-1876 Miss Anna Breunle of Eulalia & John Taubert of Homer, mar. June 4, 1869.
TAUBERT, Nettie Marriage 04-27-1902 Miss Nettie Taubert & George Frazee, both of Coudersport, married April 7, 1902.
TAUSCHER, Annie E. (Grosbeck) Died 11-4-1906 Mrs. William Tauscher of Roulet died Nov. 4, 1906. Survived by husband and 3 children.
TAUSCHER, Arthur Died 7-6-1899 Arthur Tauscher, son of John & Ida Tauscher, died July 6, 1899 at Fishing Creek, age 5 years.
TAUSCHER, Caroline Died 4-27-1920 Mrs. Caroline Tauscher, wife of [Charles] William Tauscher of Roulet, died April 27, 1920 at the home of her son, Thomas. Her husband died 20 years ago. She was 82 years old. Survived by 5 sons & 1 daughter: John of Oregon, Henry, William & Albert of Roulet, Mick of Dunkirk & Mrs. Jennie Baker of Dunkirk, and Thomas Tauscher.
TAUSCHER, Charles W. Died 3-30-1900 Doctor Charles W. Tauscher of Roulet died March 30, 1900.
TAUSCHER, Daisy (Polk) Died 4-12-1918 Mrs. William Tauscher of Roulet, died April 12, 1918; born in 1870 in Knoxville, Pa. Survived by husband and 3 step-children.
TAUSCHER, Deek Marriage 7-5-1899 Deek Tauscher & Miss Maude Turner married July 5, 1899.
TAUSCHER, Edward F. Marriage 03-18-1914 Edward F. Tauscher & Mrs. Estella Barnes, both of Sweden Valley, married March 19, 1914. She is a daughter of Mrs. & Mrs. W.O. Rossman.
TAUSCHER, F. W. Died 12-28-1914 F. W. Tauscher of Sweden died Dec. 28, 1914, age 74 years. He was a son of Jacob & Alice Tauscher. Survived by 7 children: Mrs. Myrtle House of Odin, Miss Lillian Tauscher & Miss Leola Tauscher of Sweden, Michael of Sweden, Glenn of Penn Yan, NY, Ray & Verhie of Sweden. Survived also by wife and a brother, Henry Tauscher of Ladona.
TAUSCHER, Glenn J. Marriage 08-27-1913 Glenn J. Tauscher & Miss Minnie Moe married Sept. 15, 1909.
TAUSCHER, Henry E. Marriage 6-16-1919 Henry E. Tauscher & Mrs. Anna B. Yentzer, both of Roulet, married June 16, 1919.
TAUSCHER, Jennie Marriage 06-1900 Miss Jennie Tauscher & Wesley Hackett, both of Roulet, married June --, 1900.
TAUSCHER, Leola Marriage 9-9-1916 Leola Tauscher of Sweden & James Toles of Coudersport, married Sept. 9, 1916.
TAUSCHER, Mary (Kelly) Lyon Died 7-24-1912 Mrs. Edward Tauscher died July 24, 1912 at Sweden Valley. Survived by husband and 4 children by her first husband: F.E. Lyon, Mrs. Florence Shed of Buffalo, Mrs. Mame Whittaker of Knoxville, Bessie & Charles Lyon of Sweden.
TAUSCHER, May (Rossman) Marriage 08-11-1909 Mrs. May Tauscher & Art Kimball, married Aug. 11, 1909.
TAUSCHER, Michael J. Marriage 12-1913 Michael J. Tauscher of Sweden Twp. & Mrs. Josephine Colegrove, daughter of Mrs. Elvira Dingee of Coudersport, married Dec. 24, 1913.
TAUSCHER, Minnie Marriage 12-29-1904 Miss Minnie Teuscher & Wilber T. Harris, both of Sweden Twp., married July 29, 1900.
TAUSCHER, Minnie Died 1-15-1918 Mrs. Minnie Tauscher, wife of Henry Tauscher of Roulet, died Jan. 15, 1918; born Feb. 1, 1867, a daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Lyman. Married Dec. 17, 1882. Survived by husband and 4 sons: Carl, Robert, Royden & Lynn who lives in Oregon.
TAUSCHER, Myrtle Marriage 11-30-1905 Miss Myrtle Tauscher of Sweden Hill & Alva House of Inez, married Nov. 30, 1905.
TAUSCHER, Sallie (Hackett) Died 8-19-1918 Mrs. Sallie Hackett Tauscher, wife of Julius Tauscher of Fishing Creek, died Aug. 19, 1918, age 52 years. Survived by husband and an adopted son, Ralph. She was born Jan. 26, 1864, a daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Dan Hackett.
TAUSCHER, Thomas E. Died 4-21-1920 Thomas E. Tauscher of Roulet died April 21, 1920; born April 23, 1874 on Fishing Creek. Married about 15 years ago to Nina Lyman who survives with 2 children: Grayel and Bonnell Tauscher.
TAUSCHER, Willis Died 10-24-1905 Willis Tauscher of Fishing Creek died Oct. 24, 1905 at the Buffalo Hospital.
TAYLOR, Alfred Melvin Died 2-27-1915 Alfred Melvin Taylor of Genesee died Feb. 27, 1915; born March 5, 1853 in Bloomfield, Crawford Co. Pa. Married Jan. 13, 1882 to Carrie Murphy of Wellsville. Survived by wife and 4 children.
TAYLOR, Fay Beverly Birth 08-1923 Mr. & Mrs. Harry Taylor are the parents of a daughter, Fay Beverly.
TAYLOR, Infant Son Death 07-31-1913 Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Taylor of Sherman Street died July 1, 1913 (5 days old), Tuesday night and was buried in West Hill Cemetery.
TAYLOR, Matilda Marriage 11-1-1917 Mrs. Matilda Taylor & William E. Phelps, both of Emporium, married Nov. 1, 1917 in Emporium.
TAYLOR, Neta Death 01-01-1913 Neta, 3 year old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. E. D. Taylor died January 1, 1913 of diphtheria.
TEACHMAN, Josephine Marriage 6-3-1902 Miss Josephine Teachman of Coudersport & Floyd Pire of Bolivar, NY, married June 3, 1902.
TELLER, Daniel R. Died 1-7-1910 Daniel R. Teller of Sweden Valley died Jan. 7, 1910, age 74 years; born in Sullivan Co. NY His wife died 5 years ago. Survived by 2 sons, Floyd & Hoyt, 2 daughters, Mrs. Rance Moe of Sweden Valley & Mrs. J.M. Barnett of N. Coudersport. Buried in Woodlawn cemetery.
TENBROCK, Ada Marriage 12-23-1903 Ada Tenbrock & Elden Barr, both of Roulet, married Dec. 23, 1903 at Emporium.
TERRIBERRY, Bernice Marriage 3-16-1913 Miss Bernice Terriberry of Coudersport & Charles Wing of Mt. Morris, NY, married March 16, 1913
TERRIBERRY, Fannie Marriage 12-22-1908 Miss Fannie Terriberry & George Toombs of Seven Bridges, married Dec. 22, 1908.
TERRIBERRY, Norman C. Marriage 11-8-1913 Norman C. Terriberry & Sarah R. Pellam, both of Coudersport, married Nov. 8, 1913.
TERRY, Lawrence E. Marriage 11-25-1920 Lawrence E. Terry of Coudersport & Helen Agnes Carvel, married Nov. 25, 1920 at Massena, NY
TEUSCHER, Fred A. Died 7-7-1907 Fred A. Teuscher, a native of Saxony, died July 7, 1907 in Sweden Twp. Married in 1857 to Christiana Lehman who survives with 4 sons & 1 daughter: Julius, Fred, Charles, Edward, and Mrs. Mary Darling.
TEUSCHER, Harry Marriage 2-18-1909 Harry Teuscher & Miss Maude Butler, both of Ladona, married Feb. 18, 1909.
TEUSCHER, Isabelle Marriage 12-31-1913 Miss Isabelle Teuscher & Fred L. Peet of Colesburg, married Dec. 31, 1913.
TEUSCHER, Myrtle Marriage 07-29-1900 C. H. Matteson of Ladona & Miss Myrtle Teuscher of Sweden married July 29, 1900.
THARP, Cynthia Fannie (Egler) Death 06-29-1923 Mrs. Thad T. Tharp died at her home in Elmira last Friday (June 29, 1923). Cynthia Fannie Egler was born at Muney Valley, Pa. in 1881 and came to Galeton with her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Egler when a small child. In 1905 she was married to Thad T. Tharp in Elmira. Survived by her mother, Mrs. Charlotte Egler, 2 sisters; Mrs. Grace Nordquist and Mrs. Elsa Minore, & one brother; Robert Egler, all of Galeton. Buried in West Hill cemetery.
THERIOULT, Agnes A. Marriage 2-15-1920 Miss Agnes A. Therioult of Galeton & Earl B. Crandall of Coudersport, married Feb. 15, 1920 in Galeton.
THIELE, Wallace Death 01-08-1923 Wallace Thiele, formerly of Galeton, died at the home of his mother, Mrs. Charles Schoonover in Westfield last Thursday.
THIES, Martha V. Marriage 12-27-1917 Martha V. Theis of Germania & Max E. Muller, married Dec. 27, 1917 at Philadelphia.
THOMAS, Eva Died 9-21-1911 Mrs. Eva Thomas, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Baker of Ulysses, died Sept. 21, 1911 at Buffalo Hospital, age 30 years. Survived by husband and parents.
THOMAS, Fred Died 6-24-1918 Fred Thomas of Coudersport died June 24, 1918; born July 16, 1866 at Buffalo, son of Mrs. & Mrs. F.A. Thomas. Married in 1884 to Miss Susie Smith of Coudersport who survives with 5 children: Leon in the service, Mrs. Lillian Romanio, Gertrude, Gerald and Ione Thomas.
THOMAS, Gertrude Marriage 05-13-1905 C. H. Glover of Hulls & Miss Gertrude Thomas of Elmira, NY married May 13, 1905 in Olean, NY
THOMAS, Gertrude Marriage 8-18-1920 Miss Gertrude Thomas & Raymond Wheadon, both of Coudersport, married Aug. 18, 1920.
THOMAS, Lillian Marriage 8-12-1916 Miss Lillian Thomas & James Romanio, both of Coudersport, married Aug. 12, 1916.
THOMAS, Roy Death 12-01-1913 Roy Thomas, known far & wide as the Deaf Hick, died at the Hotel Laurel on Monday [12-1-1913]. He has a sister in Wellsboro who was notified of his death.
THOMAS, William Died 3-26-1900 Comrade William Thomas of Coudersport died March 26, 1900. Survived by wife and an adopted son.
THOMPSON, Alva Marriage 04-23-1902 Alva Thompson & Lillian Dingman, both of Hebron married April 23, 1902.
THOMPSON, Archie Died 8-18-1918 Sgt. Archie W. Thompson of Mills, killed in action Aug.18, 1918 in France; born Feb. 27, 1899 in Mills, Pa.
THOMPSON, Burt Death 05-20-1923 Burt Thompson of Lyman Run died Monday (May 20, 1923) near Wellsboro, Funeral at the home of his sister, Mrs. Wallace Seeley at West Branch. Buried in West Branch Cemetery.
THOMPSON, Caroline Died 4-27-1905 Mrs. Seneca Thompson of Coudersport died April 27, 1905, age 74 years. Survived by 2 sons, an adopted daughter and a brother.
THOMPSON, Eliza Died 7-22-1914 Mrs. Eliza Thompson, widow of Jackson Thompson who died in the Civil War, died July 22, 1914 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. B. L. Randall. Survived by children: A. A. Thompson, W. W. Thompson, Mrs. Ernest Keeler, Mrs. William Willoughby & Mrs. B. L. Randall.
THOMPSON, Eliza Hayner Died 8-21-1918 Mrs. Eliza Hayner Thompson of Mills died Aug. 21, 1918; born Aug.23, 1849 at Addison, NY Married July 4, 1870 to Elijah R. Thompson of Knoxville. They had 4 children: Charles died at age 16 and Hannah at age 18. Survived by husband and 2 daughters: Mrs. W. C. White of Sweden Valley and Mrs. Bessie Warner who lives with her parents; also 4 sisters: Mrs. Hannah Knox, Mrs. Sarah Avery & Mrs. Emma Seeley of Knoxville; and Mrs. Elizabeth Wagner of Detroit, Mich.
THOMPSON, Ernest Marriage 11-20-1912 Miss Mittie Goodnoe & Ernest Thompson married Nov. 20, 1912.
THOMPSON, Isaac Death 04-08-1874 Death of Isaac Thompson. Born in Waterbury, Conn., April 21, 1794. Moved into Tompkins County at age of 17. Baptized in Baptist Church at Trumansburg, June 5, 1832. Rev. N. Hart
THOMPSON, Isaac C. Died 2-15-1912 Deacon I. C. Thompson died Feb. 15, 1912 at Potter Brook, in his 91st. year; born in 1821 and lived all his life in Tioga & Potter Counties.
THOMPSON, Israel Died 3-10-1909 Israel Thompson, a son of the late Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Thompson, died March 10, 1909 at Mills, Pa.; born Sept. 5, 1841 in Harrison Twp.
THOMPSON, Kezia Death 11-13-1876 DIED: Nov. 13, 1876 at her daughter’s in Harrison, Kezia, wife of Isaac Thompson, aged 79 years.
THOMPSON, Lena Death 01-1913 Mrs. Lena Thompson of Clintontown died January 1, 1913. Survived by 2 sons; Ferdinand & Herbert; 2 daughters; Lulu & Amy, all of Galeton. Buried in Ansonia Cemetery [Tioga County].
THOMPSON, Lula Marriage 01-01-1908 Bython Bennett, son of G. W. Bennett of Ulysses was married to Miss Lula Thompson, dau. of L. J. Thompson of Bingham on Jan. 1, 1908.
THOMPSON, Melville Sirrilus Died 8-7-1911 Melville Sirrilus Thompson of Coudersport died Aug. 7, 1911; born in 1839 in Chenango Co. NY, son of Henry & Jane (Henry) Thompson. Married in 1878 to Miss Cora Mann who died in 1899. Survived by 2 adopted daughters, Mrs. Marcia Stevens and Mrs. Marion Stocum. Buried in Eulalia cemetery.
THOMPSON, Ora Died 3-12-1908 Mrs. Ora Thompson of West Bingham died March 12, 1908.
THOMPSON, Permelia Died 9-12-1906 Mrs. Permelia Thompson, wife of Samuel Thompson of Coudersport, died Sept. 12, 1906. Permelia Hackett Thompson was born at Oxford, NY in 1825. Married Jan. 21, 1845 at Burtville, Pa. They had 2 daughters, Mrs. F. B. Nelson of Coudersport & Minnie Thompson, deceased.
THOMPSON, Ruth Ann Marriage 10-02-1923 Ruth Ann Thompson, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Thompson, married Herschel K. Dingey of McConnelsville, Ohio on Tuesday at her parents' home.
THOMPSON, Samuel Died 12-15-1908 Samuel Thompson died Dec. 15, 1908; born March 17, 1822 in NY State. Son of Miles Thompson. Married in 1845 to Permelia Hackett who died 2 years ago. One child survives, Mrs. F.B. Nelson of E. Coudersport; and 1 sister, Mrs. Jane Dykeman of Buffalo, NY
THOMPSON, Vesta Ella Marriage 9-16-1914 Miss Vesta Ella Thompson & De Grover Van De Boe, both of Coudersport, married Sept. 16, 1914 at Coudersport.
THOMPSON, William W. Marriage 10-4-1882 Eva Dyke & W. W. Thompson, both of Coudersport, married Oct. 4, 1882.
THOMPSON, Zenas J. Died 1-9-1902 Zenas J. Thompson of Coudersport died Jan. 9, 1902, at the home of his son, W.W. Thompson, age 82 years. Came to Coudersport in 1857. His daughter, Ella, died some years ago. His wife died 3 years ago. Survived by 1 son, 2 brothers, M. S. Thompson of Coudersport & Monroe Thompson of Madison, NY; 1 sister, Miss Elmira Thompson of Chenango Co. NY
THORNTON, Laverne Arland Birth 03-29-1923 Laverne Arland was born to Mr. & Mrs. Laverne Thornton of Wellsboro last Thursday (March 29, 1923) at the home of his grandparents, Hon. & Mrs. P. H. Dewey at Watrous, PA.
THORP, Miss Marriage 4-17-1870 Ole Bull is to be married to a Miss Thorp of Wisconsin. Apr. 17, 1870.
TICE, H. M. Marriage 12-25-1867 Miss Julia Ann Bishop of Hebron, PA & H. M. Tice of Rutland, PA, mar. Dec. 25, 1867 in Wellsville, NY
TICE, Henry M. Died 7-22-1899 Henry M. Tice of Galeton died July 22, 1899.
TICKNOR, Amelia Marriage 1-1-1870 Nathaniel Cook of Elmira, NY & Miss Amelia Ticknor of Allegany Twp., mar. Jan. 1, 1870.
TILLOTSON, Mary Died 3-23-1919 Mrs. Mary Tillotson died March 23, 1919 at Brookville, Pa.; born in Elk Co. Pa. 72 years ago, daughter of Chauncey Van Wegen. Married Aaron Tillotson. They had 8 children.
TINKER, Sadie Marriage 08-12-1913 Harrison Summerson of Cross Fork and Miss Sadie Tinker of Gaffney were married at Coudersport August 12th [1913] by Justice AS. P. Olmsted.
TODD, Chester Warren Marriage 6-28-1910 Rev. Chester Warren Todd & Miss Mathilde Reidy, married June 28, 1910.
TOENER, Celestia Marriage 9-5-1878 Charles R. Crowell of Ulysses & Miss Celestia Towner of Avoca, Steuben Co. NY, mar. Sept. 5, 1878.
TOLES, Amanda Died 8-20-1918 Mrs. Luther (Amanda) Toles died Aug. 20, 1918 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Nelson Criss. Survived by husband and children: Charles & George Hosmer, Mrs. Nelson Criss, Mrs. Charles Thompson, James & John Toles.
TOLES, Charles J. Marriage 11-2-1875 Miss Mary O. Dingman & Charles J. Toles married Nov. 2, 1875, in Coudersport.
TOLES, James Marriage 9-9-1916 James Toles of Coudersport & Leola Tauscher of Sweden, married Sept. 9, 1916.
TOLES, Letha Marriage 11-24-1909 Miss Letha Toles & Clarence Guenter, both of Coudersport, married Nov. 24, 1909.
TOLES, Lulu Bell Marriage 07-1901 Lulu Bell Toles & Burt Cook, both of Coudersport, married July 17, 1901.
TOLES, Mazie Marriage 7-8-1919 Mazie Toles, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. George Toles & Morris Williams, married July 8, 1919.
TOLES, Minerva A. Marriage 12-15-1894 Nelson W. Criss & Miss Minerva A. Toles married Dec. 15, 1894 in Coudersport.
TOLES, Myrtle E. Marriage 10-31-1901 Myrtle E. Toles, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. George Toles & Drayton A. Beach of Johnsville, Ohio, married Oct. 31, 1901.
TOLES, Nellie E. Marriage 10-31-1901 Nellie E. Toles & George L. Heath, both of Coudersport, married Oct. 31, 1901
TOLES, Sarah Died 10-??-1918 Miss Sarah Toles died Oct. --, 1918 in Rochester of the influenza, age about 32 years. Survived by a sister, Elsie Toles. She had lived with Henry Fessenden's family.
TOOMBS, Clara Marriage 06-21-1909 Miss Clara Toombs, daughter of Judson Toombs & James Harrington of Sweden, married June 21, 1909.
TOOMBS, Erwin Sydney Died 9-30-1918 Erwin Sydney Toombs of Seven Bridges, died Sept. 30, 1918. Survived by parents, 3 sisters & 1 brother. Buried in Sweden Hill cemetery.
TOOMBS, George E Marriage 12-22- 1908 George Toombs of Seven Bridges & Miss Fannie Terriberry, married Dec. 22, 1908.
TOOMBS, George E. Died 1-26-1912 George E. Toombs of Coudersport died Jan. 26, 1912, age 24 years, son of Sidney Toombs of Sweden. Married Dec. 22, 1908 to Miss Fannie Ellen Terriberry, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Terriberry, who survives with a 13 month old son.
TOOMBS, Horace S. Marriage 11-4-1880 Miss Filona M. Baldwin of Hector, PA. & Horace S. Toombs of Sweden, mar. Nov. 4, 1880 at Westfield, PA
TOOMBS, Horace S. Died 4-24-1917 Horace S. Toombs died April 24, 1917 at his home in Ladona, age 63 years. Survived by wife and an adopted daughter, Beatrice Toombs; also by brothers & sisters: L. R. Toombs of Coudersport, Judson & Sidney of Seven Bridges, Mrs. M.L. Smith of Olean and Mrs. F.F. Reynolds of Elmira, NY
TORMEY, Catherine Died 7-17-1908 Mrs. Katherine Tormey of Eleven Mile died July 17, 1908 of old age. Her husband, Dennis Tormey died several years ago. Survived by children: Mrs. Thomas Murdock of Austin, Mrs. J. W. O'Donnell of Austin, James Tormey of Lancaster, Pa., John & D. A. Tormey of Eleven Mile.
TORMEY, D. A. Died 3-31-1915 D. A. Tormey of Genesee died March 31, 1915; born Oct. 8, 1866 at Genesee. Survived by brothers & sisters: John Tormey of Oswayo, James Tormey of Lancaster, Pa., Mrs. Mary Murdock of Austin & Mrs. Lydia O'Donnell of Emporium.
TORMEY, Thomas Death 05-03-1923 Thomas Tormey died in the Good Samaritan Hospital last Thursday (May 3, 1923) Survived by 2 daughters; Mrs. Blanche Bell of Palsidene, NJ. and Mrs. Lena Richmond of Springfield, Mass. He was formerly of Galeton.
TORPEY, Peter W. Marriage 11-??-1906 Peter W. Torpey & Mabelle Helen Root, both of Logue, married Nov. --, 1906.
TORPY, Phoebe Jane (Symonds) Death 02-05-1923 Mrs. Phoebe Jane Torpy aged 78 years died Monday at the home of her daughter Mrs. W. W. Long at Corning, NY. Mrs. Torpy was a sister of Mrs. E. A. Allen and Mr. Ben Symonds of Galeton.
TOTH, Lizzie Death 07-22-1913 Lizzie, the infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Toth of River Street died Tuesday morning, July 22, 1913 (1 month old). Burial in West Hill Cemetery.
TOWNER, Celestia Marriage 9-5-1878 Charles R. Crowell of Ulysses & Miss Celestia Towner of Avoca, Steuben Co. NY, mar. Sept. 5, 1878.
TOWNER, Hazel Marriage 5-14-1917 Miss Hazel Towner & Roy Cheverton, both of Coudersport, married May 14, 1917.
TOWNER, Leonard Marriage 6-26-1915 Leonard Towner, son of Mr. & Mrs. G. E. Towner of Coudersport & Miss Eva Devereaux of Austin, married June 26, 1915.
TRACY, Clarence Marriage 9-4-1881 Susie Briggs of Bingham Twp. & Clarence Tracy married Sept. 4, 1881 in Coudersport.
TRACY, Clarence W. Died 3-8-1910 Clarence W. Tracy of West Bingham, died March 8, 1910; born Jan. 15, 1860, son of Thomas & Cynthia Baker Tracy. Married in 1881 to Susie Briggs by whom he had 2 children, one son dying young.
TRACY, Enoch B. Died 11-12-1917 Enoch B. Tracy, Nick died Nov. 12, 1917; born 69 years ago near Watkins, NY; came to Potter County when 4 years old; lived in Hebron and Coudersport. Survived by wife, 1 adopted daughter, Mrs. B. E. (Edna) Lindsley of Canandaigua and 1 brother, Arch Tracy of Coudersport.
TRACY, James P. Died 8-9-1912 James P. Tracy, Civil War veteran of Coudersport, died Aug. 9, 1912 at the home of his son, A.V. Tracy; born March 18, 1820 at Ithaca, NY Married in 1848 to Miss Susan Campbell who died in June 1883. Survived by another son, E.B. Tracy of Coudersport.
TRACY, Julia Died 3-31-1915 Mrs. Julia Tracy of Coudersport died March 31, 1915, age 88 years. Survived by a daughter, Cora and a grandson, Lewis Tracy.
TRACY, Mary Died 8-5-1917 Mrs. Mary Tracy, wife of A. V. Tracy of Coudersport, died Aug. 5, 1917; born July 7, 1863, a daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Nichols of Sweden Twp. Her mother died when she was an infant and she was raised by Deacon & Mrs. George W. Stillman of Hebron. Married Oct. 14, 1882 to Arch V. Tracy. They had 2 children, Theron H. Tracy of Erie, Pa. and Mildred (Mrs. F.J. Carey) of Coudersport; and an adopted son, Charles Tracy of New York City. Buried in Eulalia cemetery.
TRAUB, Charles Died 12-18-1914 Charles Traub of Abbott Twp. died Dec. 18, 1914 at Mansfield; born in Pottsville, Pa. in 1851. Survived by wife and 6 children: Mrs. Charles Zepp, David Traub of Galeton, Leonard, Ervin, Edna & Florence; also 2 brothers and 2 sisters in Spokane, Wash: John, William, Mrs. William Bodler & Mary Traub.
TRAVERS, Blanche Marriage 11-28-1910 Blanche Travers & Wayne Harrison, both of Harrison Valley, married Nov. 28, 1910 in Elmira, NY
TREAT, Lizzie (Squires) Died 10-17-1912 Mrs. Isaac Treat of Crandall Hill died Oct. 17, 1912. Her maiden name was Lizzie Squires. She had 13 children, 10 surviving: Oscar, Mrs. Mildred Brown of Williamsport, Mrs. Maude Howard of Shinglehouse, Dora, Edith, Fordyce, Frank, Alva, Hazel & Ross Treat.
TREMBLAY, Twin Boys Birth 10-19-1913 Twin boys were born to Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Tremblay of Girard, PA. former residents of Galeton. [10-19-1913 paper]
TRIMM, Leah Marriage 02-03-1910 Miss Leah Trimm & Thomas Hopkins, both of Coudersport, married Feb. 3, 1910 at Buffalo, NY.
TROUTMAN, William S. Marriage 12-14-1893 Miss Louisa M. Decker of Eulalia Twp & William S. Troutman, married Dec. 14, 1893.
TROWBRIDGE, James Morgan Birth 07-1923 Mr. & Mrs. B. M. Trowbridge of Sabinsville have a son James Morgan.
TUBBS, Charles D. Death 1-30-1913 Hon. Charles D. Tubbs of Osceola died at the home of his son Warren Tubbs of Buffalo, NY last Saturday [1-30-1913 paper].
TUBBS, William Died 3-8-1912 William Tubbs, son of Mr. & Mrs. Ceylon Tubbs of Loucks Mills died March 8, 1912, age 19 years. Survived by parents and 2 sisters, Mrs. R. E. Long of Ulysses and Mrs. Charles Genung of Chattanooga, Tenn.
TUCKER, Chauncey E. Died 12-7-1915 Chauncey E. Tucker of Andrews Settlement died Dec. 7, 1915 at the home of his son, Lee Tucker in West Union, age 71 years. Buried at Andrews Settlement.
TUCKER, Edgar H. Marriage 6-1-1912 Edgar H. Tucker & Anna Katherina Mosch married June 1, 1912 at Frink's Station.
TUCKER, Frank C. Marriage 6-26-1919 Frank C. Tucker of Colesburg & Grace Unita Harris, daughter of James M. Harris, married June 26, 1919.
TULLAR, E. B. Marriage 6-1-1874 Miss Angie Cobb, youngest daughter of Hon. Wm. Cobb of Spring Mills & E. B. Tullar, mar. June 1, 1874.
TURCK, C.A. Died 2-7-1900 C. A. Turck of West Pike died Feb. 7, 1900. Survived by wife and 6 children.
TURCK, Daisy Died 2-15-1900 Miss Daisy Turck of West Pike died Feb. 15, 1900.
TURCK, Edward Died 8-30-1907 Edward Turck of Sweden Twp. died Aug. 30, 1907; born in Geneva, NY 56 years ago. Survived by wife, 5 sons & 1 daughter: Fred of Schenectady, Frank of Sweden, Robert, Ray, Chester and Nellie at home.
TURCK, Katie A. Marriage 4-11-1874 Daniel E. Crandall & Miss Katie A. Turck married Apr. 11, 1874 in Pike Twp.
TURCK, Maud Died 8-30-1907 Mrs. C. A. (Maud) Turck of West Pike died Feb. 11, 1900.
TURCK, Nellie Marriage 8-26-1920 Miss Nellie Turck of Coudersport & Calvin Carpenter of Genesee, married Aug. 26, 1920.
TURLEY, Nancy Hannah Marriage 01-22-1920 Clark Gail Metzger & Miss Nancy Hannah Turley, both of Emporium, married Jan. 22, 1920.
TURNER, Antoinette Died 10-11-1905 Miss Antoinette Turner of Ulysses died Oct. 11, 1905; born Oct. 31, 1821. She was a sister of Ezra Turner.
TURNER, Clyde Marriage 10-1903 Clyde Turner of Coudersport & Mrs. Dell Holt of Sweden Valley, married Oct. --, 1903.
TURNER, Cyrus Died 11-2-1879 Cyrus Turner died Nov. 2, 1879 at the home of Isaac B. Baker in Eulalia. He was born July 17, 1792
TURNER, Experience Died 4-12-1911 Mrs. Experience Turner of Andrews Settlement died April 12, 1911 at Port Allegany. Her husband, Dr. W. H. Turner died in 1895. Survived by 4 children: Robert of Oswayo, Ben of Olean, Edgar of Elmira and Mrs. Thomas (Lizzie) Dunn of Port Allegany; also a brother, Thomas Gilliland of Ellisburg. A daughter, Mrs. Emma Gee died in 1899 at Oswayo.
TURNER, Florence Marriage 10-15-1923 Mr. Loyal Easton & Miss Florence Turner, both of Coudersport, were married Monday by Justice Thompson.
TURNER, James August Death 08-13-1923 James August Turner aged 37 was killed last Monday near Harrison Valley. The remains were brought to the home of his aunt, Mrs. J. B. Flynn. Funeral from the Catholic Church and buried in the Catholic cemetery at Galeton. Survived by brothers & sisters
TURNER, Maude Marriage 7-5-1899 Miss Maude Turner & Deek Tauscher married July 5, 1899.
TURNER, William H. Marriage 6-14-1911 William H. Turner of Olean, NY & Miss Maudie C. Brehmer of Coudersport, married June 14, 1911.
TURNER, Willis E. Marriage 5-25-1878 Miss Candace R. Drake & Willis E. Turner, both of Lewisville, married May 25, 1878.
TUTTLE, Almeron Marriage 7-9-1918 Almeron Tuttle & Nellie B. Ervingham, both of Sweden Valley, married July 9, 1918.
TUTTLE, George N. Died 10-28-1919 George N. Tuttle, Civil War veteran of Austin died Oct. 28, 1919; born May 21, 1843 in Berkshire Co. Mass., son of the late John N. Tuttle. Survived by a son, Will Tuttle. Buried in Sweden Hill cemetery.
TUTTLE, Jane Died 11-28-1918 Mrs. Jane Tuttle died Nov. 28, 1918 in Sylvania, age nearly 90 years; born in 1829 at Andover, NY Married in 1848 to Charles McNess. They had 8 children, all deceased except one daughter, Mrs. Elnora French. Married 2nd in 1881 to Joseph Tuttle who died over 20 years ago.
TUTTLE, May H. Died 9-1-1911 Mrs. May H. Tuttle, wife of George Tuttle of Sweden Valley died Sept. 1, 1911, age 63 years.
TUTTLE, Stella Died 9-1-1911 Mrs. Nathan Tuttle of Reesville died Jan. 31, 1902, age 37-9-3. Maiden name was Stella McNess. Survived by husband, an aged mother, 2 brothers, 2 daughters and a boy 2 years old. Buried in Costello cemetery.
TWIST, Clarence N. Marriage 12-26-1917 N. Belle Greenman, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. O. W. Greenman of Oswayo & Clarence N. Twist of Nunda, NY, married Dec. 26, 1917.
TWITCHELL, J. Eva Marriage 1-3-1879 Jason W. Bird of Menominee, Mich. & Miss J. Eva Twitchell, dau. of Dr. Twitchell of Pulaski, NY mar. Jan. 3, 1879.
TYLER, Fanny Marriage 7-4-1879 Joseph Beebe & Miss Fanny Tyler, both of Oswayo, mar. July 4, 1879 at Wellsville, NY
TYLER, George Died 1-??-1911 George Tyler, pioneer of Oswayo, died Jan. --, 1911 at the home of his son, Charles Tyler, age about 91 years. Survived also by a son, George Tyler.

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